Latest Update on What’s in the New Stimulus Package Including Stimulus Checks and Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Here are the latest updates on what’s in the now fully passed COVID relief stimulus package. The main items include providing another round of aid including direct payments to over 80 million Americans and their families, enhanced unemployment benefits and funds for small businesses loads and Coronavirus vaccine distribution.

Stimulus checks worth $600 per person and qualifying dependent

The size of that benefit would phaseout for people who earned $75,000 and cap out at $99,000 based on prior year income, similar to the last round of stimulus checks. The stimulus checks would provide $600 per person, including adults and dependent children, meaning a family of four would receive $2,400 up to a certain income.

Households would receive $600 for each adult and $600 for each dependent, instead of $1,200 and $500, respectively, in the first round of stimulus payments. Mixed-status households, where some people are ineligible noncitizens, would get payments based on the number of eligible people in the households, as opposed to being shut out as they were in the first round.

The payments would be based on income from 2019 and begin phasing out for individuals with adjusted gross incomes over $75,000 and married couples over $150,000. 

Enhanced Unemployment Stimulus

Congress would also extend unemployment benefits of up to $300 per week, which could start as early as Dec. 27. States would have to make these payments and may take 1 to 2 weeks to hit bank accounts. PUA and PEUC unemployment programs will also be extended for up to 10 weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) both expressed optimism that lawmakers could finalize legislation as early as Sunday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told her leadership team on Sunday that she wants a vote Sunday

Washington Post

Small Business Funding via PPP Funding Increase

The stimulus bill also has $284 billion of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program small business loans, and includes funds for loans for small and minority-owned lenders. It would direct another $20 billion to small business grants and $15 billion to live event venues.

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31 thoughts on “Latest Update on What’s in the New Stimulus Package Including Stimulus Checks and Enhanced Unemployment Benefits”

  1. My name is Sherry I have received pua unemployment benefits I just recently started my self employed .I received an email asking me to provide proof of my self employed status .will I get the extended benefits all I have is recites for proof

  2. Do we need to file a new claim or the DOL system will change to “certify for weekly benefits”? Thank you, Andy

  3. I just received laid off today 12/29/20 due to COVID-19. I filed tonightand all I can draw is $79.00 for regular unemployment is what shown. So my state is TN. Does this mean all I will receive is 79.00 for regular unemployment plus $300? How can a person pay their bills and buy groceries on $379.00? Please explain .

  4. Let’s all hope that we don’t have to wait for Biden to take over the office!
    Happy Holidays everybody! Hope new year brings us health and laughter!

  5. Ok first of all thank you so much and God bless you for all you’re help during this awful time. Ok now the big question. I was drawing under eb the whole time in ky. I exhausted everything a month or so ago. Will I be eligible for this new extension.

  6. Andy, I exhausted my UI benefits 2 weeks ago.
    When I tried to certify now, the following message appeared on my DOL page:

    You have exhausted the available benefits on your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim.

    You must file a new claim for benefits. Please call 888-209-8124 or go to

    You may be eligible for benefits through the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program if your unemployment is due to a COVID-19 related reason. This program is currently available through December 27, 2020, per federal guidelines.

    Should I file a new claim? It happened to me before and when I filed a new claim, they stopped my benefits. Took me a month to reinstate them.

  7. Hello Andy, My UI ends the last week of December. To get the extension should I go ahead and fill out the for at the Gov2go website or should I wait after my last check?
    Thank you!!

  8. ANDY,
    First, just wanted to thank you so much for being a lifeline to me and so many of us here with all your help and providing us with information that has been so helpful when our states have left us out in the cold. Your a great person!!
    My personal question if you dont mind as I really need your help is this:
    I’ve already exhausted my 26 weeks of state benefits, 13 weeks of peuc, and my states extended benefits which ended for me a couple weeks ago so I am now receiving nothing. To your knowledge, with this new pending stimulus, would I be eligible for additional peuc and/or the additional $300 week supplement even though right now I’ve exhausted every thing? You have no idea how much I would appreciate your guess? Thanks again Andy!!!

      • Yes, Andy , you have been a great help! Thank you.
        Do we need to file a new claim or recertify?
        My guess is, re-certify, right?

    • I am confused on what to do next. My trad. UI ENDED IN AUG, then PEUC ended the last week end 12/12/20. I am unsure what and how to next apply for PUA- what and where did you do what (ex- did u reapply under traditional unemploy the ‘am I eligible “ first and get a denial of benefits because exhausted that- or where did u START to apply for PUA- all I know it’s a lot of the same required documents to restart the claim ! My question is just how to get and where to go to apply initially for PUA? thank you if can help, computer things are rough for me to get through.

  9. Did congress vote yet? When should we expect any of this money the stimulus as well as the extra unemployment? Any ideas I’m in the great crazy state of Georgia

      • ANDY,
        PLEASE PLEASE help one last time!! And thank you in advance my dear friend!!
        Just one issue I’m completely confused about in which you wrote about. You stated that both the peuc and fpuc(additional 300) that just got extended with the new stimulus bill will both be effective beginning December 26. I know you said that the additional 300 will only be retroactive back until dec 26. All of my benefits(regular ui, peuc, and eb) ended about a month ago. Where I’m confused is that you stated both programs would just go retroactive from December 26 but in your newest article put out today it says peuc will be retroactive back to the day you exhausted your benefits which in my case would be about a month ago but unfortunately then would not get the additional 300 a week for the 5-6 weeks prior to the dec 26 date in which my benefit s completely ended. I was hoping both peuc and the additional $300 a week were both retroactive from dec 26 so I could get the additional $300 a week on all 11 weeks of the additional peuc. Could you please please help clarify as I’m really confused. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

        • Hi John – Sorry if that was confusing and lots of changes on daily basis. Also waiting for final DOL guidelines. But from how I interpret things:
          1. PEUC (and PUA) programs were extended by 11 weeks (base total of 50 weeks + extended state benefits). So would be retroactive to start of original program and so you should get “caught” up for missing weeks when you ran out of benefits.
          2. $300 FPUC, is only for the 11 weeks of the program coverage.

          Hope that helps. Again keep checking your state UI site for final details and rules, but my interpretation is how I think this would work. Otherwise a lot of people would lose lots of weeks of coverage if they had claim balances pending.

        • ANDY,
          Thanks so so much for getting back to me so quickly! So, just to clarify then, in my particular case, as far as you interpret things, since all my benefits ran out about 6 weeks ago, you believe that I would receive the peuc(additional 11 weeks) starting from when my benefits ended(about 6 weeks ago)but would only receive the additional 300 a week from dec 26 on which would only be for about 4-5 weeks then since my peuc would run out about 4 weeks after dec 26 if they retroed it back to my funds being depleted 6 weeks ago. In that case then I would only receive the extra $300 for about 4 of the 11 weeks of additional peuc? Is that what you believe to clarify? Again I cant begin to Express my gratitude towards you and thank you enough my dear friend

  10. I was unclear if $300/week would be the only UI or in addition to the regular UI. Here is the clarification:

    “Aside from the $600 stimulus checks, the stimulus bill also includes an extra $300 a week in unemployment aid. That means that jobless workers will receive their regular state unemployment payments, plus $300 on top of that through March 14, 2021.”

  11. Andy, Little confused at this point for what to do next & I cannot get VEC on phone to help (I am VA resident) I just filed, today 12/21 for week of 12/14, which would be my 13th week (best I can tell) of my PEUC – next, should I file for EB Benefits? Or, do I just keep filing under the PEUC already established, due to the “just passed bill from Congress” on another 10 weeks? Or do I have to recertify anything, for this? If I just keeping filing as is, with this 10 weeks, and do not have any employment at the end of 10 weeks, can I then file for the extended benefits (EB)? – Thanks so much for you information, as I think we can say we have learned more from you, than our own state governments, with not much communication, or impossible to get a representative on the phone.

    • Deborah

      I am a VA resident as well and in the same position. I have went through the PUEC and am currently at a loss in where Togo from here So I filed my weekly claim anyways. Unable to reach VEC and get answers is frustrating. I’m still waiting for a miracle. Please feel free to email me if you come across any new details!! Thank you!!

  12. My extended benefits have been on hold, pending so to speak. I received one week, after trying for weeks to reapply online, then finally reached a person the phone( after hours of waiting) then have been asked to provide photo and license ( together) on both my card and for the workforce site.
    Which I have done.
    Now it’s saying we have to reapply after the 27th (last week of December). Will they not just extend it for those still waiting?

  13. Thank the LORD, it’s been a long time coming. Andy, have they extended the eviction time frame in Southern California as well? I’m grateful for the $600 stimulus I’m just concerned about being evicted.

  14. Andy,
    I filled my last week of Pua on December 12th. Will the extended pua of 10 weeks be retroactive or do I need to refile in Virginia.

    • It depends on final language in the bill, but it may only be retroactive to the start of the new funding period (dec 26th)

      • ANDY,
        Am I to understand now from your new information that you sent out today, that both the 11 week extension of peuc and the additional $300 a week supplement both begin on Dec 26 and that even if you exhausted your peuc and extended state benefits, the peuc will start on dec 26 and not from the time your payments expired which in my case was several weeks ago? If so, then I should receive both the 11 additional weeks of peuc and the $300 supplement both starting on Dec 26? You have no idea how much your response and help with this would mean to me!! Your the absolute best Andy and God bless you for helping me and so many others!! Your a wonderful person and human being!!!

        • They are both effective from December 26th (note Trump has yet to sign the bill as of 12/23) but when they ACTUALLY get paid depends on your state. Could be some delays. You will be eligible for the 11 extra weeks of PEUC AND the $300 p/week extra for weeks you certify and meet criteria.

        • Just wanted to thank you so very much for your quick response and information. Means more than you know!! I cant thank you enough. God bless you and your family and have a wonderful Holiday and stay safe my friend. I am forever grateful to you!!

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