$300 Unemployment in New COVID Stimulus Bill vs. Retroactive Lump Sum Payments under Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) Program

A New $300 supplementary unemployment payment in 2021?

As part of ongoing discussions around an extension to unemployment benefits in the latest stimulus bill, lawmakers are reaching consensus on a supplementary $300 payment for up to 12 weeks between Jan 2021 and March 2021. This will likely work similar to the LWA program (details below). Details on how this will be managed and if any additional eligibility criteria are still to be released, but it is highly likely this payment will start in New Year. I will post updates as more information comes to hand.

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[Lost Wages Assistance Program updates] With the expiration of the FPUC program and the $600 weekly payment at the end of July, many unemployed or underemployed individuals were left high and dry until the LWA program was put in place via President Trump’s Executive order. The Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program is in effect from August 1st to the last week in December, but per the table below states are now paying out under this program but will likely take several weeks for some state UI agencies – who are administering the payments along with other enhanced benefits – to update their systems and start making payments.

All states that applied and were approved by FEMA were only awarded three weeks of initial funding– covering the weeks of August 1st, 8th and August 15th.  FEMA will then approve additional weeks of funding for LWA payments on a week by week basis (states have to apply for this). However any additional funding is subject to the $44 billion budget that is available for this program and it is almost certain that funding will run out before the December 27th expiry of this program, unless Congress approves additional funding via a formal UI benefits extension. At this stage FEMA has advised only a maximum of 6 weeks of funding has been approved for most states.

However the good news per DOL and FEMA guidelines is that, similar to the $600 FPUC payments, this payment will be made retroactive to August 1 (week of July 26th). So even though some states will likely take until late September to make these payments they will be making retroactive back payments back to the first week of August if you qualified for the payment.

Retroactive back payments for the initially funded three weeks will likely be paid in one lump sum – up to $900 if you are eligible for all weeks this program is in effect. Additional retroactive payments will be made for weeks the states have approved funding. E.g states who started paying out in mid-September (like Maryland) made the full $1800 payment to eligible recipients. Retroactive back payments however are not guaranteed for new claimants, those who certify late or those with claim issues, since funding is only provided on a weekly basis by FEMA.

Another important point to note is that unlike the $600 payment, the $300 or $400 LWA payment requires a claimant to be getting at least $100 of unemployment benefits from existing federal and/or state programs. This is significantly different to the $1 requirement for the $600 FPUC program. You will likely need to certify on a weekly or bi-weekly certification period that you meet this minimum threshold to get retroactive payments. The $100 minimum threshold is based on the claimants base period for calculating unemployment insurance benefits. For example in California, a person would need to have earned at least $2,574.01 in a qualifying quarter to receive at least $100 in weekly unemployment benefits from the state.

When do the $300 to 400 unemployment benefit (including retroactive) payments start in my state?

The table below provides the actual and estimated (when no official date available) for when the $300 (or $400 in certain states) payment will be made. This includes retroactive back payments, which will be paid along with regular weekly unemployment benefits. Also its important to know that the $300 payment may be staggered in several states (e.g CA, PA, NY) due to the large volume of claimants. So if you see your state with a status of paying now and a date in the past, just know that your payment is likely scheduled to be processed (assuming you are eligible and had certified) and may take a few days after the listed date. And as always, check your state’s UI portal or official emails for your specific payment details.

Phase 2 Staggered LWA Payments – CA, NY, PA, NC

Due to the volume of payments and the fact that FEMA is approving/funding for remaining weeks (following the initial 3 week grant) several state like California and New York are paying the last few weeks of the LWA program. You can see this noted in the table (where specific dates have been published) and across the many comments below. So if you do see a delay between your first and subsequent rounds of payment it is likely due to the staggered nature of payments. Unfortunately states have not always been clear on the timing for these “phase 2” payments as they are dependent of FEMA approval/funding and internal processing so many eligible claimants are facing delays in getting all their LWA payments.

The table is updated regularly as new information comes to hand. You can also follow my Facebook and Twitter feeds for micro real-time updates.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) State Payment Date and Status

StateLWA StatusStart DateMax WeeksWeekly Amount
AlabamaPaidSep 6th6$300
AlaskaPaidNov 6th
(see estimate details)
ArizonaPaidAug 17th6$300
ArkansasPaidSep 12 (up to Oct 2nd)6$300
CaliforniaPaidSep 7th (Phase 1)
Sep 15th (Phase 2)
ColoradoPaidFrom Sep 18th
(in batches)
ConnecticutPaidSep 17th5$300
DelawarePaidSep 18th6$300
District of ColumbiaPaidFrom Sep 28th
(in batches)
FloridaPaidSep 8th4$300
GeorgiaPaidSep 12th6$300
HawaiiPaidSep 23rd
(see schedule)
IdahoPaidSep 12th6$300
IllinoisPaidSep 8th6$300
IndianaPaidWeek of Sep 21st6$300
IowaPaidSep 9th6$300
KansasPaidFrom Oct 6th
(see schedule/details)
KentuckyPaidSep 15th6$400
LouisianaPaidAug 27th6$300
MainePaidSep 12th6$300
MarylandPaidSep 12th (schedule)6$300
MassachusettsPaidSep 7th6$300
MichiganPaidSep 10th6$300
MinnesotaPaidSep 4th6$300
MississippiPaidSep 10th6$300
MissouriPaidAug 23rd6$300
MontanaPaidAug 30th6$400
NebraskaPaidSep 18th (First 3 weeks)
From Sep 20th (remaining payments)
NevadaPaying 5th and 6th weeksFrom Oct 20th (First 3 weeks)
From Nov 11 (Last 3 weeks)
(see DETR updates)
New HampshirePaidSep 12th6$300
New JerseyPaidFrom Oct 22nd
(see more details)
New MexicoPaidSep 10th6$300
New YorkPaidSep 14th6$300
North CarolinaPaidSep 6th (4 weeks)
Sep 16th (2 weeks)
North DakotaPaidSep 17th6$300
OhioPaidFrom Sep 14th (on PUA)
From Sep 20th (others)
OklahomaPaidSep 23rd6$300
OregonPaidOctober 2nd6$300
PennsylvaniaPaidSep 17th (first 3 wk batch)
Sep 24th (second 3wk batch)
Rhode IslandPaidSep 6th6$300
South CarolinaPaidSep 25th
(7 to 14 days processing)
South DakotaNo PaymentDid not enroll6-
TennesseePaidAug 30th6$300
TexasPaidAug 23rd6$300
UtahPaidSep 9th to Sep 23rd
(paying in batches)
VermontPaidWeek of Sep 14th6$300
VirginiaPaidOct 19th
(see payout details)
WashingtonPaidSep 22nd6$300
West VirginiaPaidSep 16th6$400

WisconsinPaidFrom Oct 22nd6$300
WyomingPaidSep 13th6$300

Payment Start date is when the state actually started processing LWA payments OR is the estimated date of the first payment processing based on available information. Note: Due to bank processing delays, it can take 2 to 4 days after the noted dates for benefits to hit your bank account or debit card. Please see links to more information in the table or your state UI website for specific payment status. If you find any mistakes or have updates, please leave a comment below and I will update table to help others.

Because there there is no requirement under the Lost Wages Assistance program that an individual’s job separation be directly related to COVID-19 (indirect association is acceptable under self certification) many more individuals may qualify for this program (vs PUA). The end date for this program, assuming funding is available is December 27th 2020.

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326 thoughts on “$300 Unemployment in New COVID Stimulus Bill vs. Retroactive Lump Sum Payments under Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) Program”

  1. Alabama hasn’t paid me my benefits, holding my funds from glitch in their system, spoke wi th them and they claim to have payments made within 24-48 hours, Which I updated my direct dep vs the go program with Comerica bank. I’ve had a hotel steal my money I filed fraud on they copied my debit card info and after reporting them we was asked to leave, They was denying taking funda, however fraud dept blocked my card due to hotel debiting over 1,400.00 weeks later after leaving, making me penniless and homeless with my family of 7. I’ve not been paid a dime since end of October 2020 awaiting my REPLACEMENT debtcard they claim to send out and expedited, however I’ve not recieved it. I finally reached unemployment and they updated my direct deposit information while on the phone with me, but they still haven’t cleared the halt issue they claim was fixing, and it would be updated and payments sent within 24-48 hours..Nothibg , it’s been several weeks now since I spoke to unemployment, I’ve got 29 weeks unemployment holding payments ,I’ve not recieved any money at all. And urgently need it to get off streets and get in to a house..please help me im.in. Alabama

  2. My NY unemployment says I am eligible effective 4/13/20 I have recieved no back pay at all and the year is almost over is this normal right now for everyone else amd I am right that I will be recieving this back pay correct thanks in advance

  3. Ky issued 3 checks and hasn’t issued anymore for the last 3 weeks elgible I have self certified and I am elgible for all 6 weeks but haven’t received my checks please can someone just say something about what ky should expect

  4. Please, when will the last payments of 300 will Arkansas give out? Please just tell us! You guys said 0n the 23rd which was today!!! Please when???

  5. Im in Indiana. My state sent payment for LWA starting the week of Sept. 21st. I however like many I have been told put no to the question asking if covid 19 was the cause of your unemployment. I misread the question. So with that being said I didn’t qualify gor LWA even tho I make more than the $100 requirement. I have called several times since the 21st of Sept and have been told they do not know what they are doing about this issue. So my question is has any1 from either my state or another state heard what they are going to do if anything about those who misread the question? I was really looking forward to this money as it was going to pay my rent and other utilities. This is such a difficult time and money is so tight. I have three children so i must provide for them and situations like this has really made it hard to not be super stressed. I hope they work this out.

  6. I read where jf says thd 300-400 extra will run from August thru December but ive only relieved 9 checks and haven’t relieved any more so is that it will colorado not issue any more and is that the end of the program for us in Colorado or is it theg just stopped temporarily . My question is will we receive backpayments now for the 300 or was what we received all we will get now???

  7. Scotty horn in ky I’d like to know what to do to get my four hundred dollars back payment if someone could help me i really appreciate it thanks

  8. Some if not ALL Georgians that I have talked with received the LWA on the Retro payment. Since these have been deposited NOTHING else has been deposited on weekly Partial claims submitted by Employers. Employees that qualify for the UI (min of $100) are getting their UI payment but not the LWA ($300) So many have tried to contact, call and email DOL and getting not replies. SO I guess you just sit and wait and check DAILY to see or HOPE that it will hit and they will go back and Retro ALL missed. I find it Ridiclious that due to Covid and impact it has had on Employees or Unemployed to get ANY assistance or help. SO many I know are getting nothing and CLAIMS have been submitted as Partial and Individual. I guess as long as those getting $$ to pay essential monthly or weekly bills are considered lucky while the remainder are just a number in the system. Just an update is better than not knowing.

    • How do I get my four hundred dollars payment I’ve not got any of my payment if someone could help me get back with me thanks

      • You have to go to askedd and ask for it .. by selecting . Unemployment Insuruance Benefits, that Claim questions. And last is Backdaye the Effective date …etc

    • I’m in Wisconsin. U lucky they processing y’alls. Mine been pending since aug.
      N now I see this. Yeah I missed calculated big time. Back unemployed since end of Oct.
      Crazy how Americans can go from structured jobs to begging for food.

  9. I live in VA and my job has returned to full-time but I was getting partial hours. will I still receive LWA back pay even though Im full time now. I just went back to full-time September 23rd. I was receiving partial unemployment when August 1- Sept 6th

  10. I was receiving unemployment benefits from June 21,2020 until September 20, 2020. I have returned to work since then. Will I still receive the retroactive payments, even though I’m back at work?

  11. Arkansas
    I recieved one lwa payment on Sept. 14th and one on Sept. 21st. I was told not to expect consistancy on payments. I was told they show two are being issued, but have no information on when those will hit my account nor will I be given an essitmated direct deposit date.
    I am grateful for the amounts, but it is difficult to do my monthly budget planning.

  12. Hi I’m Tosha in ky and have made last two biweekly claims. shouldn’t the extra fema money been total of $800= $400 for each week claimed ? I’ve only received $800 total on 4weeks claimed

      • yea I’m in KY too and still haven’t received a payment. I’ve emailed and called and left messages every day for the last month with NO RESPONSE. This is ridiculous. I know many people who have already received all 6 payments and I’ve yet to receive 1. So I would be grateful for $800. If you’ve got one payment you will get the rest. My boyfriends came all at separate times. If anyone on here has any updated news for KY please let me know. I’m freaking out.

    • I’m in Kentucky too, I’ve not gotten any fema money since July,, only got. My 166.00$ a week. Can’t get ahold of no one to ask why, witch is bull. I’ve got bills to pay.

      • Im in ky as well and i havent received a penny extra from anyone just my regular weekly ui benifits cant anyone help me understand why please?

        • I’ve called unemployment, I’ve emailed them yet no response from them. You would think they would have there shit together and help us.

      • Have u received the link to fill out the app and past weeks for the LWA? I ask because I recently learned that the program was randomly selecting people to have their identification verified and there’s no way to tell who was chosen but if u have done this and haven’t received any yet and your state says paying now then u were one of the chosen ones for this verification and it takes up to 30 days, but once u are verified the funds will be released also if u are one of the chosen ones u will be required to upload a copy if your state issued ID as well as your entire social security card so I would go ahead and do that just to make things faster and u do this through the my documents portal on your claim page.

        • I have already faxed and emailed my ID in to unemployment when they ask for it. Have no ideal why so many people in Kentucky isn’t receiving there 400$ a week. It’s sad because a lot of family need this money to eat on. My prayers go out to all of you and hope u pray for me as well.

  13. Nebraska paid the first 900. When do you thing the next. Round will be. They told us they are waiting on funding from FEMA.
    So what does from sept 20 mean on est payment

  14. I have been recieving my lwa retroactive pay weekly wasnt i suppose to recieve one lump sum since i had already been certified for those weeks i have only recieved 2 payments that cover august 1 and aug 8th what do i have to do to get the weeks that are due to me and i have already called and certified for those weejs but not gotten the back pay

  15. No payment from Indiana today…the DWD website has beem inaccessible all day as well…Maximum number of users reached. Anyone else have any further info?

  16. Maryland
    I work for school board as a driver. I have not been scheduled as yet. Make only $82.00 unemployment. As I understand, I do not qualify for my $82.00 nor the $300. Is this correct.

  17. New updates have surfaced for Georgia. Please check your ui portal in Georgia check for updates on the second batch $900 please respond with results

  18. I live in Suffolk, VIRGINIA; I was/am self-employed actually since Dec. 2019 and due to start back home repairs approx. MARCH 2020. MARCH 4, 2020 I ended up at EMERG. ROOM RESPITORY PROBLEMS. Therefore when COVID 19 HIT I could not be in Public . I had no idea I qualified for PUA until a friend told me. I FILED so I filed for PUA in July and RECIEVED 1st check around August 4th, 2020 for 4 wks back and have continued to receive checks 158.00 weekly as I make claims, as of today 9/20/2020 is 7th week. My question is; since I filed in July and NOT MARCH OR APRIL 2020 will I receive retro-back payments too or did I file to late? Also do I start counting my 39 weeks? of PUA on the date of 1st check received or date I actually filed application or what? I don’t know when checks end. And what is LWA? Do I qualify for it, am I suppose to file for it or is an automatic thing roll over when other PUA benefits are exhausted? All the answers to these questions would be most appreciated and probably help others in my position too. Thank you for ALL your help.

    • Bambi, yes you have that coming to you since the week ending March 31st, but it sounds like you put the wrong answer for initial claim date for covid-based unemployment. It’s worth the effort to fix that (I hear calling VEC is the best way, but I also hear getting a human is not easty). Hang in there: PUA isn’t going anywhere and the states know there are unfiled claims. You have to change the start date of covid-based unemployment somehow. Best I got for ya; maybe someone else can kick in.

    • U will eventually receive back payments to whatever date u were originally out of work if u were approved for the covid unemployment. IE: if u filed July 1st 2020 then when u get paid u will get back payments for each week back dated to July 1st 2020. U can go on your homepage and click the lit up date/link for the PUI and it will take u to a run down of each week that u have filed a weekly claim for, this is really important because if all weeks aren’t showing up then either they were misplaced under the wrong unemployment page such as if u applied for regular UI and were denied then approved for Pandemic one some of h weeks have been mistakenly stuck under the regular UI claim and u will need to call the unemployment line to have them moved to your active claim. The other reason u need to check is because a lot of people mistakenly thought they filed a weekly claim for every past week and missed some so in that case u also need to call and get those other missing weeks filed.

  19. Do anyone else have any new information about Georgia and why we didn’t get the final $900 by 9/19 like their website says? Do anyone know of any one person in Georgia that can at least see the second batch disbursed on their ui portal?

    • I’ve been trying to get someone or agent to explain what is going on with my claim an still haven’t received any mail even after I submitted my documents they asked for an still cant get an answer

  20. This message is for the state of Georgia and anyone with real information regarding Georgia. Can anyone see your second batch being disbursed in your ui portal?

  21. Hi to those in New York State:
    I just received word from the New York State DOL of the next round of LWA to be released on 9/25. This will cover the benefit weeks 8/13/8/30/and 9/6. FEMA approved the state for this second round of payments.

  22. North dakota my claim status states active.but have help my payment on hold for past 4 weeks, if i was already paid out for 3 weeks lost wages are approved for will i receive retroactive payments or will my benefots be held as well.?

  23. Hi My name is laura i live in rochester ny state if i got my release date and approved for the 3 300$ payments and it havent been place on my card yet even tho i didnt pre qualified am im still gonna the reoactive payment approved deposited soon because i got approve and my release date was 9/17/20 and it still havent hit yet am im elgible for the total of 1800$ because of how long it took for update and will money be deposited a released ?

  24. Im from NY and my 3 weeks of backpay for the 300 showed released yesterday which means i would ahve had this morning but me and a few other people i know didnt get it this morning and we all got our regular payments this week on tuesday like normal.

    • According to NY DOL – The first round of LWA payments has been released for those who were pre-qualified and those who certified by 5 pm on 9/15.

      If you do not see that your payments have been released in your online Payment History, you may have to certify for LWA eligibility. After certifying, payments will be released in 1-2 business days if you are eligible.

      Reminder: Like with traditional UI and PUA benefits, after a payment has been released, it typically appears in your bank account or on your debit card in 1-2 business days.

      If you do not see these funds after 1-2 business days, please contact your bank.

      • Hi Andy
        My husband received the for him supply a self- attestation to the EDD that their full or partial unemployment is related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He filled this out as soon as he got which was early morning around 8 or 9 am
        On September 15th when will he find out he when will he find out he qualified or didn’t qualify for the LWA payments? We live in California. And if qualified when will he receive the payments. Thank you in advance have a great day!

        • Hi u can log into the homepage and click on the active unemployment claim and it will give u a run down of every week that has been paid. Once u go to this page u can click any of the payments and it will tell u when it was sent and how it was sent IE: check or direct deposit.

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