Thank You American Express Fraud Protection Security Service

AMEX Fraud Protection

When checking my mail this morning, I saw an email from the American Express Account Security Group notifying me that I had received a suspect charge of $113.40. You can see the email below. The card they were referring to was my back-up American Express Blue Cash Everyday(SM) Card from American Express card that I haven’t used it in a while.

Very concerned, I first checked my online American express account and saw a bright red notification to call the fraud security team so I knew the email was legitimate (fortunately the fake charge had not been applied). I still decided to play it extra safe and called the number on the back of my card rather than number in the email (reproduced below), in-case the email was a phishing scam.

After going through their phone menu, I got in touch with a friendly representative with whom I verified my identify. She quickly confirmed the charge had been submitted from some company in the Netherlands and that it had been picked up by their fraud detection system because it contained some red flags.

My card had been suspended and once I had confirmed that this was an unauthorized charge, my current card was canceled and a new one would be sent to me. Apparently they see this kind of activity hundreds of times a day.

Fraud Protection Alert. Please call us at 1-800-824-9289. To protect our Card members, we regularly monitor accounts for possible fraudulent activity. On occasion, we contact our customers to verify certain charge attempts. Please review the charge attempt(s) referenced below. Please remember that some transactions, including those at gas stations, hotels and car rental merchants are pre-authorized before the final sale. The amount shown below may not reflect the exact amount of your final transaction.

If we have already reached you and discussed the charge attempts below, please disregard this email, as the concerns have already been resolved.


In order to verify that these charge attempts are legitimate, we ask that you please have your American Express® Card available and call the American Express Account Security Group as soon as possible at 1-800-824-9289. You may also call the number on the back of your Card and when prompted by our system, enter your 15 digit American Express Card number.

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Again, if we have already reached you regarding the charge attempts above, please disregard this email. No further action is required.

Thank you for your Card membership.

American Express
Account Security Group

While the whole experience was quite unnerving – this is the first time one of my credit cards has had an unauthorized charge; I was extremely impressed and grateful with their response and the fact that they did not even once question me about the authenticity of the charge.

A lot of people complain that American express is more expensive or less accepted than Visa or MasterCard, but it is services and fraud protection like this that make me happy to be an American express card holder.

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7 thoughts on “Thank You American Express Fraud Protection Security Service”

  1. I thought I could trust this whole system and I didn’t even bother to check the statement that was sent to me because I had not made any transactions that are worth looking on my Diners credit card. But this month, when I checked my statement, the repayable amount was much more than what it was 3 months ago. I though perhaps it was my negligence to accumulate the interests over time, but somehow a part of me says to check my previous statements. And so I did.

    To my horror, in April 2011, I had 3 charges (all in Euro) by this Bibit V. I am very sure I did not made any foreign transaction in Euro, and even if i did, the only foreign currency would be just USD. Right now, I am trying to highlight to the Diners Club customer service about this. I just hope to get the money back!!!! boooo-hooooo………….. it’s a lot of money to me though if you think it may be peanuts to you.

  2. I’ve had basically the same experience with my credit card (they called me to verify a suspect purchase, I said no that wasn’t me, they cancel the card and send me a new one) and yeah it felt good to know the credit card company was keeping an eye out. But it’s unfair for you to say this is a unique advantage of American Express since, well, my card is Visa.

  3. I recently got a fraudulent charge from the same company BIBIT for $105.52, amex was very prompt to catch it. It was an international charge. I am starting to suspect that amex intentionally fakes a fraudulent charge so when you call them and they handle the situation with fairly well, it gives customers a sense of how great amex is, we appreciate them even more. Regardless if this is true or not, i still love amex with all theri added perks.

  4. If you can get an american express through costco (no fee) it is definitely worth having around for the extra services and protection they extend, though Visa/MC certainly have protections and fraud services too. I have both and think Amex is just a tad bit more willing to help.

  5. Hi Andy,

    It is not my custom to reply to posts but I am making an exception. Here is my own very positive experience with American Express:

    1. About 10 years ago they stopped a charge that I was making at Costco because there was fraudulent activity on my account. Once I gave positive ID to the Amex representative by phone it was Ok’d and a new card issued.

    2. About 7 years ago I purchased a new SLR Camera which my husband ran over with his truck within the first week of purchase. Amex had me send it to them and they issued a full credit through the 3 month of purchase insurance policy.

    3. Two years ago my purse was stolen at a London train station with my new prescription glasses inside. The glasses were a recent Amex purchase and the cost was fully refunded.

    4. And most recently there was a $60 charge for phone service that I never received. The amount was credited to my account after an investigation.

    I have been an Amex customer for 30 years so it’s not like these things happen every day.
    But when they do, Amex is the company to have on your side.


  6. Thank you for your posts. I am one of many facing high debt and possible job loss. Some days I am just barely functioning and it is effecting myself and my family’s well being. I appreciate your effort to bring perspective to my situation.

    family comes first and a job and money is secondary.


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