People NOW Seeing Their Tax Refunds Plus Tips on What to do if Your Refund Has Not Yet Been Received

This article was last updated on April 14

The IRS has announced that it is now processing tax refunds for all taxpayers including those who claimed the EITC/ACTC. They have however stressed that taxpayers should not expect refunds to be available in bank accounts or on debit cards until the end of April for some people as stimulus check processing is still consuming a lot of IRS resources. So if you are seeing a delay in your refund this could be one reason.

The number of returns processed by the I.R.S. as of April 2 was down about 10 percent from a year earlier, according to statistics provided by the agency. The number of refunds paid out is down over 16% so millions of Americans expecting a refund are having to wait longer. But the good news is that the average refund amount is slightly higher.

Last year however some people did see it earlier depending on their refund deposit method.  The refund payment timing is due to several factors, including weekends, IRS processing schedule, government holidays and the time needed for treasury and banks to process direct deposits.  Your WMR status (see the end of the article for details) will indicate “processing” until then or will be updated if additional non-PATH related information is needed. Scroll down to see comments and tips from other readers based on the current and past tax year when the PATH act was enacted.

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Comments on Dealing with IRS Tax Refund Delays

You are not alone and below are excerpts from readers like you who have faced delays with their refunds in current and past tax seasons. Also included are reasons why and helpful suggestions to help you get the money you are owed. See more in this Refund update video.

Those who had dates of 22nd, most got their refund deposited on Friday. I was one of them. Those on the 23rd are the ones that will get theirs on Tues/Wed. The banks have the funds already; they just aren’t releasing until starting midnight tonight up until Wed. Think about it, if it only takes let’s just say 24/48 hours for the banks to get the refunds from the treasury…then those that went out on the 15-16…reached the banks in time for Friday releases. Those on 17-18 will release on Tues./Wed. It is the bank that are holding those refunds until after the holiday…IRS warned the delay are with the BANKS, not the Treasury or them.

The IRS had this strategy planned long time ago when they started that PATH law…they knew how they was going to roll out the releases…Treasury Dept. has the capabilities to release without being Opened.

My mom/dad gets SS and their checks are released (5) days and their bank hold it in “pending” status until the date on the check…the same thing for Refunds…some banks don’t hold (depends) on your bank policy. My credit union don’t hold. Don’t be fooled…technology allows anything to process in real time…electronically means just that…real time….just like an email can come from me to you….within minutes.

Oh by the way everyone take a look at your WMR up until you actually get your refund. I have read where some have posted that Sat they had DDD, then Sunday it changed back to ..”we are processing your return…and this weekend that got a ltr 4883 (id verification) or 4464c, and letters asking to fax 1095 health form…varies issues…their DDD was pulled and placed back on hold….

So, don’t spend that money until you actually have it in your bank account/hands…IRS is pulling a lot of tricks this year…

I know everyone may have the same question, so instead of trying to reply to everyone individually, there is nothing you can do from now until Saturday but pray you are one of the lucky ones that will get an update and DDD or 846 on your transcript between now and the 18th.

I HIGHLY recommend you call all day today and speak to as many IRS rep you need to if you got questions or concerned there may be an issues, hold or review that may delay you further..

It only takes 10-15 minutes to get thru this line…(800) 829-0582 ext. 652. Just tell them you got a code on the WMR this morning saying you were instructed to call; but you don’t recall what the code was and you are not at a computer to log in…do I have a letter being mailed or do I need to verify my ID or something? This is a sure way to get them to call up your return to take a look…

If they say just the WMR by the 18th this is a “secret” code for – You will be seeing DDD on or before that day on the WMR…you can get them to but you have to be very persuasive and persistent which take a lot of work…lol. Heck I was worn out after that call…smh. But it was well worth the answer I got at the end. :-).

HINT: Make you your message on the WMR does not say “processing”…but instead “processed”…there is a huge difference…”processing” mean something is still going on and you are not fully done…the other YOU ARE.

The reason for the different wording is for those who did not get the PATH message in the first place; and who still have we are still processing your return and a date will be available….(This is how they can tell them apart).

[Update Feb 14th] The IRS has confirmed to several readers that seeing the “PATH” message in WMR is a good thing. It means the IRS has reviewed your return and is now holding on processing until Feb 15 as required by law. You should start seeing updates to your WMR status and a Direct Deposit Date (DDD) from Feb 15th or 16th (since WMR updates overnight).

Sharon I spoke with IRS on today, if you claim EIC they should start releasing payments on Wednesday Also IRS will be working Saturday & Monday. So hopefully we all should be relieved by the weekend. Special Thanks to Author Andy for this special page!!

Jazzy …You get a FULL PAGE PATH message, starting check back for a personal DDD date after the 15th. Everyone got the 152 path message where you click on the Code 152 to read. The other one…pops up after the bars disappears…. I think people are getting confused about the (2) path message, that’s all…IRS WEBSITE NEWS:

PATH Act Tax Related Provisions delaying EITC and ACTC

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (the PATH Act), mandates that the IRS not issue a refund on tax returns claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit until Feb. 15. The additional time helps the IRS stop fraudulent refunds from being issued to identity thieves and fraudulent claims with fabricated wages and withholdings.

Jennifer says in a comment on the IRS refund schedule “My return was accepted on the 17th. I received an email early Tuesday morning and checked and it was. So I guess some were actually accepted before the 23rd. I do get eitc but not actc.” Gerri on the same article says, “My return was accepted. I find it odd that turbo tax is already giving me a date range. I thought the irs was delaying EIC returns. If that’s the case, how is it possible that Turbo tax has a date for me already. I am hoping that since I filed so so early this year, that maybe the irs is processing some returns to test the system out. Maybe some of us that claim the EIC will not get delayed. Hmmmm….wishful thinking I suppose!”

This prompted the following replies:

Christine – Mine was accepted by the IRS (not H&R Block which I used because my husband is Military) today on the 18th. We have always claimed EIC, so I am hoping ours doesn’t get held. Not because I have pressing issues or bills to be paid.
Amanda – My return was accepted by the IRS. I too claim EIC. I spoke to a tax expert and was told they are not holding all EIC returns. If you have always claimed your child/children and had no major changes they are processing your return on time.
Brandon – Mine was accepted on Friday the 13th been claiming same 2 children for 10 years at hr block no changes on return at all
Kristen – So not everyone’s will be getting held? Mine was accepted today and i filled today

So what is going on?

WMR Status Graphic

This is definetly creating some confusion for readers. But the answer is simple. The IRS was clear that processing would not start till Jan 23rd. But they will clearly accept earlier. Receiving/Accepting your return vs approving/processing your refund is two different things. To see this more clearly look the official IRS Where’s My Refund tool process diagram which shows the following sequence of how they accept. process and pay out refunds. You can see that when a refund is received (or accepted) it means that it is in queue for processing. But it does not mean it is approved and/or a refund is ready to be paid.

The three status’ in the official IRS WMR tool are (1) Return Received (sometimes = return accepted), (2) Refund Approved and (3) Refund Sent. Sometimes if you are using popular online tax filing tools like TurboTax or H&R block, you may see them showing refund approved. but that is the status in their system or based on an IRS refund payment estimate they have derived from past years. You need to go to the official IRS WMR tool page to see the personalized IRS processing status and refund information/date.

1,241 thoughts on “People NOW Seeing Their Tax Refunds Plus Tips on What to do if Your Refund Has Not Yet Been Received

  1. Hi Jazzy,
    It’s been over 22 days since I filed and was accepted by the IRS. On the WMR, it shows tt 152 and that it is still being processed. Yesterday I received the 4464c letter in the mail. What does this all mean?

  2. I am new and thanks for your helping with taking time to read and respond to, I’m thankful.

    I filed 01/24 and was accepted on 01/25
    I received letter 4464c 02/07 (was dated on the letter)
    It has been stuck on “received and still processing.” Tax Topic 152
    I filed joint, as well as claimed tax credits
    I called about 3x, I got the same response to just wait, as they need no action from me.

    Do you have any advice for me?
    Shall I just wait it out?
    Thanks in advance <3

  3. Hey guys. New here. Am curious i was accepted Jan 31st. And now i have a 570 code and processing date of 03/05/2018 … its been 24 days… I called they said everything is fine. Well then what is taking so long? Pls advise i need help lol… btw u guys are great for helping everyone out on here!!!

  4. I was curious why my processing date the one next to the cycle code date has all zero’s it looks like this
    20180505 00-00-0000. I de have the date of Feb 19 2018 on my account transcript I was thinking that it is like that because I still haven’t updated to the DDD I should be updating on the 17th. if you have any insight or if I am correct about the date please let me know much appreciated

  5. Hello Y’all I was wondering if we were going to use this site again this Tax Season like we did Last Year?

  6. Filed before January 23rd got federal Feb 23rd but haven’t received state refund and can’t get any info about my state ,wonder what’s going on with the state refunds.

  7. I filed Jan 11th. Feb 8th received letter requesting that I send in completed Form 8962/1090A.. So I did a few days later.. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED, STILL PROCESSING. And its now 4/16/17.. I mean truly.. wtf is going on.. last year I filed, it took 2 weeks, not 4 months. Is this legal?? I’ve called & spoke to at least 7 irs reps & every call I’ve been told another 2 weeks & another 2 weeks & another..

    It’s absolutely frustrating, because damn well if it was them needing they’re money & I DIDN’T PAY. Oh boy! My bank accounts would be frozen & I’d most def be put in jail.. I’m fed tf up & I want the truth! Is our government broke or what? I know damn well I’ve paid my damn taxes, now wheres my cut. Please someone tell me what I can do..

  8. Sarah, the link is being moderated; so you can go to IRS website…look for the Transcript link…or wait until my post updates…ok.

    Go to this site and see if you have the information to sign up to view online. It will ask you a series or questions. Car loan acct # or credit card number and a cell phone number that must be in your name or from a carrier that they work with to verify info. (tmobile. ATT, Sprint) etc…

    If not call this number and do not order the transcript hit 0 to talk to a live person. Tell her you need the transcript for school and ask her if she can pull it up and give you the codes, ask her to see if she see code 846. Also, you can ask if she can fax it….not sure if they are still allowing that…you would have to give her a fax number by downloading a fax app or your office fax number, but tell them it is your home fax number…it is worth the try.

    Transcript #800-908-9946 – if you ask for it to be mailed…you will have your refund before it comes…it take 5-7 days or more…

      1. Sarah, I tried also and now it is now accepting -0-. So, call the regular IRS 800) 829-0582 ext. 652 and tell her you need your transcript and is having trouble ordering it…for school. Tell her you want the “account” transcript and return…while she is pulling it up…ask her if she can see the code 846 on the account one or if she can confirmed the DDD for 3-15-17. If she confirmed that is true…then you know tomorrow the WMR should update if not, it is just the system…

      2. oops, I mean it is NOT accepting the option 0 to speak to a live rep. But IRS will be able to confirm what the advocate told you…

  9. Hey Jazzy,

    1. Hi Sarah,

      GF, you should see a DDD tomorrow morning for 3-15-17. Believe the tax advocate when she say a refund is on its way. So, there is no need to send anything…you are done. That was awesome news…yeahhhhhhhh. Look like IRS was able to get the info and it fixed itself.

      If you could view your “account” transcript online today…you should see the 846 code with the date of 3-15 next to it. You get ready to dust off your dancing shoes…you about to be one happy camper :-).

      Keep me posted in the morning…ok.

      Have an awesome weekend….and start writing down your wish list…on how you about to spend that long awaited refund…lol. Happy Spending…even if it is to catch up on bills or for fun…it will still be a huge burden lifted and relief that this tax year is finally about to end…ugh (smh). IRS stresses us all out.

      1. Yesssss the stress is REAAL!!! How do i get transcripts. long does that take

        1. Go to this site and see if you have the information to sign up to view online. It will ask you a series or questions. Car loan acct # or credit card number and a cell phone number that must be in your name or from a carrier that they work with to verify info. (tmobile. ATT, Sprint) etc…

          If not call this number and do not order the transcript hit 0 to talk to a live person. Tell her you need the transcript for school and ask her if she can pull it up and give you the codes, ask her to see if she see code 846. Also, you can ask if she can fax it….not sure if they are still allowing that…you would have to give her a fax number by downloading a fax app or your office fax number, but tell them it is your home fax number…it is worth the try.

          Transcript #800-908-9946 – if you ask for it to be mailed…you will have your refund before it comes…it take 5-7 days or more…

      2. I’ll just wait jazzy they are giving me such a hard time…ive been beyonnnnd stressed with this. I just want to make sure the advocate was correct and i can stop worrying…please pray for me…so i should just wait until the 15th right?

        1. Sarah, don’t stress anymore…you are getting your refund on or before the 15th. Hope it is going directly to your personal bank account and not a prepaid card. I wish you could view online your account transcript…you would see that 846 code. I pray you wake up in the morning with a ddd on the WMR ….crossing fingers for ya.

          Keep the faith and hang in there…can’t wait to hear the good news when you finally see it. Oh, if you had an offset, you call call that number and it will also give you a ddd since they have to take out the money before they release the funds…IRS Offsets Child Support, Student Loans?(800) 304-3107

        2. Which # can i call because offset not tellling me a DDD

        3. Sarah, keep calling until you get a sane person to answer your question. There are nice ones and mean ones…just hang up and redial…I did until I got the right person who had empathy and cared enough to understand what we are going thru…be extremely kind to commend them on their hard job…and that usually makes them feel good and want to help you…use reverse psychology…lol. (scroll down) I think I posted some other numbers from the IRS Manual as well…if all fails then lets see what happens in the morning…good luck

          The only (5) numbers you can call; if you want to get confirmation on what the advocate told you is keep trying to get into the:

          1. IRS 800) 829-0582 ext. 652 or (800) 829-1040 before they close at 7pm and

          2. Number to Check Refund Status (800) 829-1954

          3. Treasury # (800) 826-9434 to see if they show a refund yet.

          4. CP05 letter hotline 1-800-829-0922

          5. Advocate –
          You can also call the Taxpayer Advocate Service toll-free at 1-877-777-4778, or fill out Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, and fax or mail it to the address above.Dec 23, 2016

    2. Sarah,

      Remember the WMR does not always update; you may see a pending deposit in your account before you see an update; I had my money and it did not update until a week after I already got my refund…

      So, trust me; if nothing changes in the morning…you are still getting that refund on or before the 15th; so keep your eyes on your bank account…make sure the routing number is correct and that the name the refund is in are listed on your account…if not, call the bank ahead of time and tell them the issue so you can fix it. Sure, don’t want your refund rejected and sent back to be reissued a paper check; which could take up to 2-4 weeks. Now that would be a bummer…it has happen to many thus far…

      If it is going to a prepaid card; they have had issues as well’ delaying refunds or sending them back because info did not match or account numbers were wrong…I have read it all.

      1. How do i view the transcripts? Can i do that online?? I have a american express card

  10. Nine common filing errors to avoid


    The IRS encourages taxpayers to file an accurate tax return. If a taxpayer makes an error on their return, it will likely take longer for the IRS to process it. This could delay a refund. Avoid many common errors by filing electronically. IRS e-file is the most accurate way to file a tax return. All taxpayers can use IRS Free File at no cost.

    Here are nine common errors to avoid when preparing a tax return:

    1. Missing or Inaccurate Social Security Numbers. Be sure to enter each SSN on a tax return exactly as printed on the Social Security card.

    2. Misspelled Names. Spell all names listed on a tax return exactly as listed on that individual’s Social Security card.

    3. Filing Status Errors. Some people claim the wrong filing status, such as Head of Household instead of Single. The Interactive Tax Assistant on can help taxpayers choose the correct status. E-file software also helps prevent mistakes.

    4. Math Mistakes. Math errors are common. They range from simple addition and subtraction to more complex items. Transactions like figuring the taxable portion of a pension, IRA distribution or Social Security benefits are more difficult and result in more errors. Taxpayers should always double check their math. Better yet, tax preparation software does it automatically, so file electronically.

    5. Errors in Figuring Tax Credits or Deductions. Filers can make mistakes figuring their Earned Income Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit, the standard deduction and other items. Taxpayers need to follow the instructions carefully. For example, if a taxpayer is age 65 or older, or blind, they should be sure to claim the correct, higher standard deduction. The IRS Interactive Tax Assistant can help determine if a taxpayer is eligible for tax credits or deductions.

    6. Incorrect Bank Account Numbers. The IRS strongly urges all taxpayers who have a refund due to choose direct deposit. It’s easy and convenient. Be careful to use the right routing and account numbers on the tax return. The fastest and safest way to get a refund is to combine e-file with direct deposit.

    7. Forms Not Signed. An unsigned tax return is like an unsigned check – it’s not valid. Both spouses must sign a joint return. Taxpayers can avoid this error by filing their return electronically. Sign an e-filed tax return digitally before sending it to the IRS.

    8. Electronic Filing PIN Errors. When e-filing, the taxpayer signs and validates the tax return electronically with a prior-year Self-Select Personal Identification Number. If they do not have or know their PIN, they should enter the Adjusted Gross Income from their 2015 tax return originally filed with the IRS. Taxpayers should keep a copy of their tax return.

    Beginning in 2017, taxpayers using a software product for the first time may need their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) amount from their prior-year tax return to verify their identity. Taxpayers can learn more about how to verify their identity and electronically sign tax returns at Validating Your Electronically Filed Tax Return. Do not use the AGI amount from an amended return or a return that the IRS corrected.

    9. Filing with an expired ITIN. A tax return filed with an expired Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) will be processed and treated as timely filed, but will be processed without any exemptions or credits claimed. Taxpayers will receive a notice from the IRS explaining that an ITIN must be current before any refund is paid. Once the ITIN is renewed, exemptions and credits are processed and any allowed refund paid. ITIN expiration and renewal information is available on

  11. My status keeps sayin processing my return was accepted on the 23 of January. I have talked to so many different people and they all say the same thing it’s up for review the lady I talked to today said she didn’t see anything but if there is something I will get a letter on by march 28 I called a tax advocate and they said they can’t help me unless I’m getting evicted or disconnected I don’t know what to do any advice from anyone

    1. Tina, unfortunately only the IRS and Tax Advocate can tell you exactly what is going on and how long it might take. Every case is different. Here are 9 common errors IRS listed for this year; see if any applies to you. We both know there is something wrong or you would have your refund by now. Let’s see if we can find out why? Did you file all your tax returns for 2012-2015? Do you owe any back taxes? Did you efile with last check stubs? Did you file all of your w-2’s or 1099? Did you file EIC/ACTC or educational credits? This is the most common reason for reviews and hold ups. You may need to amend your return. But you have to demand someone tell you what the reason is…

      Note: Demand to speak to a Supervisor (800) 829-0582 Ext. 652; tell them you were instructed to call them cause you got a code on the WMR and you don’t recall what that code was. That will make them look up your return.

      The Taxpayer Bill of Rights adopted by IRS in June 2014 provides that taxpayers have the right to receive prompt, courteous, and professional assistance in their dealings with the IRS. They are to be spoken to in a way that is easily understood and any correspondence from the IRS must be clear and understandable. They have the right to speak to a supervisor whenever quality service is not received. For additional information refer to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

      2. Call IRS and demand they do a 911 Request Form for an advocate to call you back and call this number as well 1-877-777-4778. Your hardship can be medical or car repairs to get to work or doctor, school for children. It don’t always have to be (evictions or cutoff). So, please try calling again for hardship. Some don’t even ask to see any documentation. If it is for medical…they cannot make you provide that under the HIPPA law.

      1. You can figure it out if you can view your “account” transcript to see what codes are listed. If you can order or view both account and return; then your return has been processed and done; just being held up for some reason. If you can’t do it online; then call and ask the rep if she can tell you what they codes are or if she can fax them to you; if you can download the fax app. When you call down order them hit 0 to speak to someone 800-908-9946.

      Here are a few more tips to try:
      2. Offset line – (800) 304-3107 – see if you owe any debts – once it has been taken, it will give you a DDD. If you owe back taxes; it will not show up on the hotline.
      3. Refund Hotline – 1-800-829-1954,
      4. 1-866-897-3315 – Delinquent Return Refund Hold, for additional information. Once it is determined the refund in question involves a Delinquent Return Refund Hold, do not address the case in any way. Advise the taxpayer to call 1-866-897-3315. (10-01-2016)
      Return Found/Not Processed

      TC 971 AC 111 (CC TXMOD), TRDBV shows UPC 126 RC 0 and TP states they filed the return on MFT 32 Provide the caller with the TPP toll-free number 1-800-830-5084, during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (local time). See IRM, Non Taxpayer Protection Program (TPP) Telephone Assistors Response to Taxpayers.

      Here are a few steps you can take this morning. If none, works please let me know and I will see if I can find other resources for you to try.

      Good luck

      1. Thanks I did the tax advocate the 652# told me the same thing that I have been hearing for weeks! They can’t look at medical stuff can they

        1. Tina, the #652 is IRS, if you call them again, then tell them you want them to fill out the 911 resquest for an advocate and also call the number below to get an advocate (backup). They also work for the IRS, but for YOU. No, they cannot ask for medical documentation; that info is protected under the HIPPA law, they just have to take your word. Anyone dealing with the IRS can bring on sever depression and extreme stress symptoms if you get my drift…lol (wink, wink)….:-)

          Advocate –
          You can also call the Taxpayer Advocate Service toll-free at 1-877-777-4778, or fill out Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, and fax or mail it to the address above.Dec 23, 2016

        2. Tina,

          Sorry, I think I misread your previous email. Oh, you were telling me that you call to get an advocate, but the #652 (IRS) keep telling you the same thing…oh I got it. I just don’t get why they won’t tell you…smh.

          Well, I hope the advocate will give you the actual reason they are holding your refund; so you can do whatever you need to do to resolve the problem.

          Good luck…ok.

          Goodnight all…

        1. Kay,

          Call IRS and informed that of the issue….ask them for a fax number to send your birth certificate; they may just correct it over the phone if you have filed in the past with the correct name. If not, they will tell you what to do. You can also contact a Tax Advocate and they will allow you to fax to them and they will take care of it for you. While you are on the phone with IRS, if they won’t help you ask them to do a 911 Request Form for an advocate to call you…for a Hardship.

          Talk To a Live Person
          (800) 829-0582 Ext. 652

          Advocate –
          You can also call the Taxpayer Advocate Service toll-free at 1-877-777-4778, or fill out Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, and fax or mail it to the address above.Dec 23, 2016

    1. Brenda,

      If you still have Topic 152 and one bar; then you have nothing to worry about at this time. If you can view your transcript online it will provide you some valuable info as to how far you are in the process. See, if you can order or view both your account and return transcript. If you are able to do so, then at least we know your return has been looked at. If you can get your “return” that means your return is DONE! It is possible you will see an update in the morning or Saturday morning. Don’t panic if you are unable to do so today; you may be a weekly flier which means you will be able to do so on Friday morning for a DDD on Saturday. Being able to order/view either transcript; is the first sign/indication how you are progressing thru the system.

      Since it has not been 21 days, IRS will not give you any information nor can you call an advocate at this time. It does not appear anything is holding it up; just processing right now. So, please try to get both transcript by Friday. The Account transcript is the one that will give you the codes that will alert you if anything is holding up your refund or if a notice is being sent to explain why it is being reviewed and what action to take if any.

      Also, check the offset line to see if you owe anyone. (800) 304-3107; if you do and they took the money; it will give you a DDD as to when you will get your portion.

      Good luck and keep me posted.

  12. Does Filing as Head of Household Cause a delay with the new laws? I like others Filed on 1/27. Still nothing except its being processed. Maybe just a waiting game with being in the PATH rule. Thank you in advance!

  13. I have a question…. this article says something about the difference in wording of, “processing and processed,” it states that if it says processed u are done. My situation is this, Filed and was accepted on 1/27. Received the EIC and the ACTC. Received LTR 4464C, the standard under review letter that tons of folks seemed to receive this year. At one point my WMR read, “We have received your return and it is still in processing.” It now reads, “We have received your return and it is being PROCESSED.” Does this mean that I am OK and I should be receiving my return with no problems?? When contacting the IRS they simply won’t give answers outside of the statement that if they need anything from me I will receive a letter stating what they need. All they will say is my return is under review. I have no bars and no DDD listed on WMR. But this article makes it sound as if there is some hope.
    Thanks, Kenzie

    1. Kenzie, – that is awesome news!!!!

      Anytime there is even a slight change in the wordings on the WMR, means that an update were done to your processing. Yes, there is a difference between the wordings “processing” and “processed”. Let me ask you this question. Did you use your last paycheck stub rather than your W2? If so, I bet the reason you were flag were because the figures did not match. and usually they don’t. IRS compared with your employers and simply made the math adjustment for you. That is why one of the options on the 4464C states the following:

      1. Income reported on your return
      2. Income tax withholding amounts your reported on your return.

      The other topics:

      3. Claims for tax credits you made on your return – (Soley referring to any dependents you claimed). This process doen NOT fix itself…you would have to send a lot of documentation to support that claim and an advocate would be highly recommend to speed up the process.

      I am thinking since you filed on 1-27 you use the last paycheck. But there are a few employers who provide W2 to employee early than the 31st. So, if that is not the case; maybe you had more than 1 W2 etc.,

      If you can review your transcript online and tell the code and dates or if you see the 846 code you will see a DDD this weekend for next deposits.

      Either way, that is GREAT news because your return has movement…and there will be an BIG update in the morning. See if you can order your “account” and “return” transcripts…especially if you were not able to before today. That too is a good sign you are moving in the right direction…

      Do you still have 152 topic on the WMR…by the way when you bars disappears that means you should see an update within 24 hours of them disappearing. Do you still see the amount on the side?

      Check the WMR in the morning; and let me know if you got your DDD or did the message change and your bars returned. That is a good sign…for sure! Even if you are re sequenced until next week…do you know your cycle code? If you are a weekly that updates on Saturday mornings; if not update; it could be next week for sure.

      Good Luck…

      1. Hi Jazzy, just background with a couple of questions. :)
        We filed Feb. 6th received the same day. After a few days bars were gone and the path message showed up. After Feb. 16th our message on WMR has always been “We have received your return and it is being processed.” Since then on Feb. 27th we ordered our transcripts. Received them Mar. 3rd also with a 4464c letter. It says they didn’t even process our return until Feb. 27th. At the bottom we have a code 350 dated Mar. 6th and a code 971 right under it dated Mar. 13th.We’ve called the IRS and they won’t tell us any info and always transfer us back to an automated line. So we called the TAS and were denied service because we had applied for a tax advance, which we were denied for, but we’re about to be evicted and get utilities shut off (we can provide them proof). So I guess my questions are, (1.) Since it says”processed” and not “processing”, this is still a good sign? Even though the wording never changed?, (2.) Should we push the TAS harder and make them take our “case”? (We have three small children that live in the home.)

        Sorry it’s so long.

        1. Tired,

          Very interesting….the 4464 Letter is questioning Wages reported or dependents claimed that they are questioning. So it has to do with either the two reasons you are experiencing the delay. Code 350 and date of 3-6-17 date the should finish reviewing, if they can’t complete the review the date would be move up for another week or two to freeze the return from automatically releasing. The code 971 notice issues date of 3-13-17; is the date you should receive the notice in the mail. Can you view your transcript online to see if the dates have changed since 3-6-17 has passed? I am 100% positive it did or your refund will be released and updated this weekend for a DDD of 3-12 or 3-14. It is possible if IRS was able to fix the problem. If not, then you most definitely need to reach out to a Tax Advocate and DO NOT TAKE a rejection because you were DENIED an advancement. First, call IRS back and demand they process a 911 Request Form for Hardship; then call the tax advocate hotline or the one in your state as backup. Tell them your situation cutoff and evictions and medical reasons (depression/anxiety/stress) etc…if all fails and they keep denying you. Look up your Representatives – (House/State/Congress)….call them and they will contact IRS to help you get answers quickly…that is their JOB to help their Constituents….

          If either of these situation below apply to your tax return; then check and see if you file the correct form; if you w-2, 1099, health form, educational credits…all were reported. IRS matched everything against what was sent to them by employers, schools, contractors…etc….if anything was not reported it is Flagged. If you used last check stub vs W-2 and it was off a little; IRS flag as possible fraud…so it must be 100% accurate.

          Call these numbers: Also, scroll down I included some additional numbers you can try as well.

          CP05 letter hotline 1-800-829-0922

          Advocate –
          You can also call the Taxpayer Advocate Service toll-free at 1-877-777-4778, or fill out Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, and fax or mail it to the address above.Dec 23, 2016

          IRS Speak to a HUMAN! (M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. local)(800) 829-0582 ext. 652
          Number to Check Refund Status(800) 829-1040 (800) 829-1954
          IRS Offsets Child Support, Student Loans?(800) 304-3107

          I looked up Code 350 and all I am getting is a reference to (which forms to file) 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, – if this is the case, they are stating you filed on the wrong form.

          The other option for 350 is Decedents: Mean one of the taxpayers listed on the return has since passed and you did not file correctly?

          When filing electronically, follow the specific directions provided by the software for proper signature and notation requirements. Otherwise, write the word “Deceased,” the decedent’s name, and the date of death across the top of the final individual tax return. If filing a joint return, write the name and address of the decedent and the surviving spouse in the name and address fields. If not filing a joint return, write the decedent’s name in the name field and the personal representative’s name and address in the address field. If a refund is due to the decedent, it may be necessary to file Form 1310 (PDF), Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer, with the return. If you’re a surviving spouse filing a joint return, or a court-appointed or court-certified personal representative filing an original return for the decedent, you don’t have to file Form 1310. Court-appointed or court-certified personal representatives must attach to the return a copy of the court document showing the appointment.

          If there’s an appointed personal representative, he or she must sign the return. If it’s a joint return, the surviving spouse must also sign it.
          If you’re a surviving spouse filing a joint return and there’s no appointed personal representative, you should sign the return and write in the signature area “Filing as surviving spouse.” A surviving spouse can file joint returns for the taxable year in which the death occurred and, if the death occurred before filing the return, for the taxable year immediately before the year of death.
          If there’s no appointed personal representative and there’s no surviving spouse, the person in charge of the decedent’s property must file and sign the return as “personal representative.”

          Refer to the Form 1041 Instructions to determine if the law requires filing of Form 1041 (PDF), U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts.

          Refer to the Form 706 Instructions to determine if the decedent’s estate must file Form 706 (PDF), United States Estate (and Generation Skipping Transfer) Tax Return.


          Please keep me updated ok. If I think of anything else I will post ok.

        2. Tired,

          I didn’t answer your question about “processed” and “processing” yes any changes in the wording on the WMR means something happened and your return has moved forward to the next step…so it is a good chance you could see an update in the morning. Cross your fingers. Also, since you were able to order BOTH transcript that also is a good sign, which mean your return has now fully been processed and COMPLETED/DONE….

          What is your cycle code…does it have 05 at the end of it. If so, you are a weekly filer and only will get updates on Saturday mornings….if you get an update on any other day; that means IRS manually processed your return (individually) and not with a (batch) file.

          Monday’s is the day IRS update (flag) returns with issues to put back in que – they either release the holds to continue processing or the change the date on your transcript to keep working on it until they resolve the issue…

          It can take up to (2) cycles to put you back in que….if all issues or done you could see a DDD this Saturday or by next…but try to at least find out what caused the lengthy delay in the first place…today if possible. If not, you just may have to wait it out…and keep checking your bank account and account transcript for that 846 code. The WMR may not update until a week or so after you already got your refund…check your starting today and up until you get it…you may be surprised.

      2. Jazzy,

        Thank you for taking the time to answer. You’ve given me some hope that these things can be done. I did accidentally get the 350 code wrong. It is actually the 570 code.

        We did call our local TAS rep and demanded that they listen to our situation and they did for the most part. We’re just waiting on some paperwork to fax them. Our cycle # is 20170605 we’re hoping for an update soon.

        Again, thank you for the hope. Hope your having a great day. ☀

        1. Tired,

          I was kind of puzzled because I never seen anyone get code 350. But yeah 570 is the freeze hold stopping your refund from being released. Well, if you got them to accept a fax; then you are on your way to resolving the issue. Also, be sure to include in your fax a request for them to MANUALLY release your refund due to your extreme hardship. Instead of delaying you up to possibly a week 2 to get back in que. Since you are weekly; if you don’t see a DDD tomorrow; then it will be either the 18th or 25th DDD for the following week (wed/fri) of either week.

          I am glad you at least found out what they are requiring…that’s progress. Stay on them and soon this journey dealing with IRS crap will soon be over. Hang in there and I will keep you and your family in my prayers; I hope the little ones are doing ok as well. God will always be right on time….trust in HIM…and he will come thru for you and your family.

          Try to relax this weekend and know you are not alone…we care and please keep me updated ok.

          Take care…TGIF (can’t wait) to start my weekend…:-).

          Good luck…

      3. Unfortunately no DDD yet. Waiting on some paperwork to come in the mail to fax to the TAS. Didn’t get a chance to call or anything today, hopefully tomorrow.

        1. Tired,

          Is there anyway you can request that paperwork via email or can you go pick it up. The faster you can get it and faxed the sooner you will have your refund released.

          Contact whomever it is and see if they can fax it to you or directly to IRS at the fax number they gave you.

          Good luck and keep me posted ok. The next update is Wed and Saturday….who knows it just may fix itself…crossing fingers…but if they ask for it….you MUST send it ASAP….or you will continue to be delayed….

          So, do whatever you can ok to get it to them by today or tomorrow….you may have a DDD this weekend if you can.

  14. I called irs again because they receive my refund on jan 30 and i still doesnt have a date or a letter..when i called they said it will be a letter sent out on march 13 saying im under review if theres nothing wrong ill receive my refund within 60 days does it really take 60 whole days..and im not understanding if my return been under review all this time why am i just now getting a letter sent out on march 13

    1. Janae,

      You really need to call an advocate TODAY….and they will tell you exactly what you need to fax to them to release your return within 2 weeks. So, please don’t wait any longer; let them know you have a hardship and its been since 1-30. IRS should have been completed your return or tell you what they are really reviewing. It could be anything from A-Z.

      If you had any changes from your previous years filing; you were flag for a review. If you filed before you got your W-2. The amount may not have matched with your last paycheck stub. It could be minor or major…Did you file 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 tax return. If you missed any, they will not give you your 2016 until you file those. They are flagging for that reason as well.

      Check the info I just gave Rachelle; and see they can answer your question as well.

      The Taxpayer Bill of Rights adopted by IRS in June 2014 provides that taxpayers have the right to receive prompt, courteous, and professional assistance in their dealings with the IRS. They are to be spoken to in a way that is easily understood and any correspondence from the IRS must be clear and understandable. They have the right to speak to a supervisor whenever quality service is not received. For additional information refer to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

      1. Hey jazzy
        Okay when i talked to the irs they said the letter thats going to be sent out on march 13 is basically just saying that im under review as of right now they dont need any addtional information from me if they do end up needing any additonal information within a time frame they will send out another letter but as of now they need nothing from me……so do i still call a advocate due to them telling me they dont need any additonal information from me at the moment..and if i still need to call a advocate and say its a hardship will they ask for proof of the hardship…and if i should still call them do you have they number…the irs kept saying we dont need any addtional information from you we just sending a letter letting you know that you are under review i just dont understand why so long for the letter to be sent out and i was accepted 1/30

        1. Janae,

          Not all advocates ask for proof; Hardships can be anything, from needing your monies for food, gas, medication, eye glasses, late on any utilities, car notes, children needs.

          Does not mean you have to have cut-off notices or eviction. It would help if you did have something like that in case they ask. But I would still call and ask for one to speed it up, just in case they hold up the process until the 13th. If you call advocate you will have your refund by the 13th. All you need to do is fax whatever IRS is needing; if they don’t need anything, the advocate will ask IRS to release your funds due to hardship. They can manually process it the same day, instead of resequencing you back in que…for the next DDD release. Which goes out on Monday’s to the Treasury to release the funds on Wed and Friday.

          It sure won’t hurt to call….even if IRS my update you this Saturday…its better to find out on Friday what is going on exactly to ease your mind for the weekend…advocate can pull your info up and tell you on the spot.

          Get ahead of the letter; I hate for you to waste 11 more days..and counting. Call tomorrow the advocate in your state or the hotline as well as IRS and request they do a 911 Request Form for an advocate. Google IRS Taxpayers Advocate for your state…sometimes it takes them 3 days to call you back; with IRS doing it, it can be shorter. But when you get them on the line; the intake rep who will assign you a case number; can tell you what they see in the system.

          Let me know if you find out more than just IRS saying we are sending a letter. I see they are telling a lot of people the same info…a letter will be sent on the 13th.

          Good luck….

        2. Janae,

          Sorry, I don’t recall if you told me this info:

          Do you still have topic 152 on the WMR? What are the codes on your “account” transcript. If I knew this information I would be able to tell you exactly why they are holding your refund. What is the message saying on the WMR now?

          There is a big update on Saturday, so hopefully you will see some movement…its possible.

      2. hey jazzy my husband filed his on feb 16th and it said return received on the feb 17th do you might know or have an idea when will his get approved

        1. toy,

          The 17th fell on a Friday…IRS do not process returns on weekends nor holidays. E-file acceptance date does not match the IRS acceptance. The dates are always 2-4 days different than what IRS will tell you they started processing. So, technically, IRS did not even touch it until 22-24th. Let’s go with the 22nd, that being said if he had not issues at all it is possible for him to get an update in the morning. IRS is moving fast. They are processing within 4-10 business days. Tell him to see if he can view his online transcript “account” and “return”….if he can pull of the “account” and he see a code 846 he will see a DDD in the morning. Not sure how he claimed or if he claimed dependents so I can’t tell you much with the “transcript” info. 800-908-9946 don’t order hit 0 to talk to a live person.

 – order via mail on online.

          Do you know your cycle date yet? Also, another way to see is check the offset line and see if anything is owed; if so, and they already deducted it; it will provide you with a DDD date.(800) 304-3107

          Here is another number you can call and check…DO NOT offer the toll free refund hot line, 1-800-829-1954, as an option unless the taxpayer states they do not have a computer, or do not have internet access

          If you can’t view your transcript you can call and speak to someone directly and tell them you need it for school and ask if they can tell you what the codes are on the account transcript (write them down) if they tell you. If you can order via mail…that also says your return is DONE processing if you can order BOTH. If there is any hold; then you won’t see anything tomorrow; but I will give it until next Saturday. You should have a DDD for sure by then..or something could be holding it up and we will have to figure out what…

          You are still good; even if he does not get a DDD for 3-8 or 3-10. Its still pretty early. Expect a DDD on or before 3-11 for the following week. If none by then….I would be a little more concerned at that point. Ok.

          Good luck and I hope this helps somewhat…

        2. toy, just an FYI:

          If you two filed separately and followed the rules below; then your husband shouldn’t have any delays during the process of his return. IRS usually target couples filing separately for Audits:

          Married taxpayers filing separately: Spouses who file separate tax returns should carefully determine who is claiming which deductions. Make sure you’re splitting the deductions that are paid jointly and not each claiming the same amount, which would result in double-counting. But it’s perfectly fine for one spouse to claim 100 percent of a deduction if the other spouse doesn’t also claim the same deduction.

      3. Hey jazzy so i contacted a advocate today they open me up a case (would being pregnant due in 8 weeks would be consider a hardship) meaning i have absolutely nothing right now for the baby…i was told i may have to show proof of hardship i have proof of pregnancy doctors letter saying when im due and ive been having complications causing me to not work untill after baby born….so however he was telling me that it most likely under review for school credit or income because i did use last check stubs…so i will be recieving a call from an advocate Wednesday he said they will give me more information and exactly what i need of why im under review if i need anything..if so they will have me to fax them the paper work…so he said its best i just gather up all my proof/documents/w2s/school paper/proof of hardship…so if they ask for either one ill already have it handy…so i guess i just sit patiently and wait on the call from an advocate…hopefully things goes in the right direction…..calling them want affect anything with the irs would it…idk first time going through this

        1. Janae,

          First of all, Congratulations to the mother-to-be soon :-).

          Second, good news; they opened you a case and a tax advocate is scheduled to call you Wed, then you are well on your way to resolving this issues and releasing your refund within 2 weeks of faxing over whatever documents that ask for.

          Tax Advocates are IRS employee’s. So, when you talk to them; you are talking to IRS :-). Pregnancy with complication and under Dr. care is most definitely a hardship. So you have all the proof you need. Sound like you are ready to fax those documents off soon as you get off the phone with the advocate. Once you send it; let her know exactly when she can expect to receive your fax. That get really busy and may not look at their emails for a couple of days. But if you inform her/him that she should have it within 1 hour or by 3pm…they will be looking out for it. And that will show the urgency on your part. Once they acknowledge your fax; they will send the information to the section who is reviewing your return and they have 1 week from receipt to respond back to the Advocate; If all is good; your return will be put back in que to go out the next week; up to 2 weeks tops. They are quick and efficient…they will also give you a date they will call you back to follow up. Don’t be alarm if the date is 2-3 weeks; they do that because mostly likely between that time frame…they expect you to already have received your DDD/refund; so there will be no need for them to call back…cause they can look in the system and see you got it and close the file.

          You can also, check your transcript; about a week or two after you fax your info and see if you see the code 846. Updates are on Wed and Sat mornings…of each week. Sometimes they push it thru manually; so you may see a pending deposit before you see any movement on the WMR…

          So start the clock ticking at least 1 week after you faxed the documentation…I give it 2 weeks tops from that time frame….to get your refund. Good job….you made the 1st step and got a open case…and a callback…not everyone get approved for an advocate; so you are good. Hang in there and try not to stress anymore ok. You are in good hands now :-).

          Good luck….keep me posted

      4. Hey jazzy i just seen your question no theres not an code no where on the wmr…theres no topic code of 152 or nothing at all just says we recieved your return and its being processed

        1. Janae,

          You are very welcome; no code of 152 that’s ok; still check the WMR in the morning just in case you get an update prior to the advocate contacting you on Wed. Never know with the IRS :-). Just make sure you tell the advocate when to expect the faxed documentation if she request them? It is hard to get them back on the phone or for them return your call right away once you hang up with them.

          I would tell her while you got her attention; you will get the fax within 1 hour and to please be looking for your fax before she leave for the day; tell her you are heading to a fax machine right after you hang up and urge her/him to please check their faxes within that time-frame you think they should have it by…and ask if they can please call you back or leave a msg to confirm receipt of faxed(documentation). After that it will be out of your hand; just have to wait until they contact you back with the results/findings.

          Always follow up if you do not hear back within 7 days….first check the WMR to see if you notice any updates, or transcripts if you can pull it up online; if not call the transcript line and hit 0 to ask the rep to tell you the codes because you don’t have access to pull it up on your on. Also, I listed the refund line # you can check as well; prior to calling the advocate back for a status update. (scroll down/up) for those numbers.

          Don’t stress out anymore, try to relax… March 17-24; if not sooner; you should have the refund.

          Have a good weekend :-)

      5. Hey jazzy got an call back today from advocate my refund was being held for a 13 dollar difference smh like really but he said he going to talk to department and i should have a update by next friday the 17th if not for sure by following friday 24th….thanks again jazzy because ill still be waiting all because i reported 13 dollars less then what they’ve recieved

        1. Janae, Congratulations….yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I am doing a happy dance for ya…lol (smile).

          Wow, great news! So happy you finally got answers and soon you will have your refund. It could come sooner than later, so keep checking your bank account and WMR this weekend and next. They can manually process it as well, so the WMR may or may not even update until well after you get your refund. I know you are extremely relieved this is almost over…get ready to do that happy dance and exhale when you refund finally hit your bank account :-)

          IRS, is not joke this year; they are holding up refunds for any little thing or math error. What I found out is that if ANYTHING on your return does NOT match what employers, school, health form, sent to the IRS it will be FLAGGED. If they don’t have a document yet; they will hold it until they can ask the employers to send it, instead of asking the taxpayers for it. If they don’t get any respond back from employers or can verify the information from government databases within a certain time frame; then they send out the letters….wasting all that valuable time for nothing. SMH.

          So, if anyone have any major or minor changes from the last (3) years….marriage, address change, dependents changes, Health care form etc., you will be waiting….until you demand answers to release the hold. Janae, situation is a prime example…

          Follow her lead and you should be able to resolve any issues relating to your return…remember hardships are not always evictions or cutoffs….it could be medical or car repairs or any extreme situation you are going thru (health) is considered “extreme”…

          I am praying those who have yet to see a DDD will see one in the next update on Saturday…

      6. Jazzy i forgot to let you know that they didnt ask me to fax over any paperwork either …thanks again

        1. Janae,

          I bet you were glad you didn’t have to fax anything. See, every advocate is different; just like every IRS rep is…lol. You good some good ones and some bad ones….but you just can’t give up tho; I kept calling back to back until I got a sane one that truly cared and love their job…lol.

          You keep me updated when you get the refund ok. Keep watching that bank and WMR, I hope you get a pleasant surprise sooner than you are expecting…

      7. Jazzy
        Thank you so much i cant thank you enough if it wasnt for you ill still be waiting ive gotten a DDD this morning of march 15 thank you Jesus i guess calling tax advocate really does help

        1. Janae,

          CONGRATULATIONS…..HAPPY DANCE FINALLY! I love good news and you been waiting for sooooooooo long. God is always on time right :-). Just about when you feel so down and defeated; he lifts you up and carry you to the finish line…well your journey has ended; but a few others are still pending…we have to continue praying that they soon too will have fabulous news by next weekend.

          Next year we get to do this all over again, but hopefully we all learned a lot of lessons on how to prepare for IRS crap they got up their sleeves for us to jump thru hoops for our refunds in 2018…smh.

          Take care and hope our path cross again; but on less stressful path :-)

          Thanks for taking the time to update me with the good news :-).

  15. Good Morning,

    I filed my taxes and it was accepted around Feb. 23/24th. Last year I had an offset for my student loans, this year I have been calling the treasury offset number everyday before I filed and after to see if I am due for an offset and I keep getting a response saying that my social is not due for any offsets. I checked the WMR website over the weekend and said I was due for a direct deposit on March 1. So, this morning I check the website and I still only have two bars, it does not say my refund was sent yet. Now I am a little nervous that it may be offset or could my refund just be delayed?

    1. Denise,

      Do you go thru a tax preparer and pre-paid entities? That could be where you refund is being held up. If it was going directly to your bank account; it should have been pending today. Can you view your transcript online? If so, what are the codes in the account one? If a bank have it, find out why or when are they going to release it to you. Lots of people have had issues with these banks…

      Call this number and see where it is saying your refund is – or current refund information if the refund is not received within the time frame provided. Where’s My Refund can inform the Individual taxpayer if the IRS received the original return, and the projected date of the refund. Automated systems are not available for business taxpayers. DO NOT offer the toll free refund hot line, 1-800-829-1954,

      Also, you call go to the Federal Reserve Bank – go to this website and enter the Routing Number in the middle section see what bank info comes up….this is where you money was last sent to.

      Direct deposit refunds are held one week if this is a first time filer, or the first time the current last name is being used, or the taxpayer has not filed a return in the past 10 years.

  16. If anyone has a mail date of will send or was sent on 24 th – I got mine today.

  17. If anyone is waiting on a paper check with a mail date of – will send by or sent on the 24th – I got mine today ( 27th ) . Hope this helps !!!

  18. 1/21 filed
    1/23 accepted
    1/25 1 bar WMR, tax topic 152, no codes, no messages of a letter
    2/2 4464c letter sent out, do nothing wait 60 days, I received on 2/8
    2/7 we’ve received your return and it’s still processing
    2/11 Path Act message, amount gone, tax year said Dec 31, 2016, tax topic 152
    2/16 message changed to; we’ve received your return and it’s being processed a refund date will be provided when available, amount returned, no tax topic 152
    2/25 still no DDD
    No other letters have been mailed out , claimed both credits so I know they didn’t start processing until the 15th so I guess I still have time to receive a DDD before I get all worked up!

    1. WOW!!! Seems as though – the time you filed combined with those two credits – you just got caught in a world of s&@t . Bright side is that it is moving along . Bet you get a DDD 1st week of March .

    2. Lisa,

      Did you file with your last check stub or with your actually W-2 form? The issue they are reviewing is the amount you reported does not match the W-2 they received from your employer. When they say do nothing; they can fix it themselves by contacting your employer for verification which could delay your return even further.

      2nd. Claims for tax credits you made on your return. IRS is questioning the legitimacy of the dependents you are claiming and will NOT release your refund until you actually fax them documentation to prove they resided with you at least 7 months in 2016. (birth certificate, school records, lease, government assistance/w children names on it). Tax Advocate will give you a list of items to fax.

      If you want them to release your refund you MUST contact an advocate ASAP, they will tell you exactly what is needed and you fax it to them, IRS has exactly 1 week to accept/reject; if all is good; they will re sequence you back into que and you will have your refund within 1-2 weeks.

      Your other option will be to contact IRS in the morning and request the following on your behalf. If they complete the 911 Form you will get a call back from an advocate much quicker than calling the Advocate Hotline:

      Per IRS Manual:
      If during a taxpayer contact it appears that the taxpayer is experiencing economic harm, seeking help in resolving tax problems that have not been resolved through normal channels, or who believe that an IRS system or procedure is not working as it should, and you can’t resolve the taxpayer’s issue the same day, complete Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance (And Application for Taxpayer Assistance order), and refer the taxpayer to Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)

      Can you view your transcript online; or do you have a copy of it; if so, what are the codes and the dates listed for each code?

      1. LIsa, sorry for the typo’s I was multi-tasking; meant they “may” be reviewing your W-2’s. What did the letter indicate they are reviewing? I meant. IRS can submit a 911 Request on your behalf if you ask them to do so. I would also contact them as well and request them open you a case. IRS request goes directly to an advocate since they actually are IRS employees; they have access to the system to pull up your return and review. I used one in 2014 and once I faxed everything I got my return in 2 weeks.

      2. Jazzy – I tried leaving a update post but it went to another page so I’ll go this route . My WMR went to – your refund was mailed 2/24 (Friday) . I got it today 2/27 (Monday) . Hope this helps anyone who is waiting for paper check !!

        1. Hey Bob,

          Congratulations; glad you finally got it in the mail. I am surprised it came on a Monday and not Saturday. Well there goes my theory about the Post Office holding returns to delivery on Saturday’s only….guess that policy was back in the days; when people were stealing paper checks from mailboxes…lol. They are so sophisticated these days; with all this technology…hehehhehehheh…who need to stand by a mailbox doing a stake out in the hear right :-).

          Well stockup on the moonshine…ok. You deserve a good drink after all this stress / drama.

        2. Congrats Bob, so glad it finally came. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! Happy spending…:-)

  19. Hey everyone just dropping in and I see it’s dry as ever on here.
    Jazzy I went and purchased a Acura truck today. I’m sooo happy!!

    1. Hey Tonda,

      That is great! Niceeeeeeeeeeee! So glad you were able to find your vehicle; Acura are good vehicles. I know you are so glad that process is over :-). Doesn’t it feel sooooooooo good to finally be able to do all the things you had planned? Such a relief! Life is beginning to get back to normal again without all that stress with the Path mess…lol. We got our life back…hehehehehe. I hope those who are still waiting on good news; will this upcoming week. I feel so bad for them :-(. But their time is coming soon…I pray sooner rather than later.

      I left around 11’ish and didn’t get back home until 5pm, shopping and running errands and I am tired. Just want to relax and find a good movie.

      Thanks so much for the update! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend ok.

      1. Thanks Jazzy, I hope you are having a great weekend as well. We need to hook up on Facebook, and keep in touch, because it’s been great talking to you!

  20. I filed the 27th and still have yet to recieve mine. Still says processing. I have two little ones and just got married last summer so we filed jointly. Could that be why I haven’t heard anything ?

    1. Tiffany,

      Yes, married/divorce changes are another reason returns or flagged; also they look at both of your returns; it could be something on either that caught there attention. Have you entered both SS number on the WMR and see if they message are the EXACT same under both names?

      Have you reviewed your transcript yet? If so, look for the codes listed on the “account” transcript and then google IRS Codes…to see what they mean.

      Scroll down I provided some numbers/links that will help.

      Most definitely there are looking into some issues since its been 1-27 and no word or letters in the mail. You may have one today…

      Also, please call an Advocate since it has been 21 days, they will tell you exactly whats the hold up and will resolve it within 2 weeks.

      If you did not get an update this morning; then it could be delayed even further…see if the advocates are open today.

      Keep me updated ok

      1. How can I look at my account transcript? I know it originally says most won’t be deposited into accounts until the week of the 27th. So I’m sure I just need to be patient. Just getting really anxious, we really need the money. And yes I put both of our SS numbers in and they both say processing.

        1. Tiffany, here is the link; if you can view them online…scroll down and see the other information I provided on how to get it fax to you thru your cell phone or computer instead of waiting 5-7 days for it to be mailed.

          If it said the 27th, you would have already gotten it or it would be pending in your account this morning. If it is still say processing…it hasn’t’ been released; something is holding it up…you must find out what it is or you can be waiting a long time…an Advocate is your best bet…right now!

  21. JAZZY – my WMR bar finally went to sent ! Thanks for all your support and ANDY also !!! I will continue to pray for all those out there still waiting . I filed on 1/03 so I feel their pain and frustration !!!! God bless all of you !

    1. Morning Bob, CONGRATULATIONS – Today is the DAY!!!!!

      Great news; mines changed to sent as well about (5) days after I received my refund. Finally that WMR is updating and working for a change.

      Now, you go stand by that mailbox and wait for him to arrive with YOUR check in his pack….lol. Isn’t it wonderful getting money over the weekend; more time to enjoy and spend spend spend.

      It was nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy the off season; because who knows what IRS got in-store for us all; If there is a next year. Pray there is (fingers cross).

      Do that Happy Dance…:-)

      1. You are a beautiful , wonderful person for taking time to answer all our questions and showing support . If there truly is a GOD in the heavens , he’s got a seat for you right beside him !!!!

        1. Bob,

          Thank you for the kind words; and there will be a seat next to me with all YOU guys there as well. This Forum has been awesome and everyone has shown so much love and support for one another; God will be passing out blessings to ALL.

          I am preparing to run for POTUS in 2020….I already know I got YOUR vote…hehehehhehehehehhe. Any others…lol.

  22. I called this morning and said I wouldn’t get my check until February 3rd is that mean it could come earlier?

    1. Kathleen,

      You meant March 3rd :-). Who did you call this morning? IRS is open today? Did you see it on the WMR? Yes, it is possible for your bank to release it before the 3rd. Just start checking your account on Wed/Thur. It all depends on the bank policy. It is a good chance tho you will see it earlier.

      Good luck…

  23. Hello everyone!
    Jazzy i got some good news!!! Soo after giving netspend a piece of my mind they rejected my deposit today instead of the 6 business spill they tried to run on me before! Also turbo tax will be the one cutting me a check not irs! And turbo tax rep said the longest it takes them to send out a check is 10 bays! And that beats 8-10 weeks anyday! So thank you again for ur time and knowledge.

    1. Ray, no thanks is required; this is why we are here to help.

      Wow, that is the best news ever, so happy that you got results and shorten the time-frame to only 10 days. Just awesome. Glad you gave them a “piece” of your mind, you should have gave the “whole” mind…hehehheheheheh, (jk) talking about holding it for 6 days…smh.

      With the situation you are in right now; you must be relieved; this journey is almost reaching and end. You keep us updated when you finally get it ok.

      Job well done…being persistent paid off big time…yeahhhhhhhhh.

      Now you can exhale a little bit and hopefully enjoy your weekend…

      1. I tried not to be sooo hard because I’ve done call center work but they kept trying to give me the same “policy” answers. Yes and ill definitely keep u posted!

        1. Ray,

          Why don’t you call them and ask if they could just call you to pick it up; to eliminate those extra days of mailing? Others said they got calls their checks were ready for pick up.

          Just a thought…:-)

  24. FYI –

    Just wanted to share this information before close of business in case anyone needed to reach the treasury or have their transcript fax before close of business:

    Treasury – If you want to know if your return has been rejected or if you have a deposit at your bank. Call this number to get a Trace # to give to your bank to locate your deposit or see if it was rejected -1-800-826-9434. Press 1 then 1 again.

    Transcripts: Call 800-908-9946; Press #1, Enter SS# and Address then hit 0 this will take you to a rep who will fax them to you. (Don’t submit order)

    If you need to download the Fax App – Go to there is no charge to setup a virtual fax number you can view from your smartphone or computer.

  25. Good afternoon Jazzy and everyone I just wanted to give an update. I had an expected DDD of 2/23/2017 and low and behold after much stress it arrived. Still awaiting my state but at least the federal came.

    Hang in there to all whose still waiting.

    1. CONGRATS Tiffany, thanks for the update. Now if that State refund will get here you will be set. Well you have a wonderful weekend and do that HAPPY DANCE…lol.

    2. Tiffany congrats to you. That’s great to hear! You get to go into the weekend with your money.
      Jazzy, I’m so happy it’s Friday so I can start spending my money. I’m going tomorrow and shop for my car. I hope you have a great weekend as well

      1. Tonda

        Happy car shopping today! Hope you get a great deal; the market is good right now for buyers; so negotiate; dealers are desperate to move those cars off those lots to reduce their huge inventory.

        Please update and let us know the outcome…

        ********EVERYONE ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND*********

  26. Well I guess everyone is out spending their money because it is super dry on here. Hey Jazzy and Kim I guess we’re the only originals that still check in lol. Jazzy I’m glad you still come on here helping people.

    1. Hi Tonda, yep I try to check in during my breaks and lunch. Kim and I have been trying to hold down the forth. Glad you are still with us as well…when I am not able to answer questions right away I know I got back up….:-).

      Well got to get back to work….check back in after 5:30.

      TGIF….we have been a little lax here; who really works on a FRIDAY :-).

      Hope you got a great weekend planned…

      Chat with you later…bye

  27. Hi my name is janae im new on here irs have recieved my refund on jan 30 its pass my 21 days i havent had no bars at all or no codes all it says is that they recieved my refund and it is being processed i gave them a call 3 times 3 different days and all im getting is that its under review

    1. Welcome, Janae

      Can you view your transcript online? If so, this is where you will find out exactly why you are under review by the codes that will be listed. Indeed something is wrong since you filed and was accepted on 1/30.

      Can you think or any reason you were pulled for review. Did you have any of the following:

      Common Reasons Returns are pulled for Review or Full Blown Audits:

      1. NEW changes this year compared to your last 3 years of filing? This will most definitely flag your return.
      2. Address Change?
      3. Did you file prior to receiving your W-2? (ex: did you use your last paycheck stub?) there could be a math error.
      4. Educational Credit?
      5. ID verification
      6. Add/drop dependents?
      7. Offset (owed back taxes for a prior year) which will not show up on the offset line.
      8. Have you checked the offset line (800) 304-3107
      9. Health Care Form (1095A) missing/not included

      Keep in mind IRS can fix some of these issues without sending a letter or you having to do anything. They have access to varies databases to look up and verify most info. Can you tell me what your cycle is if you can review your transcript? Have you even tried to order them yet or view online? If you can order and view the account transcript and the return transcript; that means that are done processing; but doesn’t mean the have completed the process…

      If you were accepted on 1/30/17 your cycle code should be 20170502 maybe 20170504 since efile is off by 2 days when IRS really accepts it. If you are weekly it will say 20170505.

      Once I know a little more I can determine more closely what may be going on with your delay.

      But I can tell you this; you can call an Advocate today and the will be able to look you up and tell you exactly whats the hold up…just tell them you have a hardship and they will help – 1-877-777-4778

      There is going to be an update in the morning…check and see if you have any movement; you could be a weekly/not daily filer.

      Good luck and hopefully you can reach an advocate to open a case for you. Also, you can call IRS again and tell them you are requesting a 911 Form to be submitted for an advocate to call you to help, because you have a hardship they will have to honor the request. Perhaps then you can insist they tell you if a letter is in the mail or what is the hold up…

      IRS – (800) 829-0582 ext. 652

      Keep me updated…and tell me what codes you found on your “account” transcript.

      1. Hi jazzy

        Yes i drop dependents this year and i do have educational/schooling credit and i had like r jobs last year so yes 1 of them i use last check stub..yeah i was told some dates will be given tomorrow and to see what it says tomorrow i also was told not to keep calling the irs because they will audit me if i keep calling dont know how true that is… How do i view my my transcript

        1. Janae,

          That is a myth if you keep calling IRS you will be audited; you can still be audited if you NEVER called IRS does notes each and every time you call them; so it is ok to let them know you have called several because you are concerned and worried and need answer because you need your money. Nothing wrong with that. That has nothing to do with your tax return it won’t change anything you sent in already…so you are doomed either way if IRS see something that want to review further. A system flags the return; and then IRS staff have to take a look at it; to determine if they need to do anything further before putting in back in que. So. call ALL YOU WANT…and TELL THEM HOW MANY TIMES you know you have call…at least they will know it is YOU…right…lol. That is your least problems right now….so don’t believe they myth. Ask them next to you call again :-).

          Here is the link or go to IRS website and look at the choices one will say Get will have to answer a lot of questions if you try to get it online to view; it not then have it mailed or you can order over the phone 800-908-9946.

          You can also ask the person who answer the transcript line if they can pull it up and let you know what codes are on them…tell her you need it for school. If you can download the Fax App, you can have her fax it directly to your phone as well…

          Once you are able to view the “account” one; tell me the codes…

        1. Janae,

          You are very welcome; let’s cross our fingers you have an update in the morning. Keep us posted.

          Good luck…

          Hopefully, good news is coming soon…

          I know it is hard to take your mind off IRS; if nothing happens we will pick it back up again on Monday….if you can get that “account” transcript it will tell us the reason your return is being held up.

          Try to have a relaxing weekend ok…

        1. Janae,

          Thursdays and Saturday updates with a DDD for Wed/Fri deposits; Every Monday IRS send the Master File Tape to the Treasury to release the funds for that week.

          Some may see updates on other days; but those are usually after a holiday or IRS manually release them individually; not within a full batch of ddd’s.

          WMR updates daily; so always watch for new message regarding your refund; this will give you some clue if they have finish and is resequencing you back in que for the next release date…

        1. Andy, that is a good topic; since a lot of people are finding themselves under review/audits.

      2. i had a request for my 1095a i faxed 2 weeks ago how long dose it take?? my bar is gone and it just says We have received your tax return and it is being processed. no codes and no deposit day..

        1. ana, based on IRS Manual, when notices goes out and you have sent in the documents they requested; you should be put back in que. Usually this is no more than 2 re sequence cycles. Look for an update on the WMR in the morning or Friday morning…you should see some positive movement. If you can check your transcript online you will see the date that was previous there move forward or backward 1 week. They is the 1st indication that they received your faxed and is re sequencing for a release date. IRS has (2) business days to open correspondence and each section it goes to have 1 week to process or they have to go back in the system and add another week if they can’t meet that criteria…I think you will see a DDD by Saturday for next week. Keep me posted ok. Good luck!

          IRS has deadlines that MUST be met. It is a process they must follow per their own IRS Manual. I read the entire manual; the words the reps tell you when you call (the script) is outlined word by word what they are suppose to tell a taxpayers…lol.

          Notice Review – Review of IMF and BMF Master File notices performed on the On-Line Notice Review (OLNR)

          Review of IMF and BMF Master File notices performed on the OLNR. This is an on-line computer system used to review and correct errors or update notices based on changes on the taxpayers account since the notice was generated. Notices are selected for review by the Notice Review Processing System (NRPS).
          Notice Review cases should be prioritized to review refund notices prior to the Thursday (for IMF) (see note) and Thursday 1 PM (for BMF) cutoff for input of command code NOREF.

          With IMF accelerated refund issuance, Notice Review can prevent the refund from being issued to the taxpayer up until Thursday 6 PM local time using procedures in IRM 3.14.1.

          Correct and mail notices timely to minimize negative impact to the taxpayer. For Notice Review, timely means ALL of the following:
          Closeout notice cycle on or before the Monday morning preceding the notice date.
          Complete ALL adjustments affecting refunds within the current OLNR cycle. Adjustments can be completed in cycle with a posting delay code, if needed.

          If an IMF adjustment is input within the guidelines for using TC 570 or NOREFP, the adjustment can be input without a posting delay code. When using the TC 570, IMF will recompute the refund amount on the day the systemic refund freeze is set to expire and issue the remaining balance. When using the NOREFP, IMF will process the NOREFP request the day of input and will recompute the account balance the next day when the transaction is being processed.

  28. Morning those of you going through unfortunate challenging period with IRS and your financial institutions we’re praying for you..hang in there

    Jazzy you’ve been a take time out of your busy schedule along with your resources to help those in need when you don’t have are a true character and a model citizen..i thank you for all you do

    Girl we need to hook up on’re definitely a keeper for a friend

    I guess this should be a learning experience for everyone to avoid those prepaid cards for your refund..these are some scary and unfortunate situations..i pray things turn out well for you all

    1. Kim,

      Ahhhhhhhh thank you; that means a lot to me and I do what I do because I truly care about others and it comes naturally but nature. People who knows me said my calling was being a “lawyer” cause I talk so much…lol.

      True, so I can’t be mad at them…hehehehehhehe…

      Can you send me your email??????

        1. Kim, thanks for the info, I will send you an email now…

  29. Good morning all. Wanted to know if anyone seen any movement with their money?

  30. Jazzy – IRS make direct deposits on mo , we , fr only and mails checks on fr only . Do you know if this is true and if not , have any idea how I can go about finding out ??!!

    1. Bob,

      Paper check are only delayed by 2 extra days than Direct Deposit. Usually paper checks are mailed on Friday’s and you usually get within 1 week; the following Friday or sooner. The US Postal usually don’t deliver Refund checks until Saturday morning to prevent someone watching your mail and stealing the check. Most people are home on weekends and know what time their mailman comes on that day to check for their refunds. If, you have yet to receive your check it should be in your mailbox Saturday morning; but it could be today. Never know if the post office still use this practice as they did when we ONLY could do PAPER Return way before this efile came about. Did not find anywhere in the manual that is ONLY mail them out on Friday’s….but that is the norm. (01-01-2017)
      IMF Daily Processing

      IMF Refund Payment Date -The IMF Refund Payment Date will be computed by IMF for both Direct Deposit and Paper Check refunds and will be listed on the refund transaction TC 846 in fields:


      “RFND-PYMT-DT” on TXMOD, format YYYYMMDD

      IMF computes this field as the posted cycle date PLUS four business days for Direct Deposit refunds; posted cycle date PLUS six business days for Paper Check refunds.

    2. IRS Secrets About Tax Refunds | US Tax Center
      link: or google the title:

      When Are Refunds Sent?

      If you’re wondering when to check for your money from your federal refund status in the mail, you should know when the IRS will send it. Generally, any paper checks issued are sent on Fridays. A truck (or two) arrives at the federal IRS building and picks all the checks issued that week. So, unless there was some special circumstance with your federal refund status, it will be sent out on Friday.

      You should allow up to 5 business days after it’s been issued for delivery. If you’ve recently checked your IRS refund status and know it will be sent on Friday, wait until the following Friday before you call to ask where it is.

      This goes the same for money from your IRS refund issued by direct deposit. Amounts are generally deposited to your account on Fridays. There might be a delay, though. Give your bank until the following Tuesday to deposit the money. If it still hasn’t gone through, check your federal refund status again. It may not have gone through yet at the IRS.

      IRS Refund Cycle Chart

      If you’d like more detailed information on your IRS refund status, check the IRS Refund Cycle Chart. It will tell you when your money will be issued based on when your return was received.

      For example, say you sent your tax return in between January 20th and January 27th. You should expect a direct deposit on February 4th. A paper check would be issued a week later, February 11th.

      The chart includes late filings as well. Of course, these dates are “ideal.” That means there might be unexpected delays. Always check your IRS refund status if you’re worried about your money.

      Change of Address
      It’s easy to notify the IRS of a change of address when you file. But what if you move after you send in your return? You might be worried that your IRS refund status will change.

      Of course, if you checked on your federal refund status for the IRS to direct deposit your refund, there’s no need to worry. However, paper checks might encounter a problem. You can notify the IRS through the mail, on the phone, or online.

      If you’re going through the mail, use Form 8822. You should be able to find it where you got your tax forms, like the library. If you used tax software, they may have an option for you to check. You can also recheck your IRS refund status at the IRS website.

      Make sure to include your Social Security Number on all correspondence with the IRS. Also, after changing your address with the IRS, talk to your local post office. They can help make sure your check from your federal refund is sent to your new address.

  31. Good morning all!
    Jazzy i wish i was in texas so i cpuld give them a piece of my mind. They dont open until 10 am i will be the first call coming thru! I will definitely keep u posted.

    1. Morning Ray, I found our local number try calling this one:

      Netspend Customer Service
      3 mins average wait avoid wait
      Call center hours
      Mon – Fri: 8am-10pm, Sat -Sun: 8am-8pm CST
      When calling Netspend
      Dial extension 7715

      Net Spend Corporation
      701 Brazos St, Ste 1300
      Austin, TX 78701

      Netspend Phone Number
      Customer Service
      12 mins average wait(when open)
      Mon – Fri: 8am-10pm, Sat -Sun: 8am-8pm CST

  32. Google compliants and reviews. This being going on since 2011. I would never use prepaid cards again if I was you guys. They suck and appear to be crooks.

    Google Reviews Comments:
    jan 28 2011. I had my tax refund direct deposited to my netspend card for the last 2 yrs and never had an issue. This year, not so lucky. I called to get the routing and account numbers from netspend. They gave me the correct routing number but left 4 digits off my account number! After sitting on hold and being transferred, they said to call the irs. Did that. I talked to 3 different people who said there was nothing they could do, that the netspend computers had a glitch and gave wrong account numbers to thousands of people! My tax refund will I guess be returned to the irs and they will send a paper check. God knows how long that will take. I find it hard to believe that a financial institution can make that kind of mistake and not fix it! All they say is, sorry for the inconvinience. I don’t want an apology, I want them to fix the problem!

    My tax refund was put into the wrong account. I had gotten the account number from netspend to put on my return and then when i checked with the IRS and found my refund had been sent and it wasn’t on my card I emailed them to find out what was going on. They gave me an account number to verify that it was sent to the correct account but of course it wasn’t, but it was sent to the account that netspend provided me the account number of. I dont understand why they cant move the money from one account to another if it was their mistake, as it apparently was in several different situations atleast.

    I’ve just experienced the same thing with Netspend only thing different is that my income tax return as well as my paychecks were on the card they locked my card and closed my account without my permission and i had to wait almost 2 hrs to speak with an supervisor because the customer service representatives you can tell they reading off a screen because they all answer in the same way and know nothing to answer your questions however they told me that the sent me check out last week and it was going to be here Wednesday because they expedited my check Wednesday comes no check i call them to see what was going on they tell me they just sent my check out this Tuesday and should be here this Friday which is today so I’m sitting here waiting on UPS if i receive no check then I’m contacting a lawyer and strongly recommend that nobody gets a Netspend account because it seems like they running some kind of fishy company from experience get a real bank where u can actually go walk into and discuss manners such as this in the future i know i am bad situation but good lesson taught!

  33. Jazzy i used netspend and they couldn’t even tell me if they had sent it back yet. It was sooo frustrating. I talked to 10 different reps and pf course everytime i asked for a supervisor i was holding for 30 min plus and no one picked up. The account number is missing 2 digits and i thought it could be rectified but they were adamant that it will automatically reject. I’ll definitely try calling netspend again in the morning and see if i can get some answers!

    1. Ray,

      Go to this website and enter the routing number they gave you on your tax return; if you have more than 1 and even your own personal bank routing number…enter all routing numbers you have and see what comes up. If it is a bank, it will give you the phone number to who actually may have your refund or it just may give you the correct account number (2) digit missing…you might can search by name as well. Also, you can google the routing number as well; and the information may come up.

      Go to this website Federal Reserve Bank – – the center section E-Payments Routing Directory put the routing number in and see what comes up. If netspend is holding your refund for (6) days; they are doing so just to earned interest on your money; crooks. Have you google the reviews on them. They probably done this to others and on purpose just to keep your money for a profit…smh.

      I will be up until 10pm ….let me know what happens.

        1. Ray, ask them if you can open up new Netspend account to transfer your funds to the correct routing number. If you already have one from last year ask if you can transfer the funds to the one you have.

          Contact Info:
          » Call us toll-free at
          1-86-NETSPEND (1-866-387-7363)
          between 8AM-10PM CT, Monday through Friday and 8AM-8PM CT, Saturday and Sunday.

          Good luck Ray, hopefully in the morning you will get some positive results. I hope so…

    2. Ray, I googled – The wrong account number was put on my form for direct deposit. (lot of different links/resources on this topic) Read a few and you will see what others did to try to fix it…

      Actually you can demand Netspend to cut you a CHECK and MAIL to you directly without sending it back to IRS. Someone else did just that.

      This is what came up:
      If you chose to pay your TurboTax fees taken out of your refund, the funds will be returned to SBBT and they will take out another fee and mail the check. Check the status of your refurn on – if it was rejected – you will be able to provide SBBT your information and they will mail the check to the address listed on your tax return. If you want to contact NetSpend Visa, you can call the toll-free NetSpend Customer Service Line at 1-855-646-8848.


      If you paid your TurboTax fees using your credit or debit card and your refund is rejected by your bank due to incorrect routing or account numbers, it will take longer for you to receive your refund as it will be returned to the IRS and issued via paper check.

      IRS number to call – much faster to get in (800) 829-0582 ext. 652

    3. Ray,

      Here is the correct routing number:

      Then, if you’re depositing to the NetSpend card you received from us last year, enter this info:

      Bank Name: The Bancorp Bank
      Account Number – if you don’t have it, you can get it by logging into NetSpend.
      Routing Number: 114924742

      1. Thank you soo much i will definitely be calling them in the morning asking questions and demanding that check. I appreciate u sharing those links with me! Have a good night!

        1. Ray,

          Netspend is located right here in Austin, across from our State Capitol. About 20 minutes from where I live. you want me to go over there for you in the morning and demand they give you your money right NOW…I can do it…really! I work for state government and I know some very important people in this city…high level officials. I might have to file a compliant with our OAG Consumer Division. I am an advocate for people who are done wrong. I get results. I have read some horror stories when I google; they do this to a lot of people and it needs to be addressed and STOP. I need to bring these complaints to the attention of our Legislators sine they are now in session:

          Address: Austin, TX
          Phone: (866) 387-7363

          If you don’t get results tomorrow; just let me know I will take matters in my own hand. I will make sure they don’t keep getting away with treating their customers this way….so wrong. I won’t stand for it.

          I got your back….ok.

          Sleep well and know I am on your side.

          Now for real I am going to bed now…just been googling about Netspend…smh

      2. Ok jazzy I’ve called every number u listed and that i could find. I asked about them cutting a check and was told no. The best they can do for me is to reject my direct deposit sooner than the 6 business days. So now i guess i need to speak with turbo tax and get a tracking number for my refund so they can send it back today. And hope and pray that the check comes sooner than later!… Ive used netspend for payroll in the past and never had any issues, but this is truly a lesson learned. I was recently laid off from my job in January and this whole ordeal is going to put me behind even more now. Ill have to look on the bright side and find the good in this situation to keep my sanity! But thank you so much jazzy for taking time out ur day to help me i really APPRECIATE that!

        1. Good job Ray, ask the preparer if they can cut you a check. They can do it as well once you tell them what happened. If not, hope they will reject it TODAY, so the clock start immediately.

          So, sorry to hear about your job loss; hope this get resolve right on time before it really set you back and do harm to your finances.

          Call and advocate; and the can put a rush and you will have it back within 6 days for mailing. Trust me, the advocate can speed up the delay due to your hardships.

          Please call and tell them your situation…ok. By the time someone return your call the check will have been rejected and showing back up in the IRS system. That should only take 1 business day, thru wire rejection back into the treasury account…

          But your preprarer can HELP you….and cut that check…so please beg them first, if all fail…Advocate are you best friend…right about now.

          Good luck my friend, I will you all the best…

    4. Oh wow Ray so sorry you’re going through this mess..i feel for you..this is very unfortunate..thank God for ppl like Jazzy..I’ll be praying for you

      1. Kim, night owl….you be coming on when I be

        Yeah, you know I am on this issue :-). Netspend messed with the wrong person my friend Ray, he is part of our Forum family….so I have to take them down…hehehehhehhhee

        Well, would love to stay up and chat with ya, but I really must get some sleep or I will be no good in the morning.

        Dead tired…but still multi-tasking and researching…smh. I am a workaholic…

        Goodnight Kim/Ray…ALL

      2. Thank you for ur kind words and prayers that is much appreciated….yes jazzy is just hoping something can be done!

    1. Ok goodnight Tonda, I think I am going to call it a night as well. Getting a little tired 5:30 comes to quickly.

      Everyone have a goodnight!!! I will check in off and on throughout the day and try to respond as quickly as possible to any questions any may have.

      I will say a little prayer for all those who are still waiting for the refunds and still processing.

  34. Jazzy I feel the same way. I don’t want any car payments either. And I don’t think I’m filing mine early either, it just seems like too many problems and would be better off waiting a few weeks afterwards

    1. Beau, right. After a tax year like this; I guess I can’t blame

      They are still trying to exhale and get this PATH nightmare out of their minds. Spending that money and paying those bills and getting back to some sense of normalcy is doing wonders…:-).

      Mines is all spent and gone so I am back to reality again…lol.

      1. Yes Beau J, I came on here earlier and it was dry. I thought I would check back in before I go to bed.
        Hey Jazzy!!

        1. Hey Tonda, you spend all your money yet? I have…hehehehehehhehe; funny it takes so long to get; but so fast to spend…smh.

      2. Jazzy I’ve been waiting all that time and haven’t had a chance to spend anything. I’ve been working like crazy. I’m waiting for tomorrow so I can start spending away lol.
        The money might go fast, but at least you got what you were planning on getting with it.

        1. My DDD came on a Friday, so I had 3 day weekend to spend it all. If it came this week; I would be in the same position you are, too busy to spend it. Yep, the weekend is upon us; so you will have a good one. Love your philosophy, and so true…I did purchase that vehicle and it was well worth the entire check. Just the thought of no payments is awesome.

          I got all my bills caught up to one month; because I really feel like the EIC/ACTC will be eliminated and the Head of House exemption. No huge refunds anymore. All good things do eventually comes to an end…smh.

          Even if we are lucky to get one more tax year in; I promise you this, no matter how tempted I am; I will NOT file during the test batches run; I may not even file in the 1st week; it is safest to file at least 2-3 weeks after the mad rush; and you will still get your refund within 10-14 days. They really scrutinize those earlier and 1st week of opening day returns.

          Especially if they haven’t received all the required documents from the employer’s, such as W-2, health forms, etc.,

      3. Hey jazzy I been out of in sorts. I got my meds!!! Just in time to since I had one. Thank you!

        1. Great news, Nykky so glad you finally we able to get them and is ok. I bet you have been busy catching up on everything. Hope all is going well and things are working out since the refund finally gave us all relief.

      1. I’m glad everyone did…and again thank you Jazzy and everyone else who helped out. This was the best thing I came across during this whole mess. Until next year I guess ;)

        1. Debra, you are very welcome. Based on what I am reading, this may be the last year for millions of us. Trump wants his tax plan implemented in time for the 2018 Tax Year. Most taxpayers will only have to fill out a (1) page form.

          Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Trump administration is aiming to have a tax reform plan passed through both the House and the Senate by the August recess.

          “We are committed to passing tax reform,” Mnuchin said. “It will be very significant.”“We want to get [tax reform] done by the August recess,” Mnuchin added.

  35. well mine is still saying processing I don’t see any kind of bars and no code either it was accepted on the 3rd of February my bars left on the 4th hasn’t came back yet tomorrow is my 21st day blah blah blah

    1. donniece,

      I think you already know that is a bad sign. If you can view your transcript; I bet it have some review codes or freeze code 570, 971 for notice sent in mail.

      Have you tried to call them yet? Don’t let them tell you to just wait for the letter; if they don’t give you an answer, call an Advocate immediately, they can actually pull up your return and tell you WHY the delay and what you need to fax to her/him to resolve it. They actually works for the IRS and are housed in their bldgs…Once they fax anything you send to them IRS has 1 week to respond back; if they accept the documents, you will be resequence back and have your refund with 2 weeks tops.

      Get on that phone in the morning, even if it hasn’t been 21 days…but since it will be for you; you good.

      It just maybe you need to do an ID verification. I read a variety of issues why others were pulled for review. So, it could be anything…

      Good luck….hope you get it resolved quickly…keep me posted.

  36. Just found out today that my direct deposit was sent back to irs because my bank account number was wrong.ughh..anyone knows the turn around time for when the irs will issue me a check?

    1. Ray,
      I hate you missed my post where I was telling everyone to please check their return and bank account to see if it was correct and if not to please call your bank and informed them. They would have allowed you to STOP the rejection and corrected it. That is a very common error…

      But it shouldn’t take no more than 10-14 days the most. If your bank sent it right back; IRS will turn around an mail it. Hope it will be a much shorter wait than that.

      Try to contact them anyways and let them know what happen; they will note your file and give you an apprx. time-frame. Which of course they always will give you a date that reflects the worse case scenario. Like they do with DDD, never the date it states..well for most.

      I think you can still get a live rep within 10-15 at this number (800) 829-0582 ext. 652

      Good luck…keep me posted ok

      1. Yea it was an error on my banks behave they provided me the wrong number so i have to pay for their mistake. I contacted the irs and was given a time frame of 4 weeks after the bank rejects it. My bank also stated it could take them up to 6 business days to send the rejection back. Im so over this tax season it has truly been a nightmare. Thanks for the feed back jazzy!

        1. Ray,

          If the bank has NOT sent it back yet; you can intercept that and fix it. Why aren’t they allowing you do correct the error right now to release the funds. It is not law that says they have to reject and send back; that is totally up to the banks not IRS…I would be begging them like crazy to allow me to do whatever to get it resolve before they send back. Well if they hold it for (6) days then they are going to delay you about 4 weeks…smh.

          See if you can talk to a supervisor or corporate office and STOP them from sending it least try it may just work if you talk to the right person in charge. I hate to see you have to thru more drama; when it is so unnecessary. The bank still got the refund in their possession. My bank would give me time…but it all depends on the bank tho.

  37. Anyone else still waiting on their DDD or have received it that hasn’t posted the good news. We are still here for you, if you still need questions answered or just moral support.

    No one will be left behind in this Forum…we stick together and see it thru till the end! :-)

    Ghost forum now…lol. Wonder why????????? lmbo. uhmmmmmm could it be because refunds hit the banks…and we are no longer needed or required…geez :-(

      1. Anthony,

        Nothing much going on…I am going back to playing my fantasy basketball since they are back playing tonight after the all-star game; and setting up my lineup for start of the baseball season coming up.

        My time is limited anyways since the Legislature are in session and they are keeping me busy during working hours. Don’t have a lot of extra time anymore; so the timing was perfect that most if not all has gotten that refund. I am pretty sure by tomorrow if any is still waiting; it is most likely due to the bank rejection the deposit due to wrong account number, address did not match the return; ID verification or IRS reversed the transaction for further review; so not much anyone can do at this point but try to track it down…

    1. So, I waited all day yesterday for my return to say “sent” or for my account to be updated and finally at midnight, the IRS website said it was Sent! Well, here it is 6 am and my prepaid visa card has still not be uploaded. I’ve called and they show no pending deposits. I’ve checked my return and every single number is correct on the routing number and account number. I am truly freaking out! I have no idea what else to do! Please help!

      1. Tegan, give me a little more to go on: Where was it going? When were your DDD date? Did you check both banks and prepaid card? Did you check the Federal Reserve Bank website to see where your funds were wired? Just put in the routing number and call that bank. Scroll down to get that info. You know some banks are Freezing the refunds if you did not update your address or anything you did with IRS and them; but you did not update the info with them; or something does not match; they are holding. Have you google reviews to get some insight…TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY to avoid a lengthy delay. You can ask them to trace where your money is….here is IRS # to call if you need to reach them for answers: (800) 829-0582 ext. 652. Wow, this is more common than I thought…smh. Good luck and keep me updated ok.

        I read a comment that said (forgot the bank) that 40,000 refunds were sent via check instead of going on their card by mistakes…that is why YOU will not see any update on the card. You may need to ask if they cut you a check and it is in the mail instead by error…

        Do any of these stories apply to your situation:

        So, my dumb ass, ordered another Netspend card when I filed my taxes, but had my refund deposited to the card I had last year. So, for shits and giggles (also because there was no movement on my new card) I check my old account, and LOW AND BEHOLD my dang on refund was deposited on the 20th at 11:51 pm. Filed 2/1 accepted 2/6 DDD 2/23 did 2/20……I feel so stupid. Oh yeah no fees.

        Mine was 2-22, checked WMR at 12:15 last night and updated to 3 bars. Checked the bank, nothing. When I woke up this morning, nothing. Called the IRS, apparently when I went to the bank to get my account number when I filed my taxes, they gave me the wrong account number. It was completely and totally different than mine, not a single digit matched but the first five, and at my branch, everyone has the same first five. Called my bank, gave them the account number on my taxes and my actual account number and they found it and sent it back to the IRS. Now I have to wait 3-8 weeks to get my paper return. So if you haven’t gotten yours yet, I strongly urge you to contact the IRS right away. I’m fortunate with my bank that they were so quick to act and that they actually took the money back and sent it back the same day. Most banks won’t do this ESPECIALLY is there isn’t enough funds to take the money back, some even have to be supeanaed by the IRS to have them send a trace on it, and even then they don’t guarantee the bank will send the money back.

        Yesterday I called the emerald card to check my account and it stated that the IRS had approved my return and that I had a pending deposit.. I called back yesterday evening to see why it had not posted yet and the recording was gone and the people keep hanging up on me. I check with the IRS website and it shows 3 bars and states that the bank has my money but they keep saying that they do not see a ending deposit and no one will help me because I did not do my taxes with hrb but I used tt

        Mine was 2-22, checked WMR at 12:15 last night and updated to 3 bars. Checked the bank, nothing. When I woke up this morning, nothing. Called the IRS, apparently when I went to the bank to get my account number when I filed my taxes, they gave me the wrong account number. It was completely and totally different than mine, not a single digit matched but the first five, and at my branch, everyone has the same first five. Called my bank, gave them the account number on my taxes and my actual account number and they found it and sent it back to the IRS. Now I have to wait 3-8 weeks to get my paper return. So if you haven’t gotten yours yet, I strongly urge you to contact the IRS right away. I’m fortunate with my bank that they were so quick to act and that they actually took the money back and sent it back the same day. Most banks won’t do this ESPECIALLY is there isn’t enough funds to take the money back, some even have to be supeanaed by the IRS to have them send a trace on it, and even then they don’t guarantee the bank will send the money back.

        Mmmmmmmaaaannnnnn i just wanna share what i went through to get my money maybe this could help someone: so i filed on 1/22 was accepted on 1/23 everything was ok and going fine until around the first week of february after i got the path message which was feb 4th the next week i found out my bank account which the refund was going to is closed im like heated with TD because they didnt call me to let me it was frozen at first but when i went to go and resolve the situation it was officially closed and i had to open a new account with them so now thinking that i would see a check i didnt bother to ask any questions until i got and update on the the 16th to we received your return and it is being processed then on the 18th i got my DDD of 2/23 so thats when i started calling TD to let them know i have a deposit coming to see if it could possibly be rerouted to my new account they said yea sure no problem long story short they couldn’t because the check that hit my closed account was in my husband’s name even though we filed a joint return he was the primary so since he wasnt on my account they couldn’t reroute it i almost gave up and waited for it to bounce back and then wait for a check until my husband mentions to me to ask them a question and that turned into me and hubby going into a TD branch and as of right now im a thousandaire!!!!!!! Moral of the story: Never give up because its that much closer than you think

  38. Deposit hit this morning taking my children to school…Looks like i will be having a wonderful Anniversary after all…thanks Jazzy for being right and having encouraging words and wisdom

    1. Cheetah,

      Congratulations and Happy Anniversary ….I am so happy for you and your family. Can’t get no better than this good news, yeaaaaahhhhhhhh.

      Hope you did that Happy Dance already…lol. Thank you for the kind words, and you are most welcome. My pleasure. Hope next year won’t be this stressful and difficult for us all.

      Take care, and hope to see you next year :-).

  39. Jazzy

    Pray that I find a car I want today I’m off work and going to look. Everyone it’s coming I felt the same way but it’s coming.

    Anthony make sure your account number is correct I have Chase and they didn’t hold it they put it right on my account.

    1. Tam,

      I am crossing my fingers that you find that perfect car, can’t wait for an update on your selection. Right in time for the upcoming spring break and summer…yeah.

      Good luck…

  40. IRS says they have released my refund but [email protected] block says they cant see it…I need to call the IRS….I told H&R block ,,, again the IRS has released it… They told me to call you…So I called the emerald card and she said IRS hasn’t released it,,, wow wow wow,,, ,

    1. Hard Times; now that is just crazy. Sorry you are dealing with this: Here is a few tips:

      Bofi federal 18772478002…. For emerald card users…

      Did you got the the Federal Reserve website and look up the routing number?

      Did you call the treasury department directly?

      U.S. Treasury for Payments:

      Department of the Treasury
      1500 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
      Washington, D.C. 20220

      General Information: (202) 622-2000
      Fax: (202) 622-6415
      Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

      FB Comment:
      look at your online return, it states that the 3rd party bank that your account refund goes to (before they take out fees) is BofI bank based in San Diego, California. You can find your refund account number & the routing number 101089724 located on your return. Mine says its a checking account. The bank does not open until 8am PST, & since HRB is not being very forthcoming with information, I suggest you call this bank to find out if the return funds have at lease been released, as they are the 3rd party processor for HRB fees. From this acct, the remaining funds should then be released to your ACH or Emerald i assume. Since the acct # & routing # are both found on your return, this seems like the best place to start. I will be calling them in 2 hours myself. The number is (877)247-8002. Hopefully they can provide us with some answers. Good luck, everyone! Hope this helps. Have a great day!

    2. Hard Times, if that don’t get you closer to where your money is; keep calling this number over and over and ask for a supervisor to locate your money and see how many different answers you get from ALL of them.

      Also contact a tax advocate for hardship (directly) and tell IRS to enter a 911 FORM on your behalf to an advocate. website it was let you enter our state or

      You can also call the Taxpayer Advocate Service toll-free at 1-877-777-4778, or fill out Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, and fax or mail it to the address above.Dec 23, 2016

      Good luck…keep me posted.

      1. Hard times did you check the website of stbg. I checked there and said that my funds had been released and then when I called the number it say that they didn’t receive it yet 18777774778 so check the website sometimes it updates faster then the phone line info.

      2. Hard times did you check the website of stpg. I checked there and said that my funds had been released and then when I called the number it say that they didn’t receive it yet so check the website sometimes it updates faster then the phone line info.

    3. Aww Hard Times I’m sorry to hear that. Make sure you get on that phone asap. They are playing games. But check and see if your account info is correct

  41. DDD of FEB 23 with BOA and 9:05am still no deposit!!!! Anyone else with the same problem?

    1. Courtney, you are not alone; a lot of people are in the same boat you are; I compiled a few comments I google to see if others were experiencing the same thing Hard Times mentioned earlier now you. I am sure I could post 100’s of more; but these should paint the picture of the worries many as yourself is experiencing.

      1. Good morning. I’m so sad to see people with 2/22 and 2/23 DDDs that still haven’t received their refund. If you haven’t already here are some things you can check: 1. If you had fees taken out, check with the middleman bank (SBBT, Republic, Bofi, etc) that they received your refund and sent it to your personal account. 2. Verify that your personal account information is correct on you return. 3. If filed jointly make sure both names are on your bank account/pre-paid card as this can sometimes cause your refund to be held or rejected. 4. If you are using a pre-paid card for the first time and were using a middleman bank, some people have had their refund not deposited because the middleman bank does test deposits to ensure the account is active and correct. If your card wasn’t activated at the time they tried it is possible that they did not attempt to deposit your refund and could be sending you a check. 5. If you have access to you transcripts online then you can check to see if their were any holds, offsets or freezes on your account which could have delayed or taken your refund.

      2. You can try contacting TPG to get the ACH trace number. Your bank can then use that to track it and see where it is or what happened.

      3. So our refund was pending in our bank account to be available this morning, and this morning it just disappeared instead. Apparently the IRS reversed it because my husbands name was not on the account. Now I guess I have to wait until they receive it back and issue a paper check.Has anyone dealt with this in the past and if so how long did it take to receive the paper check?

      4. just got off the phone with Jackson Hewitt. I demanded to speak with a supervisor and after waiting 15 minutes I finally got one. They’re, apparently, clueless as to what’s taking so long. She insisted that the system is still showing that it hasn’t been sent by the IRS yet and even though SBBT is showing paid and sent they aren’t showing anything.

      5. I was supposed to get it yesterday. She was rude and said it’s only been 1 day. I’ve NEVER gone beyond my ddd before. ugh!I’m ticked, I’m upset, this is so frustrating!!! I’m never using Jackson Hewitt again!!Thank you for letting me vent…

      6. TPG says they sent the funds to a greendot card yesterday but I’m not seeing anything and Serve says they don’t have anything online. The phone line is over a 30 min wait to even speak to a rep so it’s either amex serve or JH I’m thinking. Either way…it’s irritating

      7. I’m wondering if there is some problem with tpg sending funds to JH… I’m getting a check, tpg supposedly told JH yesterday to cut me a check and JH claims to still not have it…..all I know is I’m never filing with them again

      8. can I please have the number you called for treasury I still have not received my funds either.

      9. I’m also an unhappy customers of jackson Hewitt. Never again it’s a bunch of bs

      If I find some positive comments; that shows results and movements I will share.

      Good luck and hang in there ok…

    2. HRB – If anyone went threw H&R block and you got an email stating that your money on its way, your refund should be loaded to your emerald card by 10am today if you live in the eastern time it will be on your card between 1pm-2pm today

      1. Yes i spoke with TPG and they stated that it was sent to my bank yesterday but still no show- bank of america stated that they had nothing pending so i am freaking out…. i just hate the the IRS says one thing (which should be final word, period) and then something totally opposite happens… like why not say we sent it to Santa Barbara Bank yesterday and will be deposited on friday or whatever- ugh AGGRAVATION at its finest, especially when we have been waiting longer to begin with!

      2. Yes i spoke with TPG and they stated that it was sent to my bank yesterday but still no show- bank of america stated that they had nothing pending so i am freaking out…. i just hate the the IRS says one thing (which should be final word, period) and then something totally opposite happens… like why not say we sent it to Santa Barbara Bank yesterday and will be deposited on friday or whatever- ugh AGGRAVATION at its finest, especially when we have been waiting longer to begin with! THANK YOU JAZZY!

      1. Help, have you had any luck thus far?

        How about you Hard Times?

        Lucy and Brown Eyes, hoping you all update us soon…

        Worried about you guys after reading these comments; it looks like IRS HALTED DDD after the fact and placed a lot of people back under review and sent out letters…even after they went to WMR APPROVED..status. Wow, IRS is no joke…smh.


        1. I was an early filer they accepted my refund the 23rd. i had two bars up until feb 2nd. but than my bars disappeared and it went to processing and 152, than i got a letter in the mail 4883c to verify who i am. and it did that on the 14th. I called irs today and they told me they have restarted the process over and check back march 3rd. So i supper upset!

        2. There’s a bunch of others going through the same thing. Many have been told their return was pulled for review. Have you called the IRS to see what is going on with it?

        3. Branden: I’m not sure, but I know from many years here (even as just a user) that they like to throw out arbitrary dates for worst case scenarios.

        4. Aj-waiting-5564c letter – So just got phone with IRS after 1 hour and 37 mins .. spoke to Mr. Richi — called the collection line and acted stupid. He said not to worry about wmr status, bars or anything, he said this year is caos because the are investigating each and every return that has path law for credits. He said no updates would even go into effect online due to the law until. Between the 15th – 27th for the first filers. So hang in tight guys/gals there are more of us in this boat than those who actually received their refunds.

  42. Lucy, have you got your refund yet? Haven’t heard from you, the status. Let me know ok.

  43. Got to get to work, but I will check in off and on to answer any questions that haven’t been answered. This group is awesome and I am sure you will get an answer from them as well.

    Good luck to those who are still pending; If the DDD say today; there should be no reason the bank should delay you until tomorrow. That would be weird and if they do I would never use that bank again. They are just trying keep your monies as long as they can to get that interest…crooks.

    Have a good day….will keep checking in throughout the day.

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