Where is My Amended Tax Return and When Will I get My Refund? 2023 Payment Status and Ongoing Delays

While the IRS promises to have regular season tax returns and associated refunds processed within 21 days for the vast majority of filers, it does take them quite a bit longer to process amended tax returns and associated refund payments.

The IRS has reported that they currently have over 1.3 million unprocessed Amended Returns (Forms 1040-X) and are continuing to process amended returns in the order received and the current timeframe can be more than 20 weeks.

IRS processing update

So it’s not surprising many tax payers have been waiting months or years to get their amended return processed due to ongoing IRS backlogs, further ID checks and agency capacity constraints.

However, here are some tips and tricks that may get you a more real-time update on your amended return and help alleviate the frustration many of us are feeling with the IRS as we continue to wait on our refund payments.

How Can I Check My Amended Return Status (WMAR)?

It’s important to realize that the standard WMR or IRS2Go refund status checking tools from the IRS do not show your amended tax return status.

You need to instead use the IRS’ dedicated tool, “Where’s My Amended Return” (WMAR). You can use this tool to check the status of your Amended Federal Tax Return (Form 1040-X), for the current year and up to three prior years.

Amended Return Status’

There are 3 status’ with the WMAR tool, Received, Adjusted and Completed. The Received status confirms that the IRS has received your amended return and has loaded into their batch systems for processing.

It does not reflect the date that actual processing has started as amended returns often require longer and assignment for manual reviews.

The Adjusted status will happen after the IRS has completed its reviews and “adjusted” your return based on amended filing information. This could take 20 weeks or more based on current delays in processing.

The IRS adjustment after processing could result in an additional refund or tax liability, or no change at all. You will get an IRS notice with details actions taken and impact to you. See more in the sections below for examples.

The Completed status will show once the IRS has sent you notices or paid any additional refunds. However as you can see in the later sections, just seeing the completed status does not mean you will automatically get a refund and additional actions could be required from the taxpayer. Check your IRS notice and transcript if you need more information.

When does the WMAR tool update?

The WMAR tool is updated once a day, usually at night if there are any new actions. So checking it multiple times a day won’t help.

You will need to provide your SSN, Date of birth and Zip code to use the tool.

WMAR Return

This tool is first updated around 3 weeks after your mailed submission, in line with IRS processing cycles. But can update more or less frequently depending on IRS actions.

Finally, its important to remember that filers can only submit up to three “accepted” Amended Returns. So if you have submitted more than these subsequent filings will get rejected and you won’t see any status for these on WMAR.

Calling the IRS For Amended Return Status

Checking IRS Amended Tax Return Status

If the amended return/refund status tool does not provide new updates for several weeks you should call the IRS. But official guidance is to only call the IRS to follow up on delayed amended return refund status’ after 12 weeks.

The IRS amended tax return (toll-free) number to call for checking status is 1-866-464-2050​. Both the WMAR and IRS number have English and Spanish options.

Just be mindful that getting a live agent can require a few attempts and expect some long waits.

IRS Transcript for Amended Return Status and Refund Payment Date

In addition to using the WMAR tool, you can also see your official (and free) IRS Tax transcript for your amended return processing and refund payment.

This can provide useful insight, per the screenshot below, if the above methods are not providing you with updated or detailed enough information

Amended Tax Return Processing Tax Transcript
Amended Tax Return Processing Tax Transcript

As you can see above, transcript codes 971 and 977 on your tax transcript show that your amended return was received and is being processed by the IRS.

A lot of folks with delayed amended returns will see the 971 and 977 codes for a long time on their transcript. It could several months to move to the next stage, reflected in the next code.

However you will need to wait till you see code 960 (appointed representative) which will be the date an IRS agent was assigned and starts reviewing/processing your amended return, which a lot of times is a highly manual process.

Like transaction codes for regular returns, you may see code 971 if a notice is issued around your return. This could require you at times to provide additional information to the IRS, for which instructions will be provided in the notice/letter.

Once the processing is completed by the IRS, you will see code 846 (refund issued) on your return. Note the date as well, as this will also be correlated to when you get your direct deposit or check. Generally you should receive your refund payment within 2 to 5 days of this date.

If you were due a refund, which was delayed due to IRS processing, you will also see the interest amount credited to your account. This may come as a separate payment to your refund.

Amended Return and Refund Delays Persist

Many filers are seeing still in process status in the WMAR tool reflecting the ongoing delays in the IRS for processing tax returns, which includes Amended returns from recent tax seasons.

WMAR delays

The above message basically means the amendment hasn’t been processed by the IRS within the standard timeframe.

It does not necessarily mean there is an issue with your amended return. It’s just that the IRS has not got around to processing (and a lot of times it is a manual activity) your amended return.

If there are errors with your amended return, is incomplete or the IRS needs more verification information, they will send you a notice with additional details. See more IRS FAQs here on amended return processing.

Processing complete, but no refund payment!

Unfortunately even if the WMAR status shows processed like the screenshot below, many taxpayers are reporting ongoing delays with seeing their expected refund payment.

The reason for this is that the completed WMAR status does not necessarily mean a refund is forthcoming. This status just means that processing by the IRS has been complete and the next action could result in additional taxes (or assessments), a request to provide more information or an adjusted refund.

Amended Return Processing Complete But No Refund
Amended Return Processing Complete But No Refund

This is why it is important to pay attention to the notes/message below the status bar which provides more insight into next steps and what to expect. You should also check your transcript for more details and call the IRS number listed (if provided).

But you will need to ultimately wait for the IRS to send an official notice to see what actions were taken or are required from you as it relates to your amended return. All this, unfortunately, could mean a longer wait time to see your refund.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Refund Payment?

Based on the latest tax season statistics, it is taking 6+ months in some cases for the IRS to clear backlogs, which includes amended returns or those that require significant validation.

Unfortunately you cannot do much (even calling the IRS or taxpayer advocate service) to expedite this. You’ll just have to be patient and wait for IRS processing to commence.

Once this happens, you can review your free IRS transcript for more details and transaction codes (see above section on how to read this).

See more around amended return processing and refund delays in this video.

IRS Amended Return Processing Schedule

Unlike the regular IRS refund processing schedule where refunds are processed within 3 weeks, you will have to wait up to 20 weeks or more for the IRS to process amended returns since they prioritize regular returns.

This has been exacerbated in recent years due to IRS backlogs and staffing shortages. For amended returns with issues or further corrections, the wait time could be several months with several IRS interactions.

Note that amended return refund payments can now be made via direct deposit versus only mailed check payments, which was a major change introduced in 2023. This selection is available on the latest 1040-X form and should improve the speed and security of refund payments.

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521 thoughts on “Where is My Amended Tax Return and When Will I get My Refund? 2023 Payment Status and Ongoing Delays”

  1. You guys, im just here to inform everyone to not go by your transcripts because the dates mean absolutely NOTHING. Mine has a refund issued date of today 09/23/2022 and money did not get deposited to my account. Do not believe in that its bs, i live in the state of KY.

    • So the refund date could have been 09/23 if they sent the refund either direct deposit which depending on your bank can show up in 3-5 business days or if they sent it by mail then 7-10 business days. Hopefully you’ll get it Monday 09/26

      • I bank with chase, if they did deposit it to my account, do you know how long it will take for my refund to show up?

  2. I have tried calling the IRS over and over and over! The website shows my amended return for 2020 being accepted on 1/28/22. However, after the 12 weeks passed and it still wasn’t processed, I have called over and over again. Every time I go through the whole system and then just get a message saying to call back later. ????

    Any advice? There’s a 20K difference in what I owe and it’s vital I get this processed and resolved. I know there have been delays but now it’s been 9 months and still nothing. ???

    • Also, I tried calling the collections line like someone else said worked for them, but when I entered my SSN it wouldn’t find it and told me to call back later. :(

      • Hi there!…..

        It seems like there is no standard. I have seen ppl who E-filed in March that already received refunds. I have seen ppl from last June that mailed their 1040x in June 2021 that are STILL waiting. I hate saying it but all we can do is just wait. I have called several times and I am able to get someone but they don’t tell me anything new. Just that they are backlogged and to try again in another 30 days. I stopped calling and just check my transcripts every week to see if anything changes. I mailed mine to Austin it’s for 2018, they received it on 3/7/22. The only thing I can see is that they received it back in March. The last time I called they told me that it was assigned to someone on 9/6/22 but according to transcripts it’s not assigned to anyone. Sorry the IRS is just super f**ked up right now. Who knows how long it will be? I have a 17k difference so I’m right there with ya!

        • @Ashley. I sent in two years of regular returns to Austin in September 2020. I did not see the signature spots on them as they are no longer on the first page anymore. It took them six months to return them to me. I mailed them back, in March 2021 and took another six months to issue refunds. Back in 2020-2021 the IRS offices had minimal persons in the offices, and regular returns took priority over amended returns. That’s why some who sent in amended returns have taken so long to get them completed. Someone this week posted they finally got a refund on their amended return they sent in back in July 2021.

          In addition, the media reported the IRS started a “phased return” (whatever that means) back to the offices this past May.

          Since IRS personnel have basically returned back to the office now, I would expect to wait at least six months for the amended returns to be processed instead of over a year. I mailed mine (I should have gone to a tax office and had them do them electronically) back in late March, thus I would think they would start on mine in late September. However, you are indicating there has been no movement on yours and it is now six months.

  3. *UPDATE* Direct deposit received today. WMAR never updated. I just followed my transcripts. Initial amended return received 2/26/22. Transcript says 4/15/22 on 9/1/22. On 9/25/22 it said refund deposit on 9-21-22 but I received today. 9/20/22
    I called collections all the time for information. They were more helpful in that department.

    • Did it actually say “refund deposit 9/21”? Or did it just say “refund issued 9/21?” Mine says refund issued and I’m trying to figure out if its going to be deposited like it has for most people or if they’re mailing me a check.

      • Yes!!! I see that. I’m just glad it’s over with and I hope that they get it together and get everyone paid. This has been an awful awful experience

      • Yes!!! I see that. I’m just glad it’s over with and I hope that they get it together and get everyone paid. This has been an awful awful experience. Thanks Trent!

        • Did it actually say “refund deposit 9/21”? Or did it just say “refund issued 9/21?” Mine says refund issued and I’m trying to figure out if its going to be deposited like it has for most people or if they’re mailing me a check.

  4. Anyone have a future date on their transcript? Mine has been updated to October 3 and shows the last transaction code is a 291, with a negative amount. Does this mean I will receive my refund soon or that I’m not getting one?

    • Hi Hope! Mine also had future dates. It was updated on 9/9 to have a date of 9/26 next to code 291. Under that line, there was a code 846 that said refund issued on 9/16. I was confused also because both dates were in the future, as it was only 9/9 when the update was made. Do you see the code 846 under the 291?

    • What are transcripts? Where do you access them? I have no idea what Im doing in this process and have learned the hard way that calling gets you no where but crazy :(

  5. Hey everyone!! So WMAR tool stated they received my Amended Return on 3/7/22, I have never seen anything on my transcript. I recently checked my transcripts as I know some ppl are seeing updates there rather the WMAR tool. So today I checked my transcripts and it now finally says amended return filed 4/25/22. I went to check to WMAR tool after this and saw that it now reads the received my amended return 4/25/22 Vs 3/7/22. Does anyone know why this date has changed? I only see codes 971 and 977 next to the spot that finally shows an amended return filed.

    • @Ashely Just a guess on my part, but in 2020 when most offices had little to no personnel in them, I understand some of the paper returns were shipped to other offices with less work to help with the load. This may be what happened here.

  6. I decided to go back and look at 2020 and 2019, just to look at the dates..
    I wish I could attach them here, it would make it so much easier.
    So, for 2019
    (Actual filing date…1-30-2020)
    Refund issued ..,2-28-2020
    Filing date per transcripts…3-16-2020
    Processing date 3-30-2020

    Yes, you’re reading that right: per the transcripts they sent the refund weeks before.
    Same thing for 2020: the refund date is a month before the filing date per the transcripts, and on both the “processing date” was even later.

    So when I look at this year:
    Return forwarded for processing date 3-5-2022
    Additional tax assessed ($0.00). 3-29-22
    Additional tax assessed ($0.00). 4-19-22
    Tax return filed: 4-11-22
    Processing date: 4-11-22
    Nothing since then….

    So, here’s the take-away from this: their dates are nonsensical. They mean nothing.

  7. I’ve been following these comments as I’m in the same boat. Amendment received 03/03/22 and then got the Take Action message. My transcript shows nothing past Amendment Received.

    My question is how are you supposed to handle the fact that they think you owe $1900 when you’re actually supposed to get back $5000? A few months ago, I actually got a person on the line and they put me on a payment plan to have me not pay until December …. they said by then everything should process and I won’t have to pay. I explained over and over that I don’t owe so is there no “hold”?! So now, what happens in December if this is (likely) still not resolved?

    Is there no way to stop collection until the amendment is processed?

    This huge mess is all because my H&R Block rep added an extra digit, in their haste to my Medicare wages. Ugh!

    • Omg, that’s horrible! I would be livid with H&R. I hope they’re fronting you the refund you’re owed or at least paying the money to the IRS their mistake makes it look like you owe.

      Btw, my amended return(s) were received 4/13/22, but are still not processed & I have received the Take Action & call the “Is there anyone out there?” Hotline. Good luck to you!

  8. 2018 Amended PAPER return received by Fresno, CA office 02/28/22, adjusted 06/17/22, refund check dated 06/17/22, and I deposited it on 06/24/22, so received it fairly quickly after they mailed it. So roughly 16 weeks processing time.

    2019 Amended PAPER return received by Fresno, CA office 03/28/22…it’s now over 24 weeks later…not processed yet per WMAR and no change on IRS online transcripts.

  9. I was wondering if anybody filed more than one ammended return and received one but not the other. When I check it says it was received but not processed. And the transcript hasn’t changed.

    • @Charli, I mailed in three at the same time. I guess there was so many returns, the Austin did not even show them received on the same day back in late March.

      How much time passed before you got a refund on the first one?

        • @Charli. According to the transcripts I just checked the other day, they have not even been touched yet. I saw where you submitted your returns back in July 2021. I suspect the reason for taking 13 months is because returns are being completed in house, Regular Returns have higher priority, and most IRS employees were not in the office back then. It seems the IRS employees have now since returned to work again.
          Hopefully things will speed up now, and especially with the elections coming up soon. It seems the IRS does prefer one political party over the other by their history.

  10. I just received my amended return via direct deposit today. My amended return was sent and accepted via efile on 3/9/22. It was useless calling in to check status or get any answers. I checked my transcript and it was not until Monday it was updated completely and I was given a refund sent for 9/14/2022. It does not advise if ACH or Check. It was a frustrating and long process to wait for over 6 months to receive, however it is a relief to have now received it.

    • Thanks for sharing this update Allie, gives others hope that their amended return will eventually be processed. Most likely you will get paid via check.

      • Mine was accepted on 3/5/22, e-file. It was “processed”on 4/11/22, and has been sitting ever since.
        It shows $0 tax owing, $0 penalties, and the credit amount which should be my refund.

    • Mine says was received on 03/01/2022, and adjusted 09/02/2022. Completed says N/A.

      Mine says within three weeks you will receive a notice that explains the adjustment.

      Should I be worried, this is my first ammended return.

  11. I am so upset right now, Please let me know if you have gone through this as well. I filed the amended return and they received it on 3/7/22. I have been checking transcripts and WMAR tool and there is NOTHING. I just spoke with IRS after waiting for 2 hours!!… They tell me that they didn’t have an amended return. I’m like whattttttt????! Then she says, “oh yes I can see it here, It looks like someone started working on it on 9/6/22.” So I ask, “When should I check back for an update?”….She proceeds to tell me it takes 20 weeks to process… B*%ch It’s already been 6 months!!!! She says, “Well it’s 20 weeks from the time someone starts to work on it”…..WTF are you talking about I had to cuss her ass out? I am so over this bullsh*t nobody ever knows what the hell is going on. You get told different info by everyone when you actually do get someone on the damn phone……. Anyone else deal with this BS?

    • @Ashley. You did not send your return via certified mail? When you send stuff to any government, ALWAYS sent it with tracking or certified. Things always get lost in the mail when you do not send things certified.

      • @TRent Yes I sent it certified, I show that it was delivered after checking the tracking number and also on the WMAR tool it says they received it 3/7/22. I am sorry when I said “NOTHING” in the above message I meant nothing as in no progress on my return. It showed they received it and then I got that take action message shortly after. I am sorry for the confusion. But I have nothing at all on my transcripts just the WMAR tool. That’s why I was like WHAT ?? When she said they didn’t have it…like you have to have something if the tool is saying you got it on 3/7/22. Then she said someone was assigned to it on 9/6 and that it’s 20 weeks from that date to process. I was under the impression the 20 weeks started when it showed up in the system. So now after waiting for 6 months for it to get to someone I now have to wait an additional 20 weeks for it to process. BUTTTTT I called back when I got the “Take Action” message and they said to call back in 4 weeks and we should have an update. I feel like both times I called I was told different info. The person today said they are just getting to returns that were assigned to people back in April??? It doesn’t make and sense I’m just over it…People are getting them before others but its supposed to be going in order.. its just a freakin mess!!! Sorry for the short story I just wrote lol

        • @Ashley, thanks for the clarification. Which office did you mail yours to? I think it can give everyone an idea of how well, or not so well, each office is doing.

        • @ Trent, I believe it was the office in TX I can’t remember the city though, My receipt from USPS is so old My tracking number is almost disappeared. But I know it was delivered and that the IRS received it. But it was sent to TX, MY H&R guy triple-checked the address before he sent me off to USPS. Did you mail in yours as well?

        • @Ashley. I also mailed my amended return to the office in Austin. This is not good news for that office then. I saw an article from this past June posted online. It has a photo of the cafeteria inside the Austin office. Instead of places to eat, it was filled with thousands upon thousands of unprocessed returns.

        • @ Trent … OH NO that makes me super worried. All I think about is my little envelope falling behind a desk never to be seen again. UGHHH I sure hope things start speeding up this is just freaking SAD. It sucks you can’t even believe what they tell you when you call. I’m worried about filing this year’s taxes because I now have a balance from the year I’m trying to amend. So I am sure they will be quick to take the money they think they are owed. Like should I wait until this is fixed to file next year?

        • @Ashley, It is my understanding the IRS started a phased return to office this past May. So yes, I think things will pick up in speed soon. After I heard about the stimulus payment, I then filed three previous years returns in September 2020. It took six months before I got refunds on those. Regular returns had priority. Another on here posted the sent in two or more Amended returns in July 2021, and they indicated it took 13 months to get the first refund.

        • I’m in your boat, Ashley. “Received” 2 of 3 amended returns 4/13/22 & status says not processed with take action to call. Are you f’ing kidding me? And then I’m seeing that ppl are getting direct deposits but by law amended returns are supposed to be by check only… Where is the consistency??? I think the IRS needs to “take action” bc we’re all being told different things & it appears that competency is not being “received” out here.

    • I’ve haven’t been told that, that but have been told different dates. Called in July and was told Sept 19th and called this week and was told it wouldn’t be until the end of October. Even though my transcript show the amount updated on my transcript as of 08/30.

  12. IRS received my Amended for 2021 on Feb 28th..I waited 20 weeks,with no updates…Finally got a hold of a real person Sept 12th…She said it still hasn’t even been assigned agent…to try back in 30 days……

  13. So they received my amended return 3/4/2022
    Sent me a letter asking for documents (provided)
    It says Adjusted 6/24/2022 and Completed 7/15/2022
    My transcript still doesn’t show that it has even been assigned to anyone.
    The last entry on my transcript is for 7/04/2022 with a 290 code.
    I have no idea when or if I will ever see my amended return.

  14. Should I be worried if my amended return doesn’t show up on my transcript? The WMAR tool shows they received it but there is nothing on my account transcript. This is the correct transcript, right?

    • @Ashley. No you shouldn’t. They received mines 2/26/22 and I just found out my case was closed 9/8/22. I called collections because never could get anyone on the phone for amended refunds. They gave me a transfer pin and I waited 1hr 12 mins. to speak to the rep. She confirmed case is closed and it will take 2 to 4 weeks for a refund. My transcript never reflected any change nor did the wmar site. So it appears it’s diff for some individuals.

  15. I received my amended tax return direct deposit this morning!! It was accepted on march 1st.. So hang tight.. Its coming! The wait is frustrating and ridiculous for real!!

    • Yay Jeannie Gray and some didn’t believe me when I said check your transcript and it will be a direct deposit

      • Where will it say this. I’ve checked mine and nothing has changed. They accepted it on 2/26/22 and then on transcript says 4/15/22 they received it. Where to look for refund date? Thanks

        • @Natascha There are dates listed on it. The fuether down, the more recent dates will be seen. It will say “Refund” along with the amount, and date sent. I see were I have interest credit from earlier this year, but it has never been paid/

        • I updated article to show an example of a transcript with amended return processing and refund issuance details. Thanks for the note as well Trent.

        • I dont see it anywhere on my transcript but the WMAR tool shows it…. Should I be a little worried?

        • @Trent. Thank you! I see a line that says refund with a minus sign but no date or anything. @Andy, where can I see this article where you show an amended transcript?

          Thanks so much you guys!!!

      • @Ash. Hi I Efile as I do yearly. This year for what ever reason (I use turbo tax) I did what I always do and uploaded my w2 and voila everything was great. I don’t know what I did wrong but it didn’t add my dependents. So that led to me going to a tax office and letting them efile my amended taxes. Which was 2/26/22

    • Direct deposit ?? I thought it would have to be a paper check also when checking status did status ever change from the we are sorry one

      • Several people have reported getting the amended return via direct deposit. Although the IRS doesn’t normally do that for amended returns, they’re making an exception this year because they’re so backed up and people have had to wait.

        • @Dee, I wonder if they will work a little harder on those backlogs as the next election approaches come this November 8?

    • They said amended returns will not be direct deposited this year only mailed. I hope mine goes direct deposited.

    • Does your transcripts say it was sent via direct deposit? Mine says it was amended on 09/09/22 and it says refund issued on 09/12/22 but I can’t see whether it was via check or direct deposit and as of this morning 09/14/22 I haven’t received anything.

  16. You can pull up the account transcript and see if anything has been changed. It usually has a date next to things about your transcripts. When they got it, what you owe, when they are making changes, sending notices. There is a glossary to help you. Just log into the IDMe IRS thing, log in and go to Tax Records tab then to Get Transcripts

  17. Did my amended on 02/27/22, checked my transcriptand it said the last update was 08/29/22 so hoping this means I get it soon.

    • Mine said that too and it was them sending me a letter that I owed interest on the year that I am amending. Like the NERVE … you haven’t fixed this year and yet you’re telling me I owe a late interest fee?!! I shouldn’t even have a damn balance first of all let alone a damn late fee.

    • Where do you see that on your transcript. I see nothing that says last update. Would that be at the top. Thanks!

      • It’s way on the bottom of your transcript. If there’s no update after the line way at the bottom that says your ammeneded return was filed, then they have not worked on it yet.

  18. Sent amended (to Austin) 4.12.21, transcript just yesterday marked received 2.20.22-so hopeful something is happening.

    • @CLS. That does not make sense. You sent it off on April 12, 2021, and they just marked it received on February 20, 2022? You did not sent it via Certified Mail?

  19. I filed my amended return march 1st and still waiting for my paper check because according to the reps.. you can’t get a amended return via direct deposit.

    • @Brian. Paper Check? Some others are reporting they are getting direct deposits. Have you checked your transcripts to see if anything has happened?

  20. How do you read the transcript I filed my amendment 02/22/22 and still says just processing. No letter in the mail or anything

  21. My electric amended received end of Feb 22.Had not been processed I called waited about 1hr 40minutes to speak to someone it took 3 tries.Bottom line check your transcript. There should be a release day that the IRS has sent it to your bank with the amount.

    • @Moolah. So you are saying yours is completed, or will be completed? What is the date of completion, and issue date of a refund? Will they send it via ACH, or paper check?


      • Trent yes mine was completed today. On the account transcript is shows when it will be disbursed to you mine was done electronically 2/28 they received it.Finally today my money went into my bank account

      • @Moolah. So you are saying yours is completed, or will be completed? What is the date of completion, and issue date of a refund? Will they send it via ACH, or paper check?
        Filed 2/28
        Sent ACH 8/31
        The WMAR didn’t update anything nor did the where my refund. Total of 6 months

        • I feel like this isnt right lol .. You got a check sent to your bank account??? For an amended return?

        • I think this is fantastic news I had mine accepted march 1st. So kind should be coming sooner than later. It’s very frustrating to wait like this.

        • @Moolah, my transcript finally says “refund issued 9/16”. That’s next week! So excited. But it doesn’t say ACH. Did yours say ACH or just “refund sent”?

  22. I filed my amendment April 4th…..says it hasn’t been processed yet……I filed my taxes February 4th still nothing they sent one letter since February stating they were holding it found out when I finally got through after almost 2 months that I didn’t file one of my returns and I had to do an amendment I electronically filed April 4th no letters have been sent out I called got through last week and they told me the 26th of this month they were going to process it still nothing it’s overwhelming and very frustrating still no letters came in the mail or anything I’m just annoyed

  23. My amended return was completed on June 3rd. I’m still waiting. It’s useless calling the IRS number AND I was told it could be up to six months before you see your refund check

    • We submitted ours in March of 2022 and we still haven’t received ours. We even called over a month ago and they told us they were putting it through and we should have it in 30 days. It’s been over 30 days and still nothing. And it has not changed its status in their system according to the website. Been trying to get through to them for the last 2 weeks now.

      • You are going to need to look at your tax transcripts online (will have to validate through IDme).
        Someone just posted the web page also shows no update since it shows received in Early March. Their transcripts indicate an refund has been issue for September 2

    • I Submitted My Amended Tax Return April 10th , It Was Approved April 10th I Called The IRS & The Lady Said By August 28, People Should Start Getting Paid But Im Not Sure . I’m Gonna Call Again Tomorrow Because Where Is My Money??!

  24. I logged into the IRS website today and noticed that the balance I once had is changed to “0”. I once had a $1,100 balance from late fees and now it is not there. When I go to my balance for my amended tax year it says, ” If you requested an adjustment to your account your information will not be available until that transaction is complete.” So I think they might be working on something?? I looked at my transcripts and there is no changes on those as of now but something has gotta be going on right??? It says notice was issued on 8/29/22?? Not sure if that means they are sending me something on that day ?? lol Like is this a small glimmer of hope??? I will keep you posted, could be absolutely nothing but its the first change I’ve seen on my account in months. OH also WMAR still says they received it 3/7/22 but still haven’t processed sorry blah blah blah

    • I understand a “0” means nothing owed and nothing to be returned. a “+” amount means you owe the IRS. A “-” means what is owed to you.

      They probably took away late fees because of the slow processing they are doing. They probably sent the notice to you in the mail about the late fee adjustment. I am sure they will be processing your amended return very soon.

      • Yeah I sure do hope so and I am for sureeeee getting a return. I screwed up my taxes big time and with this amendment, I am supposed to get back a pretty big return. So I better see a “-” somewhere soon lol. Once I get the notice I will let the chat know what it was about!

        • Well, that letter was absolutely NOTHING!! It was a notice saying that a late fee will apply for the current year I am trying to amend. Like are you serious?? The NERVE… You have provided no updates for my amended return for MONTHS. But you sure know that there was a balance and you want your money! I am so over this shit

  25. Mine was sent in April 2021 and was processed in September 2021 and says it was completed March 5, 2022. I received a letter in the mail telling me I will be getting a refund but I have never received the check.

  26. Has anyone that has sent in a paper amendment gotten their refund yet and was it within the scheduled timeframe from their amended schedule dates? Or if so, how long after that scheduled date?

    • My returned was received 7/06/21 and still says it’s being processed. They are supposedly processing them in order received. I hope this is true. I am honestly shocked it’s been over a year and still
      No update!

      • Do you know when it started being “processed”? Can you tell us what office you sent yours to?

        Wondering as maybe it will give everyone an idea of who is slow, and who is faster.

        Back in September 2020, I sent an old return to the Austin, TX office, and they sent it back to me six months later saying I did not sign it. I returned it, and another six months passes, I got my refund from that return.

        So again, I sent in three amended returns this past late March and their system shows they received them, but not processed.

        My six months will be late next month (September 2022).

        Since it has been over a year for you, may want to contact the IRS Tax Advocate.

        Also, people on Redditt are saying the “Where’s my Refund” is not accurate, but instead one should use the IRS system to look at your “tax transcripts.” You will need to verify your identification with IDme

        • The transcript says nothing of value.
          I believe it was sent to the Texas office as well. From what I gather TPA is experiencing high volume of cases as well and are limiting help to others.

      • I’m in the same boat, my amended return was received 6/30/21 and still nothing. My friend’s return was received in October and she got hers last month so the “processing them in the order received” is a joke :(

    • I sent my paper amendment in on July 2nd, 2021 and the status on it FINALLY moved to “adjusted” on Aug 19th, 2022 but has still never moved to the next step of “completed”. So it’s been 14 months since I filed mine and I still haven’t received it which is just crazy!!!

  27. They received my amended 1/11/22 and still says it has not been processed! Good luck trying to get anyone on the phone!

    • Here’s how you get someone on the phone with the IRS it worked for me I found it on a website….
      Call 1-800-829-1040
      Choose option one
      Option two
      Option one
      Choose option 3 for all others
      Option two
      No social security number
      Option two
      Then option four
      I had to wait for half an hour for someone to call me back but they did.

        • Mine was received March 5, 2022
          It says it was “processed” April 11, 2022
          It shows $0.00 for tax owed or
          penalties assessed.
          It shows the credit which is my refund.
          According to the transcripts, there’s absolutely no reason to be holding it; but hold it they are.

          Mine was filed electronically.

        • @Janice Sounds like a call to the IRS , or to the IRS Tax Advocate Office to find out why.

          I have seen others post an image of their transcript and shows when a refund will be issued in the future. Yours does not have that?

  28. According to my tracking number, my amended return was delivered to the IRS 3/1/22. The WMAR page doesn’t even show that they haven’t even received it yet. Am I looking at a 20+ week processing time from whenever they finally mark it as received or could they have received it & not not marked it as received? I know that’s happened with my regular returns (it gets marked as “received” the day before the direct deposit is received). At what point do I worry that they haven’t received it or just lost it? Also, can you imagine the action they would have already taken on us if we owed them this kind of money? What a complete joke.

    • I think we all should report which tax office we all sent our amended returns to se we can all get an idea how each office is doing.

    • I would reach out to them, my return was delivered on 3/7/22. I was notified by May from the WMAR that they have received it. My new message from late June says that they still haven’t processed it yet. It took mine about 6-7 weeks for it just to show up in their system. I would call for sure!

      • Does anyone have a contact number, email address, anything? Everything I’ve found just takes me around in circles and then tells me to refer to the website

        • I mentioned in another thread that users on Reddit are reporting the WMAR is not accurate, and instead you should use the IRS online service to view your tax transcripts to see what is going on. You will have to set up a time consuming account with ID.me to use this service to verify your identity.

          If nothing shows up there then should call the IRS Tax Advocate service at 1-877-777-4778

      • They received my amended return March 5, 2022. I have called them and they informed me that they are just now starting on February’s amended returns. It’s taken over five months this is ridiculous

        • I’m curious how long it takes for them to get thru each months returns.
          If they’re just getting to February, and it takes them 2-4 months, then march won’t even get looked at til October – December!!

  29. Has ANYONE received their amended returns ?? I received my state-amended return already. I sent it on 3/7/22 nothing from federal though. Just keeps saying it was received but not processed.

  30. My papers were revived February 22 2022 and I’m going on 24 weeks of waiting. Has anyone got there amended tax return?

    • No. Mine was accepted March 3rd. I finally got ahold of someone at IRS and was told to call back Sept 9th which is 6 months after being accepted!!

      • That sounds about right. I some old returns in back in late 2020 & early 2021 and took them six months each time to issue a refund.

        • Mine was accepted the same exact date 3/1 and I got my return via direct deposit this morning, I thought they were not doing direct deposit but I’m not complaining

    • I received my state but not the federal amended return. I sent it on 3/7/22 and only have the ” We received your return 3/7/22 however, it has not been processed”. I spoke with someone from the IRS in late June 2022 and they said this was the FIRST paper amendment he has seen this year. SOOOOO how can yall be working on these and you haven’t seen one ALL year… IT’S JUNE!!! He said to call back at 24 weeks if I don’t see anything. I asked if he could give me ANY type of time frame and he said no of course. I’m like will I see anything before the end of this tax year??!!! I am just going to check back in Nov and keep my fingers crossed!

    • We submitted our amended return February 22 the 20 week deadline ended July 12 called and got a hold of someone at the IRS and they said it’s taking up to 30 days past the 20 week deadline or longer! absolutely disgusting and unacceptable! If we owed them money you know they’d be blowing up our phone wanting immediate payment but they can take up to 6 to 8 months to send us our return and not even stick to a projected processing timeframe leaving families without their rightful return as we pay our monthly taxes on time with every paycheck !

      • That last part is exactly what I keep saying. I’m mentally at the point where I feel like I’m not getting my hard earned money until next year when I file for next next year’s 2022 taxes. This is absurd and quiet frankly down right wrong, I feel as though a loan with no interest and should have been given for the correct amount so therefore we don’t get the money we are owed because we got the money from a loan and no penalty on us.

      • I was seeing comments on Reddit saying the “Where’s My Amended Return” is not accurate and people should instead obtain your tax transcripts online where it will actually show you what is going on with your amended return and tax history.

        You need to be verified through “ID dot me” to do this.

        • I edited my amended and they received it on March 5, 2022. The status on where’s my amended return states it was received in March 5th, but not yet processed.
          My transcript says it was processed on April 11th! Somewhere is this mess I also had to verify myself..which I did right away.
          So, like everyone else…I called at 20 weeks and they said to give them 30 more days.
          Tomorrow is the 30 days..and nothing has changed.

        • @janice, another just posted they got a hold of the IRS and that office told them they just started on the Amended Returns received in February. From my experience in 2020/2021 it is taking them six months to process. I am guessing another month? Mine was received in late March.

        • That’s a bit of hopeful news. They received mine and “processed” on March 5th; but my transcript also says it was “processed” on April 11th, so who knows. I may try calling again; I’ll report any information back here.

      • I’ve been waiting 9 months! I said that exact thing to the irs rep on the phone the other day, if they needed money from us they’d swipe that shit right out of our bank acct.

    • No mine was 3/12/22 and still nothing that damn lying chart TELL u vs my check should came yesterday and nothing it make no since if that damn behind they need to open more office and hire more people

  31. The irs received my ammended return July 6th 2021 and I still haven’t got an update on a status change. Still says they haven’t processed them.
    It’s been well over a year. This is so disheartening and sad. I work full time and dont have additional time to sit on the phone hoping to talk to someone.

    • Remember that they HAVE to pay you interest on your refund for taking so long! In July the percentage rate just went up so make sure they include that extra $$ in your refund!

  32. I’ve been waiting since August 4th of 2021 they said they got my amended taxes it will be a year August 4th 2022! Still nothing the number on the site doesn’t help with shit smfh! Idk when I’ll get mines. It’s frustrating that no one can tell me anything but keep waiting and hoping

  33. We filed our amended return in August 2021 and it was processed April 2022. We still have not received any notices or our refund.

    They are just massively unorganized it seems. We can never get through on the phone and when we do they never have an answer.

  34. They are lying it can’t take them that much longer to do amended returns. Think about it. Computers do everything like that now…it doesn’t take that long for a computer to get info from a form and add up numbers.

  35. Does anyone know if the above table is correct?
    2022-2023 Amended Tax Return and Refund Processing Schedule
    Tax Return Accepted by IRS (Week Ending) Estimated Refund Payment Date via Direct Deposit (Status = Refund Sent) Estimated Refund Payment Date via Paper Check
    February 5, 2022 June 25, 2022 June 30, 2022
    February 12, 2022 July 2, 2022 July 7, 2022
    February 19, 2022 July 9, 2022 July 14, 2022
    February 26, 2022 July 16, 2022 July 21, 2022
    March 5, 2022 July 23, 2022 July 28, 2022
    March 12, 2022 July 30, 2022 August 4, 2022
    March 19, 2022 August 6, 2022 August 11, 2022
    March 26, 2022 August 13, 2022 August 18, 2022
    April 2, 2022 August 20, 2022 August 25, 2022
    April 9, 2022 August 27, 2022 September 1, 2022
    April 16, 2022 September 3, 2022 September 8, 2022
    April 23, 2022 September 10, 2022 September 15, 2022
    April 30, 2022 September 17, 2022 September 22, 2022
    May 7, 2022 September 24, 2022 September 29, 2022
    May 14, 2022 October 1, 2022 October 6, 2022
    May 21, 2022 October 8, 2022 October 13, 2022
    May 28, 2022 October 15, 2022 October 20, 2022
    June 4, 2022 October 22, 2022 October 27, 2022
    June 11, 2022 October 29, 2022 November 3, 2022
    June 18, 2022 November 5, 2022 November 10, 2022
    June 25, 2022 November 12, 2022 November 17, 2022
    July 2, 2022 November 19, 2022 November 24, 2022
    July 9, 2022 November 26, 2022 December 1, 2022
    July 16, 2022 December 3, 2022 December 8, 2022

    • Its an estimated schedule. Due to IRS staffing shortages, manual reviews of amended returns are taking even longer than normal.

      • My amended returned was received on April 9th2022 and on July 28th i believe it states that Take action, we apologize message. What do that mean?

        • If it has that number to call with Ext. 623 or something like that it’s nothing. Just them letting you know that you are still in the processing stage. It’s a message they put if anyone still is in processing after 20 weeks. Don’t call unless it says to take action because you have forms or something you need to send in. Otherwise, you will be on the phone for 2 hours for someone to tell you … Yup we got it, no we haven’t processed it, no I don’t know when it will be processed, call back in another 4 weeks.

  36. Has anyone received their amended returns yet. My amended return was accepted on 3/24 and it’s been almost 18 weeks and no one will help me. I never even received my original refund.

    • Have you tried calling a live agent? Amended returns are taking several months, so you are not alone, but if the WMAR tool is not updating, I suggest calling an agent (details in article above)

      • Calling in won’t help we will be lucky if we get the returns this tax year and not when we file for 2022. I am not hopeful I spoke with them yesterday and all I got was they are backed up and they hope they will get it out soon.Mines still has not been processed but was received February 28th of this year.

        • Mines too. I had to amend mines in order to receive my taxes and so far I only had a minor update on my transcript. The as of date went from April 15, 2022 to August 8, 2022. Hopefully mines is getting back around again for an update. (Keyword: hopefully) My last year amended taxes got updated exactly 1 year and 1 week from April 2, 2021 this year. I wouldn’t mind working for them to help out

      • No on the tool it shows the notice about further action. But they received the return it just hasn’t not been processed. There fore it waiting in a for someone to get to it. When I called them I was told ma’am we don’t have a time frame we are backed up. So I asked will I get my return this year she stated ma’am were working on it I hope you do we are extremely short staffed also.

    • Mine was accepted the same day as yours and still no nothing. Says wait 20 weeks which is Aug 11th. If nothing by then IRs said to call them

      • Mine is at the 20 weeks last week and still has not been processed. I am still waiting and when you call in they are very rude and tell you not to call back for an additional 30 days.

        • Mine was accepted that same day. I got my state amended return but nothing for federal. I called that number listed and all they said is that they are still working on them and to call back in 4 weeks.

    • Mines was accepted on Jan 2022 I’m still waiting can’t get any answers on the phone, this is terrible for the American People.

    • I got a letter saying it was adjusted on 7/22/2022. The letter also said it would be 21 days after the adjustment date. So hopefully I get it early September.

      • Yep, got that as well. 3/5 for me-asked for 24 weeks which was supposed to be finalized last Monday. Still nothing.

    • Mine was filled on Nove. 17, of 2021!! i have been waiting for 9 months! i used to call and was able to get through but at least a 2 hr wait.. now i cant even.. it just transfers u and say due to the high call volume..blah blah blah.. call back later! i am beyond frustrated!!

  37. April 11 is when I sent my amend and it’s still processing they are behind instead of 16 weeks it’s taking over 20. I guess nothing we could do but wait!

  38. I filed my amended return on Feb 24,2022 called and called finally got in contact with a customer service Rep she told me it 20 weeks and to call in a few days my status is not processing yet !

    • I know calling wouldn’t help me so I didn’t try, but I submitted mine on the same day, it was accepted on the 25th still nothing. It’s been over 20 weeks for me.

        • No, I called TAS and they told me to wait too, since it was already assigned to someone in February 28th

        • I been waiting fir mine to get process since January 26 2022. The lady I spoke with last month had a vetter attitude then the one I spoke with today. Some of the newbies they hired are rude and unprofessional.

    • Like Oh my goodness i have been calling the IRS phone number since June 16th and I filed an amended return on Feb-22-2022 and still haven’t gotta anything

  39. Amended 2019/19&20, received Dec 1st 2021, waited 16 weeks then called, told wait 20 weeks, called again and told wait 24 weeks, called again and told to call the tax advocate, called them twice and finally got someone on the case, told it would take 9 weeks and it’s been 4 so far. Sad when u have to call one government agency to tell another government agency to do their job.

    U have to call early in the morning just to be on hold for awhile to talk to the IRS.

  40. Jackson Hewitt did amend refund on April 1st 2022 electronically and when I check the on wheres my amended refund it tells my information does not match can you help.

    • What number did you jave to call to get it going? I have the one thats on the website but the person I spoke with was rude and unable to answer my questions. I been waiting since January 26 2022 since they accepted my amended tax return. Ive beeb calling the last 3 months with the same thing being told call back in 30 days.

  41. I sent my amended return July 1, 2021 still not processed and can never get a hold of anyone in that department. I was told the department has been overwhelmed with calls.

  42. Wow so sorry to hear that. I sent mine in July 2021 still not processed and can never talk to anyone in that department

  43. I mailed in my return to be amended. My tracking number states that it was received by the irs on 2/14/22 when I check the WMAR site it basically says no info and to call the number listed. I have been unable to get in touch with a representative. Any advice?

    • I waited on hold for representative for an hour and 18 minutes and finally got a hold of somebody, my taxes were accepted on March 1st. The lady was very nice and said that all she could tell me was there was no problem it just hasn’t been gotten to yet, that they are behind and to check back at 20 weeks, it was 20 weeks a week ago but I’m not calling again I’m going to wait at least 24 weeks. But don’t worry I don’t think there’s any problems that message is coming up for everybody so you should be fine. It’s just a waiting game now

        • I just put mine in the mail, I didn’t go to the post office. Should I resend? I mailed it out waaay back in Dec of ’21 and and anytime I try and look up a status on it on the app, it says my information doesn’t match anything in their system.

  44. I sent in my 2018 amended tax return and it was received June 23, 2021 and it still hasn’t been processed. I have called several times and I am unable to connect with anyone.

    • Call 1/800/829-1040 options 1 for english and 7 amended tax info. The voice prompt may come to get you to talk to the automated voice but just keep asking or representative until it says it will pass you thru. Once there is a clear line, because it will say it will put you thru, but sometimes the voice promt will tell you no one is available. Once you hear that hang up and call back and hit 1 then 7 keep doing that until you get through. You may have to do this 2 to 3 times but you will get thru. There will be a wait but hold on a representative will come on, and when that happens you can give the rep the needed information that they ask for then they can check.

    • I am in the same boat now with both tax years . I sent mine in March 21’ still not processed and cannot contact anyone .

        • My transcript also said I would receive an update by 8/29/22. My status went from received to adjusted. I filed mine 7/6/21!

        • The where’s my amended return has no update on mine, just the revived march 2,2022 and error message. However, my transcript says issued, Sept 2,2022. So I assume it will be mailed out Friday. I highly suggest going off tax transcripts. Check the record of payment margins. Hope this helps! I’ll update when I actually receive mine!

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