Contact a Tax Advocate to Help Get Your Refund Released From The IRS

This article was last updated on March 5

The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization within the IRS that can help people with tax problems they can’t resolve on their own. Every state has at least one local TAS center that is independent of the local IRS office. They are especially helpful for those who cannot afford to see an accountant (or CPA) or tax lawyer to help with issues around their tax return and refund delays. Here is an example from a reader in a recent tax season and how the TAS helped her.

Lisa had the following challenge with getting her refund released, what is she to do?

  • 1/21 filed
  • 1/23 accepted
  • 1/25 1 bar WMR, tax topic 152, no codes, no messages of a letter
  • 2/2 4464c letter sent out, do nothing wait 60 days, I received on 2/8
  • 2/7 we’ve received your return and it’s still processing
  • 2/11 Path Act message indicating issue was related to tax topic 152
  • 2/16 message changed to; we’ve received your return and it’s being processed a refund date will be provided when available, amount returned, no tax topic 152
  • 2/25 still no DDD
  • No other letters have been mailed out, claimed both credits so I know they didn’t start processing until the 15th so I guess I still have time to receive a DDD before I get all worked up!

Here was the suggestion offered to Lisa to help address her missing refund dilemma:

What did the letter indicate they are reviewing? IRS can submit a 911 request on your behalf if you ask them to do so. I would also contact them as well and request them open you a case. IRS request goes directly to a tax advocate since they actually are IRS employees; they have access to the system to pull up your return and review. I used one and once I faxed everything I got my return in 2 weeks.

Possible Cause #1: Did you file with your last check stub or with your actually W-2 form? The issue is that the IRS may be reviewing your W2’s because the amount you reported does not match the W-2 they received from your employer. When they say do nothing; they can fix it themselves by contacting your employer for verification which could delay your return even further.

Second possible causeClaims for tax credits you made on your return. IRS is questioning the legitimacy of the dependents you are claiming and will NOT release your refund until you actually fax them documentation to prove they resided with you at least 7 months last year  (birth certificate, school records, lease, government assistance/w children names on it). Tax Advocate will give you a list of items to fax.

If you want them to release your refund you MUST contact an advocate ASAP, they will tell you exactly what is needed and you fax it to them, IRS has exactly 1 week to accept/reject; if all is good; they will re sequence you back into queue and you will have your refund within 1-2 weeks. NOTE: Unfortunately only the IRS or TAX ADVOCATE can tell you exactly what is going on and how long it might take. Every case is different. The magic word below is (ASK)….to be transferred…and let the advocate determine if your situation meets their criteria.

Your other option will be to contact IRS in the morning and request the following on your behalf. Per the IRS Manual:

If during a taxpayer contact it appears that the taxpayer is experiencing economic harm, seeking help in resolving tax problems that have not been resolved through normal channels, or who believe that an IRS system or procedure is not working as it should, and you can’t resolve the taxpayer’s issue the same day, complete Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance (And Application for Taxpayer Assistance order), and refer the taxpayer to Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)


Lisa contacted a tax advocate (see numbers and IRS TAS information) and a few days later WMR was updated and her refund was received on February 3rd. So the Taxpayer Advocate Service does work. See more stories in the comments below and please share your experience (good or bad) with using a tax advocate.

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  1. I filed My taxes Jan.28,21 It Said It Was Accepted Feb.12,21..Then Towards The End Of Feb I Got A Letter From The IRS That It Was Being Reviewed&To Not Do Nothing,Middle March A Tax Advocate Contacted Me&Said H&R Block Messed Up Two Things On My Forms&For Me To File A Amendment Did That Mailed It [email protected] PO Still Have NOT Heard Nothing,Have NOT Received My Stimulus Check,I Have Kids,Bills,If I Get Too Stressed U Have Seizures Have Been Having Them Had A New EEG It Came Back Abnormal Again They Keep Talking To Me About Doing Brain Surgery So Thats Another Thing To Stress About‍♀️

  2. So I’m going through the same problems I had with my 2019 refund. I waited 6 months to get it. When I was assigned an advocate in only took an additional 2 weeks. She was awesome. Unfortunately that is not the same this year. I got first stimulus but never received the second or third because my 2020 is still processing. Not sure why it needs to processes cause I got u employment most of the year. My car got repoed and I have two kids . I was depending on my refund this year but my advocate now says I just have to wait there nothing she can do. Well why could the lady last year get it done and new one not. It’s been completely useless and I dunno why or what purpose the tax advocate serves. Useless

  3. i have been waiting for my 2019 tax return sent in feb 4 2020 said in june they were processing then they waited till dec to tell me there was a problem i sent what they wanted fast then they said 19 weeks to process then i called a few weeks later and they sent it to a hardship i still have to wait so they are just as bad as the irs all the people that you talk to just lie i guess the irs tells them to lie and stall them as long as you can. that is no way to treat the amercian people in time of need. i am going hungry because of you . and that is a shame because i have money i just can not get to it. so i guess i will keep the roof over my head so i guess i will just starve. because i will be homeless if i dont. and that will be worse. the tax adovacte does not help they keep saying got to wait i how much longer another few months more.

    1. Same here filed a year ago notified me in November I had forgot to a form I overnighted it it’s been 17 weeks . We lost out on the second stimulus because of this now we won’t get the third we have 5 kids and are about to be in the street . I can’t believe the stimulus bypasses you even though they know they have had your return for a year . We are terrified . No one will help ! This should not be this way !

    2. We filed a year ago notified me in November I had forgot to a form I overnighted it it’s been 17 weeks . We lost out on the second stimulus because of this now we won’t get the third we have 5 kids and are about to be in the street . I can’t believe the stimulus bypasses you even though they know they have had your return for a year . We are terrified . No one will help ! This should not be this way !

  4. I have a Tax advocate and Still nothing! I had identity theft last year someone filed as me! So I had to paper file I sent it and it was signed for on March 4th assigned to someone on March 5th my identity theft was resolved on July 6th. The Irs has been “working” on my paper return since July so 7-8 months now! I got an advocate in August she said as soon as it posts to the system she could expedite it . Nope she didn’t do that. On October 7thbut showed up on WMR for a week I thought maybe it’s almost over. The Advocate and the irs said I would get it in October but no they ended up missing part of my return my Advocate sent this to them still nothing. Then my advocate stopped calling me for scheduled appointments no one at the IRS would speaker with me because I have an advocate. Well Feb 1st I abruptly hot a call from my advocate she said I’m just waiting for your return to post to the account ok great finally good news! But nope it’s been 27 days no refund no update. She also said I could file my new return which I did with my Ip pin guess what no update it breaks my heart because I need it so much I’m not even going to go through all that I’m facing. Now they are sending out a new stimulus guess what I will not get that either no tax returns no stimulus money. I thought they were supposed to be helping people in times of crisis but they are letting do many slip through the cracks we are doing without because of this I can barely make it. I left my job to care for my elder mom!

  5. I have been unemployed for a month now. I now have no car to drive. I have no home to live in. No phone. Unqualified for food stamps or unemployment. This all having solid employment all my life and I’m 61 years old.
    Last year I paper filed 2016 on July 15th 2020. I then filed 2017, 2018, 2019 all on Nov. 20th 2020. January 10th
    I lost my job of 7 years and called the IRS asking to please get my refunds in my Bank (DD) 2017-2019 refunds.
    They said they would not do any thing until signature verification. The local community center paid for my train ticket to get to Chico Ca. from Winnemucca , NV. so as to show the verification. This was Jan. 19th. I brought all
    my filed returns my local tax office in Winnemucca had prepared and sent in last year. The IRS lady in Chico Ca. told me it would be 9 weeks. I’m in trouble to loose all my personal belongings stored in two mini storages as well the problems I mentioned earlier. She told me to call the Advocacy and ask for help. It took 6 IRS operators to finally get a case # and they were to call me at the community center between 10-12 am today and no one called.Can any one tell me what’s to happen to me. The people at the community service have done all they can as well are setting me up through Medicaid to have a Hernia operation badly needed. I’m so broke /hungry/homeless and most of all embarrassed of my situation walking around my home town days without a shower or shelter and if even one of my returns were (DD) I would be ok . All at this point is tell me how long will I be waiting. Please help me with a response……………Thank you

  6. Six months and counting and as a result no stimulus check either. Worst rip-off ever. Paper filed early June 2020. Paid $11 Certified Mail Receipt from US. Postal Service. Delivery confirmed back to me in a text and email that it was delivered to the correct address at Federal KC tax office, for those filing living in Georgia. I called after 16 weeks, be patient they have not processed it. My checkrefund. “No information.” I called 24 weeks “no information.” I am nearly 60 years old I know my social security number. The system says I input information wrong, which is a lie. I know how much I am getting back and I know my zipcode and the system I know my social security number. “we can’t find any information.” It’s not their fault they never processed it and don’t want to give me my money. It is my fault for not inputting the correct information. The worst frustration and rip-off ever. Now my accountant will charge more money to report never recieved tax refund or stimulus in 2020 on my taxes filed in 2021. You lose all the time and government wins. Absolute disgrace!!

  7. IT DISGUST ME !! it has been almost 4 months since i filed was accepted gave me a date to recieve everything then they told me they had to review it for 60 well its been over 60 still nothing they act like we dont have bills,children .etc. so me and my fam have to suffer we all are in a crisis we need and want what is owed to us SMDH

  8. I had to mail in my return(still unsure exactly why), but I did as I was told. I have not received my refund, stimulus, unemployment in Ky pandemics fema money $400 (was suppose to start begin of Sept).I am a single mother with two young daughters,i have no family&100%on my own raising them. My oldest has a rare genetic disease making her extremely vulnerable to covid. We stay quarantined even now for.her safety. I am about to lose what little we have left&I can’t get any answers anywhere. I paper filed June 20th. Desperately need help with these issues.

  9. I filled January 17 and been waiting 6 months and still haven’t got my refund or my stimulants check I’m having hard time paying Bill’s and finna lose my car and house and I dont have no help plus I have a new born and it’s not easy out here paying Bill’s by my self

  10. I am a recently married mother of two and I filled injured spouse this year due to my new husband owing child support. I had to refile twice because h and r block messed up the form. As soon as I sent in the correct form, the irs shuts down. My return was sent to offset and now the stimulus as well! I cannot get ahold of anyone at all! We are not responsible for paying a grown man’s debt! We are in a pandemic and all of the money has been taken for his offset. Not to mention my ex husband doesnt file taxes so the 14k he owes to my son will never be paid! What do Americans do? The stimulus was supposed to help the people, not hurt them. I need help! I do not know what to do at this point. I have contacted everyone I know, with no response!

    1. Hi, My Name is Lisa HH
      I’m in the same boat, the same situation. This really doesn’t make any sense….. They don’t even let you know they have received your injured spouse form and if it’s even being processed. I have no clue what is going on. We are just left in the dark… checking the mailbox daily. What I don’t understand is this….. I live in a non-community state which the Law says I am not responsible for my husband’s debt. Then, why even allow the Child support dept. to even take the money? Just for them to give it back when the form is presented. Which delays your taxes even more. I have my own debt to pay. They want to take it all and apply it toward his debt, leaving mine unpaid.. that is so wrong and unfair…. What the heck!

  11. filed jointly but separated and I am non working spouse that get social security disability. Annual income adjustment makes us eligible for stimulus. Problem is we owe money and filed March 10th on time then Corona happened. Problem, 2018 a refund went to his bank. Problem, there was no need to set up bank deposit account for 2019 because we owe. Everyone I know has received a stimulus check. My husband say nothing came to his bank. I am tired of bothering him so I went to the IRS website and requested a band change and that I was separated and on disability. Well, that was about 8 days ago and when I check where is my stimulus check it just states that I am eligible and that a deposit will go into the account I specified. but still no Check! don’t know what to do.

  12. i was assigned a tax advocate mary madox of wi ive been trying to contact this lady with no avail left multiple messages she doesn’t answer her phone or return messages ive been waiting since march 16th 2020. Non of the numbers listed to get assistant are correct theres no way to find out refund timing after you’ve filed for hardship were in the middle of a pandemic and they wont release tax returns.

    1. We were “assigned” an advocate and the IRS refused to talk to us because we had an advocate. We were told to call back the following Monday and they would tell us the advocate’s name. We called back and the IRS shut down. So we are in the middle of a pandemic with no access to our advocate, no way to contact, and 5600 bucks sitting at the IRS instead of in our bank account. To top it off, my husband is a contractor and has not had work during this virus outbreak. Florida unemployment is a joke and won’t answer the phones to reset the pin he was never given in the first place. Three children to care for and we do not know how we will pay the bills next month. So much for filing for hardship…smh. Thank goodness we had a savings plan but it is slowly running out.

    2. I am experiencing the same issue. Ridiculous! Please let me know if you find any additional resources. I have never waited so long and these irs representatives should be available regardless!!!

  13. Turbo tax didn’t include my now sent it. This was started on Feb. 4.and still no refund. Will I at least get my stimulas check?

    1. Same issue here. I filed and was accepted 1/29/2020. 2/14/20 I receive a letter to send in 1095a form. Send it the next day. Then nothing. I now have a tax advocate assigned. Still nothing. I have yet to receive my refund and I just would like an idea as to when I can expect it.

  14. need to verify my identity for my federal return but everything is closed down because of the coronavirus. what do I do now?

    1. you can verify online at the IRS ID verify website or call the IRS ID verify hotline number

  15. So my refund being held for verification of credits filed January 17th 2020 so contacting an advocate is not a good idea

  16. Bank rejected 2/26
    Code 1121 3/1 Letter cp53a
    Tax advocate 3/5

    I am hardship when will I get my refund ?

  17. The IRS are the biggest scammers!!!!! I filed on January 22 nd and was accepted. Received a code on my transcript of 570 the froze my return to verify my job wages which by the way I confirmed with them they have and still was told I would have to wait 30 to 60 days!!!! It’s like my kids and bill’s don’t matter, but when there’s a government shutdown they are all on the news saying they can survive and aren’t making it!!!! Just ridiculous

  18. Hello….As a 68 year old woman, I am in such a dilemma … Because I cannot afford to ever retire, I started collecting SocialSecurity at age 66 (born in 1951), and continue to work out of necessity, to pay my rent, utilities, food, car repairs and maintenance( my vehicle is 17 years old), Dental bills,etc. Because I have no pension, no 401k, no savings, and no retirement fund, I need to work as much as possible to keep up with the cost of living, and to try saving whatever I can for emergencies… My problem is,I am being so heavily taxed just because I work and collect SocialSecurity which is approximately $1,500/month. My rent is $1,220/month, thus I rely on my job to survive. The more hours I work, the greater I am taxed… my take home pay is dramatically lower now than it was several years ago… This is a constant worry to me, as I wonder if I’ll ever be able to “get ahead”… My wages have been stagnant for 10 years, my house was foreclosed on in 2018, and I had to declare ch7 bankruptcy! I almost wish I could find some work” under the table” , just to keep up with the cost of living! What can I do???

  19. I filed my taxes 2/6/19 the app never said received,in July I received my tax papers back saying I was missing a signature I signed it then priority mailed my taxes back the next day then called the irs to see how long the process would take.They said 6-8 weeks.Here we are on week 10 now I’ve gotten a T/A involved but she never answers her phone I’m so stressed and dk wat else to do.I work give me my money cuz there’s never a problem when it’s timd to deduct out my paycheck!!!!!

  20. I also filed (and was accepted) on January 29. I had to verify my id over the phone and was told 9 weeks. That came and went and then I received a form about them needing longer to review it. That was in April. I have received ZERO communication or additional forms from the IRS. I obtained a tax advocate in May and I faxed him exactly what he asked for and still no refund. My wwr shows received and processing still. Hasn’t changed at all. My transcripts show no account activity since the 15th of April.

  21. I am so over this tax year. Whoever came up with this tax advocate program should be put in jail. I filed my taxes on 1/28 and went to the Path act – verify Id-45 days review-60 day review-asked for tax advicate-heard from advocate who said I need to file amened return my information don’t match-amended return file- tax advocate called and told me I will receive $216 and I went off because I was supposed to receive x,××× I asked to speak with supervisor who had the nerve to tell me that my tax advovate does not know the irs forms and how they work. I asked to be transfered to another rep. Rep called me a month later to tell me my amended return was in process on july 11 and she will give me a call back on August 14. I feel like I am in the twlight zone. The goverment take money out of my check every time I get paid why can’t I put a freeze on that until I receive my return. This is crazy and not right on so many levels. If a tax advocate tell me they have over 100 cases I am going to scream. My question is how is abtax advocate my voice at the irs if they don’t even know how it work. How do I take my voice back. Smh

  22. Tax advocate told me they took my hold of my refund do anyone Kno when they would release it?
    Homeless already been waiting since 2/28/2019

  23. I filled like super early and was part of the first batch of tax returns accepted before the IRS opened tax season. So I’ve been waiting since January 18. I received the delay code on WMR on Feb 9… I called they told me I had inaccurate withholding and for need to wait for them to correct it. 45 days went by nothing 60 days went by nothing. So in the end of March I requested an advocate. It is now June 15. And I had NEVER talked to this lady. I call her everyday and leave a voicemail everyday and NOTHING!! What makes things worst is with an advocate the IRS won’t even talk to you. They direct you your advocate. She sent me a letter and I sent in an amended return on May 7 to get and May 13 to the IRS. Once again it’s June 15 and nobody even knows if either one received it. I’m so over it this tax season.

  24. Hello
    I filed feb 12 and had to verify identity after 10 weeks I got a TA about 2 weeks ago they just released my refund so I would say it helped a lot she saved me from filing an amended return would’ve been another 9-12 more weeks! So I definitely get one

  25. Filed on Jan 14th. Bars said accepted and processing. Then bars disappeared and take action! message. I called IRS was told to call back in six weeks. Called back was assured a manual release was being processed and should resolve very quickly. That was March 27th. Since then I have sent in a 911form to the Tax advocate and made an appointment and gone into the IRS office. The tax advocate did contact me within 7 days to tell me to give her 60 days to process the request!!!! The IRS office went through my very simple return and could find no reason for the hold, but could not release it. So my refund is being held for no reason and the tax advocate was useless. I don’t know where to go from here. Just wait and wait and wait.

  26. I filed jan 29,2019 accepted the same day. Called the last week in February to check the status just for them to say you are under additional review for 45days. And the review didn’t start until march 11,2019. Contacted a t/a just for me to amended my taxes. Sent that in and it was received on april 1,2019. So now i just been waiting. The t/a claim i should receive my amended taxes either 6-8 weeks or 6-12 weeks. Smh

  27. I filed my return on Feb 3 rd it was accepted the same day March 8 th I received a letter stating I needed to verify my identity I called and did that over the phone once I got all my paper work which was on March 24 2019 they told me it takes up to 9 weeks smh my bars had went away and it was displaying a message telling me we received you return an a date will be available soon . Then after I spoke with a representative the next day still no bars but the message change to we have received you return and it is being processed now I’m just waiting I just contacted a T/A so let’s see how this goes because I have bills due

  28. Just got a tax advocate through it’s. Had to do an amended return. Faxed it to the advocate today. How long does it normally take an advocate to fix and have the funds released?

    1. I just went thru the same thing its no even up to them to get it released they only can send a request over to the irs to get try and get it released and the irs has to process it first which can take up to 16 weeks. And the tax advocate can only get it expedited to either 6-8 weeks or 6-12 weeks

  29. This is Insanity, having to wait for the IRS to release your Refund. I have been waiting since Jan. 28th 2019. Received 4464C letter. To No avail still waiting…This is so hurtful to work for something then be in jeopardy of losing everything. Please …we Need better Policies in place. Hard working Americans Do Not Deserve this..I am believing we get our Refunds and somehow pick up the pieces from our shattered financial lives.

  30. the tax advocates are just as useless as the IRS agents on the phone… I think trump is funding his wall with some of our tax refund money to be honest at this point i feel i will never get it!

  31. I have a tax advocate I faxed over all my information she asked for will I receive my refund
    I am in a hardship situation and need help now.

    1. We all are in a hardship and you still not going to get it no quicker. I sent in all my information and i been having a taz advocate for about 2 months and still no refund yet

  32. This is an update never received my taxes until July of 2018 was given $16 in interest to my surprise it’s mails me a letter this year stating I had to count the $16 in interest they gave me as income! Go figure was never given a reason for the hold

  33. Filed 1/31 all l got were the bars that said received after a week of waiting then the bars disappeared and it kept saying, still being processed. Contacted the irs every week and finally they said l had to wait 60 days because my return was under review. After a few weeks l thought l would get a letter in the mail with an explanation but l never received one. After the 21 days l contacted a tax advocate. After a week l called the advocate service and they told me exactly why l my tax return was under review, told me about the errors l had made. I corrected them and submitted an amended tax return,sent it to the irs by certified mail so that my tax advocate couid track the progress with the irs. I appreciate the help from the tax advocate but l don’t see why l had to wait and go thru all the waiting when the irs could have told me that upfront. Every time l called the irs l l spoke to someone with a bad attitude that didn’t want to help or l got someone who gave me vague info. My advice is not to wait the 60 days and get an advocate. I hope to receive my return with 2 weeks or 30 days.

  34. I received a letter from the IRS stating…send in W2 and 1099 that supports the amount reported on line 16 of my tax return.This is where I’m confused, I had no employer because I’m self employed. So do I call the IRS and tell them that there was a mistake,then see if an advocate can inform them so they can release my refund? Any info would be appreciated or if anyone else has had this issue let me know what to do pleaaasseee!

  35. I filed 1-31-18, it was accepted shortly after. On 2/22/18 WMR updated stating my tax information has been received and is under review. I received a letter requesting head of household and dependent verification. I faxed all of that in on 3/9/18. It is now September and I received another letter stating that the IRS has not gotten a chance to review my documents yet because they received a large number of “inquiries” this year, and that if my audit isn’t resolved by 9/6/2018 I will receive another letter stating that I will be another 30 before my audit is resolved. It’s SEPTEMBER and I have not received my refund yet and whenever I call the IRS agent is always rude and each agent tells me something different.

  36. I have been waiting for my return for approximately 7 and half weeks for my return…not including the unsigned return I sent in 3 weeks prior. I spoke to a tax person today and now they are telling me I have to wait until September 26th to be expecting a response, I am having a really bad hardship at this moment I am in jeopardy of loosing my home due to unpaid rent for a month and some utilities as well. I have been out of work for 2 months now and wont be able to return until next month, I am completely out of funds at this time and I am reaching out for some help!

  37. Said I filed taxes in 2011 but I was incarcerated so there is no way I could have and that’s holding my taxes up for 2017

  38. I filed my taxes on 2/2. I never received a DDD . I received a letter that said wait 60 days .April 23 would have been 60 days from the letter date . I obtained a tax advocate on May 7. She said 30 days . I faxed 30 pages ( all documents she asked for by May 11) My advocate wouldn’t return my calls . After several messages on both her a dher supervisorsupervisor’s voicemail . Still nothing . I called the national advocate line and complained. She finnaly called at close of business and left me a message that she apologize but she got behind . She calledcalled thread days later as she promised .That voicemail said the exam unit system was down for a few days . She promised to call me back on last Saturday June23 or Monday June25. I have been calling her since Friday June 22. Still no return call. Now me and my kids might be homeless on my birthday this Friday ! So hurt upset and unsure what to do

  39. I filed Feb 10 was accepted Feb 12 receive a letter in the mail saying it was under further review give them 60 days my 60 days was up still no refund or information as to why they are holding my refund I called to see what’s going on y’all said u needed 60 days to finish the review it’s been past 60 what’s the hold up the irs rep said she can send the unit that is processing the refund a rederefe to release the funds are call me but to let me know that can take up to another 60 days for them to call or released my refund

  40. This is my situation filed and accepted on Jan 31 2018 2 weeks later wmr disappeared with saying it was processing and DD date will appear when available feb 22 received a letter saying return was being held for a more thorough review and do nothing but if I don’t hear from then in 60 days to call I called several times only to be chastised by IRS rep hung up on yelled at and refused to give me any information except my info was not verifiable tax advocate hung up on me because I asked why? Finally made an appt with a local tax advocate says yup everything is in order and matched info IRS had on file when I asked why it was being held she said the only thing she could think of was because it was a large refund but everything matched what Irs had on filE TA said she would pass info on to IRS and I should receive my refund in another 60 days so all in all IRS held my refund BECAUSE THEY CAN I Cannot understand why the reps were so nasty to me at no time was I rude or disrespectful yet all of them including1 TA was extremely unprofessional It’s been 3 months since I filed and will be 5 months with the extra 60 days

  41. i filed on feb 4th was told on feb 8th that everything check out and the system at the irs is not working right after taxes check out its not sending them back into the system to be release finally i got a great lady put in request release my taxes i was told takes about a week for them to put them back tho to be release i should have a ddd by march 23th . if not she will send another request. im so piss off my taxes been check ok since feb 8th been just sitting there.

    1. How did this work out for you? My tax advocate just put in a request to release my funds….I’m trying to guess when i will get them…

  42. I was reading about Lisa cause we have the same situation. She couldn’t have received her refund February 3rd, If she didn’t have a DDD on February 25. So did you mean? March 3rd??

    1. Hi, I am currently going through the samething. Now I’m in the process of losing my home. Im in a serious hardship now, rent people have been working with me. But recently sent out a demand for eviction. Filed on Jan. 29, with check stub. Took w2 on Feb. 8th, but irs says it was accepted on the 15th.. Now it says the same as day one. We have received yours and it’s being processed. This message has been there since Feb. 10 2018.. Please help

      1. I was only told that my refund was under review, I didn’t learn that the IRS didn’t receive the information on my wages and earnings from my main source of income, even tho I was able to import the W2 from the internet into the tax program I used to file my taxes; instead they have a W2 that wasn’t even available when I filed my refund. I was told to provide either a statement on my company’s letterhead stating what my wages and earnings were for 2018 or my last pay stub for the year. I faxed both documents on April 3 and I have tried to get in touch with my advocate everyday this week, as well as call any other number any of the operators have given me, not a single number that I have called has actually had a person answer, every number has reached recordings. I appreciate anything anyone does to help me, unfortunately the tax advocate I was appointed hasn’t even updated my file as to acknowledge that I have submitted what documents I needed to fax in. The computer doesn’t show anything at all changed with my file and my tax advocate hasn’t responded to any of my phone calls or messages. I can fully understand the large burden of the tax advocate’s role and job, and I greatly appreciate everything they do, I would just like some type of communication letting me know that I have either fulfilled the IRS’ wishes with the documents I have already provided or what else I need to do to resolve my issue. Work is running slow at the moment and I’m up to my neck in debt and bills. I worked way too hard to build my credit up only to hurt it with the financial hardship the IRS and the Social Security Administration have decided to heap on me and my family.
        I would really appreciate any common sense explanation as to why the IRS can not contact the Social Security Administration in order to resolve questions about someone’s W2, especially when it’s SSA’s responsibility to pass on the information. I’m beyond frustrated

        1. I have the same problem. The Social security administration has an incomplete income record for my 2019 wages. The said to wait till December. I have contacted my previous employers as well and they sewer they did whet they are suppose to do. IRS is not giving me answers. Told me to wait. I filled Feb 15th, got accepted Feb 16th Federal and State . Got my State income back in March. Still waiting for my Federal. Its July 6th already. I need y money back!! Any advise ?

  43. my tax preparer somehow put the wrong routing # on my e-filed tax return no refund what can i do?

  44. How long take tax advocate to get your refund IRS took refund for past tax obligations and I’m having hardship

    1. i messed my taxes up somehow and had to mail them i mailed them the 2 week in feb. still no check no letter i was turned over to a tax advocate a couple weeks ago still nothing i dont know what to do!!! help

    2. I am waiting since May 22nd. I sent the papers in sept and was told it would be done by dec 12th. Still nothing. The form they said I needed had NOTHING to do with me. A form for marketplace insurance, never had marketplace insurance. Such BS! I wish everyone luck here. I can’t believe they are accepting tax filings for 2020 when they haven’t done 2019!

  45. Spoke with a Tax Advocate today and she stated she requested them to review my 1040 on July 27,2017. She stated that they had concerns if I was the actual person requesting the tax refund. So, she informed that I indeed was the person requesting the 2016 refund and to have it released. But, as we were talking she did state that they may have some concerns about my 2015 Self-Employment. But, how can I file for taxes if I never generated money that tax year. I hope that does not case reasoning for anymore hold up! Lord God please let your will be done and they approve it soon. My family and I are deeply having hard times and desperately need it right about now. Only by God will, Will I be shown favor!

  46. I am experiencing the same exact situation as Lisa above. I was told by IRS on 3/6/17 that I should have a deposit in about two more weeks, based on the fact that there was no further information needed. He also said that if I don’t receive the refund by 3/25/17 that I needed to call back and open an investigation case to find out why I have not received my refund…not sure if he’s referring to the tax advocate or not but it does sound like a possibility. I am now one week away from eviction, my property manager has held out as long as possible and freaked out when I mentioned the date of 3/25/17….should I contact the tax advocate now or wait until the 25th of March?? Thanks..

  47. Hi I Filled 2/18/17 got accepted 2/21/17 Had 1st Bar Which Said Return Recieved for A Week Then The Next Week It Went Blank ANd Said Refund Still Processing A Refund Date Will Be Available When Provided Any Help

  48. I am very concerned about our tax refund. I e-filed on March 8 & the website said you received it on March 10. We filed married filing jointly. I check everyday on line & was told our refund had been received & would be deposited within 21 days. Now when I check I am told “your refund is still being processed. A deposit date will be given when one is available”. We always use the AARP tax clinic to e-file our taxes & have always received our refund within 2 weeks. If there is something wrong or you need more information I wish someone would please let us know so we can get our refund! Thank you for any help you can give us.
    Richard S Marbaugh & Joann N Marbaugh

  49. NOTE: Unfortunately only the IRS or TAX ADVOCATE can tell you exactly what is going on and how long it might take. Every case is different. The magic word below is (ASK)….to be transferred…and let the advocate determine if your situation meets their criteria…

    IRS MANUAL: Do not refer these cases to TAS unless the taxpayer asks to be transferred to TAS and the case meets TAS criteria:

    Refer taxpayers to the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) (see IRM 13, Taxpayer Advocate Service) when the contact meets TAS criteria, (see IRM 13.1.7, Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) Case Criteria) and you cannot resolve the taxpayer’s issue the same day. TAS provides assistance to taxpayers who are experiencing economic harm, who are seeking help in resolving tax problems that the IRS has not been able to resolve through normal channels or believe that an IRS system or procedure is not working as it should. See IRM, Taxpayer Advocate Services (TAS) Guidelines, for further information. If you are able to resolve and close the TAS issue on the same day as the taxpayer contact, do not refer the inquiry to TAS. The definition of “same day” is within 24 hours. There will be times you can completely resolve the TAS issue within 24 hours. There will also be times that, although you cannot completely resolve the issue within 24 hours, you have taken steps within 24 hours to resolve the taxpayer’s issue. These cases also meet the definition of “same day” . Do not refer these cases to TAS unless the taxpayer asks to be transferred to TAS and the case meets TAS criteria. Refer to IRM, Same Day Resolution by Operations. When referring cases to TAS, use Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance (and Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order), and forward to TAS in accordance with your local procedures.

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