A Second 2020 Stimulus Check Supported by Trump and Democrats (HEROES act)

House democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have passed (208 to 199 on May 15) another stimulus bill in Congress, called the HEROES act, which includes a new round of stimulus check (economic impact) payments of $1,200 per individual and $2,400 for couples. This is the same as the current round of stimulus checks being paid, slowly but surely.

Another 2020 Stimulus Check

The child dependent stimulus credit however has been increased to $1200 (from $500), but limited to three dependents. It also aims to address several challenges and gaps with payment of the current dependent stimulus, the main one being that it makes those dependents older than 17 entitled to these payments.

Additionally the bill expands coverage of stimulus checks to immigrants with taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) for the standard and dependent payment under this bill.

While House and Senate Republicans don’t currently support another stimulus check package or payment, the White House has indicated the President would likely be supportive of another stimulus check payment later this summer as evidenced by the following statement:

“As President Trump has said, we are going to ensure that we take care of all Americans so that we emerge from this challenge healthy, stronger, and with economic prosperity, which is why the White House is focused on pro-growth, middle class tax and regulatory relief.”

White House Press Release (via CNBC)

The HEROES act also extends two other major provisions for individuals passed under the earlier CARES stimulus bill. The first is an extension of the $600 per week extra unemployment payment (FPUC) through to January 2021 (the current FPUC/PUA provision approved in March is set to expire at the end of July). The second major individual provision is to boost the maximum SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) payment benefit by 15%. This is designed to help low income earners deal with the rising cost of food as a result of supply chain disruption and production shortages.

New individual/worker focused provisions proposed include canceling up to $10,000 for some federal and private loan holders. Another big one is establishment of a $200 billion “Heroes’ Fund” to provide hazard pay to some essential workers. This would come in the form of a $13 per hour pay premium on top of their regular pay for “all hours worked in essential industries through the end of 2020,” up to $25,000 for essential workers earning less than $200,000 per year and up to $5,000 for workers earning more than $200,000 per year.

The $3 Trillion HEROES relief bill and included provisions will likely go through a lot of debates and changes due to strong opposition from moderate Democrats and Republicans in the Senate who worry about the ballooning federal deficit.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell scoffed at the $3 trillion relief bill calling it a “parade of absurdities.” But he did add that “another bill probably is going to be necessary….”

But if the economy does not improve and unemployment does not fall or there is a significant resurgence of the Coronavirus later this year then it seems almost certain a second stimulus package and check bill will be passed. I will post updates as they come to light.

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10 thoughts on “A Second 2020 Stimulus Check Supported by Trump and Democrats (HEROES act)”

  1. What about all these people who are on SSI ,never worked due to disabilities and still have not received any of the 1st Stimulus check of $1200? Who do they call. The IRS line does not give further info other than IRS.Gov and some of these folks don’t have a computer or smart phone. Where do they find out where their check is of $1200?

    • The stimulus check was to help the American’s live a regular life and get bills paid. The people who are out of work due to COVID-19. I don’t see where COVID-19 messes with social security. I know it for every American, but be greatful your life has not been turned upside down cause you are still getting double paid by the government.

    • Did you have an interuption in your pay. The people that rightfully deserve the check are the ones that could not work received government assistance due to covid. People that are already receiving Government SSI, Social Security never missed their income compensation. I know because you see I am disabled and I would rather see the people that are not able to work get the money.

  2. We were not given the dependent part of the stimulus payment. We have two boys they are both 17 now, one just turned 17 in April the other turns 18 in two days on the 21 of may. I was on ssi up to April 2020. Now on social security retirement.
    We did file taxes, even though we have no income but 1700 dollars, and my wife’s ssdi and the ssi that SSA shut down for December and January, They told me my son’s income is considered mine when they put it in their bank accounts. Accounts that came on in April of 2018 when my son who just turned 17 got a bank account to put his check from working at our local grocery store. My son who turns 18 already had his bank account. Social security law states students under 22 who are in school their income is excluded when they use the allocation for depend..ants to reduce a families income in determining the amount of ssi i am to receive, which in 2019 was $386 per child dependent.My wife 1150 was to be reduced to under 386 giving me the maximum of what was to be $771. I was getting $611 until November when they cut it to $250, followed by cutting the ssi i got to $0. They never explained themselves, other than my son’s income was mine as soon as it went into their accounts. They told told me I should have known their money was mine when they put it in the bank. They knew how to kill it but that was it I have to bring it to court to get the 7000 over payment quashed. THERE WAS THE FACT WHEN THEIR MONEY BECAME MINE MY RESOURCES WERE OVER 3000. they CLAIM i SHOULD HAVE KNOWN AND THE OVER PAYMENT WAS MY FAULT. Now as I stated we did not get the 500 for my son who was 16 in 2019. What do you suppose they will do with the 1200 for each of my two boys on this stimulus payment. AND THEN THERE IS THE 13.50 AN HOUR FOR THEIR WORK IN THE GROCERY STORE. i have told them over and over if the bring the virus home I will die. I have sleep disorders and diabetes. As well as hypertension and all the other thing we get when when get old. THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL. WE LOST THE 500 ON THE FIRST ROUND i HAVE turbo tax DO MY TAXES THEY HAVE DONE THEM FOR 8 YEARS, THEY TO ME IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT THE f\FED JUST DID NOT PAY OUT FOR MY DEPENDENT , i HAVE TO BELIEVE THE fed WILL NOT PAY THE 2400 FOR THE BOYS EITHER. n NOR WILL THE BOYS GET THE 13.50 AN HOUR BEING EMPLOYED IN THE GROCERY STORE. THE FED MUST SEE ME AS THE JACKASS I AM .

    • Many rules regarding SSI and SSDI have been getting strictly enforced for the past 3 years. One only needs to do some simple searches to check to see what groups and politicians seek to squash SSI and SSDI with major overhaul of regular Social security benefits. A few right politicians and groups are seeking to tie any NEW stimulus money to push backs for regular social security. (Ie. To get the check you would forgo the first 3 months of social security or other fed benefits.) Once that happens those programs become large rocks on a lilly pad. They do stay afloat for long. After that soon many programs will be tied to those old age benefits.

  3. i want to know how in the hell are the democrats going to pay for this where is the said money coming from doesn’t add up at all

  4. How about you help those that are working and taking a pay cut. I will not make the same money I made in 2019 and since everything is based on 19, I don’t qualify for anything. Take the first quarter and annualized it.

  5. I didn’t get a first one yet. More importantly, I’m in New jersey and I’ve been exhausted of ui benefits for two weeks.after trying to certify and it saying my claim is not payable at this time, they have said in the news that extensions should start may 18. Today is three days away and it sure doesn’t look like it’s happening

    If I knew I was definitely getting the extension, which the law says I should, I wouldn’t mind, but they are casting doubts and nobody answers phones or answers emails. Also can’t reapply it says I have an existing clqim. What gives?

    • My benefits have exhausted and it says to continue requesting payment every 2 weeks but I have not gotten an extension were you able to yet


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