Unemployment Extensions Update to PUA, PEUC and FPUC in Latest Biden Stimulus Bill – When They Start and 2021 Coverage

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) also known as the Biden $1.9 trillion stimulus package has now been passed into law and reflects many of the unemployment extensions Democrats had campaigned on. I have discussed many of these in some recent articles and you can see a summary of the extended employment programs and coverage periods in the graphic below.

Overall coverage for the federally funded pandemic unemployment programs have been extended from when the current CAA COVID relief bill ends on March 14th, 2021 to September 6th, 2021. The Department of Labor (DOL) has released final guidelines on the ARP funded extensions and includes the following updates.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

The PUA program, designed for freelancers, gig workers and independent contractors or those that generally don’t qualify for regular state unemployment, has been extended by up to 29 weeks. This brings the total number of weeks in the program to 79, from the 50 weeks provided under the CARES and CAA bills.

The DOL has acknowledged that there are only 25 weeks between the week ending March 13, 2021, and the last payable week of September 4, 2021. As such, eligible claimants will not exhaust their full 29 week PUA entitlement stated in the ARP bill before the program expires. The number of weeks available under the program would be reduced by any weeks of regular UC and EB that the individual receives during the coverage period.

Note however, any payments under the Biden/ARP stimulus package can only be backdated or retroactively paid to the start of the program, which is the week starting March 14th and ending March 20th, 2021 (or March 21st for states with a Sunday benefit week end).

Note that the minimum PUA payment is still 50% of a states average weekly benefit amount and limited to the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA).

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – $300 for 25 weeks

The ARP stimulus bill initially had language to increase the weekly supplementary/extra unemployment amount to $400 (from the current $300). However to appease more moderate Democrats and keep the incentive to return to work (for higher wages) the amount was left the same as the $300 FPUC payment approved under the CAA COVID Relief bill. Payments for the $300 weekly payment will continue until the last week ending before September 6th, for a total of 25 weeks and eligible claimants – those getting at least $1 from state and federal unemployment programs – can get a maximum of $7,500 if they qualify for all weeks covered in this new extension.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)

The PEUC program, which extends coverage for those who have exhausted regular and extended state unemployment, has also been extended for another 29 weeks, bringing the total amount of PEUC coverage to 53 weeks. As noted above, the actual number of weeks available in the coverage period is only 25 weeks.

Another change, which applies to both the PUA and PEUC programs is that that the 4-week phaseout period originally provided in the Continued Assistance Act has been repealed. So all benefits will end by September 6th, even if claimants have active weeks or a claim balance remaining.

There was an explicit clause to state that claimants receiving extended state unemployment benefits (as some states are providing due to high unemployment rates) shall not be eligible to receive PEUC until they have exhausted all rights to such extended benefits. So to get PEUC, you will first have to use up regular state unemployment and extended state benefits.

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2020 to 2021 Enhanced Unemployment Program Extensions - PUA, PEUC and FPUC
2020 to 2021 Enhanced Unemployment Program Extensions – PUA, PEUC and FPUC

You can see an earlier update on the above in this recent YouTube video. Also the Department of Labor (DOL) has now issued formal guidelines for state UI agencies to implement the new program extensions over the next few weeks. I’ll track progress and post updates as they come to hand and you can subscribe to get the latest information.

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58 thoughts on “Unemployment Extensions Update to PUA, PEUC and FPUC in Latest Biden Stimulus Bill – When They Start and 2021 Coverage”

  1. I am confused by how the governor can say his state is no longer giving extended benefits when you previously was told you could draw it until September.2021. The President said all benefits would be extended till September. Now 23 states have said they will not pay it. How can they go against what the President ordered?
    Also, we were not supposed to have to pay taxes on the first $10200 of the unemployment. Now some states are saying they are not abiding by that rule. How can that be? I very much have been helped by receiving all the extra benefits and am thankful I received the extra weeks of pay. But still without work, and at this point I’m starting to lose my credit worthiness I’ve had all my life because I’m not able to keep up with my bills. I simply can’t pay everything and now my credit score is dropping rapidly and now my state of Mississippi is saying no more unemployment after June 12th even though they had originally said I would continue to get it through September and they are not honoring the no tax on the first 10200 I received. I don’t understand how they can go against an order signed by the president. Can you please explain this to me.? Thank you

  2. I exhausted all 50 weeks now told not eligible for 29 weeks? How is this,,? I’m at witt’s end. I was told by some I am eligible for extra weeks. Can anyone help me figure this out? Excusey last comment I messed up typo.

  3. Hello,I am in texas. I am in the last 6 weeks of available peuc that was offered through cares act,I know that peuc was extended for an additional 25 weeks through Sept 6. In american rescue
    plan nothing in my portal has updated to show the additional 25 weeks through American rescue plan legislation.Do I need to exhaust these weeks first and then it will be updated?That seems to be what they do but I’m not sure,I just need to know how many weeks total I have left(FYI i had already exhausted 13 weeks of eb benefits )I’m on the duration of weeks that made up the original 24 weeks of peuc available thru cares act.The only thing that changed in my portal was my year end date..it said my claim started sept.6 2020 not March of 2020 anymore..please help

  4. I have certified for Illinois Pua but I got denied 4 weeks will I get the 4 weeks plus the $300 dollars in back pay

  5. Hello Andy,
    I live in Virginia and I am on PEUC and I should get the extension through September 2021 or until I go back to work, but I got a year end letter in the mail with a “bye” date and was told to file for unemployment again to get it extended. I am confused. Do I have to file again or will it automatically get extended when everything gets updated per President Biden’s new bill? I can’t get through to anyone, and never am able when I have a question. So I always have to figure it out myself, and I am really getting frustrated. ???

    • Hi April,
      You sounded a bit flustered in your message to Andy and thought I’d shed some light about your concerns. Just in case he’s not able to respond as soon as you’d like.
      I am in the same situation as you and for this particular unemployment extension, which is fully funded by our Government (specifically PEUC & ENHANCED payments), this time around you are required by your State’s UIA to file a new claim to receive benefits. That’s what I did and unless I become employed, am set through September 4th.
      For the record, I’ve always been a Republican, but thank God for the Democrats and Biden Administration for doing this Rescue Plan or we’d all be left penniless (high & dry).
      Allen ( from Michigan)

      • my name is also April! I live in the state of Oklahoma.Thank you for sharing this information as I to am in the same boat. I’m having a hard time finding a job due to my age. I’ll be 60 this year. Everywhere I apply I have too much experience or I’m overqualified. I’ve ran my dad’s business for 12 years before the pandemic hit and took us out. I know how the game is played. And I know I’m not the only one in this boat. It’s hard for us baby boomers.

        • Not being mean but Trump started the unemployment Joe just inherited it. Trump also started the stimulus as well. Joe Biden is a joke

  6. Hi Andy, just got extension on my EB (7 more weeks, and also re-opened my UI claim,..after /eb is exhasuted will i go back to PEUC or straight to new UI claim?>

  7. Today UI allowed me to file my last week of EB, they put more money in it this week and it still exhausts on the 27th so I won’t be able to file on that claim on the 28th.
    I still have the double dip notice so I’ll find out more next week I guess. I’ll see if they move me forward to the new UI claim [Biden claim].
    The double dip link is still broken but they want me to do that interview by the 24th. I’m guessing they will send me a notice in the mail to address it since I haven’t been able to get through on the phone.
    Maybe they’ll fix the link or remove it all together; that would work for me.

  8. Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) just stopped providing PUA funds as of the March 7, 2021 certification week and no explanation was provided. You are instructed to get on IDES call-back list but no one from IDES has called back and it’s been over 2 weeks (you can only register for a call back once as the IDES phone system will not allow for a cell number to be used a second time. Any idea what the problem is in Illinois?

  9. Andy, I have checked the DETER website again today and the link to the interview about the double dipping is still broken with an error message. I am hoping this means the double dipping error is a glitch since I have exhausted all other benefits. I’m sure hoping and praying it’s all a glitch. I already started calling and emailed tech support with the info…….. no response with either yet. What do you think?

  10. Hi Andy
    my benefit are exhausted on march 14 I wanted to know do I apply for PUA that Joe Binmen past are will it just continue when it past.

  11. Hi Andy , I was relieved to see that I am eligible to collect 15 more weeks of unemployment at $85.00 a week which I will apply for tomorrow.

    The last round of $300.00 supplemental required a person to make $100.00 a week to get the extra $300.00.

    Do you know if that is true for this upcoming round? I can’t imagine how they can decide that you need less money because you make less money :O , … anyway, thanks in advance . Nevada 3/14/21

    • Em…..thanks for your reply. The bottom line, like Andy, who runs this website, earlier said. In this time around, even if you only received $1.00 per week in State unemployment, under the ARP, you are entitled too get $300 per week until September 6th, plus the $1.00 or whatever you were getting for UIA.

      • Allen, yes I saw that Andy replied to that. I’m so thankful he is here for us.
        No doubt my mistake will be resolved and I’ll be getting the supplemental 300.00 along with my 85$ once it is resolved. Hopefully my case lands in front of the right person who can easily see it was a mistake since my claim will be exhausted monday.

  12. Hi Andy love all the help and info. you give us! Both my EB and EUC are still showing open, they stopped pulling from EUC and they switched pulling my weekly payments from EB. EB only has a balance till 3/27, EUC shows a larger unused amount (the other one that says open and not being pulled from) and ends 4/10. Now it’s showing a link to file a new unemployment claim. I am so confused since the EB will end a week before the cut off will it automatically switch back to the also open EUC that has a further end date? Am I supposed to click that link and file a new unemployment claim? I’m not sure they will have the new extension implemented before all this takes place in my account and I don’t want a gap for that mess and the gap that’s probably coming for the new extensions, I don’t know what I should be doing, can you help with any advice please?

    • Hi Laurie,
      As Andy has made mention in past notes, no one is eligible for PEUC Benefits until they have exhausted their State EB (extended benefits) which may have been triggered during a given higher rate of unemployment.
      Not sure what State you live in. As for me, it’s Michigan. My EB’s end the same time as you.
      If you refer to Andy’s graph, there is an overlap in programs, meaning although the ARP takes effect after today (with respect to unemployment), you will still get the full 25 week extension of PEUC as well as the enhanced $300 extra per week, which gives some wiggle room until October 2, rather than September 6th, so no one is short on benefits.
      Hope this helps you understand the process and take car e. “Don’t worry, be Happy. ”
      Allen (from Michigan)

      • Allen, I just read your comment about the overlap. Now that I have more money in my EB and money in my new UI claim I suppose DETER will know how to dole it out without calling it a double dip. Thanks for explaining this further. 3/16/21

    • Be careful. I thought I had to sign up now but am now pending for ‘double dipping” my claim. I would wait till the 28th maybe? Our year ends on the 27th even if the claim is exhausted this week. Or check back next week on your regular file date. That link should be available at least till april I think……. I hope Andy can answer.
      3/14/21 6pm

      • Em Emxx….not sure what State you live in, but as for Michigan, where I live, once your existing benefits are exhausted, you will then be entitled to the additional 25 weeks of PUA or EPUA. Your State UIA will either automatically extend your normal weekly $$ plus the $300 enhanced or you may have to update your information and/or file a new Unemployment application.
        Allen (Michigan)

        • HI Allen
          I live in Nevada, I first filed March 17 ,2020, got uni then pandemic unemployment, then extended benefits. I’m on my last 100.00 of extended which will pay out on Monday.
          Nevada requires that we make a new claim to get another 15 weeks, wish I had copied and saved that page because I filed and that page no longer comes up.
          The link to file for extended benefits after my first year is up was right under my “weekly claim” so I figured I was allowed to sign up again….WRONG!
          I have only had a cpl of glitches that were quickly resolved and I’m hoping this will be too , especially now that maybe a million others have done the same thing. :O , I’m sure I’m not the only one who made that mistake. :(

        • The good news is that I now have more money in my EB claim, open rather than exhausted. Plus I have an open claim for the new UI claim. I’ll just have to wait till Saturday to see what happens…
          I still have the link to the interview page but the page is still broken.
          These are dramatic times all around.

  13. I was approved in Dec for the PUA. I still have NOT received a single cent from this and i have been claiming my weeks every week. NOONE IN THE VEC can tell me why i have not received any payments. what can i do? I have submitted all documentation , done 4 fact finding questions, and still nothing.

  14. If my claim here in Florida ends on March 13th, and my claim date isnt until March 15th will I still be able to claim those weeks? I hope they will have everything finalized and ready to go before it ends so they can just update the system over the weekend and keep us all going without a break. Thanks

  15. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for helpful/priceless information you are providing here!!!

    Michigan is ending their Extended Benefits program today. I now qualify for the PEUC program ($362 state unemployment +$300 ) in new stimulus package that is about to pass, correct?

    Also, is there maximum number of weeks one gets from PEUC or is everyone who qualifies for PEUC will get it now til Sep 6?

    • im in ohio i was told once they release my last to weeks that i wii not get extended is that true for pua im confused

  16. Hello Andy,
    I just joined Saving to Invest and want to let you know how much I appreciate your clarity and knowledge with respect to all levels of Unemployment, IE: PEUC, PUC, EB and so forth.
    There are many without work, including myself resulting from this Pandemic who need someone like yourself
    that is able to give advise with substance, on worker’s compensation, so we can sleep better at night.
    I have performed numerous searches on the Internet to get good, solid, up to date information, pretty much to no avail, until I came across your website.
    Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing for all of us.
    Allen (from Michigan)

  17. Sooooo if I have this week and next for payments from unemployment and the bill from Biden has passed does that mean ill be getting it till sept now ? Im confused.

      • My current 11 weeks of PEUC ended on week ending Feb 28. Not March 14th because DOL paid me for week of Dec 20 and Dec 27. Now I have a lapse in benefit. Will I still be able to get on the new 25 weeks extention on unemployment benefit that President Biden just signed?

      • What information do I need to show to continue to receive PUA benefits until September, I’m confused. What do they mean by ‘show proof of income within 90 days of January 31st’ I read it somewhere… does that mean that my PUA will stop on April 31st even though Biden extended it until September? I’m so confused can someone please help me figure this out

        • I was in the same situation (not getting my PUA payments for several weeks, awaiting the re-start of payments under President Biden’s new relief bill).
          The week of 3/14/21 passed (i.e., the week that benefit payments were supposed to start again under the new relief bill) without my getting a benefits payment, so I took the initiative of getting myself on the IDES telephone callback list. When an IDES agent called, I explained the situation, she took some kind of action to get my payments started again, and shortly thereafter I got paid from the week of 3/14 and my IDES account now has the weekly certification process restored and active, so I am again certifying each week and getting my payment a few days after I certify.

  18. Good Evening Andy, I didn’t receive my payment for PUA for the week ending February 27th ,2021 & heard from IDES (Illinois Dept. of Employment Security) that “due to the end of HUP (high unemployment) I have exhausted the maximum number weeks (50) allowable (for PUA), and the “remaining 7 weeks on my balance is no longer payable beginning with the week of 2/21/21” (I actually was able to CERTIFY for that week, but I didn’t get any payment on my debit card & didn’t receive any advance notice that this situation would be taking place so I was totally shocked & upset because I’m behind on my rent & other bills & was really counting on my payment to help out. So I’m trying to find out if President Biden’s new $1.9 trillion Relief bill will EXTEND my PUA benefits DESPITE me reaching the CURRENT maximum number of weeks (50) for my PUA.
    Andy, if you can please reach out to me with a response at my email address with any answers you find out. I would so appreciate it…

      • ok sounds like that is for all but i like some others were told it exhausted today. i went to do my weekly pua on md unemployment; and it said exhausted, never sent an email, and i like most thought we had until the 14th. It simply acted ended and was no word about imminent new expansion.
        I have been on it since it began, and got all of the extensions since it started; i assume as part of the group PUA md unemployment will just de exhaust it??

        says this
        Most Recent Week Claimed
        Week Ending Date 02/27/2021
        Date Filed 02/28/2021
        Payment Method Debit Card
        Payment Amount $476.00
        Payment Status Final Payment
        Date Paid 03/01/2021
        Status Exhausted
        Program Name PUA
        Monetary Claim Type
        Weekly Benefit Amount $176.00
        Maximum Benefit Amount $8,800.00
        Monetary Balance $0.00
        Benefit Year Begin Date 02/02/2020
        Benefit Year End Date 04/10/2021

        what you say means i should get it, will they simply de exhaust it extend it for all of us they simply cut off without warning. i thought 0410 or end of march
        no word before cut off, just broke up with me.
        hope that was non final and we get it as planned..seems so.

  19. I applied for IDES IL and have been certifying but I have not been credited a cent and I’m eligible for the $505 weekly and have 52 weeks but havent gotten any yet..
    couldnt apply for PUA

    Will I still get my payments?

  20. Andy, I just recently heard from IDES (Illinois Dept. of Employment Security) that “due to the end of HUP (high unemployment ?), you have exhausted the maximum number weeks (50) allowable (for PUA), and the “remaining weeks on your balance (3) are not payable beginning with the week of 2/21/21” (I actually was allowed to CERTIFY for that week, but didn’t get any payment on my debit card for that week — the usual way IDES sends me my weekly benefit payment.
    So I have tried and tried to find out if President Biden’s new $1.9 trillion Relief bill (if it passes the Senate) will EXTEND my PUA and perhaps FPUC benefits DESPITE my reaching the CURRENT maximum number of weeks (50) for my PUA.
    Andy, if you can, I would appreciate a direct email to me with your answer — I am not proficient on a computer, and do not know how to get to your site to see if there is a message for me there.
    Mike R.

  21. 3/2/21
    Hi Andy,
    I received my last payment for the week ending 12/26/20 (paid $198 + $300). I’ve been certifying every week since, but no payment yet. I have 23 weeks left (12 + the new 11 weeks). I’ve sent my 2019 tax returns, ID, SSN, business registration multiple times (I had $0 income). I haven’t filed 2020 taxes yet.

    Will I still be eligible for payment after 12/26?
    Will this include the extra $300?
    Is Illinois waiting for a decision from the Senate?

    Your response is greatly appreciated!

  22. hi ,my pua simply stopped said i had exausted all my UI Benefits i wasnt collecting anything other than pua and it doesnt offer how to apply again im in illinois

  23. I am an IC . I worked as a travel agent. I have zero income. I was receiving unemployment benefits and then all of a sudden week of Feb 3 they ended. I call the GA office every day!!! Anyone know why it stopped and how do I restart it?

  24. Hi Andy, Can you please reply to my question from Sunday at 10:23 PM. You can post your reply. Much Thanks Again. Michael

  25. Hi, Andy. Under the PUA section in this article, did you update/change since I read it yesterday, February 20? I could have sworn yesterday it said the PUA amount would increase from 50% to 75%. I had mentioned it to an unemployment advocate and when she read it today she said she couldn’t find anything about the 75% and didn’t know what I was talking about. So now it says this: “Note that the minimum PUA payment is still 50% of a states average weekly benefit amount and limited to the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA).” And I don’t remember reading this part yesterday. I understand it’s updated now I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy from what I read yesterday. Thank you.

    • Yes, I had updated. Sorry for that. The 50% to 75% is only for FFRCA related provisions. So PUA provisions stay at 50% of average WBA, per earlier extensions.

  26. Hi Andy I have been on PEUC since 4/5/20. I completed my initial 26 weeks, then my 13 weeks. I was then notified that I was approved for the 11 weeks. This Tuesday I will be certifying for my 6th week of the 11. That will leave me 3 more weeks until the week ending 3/13 when the current $ 300 ends. For the 10th and 11th week I expect that I will only receive my regular UI payment and not the additional $300. My one year ends on 4/3/21. Now if Biden’s plan is signed prior to the 3/14 cutoff, what will I have to do to continue to receive my regular UI $ plus the additional $400 thru August ? Do I need to start all over and reapply again on or before the one year ends ? I can’t get any information from anyone. Much Thanks ! I await your kind reply.

  27. Hi Andy,
    My daughter lost her job strictly because of the pandemic. Her business would not have closed otherwise, actually struggled to stay open for a while when the pandemic first hit. She is an accountant for the business and has been out of work since March 2020. So, my question is, which unemployment was she receiving because her state is saying she’s run out of benefits (Nevada) and now she’s not sure what to do to continue getting benefits from something federal. She has 3 kids so she needs to support them somehow. Which one is she? Is she considered PEUC? And if so, does she have to reapply to the feds now? Where does she do that? Sorry for all the questions. Can’t figure this out! So, thank you!

    • Its based on the type of income/wages she was getting. Was she getting a W2 (full time or part time regular employees) or a 1099 (contractors). If W2, she can generally get PEUC – once she exhausts regular state UI. If she was getting 1099 based income or paid on a contract basis, she should be eligible for PUA.


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