Stimulus Bill Update $916 vs $908 billion proposals – Extra Unemployment and Another Round of Stimulus Checks


This article was last updated on December 9

So looks like there are now two potential stimulus proposals in play. One, worth $908 billion from a bipartisan group of Senators was the front runner. But then Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has proposed another one, worth $916 billion, which has the President’s and Senate Leader McConnel’s backing. The biggest gaps and differences are around provisions for state/local Government funding and liability, unemployment insurance extensions and payment of another stimulus check. The table below shows the main differences:

$908 Billion Stimulus Proposal (Bipartisan Senators)$916 Billion Stimulus Proposal (Trump/Mnuchin)
No Economic Impact Payment (a.k.a Stimulus Check)$600/$1200 direct payment for individuals/couples ($600 for Dependents)
$300 per week supplementary (extra) unemploymentNo Extra Unemployment
16 week extension for PUA and PEUC4 week extension for PUA and PEUC
Excluded a broad liability shield and significant state and local government funding. 
Includes liability shield, and much more limited state and local government funding
Main Differences in the 2020 to 2021 stimulus bill proposals

There is still a lot of back channel negotiations going on and I am sure the final bill (if one happens) will be a mixture of the above. Stay tuned for further updates and see this recent video for further details on the gaps.

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It appears that a last ditch deal to pass another $2 Trillion pre-election stimulus package may be nearing as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (on behalf or the Trump White House) work hard to compromise on a new $2T pre-election stimulus deal that will include additional unemployment benefits and another stimulus check. Per their recently passed bill in the house, Democrats are still pushing for a $600 p/week supplementary UI payment (similar to the FPUC payment which expired in July), but will likely have to settle for a maximum $400 weekly payment in line with the recently paid Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) payment and the White House proposed $1.8 trillion stimulus bill. The stimulus check amount will be $1200/$2400 in line with the first economic impact payment paid earlier this year. I’ll post updates as new information comes to hand.

Pre-Election 2021 Stimulus Deal For Extra Unemployment Benefits and Stimulus Payments

President Trump recently announced that he’s calling off stimulus negotiations with Democrats “until after the election.” He has instructed Republican Senators to only focus on getting their new Supreme Court judge.

This tough decision means the stimulus bill passed in the House won’t proceed and as such no additional unemployment or stimulus checks will likely be paid this year, given the contentious election and drawn out ballot count that will take place. Cynically many are saying this is due to political pressure from Senate republicans.

This is devastating news to millions of Americans who will need to only rely on existing enhanced unemployment benefits. It will also have ripple impacts across the economy with many retailers and small business’ relying on stimulus spending and additional PPP loans.

[Update] The Democrats $2.2 trillion stimulus bill passed in the House of Representatives along party lines, so no surprise it passed given the Democrat majority in the house. Now it goes to the Senate for a vote, and most Republican senators there may veto it. The White House and Trump Administration will also need to sign-off off on any new stimulus bill and are pushing for a compromise. So say a prayer that all the key players and parties reach an agreement sooner rather than later.

With a month to go before the federal election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are working hard to reach a compromise on a new pre-election stimulus deal that will include additional funding for supplementary unemployment benefits and another stimulus check. Democrats are still pushing for a $600 p/week supplementary UI payment (similar to the F/PUC payment which expired in July), but will likely have to settle for a $300 to $400 payment in line with the recently rolled out Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) payment.

Whatever unemployment benefit amount that is eventually agreed to will likely provide coverage and funding through early 2021, before the start of a new Presidential and Congressional term. This payment will be welcome relief to millions of jobless or under-employed Americans through the holiday season and against the possible resurgence of a second wave of Coronavirus infections.

Unemployment  claims  trend

In addition to funding extra unemployment benefits, there is also bipartisan consensus on sending another $1,200 direct payment (stimulus check) before the end of the year. There would also be help for struggling small business through additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and for airline industry employee furlough prevention. Support for states, local governments, schools, home owners and renters will also likely be part of any new stimulus package.

Another major hurdle to overcome, even if Democrats and the White House reach an agreement, is getting Senate approval where majority leader Mitch McConnell has already said getting enough Republican votes for any significant stimulus funding bill will be very difficult ahead of the election.

13 thoughts on “Stimulus Bill Update $916 vs $908 billion proposals – Extra Unemployment and Another Round of Stimulus Checks

  1. My God. When will NV get on it? There are over 260,000 of us still not paid! I have 28 weeks still “in progress”. They need to pay us before moving on.

  2. Andy: Could you please put dates on your posts? Dates are particularly relevant in order to determine what is happening, or has happened, and which information is your latest post.
    Thank you!

    1. They are at the bottom of the article. As I make constant updates and for SEO reasons, cannot have right on top.

  3. Will the covid unemployment go into January 2021 for people who can not find work!

    1. Not unless Congress approves an extension. Currently proposals suggest providing unemployment benefits from Sep 12 to 3rd week of Jan 2021 (payments will be retroactive). But all this is still in negotiations.

      1. Andy..I have a question…I draw the PEUC benefits that ran out today 10/13/2020..Do I go to my local office to extend the PEUC benefits or does it extend by its self? I live in Arkansas..and do I now draw the PUA benefits?

  4. When Will NJ start paying the FEMA money. Does anyone know. I file every week and it keeps saying I will be credited for the weeks I clamed. This is since July. Unfortunately my company has closed Due to Covid. Its hard to find a job. Being a volunteer is even harder. I have to watch what I spend. Gas only goes so far.

    Thank You

    1. This latest bill only passed in the House of Representatives, with a Democrat majority. Now it goes to the Senate for a vote, and most Republican senators there may veto it. So say a prayer that it passes.

  5. The Democratic bill that just passed would:

    Reinstate the $600 per week enhanced unemployment benefit through January
    Send a second $1,200 direct payment to most Americans
    Give $436 billion in relief over one year to state and local governments
    Authorize more money for a second round of Paycheck Protection Program loans for the hardest-hit businesses and industries
    Send $25 billion to airlines to cover payroll costs
    Inject $75 billion into Covid-19 testing and contact tracing efforts
    Put $225 billion into education and $57 billion into child care
    Set aside billions for rental and mortgage assistance

  6. I am so Blessed to have found this source of information and insight over the months. I don’t feel so “alone” in trying to navigate life as I never have before. Thanks for all your time and work spent on serving other’s needs.

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