IRS Codes 570 & 971: 2024 Tax Refund Delayed or Reduced?

Transaction codes and tax topics are used across IRS refund status applications – WMR or IRS2Go – and account transcripts to provide information for individual and business filers into what is happening with their tax return processing, reasons for potential delays, when a refund will be paid or why it was lower than expected.

You will generally see Transaction Code 570 (TC 570) on your tax transcript (under the Explanation of Transactions section) once your return has been through initial system processing by the IRS.

This transcript transaction code indicates additional reviews, often requiring manual intervention, are being done and your return processing (and refund payment) is frozen until further resolution.

This transcript code generally corresponds with the Tax Topic 152 WMR/IRS2Go message that your return is under processing or review.

It can take several days or weeks for TC 570 related issues to be resolved, given the wide variety of issues this message covers. I have provided a few examples in the subsequent sections below.

Unfortunately, you cannot do much until the IRS provides an update and/or reconciles the issue internally. They will provide an update or notice (denote as TC 971 on your transcript) when the issue is resolved or if additional information is needed from you.

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What Does code 570 on your Tax Transcript mean?

According to the IRS guidelines, TC 570 on your tax transcript means your return is on hold due to a pending additional liability review. No further processing or refund payment can be made until this hold is lifted.

TC 570 on your IRS Account Transcript
TC 570 on your IRS Account Transcript

Code 570 on your transcript may be due to many factors, such as a mismatch with employer reported wage income, injured spouse claims, ID verification or reconciling tax credits (like the EITC, RRC or CTC) claimed in your tax return versus what the IRS has on record.

Because the IRS tax systems cannot automatically reconcile these issues, they are sent for additional manual review and verification. This results in TC 570 showing up on your tax transcript.

You will normally see code 971, right after the 570 one. TC 971 is the generic code for an IRS notice or letter that will provide more details on the issue or advise you of further IRS delays (e.g additional 60 day review) to review your situation.

Can I resolve TC 570 via TC 971 IRS Notice?

Following additional reviews the IRS may be able to automatically resolve TC 570 errors on their own and no further action would be needed from the tax filer and your return will be released for further processing, including payment of refunds.

An internal or automatic resolution by the IRS would generally only delay your refund by one to three weeks. You will get a notice of the resolution and an opportunity to appeal the IRS adjustment. But the refund processing and payment will resume in the interim.

If more information is needed to resolve the issue the IRS will send a letter to the tax filer requesting additional documents or details.

They will send a formal notice (also reflected as TC 971 on your transcript) to the tax filer on the discrepancy and potential refund reduction, and your options on next steps.

What do the amounts Against code 570 mean?

It may have a $0 amount against the code 570 line if the IRS is still processing/reviewing your return and/or the issue is non-monetary. The amount may change to a liability (positive number) if the IRS adjusts your return.

Unfortunately this will delay any potential refund payment, and given recent IRS backlogs, could take several days or weeks beyond standard timeframes.

What do the dates next to 570 and 971 transcript lines mean?

What do dates on 570 IRS transcripts mean?

In addition to amounts on your transcript lines, you need to also review the dates. Because you may see transaction lines spanning several tax years, ensure you are looking at the ones for the current year. E.g 2022 dates for the 2022 tax season.

Note that if you see TC 971 then TC 570 on your transcript with the same dates it generally means the IRS has auto adjusted your refund amount and sent you a notice of resolution.

You should then get paid within 3 to 6 weeks, assuming no other issues and you see lines 846 and 571 or 572 (see next section) on your transcript.

If you see TC 570 then TC 971 with different dates and your refund amount did not change, it means a hold and may not update as quickly because the IRS is still processing and will likely take more than the normal refund processing timeline.

You will need to ensure you follow the provided instructions in the IRS notice mailed to you and promptly respond to requests for more information or verification (where applicable) to reduce how long your refund payment is delayed.

When will I know my 570 issue is resolved (Code 571, 572 and 846)?

You will know your TC570 is resolved when it progresses to Tax Code 571 (freeze resolved) or 572 (Resolved Additional Account Action). Or your liability balance goes to $0 due to resolution of the issue. A final notice (971) will be issued for the resolution.

If no further issues are found with your return, a refund (TC 846) will then be released for payment, if applicable.

Tax Code 570 to TC 971 to TC 571 to TC 846 - Additional actions, Notice issue, Resolved issues and Refund issued
Tax Code 570 to TC 971 to TC 571 to TC 846

How long will this delay my refund?

The IRS generally says additional reviews will take 45 to 60 days. However in recent tax seasons, due to processing delays and backlogs, this has been taking 90 to 120 days.

For the current tax season, delays are much shorter.

If the issue is minor or a common trend the IRS is seeing (e.g advance Child tax credit payment mismatches or recovery rebate credit overpayments) affecting a large number of tax payers, they tend to implement auto resolutions/adjustments pretty quickly which only ends up delaying refund payments for a week or two.

You may also see extended delays and code 570/971 on your tax transcript if you refund was held up due to PATH act delays.

Help! What if my IRS adjustment is wrong?

Tax filers will have an opportunity to appeal any IRS adjustment, but will still get the adjusted refund ahead of this. If they win the appeal, the IRS will make the additional refund payment at a later stage.

You can also contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) to help resolve or claim hardship resolution in certain cases. However given the long queue of people in this situation TAS support may take a while and is prioritized for true hardship cases (e.g. imminent eviction or medical reasons).

Video: Understanding Code 570 on your IRS tax transcript

See more on transcript code 570 and 971 in the video below where I walk through some examples.

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144 thoughts on “IRS Codes 570 & 971: 2024 Tax Refund Delayed or Reduced?”

  1. Return Due Date or Return Received Date (Whichever is Later) April 15, 2024
    Processing Date March 11, 2024
    •150 Tax return filed 20240805 03-11-2024
    •806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2024
    •570 Additional account action pending 03-11-2024 $0.00

    What does all this mean?

    I was supposed to receive my refund on 2/24/2024
    I did file EIC I have a 14 year old I claim

    This has never happened to me before I used Turbo Tax and I am really nervous.

    Any information would be really helpful.

  2. I have waited for 4 months from one number off withholding all correct now
    Code 571 Resolved addition account action. What does this mean
    Thanks for your knowledge of ITS

  3. I have code 846 – Refund Issued (DD 7/19/2023)
    Then……..Santa Barbara Tax Group sent my tax return back to the IRS and now I have the following codes;

    776 – Interest credited to your account (7/31/2023)
    841 – Refund cancelled (7/31/2023)
    777 – Reduced or removed interest credited to your account (7/31/2023)
    971 – Notice issued (8/14/2023)
    570 – Additional account action pending (8/28/2023)

    What does all this mean?? Dose this mean I won’t get my tax return now or what is going on?

  4. I have code 150.766, 768 and 570 and no further codes, when I log into my account no notices. Date on 570 is 03/27/23. So it’s been close now to the 60 days. When I called the advocate line they said that they have 45 days to issue refund or ask for more information via notice however it is now the 9th of may ( nearly the 10th ) and still no 864 code nor notices. What now?

  5. I took out all the dollar amounts except for the $0.00 that appears with the 570 TC:

    •150 Tax return filed 20230905 03-20-2023 – $$(amount)
    •806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2023 – $$(amount)
    •766 Credit to your account 04-15-2023 – $$(amount)
    •570 Additional account action pending – $0.00

    No other TC’s. I have no clue what’s going on and everything I read says 971 TC is usually included. But I haven’t been notified at all about this. I happened to sign in and look and saw this a month ago

    • It basically means the IRS is doing reviews (likely manual) of your return for some reason. Could be up to 20 weeks. Call the IRS and ensure no return/identity checks are required for you to complete (you can also see this on your IRS account).

  6. Filed 1/29/23 & approved 1/30/23!
    I got code 570 with a 4/3 date and a letter in the mail saying I’m under a 60 day review. Today has been 55 days and as of 3/24 I got code 971 with a 4/10 date! I’m praying my letter is good news but I have a feeling it’s not being codes 570 and 971 have different dates (going by what Google says). Can someone tell me what the date of 4/3 next to code 570 means being the date has passed as of yesterday?? Just curious! Also my WMR is still saying my return is being processed but when I log into my IRS account, the notification that’s usually there on the 1st screen saying your return has not yet been prossesed “and so on” does not say anything now, as of 3/24 when my transcript was updated. So being there is no notification there AT ALL, does that mean my return is done being processed?

  7. I have a processing date of March 6, 2023. It’s the 8th and no update on transcript.
    Code 570
    Code 806
    Code768 is what I have in that order. Only letter I received is the delay and I didn’t have to do anything. I claimed the EIC. 20230705 cycle code. What’s going on bubba?


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