2024 Tax Filing Deadline – Get Your Refund and Avoid Penalties

tax day

With the deadline for the primary part of the tax season upon us make sure you file in time to avoid penalties or submit a free extension request for an October filing  date – you still need to pay any taxes due.

If you have filed you hopefully have gotten your tax refund by now, or if you are still facing delays see some tips and experiences from 5500+ commenters.

You can also get ideas on where you refund may be stuck and how to get it sooner. If all else fails here are several ways and contact numbers to try and talk to a real IRS tax agent.

Also be aware of the following common tax credits and deductions outlined in these articles that you may be eligible for:

Check out this page for key tax dates, tables and tax filing software deals.

Taxes are definitely a painful topic as evidenced by recent statistics that show 35% of taxpayers would rather discuss sex with their kids than do their taxes or 27% of Americans would get an IRS tattoo to avoid taxes for life.

So wishing you a speedy filing and if you are fortunate enough, a refund rather than payment.

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