What If I Have A Claim Balance or Weeks Remaining After September When 2021 Unemployment Benefit Extensions For PUA, PEUC and $300 Weekly Boost End

With federal unemployment benefits expiring after the week ending September 4th in states that didn’t end pandemic benefits early, many are asking what will happen to their active claim balance if they have weeks left after the expiry date.

The answer unfortunately is that active balances under the PUA and PEUC programs will expire or go unused without any grace period unless another extension to the enhanced unemployment benefit program is funded at a federal or state level. At this stage the Biden administration is not extending benefits at a federal level and leaving this decision to state leaders.

This is despite many claimants, who started or continued claims this year under one or more of the extended federal unemployment programs, having remaining weeks come September 6th (official legislated end date). Contacting your state unemployment agency for remaining balances won’t be of much help either as the sudden end of benefit payments is per federal law as stated in DOL guidelines.

Note that PEUC claimants may also be able to move to a state’s extended benefits program, if available. Further, per guidance from the Biden administration, states can use APRA COVID relief funds to expand coverage of traditional state unemployment programs.

State Unemployment Extended Benefits Programs

Regardless of when claims started and how many weeks of PEUC claimed (up to the 75 week maximum), ALL enhanced benefit programs are currently set to expire September 4, 2021. However in many states like New Jersey, eligible claimants that have not collected all their state extended benefits (EB) will transition to the state’s EB program once PEUC expires.

Unfortunately, unless states expand benefit programs coverage, PUA claimants will not qualify for state extended unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Retroactive Payments

One thing that will remain in place even without a post-September extension is back pay for weeks claimants were eligible and are able to successfully certify. There are however constraints around how far back you can file for retroactive benefits based on which unemployment extension period you are claiming weeks under.

Further the process in states varies and if you are going back several periods you will likely need to seek manual intervention from a state UI agency representative to process your claim given how antiquated some of the processing systems are.

When Could an Extension Be Confirmed?

The Biden Administration has now confirmed that they won’t push at a federal level or via executive order to extend enhanced unemployment programs (PUA and PEUC) past the September 6th expiration date.

They are instead encouraging states with high unemployment or hit hard by COVID-19 Delta to use existing ARPA stimulus funding to extend and expand traditional state unemployment benefits for as long as needed. You can see more on this in this video.

States will have to provide guidance on expanded benefits or move to state extended benefit programs prior to early September to ensure a continuation of benefits. So stay tuned as updates come out and I will update on state-by-state basis.

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28 thoughts on “What If I Have A Claim Balance or Weeks Remaining After September When 2021 Unemployment Benefit Extensions For PUA, PEUC and $300 Weekly Boost End”

  1. 7 months of claims and still haven’t got a penny. I finally have spoke to a live person weekly for the past month. Do this and u will get u money… do that… been told I’m owed 15 weeks. Why would two different agents tell me to appeal when I don’t even know why I’m appealing… and stop making claims. I received a determination and I’m happy with that. I just want my fk money.

    • Unfortunately no. All claim balances from the week of September 6th will expire and go unpaid unless there is a retroactive extension to these programs (unlikely).

    • Same Question I Have, I Still Have Almost 4 Weeks Of Pay That I Was Told I Would Still Be Able To Claim After September 6th, Yet When I Went To Claim The Following Week I Was Told I Had To Speak To A Representative Who Then Told Me The Took All Funds BACK When The PUA Ended I Am Currently Living In A Hotel & I Have No Idea How I Am Going To Pay My Rent Next Month

  2. I’m in Florida and many were locked out of their accounts and wasn’t able to make deadlines for weeks of payments. I’ve contacted help center but still no word. Will I receive back pay?

  3. My last week for unemployment was 8/29/2021 – 9/04/2021. When trying on my day, it was refused. All telephone numbers say to call back another day due to volume. Am I eligible for this last week?

    • SAME HERE!!!!
      The system shows “Connect” is still loading….FOR DAYS NOW. There’s no one you can call or even email! Completely locked out and doesn’t accept my original password. Tried changing password. That doesn’t help either.

  4. what happen if u have 2 type of claim on your status like on the claim tracker
    Claim Type: Unemployment Insurance (UI
    Extension Type: Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) Tier 2 Augmentation
    what should i do?

  5. Hello Andy,
    After the week ending 9/4/21, should people still file weekly cert? Will unemployment allow or want us to file? Some have the option to file and some don’t. What does that mean.

  6. Andy I have a 1100 balance on my account how can it be claimed Can I apply for a new application that is money that I am entitled to regardless

  7. So my benefits year end date is 10/18/21 I also still have a balance of 11,ooo+ dollars… what will happen to that moneynand my claim come 10/18/21

    • You should still get paid (at max weekly unemployment rate) for all weeks between 10/18 and 11/6. But any balance left after 11/6 won’t be paid out.

    • Sadly yes, after 9/6. But you could be eligible for state unemployment which gives you another 26 weeks of UI payments.

      • How do you do this? It gives you no option!! I’m so tired of being on unemployment and I just want a job. I have 6,000 left from PUA.

  8. I qualified for PUA in NC and currently have a balance left over. Should I apply for a new UI claim to use this money or am I ineligible now that PUA expired? Trying to figure out if it’s pointless to start a new claim. Thank you!

    • No new claims will be paid after Sept 6th. But if you qualified for PUA in prior weeks (or since March 11th when the latest extension was approved) you should apply as you can be paid for retroactive benefit weeks.

  9. What is pua-puec
    This is the first im actually getting any info … feel like I’ve been screwed over when I’ve been working my ass off and keeping the integrity strong… would of been nice to have a little guidance… so thank you I really appreciate it … any other info on anything else would be helpful…
    As of now I’m homeless because the pandemic.

    • Joe,
      I am sorry to hear about your situation. I had to appeal my unemployment twice and I was finally approved. I have no idea when I will get paid. Then, I read I won’t get federal money. Any ideas?

      Hollie from Michigan

      • You should hopefully start seeing retroactive payments for past weeks (that were successfully adjudicated) over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

    • No..any weeks or balances after 9/6 won’t be paid. If states mistakenly pay you, you may be required to pay funds back.

  10. Will Indiana PUA unemployment get benefits Monday September 6,2021 are we going to be able to file 1 last voucher this week September 5,2021

  11. Hey Andy .. I literally just commented to one of your articles ..I’m not sure if I was on the right article when I was responding..so this is the article I was referring too..


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