Nevada (NV) DETR Unemployment Benefits News and Updates – Maximum Weekly Benefit Payments

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (NV DETR) administers the unemployment compensation program for the state. The DETR is responsible for processing unemployment compensation claims and paying out benefits, including the federally funded enhanced unemployment benefits.

As many claimants realized, NV DETR had struggled to pay pandemic related unemployment benefits in a timely manner given their antiquated systems, fraudulent claims and processing for a record number of claimants.. However following DETR system and process upgrades many of these issues have now been addressed.

You can also more on recent topics of interest around pandemic unemployment benefits in the sections and comments forum below.

How Much Unemployment Can I Get?

With the expiry the pandemic unemployment programs, only traditional/regular state unemployment is available for full or partial unemployment claims. The table below provides key details on the latest unemployment benefits and qualifying wage requirements.

You will need to submit a claim or certify your application via the state’s unemployment website (see section below on filing a claim) to get your actual weekly benefit amount.

Note that to qualify for unemployment, your job or hours worked loss will generally need to be involuntary. I.e. through no fault of your own or via directly quitting. Your job and wages must also have been paid/covered by an employer or source that deducted unemployment insurance taxes per state law (see your paycheck).

Further if you are being paid severance via a layoff or able to use sick leave or paid vacation, you cannot claim unemployment.

You will also need to certify for benefits at weekly intervals, demonstrate ongoing work availability and evidence of job search requirements to keep getting weekly unemployment benefits.

Weekly Unemployment Available with Dependents (Min – Max)$16 – $469 ; or up to 4% of your highest quarter earnings in base period
Max number of Weeks covered in Benefit Year26
Minimum Qualifying Income over Base Period$400 in one quarter of the base period
Nevada Unemployment Insurance Benefits (Claimant Handbook)

Why is my weekly benefit payment lower than the maximum amount?

Your actual weekly benefit amount (WBA) is the amount of money your state agency has determined you and your dependents may receive for regular unemployment insurance after filing a claim. This can change weekly based on your certification or claim for benefits.

Your actual WBA is based on the amount that you earned over the states pre-defined base or alternate wage period, which are generally based on four out of the last five completed calendar quarters spanning 12 to 18 months.

The higher your earnings, the higher your approved WBA will be, up to the maximum amount allowed in the state. All earnings must be subject to UI tax (covered employment) to be eligible for factoring into your benefit determination.

Any part time or temporary earnings from employment or other activities during eligible weeks you are claiming and certifying for benefits, will potentially reduce the amount of benefits you may get.

Also note that that your state UI agency may deduct overpayments and court-ordered child support from your weekly payment. This will reduce your WBA.

What if I worked or lived in another state?

If you worked or lived in another state during the base year, you should file your unemployment benefits claim in the state you worked in and where your wages were reported. Not where you reside at the time of claim. You can file a claim in multiple states.

Your claim will be paid and governed by laws of that state in which you applied for. You will need to report this on your state and federal income taxes per form 1099-G issued by the state’s UI agency.

Claimants will also need to apply or reapply for UI benefits when they reach the end of their benefit year.

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End of Federal Enhanced Benefits (PUA, PEUC, $300 FPUC and $100 MEUC)

The Nevada DETR has confirmed that claimants on the PEUC, PUA, MEUC and FPUC programs will file/certify for benefits for the last time covering the week ending September 4, 2021. Any active claims with or without remaining balances will expire after this date.

While there has been a lot of discussion around extending pandemic unemployment benefits, the Biden administration has confirmed (see video) that states will have to use already allocated stimulus funding to expand or extend traditional state unemployment programs. The NV DETR has not indicated that is planning to do so at this stage, but I will post updates if things change.

Claimants who were eligible for State Extended Benefits (SEB) will get an extra week of benefits, as the SEB program expires the week ending September 11. After September 4th and 11th, claimants must have a regular UI claim to continue receiving benefits.

NV DETR Enhanced Unemployment Benefits End Dates

ID.Me Identity Validation Issues

Thousands of unemployed claimants are reporting issues with the new identity verification system/vendor the DETR is using to tackle issues with fraudulent claims. Earlier this year claimants were asked to use little known third party vendor, whose system uses proprietary A.I. facial recognition software, to verity their identity in order to receive unemployment benefits.

However many claimants in Nevada are reporting this system has not worked for them and have already faced several weeks (or months in some cases) of delays in getting the unemployment payments they are eligible for. The issues ranged from a failure of the facial recognition technology to having to wait for hours to reach a human for a video chat to troubleshoot issues – a service provided via the vendor, and not the DETR.  

You can see examples in the comments forum below this article and across social media issues are being reported with this technology which is also used in several other states to verify identities for unemployment payments. The DETR and have said most issues have been worked through and only a handful of complex cases remain to be resolved.

Is the $300 weekly benefit, PUA and PEUC ending early in Nevada?

No. Despite several other states ending benefits earlier than planned, Gov. Steve Sisolak has announced that he is NOT considering ending federal unemployment programs ahead of the current September 6th expiry. Unlike most states, pay rates in Nevada are higher than average and unemployment benefits lower than average. This has meant business for the most part have been able to fill open vacancies as activity picks up in a post-pandemic environment.

Biden Stimulus Bill – Unemployment Benefit Extensions to September 2021

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion federal coronavirus relief package, known as the American Rescue Plan (ARP), enhanced unemployment benefits have been extended until September 6th. This includes further extensions to the PUA program, PEUC program, $300 weekly payment under the FPUC program and $100 Mixed Earners (MEUC) program. There were also provisions in the Biden Stimulus package for Unemployment tax breaks on the first $10,200 of benefits received in 2020.

Nevada DETR Latest News and Status on PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Payment Schedule

The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) has now issued formal guidelines to implement the latest round of unemployment extensions until September 6th. The Nevada DETR has implemented the system changes to enable it to apply up to an additional 25 weeks for all eligible claimants, through week ending September 4, 2021.  This was much faster than prior extensions and federal unemployment programs (per updates below).

There were some issues with applying extended weeks to the PUA program claimants but that has now been resolved. Claimants should be aware of the following general guidelines around the extended coverage period funded under the Biden ARP stimulus bill.

  • You do not need to reapply for benefits. DETR will automatically enroll you in the appropriate extension and notify if additional information is needed.
  • You should continue to file your weekly claim for benefits as you normally would as long as you remain unemployed.
  • You will not need to contact DETR in order for these program extensions to take effect.
  • This legislation would extend the various benefit programs through the week ending September 4, 2021. This is approximately 25 weeks of extra coverage (the ARP bill had legislated 29 weeks in total).
  • The additional weekly payment of $300 under the FPUC program will be extended through September 4, 2021 as well.
  • Several PUA claimants reported issues with verifying their identity through, but the agency is working with impacted or technically challenged folks to address identity verification issues.

March 17th, 2021 Update on rollout of ARPA extensions

Nevada’s DETR is still updating systems to apply the additional coverage weeks under this extension. They are also still having challenges paying out extended weeks under the CAA given their antiquated systems, and have said PUA and PEUC recipients should be prepared to experience several weeks of delays to get the extra weeks of coverage under ARP.

PEUC Claimants ongoing delays expected – The Nevada DETR UI system cannot process all of the existing claims at one time. Because the system must evaluate and update the payment amount for each week for each claimant, they process payments in batches. In general, they are processing from oldest to newest claims. Some complex claims require manual processing to ensure that claimants receive all of the weeks they are eligible for. As a result PEUC recipients will experience a delay of several weeks before benefits become available. Claimants will retroactively receive all weeks they are eligible for.

I will post updates as more information is provided. So get the latest updates via the options below.

2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under COVID Relief Bill – PUA and PEUC 11-week Extension Updates

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, which among several other pandemic relief measures extends and provides additional funding for enhanced unemployment benefits. This includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and a reinstatement, but halving of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) Program which provides a $300 supplemental weekly unemployment payment. These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks, covering the weeks of December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. Existing PUA and PEUC claims can be claimed until the week ending April 10th (phase out period).

[Update Feb 17th] The 11-week extension has been rolled out for the PUA and PEUC programs, but DETR continues to see technical issues with paying claims. For PUA they are not expecting to make payments until the end of May. The latest one (per the screenshot below) was one asking existing PUA claimants who were filing for the 11-week extension to file a new claim and be subject to a waiting period. This was incorrect and has caused payment delays which the DETR is looking to fix.

How long will it take before I can get PUA payments for the 11-week extension?

DETR is seeing thousands of applications being submitted and each claim requires a review for each week of PUA eligibility and will take some time. The Division recommends checking the website and your PUA account for any current/updated changes. They are also recommending choosing direct deposit for payment, which will process more quickly. Debit cards will take 7-14 days to arrive. Payments for PUA weekly claims are scheduled to begin by the end of May.


Will I Get the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) 11-weeks automatically?

While the PEUC updates for the new legislation have been applied there are some new rules to be aware of. Those who are currently receiving PEUC benefits under the CARES act, will continue to be on PEUC and their eligible weeks will be automatically extended.

Any claimant who had a balance on their PEUC extension as of 12/26/20 but had already filed a State Extended Benefits (SEB) claim early, will be automatically placed back on PEUC in order to capture the additional weeks. This may results in a weeks gap in benefit payments. Any claimant who had exhausted PEUC prior to 12/26/20 and went on SEB will stay on SEB. At the end of SEB, the claimant will be placed back on PEUC up to the expiration of the program.

[Update Jan 12th] – While Nevada has started paying the $300 FPUC payment to active claimants, it has not paid week 6 of the $300 LWA program (per updates below in LWA section). These are two separate programs and funded differently – the FPUC is federally funded under the COVID relief bill, the LWA program was funded via FEMA. Note that Nevada DETR also has to roll-out updates to PUA programs to cover the extended periods and allow those claimants to also get the extra weekly $300 FPUC.

Due to additional requirements for new PUA filers, DETR must update the PUA application programming before new PUA claims can be filed. Depending on the complexity of DOL guidance on changes, it is anticipated that these changes should be implemented within four weeks [so likely won’t be ready till end of January 2020]

Nevada DETR

According to the Nevada DETR claimants with existing or expired claim balances should be aware of the following:

  • PUA and PEUC, FPUC will be automatically added to the claimants’ benefits if they are eligible for the weeks outlined in the legislation.
  • Claimants with weeks remaining in UI should continue to file weekly claims.
  • Claimants who will have additional weeks in UI and PUA or PEUC due to the Continued Assistance Act should watch the DETR website for updates that will allow additional weeks to be filed.
  • Claimants will be caught up on payments for all weeks they are eligible.

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Fifth Week of the Lost Wages Assistance Program Now Being Paid. Week 6 STILL NOT PAID

[Update Jan 12th, 2020] Week 5 has been paid, but week 6 is still pending as DETR is currently waiting to hear back from FEMA for funding to make this payment. While FEMA or DETR has not made an official comment I doubt this payment will be made as the overall program expired at the end of 2020. And with the new $300 FPUC payment (discussed above) already being sent, Week 6 may not ever happen.

[Updated December 16th] – While Weeks 4 and 5 have now been paid for most eligible claimants, there are still many reports of missing and delayed payments (see quote below). It does seem that PUA recipients are being paid first, likely due to the fact they had already certified their job loss was COVID related (an LWA requirement). Other UI program recipients, per comments below, are still awaiting Week 4 and Week 5 payments in particular.

Week 6 payments were scheduled to start this week, but it now appears that the DETR is awaiting more funding from FEMA to pay for week 6. Per their official statement, “As to the potential of the last week of assistance (week 6), unless FEMA approves additional funding to pay for a week 6, there will not be a payment for a week 6. DETR is currently waiting to hear back from FEMA.” Again this does NOT mean that Week 6 is definitely not being paid, it just means that it is subject to FEMA funding which was budgeted for 6 weeks per state. But given the delays in Nevada’s DETR LWA roll-out the program expiry date of December 31st may be the bigger risk of this payment being missed vs. FEMA funding approval.

You can see this video for a summary of the issues and potential solutions if you are having trouble with getting information on your LWA payment.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) in Nevada – Payments now processing and being paid

The Nevada DETR said that it made a small test run of $300 LWA payments during the week of October 12th to claimants in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. Actual LWA payments to all eligible claimants will take place over the next several weeks and payments will be processed in several batches given the significant number of claimants and system constraints.

[Updated November 30th] LWA Payments for weeks 1 through 4 have been issued. DETR has started making payments for week 5 of LWA to eligible claimants. As in round one, the process is expected to last up to 10 days. After week 5 is completed, DETR will make sure there is enough money left in the grant to pay the final week (week 6) of LWA.

[Updated November 11th] The Nevada DETR has said it has started processing ($300) payments for week 4 of LWA to eligible claimants this week. As in round one, the process is expected to last up to 10 days, DETR said. After Week 4 is paid, DETR will pay subsequent weeks for which they have funding.

Many claimants are not eligible for LWA payments because they are not receiving at least $100 in existing UI benefits (via regular state unemployment, PUA or PEUC) to be eligible for the program.

First 3 weeks of LWA payments now paid

DETR spokesperson, Rosa Mendez, said the first 3 weeks of LWA payments of $900 for those on PUA were paid in batches through 10/23 (confirmed based on article comments). From 10/23 to the end of October, those not on PUA will start getting their first ($900) batch of payments. The remaining LWA payments will also begin processing towards the end of October for ALL unemployment recipients, until Nevada runs out of LWA funding (max 6 weeks).

How to tell if you have been approved and how to tell how much you’re getting

(Thanks to Brent for this comment) Login to your Claimant homepage. Go to the dates of 8/1, 8/8, and 8/15, and if you look at the deductions it should be “Y” for yes click on the “Y” and it will say “Lost wage Assistance” then -300 dollars for those 3 dates. This is good don’t freak out it means your approved. Sorry if this is confusing its hard to explain because it shows up in a weird spot.

Amounts to qualified applicants will be paid retroactively to August 1 for 6 weeks (up to $1800 in total if you qualified for all 6 weeks). Several readers have acknowledged the lack of information and delayed payment relative to other states as you can see in the comments below. I will continue to post updates if new information comes to hand. See further details in the section below including a link to the NV DETR LWA page.

2020 COVID 19 Enhanced Benefits under CARES Act

Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for traditionally ineligible individuals for unemployment benefits, including independent contractors and self-employed individuals.  Recipients may receive up to 39 weeks of benefit payments under this program.

• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): adds $600 per week and the regular benefits that recipients of Unemployment Insurance are entitled to receive; the benefit is retroactive to the week beginning March 29, 2020, and the program expired on July 31, 2020.

• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to regular unemployment insurance recipients.

If you have exhausted benefits paid through the regular unemployment and PEUC program, you may be entitled to receive up to 50% of the total amount received on your regular unemployment benefits through the Extended Benefit (EB) program. This program covers an additional 6 to 13 weeks of unemployment benefits, depending upon the number of weeks you were eligible for benefits on your original unemployment insurance claim.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Payment Details and Schedule

In addition to the above enhanced benefits, you may be eligible for Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) if you are out of work due to COVID-19. If your weekly benefit payment is at least $100, and you were eligible for unemployment benefits, you may receive an additional $300 in assistance retroactive through weeks ending August 1, 2020 to September 5th, 2020. You do not need to file a separate request/application for LWA; however, you may need to self-certify to confirm that you are unemployed or partially unemployed because of COVID-19.

Applicants only need to self-certify that they are unemployed/partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. If they don’t self-certify they may not be eligible to receive any of the $300 due to FEMA funding limitations.

Claimants do not need to apply separately for the benefit, or reactivate a claim if they were eligible during the qualifying weeks but have since returned to work. Those still in the backlog will be eligible for Lost Wages benefits if their claim is approved, DETR officials said. See more on the NV DETR LWA page.

Web and/or phone issues with accessing the unemployment systems

The DETR has experienced a high volume of unemployment benefits claims filed since the pandemic began. Given its lack of staff, the agency has had significant delays in processing claims and answering incoming calls. Also, federal assistance received required changes to their online processing systems, which delayed the processing of claims and benefits.

Initial Claims: If this is the first time that you are filing an unemployment claim under any of the federal or state programs available, you must first file an initial unemployment insurance claim to determine your eligibility and which programs may apply to you.

If you are eligible for regular unemployment benefits, you will receive a Monetary Determination Letter and PIN, typically within 7 to 10 business days of filing your initial claim. Your Monetary Determination letter lets you know what financial benefits you may possibly be eligible for; however, this may change based on the weekly claims you submit (addressed under Existing Claimants below).

Existing Claimants:  Claimants receiving unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus pandemic must continue to certify every week to receive unemployment benefits under any state or federal program. This includes the additional FPUC $600/week benefit and the PUA program.

The extra $600/week compensation is retroactive to the week beginning on March 29 and ends on July 31. FPUC payments are automatically added to the weekly benefit payment.

Upon exhausting regular unemployment benefits, you must file a separate application to receive PEUC benefits.

Claimants that have exhausted both regular unemployment and PEUC benefits may be eligible for an additional 6 to 13 weeks of unemployment benefits under the Extended Benefits program. A separate application is required.

Filing an Initial and Weekly Claim + FAQs

You must file your initial unemployment claim through the DETR here. You will need the following information to file your first claim. 

  • Social Security Number
  • Personal mailing address and contact information
  • Employment history for the past 18 months, including:
    • Employers’ business names
    • The physical address for each employer
    • Telephone number
    • First and the last date that you worked for each employer
    • The reason you are no longer employed
  • Alien Registration number and the date your work authorization expires if you are not a US citizen
  • The name and local number of the union hall (if you obtain work through a union)

To file a new claim over the phone, the Customer Call Center is available at (866) 832-2363. Phone assistance is available from Monday-Friday 8:15 AM – 4:30 PM; Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.  You may also file an existing claim over the phone by calling (800) 897-5630.

To be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits in Virginia, you must meet the following eligibility requirements during the pandemic:

  • Unemployed or had a reduction in hours due to no fault of your own
  • Earned enough wages to be eligible for unemployment benefits

Filing Weekly Claims

You must file a weekly claim to prove that you are still eligible and qualify for unemployment benefits.  Your weekly claim cannot be filed until the end of the workweek, which is Saturday at midnight. You have up to 28 days after the end of each week that you are unemployed to file this weekly claim. Weekly claims can be filed online or over the phone.

If you don’t file your weekly claim within the required time, you will not be paid unemployment benefits for the week. 

Existing claimants who are eligible for PUA log in here to file their weekly claims.

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid or you have appealed a denial in benefits, you must still file a weekly claim online or over the phone. If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits retroactively. However, if you win the appeal but have not claimed benefits, you will not be paid for these weeks.

I filed my unemployment claim several weeks ago. Will I receive back pay once my claim is approved?

Over the past few months, the DETR has improved its telephone response and claim processing time. However, the large volume of unemployment claims will result in continued delays. If you are eligible to receive benefits but have not heard anything back yet, you will receive retroactive benefit payments up to the date that you were determined eligible as long as you filed your claims each week.

This also applies to the FPUC $600 per week additional benefit, which expired on July 31. If you have filed an unemployment claim before that date and are still awaiting a response regarding your eligibility for unemployment, you will receive retroactive payments for the back weeks of FPUC. This is the case even if the decision is not made until after the July 31 expiration date. 

If you are not eligible for regular unemployment, you may collect benefits under the PUA program.  To determine eligibility, you must file a new unemployment insurance claim if you have not already done so. Once your eligibility is determined, you may complete a separate PUA application. You should continue to file weekly certifications during this process. If you are eligible for PUA benefits for weeks that have already passed, you may recover back pay if you submitted weekly certifications.

Can I still collect unemployment benefits if my hours have been reduced?

Individuals who work reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic may still be eligible to collect partial unemployment benefits if your gross earnings are less than the weekly benefit amount. You must continue to file your weekly certification and report any of your wages in the week they were earned, not received. Wages earned may reduce your unemployment benefit.

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436 thoughts on “Nevada (NV) DETR Unemployment Benefits News and Updates – Maximum Weekly Benefit Payments”

  1. (5/24/2021)
    To those of you who are on DETR’s Pandemic Extention, EUC (or known as PEUC), and your regular UI claim year ended, you will notice the missing “File Weekly Claim” missing. You may still have an OPEN EUC with available funds, but the link under Smart Links now says “File a New Unemployment Insurance Claim.”
    Getting through on the DETR phone system is worse than before. They just say due to high call volumes, we can not take your call now. Try again later.
    I can’t say what the rule is with Nevada, but California’s EDD put this on their site:
    (CA EDD)
    “Apply for a New Claim
    If your benefit year has ended, you must file a new claim if you have a:

    Regular unemployment claim
    Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extension (EUC in DETR System)
    Federal-State Extended Duration (FED-ED) extension

    We will let you know if you qualify for a new regular unemployment claim and any next steps you need to take. We may move you to a new claim, add a federal extension to your expired claim, or continue your existing extension.”

    I wish DETR was more intuitive with their instructions, but then that’s DETR for you! This may be the solution for Nevada, too.

    • (05/24/2021) I date all entries as the posts don’t properly time-coded with an actual date.

      I tried to initiate a “new” UI claim on the DETR site as my original claim expire date was 5/15/2021 and “File Weekly Claim” was missing and the only link was to “File a New Unemployment Insurance Claim.” I immediately got a new “File Weekly Claim” afterwards, which I then filed. It properly shows in the EUC claim portion of my UI account.

      Returned later to find the “new UI claim” as “Ineligible,” and I still don’t see a payout for this weeks filing, but I will keep people updated as new information is available. I was never able to get through the phone system. Go figure. Hopefully, this will help fix the issue, but tread at your own risk, because I am not able to verify with DETR the proper proceedure. Do not forget to keep filing your Work Search activities, as DETR will still hold you accountable to them per the UI guidelines you agreed to when you filed.

      • UPDATE (05/25/2021)
        Regardless of the “new UI Claim” being marked as “Ineligible,” the “File Weekly Claim” I filed, now is marked as “Paid” by the system and the funds are coming out of the still open “EUC” portion of my account.

        So, as it appears, this may be the solution to the missing “File Weekly Claim” link due to the expiration of my original UI claim on 5/15/2021. I can’t imagine I will be seeing further issues at this point, but it’s DETR, so, who knows…

        For now, I live to blog another day.

        • UPDATE (05/26/2021)
          The paid weekly claim was deposited last night. New claim still listed as “Ineligible,” but I suppose that is because it’s coming out of my PEUC part of my claim. Can’t wait to get back to work so this stuff doesn’t affect me anymore, but for now, I’m ok.

          As for the people trying to get these funds stopped, LEAVE US ALONE. I’m wanting to go back to work, but flipping burgers isn’t what I was doing. For most of the pandemic, I wasn’t getting ANY pay and now that LV is reopening, I will be back to work soon enough.

          So it worked for me. Wish the rest of you as much luck and patience as possible. I will keep you updated if any road bumps occur.

  2. I’m in Nevada, mine shows open with a 6000 balance available to be paid on my extension, yet I can’t file my weekly claim and it’s telling me to file a new claim. I call and call and call and call and get get through. I read an article that says there is a glitch and to call in…. now what? Smh

    • You have to file a new clam if you’ve reached the the end of your benefit year. You might get a double dip notice when you apply for your new claim. Detr will review your claim and place you back on UI or or whatever benefit program you belong in. Detr said 100k claimants have to do this.

      • I had to call since I got the double dip. Using the #2. option with claim ID & pin# I answered the few questions, they said I already had a claim and asked if I want to talk to a claim rep, I used the phone to select yes. I left my phone# and they called back within an hour.
        I was told that since I didn’t work at all for the whole year I couldn’t use my only employer for more unemployment benefits. They put me back on the old claim of EB [extended benefits]. They gave me 6 more weeks . I don’t know how it will go after that but at least the double dip message is gone and I have 6 more weeks as of now.
        The reason I got the double dip is because I filed a new claim when my EB was still open but it looked exhausted; you might be able to wait on that if they extend your EB or reg unemployment.
        My claim says last week has been paid but since it was on a Friday it won’t go to the bank till Monday so I don’t know if the $300.00 extra is included.
        I called around 10AM on a thursday , just kept dialing over and over….if you get up early start dialing earlier. goodluck
        3/27/21 12:40pm

    • My DETR account is showing “File a New Unemployment Insurance Claim” under Smart Links, and the usual “File Weekly Claim” link is now missing when I went to file today. My regular UI funds exhausted last year (and the year expiration was 5/15/2021) and I have been on EUC which is OPEN has enough funds and doesn’t expire until Sept 4th, 2021. What is going on and how do I get DETR to fix it? Can anyone even get through on the phone yet?

      This must get fixed soon. We aren’t the only ones for sure!

      • I had the same problem. I filed my claim by phone to avoid having to open a new UI claim since I still have $6000 left in the PEUC.

        • Thanks for the reply.
          I tried that, but it didn’t say “File a Weekly Claim.” It went, “To File An Unemployment Claim, press 1,” the rest didn’t pertain to filing but answering questions you may have. I heard this is a glitch because the system doesn’t normally have people receiving benefits in excess of a year. Well, they should be able to reconcile the problem without us calling.

          I sent DETR an email, I will try calling, and if there’s no resolution by Tue/Wed, I’ll file another stupid claim.

          This is ridiculous. My PEUC still has $8000+ and is still open and active as of today (5/24/2021), until 9/4/2021.

        • Yes I pressed one to file a claim and it said to file for week ending 5/22/21. See if it gives you that option.

        • Thank you for your idea, Kim, I’m glad it worked for you.
          I tried what you said and still pressed 1. It said “our records indicate that you are either receiving extended benefits and may be eligible for a new regular unemployment claim or you do not have an active claim on file. Please visit our website at to file your initial claim, or call back during normal business hours, and choose option 2.”
          I will call them later today (5/24/2021) and hopefully, I can get through. All I know is every attempt to call them will be entered in my Job Search record, or at least annotated with the number of attempts. Calling and getting ahold of them is more difficult than searching for work.

  3. Today is 3/12/21
    I exhausted my UI on 2/28. I file a new claim on EUC right after. I did my weekly file on 3/7. So far I haven’t received any payment yet. The effective date on my claim is 2/28-4/10. The status on my file is open but no money paid. Anyone has the same problem? And how to solve it. Thanks.

    • Welcome to the club we Nevadans unfortunately find ourselves in.

      Yes, to answer your question. I too have been ripped off by Nevada and the DETR’s nefariousness!

      Mine started back in November. All of the sudden and without warning my payments stopped and there isn’t any issues with my status or standing as related to the integrity of my claim; all my information is straightened and easily accessible nothing to hide… worked at the same place for years and no former bosses or anything debate that fact.

      I knew from the beginning that the state would rip us off. Oh and so much for our extensions.

      “Computer issues” uh huh…. anyone ANYONE who believes that some unsolvable mysterious computer issue is the reason we’re not being paid is a complete and utter fool.

  4. My name is Miguel & my bank account got frozen with my money still on. They said cuz of fraud & they needed me to verify my identity. So i send in a picture copy of my drivers license & social security card. Still nothing I don’t what to do any more! I need help been since Dec. 15th. Any one else had this problem?

    • Yes, my son filed for PUA unemployment back in April of 2019 and they took till October 14th to respond stating he was ineligible. We filed an appeal on October 16th and as of February 27th haven’t heard back. The website says “appeal being processed . Then one column on screen says “paid”: 1,269.00. My son didn’t receive anything and of course if you are lucky enough to get through to DETR then they always say they don’t know why but you just have to be patient. ITS ridiculous! How would they like to wait 2 years for a paycheck. They ought to because they are not doing their job. So I sympathize with you. I’m in Nevada so I don’t know where you are but it seems to the same way everywhere.

      • I can totally feel your pain! I filed unemployment back in August of 2020, waited two weeks and was told I’m denied so I went to PUA. PUA told me I have to be denied first by unemployment! I told PUA that I have been denied. They said we have no information on that so you must file again and get your denial, take a snap shot of it and send it in to PUA once we receive it and see its legit you can then file for PUA. So… Once again I start all over and file for unemployment, its October now of 2020. I finally get the second denial and I send it in to PUA like I was told to do and began the great wait! December 2, 2020 got my approval from PUA that I can begin my process. Took five hours filing all the 46 weeks of back pay and all the current information. I waited and finally believe it or not January 4 2021 PUA touched my file and All listed weeks said in process. Well since then its been about 65 days and I have called in and had my account escalated seven times! Seven times! Waiting for a judicator to look at my documents and give me an approval so my funds can begin to be paid out. Its March 3 2021 and as I write this article stating my case I am still in process exactly as it was months ago and I file my certification every week like clock work but I have not received one single Penny of help since I started this whole process and its almost March 5th 2021. I am at my wits end and don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I was told by a friend to go to channel 13 Investigative News and file a report or tell my story if you will which I do believe I’m going to have to do to see any progress. The escalating option the phone reps claim they do is absolutely garbage. Nobody has even read any of the letters I have written in the message center on the PUA website. If anyone has any advice for me I’d love to hear it. Its so painful hearing from neighbors, friends, strangers for that matter how they have all received funds of $6000, $14000, $18000 and even A $20000 dollar paydays and I sit here with a big fat zero week in and week out. Come on America! Help us true down to earth hard workers out and fix that broken system of Unemployment & PUA that DETR represents. Its truly been a living Hell! I wish you all the best of luck and I mean that I really do! God Bless you all, don’t give up! And if you have the time even say a little prayer for myself. It will be much apprecitive. Thanks for listening

    • Yes same here my account has been frozen since December 22nd 2020. I also submitted all my identification that was required still nothing they keep give me the running around back and forth back and forth from Bank of America to deter.

  5. Hello my name is Sam and I’ve been waiting for 53 weeks now and still no payment for my P.U.A and everytime i get ahold of someone they tell me to just be patient and wait and they tell me how backed up they are and everything. This is crazy.

  6. I am in my 3rd week of the SEB program. I randomly checked my documents when I was first approved and had a letter that was supposedly mailed out on the 28th of December (still have not received letter in the mail). For out of State work registration. I live in Bullhead but have worked in Laughlin for aver 10 years. I have my registration for AZ workforce and have tried to get registered in Nevada s but it says my information doesn’t match. Faxed my papers to DETR and have not had response back, cannot get thru to call center, and was denied my 3rd week for non resident. The program is still open and there is no notifications that anything is wrong other than the denial of weekly. I am so confused!!!

    • Im so confused, i was offered to apply for EB and i did, it says open and amount , it offered me to file like i had prior for weekly payment, but no payment is showing yet? is there a delay? there is nothing requiring paperwork or anymore links…..did i miss a step, what do i do?

        • going into week five. First two weeks paid but last 3 weeks shows nonpayment due to non resident EB. Been Calling nonstop from 2 different phones starting at 730 Nevada time. Tried all the numbers at least 50+ times a day. I think I actaully may be going a bit crazy listening to the same thing for 5 minutes and then having to call again, press one, listen about calling another number for the PUA and the “changes” to the options, then pressing 3 as soon as the first option pops ups and then having to hear over and over about the EXTRA $600 that ended 6 months ago, if you have problems with the site email them, brief pause, Then they go into the for a few, brief pause, then starts talking about fraud and nevada and the delay of passage HB113, brief pause, then WERE SORRY ALL OPERATORS ARE BUSY TRY AGAIN LATER! redial and repeat, redial and repeat…………….. :(

        • You need to press 2 like you are filing a new claim otherwise you will never get through. The system is set up to disconnect if you do otherwise. Once you get through just act like you are filing a new claim and it will put you in the queue for a call back. Be persistent. If you get a representative that is clueless, it’s normal. They have really received much training and remember they are going through this too. It affects us all.

        • When you get through take option 2 and listen to all of it there’s a couple of really long brief pauses that you almost think they’ve hung up but just hold on through it and put your number in for a call back and they will call you back before the end of the day

      • Linda,

        I just used up the remaining of my UI claim last week and after filing, there was a link for EB benefits. It showed pending when I went through the proceed again and shows open as of 2/28/21. What is confusing is that I should go right into PEUC, but the new 11 week PEUC kicked in last week for me also so I’m wondering if it is just going to pay that claim from the 11 week extension. I’m concerned as this claim is much lower than the original Ui claim.
        Good luck!!

  7. Has anyone received a successful appeal since being mistakenly kicked off of PUA? I have absolutely 0 income coming just because I didn’t submit a document on time that I didn’t know I needed to send until it was too late. Still looking for employment too.

    • Tanya I’ve been waiting going on 9 months for my PUA. I verified my identity thru ID.ME. I verified by uploading all my documents. I had to appeal. Still waiting to hear about that, you know 7 to 10 days bullshit. That was 5 months ago. I called congressman Horsford, they told me 1 or 2 weeks I’ll have my money. That was 6 weeks ago. I was homeless sleeping under the bridge at the 15 and Trop. It’s ILLEGAL to be homeless in Vegas now. Honestly I don’t want to hear their bullshit anymore. We landed a rover on MARS. Someone I love very much is homeless and doing shit she shouldn’t be doing to survive. I should be taking care of her. I don’t want to hear DETR bs anymore.
      9 fucking months. PAY US NOW.

  8. Aye MARVIN MY HUSBAND RECIEVED His and he hasn’t filed in literally 6 years due to his business weird but all of us w2ers in the house got nothing and we haven’t changed a thing so yea you should get it

  9. Hey guys i have a question. My UI is almost done, how do i apply for PEUC? Or is it an automatic extension? Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi M.B.V., PEUC was a 13 week extension of UI benefits which ended 12/26/2000, after PEUC is SEB or EB, state extended benefits, an additional 13 weeks, I’m assuming you’ll be applying for that since PEUC expired.. you should see a link underneath your issue dates on your claimant homepage, under smartlinks, it’ll say “apply for extended benefits” make sure you zero out your UI claim first (zero balance) hope this helps..

      • How about the new extended benefits that just signed. Do i need to apply (PEUC) on that too? Or am i automatically eligible? Thank u for your help on this.

        • Hi M.B.V., I believe as long as you’re filing any of the following UI, PUA, PEUC, or SEB, you should be eligible for the extra $300 which I think will go till end of march, not sure. I’m going off the news and articles I’ve read online. I just read somewhere online yesterday that PEUC will be extended. Let me find the article, I’ll get back to you in a minute. just click on whatever extension link pops up on your homepage under smart links. It might be PEUC since you are just finishing UI or EB, but I just finished my PEUC so I filed for SEB. Once that claim is approved you should get the $300 along with your weekly amount.

        • HI again M.B.V. Just type I think it’s Reno gazette journal and the article will have info regarding PEUC extension and the extra $300

        • M.B.V., type and scroll down to the article that says “Here’s what you need to know about extended unemployment benefits”

    • I was told that something will show up on your homepage screen that will allow you to reapply… will be a link. Whether that really happens or not is another story…..Im in the same boat as you.

    • Today is 1/5 and got my regular payment for UI + $300. I have no idea if this is Week 6 of LWA or Week 1 of the new stimulus package signed end of Dec. Which they said they haven’t started updating to pay yet??
      Anyone else also get $300 extra recently?

      • Yes ,Chad. I got my weekly benefit and the added $300. I don’t know if it is week 6 or the new FPUC payment,

        • I got nothing yet but I am open on my status for EUC which is after the regular UI geeze I’m just getting jucked around. I need a job to call me now! Or my casino call me back now!

      • I too got my regular + 300. I know it was the first week we qualified for the newest 300 but I too thought they weren’t going to get that rolling yet. It would be nice if it is week 6 and we will still get that other 300. in back pay when they roll out.

    • Just go in as if you are filing a weekly..then it will direct you to everything you will need..

  10. Hi Andy, My pua was last paid Dec. 21st it said last payment zero balance. I saw people posting eb and received payment. Do I need to file eb or anything im not awhere of to continue pua or wait.. No email yet. Thanks

    • Does anybody know if we’ll still get the 2nd stimulus check if we didn’t file 2019 taxes? I got the 1st stimus payment because of 2018 taxes but I never filed for 2019

    • Hello does anybody know if we’re still eligible to receive the 2nd round of stimulus payment if we didn’t file 2019 taxes? I got the 1st stimulus payment because they went off our 2018 taxes but I didn’t file 2019’s & I’m woried I won’t get the 2nd stimulus because of it, does anybody know or has anybody that filed 2018 & not 2019 gotten paid the 2nd round? Any info will be helpful thankyou

      • Hi Jenny as far as I’ve researched info and have assisted several of my usually a non filer friends…if you received the first one then the second one will automatically be paid out without doing anything additional and in the same payment method as ths first stimulus was . This had held true for myself and my friends.
        Hope I helped a little anyways . You’ll get it just fine . Lynn

  11. I filed for EB extension and was approved, but I hasn’t received my money yet..has anyone filed for the EB yet and gotten their money?? mY EB is for week starting at 12/20/20 thru 3/27/21

      • I got both last week and week ending 12/26. I filed Sunday and I got notice via email that the funds have been transferred. Christmas weekend slowed down the week before but if you go online and check your homepage [I think], it will show if they sent it out. I have mine transferred into my bank. I’m not sure how it will be going forward with the stop gap we had from the White house.

      • Did you have to wait for a week to get the money or did it pick up as nothing? I filled my claim this Sunday but nothing yet

        • I ve been checking my ui claims online the balance is there and saids open but on amount paid it saids zero..idk I hope that it’s because of the holidays but we’ll see..fingers crossed lol

        • I called and got a recorded msg that said claim payments for this week are delayed by a day….i just filed my regular UI claim for this week and i still have reveived nothing. Im generally paid in the wee hours of Wednesday am…i get notifications on my phone of payments received so if its a day delay like they say then i should have been paid today…Thursday…and of course the call system today isnt even giving you the option to put your number in for a call back and says no one available to speak to and it just hangs up! This is such a joke! Why is our state failing so badly!

    • I filed my EB on 12/21/2020 I filed this week on Sunday morning. Still haven’t received anything. My thing say open but no payment. Maybe it’s the holidays.

    • I filed this past Sunday thinking i was gonna get one last week of my PEUC and i apply for the EB after. So my EB got approved sunday night and opened. So i saw on monday it paid out one payment from EB instead and i got my regular amount this morning like i normally would. Hopefully since you did the same maybe a day later than mine. Im thinking you might see it tomorrow?

    • Same here is Wednesday and I’m still waiting for my EB payment for the week of 12/20..
      Does anyone know what’s going on?

      • When you completed all your filing questions did you notice if it stated “you should expect to be paid this coming week” or it states instead that expect a call from a representative…….and the latter means you need to either provide more information or a judicator needs to clear up something. They do now have 15 judicators on the phones daily

    • 12/31/2020 I finally got a pending on my EB for week ending 12/20/2020. Hang in there it coming slowly.. Happy New Year Everyone.

    • Carlo Yes I had to do the same, my regular UI Exhausted in the 2nd week of December. I filled for PUEC i believe. Started getting that then it expired on the 26th but still allowed me to file that week and apply for EB and been getting that since. Just missed 1 week when I had to file for puec but got it the next week. Also this last Tuesday got my regular +300 . Don’t know if that helps but mine has been good so far.

    • Aye I got approved to but haven’t seen no payments. In fact they froze my bank account. Made me send in a copy of my I’d & social & still haven’t unfroze my bank account… Starting week 12\20/2020

  12. I was laid off in March and received a severance. It was an executive position and they paid me a set amount to terminate my position. It said specifically it was for past and current wages. I did not claim for that week and I fully disclosed severance. After about $6000 of payment, I received a letter that I owe it all back because my severance would have paid me through 6/1. I appealed. It has been 4 1/2 months and I have heard nothing. Every week I filed, 100% went to repayment and of course I couldn’t get through to unemployment. I FINALLY PAID IT OFF and now every time the $300 extra hits, the next week they take it back as a repayment. I called the appeals office and they actually answered and 1. Appeals are 4-6 months! And 2. regarding the $300, said it’s a glitch and IT is working on it and it’s happening to a lot of people and I will eventually get it back. Is it happening to others! It’s unacceptable that all of this is happening. On top of all of that, I paid back $8000…. where did it go? My UI claim is exhausted. They didn’t add it back on to what is available to me!

  13. This is very funny. According to press released. We are not getting week 6. Yet some of moi friend did received week 6 this week.. Nevada get your act together.

  14. Yep still no week 5! I read an article that said PUA was being paid first and extended paid last? Ugh. It’s Christmas, come on already! We need help.

    • This is GOVERNOR SISOLAKS FAULT!!! He’s Has “new employees “ and “new call centers extended hours” blah blah blah set up supposedly since June amd this STILL hasn’t been fixed!!!! Straight up his damn fault period!!! He’s been sitting pretty in the GOVERNORS MANSION up there and his family’s getting PAID!! He’s got food to eat he’s got a driver and security he only cares about the politics of the election and both democrats and republicans alike DO NOT CARE about us!!! If they truly did Congress would have renewed the CARES act in July when the 1st unemployment $600 week benefits ran out!!! And they have been knowing that the damn CARES ACT put in place in may was going to expire in December and right before Christmas too!! It literally makes me sick to my stomache that the people who claim to care about us TRULY DONT when we PAY their salaries and they all make 5 xs more than we do!!! I’ve not been paid any of the extra $300 for any weeks yet!! Amd I was PUA in august and I’ve seen nothing no “Y”’s in my deductions box that I’ve been approved when I should’ve been the first group?? When are we as Americans going to make congress stop this jerking us around and HELP the ones who put them in office??? We give billions to other countries but cannot help our own??? WEVE got to stand up and do Something!!!

      • And one majormajor major component you’re missing is why it’s his fault is that we were second in the nation in unemployment rate when FEMA offered this money to the states and it was a finite amount of money it wasn’t an infinite amount of money it was a finite amount of money and everybody knew that and even though we were second in the nation in unemployment rate he was the very last to apply the very very last to apply and so we ran out of money because of him because he dragged his feet and doesn’t give a s*** about anybody.. that bum won’t be out of office soon enough…

      • Something else I didn’t mention as far as Nevada being last to apply for the FEMA money also they said there’s not enough money to fund everybody for the $300 for week 6. okay what’s our money it’s the citizen it’s just in Nevada’s money how much money is left is there enough if there’s enough money left to give us each half instead of 300 150 or even goes 50 we can all use 50 bucks if that’s all it’s left it’s better than nothing but what are they going to do with that money that is going to just put in their back pocket. I know it’s been years but we I think everybody’s come to a breaking point we’re sick of this crap with a couple people at the top and the government are trying to make all these rules for everybody else like kings and hiding it’s our money they’re hiding this money from us they’re not telling us where the money is at it’s not their money it’s our money we pay in taxes what’s the federal government’s money who’s giving it to us Nevadans not to not to the bureaucrats in the state govt. We have to we have to organize we have to we have to have massive rallies and we have to make sure we do not forget in a few years when it’s time to vote again that Sicily in the in the rest of these bums in the government state government are thrown out of office and we put new people in there with fresh ideas

      • that would speak to text I didn’t check the grammar but you guys get the point when I say Sicily I’m in Sisolak.nd the point is as I’m pissed off and outraged that this is happening that I mean some of us we can’t pay rent we can’t eat there’s no jobs to get but there’s nothing we can do about it and I mean you should I don’t know if anybody saw the article as well 90% of the cares act money they’re supposed to go to Nevada’s the city of Las Vegas spent on they spent against the federal government’s wishes instead of getting it to us Nevadans, 90% was spent on paying themselves and their friends who they contract.i.e. Las Vegas Paving, Nevada Electric, Metro etc..used as a slush fund pay people off instead of giving it to the to the people this is this is all going to stop it has to stop everybody who’s in office right now on both sides of the aisle both sides of the aisle we need to throw them all out get rid of all of them and put fresh new people with fresh new ideas in there get rid of all of them because they’re all dirty and they’re all they’re all bad for the for for the state and for the federal government on every level. And when it comes time for re-election for all of them the next couple years I’m not even listening it would have to say not one word cuz it’s just words I’m not going to listen to one word that they say I’m not going to listen to them I’m just going to see who their opponents are and throw them out they lost they blew it already


      • read my comment above yours that’s coming out because there’s a fight because FEMA with FEMA there’s a finite amount of money there’s a fixed amount of money and it was first come first served and even though Nevada was number two and unemployment rate are great Governor daddy dearest sisolak that he decided to be last to apply last if the 50 states to apply even though we were the highest in unemployment rate

    • I too am still waiting on week 5 but my bestfriends husband just received $300 for week 6! I’m not understanding what is going on!

    • DETR is working hard to get the issues resolved so that LWA payments to UI claimants for week 5 can complete. It is currently estimated that it will take more than a week to finish. It is important to note that payments to claimants are not made all at once, but in batch​es, so not everyone will receive their payments at the same time. DETR does not anticipate to run out of money because we’ve got a grant from FEMA, and we’re monitoring the payments carefully. We will complete week 5.

      This is from 12/21/2020 and it says it may take more than a week to pay week 5.
      Some of us may get week 5 this week but, more than likely
      next week 12/28/2020.
      I received week 4 on 11/12/2020 and I’m also waiting for week 5.

      DETR also said it’s okay to have Top Ramen of any flavor
      while you wait for week 5 as this will not delay your week 5 payment.


  15. I filed my PUA back in July and up to this point I have not received anything and I have been told to continue to file weekly.
    What can I do to to get Nevada to look into my PUA claim to be process…?

  16. My mother has been waiting for her PUA benefits since March. She has received 3 letters of eligibility and has completed everything that’s had been asked for the IDme requirements. Recently about two weeks ago she finally got through to speak to a rep who then told her it was an IP address issue that has been holding her benefits back. She let them know that she is the only person that has been accessing her account online with her phone and laptop computer. It turns out that her laptop has an IP address registered in New Mexico but she lives in Las Vegas. She informed the rep of the error and the rep said would push her claim through as resolved and to check back in a couple of days for updates. It’s been two week she still has received no updates and no payments. It’s hurts to find out that she has been waiting on her benefits since March and hasn’t received one single payment. Will the 48 hours of resolved issues include my mother finally gaining access to her PUA benefits? Is all I want to know.

  17. ANNOUNCEMENT: DETR has recently become aware of an issue that can delay benefits to claimants. We understand the frustration this is causing. We know the people who are eligible for funds need these benefits immediately. DETR is working to resolve the issue as quickly as we can.

        • I am hurting too, but I am glad to hear they may have found one of the problems that are holding up the payments. I only got 3 weeks of the extra money so I’m glad to hear I might get the owed weeks.

        • Not only are they not paying the extra 300 in full but now my regular payment is not in when it shows it paid on the 13th
          I’m drowning and they have had all year to fix these issues. They simply don’t care

      • Good news? Hardly, they are screwing us.
        This is the worst time for them to have more issues. Here we are end of the year and still no job and now no unemployment

        • Well my regular UI showed up but no LWA so I don’t know what is happening. 10 days to pay it out has been passed three times now honestly.

        • The lwa fund is dry if you did not get it last week you got screwed. Nevada unemployment stated they have no money and have to borrow money to even pay regular unemployment.

        • Today I got my regular weekly amount plus weeks 4&5, I’m thankful for this and hope we all get the money we need and have coming to us.

        • Brent Abel that’s false my week 5 came in this morning 12/16 many others got week 5 today as well so its definitely coming detr is just very slow paying us out now week 6 is another story but we’re all gonna at least get paid up to week 5

    • My ui came in this morning at 2am along with my week 5, finally 12/16 so there’s still hope just hang in der people you guys will get urs too

        • I’ve not been paid any of the weeks for LWA and I was on PUA at the time in august and still am but haven been paid and I did qualify for all 6 weeks!! This is beyond insane because Congress and our Governor SIsolak knew this was running out and running out of the CARES act too in December right before Christmas!!! They have had since July and Congress and SIsolak don’t care they have $for their family’s and kids xmas gusts they have $ to buy food and pay rent !!! This is Unconscionable what is going on!! But nobody does really care as long as they get paid that’s all that matters to them.

  18. Hey guys question.. UI payment did NOT come in today (12/15) and it usually comes in on tuesday.. is there anyone here have the same problem? Please help. Thank u.

  19. 12/15/2020
    Still haven’t gotten the 5th week. Now weekly usually show up at midnight on Monday night is MIA too. Nevada get your act together.

    • If you didn’t get week 5 yet you ain’t getting it sadly Nevada is bankrupt, that’s why I moved to arizona this state is not run my corrupt morons

    • Welp there was reporting last week that it was gonna take 10 more days to for a payout. That was from DETR Themselves and they are waiting for approval for week 6 yet they been approved for 6 weeks total given to the state so at this point they are lying. FEMA don’t have time for any of that back and forth. Remember a little bit of two yrs ago the governor was involved in a unemployment scheme yet got in office anyway. Wow

    • I didn’t get that either… my regular unemployment week. Now, this is getting really ugly and out of hand. What now?? I’m exhausted at this point.

      • Nevada states they were bankrupt and need to borrow money to pay unemployment to people. The other states asked earlier.

    • Hello, I have contacted my US Congressman within my district (NV-02) and received back a prompt reply: ‘I have forwarded your information to my colleague. Please know while our office is limited in jurisdiction over DETR issues, as it is an office of the State of Nevada, we are happy to inquire with DETR about your claim directly to see if we can learn more and move the ball forward. We understand people are experiencing difficulty in experiencing their UI benefits, and unfortunately due to the backlog, it can take several weeks for us to hear from DETR as well.
      Rest assured we will continue to reach out to DETR about your claim, and should we receive an update, will contact you ASAP. In the meantime, we encourage you to also call DETR to check on your claim.’

      Per the DETR website:

      – Clogged phone lines have continued to be an issue as Nevadans file unemployment insurance claims through the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.
      Nevada DETR said Tuesday that the agency is still working on difficulties with the phone lines and there is no timetable for when the issues will be resolved. Those filing for unemployment have reported issues with the system since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March.
      There are three numbers filers can call to help resolve unemployment claims:
      • 1-800-603-9681
      • 775-298-6007
      • 702-329-6699
      Nevada DETR cautioned that the office is still receiving a high volume of calls and that callers may still hear busy signals or experience longer wait times.
      The call center is queue-based, meaning you should try to call earlier rather than later to try and get added to the queue.  
      “Once the queues fill up, there is no additional room for other calls to come into and the caller is informed to try back later,” Nevada DETR spokesperson Rosa Mendez said. “As calls are answered, spots open up and more callers are allowed in throughout the day.”
      Nevada DETR said it’s hiring new staff and implementing new systems to help speed up the process of claims.
      Mendez said the agency knows Nevadans are frustrated and appreciates the public’s patience.

      Nevada DETR provides updates on LWA payments, PUA program ending
      LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation provided a handful of updates regarding unemployment systems Wednesday.
      Nevada DETR said Week 5 of the Lost Wages Assistance program was still being processed as of Wednesday. DETR officials advised that it could take up to ten more days for claimants to see LWA payments come through.
      The final payment, — Week 6 — would be dependent on if FEMA approved additional funding, Nevada DETR said. Officials said they are waiting to hear back from FEMA on if funding will be extended.
      For claimants who have yet to receive LWA Week 4, Nevada DETR said claimants must have filed for benefits the week of Aug. 22:
      Claimants must have filed for benefits during the week of 8/22/20 (week 4) to be eligible. If claimants are eligible (getting at least $100 in UI benefits, any amount in PUA), they do not need to do anything to get the LWA funds. If they are determined ineligible for unemployment benefits during that week, they would not be eligible to receive the LWA benefit for that week.
      -Nevada DETR spokesperson
      The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program is set to expire on Dec. 26. DETR officials said they are “anxiously awaiting” to hear in Congress will extend the program
      DETR’s Strike Force has reportedly asked Congress to end the “hybrid” part of the program in which independent contractors apply in the normal Unemployment Insurance system, even if the bulk of their income is earned as an independent contractor.
      “As soon as Congress acts, DETR will update claimants as to next steps,” DETR officials said.
      If your PUA case is still pending a determination or an appeal when the program ends on Dec. 26, you will still get paid.
      DETR said PUA claimants in the backlog will have their claim reviewed and resolved, even if it is resolved after Dec. 26. Claimants will receive retroactive benefits once paid.

    • I didn’t get 4,5 or 6 . I did sign up for Extended benefits though so maybe they will notice me when I am off “pending”. I guess we have to start calling at 8am to wait for hours on the phone if we don’t get it by end of year. I’m sure it will have to be back paid to us

  20. It’s Dec 14th and I still have no week 5. Is anyone else still waiting and is there any hope on receiving it?

    • same no week five payment ether BUT! how is it that FEMA said ok we have allotted 6 weeks of payments for all the states who signed up and yet via the LWA tracker ALL 49 states have been paid out, but! Nevada is only getting 5 weeks of payments and the rest of the Other states get there 6 full weeks of payment’s??? WTF I SMELL A SCAM OR Intentional FRAUD BY DETR. why would FEMA say ok all state’s who signed up for LWA get 6 weeks of payments and yet one state only gets 5 weeks of payments something is not right OR FEMA messed up

      • Nevada was by far the last state to apply for lwa. The last one to the teet is always left a little underfed.

    • Updated article. DETR paying out week 5 (12/10 has seen a lot of payments). Week 6 of payments pending FEMA approval.

  21. Has anyone on UI received there 5th payment yet and if you did what date plz I still have not received mine but wife did and she is on PUA

  22. So damn frustrating, been on unemployment since March so nothing has changed. Received 1-4, PUA payments but now waiting over 3 weeks for week 5. I’m seeing so many different messages that it’s Bank of America, to they’re still paying it out, I don’t know what to think. Insane…

  23. Good thing is I started to work. No week 5 for me I guess you win again and my week 5 and 6 are gonna help some politicians for there Xmas while my family and I continue to struggle

        • Lynn when did you get it today? Did it just pop in or was it pending? Also im Peuc what are you receiving? Thank you if you can answer me

        • It just showed up on my debit card , I’m on UI,nothing listed on my homepage of DETR.
          I was eligible for $201 that week but got $79 because of deductions. The 5th $300 didn’t show under deductions like week 1-2-3 did.

        • Puec is done they did it last week. UI recipients like me got paid today. If you don’t have 5th week on puec something is wrong call unemployment

        • I guess ill try to call but how are you sure of that information on the Puec claims and that last week it went out? I never saw anything that says they are going out in batches to certain types of claims.

        • Dunn don’t listen to people giving you wrong info peuc is still being paid out I’m on peuc & I just received my 5th week on 12/16

    • You will still get weeks 5 and 6..because those two weeks are owed to you from the last week of august and 1st week of sept..congrats on finding work..

    • Same here, and nothing has changed as far as my claim. I’m on regular unemployment and got my first 3 weeks and weekly unemployment. I hope it happens for us soon.

      • 12/08, after all the hassle with having to call to make sure to get the question (again) about if my unemployment claim was because of my job being affected by covid was YES- I got Week 4 & 5 plus my weekly showing. Thank God! I hope and pray will be same for all of you.

        • Chad, my answer is still “yes” to covid. I did send an email to the tech email asking where I could check for LWA and mentioned I did not get my last 3 weeks yet so maybe that will work out for me. I had emailed them once before and actually got an answer [in the spring]. I hope and pray I don’t have to call them.

          I’m so happy you got your 4 and 5, it does bring hope.

      • Look, for the life of me I don’t know. Here it is the 8th of December still no week five and my filing is still the same all questions of Covid the same, which is only one. Now I got to find a way to email them because this isn’t right. All they had to do was pay it all and all of this confusion would be out Of the way. Hell they can’t even get the payment out weekly it’s becoming once a month now for the last two weeks of this dang payment.

        • Hey everyone- the reason I am saying to call and have them “push it through” is because ours was also the same answer all LWA weeks.
          EVEN THOUGH I GOT WEEK 1 2 3- for some reason Week 4 and 5 did not pay. Squeaky wheel gets greased is all I am saying. Call and call and call if you want to get paid- worked for me. Much luck!

  24. Hey, haven’t received my week 5 yet. Are they still paying this out or should I be getting worried? Also I see a lot of you been able to check that you’ve been paid, and it has a Y next to it? Where do I find this? Thanks for your help.

    • That the thing it’s not there anymore. But if you go to your home page click on where the dates are highlighted on the left side of screen you will see your Y’s and N’s but not now though. They have since disappeared since the first set of 900 paid. Also I gotten my 4th week but when I check my online account with our Bank of America card it’s not showing it’s been paid to me either but I got it. The first week of Nov. but you should have it by tomorrow. As of the 4th of Dec there is a memo sent stating they have started to send the 5th week as they said last week and it will take up to 10 days. This is sick!

      • They don’t care! They make tons of money they don’t suffer lose sleep instead take vacations and screw us hard working Americans. If it affect them in the least they have this crap sorted out! It’s a joke to them.

        • I agree with you and GOVERNOR SISOLAK is 100% at fault for his part in not making this right!!! He’s had since March to fix this crap and nothings happening still cannot get thru to speak to a human being!! He’s on his Christmas vacation like Congress they all are in their governors mansions and their vacation homes not giving two craps about us!!! We can’t decide to pay for my asthma inhaler for my son or get my meds!! Or have $ for food cuz the food stamps help of “$97” has to be renewed this month and everybody’s gone!! People are not able to pay rent let alone buy Christmas presents for their little ones!! When will we as Nevadans and Americans hold these jokers in Washington in Congress and our GOVERNOR accountable??? We pay their salaries but we are literally starving a week before Christmas!!! It’s Unconscionable!!!

    • It ridiculous how they play this game with our unemployment. It’s exactly one month. No week 5 in sight. How come some get it so early every time. Some take forever.

      • That’s what I want to know it’s been a month. What happened to weekly after the first lump sum. Bills are not getting paid like this. But, I guess that’s what they want eh. They got money and employment still living lavish it doesn’t affect them.

    • At the very bottom of my page where it shows my weeks how much I have been paid there a spot that says the dates and 300 then it shows if they issued you a check yet.

      • So you’re not talking with the Y’s and N’s right at the bottom of the page or are you talking where the highlighted dates filed? Then scroll down or just click the dates? I’m trying to follow you here.

  25. I received my first 4 payments of LWA. Checked on the DETR site to see if the payments showed they were all there last week. An now I went back and checked to see if I was paid for week 5. All payments stating I was paid for weeks 1-4 are gone. An, I still am not paid for week 5. Luckily I have screenshots of these. But, that’s not going to pay my bills as the Governor is playing GOD during Christmas Time. An I’m making only $258 a week so I know I qualify. So what the heck is DETR PLAYING AT?

    • That happened to me after the initial 3 weeks. Everything in the homepage disappeared, and I was completely skipped for week 4. I’m going to a DTER office tomorrow. This is bullshit!!!

    • I received my first letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR (State of NV) 7/13/2020, I then received an internal email to upload all documentation, 1099-MISC (2019), Nev DL (Front/Back), SS card(Front/Back) Bank Statement active for Direct Deposit (Routing number/Account number) called numerous times to PUA Call Center Div, they stated ‘Direct Deposit’ should be coming soon, check to Bank Account. 2-3 months went by, and I contacted the Adjudication Div, C.S. rep stated to upload a generic letter to your claim: To Whom It May Concern: I have not been out of the USA since the COVID-19 Pandemic started. She also stated that my NV DL should match the address of my Summary Claim and all other documentation. I uploaded this DL with matching address (Front/Back) recently, then two days later received an email and internal email document, received my second letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR dated 11/26/2020, and Available Credits and Claim Benefit Balance increased..But still haven’t received any payments. No Outstanding Issues on Claim-Claim Status: Regular Active.. Any Advice??

      • Nice the Adjudication Div Number: 800-603-9682 immediately goes to ‘Busy Mode’ the PUA Div Number: 800-603-9681 gets the Recording: ‘Thanks for calling, all representatives are busy assisting other customers, please go online to check your Claim Status’ then immediately disconnects. This has happened to me for the last 2 weeks, and I have selectively called during (what I was told from Adjudication Div Representatives) who noted my account on all previous calls.

    • Same here, no Week 4 yet, 12/3.
      I did actually manage to speak to someone who said Week 4 is still not completed payments. I told him that “YOUR WEBSITE for LWA says” Week 4 is done and Week 5 is almost done too. He said that is not correct, they need to update it. I asked for a Supervisor and then my call was dropped. Calling today again- will update with anything else they try to say.

      • Update-
        I finally talked to someone who knew why no Week 4 or 5 paid me, you have to make sure the “ELIGIBILITY question for COVID” says YES. Which mine changed to Extended Unemployment on Week 4 and the answer was not YES. SO he updated it and it already shows it is now correct, but no idea when payment will come.

        If you are waiting for Week 4 you better make sure it is YES or call to update it to get paid.

        • Where do you find this question? And what number are you calling to get through? I’ve been calling every morning and can’t get into the call cue

        • Nicole- found out the hard way- the only way to get in the queue and not get disconnected is to push the Option 2 for open new claim. Any other option and you get timed out, then dropped.

          We got through with a callback in the Option 2 now twice, but spent 3 frustrating weeks getting timed out before trying Option 2!

      • I finally got through to DETER Friday morning and the guy “helping” me was all over the place. I told that I’m eligible for weeks four and five and haven’t received either yet. First he responds with “Oh, they are still sending those out.” Then he proceeded to tell me I didn’t qualify for the first week and that why I got a lump sum of $600 instead of $900. I told him, I know that, that’s not my question. Why haven’t I received weeks four and five when I’m eligible for those? He THEN says “Oh, they’ve run out of money for the program. I said “Excuse me? What are you talking about? You just told me you guys were still issuing them?? Then he says “Well maybe you didn’t get it because you didn’t qualify the first week?” Ummmm really? I got the 2nd and 3rd week and it states it per week. So THEN he says “Ummm well, I don’t know why they didn’t give it to you.” I was ready to lose it. He literally changed his answer three times within five minutes. It became very clear to me this guy had NO CLUE what he was talking about. I called to get answers, to get the issue corrected/resolved and this guy was useless….. and that’s being polite. Asked to speak to a supervisor,” and of course, was disconnected after being on hold.

        • So sorry Nicole- I understand what you mean. Unfortunate you got someone clueless. Call and call until you get someone who knows what to do to actually help.
          Even though the 2nd guy helped- he admitted they cannot see if we got paid at all for LWA on regular Unemployment Claims because it is done via a federal process, not state. Much luck with it.

        • Thanks again Chad. This information is helping to make sense of all this.I couldn’t find any info about the LWA on regular unemployment.

    • Email Dec 4 2020 from Governor Sisolak:
      LWA Updates

      Throughout the pandemic, DETR has worked through closing and gradual re-openings of the economy to connect eligible claimants to benefits and will continue to do so.

      DETR has started processing payments for week 5 of LWA to eligible claimants this week. It is important to note that payments to claimants are not made all at once, but in batches.
      DETR has applied to FEMA for additional funding to pay for week 6. We are currently still awaiting an answer.

      Claimants do not need to do anything to get the LWA funds, if they are eligible (receiving at least $100 in UI benefits, and any amount in PUA).

      If a claimant is determined ineligible for any particular week during the program, (for varied reasons), they will not be eligible to receive LWA benefit for that specific week.

      • Governor should get on the same page as dealer before issuing a news letter. He think we are all dumb and information is not readily available to everyone with a few clicks. Fema approved 3 weeks at a time. They are applying for week 6. Such BS. When other state paid in lump sump. Nevada trickle the payment so they can collect interest on it. BS talking.

  26. Wtf is wrong here???? Stop putting money in to the Casinos, who are the reason for Covid spreading!!! This shouldn’t be about money anymore…. wake up people are dying and suffering mister Sisolak!! We need help and DETR can’t even get it done!!!

      • Well yeah until we are into a new phase on their agenda the whole country is going through it in the worst ways better yet the whole world affected and living like crazy. Yeah this is a cash cow screw up state. However, at this point we’re all in the same gang. No matter where until the problem is rectified will it be better. Ohhh were just at the beginning…

        • but unlike Nevada, there are RENTALS available and jobs where I am going, this state is a wasteland as far as I am concerned. And how about that extra $100 per week of LWA that other states received? Not Nevada, oh hell no.

      • It’s not the state bro. We have enough to pay out 6 weeks, it is BANK OF AMERICA TAKING 7 TO 10 BUISNESS DAYS TO POST OUR MONEY!

        • So does anyone know when it said “As in round one, the process is expected to last up to 10 days” when Exactly did that start and has the 10 days already past?

      • Honestly I can’t disagree with you…I was thinking of New Mexico if anything right now my home state didn’t offer the $100 either (ILL) but they did pay in lump sums of the full amount to get it over with which this state should shave done and then you wouldn’t have to have anyone questioning about anything and there wouldn’t be confusion.


    • Sabine, just to inform you, the state does not put money in the casinos, the casinos put money into the state. 70 percent of the state’s revenue stream comes from gaming and room taxes. Additionally, there has been evidence to prove that more people get COVID from home “Get Togethers” than casinos. Would you shut down 70 percent of the state’s revenue stream to send the unemployed home for more “Get Togethers”?

      • Isn’t crazy that with all the billion dollar casinos next to each other and all the other tax money this state takes in, that Nevada especially Las Vegas school system is always near the bottom in the U.S. That’s just the tip. Sure the gaming/hotel industry provides tax revenue but where does it go? How is this state always so broke? Like the late great Carlin said “it’s a club and we ain’t in it.” Don’t expect the gov to help the people like it helped the “to big to fail” guys that got bonuses for messing up. DO NOT RELY ON THEM. Don’t care if you believe in red or blue because it’s different sides to the same coin and no matter what side it lands on we the people lose… ok crazy person rant over carry on and good luck to everyone honestly

  27. jw I was in a similar situation. Saw week 5 with no trans number so was a little worried but knew that was a positive. Received week 5 a few days later same time as weekly claim. Yours should come shortly.

    • Haha dude you aint getting week 5 till next week like everyone else. There is a chance it comes tomorrow but doubtful. They took the transactions numbers out of your claim page so you won’t see them anyways. I have to say your message is a little overblown haha. This nigga has connections lol

      • Brent, you have been a step ahead this whole time. They took away your little trick and it seems now we’ll be lucky to see August 1st money before February. That is if there is a week six. You are one bright dude, bro.

    • I hope that you can get something done! I only received 1 $300 payment and nothing else…I need it so bad just like all of us.

    • Where does it show the LWA on the claimant homepage.. all i ever see is regular filed weeks and deductions. How are yall seeing the LWA weeks cuz all the previous ones in the y’s disappeared from 8-1 to 8-23 or whatever it is. Does that mean they took me out the program? Cuz i feel like i aint gonna see week 5

    • Wait…what do you mean no trans number? There’s never been a number. It had Y’s where the dates of showing payment amount next to that deduction it would be Y or N all the dates eligible were Y which have since disappeared. It’s all back to N’s as of two weeks ago. Yet here it is, Dec 1st a month since seeing the last 4th wk of the $300. So what are you typing of? Do tell if we are missing something on the sight Curious, as there are only so much highlighted to click on in the filing site. I mean damn I thought this was supposed to be dished out all at once or weekly like a lot of states done. Nobody really knows I’m guessing. We’re just here in Nevada looking crazy like a man thrown out in remote desert looking for water in 125 degrees

      • Im in the same situation as you brown.. got week 4 on 11/9 and everything disappeared so im taking as they eliminated random people out of the program. So i think imma just focus on my remaining weeks and not even rely on the extra cuz what else can we do and continue to look for work. Im very eager to be back to work. This virus crap sucks

      • Transaction numbers are not shown on regular unemployment claims- Pandemic claims are not on the same system & look different.
        Pandemic claims are special- for people who don’t normally qualify for regular unemployment, like individual business owners, etc. They are probably kept on a different system for post-pandemic ease.

      • I only ever got the original $900 several weeks back and nothing additional since…sucks. question though, anyone know where or how to file an extension on your existing UI claim or do you just need to file a new claim all together? Ive got a month left b4 money runs out even though it says my claim is good till May 2021.

    • Wait… what do you mean no trans number? In the website there are only N’s and Y’a where the payment dates are. Where deductions are The Y’s were there which have all now disappeared for the last near month now in 3 days. So, here it is now Dec 1st Tuesday since the 4th week has been paid out. I got deposited my regular payment but no $300. So where would we click on to see where your typing about? Because there are only so much highlighted I’m in the filing site to see transactions unless your talking about the debit card BOA where the money is loaded. If so can’t be because all you can see is the itemization and deposits. Nothing ever shows pending unless spending or extraction out of account. Just curious if you knew something more you could share.

    • It’s not DETR dear. Its Bank of America taking 7 to 10 BUISNESS DAYS to post our money….. They wanna hold it as long as possible to make money off our money! I caught em red handed!

      • Your right about Bank of America holding our money, DETR deposited millions into the bank and they are going to make sure they make money off our money. Banks are the biggest crooks in our country, i do not and never will have a checking account ever again. When my money is deposited into my unemployment account i make sure i always withdraw everything except for a few dollars. I pay with cash, i do not even own credit cards, unemployment debit card is the only card i use and only because i am forced to use it.
        I am still waiting for week 5. Now week 6, their talking about seeing if their is enough money to pay us, if they don’t pay us we need to call or write to the United States Inspecting General’s Office who deals with matters of States who are not doing what their suppose to do in accordance to the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations).

  28. Well here it is week 5 payments for PUA are out and in my claims page it shows the 270 paid for week 5 but no transaction number and no money in my account.. Thanks DETR for ruining my Thanksgiving. And on top of that, I have no money to make my rent now. Thanks for all the lies and false hopes . How do these people get away with doing this to Nevadans is insane ! Shame on you for you lies and corruption ! All of you should burn in hell for what your doing to people.

  29. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. I was checking my balance on my debit card, Week 5 was deposited yesterday into my acct., there were no Y’s under deductions on claimant homepage, so you may want to check your debit card. I didn’t receive wks 1-3 until 11/4, then week 4 on 11/5, then week 5 on 11/27.. just wanted to let you all know there is definitely a week 5 being pd out.

  30. I am not sure if anyone is still on this forum or not, but my husband filed for PEUC in mid September after his regular UI ended. He received a letter stating he was approved and given a dollar amount and then never received a weekly benefit. He has received the lump sum of $900 of LWA and week 4 of LWA, but no PEUC compensation going on 9 weeks now. Is this happening to others who have applied for PEUC? Has anyone that applied for PEUC in September received anything yet? November 27th

  31. On the DETR website they updated that week 5 has started payout.

    UPDATE :
    Payments for weeks 1 through 4 have been issued.
    DETR has started payments for week 5 of LWA to eligible claimants. As in round one, the process is expected to last up to 10 days.
    After week 5 is completed, DETR will make sure there is enough money left in the grant to pay the final week (week 6 ) of LWA.

    • Yea they say they paid it out and it’s showing, but not in my bank account. Unbelievable its just a one lie after another after another . I hope in this judge throws the hammer down on DETR and charges them with being in contempt. For all there lies and corruption.

    • Thanks for the update Alex. However this is money from August that most states paid out by early October. To all of you who moved here from California seeking your Utopia, it’s only going to get worse for you! GO back home if you can. Housing costs, taxes, and inept government is going to get much worse! Much, much worse.

  32. I Filed in September and was eligible for PUA. I certified 8 weeks already . I have yet to see a payment. I received my debit card also but nothing on it . My employer shut its doors months ago. How long does it really take!????? Everything says it’s just processing !!!

    • I am in the same boat I filed my pua in March here it is end of November (43weeks) just received my eligibility letter and still no payments at all, still says processing. I am unable to borrow anymore money single/divorced mother of 4 no help from him. And I have worked to hard to have what I do to lose it all! This is very frustrating beyond measures!

  33. About a month ago which would’ve been in October I did receive the lump sum of 900. Now the end of November and I haven’t received anything else. Wondering if I’m going to get another lump sum or just one more week of 300. Nevada unemployment division is the worst in the country. Not even any updates.

    • I just got off the phone with unemployment Nevada has run out of funding so there will be no other 300.00 coming behind it.

        • After I sat and waited for a call back from them for 5 hours. I will be damned if I would come here and lie about something so serious. Do your due diligence in research before you call someone a liar.

        • It’s not that Sharon is lying, she’s just misinformed. Sharon I implore you to google nevada lwa twitter. It clearly says WEEK 5 starting payout. Calm down

        • Thank You Andrew it is unfortunate that I was missed informed by a DETR employee. Happy Holidays

    • Today is 11/28 and still not seeing Week 4 payment, and prior to holiday closure, calling to speak with someone goes through entire recording and just hangs up!
      So what action can we take to get our money now? This is bull$hit and makes no sense- nothing changed on claim for any of those 6 weeks!!!!! Why only give me the lump sum but not the other weeks?
      My industry for conventions is obsolete and need this money.

  34. Nevada was the last state to file for the LWA ad yet our state has the highest unemployment. They should have filed right away. They have been through numerous unemployment directors and cannot get a handle on the workload. With all the money that flows through the state (or did flow pre-COVID) it is absolutely disgusting how little they think of the residents.

    Zero communication on the website.


    • You are absolutely right…you can kiss the fifth and sixth week of LWA goodbye, it obviously is not going to happen. F u Nevada!!

    • I agree this is absolutely ridiculous it’s not like Las Vegas doesn’t have any money because of all the casinos etc. tourism. They should’ve already paid us the $1800 by now

  35. Andrew the link is in the article above under the LWA section. Thanks to Andy i will sleep a little better. Ive been doing so many google searches this is what i was looking for.

  36. If 4 weeks is all we’re getting, then the governor, DETR, etc. shouldn’t be chickensh@t with not being transparent and telling their Nevadans. What a crock. Nevada government was fully funded for 6 weeks and they basically kept it to replenish their rainy day funds. Not our rainy day funds, the hierarchy rainy day funds. Not only is it fraud on their part, it’s a slap in the face to us a big F U AND not to mention they’re not even being sleuth about it. I hate this town and how it treats it’s people. Casinos and tourists first. Up yours governor for not taking care of what little power you have to help your own damn state.

    • I don’t know where you are getting your information from(maybe Facebook?), but Nevada is not taking the people’s LWA payments and directing it into the Nevada Rainy Day Fund. Spreading fake and inaccurate information is only contributing to the problem of people not knowing what to trust.
      DETR is a joke of a system and has many bugs to work out; that doesn’t even include our incompetent governor.
      I implore people to do their research, and not rely on the rumor weeds of the misinformed commenters.

  37. Thank you for the comment Andy. Wasnt quite sure because comments here and havent received anything since Nov. 5th if there were more payments. Detr did say there in the process of week 5 will take up to 10 days and will make sure they have the money for week 6.

    • No problem. Ive been searching EVERYWHERE about week 5. Do you have a link? And 10 days from what date? Everything’s so vague. And thank you btw

  38. If it makes you feel any better because your post helped me.Also got week 4 Nov. 5th but nothing since.Its rough but hang in there

    • Good morning everyone I wanted to share a comment and to see if anybody else is experiencing the same thing
      got up this morning and did my weekly claim and I went to look for an additional why in my deduction areas to see if maybe they were going to issue another $300 payment and all the wise that were there before are now gone it is the oddest thing I have no wise on the ones that I was already paid I have never seen such a fiasco and a rotten bologna sandwich and all my life I don’t know who is up there pushing buttons but they are needing some help and some training they have no clue what they’re doing I don’t understand why the wise are gone on the ones they already paid me I makes absolutely no sense

      • Same here. All the Y disappear. Someone in DETR saw all the comment . Some idiots sick joke of stressing everyone even more.

      • Notice this also, we are resorting to a Go Fund me page to survive….would like to believe that the missing “ys” means that they will pay us one more week and all of that will be over but I won’t hold my breath. F u Nevada, you received funding for the LWA and who knows when or where it went!

        • Some people on our worksite facebook page already received the 5th payment. Some still haven’t received the first one. So Nevada UI is all messed up. That for sure.

      • Morning, same here. All the Y’s for the first 4 weeks are no longer showing under deductions. I read an article online and I believe if you scroll back up, Andy even made reference to the same article stating that the spokesperson from DETR said they were rolling out week 4 over a 10 day period and that they would see if there was “enough funding” to distribute a week 5…when I saw the Y’s were no longer there, I assumed that we would no longer be receiving weeks 5 and 6, but we’re supposed to get funded for those weeks as well. We were approved for all 6 weeks so I’m hoping it was just a glitch on DETR’s end. For those of you who has a “Y” under deductions waiting for week 4 still, have you guys received anything/ got paid yet? Trying to figure out if week 4’s funds are completely distributed. I hope we’ll all see the rest of the funds soon…

        • Yeah I just noticed that as well kinda confused about it unless they’re gonna reissue money again, but isn’t that record of us showing it received? So I take it they only giving 4 weeks? Is that even legal when they were given 6 weeks worth of funds for the people? I’m a very very patient person but this gotten out of hand. Making things hard for no reason.

        • Wrong. Per the official site:

          UPDATE :

          Payments for weeks 1 through 4 have been issued.
          DETR has started payments for week 5 of LWA to eligible claimants. As in round one, the process is expected to last up to 10 days.
          After week 5 is completed, DETR will make sure there is enough money left in the grant to pay the final week (week 6 ) of LWA.

      • I had something similar! When I read in the article how to look to see if I was given the 300$…I went and did it. Sure enough, it was there. Now, a week later… I’m searching and searching, thought I wasn’t in the right place, came here to this article to make sure… But… The amount 300$ that was originally there, is no longer there? What’s that about? This whole thing is a cluster fuck!

      • Well we still have not received anything for Week 4!!!! All the Y’s that were showing for the first 3 weeks ($900 lump we already got) are changed to N as if that does anything……
        We never had a Y for 8/22, Week 4 or any other weeks except Weeks 1,2,3, but it is still the same claim. And cannot get their phone system to allow us to speak to someone. All this time and still nobody knows what is going on with pay- why can’t they pay all at once???
        Thanks so much Nevada for NOT helping loyal Teamsters that have helped bring trillions in convention $$$$$ for years in Vegas!!!

        • I don’t even know where to find the Y. Is it just for people that have taxes taken out? It doesn’t look like we’re getting weak for five or six

  39. I received my 4th week of $300 on the 5th of November. I was just wondering when the hell week 5 was coming out What a joke

    • Same here. Starting a new job next week and need money for essentials. Without that 5th week of $300 I am again having to take out another payday loan!! Damn Nevada, literally.


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