Where Can I Check my State Tax Refund Status and Get Help With Payment or Processing Delays

There is a lot of focus around this time of the year on folk’s federal IRS tax return and refund status, but just as many people need to worry about one or more state income tax returns.

In fact for the current tax season, while IRS processing delays are well documented, many states are also facing challenges paying out refunds due to various new tax credits, unemployment payments reconciliation and backlogs of amended returns.

Every state has their own guidance and policies around return & refund processing timelines, so I thought I would provide a consolidated list of links for the different states tax department websites where you can get all the state related tax and refund information.

Most online tax software providers state tax filing options when filing your federal return, but for some of the more complicated returns the state’s tax website is a useful reference source.

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State Refund Status

Also if you are wondering what the latest status of you state refund is, then click on the links to the respective state tax websites in the table below to get your state refund status.

However you should wait 24 to 48 hours after filing your federal and state return before trying to determine your state refund status since federal and state tax systems take a while to pass information between each other.  

If you filed a paper return you should wait up to 30 days after filing to check status, due to the manual processing required around paper returns. That’s why online/e-filing is always recomended.

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You will generally need your social security number, mailing address. and refund amount shown on your tax return to be able to get your refund status information. See this article for checking your federal tax refund status.

Checking the Status of your Amended State Tax Return

Like amended federal tax returns, amended state tax returns are processed separately (e.g. manually) and in most cases will have a separate site or phone number to call at your state’s tax oversight agency.

Average State Tax Refund Processing Times

While federal IRS guidelines, say most refunds are processed within 21 days, processing times for state tax refunds vary by state, but as a guideline and assuming no issues with your tax return filing then you should get your return 7-14 days if you e-filed your return.

For paper returns,  it can take 6 to 12 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get your refund. So e-filing is clearly the way to go if you want your refund faster.

Are State Tax Refunds Subject to PATH?

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) was enacted by Congress a few years ago and specifies that the IRS must hold the entire refund — even the portion not associated with the the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) — until at least three weeks after the IRS starts processing returns (after Feb 15th).

Technically state tax refunds are not subject to PATH, since this is a federal act enforced by the IRS. However given how intertwined your state and federal tax return is when it comes to income, exemptions, deductions and dependents it is rare to see them filed separately.

It is however common that if both your state and federal are filed accurately, your state refund could be approved and paid well before your federal refund from the IRS.

Checking Your State Refund Status

Find your state in the table below to check your refund status. Check the states’ refund tracker online tool first and if that doesn’t hep then call to get a live agent for specific inquiries related to your return.

StateState Tax Refund Status Information Websites
ALAlabama Dept. of Revenue
AKAlaska has no personal income tax
AZArizona Dept. of Revenue
ARArkansas Dept. of Finance and Admin.
CACalifornia Franchise Tax Board
COColorado Dept. of Revenue
CTConnecticut Dept. of Revenue
DEDelaware Dept. of Revenue
FLFlorida does not have a state income tax
GAGeorgia Dept. of Revenue
HIHawaii Dept. of Taxation
IDIdaho Tax Commission
ILIllinois Dept. of Revenue
INIndiana Dept. of Revenue
IAIowa Dept. of Revenue
KSKansas Dept. of Revenue
KYKentucky Dept. of Revenue
LALouisiana Dept. of Revenue
MEMaine Revenue Services
MDMaryland Comptroller
MAMassachusetts Dept. of Revenue
MIMichigan Dept. of Treasury
MNMinnesota Revenue
MSMississippi Tax Commission
MOMissouri Dept. of Revenue
MTMontana Dept. of Revenue
NENebraska Dept. of Revenue
NVNevada has no personal income tax
NHNew Hampshire has no personal income tax
NJNew Jersey Division of Taxation
NMNew Mexico Taxation and Revenue
NYNew York Dept. of Taxation and Finance
NCNorth Carolina Dept. of Revenue
NDOffice of State Tax Commissioner
OHOhio Dept. of Taxation Services
OKOklahoma Tax Commission
OROregon Dept. of Revenue
PAPennsylvania Dept. of Revenue Services
RIRhode Island Division of Taxation
SCSouth Carolina Dept. of Revenue
SDSouth Dakota has no personal income tax
TNTennessee has no personal income tax
TXTexas has no personal income tax
UTUtah Tax Commission
VTVermont Dept. of Taxes
VAVirginia Dept. of Taxation
WAWashington has no personal income tax
WVWest Virginia Dept. of Revenue
WIWisconsin Dept. of Revenue
WYWyoming has no personal income tax

When do States Update Refund Statuses?

This will depend on a state-by-state basis and is often subject to system and staffing limitations. But like the IRS and it’s WMR/IRS2Go system updates, most status will update at most once a day and/or when the processing status refreshes or moves to a different stage.

Will Calling a Live Representative Help? Do they have more information?

While it is comforting to talk to a live person, most state tax agency representations have access to the exact same information as provided in the refund status tools. They can however provide more general insight into processing delays since they are exposed to many more cases and are more aware of certain trends (e.g. XYZ tax credit is holding up refunds)

Why are State Tax Refunds Delayed?

Generally returns requesting certain tax credits that have a higher chance of being subject to fraud (like dependent stimulus or unemployment payments) will likely require additional reviews

Filing errors due to missing or incorrect information are also likely to delay refund payments.

Further if you claim a credit you aren’t eligible for, your return may take months longer to process; due to additional verification and dealing with requests for supporting information.

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  1. The IRS systems is so old or someone has hacked there system I filed my return electronically usually once my state come federal come right after while I am being told wait at least another 16 wks I filed in March of 2021 this is now April 26 2021 and she gave me her Id number and told me wait another 16 wks this is ridiculous the Federal government (IRS) I feel there using our tax money to pay people stimulus money people are becoming homeless and dying cause the government Uncle Sam is using there money and it’s taking longer for people to get there money to pay bills and stay safe I feel like that’s what they want people to die it’s sad

  2. Oklahoma Tax Commission will not answer the phone number listed on all the federal tax information sites. It will beep 5 times and then they will hang up on you. I called the number 15 times yesterday. No voicemail. It’s the 405-521-3160 and conveniently they have no website with online contact either.

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  3. I filed my refund on Feb 2 2016 and it is now Feb 13 and I still have not received my funds. I also did direct deposit which I thought would be faster . but when I go to the irs where’s my refund tool it tells me to wait 24-48 hours until I recieve a conformation email that My return has been accepted almost as if they still haven t received anything And I know i transmitted it . I’m so confused why isn’t it saying accepted or anything??and on my h&r block account it says processing ? Help!!!


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