When Can I Expect My New York (NY) State Tax Refund? 2023 Payment Updates

State Taxes and Where is My Refund

The NY Department of Taxation and Finance (NYDTF) manages the administration and collection of taxes and related programs for individuals and corporations in the state.

Generally, you have to file a state tax return if you’re an income earning resident or part-year resident or a non-resident who earned income from a source in the state.

You can also file certain forms (discussed below) to avoid double taxation if you work in New York, but live in a neighboring state.

You can use the same tax software to file federal and state tax returns. If your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is below certain levels (see free file section) you can also file for your tax return for free.

The focus in this article is around state specific taxes and changes for the latest tax season. For federal tax changes that will impact the latest tax season, see this article.

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Checking the Status of Your Refund and Expected Refund Processing Time

As was the case with federal tax return processing, residents have also faced long delays in getting their state refunds. Pandemic related staffing shortages and the introduction of many federal and state tax breaks placed extra burdens on local agencies which in turn delayed validation and processing of many state tax returns.

It typically takes up to three weeks to process refunds for e-filed state returns, and up to four weeks for mailed returns. Some returns may take additional time to review, if manual verification or additional information is required, impacting overall refund processing and payment.

However you can easily check the status of your state tax refund via the state’s Where is My Refund tool, much like the federal/IRS Where is my Refund (WMR) tool.

Filing an Extension

You must file return or an extension request on or before the tax season filing deadline. An extension of the time to file does not extend your tax liabilities due date. You must make an estimated payment for your liability by the tax deadline.

Respond to Tax Notices to Avoid Refund Payment Delays

If the NY Tax Department needs more information to process your return, they will send you a Request for Information Form (DTF-948 and DTF-948-O).

Ensure you respond to these in a timely fashion to allow the agency to finish processing your return. Otherwise you could see extended delays in getting paid.

You can also view notices in your Individual Online Services account, if you cannot find your mailed letter.

Living in a Neighboring State (E.g. New Jersey) And Avoid Double Taxation

If you live in a neighboring state (e.g. New Jersey) but work in New York, you are required to file a Form IT-203, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return

This will allow you to claim a refund of all New York income tax withheld from your pay and avoid double taxation of your income.

How Can I Contact a Live Agent?

You can contact the NY refund status phone support line (1-518-457-5149) to get more information on your refund payment.

For general tax information, call 1-518-457-5181. See this article for calling an IRS agent for your federal return.

Free Filing Options

Thanks to the Free File Alliance, qualifying residents can file their federal and state returns for free if they meet the following criteria.

  • Federal (IRS 1040 form) adjusted gross income (AGI) is $41,000 or less regardless of age, or
  • you are 57 years old or younger with a federal adjusted gross income (AGI) of $60,000 or less, or
  • your federal AGI was $73,000 or less and you served as Active Duty Military (including Reservists and National Guard).

Also remember to try and get your refund payment via Direct Deposit, which the IRS’s recommends as the fastest and most secure method.

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18 thoughts on “When Can I Expect My New York (NY) State Tax Refund? 2023 Payment Updates”

  1. I went on New York state where’s my refund it keeps saying it was received and it is being processed but there is no date it is very frustrating

  2. Filed Electronically in March, single Mom leaving in NY with a Part Time Job can barely eat everything so expensive. Just give me what I’m owed.

  3. It is so frustrating that some of us are waiting for thousands of dollars, struggling to pay our bills and the state is holding our money. So stressed. Absolutely HORRIBLE.

  4. I’ve been waiting on my refund check since April… I filed as single, partial resident, basic W2 income. Per their rules they have to mail me a physical check because of being a partial year resident and them owing me a refund. I was advised that it could take up to 90 days after the process date. In mid-June they sent me a letter requesting supporting documentation, which in my case was a simple W2 showing how much in NY State Tax that I overpaid. I submitted the documents that same day. And then the clock/wait started over. The refund status says that it could take up to 90 more days for them to review the documents. All in all I’ve been waiting over 4 months, 120 days, for the state of NY to process a basic return and send me a refund check in the amount of $3,200.

    If this was an individual owing them this would be unacceptable and they would just TAKE the money from me and charge me interest on the amount. However, when the tables are turned then its shut up and wait, oh…and no, you can’t contact us directly. Just check the website. Thats horrible on so many levels. And it’s giving me “I don’t have it to give energy!”

    • I filed at the end of January on a non resident and am still waiting for an $1,100 refund. I feel ya. I had to send a W2 back in May or June too.

    • Did you receive anything yet? I have been waiting since April 29th, about to go on 7 Months. can’t even get a hold of a live person.. now i don’t know what i am going to do when 2022 tax season,comes around in February i have no idea what to put.. very frustrating…

  5. When can I expect our refund? E Filed March 28 by our accountant. Can not reach him to find out the status and your site says no info of return at this time.

  6. I filed in February and am still waiting as of June 22. The state is holding a lot of my money and I am really upset. It’s not right.

    • Yes iam still waiting for mines as well things are so high and they are holding people money this so sad how things are now smh

  7. I’ve been waiting for my state check since March, is it late to have it direct deposit? I need to pay my bills.


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