Things to Remember At Tax Time – Your Tax Preparation Checklist

Thanks to the accounting folks at BConnect Inc, here is a straight forward tax preparation checklist that will save you time when you file with your accountant or before you start using tax software for self-filing. Tax preparation is faster, easier and more stress-free if you take a little time to get organized first and have this information ready when it’s time to file (feel free to print and use the checklist)

– Tax Returns from the last 2 years
– Contact Phone Numbers – Cell and Home
– Birth Date and Occupation
– Change of Address (if any)
– Bank name, Routing and Account No.( for refund deposit)
– Dependent – Name and SSN
– If married last year – Spouse name and SSN
– Need to apply for TIN ( If spouse has no SSN)

– All W2s and 1099 for Compensation
– All 1099 Interest (all CDs), 1099 Dividends, 1099 Miscellaneous, 1099C-Cancellation of Debt, 1099G-Unemployment Compensation, 1099R-Distribution from IRA, 401K etc [If applicable, your financial provider should have mailed you these forms by now]
– Last years state tax refund
– Business Income (K1), Rental Income,
Capital Gains from the sale of stocks, bonds or other assets
– Last Years Capital Loss C/F, Investment Loss C/F, Credit Payback
– Any other income you can think of that you earned (e.g side hobbies, tips etc)

– Qualifying Health Care Costs
– State and Local income tax, Car Sales Tax
– 1098 Mortgage Interest, Equity Line interest & Points
– Real Estate Tax
– Charitable Contribution Cash/Checks/Items
– Theft and Casualty Losses
– Non-reimbursed Employee Expenses
– Safe Deposit Box, Investment/ Custodial Fees
Home office Deduction

– IRA or Contribution to pension plan (see IRA/401K limits)
– Student Loan Interest
– Moving Expenses
– Student Tuition Fee (American opportunity Credit)
– Medical or Health Savings Account
– Expenses from the rental of personal property

– Estimated Federal and State Tax Payment
Child Tax Credit/ Adoption Credit
– Recovery Rebate (see details)
– Residential Energy Credit (see details)
– Foreign tax Credit
– Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses (see details)
– Education Credit

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