Filing Fees for a W-2 with two dependents – Rising Costs for Preparing Basic Tax Returns

Inflation is clearly taking a toll on the cost of filing this year with many folks reporting that the cost of filing and preparing a tax return is going up.

For example for standard W2 filings with two dependents (a common tax return) the fees are nearly double in some cases, from $400 to over $800. Even refund advance loans are harder to come by and fees are going up there, along with fewer approvals, based on anecdotal evidence.

Generally speaking you can expect to pay 20% more this year, which will hurt as refunds are likely to be smaller without all the government payments and expanded credits that were in place during past tax seasons.

The best thing is to shop around and try some providers by entering basic information. There is no cost until you file, so if you have a simple return, consider shopping some of the options below from various reputable providers.

Tax ProviderSummary
TurboTaxThe most headache-free option, with a very slick user interface and a variety of live support options. From the simplest to the most complex return, TurboTax probably has various options to cover you (see full review). Good for small business’ and self employed. It also has some great post filing support and a 100% accuracy guarantee, where they pay any IRS or state penalty (or interest) related to any errors they made.
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H&R BlockH&R Block’s offers an in-person and online do-it-yourself tax preparation service with well designed filing software and over 12,000 retail offices to provide back-up options and audit support. It’s a large national brand and if you like the ability to get a high level of support (online and in person) then block is a good option.
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TaxActProvider of affordable digital tax preparation solutions for individuals, business owners and tax professionals. The software has been designed by in-house programmers and tax accountants. Probably one of the best value D-I-Y online tax filing options out there.
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eFileBasic and no-frill tax filing software for a fraction of the cost of the larger providers. If your return is simple and you just want a straightforward electronic filing option then this is the tax filing package for you.
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Tax SlayerAnother one of the low frill providers out there for those looking for an inexpensive tax software option a sleek and mobile friendly user interface. They also provide maximum refund guarantees. Like other providers you get one free state filing with your federal return and can up load a lot of your tax documents. Phone and email support is available, but no live chat.
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