Working From Home Is More Productive Than Being in The Office

This article was last updated on June 28

Great article from Bloomberg Businessweek on what employees really do when they are working from home. This includes:

43 percent watch TV or a movie and 20 percent play video games while officially working from home. Parents are more likely than those without children to partake in these two activities, which aren’t work-related. Employees might not even be sober: 24 percent admit to having a drink. Twenty-six percent say they take naps. Others are distracted by housekeeping: 35 percent do household chores; 28 percent cook dinner.

But the most startling observation from this survey was that despite all the time spent on non-work activities, people who work from home (i.e telecommuters or those with flexible work arrangements) are actually more productive than their peers in the office. The is primarily due to the absence of work specific distractions (like water cooler gossip or long coffee breaks) and the ability to more effectively multitask in your own home.

Working From Home vs Staying in the Office - Which is More Effective
Working From Home vs Staying in the Office - Which is More Effective

As a parent and some who works from home once a week I somewhat agree with this. But I think the effectiveness of telecommuting varies from person to person. And as a manager of people, I think that those who are conscientious and hard working in the office will also do the same at home. And if they are lazy and unmotivated at work, they will be even worse at home when no-one is watching them

What are your thoughts on this?

4 thoughts on “Working From Home Is More Productive Than Being in The Office

  1. I am a permanent home worker, and my productivity is motivated by achievement of formal objectives. I realize not everyone has the discipline to work like this too, and require hands on visual management. I’m just glad I’m not one of them. I wouldn’t trade my working arrangement for anything. and there is a balance between work and life that’s manageable when there is some freedom within one’s own environment.

  2. I work harder at home than I do at the office. When working at home, it is easier to constantly work without taking breaks and lunch time, while in the office there are a lot of distractions that are distrubing.

  3. Just like anything else, there will be people that take advantage of the system but this article is talking about overall percentages. As someone who has had to endure a commute from hell for a few years, I can say that having the option to work from home some days would have certainly made me a more productive employee. There are plenty of distractions while you’re physically at work that can suck up just as much time… co-workers chatting, browsing the internet, etc etc.(and you have the people that sit and do nothing just to be in the office for appearances). Nevermind the fact that you have people wasting hrs of their time and company time commuting back and forth which lets face it puts you in a completely different mindset when you arrive at work… especially if you’re receiving no compensation for your commute. I had the opportunity to work from home for a few weeks and I definitely found myself to be more productive and I had a better attitude knowing I wasn’t spending over $150/week on gas for my car (and I don’t even have a “gas guzzler”).

  4. In today’s age working from home is pretty much mandatory – particularly if you have a second job or the like.

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