Arizona (AZ) Department of Economic Security Unemployment Insurance Compensation – PUA, $300 FPUC and PEUC 2021 Extensions and Updates


This article was last updated on March 18

The Arizona (AZ) Department of Economic Security (DES) is the state agency that manages unemployment insurance programs and payouts, including the enhanced unemployment programs which have been recently extended again per the updates below.

Biden Stimulus Bill – Unemployment Benefit Extensions to September 2021

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion federal coronavirus relief package, known as the American Rescue Plan (ARP), enhanced unemployment benefits have been extended until September 6th. This includes further extensions to the PUA program, PEUC program, $300 weekly payment under the FPUC program and $100 Mixed Earners (MEUC) program. There were also provisions in the Biden Stimulus package for Unemployment tax breaks on the first $10,200 of benefits received in 2020.

March 17th – Latest News and Status on PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC Payment Schedule

The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) has now issued formal guidelines to implement the latest round of unemployment extensions until September 6th. For those who exhaust their benefits, or have a zero claim balance, after March 14th (when current CAA extensions end) there could be a lapse in benefits as states can update their program/systems to enable the extended weeks of coverage funded under the ARP Program.

Under the latest extension rules, individuals who have exhausted benefits will not be eligible for weeks of benefits prior to March 14, 2021. Certifications for the first week of the extension can be filed and will be payable beginning March 21, 2021.

DES website

Claimants should be aware of the following general guidelines around the extended coverage period funded under the Biden ARP stimulus bill.

  • You do not need to reapply for benefits. DES will automatically enroll you in the appropriate extension once systems/programs are updated
  • You should continue to file your weekly claim for benefits as you normally would as long as you remain unemployed.
  • You will not need to contact DES in order for these program extensions to take effect.
  • This legislation would extend the various benefit programs through the week ending September 4, 2021. This is approximately 25 weeks of extra coverage (the ARP bill had legislated 29 weeks in total).
  • The additional weekly payment of $300 under the FPUC program will be extended through September 4, 2021 as well. 

I will post updates as more information is provided and you can stay connected via the options below.

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2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under COVID Relief Bill

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, which among several other pandemic relief measures extends and provides additional federal funding for enhanced unemployment benefits. This includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and a reinstatement, but halving of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) Program which provides a $300 supplemental weekly unemployment payment.

These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks (on top of any state funded extensions), covering the weeks of December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. While the bill was only signed on 12/27 and there have been some reports that the claimants may lose one week of benefits (since funding for all these programs ended on December 26th) the Department of Labor has confirmed an added $300 per week FPUC will be available starting the week ending 1/2/21, so eligible claimants will receive the full 11 weeks of payments (a total of $3,300). To receive FPUC benefits, you must be receiving regular UI, PEUC, EB, or PUA.

Final guidelines on these programs and final eligibility including additional document verification procedures to combat Fraud have been issued by the Department of Labor and then have to be implemented by the state UI agency in their systems and programs. So this could delay the actual date of payments.

[AZ DEZ Update on Payment] The first week allowable by law for the additional $300 in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation will be payable for weekly certifications filed on or after January 3 for the benefit week ending January 2, 2021. DES continues to work urgently to provide this additional benefit to claimants as quickly as possible.

UI claimants with existing or expired claim balances should be aware of the following:

  • PUA and PEUC, FPUC will be automatically added to the claimants’ benefits if they are eligible for the weeks outlined in the new legislation.
  • Claimants with weeks remaining in UI should continue to file weekly claims
  • Claimants who will have additional weeks in UI and PUA or PEUC due to state provisions (where applicable) should watch their state agency UI portal or website for updates that will allow additional weeks to be filed.
  • Claimants will receive retroactive payments for all weeks they are eligible.
  • Claimants currently receiving benefits through the Extended Benefits program must finish all weeks of EB before receiving additional weeks of PEUC.

I will post additional details as they are released in coming days. So stay tuned for updates.

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Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program – Now Expired/Paid Out

Arizona was one of the first states to have rolled and paid out the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program and started making the $300 extra weekly payments at the end August. Governor Dorsey announced that Arizonans who are unemployed or partially unemployed due to COVID-19 and are currently receiving at least $100 in unemployment benefits (including programs below) will be eligible to receive up to $540 a week, including $300 a week in LWA funds funded by FEMA.

The LWA payment is subject to both federal and state income taxes. DES will make the LWA payments in the same manner as any payment from current UI programs payable for the week involved; claimants do not need to file a separate application for this payment.

Initial payments were added to the Weekly Benefit Amount starting August 17, and DES began issuing retroactive payments for the benefits weeks ending August 1 and August 8 later that week. All retroactive payments will be completed the week ending August 28. See more details on the DES LWA page.

Fraud issues delaying payments – As part of its increased fraud detection efforts, DES closed accounts with suspicious account information and activity located out of state.. However a small portion of individuals eligible for benefits who may be impacted by these measures and may see a pause or delay in getting their benefits. These individuals should contact DES directly at [email protected]. Once a case is validated as not being fraudulent, benefits will resume and/or a new debit card will be issued to the claimant and the funds will be reloaded.  

CARES Act Unemployment Compensation Enhancements

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020 expands Reemployment Assistance benefits. Benefits will be paid from the date they became eligible under the CARES Act. Programs included in the CARES Act are:

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – provides an additional $600 per week to any eligible individual until 7/31/2020 (an extension is under review). The $600 would be paid the first week of your unemployment claim period  but no earlier than 4/5/20.
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – provides up to 39 weeks of benefits per week to those not ordinarily eligible for Reemployment Assistance. This includes individuals who are self-employed or contract employees. The additional $600 FPUC per week will be automatically added to all regular UI and PUA benefits. PUA claimants who were not able to certify for eligible weeks prior to April 19 are now able to file for eligible weeks back to their last date of employment (but no earlier than February 2). Individuals must file weekly PUA certifications for each week for which they are claiming eligibility for benefits, including retroactive certifications back to their last date of employment.
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) – allows for an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular unemployment insurance benefits. This means claimants may collect unemployment benefits for a longer period of time than under normal circumstances. Claimants will need to apply for PEUC benefits once the balance of their current claim is exhausted. Those who have already exhausted their benefits or have a UI claim that expired after July 6, 2019, will also be able to apply. Your PEUC weekly benefit amount is the same as your regular UI weekly benefit amount (between $187 and $240). Your weekly benefit amount is based on your reported earnings during the base period (the first four of the last five completed quarters).

You are eligible for PEUC if:

  • You are unemployed for weeks within the time frame of March 29 through December 26, 2020;
  • You exhausted your regular state or federal benefits after July 6, 2019;
  • You are not currently eligible for state or federal unemployment benefits; and
  • You are able and available to work.
  • Note – You are not eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) if you are eligible for PEUC.

Claims for PEUC can be filed for the weeks ending 6/6 and 6/13. Retroactive claims can be filed by calling 877-600-2722 or by completing a Weekly Claim form for each week.

Filing a Claim

  • PEUC is now available. Learn more by visiting the PEUC page.
  • The PUA portal is live and can be accessed at

Login using the same credentials you used to file your regular UI claim, then proceed to the initial UI claim section to file your claim. If you are unable to file online, call the UI Call Center toll free at 1-877-600-2722 or TDD: 7-1-1. The Department will notify you when you are able to file your retroactive and ongoing weekly claims for PEUC benefits. 

To maintain Unemployment Insurance benefits, you are required to file weekly claims confirming that you continue to meet the requirements to receive Unemployment Insurance.

Issues with your unemployment claim

If you have issues with your UI claim, your benefit amount will show as $0.00 until the claim is processed. DES staff are working trying to process outstanding issues on claims, and you will be notified when a decision is made on your claim. Please note: You will be contacted if additional information is needed. After submitting this information, your claim will be under review while our adjudicators continue to process your claim and will notify you when a decision is made. Submitting duplicate documents may result in further delay to processing claims.

You must file a claim every week you are unemployed, or underemployed. The benefit week starts on a Sunday and ends on Saturday. The Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report will be replaced by a new Unemployment Data Dashboard, which enhances and supplements the data previously reported. It will be updated every Tuesday.

Arizona DES Unemployment Benefits Process

222 thoughts on “Arizona (AZ) Department of Economic Security Unemployment Insurance Compensation – PUA, $300 FPUC and PEUC 2021 Extensions and Updates

  1. So god damned frustrated – I know this isn’t going to do anything but I hope if anyone else is experiencing this they can chime in on any resolution they found. SO… claim was going along just fine. Filed my weekly claim for 3/27/2021 with no issues. It was to be my final payment and my benefits would be exhausted but the PUA program got extended to September and DES automatically opened a new claim for me to continue filing weekly. OK, not a problem. Filed for week ending 4/3/2021 and all the questions asked the correct dates but when I hit submit it entered the week ending date as 3/20/2021. That was odd, it also showed my new claim as benefits exhausted. I figured that was due to the system automatically backdating my claim and after 3 days in a row of getting through to a rep got no answers other than the classic “glitch” and that hopefully it would clear itself up. Well it did on the fourth day – the weekly claim was deleted so I was able to enter it in again and this time it put the correct week ending date – but it still showed benefits exhausted. SO I call in again – rep can’t find anything wrong with my claim, shouldn’t be on hold, all documentation is in, no active issues, again it must be a “glitch” in the system and I have to wait for it to clear itself – keep filing claims and it should fix itself. OK… so I file today and now I have TWO weekly claims sitting with the dreaded “In Process” status. I filed right around midnight and when things are normally working I will have a transaction date and time by now. I was really hoping that the situation would be fixed by the maintenance they performed the day before but nope. There are no new announcements about the issue I am having on twitter or on their facebook page and I am so sick and tired of calling into well meaning but pathetically powerless representatives that can’t do a fucking thing about your account being messed up. They need to stop hiring people to answer phones, not give us telephone access that is worthless anyway – and hire people that can actually fix issues in the system. This is ridiculous, it’s painful to sit and wonder how bills will get paid, how food will be purchased, what to do when you can’t do a damn thing about the situation – and I would MUCH rather be working than sitting at home on fucking hold all day. I apologize for the foul language but I am in a foul mood and also a bit on the desperation side. To the idiot that told us to have a back up plan – what the fuck do you think unemployment is? I didn’t plan to have to close my small business, I didn’t plan on running out of savings and maxing out my credit to this point. I don’t have control of my customers and when they might be recovered enough to put me back to work. I didn’t plan on needing help from the government. The thing is that this assistance was offered, and when it’s offered and you count on it because it is supposed to be there as a backup plan – and then it’s not being paid as it should be – it’s pretty low to tell people that they should have had a back up to the back up plan that on top of everything else is not performing and is not your fault in any way. People have reasons for needing this help, your arrogance and false sense of superiority show just how little your mind is and how poorly it performs.

    In Nov 2020 I was at work and called into the office managers office and she asked me “Are you applying for unemployment? I replied “No I am not.” She said “Well someone is applying in your name.” I immediately got on the phone and called the unemployment fraud hotline and reported the fraudulent claim. Apparently no big deal. On January 8th 2021 I was let go from my job, and it did not have to do with the pandemic, that is another issue. I will be getting a lawyer to sue them. Anyway I filed my unemployment claim right away and as of today February 22nd 2021 I still have not received any benefits or answers. I have done everything I was instructed to do, reported the fraudulent claim to AZ unemployment, again. Filed a police report. Reported the fraud to the FTC, put fraud alerts on all three of the credit bureaus, and have done the ID me process. Every time I call unemployment to check the status of my claim, I answer their questions to verify that I am me, but when asked my address “It does not match their records.” I have printed off the change of address form and filled it out and faxed it to them along with a copy of my state issued driver’s license, a copy of my social security card, and a copy of my rental agreement with my current address. I called a week later, no change, address still does not match. A couple of weeks ago I received in the mail to my address where I currently live. to the address that does not match their records, I got a bill for an unemployment over payment. How does that happen? This is absolutely insane. How did they even allow so many fraudulent claims be filed? Now I have to prove that I am me. I have been me for 58 years. Maybe they’d like some finger prints or DNA. This is ridiculous. I call unemployment 2 to 3 times a week but I get no answers because the address does not match so they just shut me down and will not tell me anything and most of them are very rude. They treat me like I’m the one that filed the fraudulent claim. I get that they don’t care about me or anyone else and our problems. Their job is just a pay check to them. I’M NOT GETTING A PAY CHECK AT THE MOMENT AND I NEED MY UNEMPLOYMENT. This whole thing is unacceptable to me. I am about to lose everything and it’s not much, but I’ve worked for it, it’s mine and it’s all I have. I’ve been married twice. I’ve had two story four bedroom houses completely furnished, and I’ve had cars and nice things. I don’t have that anymore. I’m single and I lived pay check to pay check, I have no car. I live in a small apartment with very minimal furnishings and I’m very grateful for that. But I need to pay my rent and my bills to keep it. I am looking for a job too, as well as I know so many other people are and there are not as many jobs as there use to be. I know I’m not the only one going through this. It is almost becoming unbearable. I’m beginning to feel hopeless and depressed. I may be joining the homeless community soon. Somebody needs to figure this out quickly.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that I hope the get there act together there’s a advocate c will get the info for u call the news stations

  3. My benefits are suspended I tried to call and have this problem fixed. I tried to explain that my account has been hacked the person who hacked my account changed all my information. I tried to call the main number and the person I talked to said they couldn’t help me cause I didn’t know the phone number and that they couldn’t help me without the phone number how do I fix this problem???

    1. You need to print and fill out a change of address form, then fax it to DES with all the correct information, i would also include a photocopy of your drivers license. Im going through the same thing, i haven’t received a payment since feb 2nd. Its taking them a long time to fix my unemployment. Good luck.

  4. I just wanted to say I can totally relate so much like the person that helped me file cuz I didn’t know anything bout pua frauds hijacked and blackmailed me for the info they changed in my account so finally I called fraud and then unemployment they helped me change to a new password to take over my account that was July 2020 since I have done that have not been paid same as everyone finally got my birth certificate 2 weeks ago finished idme and same told to me that wen they receive id verification funds will b released my back pay as well….but other than just being able to relate to so many of u going thru same I just wanted to give sum personal positive thing that may help like for ppl that say they call everyday but que is always full usually is but thank God for my son giving me the positive encouragement of that I could take my account back myself and would not just let me pay them off for it I too have been doing this for months but plz if u any of u frustrated from never being able to get thru cuz que always full plz just trey wat my son encouraged me to do and not give up is wen it says sorry it’s full hang up redial push 2…1…2…2..back to back as long as u can cuz I was calling in the beginning once a day b giving up cuz full well needless to say wait times were in excess of multiple hours months ago now usually been excess of 20 mins like today I got lucky wait time 32 mins I got thru first call and still they all say different b.s. like some of u experienced as well but there been a few that have helped but my point being is I know it sux I know the frustration and anxiety but plz guys if it even helps one of u out there to read this plz don’t give up thank you for reading good luck to all

  5. I have been on Unemployment Pua since February 2020. I have had no issues at all. Till October 4th,2020. My file has an Active Issue on it. the advocate number and they tell me to upload some documents proving who I am. Okay done. Now ID.ME. Okay! Done. It’s been 18weeks now and I have not yet recieved any of my backpay. All I keep hearing from the advocates is be patient with us. Just waiting on a file review. Then they say a phone call or email from the Adjudicator. I get different answers and nothing to be resolved. Tried asking to speak to a supervisor or Managment. They say u gotta email them through the portal. Cant find ne email address. I send emails to fraudulent and advocates. I dont get any reply back in 35days of emails. How long is it gonna take to review a dam file. It’s been 18weeks already for christ sakes

    1. He James I am having similar issues. Arizona DES is the most pathetic agency on earth. I hope they all rot in hel.

      1. I had the same issue I got one check back in January and then I worked partial I reported my earnings and then I got no more checks it’s been going on 10 weeks now no one seems to know I’ve already been identified as ID me it’s pathetic.

    2. I am also in nearly the exact same situation. I filed/was approved and began receiving PUA payments on April 4, 2020 without any issues. Then, at the beginning of October 2020, an unspecified active issue was placed on my file, and all of my certifications from October 3, 2020 to today, February 6, 2021, say “In Progress.” They told me to upload my ID and other docs, which I did. They didn’t send me the link until December, which is crazy to put a hold on my account and then wait 3 months before giving me a way to verify my identity, but I did that, and still nothing. I’ve been calling a few times every week for the last 5 months, and I swear I have not received the same answer twice. I’ve received zero useful information or concrete details as to what my active issue is, what it will take to resolve it, or how long I need to wait for it to happen, or legally how long they can withhold my benefit payments. It seems like there should be some sort of time limits written into the law, as this seems downright criminal. I think they’re just waiting for all of us to die of starvation or freeze to death since we can’t pay rent, buy food, or pay for phone service, so they’re literally shocked every week when I’m still alive and able to call them to ask about my benefit payment status. Has anyone talked to an attorney? Class action? I’ve considered filing an appeal, wondering if that would be faster than whatever it is I’m waiting for them to do, as it’s been almost half a year since my last payment, so whatever the hold up is, I would like to appeal this determination to keep an active issue on my file and keep all my payments as “in progress.” Their last payment was September 26, 2020, and I have 18 weeks of payments pending. Has anyone gone to a physical office? I think we should do a sit-in, where we all go there, sit down in the lobby and refuse to leave until they actually pay us or at least provide meaningful information on wtf is going on.

      1. I haven’t been waiting as long as you have for benefits. I lost my job this year January 8th. But I feel exactly the same as you, that they are hoping many of us die waiting for our benefits so it will just be less people and less paperwork for them to deal with. And I also get told something different every time I call. I feel like they make answers up to satisfy the caller and get them off of their phone. Their jobs are a pay check to them. We mean absolutely nothing, But we’re not receiving a pay check at the moment and need our benefits. I don’t understand how DES allowed so many fraudulent claims to be filed in the first place. I think someone needs to be held accountable for all of this bull, and I don’t know who, but some competent and capable person needs to get a grip on this situation and figure out a way to get benefits issued in an acceptable, timely manner. This is insane.

      2. I’ve been waiting since Nov. became eligible again in Jan for two weeks. Then ineligible again, but no one knows why. I’ve not heard the same thing twice from them either have called every single week. No answers. Or all the wrong ones. How is this legal?!

    3. Im in the same boat as you and same time frame!! Would LOVE to know when adjuidication will finally take place!!!

      1. I been waiting almost 3 months for a adjudicator to stamp my discharge paper just insane.

  6. ok so it is 1/13/2021 and all my weekly cert backpack from 3/21/2020 -1/10/2021 are filed and my stimulus amount is showing and I have a paydate I was told 3days or so till my funds get deposited everbody make sure you follow up you will be paid

  7. Hello Angie,

    So I was told to print these forms and fax or mail them out as well. I didn’t know that you were able to back date to whatever date that you were unemployed. You could submit back up to Feb, 2020 no earlier. Because I missed this option, the only way to submit is by the form you state above and fax/mail it in and wait. I didn’t apply and even get approved on unemployment until early June of this year but was actually unemployed a couple months prior to applying. I’ve had them change and correct my date of unemployment. Got my account verified once thru the PUA portal. I had an open issue but once I figured out what missing info they needed I scanned and made sure it was all in my PUA portal as well. I have also now been verified thru ID.ME
    I finally filled out the forms for backpay dating back to mid March until the date I was approved in June. Making it about 13 weeks retro pay requested. I also scanned it into my PUA portal. I was told they would for sure be able to look at it thru there because nobody over the phone could give me any sort of verification that they even received my fax requests. It has been about 4 weeks since i’ve faxed it in. Since then ive spoken to DES 3 times and they can’t give me any info. I’ve had pretty good luck and experiences speaking with DES thus far but the last 2-3 phone calls have given me anxiety and just stressed me out. They all tell me different things. Even with notes in my account I don’t have any missed calls w/msgs. Or any emails thru my portal.

    Does anyone have any advice to speed my process up?1? pls!! Im desperate. Anything will help. I have been receiving unemployment since June with no issues. All forms missing were updated to my PUA portal months ago when I had an active issue pop up, soon after my info was verified and within a week funds were released again with no problems. filing weekly and paid Since June. Since then I was also verified thru ID.Me
    I have done everything asked and should have no fraud back up considering my info has long been in portal and verified and still paid weekly then after. All forms were faxed in as well as scanned into my portal with a note from a phone agent that i’m just waiting. Is this normal? to have no info? no email? no regular mail letter?

    I’m beginning to lose hope. I don’t know what else to do to get someone to even look at it. Any help would be very grateful at this point.

  8. I filed all 39 weeks of my claims, I had no issues, no problems, was paid 5 weeks, while my claim said in process, I verified my ID,Me waited two months after filing my 39 week claim, Then I got slammed with requests after request for things. My monetary determination in the beginning of my claim was approved, then my claim was approved again .Then not 24 hrs after my claim was approved again another adjudicator Paula Hoodes Denies my claim saying she did not receive documents requested which the letter from the person I cared for who died was uploaded the day after the request an this is the real killer Paula Hoodes requested I send proof of me filing for AZ UI, I told her she has that info from AZ UI being denied as in AZ you have to first apply for AZ UI an be denied before you can apply for PUA so my claim is now awaiting a hearing because I appealed PAULA HOODES DECISION. I do not think she knows her job very well nor reads emails sent How does somebody deny a claim asking for proof of something that you would not be able to do until you completed . Now after almost 7-8 months I get to wait up to 8 weeks for a hearing. There is no way to call or email a complaint on a DES PUA WORKER this I find unacceptable if you call the DES PUA NUMBER an ask to speak with a supervisor they will refuse to let you an hang up on you I did twice an that’s what happened so AZ DES PUA still has a lot of problems with valid claims being denied It is very unfair an very upsetting how people an families are suffering because some of DES PUA WORKERS do not know how to do their job An wiil continue to get away with what they are doing because there is no way to report them
    Danyielle N. Crain

  9. It is December 23 and I still don’t have my PUA back pay. I verified my identification through and was told by DES my payment will be paid soon. That was on December 14. Different story every time I call. Have any of you received your back pay?

    1. I’m in the same boat now the judicator has to finalize your claim but who knows how long it’s going to take for the judicator to do so. They say “they’re backed up) I’m beginning to loose faith

  10. Does anybody knows what will change in the PUA portal when you’re about to get paid retroactively In Arizona?

  11. So it’s been 3 months since I applied, and I am getting my weekly $240 regularly, but no retroactive pay, I called 2 days a ago and talk to the lady and I asked about my case and the retroactive payment, so she asked me when I stopped working and I told her and she puts me on hold and then tells me that my case is being processed and expect results in a month or 6 weeks, I couldn’t believe it? So I told her that it’s been 3 months and I already called and asked for my retroactive weeks to be filled a month ago, so she put me back on hold for a bit to talk to the supervisor, and she told me they’re backed up as we know. I begged her and told her that I can’t hold anymore than next week, she seemed to care ( I mean she was nice all the time ) about me and said that she will tell her supervisor about my situation? I am checking my portal 10 times a day but no pay so far but I noticed that my claim effective date changed from 09/14 to 03/22, I hope something will happen?
    Btw, I have been contacted by the judicatory and I answered her questions and uploaded more stuff and did the IDme thing.

  12. So my case is being reviewed now, I am in contact with them through the portal, but no answer yet, my $240 of the thanksgiving week was delayed for a week and half.
    My question is as I was checking I noticed that my eligibility review date changed from 10/18 to 04/26??? Backwards basically? I don’t understand? Anybody has any idea please?

    1. Did you have your date back dated also ? When you update your last day of work bqck from your original claim date it also changed that date I’ve noticed

  13. I am posting this because I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t get a clear answer from ANYBODY as to my situation. Hope this helps somebody… I am a “gig worker”, and I did not file initially until after the July 25th extra 600 dollar thing because I didn’t know I was eligible. I was trying to get my retroactive, or “back pay”, as we are just as entitled to it as if we had filed day one. Anyways, The process was long and annoying but first thing you do is you have to CALL and actually TALK to somebody (not going to get into how to achieve that, other people have posted the various ways to actually get through) and tell them you need your claim effective date changed to whenever (mine was 3/20/20) instead of what it currently is (mine was 8/02/20) so you can receive your retroactive payments. They put a note in the system that sends it up the flagpole to someone to screen and potentially approve this date adjustment. Now this is the annoying waiting period. You literally won’t hear anything for a LONG time. Weeks, months. I waited 3, but there was a screw up over the first month + that she never actually sent the note through. Also, who knows how caught up they are now? I would call after about 2 to 3 weeks just to make sure it’s all actually noted in your file, since we can’t see that ourselves for some ridiculous reason. The good part is, eventually an adjucator will send you a message on your portal letting you know anything you need that still is holding you up, or they’ll just notify you that you were approved (or not, I suppose, but if you were legally doing this, there shouldn’t be a problem). Provided you have no other issues in general, your backdated weeks will now show up THAT DAY, the next day at latest, as well as your claim effective date will now show the backdated date (and you will be so very happy to see this!!). And to answer everybody doubting or whatever, you DO get the extra $600 automatically if your claim goes before 7/25. Doesn’t matter that you filed late. A few key things I will suggest… for EVERYBODY, post pictures of both the front and back of your license and the front and back of your social security card. Also, post a picture of you HOLDING your license with your face clearly in view. This confirms you are real. For people doing gig work or that had a job, post ANY and ALL documentation that proves that you were actually working. This is SO important. They don’t want to give away money to people that don’t honestly deserve it or are making up fake stories, such as a number of people I know personally claiming they were “going to start work before COVID hit”. Prove that you are legitimately entitled to the PUA pay and you WILL get your retroactive pay.

  14. I filed for pua assistance at the beginning of October. I was approved there was transaction numbers and payments have been paid. But I still never recieved my debit card in the mail. What could be the reason for that??

    1. Look up bank of America’s phone number for prepaid cards its. Differernt number then the regular bank of america number. Then get some on the line to have u another card sent out

  15. I been waiting approximately 5 months. I filed on may 21 I got approved by the adjudicator twice once on 6/14/2020 and 10/8/2020 I called over 295 times!!!!!
    When I filed my last 2 weekly benefits this Sunday and last day my claim isn’t under review no more and I don’t have open issues. I uploaded everything they needed from social , I.D , proof of residence. I even sent selfies of me holding my I.D and social so they can’t say I’m fraud it doesn’t add up. But when I look at my benefit plan it says 1 open issues like how is that even possible but when I file my weekly benefits it says my claim isn’t under review an I have no open issues!! So I called Thursday, Friday they told me I have to waiting 48 hours for my proof of residence to upload, so they told me call back Sunday they should be able to help me. So I called Sunday and told the lady I talked to. It’s been 5 months I haven’t received not one payments at all from the DES I sent everything u guys needed I even told her I just got approved again on oct 8, 2020. She told me well your claim is under review still I’m like how miss u clear see I got approved, she goes yea I see that , but I cant release your money “ until I know fit sure like the fucking bs these people be on is ridiculous!!! I ask so what am I supposed to do now , she said just wait I’m sorry I been waiting 5 months I try to get a. Job I literally get turned down by jobs constantly even McDonald’s we’re I’m from wouldn’t hire me tf but ima keep looking since unemployed doesn’t give a fuck about us anyways!!!

    1. Does anyone know what I would do since it looks like I am getting down to the end of my unemployment funds on the website it shows only $940 left which is only 4 weeks left of funds? But I heard it is supposed to last until September of 2021 according to the new Stimulus Bill so if I do not find a job in the next 4 weeks, will they add on to those funds automatically as long as I continue to do my weekly claims? Or will I have to file for another brand NEW unemployment claim (which as you know is a huge hassle)? Any help or suggestions at all would be so amazing. Thank you so much!

  16. I have 9 weeks that say partial payment ! What does this mean I get a check for the rest iam confused?

  17. Yes, this exact same situation is happening to me. After the first delay to the 9th, figured it must have something to do with the new fiscal year. But now it’s been delayed again to the 15th! there are no notifications, messages, or anything to indicate that something is wrong. And getting through to someone at the DES office is pretty much impossible. At least I’m not the only one. Anybody got a clue?

    1. From what i read, there is no money left for pua until a stimulus bill is passed. There are articles online,

  18. Anybody have any idea why pua benefit payment dates being pushed back to a different date? Supposedly I was supposed to get a payment on the 5th of October. Then I checked the portal or whatever and the date was changed to the 9th, today. I check the portal again and the payment date was changed to the 15th now. There are no open issues or anything that states there is something wrong. Any ideas?

  19. Arizona Unemployment.
    Ok GUYS, I stumbled on something interesting in the “My DASHBOARD”
    It might be helpful,
    So my situation is that I am a limo driver and stopped working March 16, didn’t know that there’s a program for my situation until September, that’s when I applied for PUA and got approved on Sept 14, sent via email.
    By today 10/6 I got 3 payments of $240.
    SO I am going bunkers trying to know if I am even in consideration for retroactive pay or not, nothing on my portal indicates anything about that, my claim summary has ( claim type: regular active ) ( available credit: $9360 ) ( paid $720 ) and ( benefit balance $ 8640 ).
    So on the bottom of the claim summery there is the / Payment Summery / boxes, under / Week Ending / column I have 3 payments dates,
    i clicked on the date themselves and it took me to a ( Claimant Summary ) it has all the information’s about me that exist on the previous page, but in a some different format,
    ANYWAY on the top right, there was ( Eligibility Review Date: 10/18/2020, so my review date is 34 days after acceptance date.
    I am a little bit relieved, and I will upload a picture of me with my ID and SSS# card to my ( Portal ), like some guys here recommended, to proof that i am the guy and there is no fraud and that will help expedite the results.
    I hope that’s helpful for you guys.
    ANOTHER Thing, i Googled ( Arizona eligibility review date ) and it took me to the Arizona Gov unemployment site that has a file image that i clicked on and it downloaded / Eligibility Review Questionnaire/ form, its a form that will be sent to you via mail or mail ( i guess ) in case they have some issues with your application, that’s my personal opinion about the form, not sure???

    1. Ok, Guys.. Here’s what I just found out. I’ve been waiting for pua back pay for months! My eligibility date is 7/18/20 but should be 2/2/20. Anyways, if you haven’t done this already You must do in order to get your money and get your date changed legit. Go to the regular ui website, go to forms and pamphlets and search for weekly certification form# UIB 1245A. Now print it and fill it out the number of weeks you need to go back and backdate the form too as you’re filling it out. Lastly, upload them to your documents in your PUA portal. And this is how you file your backdated weekly certs!! They will respond within that week with a denial letter or if you dont recieve anything from them, No NEWS is good news! Then you should recieve pmt like 1 to 2 weeks. Your regular pmts will be placed on hold. so you will not recieve any payments for those couple weeks BUT after that you should receive pmt for everything!!
      Hope this helps!!

      1. Hi Angie,
        I actually spoke to a live PUA person today regarding changing my claim effective date to receive my back pay. I’m self employed and my case is similar to yours. I found the correct UIB 1245A form to fill out. For the Week Ending Date on page 1 do we back date the form and put 2/2/20 to get all the retro back payments? When we sign the form do we put today’s date 12/8/20 or that 2/20/20 date? HELP!?

        Also, the agent I spoke with was very sweet and said if you upload the form to your PUA portal it won’t get reviewed and you will not get paid. YOU HAVE TO FAX OR MAIL ( listed on the bottom of the form) the UIB 1245A Form. The people reviewing the cases are not looking at uploads in the PUA Portal. Go to the official AZ DES site and get this form! Good luck everyone and happy holidays!

      2. Angie, did you or were told that you needed to fill out the form for each week that needed back dated? It seems that it looks that way.

      3. I finally got approved got my card yesterday used it twice now my card won’t work they said my account is closed Idk why I don’t have anything on my dashboard about anything wrong

  20. The call center opens at 7am. Push the button to file a new claim. Have them file it by phone. It takes 5; minutes. They have the number you lost. Just keep calling.

  21. Some one please help my peuc access code for extended benefits has disappeared how can i get it that i can file claim im desperate, i will loose everything, please someone must have am answer, ive called they are not .accepting any calls, please help

    1. Hi. They have to send you the code (DES) after you file for peuc… Who has exhausted regular UI.

  22. I have been waiting 10 weeks! Having called the representative for our district three times, contacting govenor Ducey once, three news stations, Bank of America Card Holder Services, and Arizona Unemployment office for over two months all to get one question answered, “Where is my money?” and sometimes “WHERE IS MY MONEY!!!!!!”. Remember folks we are customers. I had someone in existing claims tell me it was free money anyway. I worked 20 years and this is my first time. We worked for this. I was told I was qualified for regular Unemployment anyway. I was paid 25 weeks and switched to there Bank of America card. Since that time I have been filing weekly and adding transaction numbers that are not being paid to me. It’s a back and forth game with the Bank and unemployment pointing the finger. I have since been given over 20 different theories as my portal says processing.I don’t look at this as an easy fix for any of us. They all get small pieces of information about whats supposedly going on. I was told by the bank 3 times they had my money. They said they would send an email and clear it up and nothing happens. The bank said two Thursdays ago 24-72 hours. Nothing still. Believe me they have pages of my complaints. i have hours of phone calls recorded. I state at the beginning I am recording as well. Some of them get nervous. LOL. Anyways tomorrow is Sunday. Time to hit the phone lines again at 9:30. Good luck all.

    1. By law you don’t have to say that you’re recording the conversation , as long as you’re in the conversation . Now if you record someone else without you’re in ( talking ..) then you can get in trouble .

  23. So today I get a letter for the final 13 week extension. Nowhere on the letter is an access code which is required to file your claim. What is the point of sending the letter telling me to apply but not including the access code? I have no clue what access code they are referring to. Its not my password, pin or ss#. Anyone out there actually receive an access code?

    1. Ok so I have been waiting for my unemployment since. March 31. And have yet to receive they owe me back pay of 27 weeks. And moving forward another 9 more weeks now I was told OT was flagged forbfraud but I habe provided everything requested for them to show no fraud AMD here I still sit no way to pay bills have a stable home. It is crazy. I am suffering so much for this so now where do we turn. We have all this money waiting and no way to get it. It cant take 4 weeks to verify where I am living now. Come help me please I have called left message. Ailed AMD gotten no where. Help

      1. My problem is that I was deemed fraudulent because I didn’t pass the 5 point information that they wanted.they want the first email address that you would of used in the beginning along with the first phone number linked to that email address,plus your address,full name, .I changed my email address after I first signed up because I had gotten help from someone and they knew my information so when i learned how to do it on my own,that’s where i was red flagged it’s been hella trying to prove or find all my notes that i made while starting mypua,. I hope this issue will let you know what the problem is

    2. Make sure you are filing for PEUC and not extended benefits. I received the same letter with no access code on the paper. I finally figured out to file for PEUC benefits not extended benefits. They are 2 different things.. hope this helps

      1. It turns out there was no access code because you have to wait a week to file once your 26 weeks run out. It took 4 hours talking to Des employees to figure this out. None of them new this very important detail that was also omitted from the letter. So I got my little $240. I’m glad I saved up for a year like this or I’d have problems living bin the state ranked 49th out of 50 for lowest benefits. DES hasn’t been audited bin 15yrs. Why is that Ducey??

        1. This is helpful, thanks for sharing! How did you ever get it set up? Did they send you a code the week later? Or over the phone? I also just got this notice with no code. Should I keep calling and trying to get through? Or wait for a code in the mail?

        2. hi dom did you get a second letter with the access code. i got a letter saying i qualified for the extended benefits but i didnt see a code. any info you can provide would be truly appreciated. i just cant seem to figure it out

        3. Just file the extension by phone. You don’t need the code. Press the button that you are filing a new claim and someone will pickup.

      1. I ended up calling and filing for the extension with the rep. They also have the code that they can give to you to file online but it was pretty fast to just do it with the rep once I finally got ahold of someone

  24. I filed my PUA claim since around July 2020. I haven’t got any pay from back dated payment till now. Just got 2 weeks payment of $540 and $240 last week. When I do check my back payment date status. It always shows In progress for the past 3 months.
    How can I go about it to get my payment ( to settle the necessary Bill’s am an elder lady of 70 years plus with no any means of income due to the pandemic) with no more delay or total strip off my benefit have worked for by paying my tax for almost 50 years of working age.


  26. I guess it’s easier for everyone to point fingers and blame the FedGov and DES’s “lack of accountability” for all of their problems and their situation. What about your the lack of accountability and your dependency on everyone else to survive in this world? What would do if this PUA program didn’t exist? Isn’t it obvious the last few generations of children had parents that failed to raise them but certainly collected the checks for them. Self-dependency, traditional core values, basic work ethics, self-discipline, is apparently a thing of the past. Learning to simply get of your ass and working for what you want to better your own situation is a foreign language no longer spoken or taught. Also, this is the parents job not the public school systems.

    I’m definitely not trying to toot my own horn, hell, my 21yr old son was 18yrs old when he finally got his driver’s license. Unlike myself in line at the DMV 15yrs 7mths to the day for my permit. We need to learn how to take pride in self accomplishments again and learn how to see value in personal goals we complete. IMHO, this all went out the window the day they started giving trophies out past 3rd place. Participation points and over-sensitivities do not survive in the real world it once was and truly still is no matter how politically correct it claims to be. Take a look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for your failures and depending on them to fix them. You and your familes well-being 100% reliant on the governments promise of FREE $$$, money YOU DID NOT EARN was your 1st mistake, as I’m sure most of you already knew deep down in that thick skull of yours. Always have a back-up plan (plan B, C, D, etc) even if it requires you to get off your ass to actually do something other than fill out forms on your phone or computer (if any of you still have one of those), and learn how to navigate if and when that plan also fails. Just my $0.02. Best of luck collecting your lottery winnings!

    1. I totally agree! No one raises kids to work for what they want anymore. Every thing is just given. Wich is why you have this reaction of entitlement! Makes me sick to see people who haven’t worked in YEARS are receiving money they didn’t EARN nor DESERVE!!

    2. Your opinion means nothing and if you were in the shoes of these americans in which it is obviouse you are not,you wouldent halfass think up stupid COMMENTS

      1. I am in the same shoes. I’m a mobile mechanic and filed my claim in July and still haven’t received a dime. I didn’t think there was a program for the self-employed or that I’d ever have to use it. I’ve managed to get this far without and apparently will have to continue without. Maybe DES gets to pick and choose the industries they give assistance to. Mobile Mechanics must not be one of them. So to sum it up I hoped to never have to apply for government assistance; now that I have I spent hours completing forms and gathering paperwork they’ve requested and 5 months later have received $0.00. I couldn’t have started working for myself or pay off my FED Student loans at a worse time. No turkey for me this week!

    3. Your a Douche. We were all affected in one way or another. Did the government tell us to stay home?

    4. Obviously, since this money hasn’t been paid out, people ARE surviving on their own, no thanks to the government. If you’re looking for an “atta boy” look elsewhere. What are you doing on this web page if you’ve got everything in such good financial order, anyways? Are you just looking to start drama? Sounds to me like you are behaving like an attention seeking child. I could go on about how the government has helped to put us in the situation we are all in. But, we are all already aware of the facts.

    5. Ay dude, This thread is for people asking questions, no one here is saying their problems are caused by the government. Also since you’ve obviously never paid taxes and don’t understand how they work, this isn’t free money; it’s money that people have paid through taxes for years and years for emergency instances exactly like this one. Sorry you’re such a hateful little man, hope you get some help.

      1. Ah dude, I worked non-stop since age 12. I’ve obviously paid my W-2 taxes every year until I went 1099 in 2004 when I started paying quarterly. Get your facts straight before trying to sound like a smart guy; we all pay into Unemployment Assistance which is not the same pool of funds as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. My point in my 1st message was if people start trying to depend on themselves a little more as they once did they would have less time to waste on these boards. We are all delayed because too many damn people have taken advantage of and simply use these govt systems instead of going to work. Tell me I’m wrong and we’re not paying more taxes than we need to because our capable neighbor’s are all heading to work in the morning.

    6. Unemployment Ins is paid by us, and also the employer. I have worked for over 30 years. This is money we paid in case of an emergency situation, such as losing your home when out of work with no job offers. I also paid over 12, 000 a year in taxes for 30 years. Many of us are actively seeking work. This is not free money. Add up what you paid into it. Are you from a different country or do you just post to anger others?

    7. People are simply asking questions, that there obviously isn’t a clear explanation by your precious DES. At least my parents didn’t teach me that an acceptable use of my(and others posting) time is trolling a help topic thread for no other reason but to pose hypotheticals that will never happen now, since PAU exists (pointless to even ask); nor did they teach me to also post BORING ASS anecdotes about your family. Look Bruh, do you have an answer to one of our questions or a question of your own you may need help with?

    8. Scott, your an idiot. Making stereotypical generalizations, instead of being self-aware enough to recognize that each person has their own specific story and until you are familiar with each one, spare us your ignorant conclusions. Especially this well worn 1950’ish BS. Do some reading, study and analysis of complex societal, economic and historical authorities and you will learn how at “first glance” ridiculous and juvenile, your comments are.

    9. China & your most horrible president Trump destroyed this country in 9 months. Allowed all flights to come in from Europe, chinese just re-routed their flights, a stones skip on the lake. Land on Europe, and keep going same angle to USA. Scott “Robots” like you did not hold your conservative politicians accountable. You also stayed on the sidelines while trillions went to useless defense industry, that did jack to stop the virus or even stop the plane loads of Covid-19 airplanes coming to good old USA. Now we are having a 911 style 3000+ tragic deaths every day. You probably sit and watch sports all day long. Stop lecturing and look yourself at the mirror and your calcified brain. There are so many qualified people here, people don’t want to die with Covid. Famous line, “dying aint much of a living”

      1. Hold on, Trump tried to stop the flights but the second he did everyone said he was being prejudice. I personally wouldn’t want to be the one making that decision when it first started there is no right or wrong answer there, but get your facts straight before pointing fingers.

    10. You don’t know anyone’s else’s story and you sound ignorant. People do earn assistance from the government by paying their taxes. They pay into the system so that when the time comes that they need assistance, they are entitled to it. People are at home taking care of their elderly parents, or high risk family members, or they literally lost their job. There’s an economic crisis happening right now, and it sounds like you are able-bodied have employment. Good for you. Save your $0.02, you might be counting pennies one day.

  27. At this point in time, DES Az owes me $13, 176. Every week claimed with the $600 added to my weekly pay of $117 is in a partial check status. Why? No one can/will explain the reason. Time for those of us who have been delayed their payments to converge on the State Capitol and demand action. I also wonder why our news outlets are not reporting about the failures of DES and the hardships that the people of Arizona are put into because of DES AZ inability to function properly and provide better service in a timely manner instead of giving us the run around. Pull your head out your asses and get shit done.

    1. I just now spoke with DES operator Tonya who, after 7 weeks of me enquiring about my not being paid since And 3rd was able to explain my situation. She said that I have zero issues and was mistakenly caught up in the process of their rooting out the fraud cases because of the amount of money that I was going to receive at one time (22 weeks of retro back payments). She said she is sending a email to the tech department to help move things along and to give it a week or two. Now I can better understand what the hold up is all about having, after many enquiries with other DES call representatives, finally I had connected with someone (Tonya) intelligent and knew what they were doing. She explained that she has been dealing with a lot of similar situations from other people whose claims are in limbo that should not have been flagged in the first place because we had already been approved for benefits and had already received several payments before being stopped. I’m going to mix her words of clarification and a bit of skepticism together and see what happens between now and the end of the month. Fingers crossed….
      oh, in my prior comment I seem to have been a little judgmental towards the assistance I had received. Only one representative out of the twelve that I spoke with in the six weeks was rude and not wanting nor willing to help me straighten out my dilemma, the others just didn’t have a clue but gave good phone…

      1. I was told the same thing five weeks ago and still have nothing. This is all a mess! The customer service agents don’t know what to say, so they tell you something. We can’t get any right answers. I filed the end of June, received a couple payments then it all stopped. I have spoken to several Congress people and they have no answer and just say they will email the department. So, don’t believe anything you hear. Sorry for you and everyone else.

      2. Well, I seem to have been fed a line of BS by DES. I was told that there is nothing wrong with my claim, zero issues, no holds. So, where’s my money then? Why won’t DES pay me? What the heck is the problem? 33 weeks of claims and only 4 payments received. This is complete and total BS!! Never once have I gotten an explanation why they stopped, what is being done, or when em I going to receive my payments. We shouldn’t have to suffer from the incompetence of government not doing their duty in a timely manner that is suitable to our citizens needs.

      3. My back pay they say has been approved and investigated ,that was so 27 and now on all my $600 stimulus back weeks it says “partial check” have you received any back pay yet and or have any Insight on my and seemingly everyone’s delema ? Thank you

        1. Hell nah it’s just bs all the time it’s got to be something we can do!! I’ll say let’s all get together and go down town and protest. Now with that said I go to the Az works on central and fax my paperwork I call today and they said that they have no paperwork for me how strange is that it’s the employee’s at those offices you would think that they would know that they are doing something fraudulent so let’s get together and go protest at the gov office because phone calls don’t work BS.!!!

    2. I am with you. Give me a time, date, and place. I’m down to protest. I have paid more than the regular amount of taxes my entire working career only to be bent over by DES when asking for a little help. This is some b.s…

  28. Hello, I didnt apply for Unemploument until May and had lost my job Jan 27th. I am owed retro acrive payments and can’t figure out why I have not got it. I have contacted UI and they say just wait, fill out a form with dates(which I did ), they say that never received a form. I dont know what steps to take next. Someone help

  29. How are so many of you getting through on the phone? what time of day do you call? I have not had a payment since April 4th. I have tried calling everyday! and it says the que is full. All of our stories are so similar. The only response I got was after I emailed Kyrsten Sinema’s office. They at least responded and are taking Claim numbers to DES for People like us on this thread. I can’nt wait to vote out every local person that has sat comfortably idle while we face hunger and homelessness and emotion / mental torment. This was a disgusting display for our state and country.

    1. once the phone starts to ring., Push 212211,then your SS#,then push 1 push your Pin#,Then push#5.If you get that recording of the lady hang up and repeat it all over.If it rings your in. But you can be on hold for an hr or 2

    2. You can get through on the phone by jamming the prompts. As soon as you hear the recorded voice start, then press 212211xxxxxxxxx1xxxx5 – The first series of x’s are your ss#, the second are your individual pin. Just press all those numbers in secession. I usually go to the wait queue about 1 in 10 tries.

    3. Call the number and select the option to file a new claim. Its the best option, other than gathering every cell phone in your home and calling and going through the prompts over and over again until you get through.

  30. i recently applied for pua and got my first payment on 8/24 i have been out of work since April but the pua portal is not giving me options to claim my back pay can someone please help me out and tell me how i do this process i have been so stressed out do i have to even claim all the way from April or will that get done automatically it says effective date 8/16 end date 12/26 thats not 39 weeks so do i have to go in and claim the 4 months i wasn’t on pua pleaaase help thank you

    1. Hello- you have to process a claim for the whole time you didn’t work 39weeks and then it should prompt you to file a weekly certification

  31. So after guessing my way through Arizona’s Pua issues, because none of my emails were answered dating back to June I believe, and no luck getting through to them via phone, these are the solutions I figured out from reading comments from other people in the same boat. First, I had an open issue, my son’s claim did as well. I figured out that because we were using the same phone to do our weekly claims raised a red flag. He needed help as he’s mentally challenged so I thought it was easier to do them both on my phone. DO NOT USE THE SAME PHONE. After I corrected this, and had him do them on his phone, issue was resolved immediately. Then, both our claims kept showing in process but with no dollar amount to far right of weekly claims. I learned that we needed to take a photo of us holding up our i.d. or drivers license, and a separate photo of just the i.d. or d.l . ONCE UPLOADED, the next day, his showed payments and transaction numbers. He got paid. Mine began showing payments issued, but no transaction number. This began July 26 and was ongoing until a week ago. IT began saying it was under review SO, I UPLOADED A COPY OF MY SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. Took 2 weeks under review. Last claim I filed showed no longer under review. AND FINALLY ON MONDAY, LABOR DAY, I GOT THROUGH TO SOMEONE VIA TELEPHONE. I Think people thought they were closed so I got lucky. Anyways, they tell me I’m cleared for payment but GET THIS….ITS A WAITING GAME BECAUSE IT’S OVER 10,000.00 DOLLARS??!!! WELL IT WOULDN’T BE THAT AMOUNT IF I HADN’T HAD TO GUESS MY WAY THROUGH ALL THE HOOPS! DON’T THEY HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS AMOUNT PLUS SOME? SO I SIT AND WAIT FOR PAYMENT. WELL, AT LEAST MY PART IS DONE. So people, make sure you upload all your documents and if you and someone else using same phone or computer, STOP. It will resolve at least on issue.

    1. Have you received your back pay? I uploaded my drivers license and SS card etc etc a month ago. 2 days ago (September 27) I received and email saying my back pay back too Feb 16 has been investigated and approved but my portal on all my $600 stimulus payments now say partial check and I still have no transaction number or payment number/date. I have talked to 20 different des agents with 20 different answers , do you have any insight on this ? Thank you

  32. Tired of waiting for back pay. Have meds to pick up car tags over four and other s___ I’ve worked hard for my money. It America What ever

  33. I need a good number to contact a representative to clear up an open issue on my PUA Claim. It states that I refused a telesales job oppourtunity which is entirely inaccurate. How do i get a accdount maqnager on the phone that deals specifically with PUA applicatiojn. I applied in may. received 3 payments and nothing since.

  34. Everyone on Pua if your account has been flagged and frozen because of a fraud investigation just continue to file your weekly certifications and if your claim is legit des will release the money to you. My claim had been frozen and flagged for a fraud investigation and I was approved on Friday and my funds were released today. I have been waiting since the middle of June.

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