Expanded Unemployment (FPUC, PUA, PEUC) Updates and Resources

With nearly 25 million new and continued unemployment compensation claims it is no surprise that the topic of unemployment benefits, especially as it relates to the 2020 enhanced federally funded pandemic unemployment provisions, have generated a lot of interest. I have been writing extensively over the last few months on this topic and received hundreds of comments around the challenges of filing claims, lack of information on the status of filed claims and issues with incorrect amounts. The following is a recap of the most popular articles on this topic, which have been updated with additional information and useful tips, plus dozens of comments from people sharing their challenges, experiences and tips. Also included are links to state specific unemployment resource pages.

COVID 19 Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

As a reminder under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance now available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for individuals who are typically ineligible for
Unemployment benefits, for example independent contractors, and self-employed and “gig” workers.
• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): provides an additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all recipients of Unemployment Insurance; retroactive to the week ending April 4, 2020.
• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to all recipients.

Also given the volume of questions and as every state has varying unemployment rules, I have started creating specific state unemployment pages to provide information on filing or checking the status of unemployment benefits – FLCAILTXNJMACO, PA, NJ. The list above will grow as I add more state by state resources so please subscribe via the options below to stay connected

Popular Articles on Unemployment Benefits

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22 thoughts on “Expanded Unemployment (FPUC, PUA, PEUC) Updates and Resources”

  1. OK guys, Northjersey.com reports that a bank issue caused a delay in payments today and they expect to be fixed later Monday. I got mine little while ago, so check ur acct.

    • I have a question ok I applied for Arizona pua and everything went thru my funds were deposited into Bank of America prepaid debit card a card was mailed to me but it takes long so got the option to expedite got a card within 3 days receive it and barely use my card to withdraw some money next day closed account why

  2. My pua claim my says reopened regular active
    But I can’t do my weekly claim it says in active
    How is that possible

  3. I just filed my unemployment the beginning of nov, we shut down because of the Civil. They didn’t want our baseball team to get infected. I lost my apartment and everything. I was told to file before Nov 21st, witch I did. Im hearing different things here.. will I miss my back pay. I need and my children a place to stay.

    • I was drawing mine then it stopped the last 5 weeks it said still had 1675 left and says in pay status but still haven’t gotten it im on blood pressure meds and othere stuff can’t even afford my meds

  4. Hello I did receive 3 checks but that was back in June, it stopped without any warning. I have spoke with over 20 people on the 1800 numbers, and no one has fixed it or has provided any details on what is going on they tell me they can’t even figure it out and that it will be fixed. lol I am soo over it !!! I have invested over 40 hours on the phone needless to say have lost everything and I am currently homeless! I would like some answers, do you have any advice? I have been promised these payments and not one more has came I have emailed them also no answers, thank you if you can help or know what the problem is please help me!

    • Reliacard is holding up my benefits and i haxe provided my info and i am frustrated. UsBank is terrible .i am a senior citizen veteran and cant access my account .it had been over two weeks

  5. I got my $1800 2 weeks ago in I still have $1400 in my unemployment account am from Illinois is they go still give me $300 a week please someone tell me

  6. I just started the Covid-19 PEUC on Sept 23rd and started my weekly claim today Sept 27th after I exhausted my Covid-19 UI unemployment, Will I still get the 2nd Stimulus back pay of $300 retroactive to Aug 1st since Nevada put in for it on Sept 10th, and I was still on the Covid-19 UI unemployment at the time? I also want to ask a 2nd question will I still get the 2nd stimulus package of $2400 for family of 4 when it passes?

    • I just exhausted my benefits and got my last payment today idk what to do cause I was already getting the pandemic unemployment as I don’t qualify for regular unemployment since I was working my own business so does anyone know what I can do?

  7. Anyone know if I can expect to receive the $600 FPUC payments if I applied for PUA on July 18, but was not approved until August 3?
    Is the July cutoff based on application date, or approval date?


  8. i have been waiting for backpay for weeks! The payout date keeps changing, im losing everything. i cannot get ahold of anyone, and im very upset. This is a bunch of bull! What am i supposed to do now? now 08/10/2020 is new payout date. ill be homeless before then. Thank you for lying to me goverment! See you under the bridge folks!

  9. Dear Andy,
    I received 13 weeks of PEUC. My file is pending for 5 weeks.

    Received a call from an Unemployment agent today stating, I’m ineligible for the 20 week state extension.

    Is the eligibility for the 20 week extension,
    1) base work weeks 20 Or
    2) wages need to be 40 X the weekly benefit rate

    I worked 15 weeks and waged $22,400.

    Can I file for PUA?

    • You have to have atleast 20 weeks on your claim and made 44x your weekly benefit rate before tax deduction I know this to be true because I get the Max in NJ and was dumbfounded when I only got 18 weeks regular unemployment 13 weeks pandemic and denied 20 week extension because I was short 2 weeks and by earning a few grand. But you do qualify for 7 week extension under PUA and 6 weeks of LWA if your In NJ

  10. What do I do when my benifits are exostid what do I do to get extentionh ow do I file and how am I suppose to file

  11. Andy,
    My name is Richard. My current UI claim has been denied and Ides is requesting repayment of funds… It baffles me because I initially only applied for pua but to get accepted, I needed to be denied by regular UI terms.
    Ultimately I was not refused regular UI. Even when I insisted I was not eligible under those terms. O was only eligible for pua because I am a gig worker who last worked a regular job in 2019. Bit my gig work was recent during 2020 for over four consecutive weeks selling art. What if anything can I do at this time it is a really big burden at a rough time in our nation’s history. Can you help?

  12. Hi Andy, do you have any idea if they do decide to continue the federal benefit, would somebody who is already on extensions for ui, would they also be extended again, if it passes that is?


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