No Tax Refund After 21 days? Reasons Why and Tips on Contacting the IRS To Get an Update on Payment Delays


This article was last updated on April 14

As the IRS often notes, for nine out of ten tax payers it takes a maximum of 21 days to receive a tax refund (when eligible) after their tax return has been accepted. But this is still just an estimate based on past IRS refund schedules and not a guarantee. Further if it takes 21 days on average for 90% of tax payers, it also takes a lot longer than that for 10% or over 15 million tax filers to see their refund.

File Your Taxes For Free and Get Your Maximum Refund

After your tax return has been accepted by the IRS (return received), they it will start processing it over several days until finalized and a tax refund, if eligible, is disbursed. A refund payment date will then be available on the IRS WMR site or IRS2Go app. If there are issues with your refund you may see an extended delay in moving to the next processing status and an applicable IRS message will be displayed once available. Get more details on IRS processing status’ on the WMR/IRS2Go tool or in this Refund Schedule YouTube video or this one if its been more than 21 days since your return was accepted.

Reasons Why Your Tax Return Processing and Refund Has Been Delayed?

The IRS has said that there could be dozens of reasons when it comes to delays in processing tax returns that can then affect the timing of your refund. But common causes for delays include:

  • Includes errors or is incomplete, which means the IRS cannot validate or match your data to their records. Especially for key items like your or your spouse’s SSN, dependent data or missing fields needed to process your return (e.g income)
  • Is affected by identity theft or fraud. You will see a message if this is the reason and receive a letter in the mail to confirm identity and next steps
  • Incorrect bank account information. Given most refunds are sent electronically it’s very important to double (or triple) check that your account number and bank routing number are accurate. You don’t want a delay trying to recover a refund because it went to the wrong bank account.
  • Includes a claim filed for an Earned Income Tax Credit or an Additional Child Tax Credit. This delays return early in the tax season due to legislation that does not allow returns with these credits to be processed until February 15th.
  • Includes a Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation which cause delays for up to 14 weeks
  • Needs further review in general by the IRS. Most systems have automated checks looking for common red flags and then are flagged for more system or manual processing. The could add weeks to the processing and refund payment delays
  • IRS delays due to focus on or processing of other higher priority items like 2020/2021 stimulus checks. Unfortunately you cannot do anything in this situation and will just have to wait for the IRS to catch-up on processing refunds.

One thing to note is that by using electronic filing software like TurboTax or Tax Act, you can eliminate a lot of the simple errors or incomplete information related issues because it they tax software packages have checks built in before you submit the return to the IRS. This is why electronically filing your taxes is the recommended option by the IRS and tax advocates.

What To Do Next?

If it has been over 21 days since your return was being accepted by the IRS (or 6 weeks if you filed a paper return) and the tax refund status has not changed or WMR has no updated message for delays, you can call the IRS and speak with an agent concerning your tax refund. But to reiterate, don’t call before 21 days as the IRS will tell you to wait until the prescribed period. You can call the IRS on 1-800-829-1040 between 7 AM – 7 PM local time Monday-Friday.

Calling the IRS to Check on Your Refund?

Its not always easy to get through to a live agent at the IRS, but below are some options to try. Hopefully these help you get someone real to talk to about your refund. But just be warned you will need to try a few times, so have a drink or lots of patience handy!

Option 1 (seems to be working this year)

  1. Call IRS number 1-800-829-0582
  2. DO NOT selection Option #1 for English
  3. Wait until the automated voice finishes talking. Then enter extension 652
  4. You may have to wait a while due to high call volumes (and redial a few times), but you will get a live agent.

Option 2

  • Call the IRS on 1-800-829-1040
  • So after first choosing your language, then do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info) or Option 7 (economic impact payment/stimulus check). 
  • Choose option 2 for “personal income tax” instead.
  • Then press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.   
  • Then press 3 “for all other questions.”
  • Then press 2 “for all other questions.”  
  • When it asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, don’t enter anything. 
  • After it asks twice, you will get another menu.
  • Then press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.
  • It should then transfer you to an agent. Retry if you get the high call volume message.

Option 3: Call the IRS Refund Hotline – 1-800-829-1954 – and follow the prompts.

Please leave a comment, in addition to the many below, if you have found a different and effective way to speak to a real IRS Tax agent. You can see some more suggestions in this video on IRS numbers and tips to get a live agent.

258 thoughts on “No Tax Refund After 21 days? Reasons Why and Tips on Contacting the IRS To Get an Update on Payment Delays

  1. I finally got a hold of someone today- once all the buttons were pushed I was only on hold for about 30 min. I just left my phone on speaker and did other things while I waited so it was pretty painless. For reference I filed electronically and have been waiting longer than 21 days (~ 34 days currently). The person I got a hold of said I needed to wait 10 weeks from the date I filed before there would be an update to my return. At that time I can check the website to see what the conclusion is- I’ll either have my return approved or they will ask for more information. That my return (and theoretically many others) are being spot checked for accuracy. She said this is not the same thing as an audit and is due to the special circumstances of having received stimulus money this year.

  2. I have been waiting for 10 weeks for my return and I finally got through to someone today. I was told I need to verify my identity and I can do that on their website! Guess what it won’t send a verification # to my email so I still can’t get in to verify my identity. So here I still sit and can’t do anything about it. The IRS website stinks big time! I am past being frustrated!

  3. Has anyone who filed super early in February that had unemployment, and received their first or adjusted return? We had a baby in 2020 so we were told to file our taxes ASAP so we could get the full stimulus since they would use the 2020 instead of 2019. Well of course, it is still processing, and they used 2019 numbers. We spoke to our tax person and they see that since the IRS is auto adjusting the return based on the unemployment we paid taxes on, we might still be processing until summer!!!! It added about $1500 to our return, and we also moved in January of 2021, so any mail we might receive we most likely wont get, so I definitely need to call! Not looking forward to being on hold for hours.
    Is Wednesday afternoons still the best time frame to call? What number is the best?
    Thanks everyone! I hope all of us soon get out deserved refunds!!!

    1. Whatever number you call, when you do call, be sure and be persistent. I was calling on a Tuesday (03/17) at 7am when they open and getting a “we’re experiencing high call volume” type of automated message. So I would call back in every half hour throughout the day and receive the SAME message… it was driving me crazy!
      So, finally, between 4:41 PM and 4:43PM that Tuesday, I called and got the high call volume message, but immediately hung up and redialed continually, over and over, until finally on the 17th consecutive redial I got through to the regular IRS message. (You’ll know immediately, as the message sounds different)
      Once there, I followed the prompts listed in the article above and was put on a waiting list. However, instead of waiting on the line on hold for the next available operative, opted to be called back. I keyed in my phone number and was told that I would receive a call back in 29min. Sure enough, in exactly 29min I was called by an IRS rep.
      I used this exact method on the only two occasions that I actually got through to the IRS, and it worked great both times. The 2nd time I was told I’d receive a call back in 37min, and precisely at 37min later my phone rang.
      So hope that’s some encouragement;
      Be persistent and you’ll get through quickly.
      Just hope you get your return $$$ in April and not June, that would be a nice blessing :)

    2. I received my first return. Filed 2/4 accepted 2/12 and received my refund 3/31. I’m owed an extra thousand in federal and 400 in state. The IRS said they will start direct depositing the overpayment refunds beginning in may

  4. Used Turbo tax, filled early, accepted Feb 12. Got my state return in early March but still waiting for federal as of April 5th. I’ve called all the numbers listed in this article and in the comments and they run you in an automated circle. Some straight out tell you that your call can’t be completed. I collected unemployment last year and opted to have taxes taken out of the payments. Otherwise, my taxes were simple: single, no kids, no assets, etc. There’s nothing left to do but continue to wait and hope I see my return before my birthday in early July lol

    1. Same thing happened to me, I’ve gotten my state, but after far as federal, “still being processed” also, no kids, no assets, just basic employment taxes.

        1. Me too same exact date as well. Filed 02/28/21. Called Irs which they’ve stated it’s in the error dept with no error code. Irs rep stated it hasn’t even been processed. It’s just sitting there collecting dust.

  5. And to think its the people who need the money that work or worked hard and paid taxes are the ones getting screwed over. I have not received 2nd stimulus or 3rd and my tax return has been received since 2/12/2021. And yet there is heroine Addicts who don’t work or Do not wanna Work have had 1-2 actual jobs for SHORT time periods. And there running around collecting $600 a week all stimulus checks received buying hotel rooms getting loaded. yet my car blows up on my way home from work and could use that money to help with a car. and I have nothing. And the Heroine addict stealing from every store they walk in as they have always done, but now they get to wear a mask. I have 50/50 custody of my son yet he spends about 65-70% of his time with me where it is not cheap while his mom sits in her comfy house with mommy and daddy rent free paying for her schooling and works 40 hrs a week while her mom watches our son for free when he is over there. As I couldn’t recently afford any thing really I’m trying to do what I can from home selling stuff off. staying home with my son. But a Construction worker on a computer the last few years still seems as though it is my first time on a computer. or really dealing with the back end of things. And not by choice as before the pandemic I had just finished up chemotherapy For a blood disorder. Stressed out I have just about used up all my reserves and running on fumes overwhelmed tired and to top it off I have video off raccoons getting under my house. now I have to deal with that. Yet I cannot get answers for refund or stimmy but I’m sure my Ex got hers too. Venting one out waiting on a light of hope…..BWAHAHA that doesn’t happen to people like me. is it N9ne o’clock yet?

  6. I electronically filed my 2020 taxes on 2/10, but I kept being rejected. Reason was the AGI (line 8b) I entered for security reasons didn’t match their records. I googled why this would happen as I knew it was correct. People said try putting a zero, and this worked, IRS accepted my return. This year they owe me (last year I owed them) and since I didn’t receive my 2nd stimulus ($600.) this was added to my 2020 return. Fast forward 4 weeks, still no return or my 3rd stimulus ($1400.) So I setup an account with IRS online and requested my 2019 tax transmittal. I saw they have no record I filed that year. I know I did as I mailed a paper return along with a check (I owed) and the check cleared my bank. So I figured I better call them to clear this up. I asked why I showed no 2019 filing and was told they are running behind and still haven’t processed it. They said it was received July 2020 along with my check. I asked is this the reason I haven’t gotten my 2020 refund and my 2 stimulus checks and she said it’s likely my account is flagged and put a hold. I said, so because the IRS is behind in processing my 2019 taxes (that I already paid), I am not getting my money. She said, it’s best not to file a paper return, there is nothing she can do and I will just need to wait. I called a week later and was told the same thing. As of March 30th…still no refund or stimulus.

    1. I am in the exact same boat. Everything to a T!! So are they saying we will not receive 2020 and stimulus until prior years are Processed?? I was told 10 weeks since I filed electronically and the irs could take up to 3 years for my paper return I filed in 2019. That’s what the irs told me

  7. I was an early bird and filed 1/16/2021 it was accepted 2/12/2021 I have been trying every phone number they have and I can not get through. It says stilling processing. I have been a stay home mom for years and my husband was working i finally got divorced and got a job I did my taxes through TurboTax I have not received any stimulus and now that I filed it showed I would receive the previous stimulus with my refund but still nothing. I have 4 kids and my job doesn’t pay enough for child care I sinking really bad and I was looking forward to finally being able to support my kids on my own but with this whole situation I feel like I should just give up. I cant even get a hold of them to see if I did anything wrong.

    1. I got thought doing this. It works, but sometimes even after going through all the prompts, you get a recording to call back. Once I got through using English. Then a week later it wouldn’t work using English, so I tried Spanish, as I had called so many times I had memorized the prompts and knew what to punch. When the lady answered in Spanish…I asked, do you speak English? She did and helped me. Note: if the recording says, “thank you” for calling – hang up (waste of time, it will hang up on you), call right back until you hear “welcome” This is the recording you want…do not hang up, then follow the prompts below.
      How do you speak to a live person at the IRS?

      The IRS telephone number is 1-800-829-1040.
      The first question the automated system will ask you is to choose your language.
      Once you’ve set your language, do NOT choose Option 1 (regarding refund info). Choose option 2 for “Personal Income Tax” instead.
      Next, press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.
      Next, press 3 “for all other questions.”
      Next, press 2 “for all other questions.”
      When the system asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, do NOT enter anything.
      After it asks twice, you will be prompted with another menu.
      Press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.
      Finally, press 4 for all other inquiries. The system should then transfer you to an agent.

  8. I filed on 2/2, accepted 2/12, and not until 3/25 I checked my tax transcripts and saw 570, called IRS 20 times to finally got through, then the status of Refund Status changed. Main reason was I received the 2nd stimulus after I sent info to Turbo Tax. Here’s the number to call 1-800-829-0582, ext. 332. I called around noon time on a Wednesday and the wait was less than 20 mins. Good luck everyone.

  9. I filed on February 9th; return was accepted February 11th. To date, I have received my stimulus but have not received my federal refund that was supposed to be issued on March 5th. The status bar on “where’s my refund” just shows that my return is processing. I have one job, no kids, not married, and I filed a VERY simple return (no assets, no savings, no properties, no businesses, no nothing). My banking information is correct and I know I filed my return correctly because I’ve been doing it myself for over 10 years with no problems. I called the phone numbers above umpteen times but I’m not able to get through. This is insane. The only thing I can think of that might be the reason for the hold up is that I was furloughed for 3 months in 2020 and received unemployment. I was notified by Turbotax that the gov’t decided not to tax $10,200 of unemployment, and that my return would be auto-adjusted. So, yea, this might be why I still haven’t received my refund. I pray to God that I receive it soon. I really need it for my move. I’m starting nursing school soon and am moving away from home and REALLY need my refund.

    1. It is they said unemployment benefits are being verified for fraud and taking 10 weeks to verify

      1. Not true, my daughter had unemployment in her return and got her refund in one week. I filed it end of February.

  10. I filed my taxes on 2/12/21 got accepted.on the 13th of Feb and here it is march 26th and still nothing called on the 6th of march they said please.allow up to ten weeks to process the claim just like every one else the bar was there then it vanished and now it says processing that’s it like wth I got kids I worked my ass off for my money threw a pandemic like for real come on now

    1. Did you finally receive your refund bc I’m in the same boat return filed, accepted and my 21 day was 04/06/21 and nothing, still processing. When called said to wait 10 weeks till 05/25/21 then call if didn’t receive by then.

  11. I filed my return 1/29/2021 and the IRS and State of Illinois both accepted my return 2/12/2021. For the 1st week it showed a status bar and then it disappeared. It now just says the IRS is still processing your return. I already received my state tax refund on 03/19/21, which is the first time I got my state return before my federal one. The worst part of the delay is it now means I will have to wait for a stimulus check in the mail. My wife and I have always filed direct deposit but for some reason when checking on the first stimulus check it said they needed my bank account information. Even after entering it in we received a check for the 1st and 2nd stimulus. For the 3rd stimulus it says we will get a check sent out this week, which means waiting 3 weeks or so for it to show up like the last two. The IRS said to file your tax return early to update your account information but obviously that didn’t help. I finally got through to the IRS today after calling about 50 times to get through and then waiting on hold 45 minutes. All they would say is that it can take 8 to 10 weeks to process your refund if you claimed EITC or ACTC (I only claimed the child tax credit). She told me to call back if I haven’t received it by April 30th. That is just insane. It is a very basic return.

    1. This is similar to my situation… files 2/15 accepted by its 2/16. I used TurboTax! Received my state one week later which was very odd being that I have always got my federal first.. filing status and dependents have been the same for years and my bank account information is also the same. Called the irs multiple times after it had been 21 days and First Lady told me nothing was wrong and that I would be receiving a refund soon. 2nd lady informed me that they were backed up and didn’t have enough workers to process the returns quicker and to just wait … now 3rd time I called a man told me my return was sent to the errors department for discrepancies and I have to wait 10 weeks… if the irs couldn’t fix the problem on their own then I would receive A letter about it so I have to fix the imaginary problem and after that it would take additional time to process it … it has been almost 8 weeks now and holding …. All I can say is WOW! I told that irs man due to the problems I’m having from this years tax return process I’m a bit Leary about filing next year.

  12. Still waiting for my refund and stimulus. Filed electronically Feb 17th. Standard return. One job, one kid. Going to lose my car then my job if a miracle doesn’t happen soon. Send good thoughts to kimsalas and my boy here in Kansas. We are STRAPPED and need help now.

      1. Ken mine was accepted on 3/12, and the website STILL says it is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. I have been calling all the ways provided above and wait on hold forever, until I cannot hold any longer because of other things that need to be done in my life!!!!! This is the first year EVER that I received my state return first. I am going crazy!!!! I am on hold yet again as we speak and will update on here if they give me any useful information.

        1. That was the same with me Mine was accepted on 2/12, and the website said it was “Still” being processed and a refund date will be provided when available”. I never called because I saw most people here were getting brush off answers when they could get thru. But on 3/24 @ 5 AM I got my bank alert that it was deposited. So I know this suck, but it will show up eventually. I thought my ex may have tried claiming my daughter when she was not suppose to but It showed up. Good Luck Guys!!

      2. Accepted on 3/11? You sure you don’t mean 2/11? Because 3/11 isn’t a long wait. ..just want to confirm because mine was accepted 2/22and still no money

  13. I called today and got through with option 2. I went to spanish speakinh agent thinking there would be less of a wait. Waited 45 min. Finally I got to talk to somebody. She only told me the same thing as the where is my refund page and app. STILL BEING PROCESSED ETC.

    My taxes were accepted Feb 12th and still waiting on refund.
    I have two kids. Also the stimulus didnt count my newborn (born in 2020) so im assuming the IRS used my 2019 taxes instead of the 2020. Filed electronically ( and direct deposit)

  14. I left a comment saying I was having same issues as everyone above. filed on turbotax, direct deposit, was accepted Feb 12 th, getting CTC & EITC. Got through using the number above & was told 10 weeks. I gave up looking at the where’s my refund website. Decided to look 2 days ago and the status bar was back, my claim was approved, and supposed to be deposited in my account on the 24th! Just thought I’d share the good news & maybe some other will end up in the same boat as me. So instead of 10 weeks or more, it ended up being more like 6 weeks, but I’ll take it!

    1. That’s good to hear hope they are there..I have tried an tried I also use turbo tax ..But said once irs has it they can’t do anything …And good luck with irs..There no help either….

    2. Thanks for the update. Hopefully mine will be right behind yours as I also was accepted on 3/12. Just wondering if it was deposited yesterday as it stated on the website???

    3. Having about the exact same experience but still mine is saying “still being processed” hopefully I can be as lucky and have my return soon in my account….this gives me hope.

  15. Has anyone been able to get thru to the IRS this week? Our return was accepted on 2/14. And nothing since then. I am unable to get thru. I have tried both phone numbers. Is there another way to reach anyone?

    1. Yup I just called minutes ago. On hold for about 22 min. The lady got my info then brief 5 min hold then said allow up to 10 weeks for refunds due to delays. I called 1800 829 0582 did not select option 1 when it asked for extension 652 then wait.

    2. Same for me as well, I filed taxes through Turbo Tax, just as I have been for the last 5 years or so. I did mines on the 9th, they were excepted on the 11th. Bars where there for a few weeks. Then went away. I’ve tried calling several times. I’ve had the same job for 4 years. My 3 children and no check. This is insane, and un caused for.

  16. Has anyone been able to get thru to the IRS this week? Our return was accepted on 2/14. And nothing since then. I am unable to get thru. I have tried both phone numbers. Is there another way to reach anyone?

  17. All if you haven’t check the status of your refund today you may wanted. My return has finally been accepted and the refund will be in my account by 03/22.

    1. Mine was supposed to hit 3/21 but since it’s Sunday does that mean I have to wait till the 22nd like you because it’s a week day? Please reply soon as possible. Thanks!

  18. Filed on the 10th Federal Accepted on the 12th State Accepted on the 14th It’s March 17th … Nothing, neither Fed or State. At least Colorado sent a check, still don’t understand why because I efiled and set up direct deposit, but AT LEAST they gave me some info… Assuming that since my state will be a paper check, my Federal refund will also be a paper check. I just don’t understand why, or why they can’t update that where is my refund USELESS tool if they’re not trying to pick up the phone and speak with no one. This is INSANE. 5 weeks and nothing at all. A few comments state that the IRS said that the 21 days are not supposed to be counted including weekends and holidays, which is crazy because I always get it before the 21 day mark even with weekends, but even if that is the case then my refund is officially three days late.

  19. I have read a few comments, stating that they were sent to the error department, because they are behind. I can’t get through on the phone, so I don’t know what my hold up is. Accepted 2/12/21, and no update on the where’s my refund website. I don’t wanna hear, there is an error on their end. Seems like bull to me. I would rather them just say we’re behind in issuing out refunds this year. Them putting people’s taxes in the error department unnecessarily, as a way to buy them some time, seems shady to me. For myself, I have the same preparer every year (me), file the same way (head of household), same dependent (child), same job, same account to deposit money into….there is no error.

  20. Ok so we filed on 2/16… accepted 2/17… Waited their asked 21 BUSINESS
    Days…. So this am (3/17/21) I called the 800# with the ext as above…. When she goes to look… She tells me EXACTLY what the irs wheres my refund tool… Sill being processed….when I asked her WHY my refund is STILL BEING PROCESSED, well we have to check and make sure your information is true…. Hello….. My w2s ain’t going to lie.. I filed through H&R block… It’s not AMERICANS Fault that S*** virus hit…. Just do your job and Get ALL these family with Children their returns….. Hello All Family’s need their returns….

    UGHHH Sooooo Over the IRS/Government… Yes they are short staffed…. So let People come back to work..
    Stop giving Stimulus out to people in Jail…
    Focus on getting Working people their Tax Money…..

    So now guess I’m waiting 10 Weeks from 2/17… Hopefully everyone else can recieve theres b4 10 more weeks pass putting Americans that much further in debt….

    Rants over….

  21. Mine was accepted on 2/21 for federal and 2/22 for state. I got my state back and nothing for federal. I didn’t get the second stimulus check and the 3rd says they don’t have enough info. The IRS should cut their losses and pay the returns and be done with it. Call 2019 and 2020 a loss and just move on.

  22. like many people here i filed a few days before the 12th through TurboTax and set up for direct deposit with the same account I use every year. Taxes were accepted Feb 12th, status bar was there for 2 weeks till it disappeared with the “still processing message…” I have a simple return, one dependent, & recieve the CTC & EITC. Usually i have no issue & get my taxes back within 1 to 2 weeks after filing. I tried for weeks to get through with nothing. Until I found this article. I tried the 1 800 829 1040 with no luck just due to high call volume call back and it hangs up on you. So I started calling the 1 800 829 0582 with ex. 652 and it finally worked! took several times of trying and being hung up on due to high call volume, but ended up getting through to a live agent & only had to wait less than 10 mins. Getting through didn’t do much though. was told there was an error message that I have to wait 10 weeks from the date of acceptance for my refund, or some form of correspondence. That it is possible it could be before 10 weeks, but they are told to say 10 weeks. Also that there was nothing wrong on my end, and nothing I needed to do at this time besides wait & keep checking. So I’m assuming from other comments that my error message meant it was sent to the errors department. Seems a lot of people who used online tax prep sites & were accepted feb 12th with CTC are having issues. You file early thinking you’ll be first in first out, which the irs claimed and somehow ended up being first in last out, everyone after me I know already received theirs. just have to hope they figure this all out before the 10 weeks, & I wake up to it in my account one day soon !

    1. I’m in the same situation got my state even see the third stimulus pending in my account but no federal same job same kids nothing more and still nothing this is the longest I ever waited and can’t get thru to no one

    2. Same Identical issue, almost word for word. 10wks and nobody could give me more info! Just tell me the error and let me fix it so that process won’t take any longer. My taxes are pretty cut and dry, no itemized anything and still I wait. Grrrr

    3. Ours is doing same thing how weird so I’m assuming I’ll just have to wait as well

    4. I am in the exact same situation, its so messed up if you ask me. Is there anything we can do ???

      1. I am in the exact same boat as well. Pretty soon we are going to need a cruise ship to hold all of us. LOL

  23. Although I only read a couple of these comments mine has to be among the top frustration situations (not trying to sound conceited, I apologize if I do!) So I separated from my husband (now 17 years of marriage, still no divorce since he won’t file and I don’t have money to file yet) on June 24th, 2019. He basically kicked me out bc I can’t have children and now he has had an epiphani hat he really can’t live without children. And he refuses to acknowledge my existence and blocked me every way possible. So last year I began trying to file my taxes but didn’t have access to previous years return for agi. This was right at start of COVID pandemic so lucky me! No irs phone lines open or tax prep offices! I have no financial account I.e. mortgage l, student loan, or credit card as my husband gave me bad credit bf I even had a credit score (I was 17 when we married in 2004). So I had to buy time waiting for irs to reopen or the tax service I used last year -Jackson Hewitt. I finally received slight break and j.h. Office opened two days a week for 3 hours each day! Go to office explain my situation get printout from prior year and input agi into my prepared efile with h & r block and receive message; your fed return was rejected bc the Ssn you entered matches one listed as the dependant on another tax payers return! My (ex)husband filed me on his return without my consent or my consent to esign it! Drive back to j.h. Office show message to tax prep lady who gives me irs phone number and have a good day. So I file my identity theft affidavit and get my reference #. Speak to irs rep who confirms I’m taking right steps and I prepare/mail paper return. First stimulus payment went to my husbands bank account(he shut down our joint account two weeks after we seperated). So second stimulus comes around and I thought it wouldn’t happen again but I was wrong straight into his account. I call irs for like the 5th time wondering why their system didn’t flag my payment in regards to identity theft issue and she says it did flag most situations but not yours. But told me to file ASAP for this current year and claim recovery rebate credit. So I did my efile middle of Jan. It was accepted by irs feb 15th and showed status bar until 4 days ago when it changed to irs is still processing your return and will give you a refund date when available. Oh and I gave irs my new address and telephone number and they changed it to my new info in their system bf second stimulus went out which added to my anger when my payment went to my ex not me. They sent me back my paper return in Jan bc I forgot to sign it of all things. So mailed it back jan 11th, still haven’t received that refund either. My identity theft case is open and active and irs says to give them till the end of April to close that case. Now with the third stimulus payments being sent out I just hope it actually comes straight to me and not my greedy selfish husband! First thing I’m doing when I receive my money(if I ever do) is filing for divorce as I’ve had to suffer through two “anniversaries” even though we have been seperated now for over 1 1/2 years. Irs phone lines and website are a joke and the reps when I call don’t know anything and usually they want to turn it around to where it seems I’m at fault somehow. I spent three hours waiting to speak to a rep the time bf last when I called. And I’ve called them prob 15 times in the last year to no avail!

    1. Same situation for me. Even tho finally divorced in December, this stimulus is scheduled to go into his account AGAIN, and I filed my taxes EARLY this year,! Which are being processed !!! FML

  24. Filed on 2/13/2021 using Turbo Tax.
    Accepted by IRS on 2/14/2021.
    Opted to be paid via Direct Deposit.
    I don’t have any kids.
    As others have mentioned, the “Where’s my refund?” page’s status bar depicting the phase of my refund disappeared after 5 days, and currently displays, “Your tax return is still being processed.”
    Since IRS never direct deposited the stimulus money and failed to mail me a check, I was forced to include a claim for the stimulus payment in my return.
    27 days after my return was accepted, I received a letter in the mail from the IRS saying there was possible identity theft and, “…we need to verify your identity before we process the income tax return, issue a refund, or credit any overpayments to your account.”
    Couldn’t register on the IRS website and settle the matter online since I don’t have a credit card, mortgage, student loan, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit. I am now forced to call them using a number given within the letter, and have in hand during the call ALL of the following: the letter, current tax return, any prior year’s tax return other than current year, and supporting documents for each year’s tax return.
    As the letter arrived on a Saturday, I have to wait until Monday at 7am to call and sort this all out.
    The letter mentions that once my identity is verified I must wait up to an additional 9 weeks to receive my refund. Hopefully it will be sooner than that for all of us who have been inconvenienced.

    1. Update:
      On 03/16/2021 I called the number on the letter I received; got through and spoke to (much to my astonishment) the most pleasantly helpful person who easily cleared up the identity fraud mishap and assured me that the return refund would be processed much sooner than the nightmarish additional 10 weeks that was originally foretold.
      Checked the Where’s My Refund page on Saturday, 03/27 to find the status bar had reappeared, my return was approved, and my refund is scheduled to be sent Friday, 04/02.
      So, there’s promise for a earlier reception
      Hope everyone gets their money sooner, too

  25. Is there any way to set up a poll and allow us to actually figure out how many are still in limbo regarding refunds?

    Maybe a few polls to gather info, regarding CTC, EITC, and ACTC.

    I’m thinking they flagged all the accounts.
    Or maybe they flagged several groups over a few week period.

    Generally we get our taxes back around 10 -14 days after filing, and that included the direct deposit.
    This year we filed around the same time we always do, middle of February, and we’re still processing. We have a large family, but all of our children are claimed by us every year, so, I hope we’re not erroneously sitting in the errors department.

    The bar disappeared Wednesday, which is probably just due to high webpage volume, but it went from “processing”to “still processing, a date will be available” but no actual date given.

    Now they have been tired in with a third stimulus and it’s going to mess the process up even worse.

    The IRS has made it very clear that they are short staffed and the “speaker of the house” and the “president” thought it was a good idea to pass this stimulus in the middle of tax season. Maybe if the speaker of the house would have followed up with the president at that time, we could have gotten the 2k$ checks in early January and we wouldn’t be in this boat. But her bias stood in the way of her doing her job. People who won’t be relying on tax money or a stimulus are quick to screw things up for those who are in desperate need.
    While they added that illegals and their non tax paying, non social security number having family member can apply for the stimulus, the surge of immigrants isn’t going to help the irs get refunds out to citizens any quicker.
    Maybe if our government put Americans First’ instead of Last, we wouldn’t even be making time to complain, after all they are supposed to be working for us, and no one consulted me about opening borders and passing our free money…

    1. Are you seriously trying to blame Nancy pelosi for this? And immigrants that have no social security number so therefore don’t get stimulus money.

      Notice not a single Republican voted for the stimulus this time around and the only reason trump supported the last round was to say F off to McConnell. Good god. The irs is a mess but you’re blaming the wrong people.

    2. Do you think ripping kids from there parents was a good ideal? You sound like a Trump supporter. Careless and heartless. I am an independent and I think that we have a long way to go, but to deny kids to enter this country is wrong. Do you have kids, if so, how would you feel?

  26. I filed my taxes on Jan 11 and they were accepted Feb 12. Status bar gone and only say still processing a date will be given when available. I had a chance to speak to a lady and she said you have to wait 21 days. The trick was you count from the acceptance date but not holidays are weekends. So if you filed on the 12th and got accepted your 21 days will not be until March 15. Guess I’ll wait and see.

  27. I filled and got and accepted on 2-13 it’s been past 21 days I have called the irs everyday this week and I cant get through. And yeah I have ctc and eic. but ppl i know have same credit did there’s 2 weeks later and have got there’s back . Why are skipping most the first accepted refunds and doing others. My taxes are easy as pie . 1 w2 and my depends thata it that’s all. My refund also includes my stimulus. I think this is complete bs. Were in a pandemic and there holding ppl money. So unfair and 10 extra weeks for no reason is bs. They asked us to file early and now they punish us .

  28. I filed 2/11/2021 federal was accepted 2/12/2021 and state was accepted 2/13/2021they have now sent me two letters informing me they took my State and 30 days in I still haven’t gotten my federal it can’t be tracked on any sight and I’ve called the IRS 100 times with no luck talking to anyone but once and she transferd me and when she did that I got hung up on smh.

  29. I am using Tax Act Submitted my return with EIC and Child tax Credit on 02/12/2021 and was accepted on 02/12/2021 it has been over 21 days with the same information on the IRS web page as everyone else. Called the number and followed the instructions to get a live agent but it say they are not accepting calls at this time. Does any one have a clue to what’s going on? Read on Yahoo news that we should receive by March 22, 2021. Already receiving Stimulus money on March 17,2021

    1. Same here used Tax act, it was accepted Feb 12 with Earned income, still now 3/13/21 nothing or no stimulus , Federal income tax still says pending, getting frustrated , and bills are piling up and about broke. Called IRS also a bunch of times , never get through. WHAT IS THERE ISSUE THIS YEAR>>>>

    2. Daniel,

      The problem is IRS is behind and short staffed. To buy time I read that they sent over 7 million returns to “error processing” to buy time.

      Keep trying to get through to the IRS, I finally did and was told there was a problem on the IRS side. There is not much we can do at this time.

      1. Filed on the 10th
        Federal Accepted on the 12th
        State Accepted on the 14th

        It’s March 17th
        … Nothing, neither Fed or State.

        At least Colorado sent a check, still don’t understand why because I efiled and set up direct deposit, but AT LEAST they gave me some info…

        Assuming that since my state will be a paper check, my Federal refund will also be a paper check. I just don’t understand why, or why they can’t update that where is my refund USELESS tool if they’re not trying to pick up the phone and speak with no one.

        This is INSANE. 5 weeks and nothing at all. A few comments state that the IRS said that the 21 days are not supposed to be counted including weekends and holidays, which is crazy because I always get it before the 21 day mark even with weekends, but even if that is the case then my refund is officially three days late.

  30. I am using Tax Act Submitted my return with EIC and Child tax Credit on 02/12/2021 and was accepted on 02/12/2021 it has been over 21 days with the same information on the IRS web page as everyone else. Called the number and followed the instructions to get a live agent but it say they are not accepting calls at this time. Does any one have a clue to what’s going on? Read on Yahoo news that we should receive by March 22, 2021

  31. I finally got ahold of a very nice gentleman today after trying to call for 3 days. I’m a little over 21 days. He said it’s in the errors department but it’s highly likely that it’s because of claiming the child tax credit, that they get a lot of false claims and they send it to errors dept just to make sure it’s accurate. He said if we haven’t received anything in the mail yet, or very soon, that it’ll probably be fixed on their end. But, since it IS in the errors dept, we probably have another 7 weeks to wait. I mean…we have 6 kiddos so I’m sure that’s why ours is over there. They were probably instantly thrown off by that.

  32. I did follow all of your instructions!! So very helpful, thank you!! Was on hold for 20 minutes and then I got hung up on they accepted my refund February 12th and here it is March 12th

  33. I file 01/13 accepted 02/12 I have dependants and I have not received my refund either. I did this process all I got was due to high call volume please contact us later. Now we’re getting this new stimulus starting today so idk when it’ll come through. Gl everyone its coming…eventually.

  34. My refund was accepted on Feb 12 also and I still have not received my refund. I never had this issue before. I never received a refund date. Mines is direct deposit, the same account that I have had for YEARS. The where is my refund page, doesn’t have a status bar, letting my know what phase they are in with my refund. It was there for maybe two weeks, before it disappeared and was replaced with “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”. Now if there is a delay, with people who refunds was accepted on 2/12/21, then they need to do a mass generic memo stating so. You can’t get through on the phone, this is frustrating. I feel like we should receive interest on out LATE returns.

    1. Ive been reading through all of the comments on this thread and it seems that everyone who had the status bar at first on the ira portal and then it disappeared is now in the errors dept. Itll be an additional 10 weeks for them to get our refunds!!

      1. I was in the same boat as everyone here. I checked my refund status and it is back up and says I should receive my refund by the 29th. Fingers crossed.

        1. Ain’t this a joke been waiting an waiting for my tax return now I finally getbin touch with someone an they tell me I was flagged for identity theft ……..really so mad ….filled with turbo tax 2 years in a row wtf this is so wrong ……….

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