$300 Weekly FPUC, PUA and PEUC Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Ending Early in Several States Prior to September 2021 Extension – Latest News and Updates


This article was last updated on June 2

When are my unemployment benefits actually ending?” This is a question several readers have been asking following the recent extension of federally funded enhancement benefit programs (PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC) under the Biden ARPA stimulus bill to September 6th, 2021. However many states, per the table below have already announced they are are ending payments EARLY for jobless claimants in these enhanced pandemic unemployment programs. So the date your benefits will end will largely depend on which state you live in and the actions state agencies are taking around these benefit programs.

States Ending Their Federal Unemployment Benefits Program Participation Early

Over 20 states (mainly Republican led ones) have already announced that they are ending their participation in one or all the pandemic unemployment benefits programs earlier than the current September 6th, 2021 end-date. The logic of this is related to the labor shortage business’ are facing due to the enhanced and supplementary unemployment programs that incentivize and pay workers to stay at home rather than encouraging them to return to the workplace.

The table below shows the early cut-off date for states prematurely ending their participation in the extra weekly $300 FPUC program and/or the PUA, PEUC, MEUC federally funded programs.  This will result in thousands of unemployed workers with active claims losing their benefits from the termination date of the state opting out of the relevant program.

States Ending Unemployment EarlyPrograms Ending?Termination Date
Alabama$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Alaska$300 FPUCJune 12th, 2021
Arkansas$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Arizona$300 FPUCJuly 10th, 2021
Florida$300 FPUCJune 26th, 2021
Georgia$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Idaho$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Indiana$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Iowa$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 12th, 2021
Maryland$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJuly 3rd, 2021
Mississippi$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 12th, 2021
Missouri$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 12th, 2021
Montana$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
New Hampshire$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
North Dakota$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Ohio$300 FPUCJune 26th, 2021
Oklahoma$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
South Carolina$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 30th, 2021
South Dakota$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Tennessee$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJuly 3rd, 2021
Texas$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Utah$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
West Virginia$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Wyoming$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
States Ending Federally Funded Pandemic COVID Unemployment Programs Early

Note that states which are opting out of PUA and PEUC will also end access to the temporary federal funding the “No Waiting Week program” which is not available under regular state unemployment programs. This will mean a one to two week wait after getting unemployed to be able to claim state unemployment benefits. You can see a more detailed discussion of the above in this video.

Summary of Federally Funded Programs

Despite the ending of benefits in several states, there are still talks of further extensions in other states to the end of 2021. But this won’t be confirmed till the end of summer and likely to be a very partisan issue with Democrats favoring further extensions and Republicans looking to end all entitlement programs. In the mean time here are the currently legislated end dates (per the Biden ARPA stimulus bill) for the federally funded enhanced unemployment benefit programs.

Unemployment Benefit ProgramCurrent Legislated End Date
Regular UnemploymentState Maximum Weeks or BYE date
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)September 6th, 2021 (Max 79 weeks)
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)September 6th, 2021 (Max 53 weeks)
$300 Extra Weekly Payment (FPUC)September 6th, 2021 (25 weeks in latest extension)
$100 Mixed Earner Payment (MEUC)September 6th, 2021 (25 weeks in latest extension)
Unemployment Benefit Program End Dates (unless extended further)

You can see the diagram below for the various federally funded enhanced benefit programs put in place and extended over the last 15 months, but the current end date for all these program is September 6th (week ending September 4th, in most states). Once these are done, claimants will only be able to get state administrated regular unemployment benefits.

2020 to 2021 Enhanced Unemployment Program Extensions – PUA, PEUC and FPUC

Note that to keep getting unemployment benefits you must meet the criteria specified by the state unemployment agency or department that administers your benefits. For example if you are unable to show proof that you are available to work and searching for a job you benefits could terminate at any time.

Further additional verification and documentation requirements have been added for claimants/applicants in the PUA program. Those unable to meet or provide additional verification activities could also see a lapse or loss of benefits.

22 thoughts on “$300 Weekly FPUC, PUA and PEUC Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Ending Early in Several States Prior to September 2021 Extension – Latest News and Updates

  1. I’m a SF-50 employee with the Federal Government and was deemed ineligible for regular unemployment (because, I didn’t work enough) but I was qualified for PUA. Since, I work for the government on a emergency basis, I will be forever a SF-50 employee until I get hired on Full-time. I relocated to the Nations Capital with the hopes of working full-time in government. I look for a job everyday and when I manage to get an interview, the employers won’t hire me because of my SF-50 status and that I’m a active-duty spouse, so there’s no need for any benefits package. I guess they fear that I’m going to leave when I get called back or we have to move, if my wife gets a transfer (which will never happen at this point in her career). Also, employers look people up on social media (LinkedIn) just to unofficially verify your credentials. When they look at my profile, they get intimidated, because I have a lot of mid to upper management experience plus “3” masters degrees. So, they figure that can’t afford me…. I’m trying to get rich, I just wanna work hard and pay my bills. It just feels like I’m being penalized (like most people) for applying myself personally and professionally and for what? The assumption that I’d rather stay home and get PUA instead of going to work? Trust and believe me the “$300.00” a week, benefit is nothing to stay home for. Especially, when you have the capacity of earning substantially more (if someone gives me a chance by hiring me). I just don’t what my options are living here…..

  2. I have 8 weeks without payment due to documents required for verification purposes, I provided the information and was prompted to call an appointment securing number which grants a set number of appointment’s for the next day,7 weeks of trying to reach the number with no luck,finaly after 8 weeks of continued attempt,I reached the automated system,which promply said my social entered was invalid and hung up on me

  3. I haven’t received my additional $300/week payment for a couple weeks. Does anyone have a good phone number for NJ Unemployment (North Jersey) where I can talk to a live person? I still have more than $4000 left in regular benefits. Deliverance of regular unemployment hasn’t been disrupted.

    1. Same for me! I’ve been trying to figure out who I can talk too about this for 2 weeks now!

  4. I have worked uninterrupted since I was 14 years old. I put myself through nursing school as a single parent. I made over $50,000 a year prior to pandemic. I have health issues that have prevented me from being on the front lines, which is hard enough. Now my PUA is going to be cut? Wow! Furthermore my son moved back home because his job closed due to pandemic. He has been approved for PUA yet has not received any payments since July 2020.His account was flagged for fraud. I get it there’s alot of fraud currently. He has handed in all required documentation in July 2020. He calls regularly and he is told just wait, it is in process. There are people we know that applied in October and they have received payments. Seriously disappointed in the system. Is there anyone to reach out to for help with his problem?

  5. Long term unemployed
    Looking for a job for over a year!
    I made 50 k and now am being forced out to accept a low paying job that I will lose my home, car , everything I reside in Georgia. Also am not eligible for the 10,200 tax break and I have dependents … yup because I live in Georgia we will be on the streets!

  6. I have received 4 unemployment checks but did not get the extra 300 that they was offering . Is there something I need to do I’m in Illinois. It says they will back pay. I don’t know what else to do

  7. I have been receiving pua benefits in Ohio since June of last year, but on Feb.28, 2021 my claim was said to be fraud therefore I had to send in documentation of my identity and whatnot only for it to be pending in adjudication. And then in Mar.18, 2021 they asked for employment verification within 90 days to which my documentation was turned in immediately. Yet that one is pending adjudication as well. My claim has been in adjudication for 12 weeks. 12 weeks of no payment. A lot of help this is

  8. Hello
    I filed may 15, and had to fight tooth and nail for my benefits. Finally, I was paid February 08, 2021. I now receive uec. I just received a letter about the uec, and my benefit year is up may 15th? Also, they paid me up to NOVEMBER I back pay but 11 weeks are missing. Nov. – Feb in which I filed weekly claims. I had a horrible experience and contacted my state representives office via email many times. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, our State is opened and I’m required to look for work. I was under the assumption we have a pandemic going on. My money was exhausted which is adds reason for those 11 weeks but my claim has me extended till Sept. And no money left after the coming week. I’m confused????

  9. I was on the PUA and had $2,380 left in account with weeks to claim. I went in yesterday to claim one week and they were all gone( weren’t supposed to expire until later this week> What happened? Did the upgrade screw mine up in FL?

  10. Thank you Andy for clarifying. Sometimes the NJDOL literature is quite confusing.

  11. In Texas, the maximum available benefit dollar amount is enough to pay your weekly benefit amount for roughly half of your benefit year, or about 24 or 25 weeks. When I exhausted my state benefits and began PEUC benefits, back in Sept. 2020, they set another maximum dollar amount for my PEUC claim, which I am about to reach, and i don’t know if the 2 subsequent time extensions also extended or reset the maximum available benefits again, or were they only extensions of the length of time that PEUC benefits will be available. Wen I hit the maximum benefit amount on my 1st PEUC claim, will I stop receiving benefits, even though there have been 2 extensions of the PEUC program?

  12. After exhausting NJ unemployment benefits, extended benefits and the 11 week extension, does the federal 25 weeks then begin but end by Sept. 4?

    1. I think I’m in that situation too I have been receiving ui since March 2020 and I only have a balance of $469 left so I was wondering if I will be automatically enrolled in the extension as well

      1. According to Andy’s reply, if your balance is from the 11 week extension, the 25 weeks should kick in. However it will end during the first week in September regardless.

      2. Hello Mia,
        What I experienced was the week after my benefits were exhausted (balance to zero), l filed and had a new balance amount of 11 weeks of what my weekly claim was. It appears that when this is finished I would then see the same for whatever is less, 25 weeks or an amount that would last until that first week in Sept.

        1. Did you continue to attempt to file regularly after your balance was zero? This should have been remedied already, and actually you should not have filed a new claim if I’m reading your question correctly….. this might have messed you up .

  13. I received my unemployment benefits for about 2 months then they just suddenly stopped i still have money to claim still unemployed haven’t received anything in over 12 weeks i call and they cannot tell me why. i do not know what else to do . I cannot work due to my pstd . Is there any other resources that could tell me why it just stopped?

    1. Did you have to file a new claim because you reached your benefit year end? Or did you miss a notice or email that you had to submit additional verification/documentation (PUA claimants). These are 2 main reasons for a lapse in benefit. You will need to speak to someone if there are other complications or to reactivate your claim.

    2. It’s not for “PTSD”, it’s for COVID related unemployment issues. Sounds like you need SSI, which is different.

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