Ohio SNAP Food Stamp Program – Will 2023 Pandemic Emergency Allotment Boost Be Extended – Latest Updates and News

This article provides information on the Ohio SNAP (Food stamp) program, including the latest on the Emergency Allotment (EA) extensions for 2023.

Many state residents benefit from the federally funded, state administered program, which was designed to help families facing pandemic related hardships over the last few years. See further details and payments schedules below.

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2023 Emergency Allotments

Ohio has requested and received USDA approval for paying the SNAP Emergency Allotments for January and February 2023.

The SNAP emergency allotment (EA) program provides additional “boosted” payments to households that are already getting regular state food stamp benefits.

The extra monthly EA payment will boost monthly SNAP benefits by 15%, up to the maximum amount for their household size. The minimum boost is $95, including for households that are already receiving the maximum benefit amount.

If eligible, you will get the SNAP EA payment/allotment boost on your (P-)EBT card by February 27th per the waiver notice below.

Ohio SNAP Feb EA Payment Waiver
Ohio SNAP Feb EA Waiver (USDA)

These allotments are a lifeline to many households in the absence of additional stimulus payments or expanded unemployment benefits.

SNAP EA Benefits Ending? Is an Extension Likely?

Despite passing a $1.7 trillion spending bill, no additional funding was allocated for further SNAP Emergency allotments after February 2023.

So the extra SNAP EA boost will end in March 2023 and no further extension is in the works. I will post further updates as applicable or if this changes based on various pieces of legislation Congress is reviewing.

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State SNAP Resources and Contact Information

The SNAP program assists low-income households by providing them with financial assistance to purchase food. This program helps individuals and families afford more nutritious options at grocery stores and supermarkets.

Eligible participants will be issued an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT or P-EBT) – Ohio Direction – card, which can be used to make eligible food purchases. The card is secured by a PIN, which you should change regularly to prevent unauthorized use.

See more on the state’s SNAP program page including information on payment schedules and how to apply for this and other state assistance programs.

MAX SNAP Payments
MAX SNAP Payments in 2023
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17 thoughts on “Ohio SNAP Food Stamp Program – Will 2023 Pandemic Emergency Allotment Boost Be Extended – Latest Updates and News”

  1. I didn’t receive my emergency allotment either and with my annual review in January they cut my benefits $125.

  2. They raise Social Security and lower food stamps and we’re back in the same boat. Nothing changed, it is worse the prices of food is more.
    Have to give up healthy food.
    Shame on America…

    • Yep so true. I have lost 13 pounds i can not afford to lose anymore. When you have a bad food allergy and most pre made food has it in it it cost more to eat. Sadly try to find a place to live. Not happening. Section 8 is closed indefinitely. But they can buy out hotels for illegals put them in there subsidized food which they throw out because it is not what they like. New York and sanctuary states hand them everything. Yet born here disabled or senior your officially disposable. New woke policy wow. So sad to grow old. Blnothung golden about it like previous generations got to experience those days are gone forever.

  3. I didn’t get mine either. When i called they said it would be tomorrow, March 1st…I said that makes no sense ..their response was “it’s just one more day “

  4. Here it is the 28th and I haven’t got my emergency food stamps yet. And a schedule I seen I was to get it today.so whT is going on we aren’t to go to the regular snap untill March 2023.

  5. How many low income seniors on disability in Ohio have come to rely on the EA benefits due to the ever increasing inflation we’re all dealing with? This is certainly not the time to be doing away with the monthly allotments. This is exactly what happens when you become dependent on our government. A 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill that is doing what? The government is sending how many billions to the Ukraine helping fight a conflict that we have no business being a part of. And the citizens of this nation are left to deal with rising inflation with no further help from the very people that everyone’s tax dollars pay to represent us all? Why do we always have to be involved in someone else’s wars in other countries. I myself receive a miniscule 23 dollars a month from the Ohio program with my SSDI benefits now this year at 1449.00 dollars a month. Those funds are not enough at the present time with the ludicrous costs of groceries and goods. I think our federal officials need to be reminded who they represent. The American citizens. Not those from other countries that help us in times of need one but. I am an American citizen like so many that are thoroughly disgusted with our present administration. The USDA and our state governing bodies should by all rights be looking to continue helping our citizens. Especially seniors on very fixed incomes. We’ve come to depend on the extra funds and will be in a situation where we’ll be once again not eating properly. This is no longer the America I’ve known for my 65 years on this planet. And we’re all being left to do without again while our representatives send so much in funding to other countries? Wow.

    • Ohio will not provide February emergency allotments with the regular issuance schedule. All emergency allotments are expected to be issued on 2/27/23. Any application for February approved after 2/27/23 will require the worker to do a manual supplement after approving the application


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