Additional 60 days IRS Review Letters and Impact to Your Tax Refund – How to Get Help

Ongoing tax return processing delays and additional reviews mean many tax filers are getting multiple letters from the IRS, including ones stating that their tax return (and refund payment) will be further delayed for up to an additional 60 days.

In this article I’ll go through some reasons behind the 60-day notice and what you can do about it. You can subscribe (free) to our email newsletter to keep getting updates and similar articles in the future.

Taxpayers may get the “We need an additional 60 days” notice (see section below) from the IRS several times during the year, each one extending the delay in getting their federal refund payment.

This additional delay notification has been especially frustrating for filers who have been unable to learn when their tax return might be processed or when they can expect to receive their refund.

The following reader comments sums this situation up well, which you can probably relate to.

(Joanne) The first [IRS] letter stated my refund was under review with absolutely no other explanation. Then 2 months later I received a letter stating they needed an additional 60 days. Now the other day I received another letter saying they needed another additional 60 days.

(Marie) This is so frustrating. I wish they [IRS] would at least offer up more of an explanation. It would make the waiting that much less excruciating…”

(Tom) I submitted my taxes in February and I still haven’t gotten them! Just the typical “We’re sorry your refund has been delayed beyond the normal timeframe” BS.

I think I’ve received 3 different IRS letters in the mail saying that they need 60 more days to process it. I am so upset and defeated. I need my money.

Tax filers also continue to see other messages on the IRS WMR site stating that “Return Processing Has Been Delayed Beyond The Normal Timeframe” or “N/A” on their tax transcript filing status.

Why the delay?

While the delay could be simply due to IRS processing backlogs, the more likely reason is that your return got flagged for additional processing due to missing or incorrect information the IRS systems cannot automatically reconcile.

This pushes your return to their “error” department for manual review, which is then subject to the limited availability of their examiners.

Note that, those filing late or amended returns in particular, will see these 60 day extension letters as the IRS is legally allowed to request more review time to review these returns, which do require more manual reviews.

You will get an initial IRS notice which will state the additional delay (E.g a letter 2645C) and extra time for the IRS to review and respond (normally 60 days).

If they need something from you they will send a follow-up letter (e.g. CP05 or or 4464C) that will likely provide more details and actions to take. So it’s important you closely monitor and action any correspondence from the IRS.

IRS needs an additional 60 days letter
IRS needs an additional 60 days letter

You may get yet another 2645C letter, which says another 60 days is needed for the IRS to action your tax return. The cycle repeats as the IRS completes processing or request more information.

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How to find more details on why your taxes are taking so long?

You should always be on the look out and check for formal IRS letters/notices around why your tax return is facing delays. Also review your return for mistakes and if you have an accountant or tax preparer, talk to them.

But some are turning to their tax transcript and processing cycle codes to infer refund payment dates or to see when they may get updates.

While this may not tell you a final refund payment date or specific IRS review dates, it can provide some insight into what is going on with your tax return and where the IRS is with processing based on the transcript codes.

Unfortunately there is not much else to do and even your tax filing provider (e.g TurboTax or H&R block) won’t be able to help you much since they don’t have access to IRS systems and will only see what you see.

Who can I Contact at the IRS for Help?

You can try calling the IRS, but getting an agent will be a challenge. And even if you do get a live agent, the most likely response will be that your return is processing and to wait for a formal update from the IRS examiners after additional verifications are done.

If it’s been more than 60 days since you heard back from the IRS via an updated notice or paid refund, you should also call them at 800-829-1040.

You should also contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) to see if they help with your return or refund if the IRS has completed initial processing and you are not sure what is happening with your refund.

Contacting your Local Congressional Representative

The method has also helped a few taxpayers who have generally seen some real updates or movement on getting their refund 1 to 2 weeks after contacting their local representative.

You can find your local Congressional contact by Googling your “[your zip code] Congress Representative Taxes Help”. E.g search for “90172 Congress Representative Taxes Help.” You can change the “Taxes Help” part to refund help or to the related issue you need help with.

You will be taken to a webpage as shown below with contact details or a submission form to complete. Don’t submit any PPI or sensitive documents on the website, just explain your issue. If talking to someone do the same and ask them to send you a secure portal to submit any sensitive documents or information.

Once they get your information they will assign a staff liaison who will get back to you and may request additional information. You will likely have to sign a document (with your spouse if married) for them to inquire with the IRS or your state taxation agency on your behalf.

Getting Your Congress’ Reps Help with Taxes

You will generally need to give them a few days or weeks to get you answers. You can follow up, but if your claim is legitimate and you are facing real financial hardship they will keep in touch and push hard for you with their contacts (which get more attention at the IRS).

Even if they cannot get you your money faster, they can confirm what is holding up your return and keep advocating on your behalf.

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47 thoughts on “Additional 60 days IRS Review Letters and Impact to Your Tax Refund – How to Get Help”

  1. We have been getting the same “we need another 60 days to get your information from our computers” SUCH BULLSHIT!!! I BET THEY ALL GOT THIER REFUNDS…I am more than totally pissed!!!

    • Nope! And when the IRS wants their $$$$,We HAVE to pay or get sent to collections. Tired of the one sided consequences

  2. Get person from call back in 30 mins to an hour!!
    I Finally found a few options and ways through the system to get someone on the phone. I have 3 that I wrote down but one of them doesn’t tell you they can’t handle you call but instead lets you put in your phone number to receive a call back instead of a really long wait time. It took about 45 minutes and I did finally get to speak with someone, she stated that my “120” business days would be up on Sept. 23. Not sure where the 120 instead of the 60 days came from but I also asked about the hardship option and she stated that she could put it in but that it takes 4 weeks for an agent to even call you to put you in the program so she was basically useless but I’ll put all 3 ways I found through the system, sorry I can’t remember which one gave me the call back option but I hope it may help some of you guys.

    All 3 ways start by calling 800-829-1040

    1st way – option 1 for english, the option 2 and just wait, do not press anything else and after a little bit it transfers you

    2nd way – option 1 for english, option 2, option 1, option 3, option 2, enter ssn and confirm ssn but then do not press anymore keys after and wait, it will transfer you

    3rd way – Option 1 for english, option 2, option 1, option 3, option 2, wait (do not enter ssn) after a bit it will have more options, option 2, option 4 and you will be transferred

    I really hope this helps, if not let me know because I’ve been trying to reach them since March when I got my letter so I have about 15 options to get through to someone someway.

  3. I filed March 23, 2022. I got a letter in may that I had to identify myself. I did the whole process and identified myself may 26 online & through zoom with an agent. They told me it could take up to 9 weeks to receive my income tax money. (Which till this date I have no gotten yet 8.13.22) June 30 I randomly logged back in to the ID me website. I see they have to keep identifying more. So I add all the info. Just barely heard back from them august 10 with a letter from august 8. Stating they are holding my income to keep verifying for 60 days. Bro. I need my money. I don’t understand what is taking them so long. My mom and I filed the same day 5 mins apart. She received hers. No problem. I never did. Can NEVER get in contact with a damn agent through the phone. And when I did they kept hanging up on me to not answer my questions and then I never was able to get through ever again. But if we were the ones who owed the IRS , oh, they’d be calling our phone every 5 minutes. And harassing us for the money. Smfh.

  4. I am a disabled veteran that has been constantly screwed by the VA, been in a 17 year battle with them and have been waiting 3 years for my VA court case so to say I’m not the biggest fan of our government is a massive understatement. Not after losing my job because I had to have major back surgery the IRS sends a letter saying they needed 60 more days for absolutley no reason. 60 days later I recieve yet another “we need 60 more days to do nothing” letter from these blue falcons. I’m close to forclosure and may lose everything because I was in the hospital for months and healing from back surgery (mind you the VA did cover the surgery but still in a battle because I’m rated at 10% when my VSO says I should be closer to 80%) after countless attemps to get someone on the phone not only are they rude but give zero effs about anyone. I hate the fact that I chose and was so passonate about fighting for my country right after 9/11 but after fighting and going through aweful things that I still have demons about I can not believe this is what I fought for. A country that does not care at all about struggling people especially the ones that did everything and were willing to give everything to protect it. The way both the VA and IRS act have given me soooo many regrets, all in all life is a joke and death is the punchline. Sorry for the rant I just needed to vent and see that others on here are also in the same struggle, it is deeply saddening and really has changed my entire outlook on life, faith, government, and humankind in general. I wish you all the best in getting help as soon as possible and I hope not too many people lose everything because the IRS is “too busy” to do the one, same job that is done every year. The IRS putting “we are sorry for the delay and know how important your taxes are” is like throwing sand in your eyes because we all know they do not care, especially if you have been luky enough to call a thousand times and finally get a live person you know how much of a lie it is. Again sorry for such a long message but the anger grows everyday and just needed to vent somewhere.

    • Just incase any government officials happen across this rant please know I would rather play leap frog with a unicorn then eat potted meat out of a hobo’s sleeping bag than ever help the government again, I hope you recieve all the “I need to talk to you about your cars extended warranty” calls possible. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi, first of all,
      A HUGE THANK YOU, more than I can express for your Service to our country! I WISH with all my heart I could help you financially! Unfortunately I am living SSDI payment to next myself!

      I am AM SO SORRY for the shameful way we treat our VETERANS in the USA! If were up to me, you WOULD get everything you need!

      You’re in my prayers,

  5. I filed in February also, and I am seeing a pattern in these comments that most of the people getting these letters filed around that month as well. In all honesty I think they are so behind processing everyone’s taxes they are mailing these letters out to cover it. There would be no reason for them to “review” my return as I have no business accounts, foreign accounts, or a level of income to red flag mine. It is an absolute joke that we have to wait almost a year, or more to get the money they owe us.

  6. I filed at the end of February and have yet to receive my taxes. I have received 3, 60 day letters so far and the latest one says they do not have my tax information yet. I called TurboTax and they said to defiantly find a local IRS office and find out what is going on. She said my taxes may have been lost. Well, the local office is also super hard to get a response from. You cannot show up without an appointment and by 8:05 am they are already too busy to take your call and they don’t even open until 8:30 :/ UGH With this inflation it would be a great time to get the taxes I have paid in ……………. :)

  7. I got a 2nd 60 day notification letter. They need an additional 60 days to send me a complete response on what action they are taking. I’ve never ever had this problem with my taxes. They say you can write to that office with the address provided in the letter. I don’t see any address. I don’t know what to do. Who does the IRS answer to?

  8. I filed in February got a letter in April saying the found a error and I would receive my refund 4 to 6 weeks after may 20th got a they need 60 days to tell me what they did to determine the error now I just got another they need 60 more days

  9. Same thing. Taxes accepted February 15th. Letter on March 28th that they put 120 day hold. Now July 19th another letter saying they need 60 more days. H&R Block can’t do shit about it. Simple return, single person, no kids, one job. How can they screw that up ???

  10. I filed my taxes on February 9th, 2022, my tax prepper said that it was being processed and everything looked ok, so I was waiting the initial 21 days. My sister and I filed on the same day, and she received her direct deposit within the 2nd week, and I was still on standby. I contacted my tax prepper asking is everything ok and he stated that it’s still processing and to check the IRS tracker. Did that a couple times, stated the same thing. Received my first 60 days letter on March 28th, 2022, two months later, I receive a second letter on May 4, 2022, requesting an ADDITIONAL 60 days. This never happened to me until this tax year, I have been currently waiting 153 days and counting since I filed for my refund. This is beyond unacceptable. The math is not mathing.

  11. Well, so much for that I waited for 120 days, got a letter which said Richmond call this number but strange I did according to what was asked of me. Finally, agent of the phone but what they say about the review that asked me about information not pertaining to the reason they should have been doing. In the prior months I asked for a payment plan. Which they gave me then I receive the 120, 60, days review after I received confirmation from them about updated when I would receive my refund. I called back that following week on Monday prior to Friday saying I had taken care everything How I receive a letter in mail on Saturday stated that they needed additional 60 days, they even explain that I should have gotten two letters but you speaking in terms of asking for 60 days that means two letters repeating the same request. I asked you asking for 120 days more to subtract funds you say I owe you. It not adding up because I also said now working for the government and cannot subtract or add common now so I said why y’all holding my taxes when I filled taxes but you charged interest on that money I owe you but continue not paying anyone but continue to holding my taxes. Before I know it I say IRS, everyone stealing from the poor like the Bible speak in those terms. They told me to call back on July 23 and I should receive an update. They lying, I am realizing they trying to cover up their own mistake.

  12. I filed in February usually I wait but some said file still nothing from the irs. This is very disturbing and make u not even want to file next year because of this. I do not understand how this never happened to me filing the same way I’ve been filing until now. I’m about to have a new born and still no taxes. I’m behind on bills and the irs has no care at all. Why wouldn’t they just give a good explanation as to why they are holding a lot of people taxes.

    • I filed electronically on Feb 4, 2022 to date July 18, 2022 I’ve still haven’t received my refund… This has never happened to me either truly frustrating. Not to mention I got injured on my job in October 2021 and I was the only one working on my household with my wife and two kids, we’ve falling behind gotten in debt and I’m just steadily praying to check my account and my refund will be there. I’ve gotten at least 4 letters stating another 60 days this is truly depressing….. Does anyone have any answers

      • The same here, I filled in Feb. then had to have back surgery and cannot get help from the VA so I’m close to getting foreclosed and have received 2 60 day letters and it has been far beyond 120days. Have tried calling all the numbers several times a day every day just to be told about high call volume and hung up on. I have no Federal depts and it was a simple tax return yet here we are in August and absolutley no answers and close to losing everythin. The VA has given me pleanty of reasons to despise the way this government works but the IRS is really just throwing more wood on a burning house here.

  13. Got a letter saying they need proof of identity and made me go through a process. Then two weeks later I got a letter saying they need 60 days. Literally my 60 days was up and I got another letter saying they need an additional 60 days!!!! Beyond frustrated

  14. I filed March 13 2022 waiting 21 days nothing April 25 received a letter that my federal was delayed to verify my income or tax credit or taxable income one of the three now 60 days have passed and nothing what is going on with the IRS really

    • Filed March 11th but same date on CP05 notice saying give them 60 days bc it’s under review and they need nothing from me….got ahold of a human at the IRS last Friday(July 1st) who told me it’s not 60 days, it’s 120 days due to delays and that it’s still waiting to be reviewed so they need nothing from me and if they do, they’ll send a notice but that they have zero info for me as far as why it’s being reviewed or when it will be reviewed. Took me calling repeatedly for days and being transferred and repeatedly kicked out of cue due to, “high call volumes” then calling back to get no answers. Frustrating is an understatement.

  15. Filed February 18th. Received a 60 day letter for April 4 for the stimulus error, which was not my fault, since the IRS didn’t send one of the two letters until 2 weeks after I had already filed and I was only going by the information received from them, and another one on April 11. I have not received any further letters, and my transcript is showing nothing following the 971 on April 11. Furthermore, I had had the preparation fees taken out of the refund, and last week, TurboTax summarily removed $282 from my account because the IRS has taken too long to send out my refund.

  16. I filed my taxes February 1,2022. Both returns were expected right away. I received a letter in the mail on March 4,2022, stating that I needed to verify my identity through the phone or in person. I scheduled me an appointment on March 10,2022, I had to go to the irs building to verify my identity, 8 days later I received my state return which was only $76. On April 25,2022 I received a letter in the mail that said they needed and additional 60 days to review my return.. I just don’t understand why does it take almost half a year just to receive money I worked my butt off for LAST YEAR.

    • Exactly that is how I feel they took money out of my account and they should know that the IRS is behind. not our fault I am so upset that happened. And their is nothing I can do.
      I don’t get my money back . And haven’t received my funds still.

    • What is doing is abusing for the poor people I don’t think is fair to people wait and I addition 60 days for what and still nothing

  17. I filed March 16th, 2022. Federal and state were both received that day. My state was processed and accepted within 2 weeks but it was 22$. My federal is over 5 grand. I didn’t hear anything until April 29th when they said I had to file prior years (2017&2018) so I did that. Sent in May 3rd. Wait another 21 21 days and then call again just to have another lady say no it’s not your prior tax years. Your return is under review but I don’t know why. It’s too soon to tell. Then she tells me the IRS is technically slotted 120 days and to call back August 20 if I haven’t heard anything yet. WHAT??! August 20th???? It’s going to take you 5 months to verify yes I did make way less money this year compared to the previous year. I mean come on???? I need my money so bad. I’m struggling each week and it’s miserable. Give me my money IRS!!!!

    • Going though the same thing. I already got 3, 60 day letters. We got Accepted Feb12 and still waiting. We just received the 3rd 60 day letter 2 weeks ago. SMH!!!

  18. Okay, check this out I had my tax preparer to do my taxes e-filed it on the 6 of February 2022 received on the 7th of February had due date for 28th to be deposited. When I return to the site where’s my refund that’s the way I send we apologize for the delay but your refund needs extra 60 days review and told me call. I did but they then said it will be an additional 60 days review and I would know something about June 17th, 2022. I have six more days. I even explain that I need my taxes to pay bills but mostly to get my meds because I am a diabetic. I have no insurance they could not do anything about that. It’s like they didn’t care about me not having insurance or being able to purchase the meds but hopefully I get it on the June 17, 2022. Not longer, oh I haven’t received a letter since then or nothing. Just waiting.

  19. I filled mines in February 2 got a letter that my taxes are under review. I never had this problem before. I got a letter of delay twice and still waiting . What’s going on ? Can I get my money

  20. I had 570 and 971 code for almost two months even the 571after that it crazy I called today they said another 60 days for what if I got 571 on April 4

  21. I filed my taxes March 17th 2022 and i received my federal ontime but as i waited on my state its saying online that my tax returned been received and its beening processed but when i called after a month of waiting they told me my returned is being review for 60 days and they dont know why it was pulled . its been over 60 days and no letter , no change in their system about my refund, still saying the same thing i called them the other day and was told its a back up and they working fast as they can . Im not the only one in this situation , all i was told was to just be patience and look out for any letters in the mail and keep checking the my account or look online to see if my status changed . this is crazy ppl need their money and its not fair when everything going up ppl count on their taxes .

  22. I filed Feb. 7th 2022 I got a 60 day review letter March 21 2022 then I got another 60 day review letter may 21 I really need my tax money this is ridiculous


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