Federal Pay Scale Tables (GS) and Pay Raises

See the latest GS Pay table and annual raises here or this article for the latest Armed Services/Military pay chart.

[Updated : 2012 Pay Tables] Following President Obama’s Federal employee pay freeze, 2011 and 2012 GS tables will remain the same as 2010. This includes the special base rates for GS law enforcement officers (GL) at GS grades 3 through 10. Unfortunately this means that the proposed raises discussed in previous updates below will not come to pass in 2011 or 2012, despite COLA increases for other federal benefits. The 2011 and 2012 GS Pay scale is shown below, with rates effective from January 1st:

2011 and 2012 Federal GS Pay table by Grade


[Dec 2010 – Update on 2011 Federal Pay Raise] In an effort to address growing budget deficit concerns and political pressure, President Obama announced a proposal to freeze federal pay increases. This was against the expected 1.4% raise discussed in the previous update below . This freeze would affect over two million federal government employees, and with inflation set to rise over the next few years the pay freeze essentially amounts to a pay cut for the next two years in real terms.

The freeze applies to all federal workers, including civilian Defense Department employees, but does not apply to military personnel, government contractors, postal workers, members of Congress, Congressional staffers, or federal court judges and workers. The 2011 pay freeze would take effect on Jan. 1, pending Congressional approval by the end of this year. 2012 pay freezes will be proposed as part of fiscal 2012 budget proposals to be unveiled early next year.

“Getting this deficit under control is going to require some broad sacrifices and that sacrifice must be shared by the employees of the federal government,” Obama said in a speech announcing the pay freeze. He added, “I did not reach this decision easily, this is not a line item on a federal ledger, these are people’s lives……Federal employees are hard-working and dedicated and essential to delivering services to the American people. Today [I am] clearly asking them to make a sacrifice.”

USA Today reported this month that the number of federal workers earning $150,000 or more has doubled since Obama took office, fueling public and political outrage over what federal workers are paid

“A federal pay freeze saves peanuts at best,” John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said “The American people didn’t vote to stick it to a Veterans Administration nursing assistant making $28,000 a year or a border patrol agent earning $34,000 per year.”

The pay freeze will not impact bonuses for federal workers or when a federal worker is promoted to a new level of pay, meaning federal workers promoted in the next two years will receive a new level of pay, but not receive any additional annual raises. The decision is expected to save the government about $2 billion for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 and $28 billion over the next five years, the White House said. Federal civil service pay rose 2 percent in 2010 after rising 3.9 percent in 2009 and by 3.5 percent in 2008.

The long-term savings and budget reduction come from lowering the government’s base compensation over the next two years. The administration already has ordered a three-year freeze in non-defense and national security programs in Obama’s budget released Feb. 1, and ordered some agencies to reduce their 2012 budget requests by 5 percent.

The government is projected to spend $457 billion on personnel costs in the 2011 fiscal year, according to the Congressional Research Service. That’s up from $447 billion spent in 2010. Obama made the announcement Monday because Tuesday is the deadline to set federal locality pay, or variations the government makes in pay and benefits based on geographic location.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), whose district is home to thousands of federal workers, said he was pleased Obama instituted only a two-year freeze instead of the three years proposed by the Deficit Commission. But Obama also should have cut pay for some military personnel, Hoyer said in a statement. Obama has already frozen the salaries of top White House officials and top political appointees. But freezing the salaries of all civilian workers is a much bolder step that will result in a big economic hit to the Washington region, which is home to more than 600,000 federal workers and their families.

Republican lawmakers, who support the pay freeze, have already introduced several proposals to cut federal pay and benefits and curtail the size of the federal workforce, including cuts to the government payroll through attrition or firing federal workers who fail to pay taxes.

I will continue to provide updates and the latest federal pay tables as new information is made available. I encourage you to subscribe (free) via Email or RSS to get the latest information.

[Previous Update] How much do federal employees get paid and what will be their congressionally mandated pay raise this year? The answer to this question directly affects millions of federally employed Americans and their families, who are paid based on the General or Executive Schedule. The more common General schedule (GS) has 15 grades and 10 steps in each grade, and covers more than 400 occupations. Earlier this year, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Fiscal 2011 Financial Services and General Government spending bill which included a 1.4% 2011 pay raise. This is lower than the 2% raise in 2010, primarily due to the struggling economy and low inflation environment.
The proposed 2011 federal pay raise was in line with President Obama’s budget request for 2011 civilian and military pay scale increases. Current law requires a two-part GS pay adjustment in January each year with pay adjustments based on surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). See this article for details on the 2011 military basic pay rates, which are likely to increase by the same amount as civilian pay rates.

Under the terms of the Federal Employees’ Pay Comparability Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-509), pay for civilian federal employees is adjusted each year to keep the salaries of federal workers competitive with comparable occupations in the private sector. The annual increases in federal employee pay are based on changes in the cash compensation paid to workers in the private sector, as measured by the ECI. Under certain circumstances, the President may limit the annual increase in federal pay by executive order. Federal law also requires Social Security benefits and the pensions paid to retired federal employees to be adjusted for inflation each year. The COLAs for both Social Security and civil service pensions are based on the rate of inflation as measured by the CPI (more on 2011 COLA adjustment)

The Act also established a two-step system for setting and adjusting federal pay. Step one is an annual increase that applies uniformly to all “white collar” federal civil service employees covered by the general schedule (GS) pay system, the foreign service pay system, and certain pay systems for employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The second step comprises 31 locality-based salary adjustments that vary by geographic area.

References : US office or Personal Management , Congress Archives

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108 thoughts on “Federal Pay Scale Tables (GS) and Pay Raises”

  1. I really don’t think the civil service pay and the Military pay is the problem here, if our government would stop giving Millions away other countries and focus on the U S needs, most of these problems would go away.
    also i did my time for this country and now in am a civilian working for DOD if the Military would look at what they really get ,the medical, housing, food allowance, overseas pay, flight pay, hazard pay and jump pay, they really make the same $$$$$$$ so stop complaining

    • 3rd Armor

      Good point and eye opening for some folks. It would be nice if the government and private companies would investing more, manufacture, build more products in this country.

  2. Federal employees and retirees need to have a 25% pay cut done by executive order. I wonder why we have all this occupy movement on TV constantly even if six people show up when the Tea Party had limited media coverage and was in the thousands. I also wonder why don’t any of these occupy people go to the super rich areas and do their thing in front of overpaid movie starts or Oprah Winfrey’s house, who makes sure she isn’t a full time resident of California to avoid paying taxes in California, maybe GE who paid no taxes but supported Obama.

    • Nicolas, If my wages were to be cut by 25% I would be making less than minimum wage. I’m not sure why you are attacking the people that make between 25,000-40,000 a year. We are not the problem, because I have worked my butt off to make sure I can take care of my family. My husband ha gone to war for this country and you suggest that his retirement be cut??? Shame on you!!

    • What are you in congress. The people in congress should get a pay cut not the military or federal employees. The so called leaders that we have in this country should get a pay cut and stop giving them raises. We don’t need to have so many congress men and women who are putting us in the hole. This president that we have now is the worst one we have ever had.

  3. Back in 1855, goverment officials were only paid $1500.00 a year. Maybe we should do this so the goverment officials had to get a real job and see for themselves just how the middle and lower class workers have to live. Even before then they were only paid a $6.00 per diem.

    • Maybe you should put on a uniform, go to war and fight for people like you to be able to speak out against things. Beleive me, after spending 20 years in the military and now listening to people like you, I really wonder if it was worth it??

    • Are you not aware of inflation Trainzzz? $1500 in 1855 is the same as $55000 now. $6 is equal to $222. I wish I got $222 per diem. Oh and by the way, at $6 per diem they would have only had to work 250 days a year to make $1500.

  4. It’s simple supply and demand. I’m an engineer at a Veterans hospital. For dozens of years, federal pay increases haven’t even kept up with inflation. Basically, federal pay keeps shrinking and shrinking for all federal employees. Pay in the private sector was MUCH more than working for the federal government. Until the past couple of years, no one wanted to work for the federal government. So, when no one wants a job, you get the dregs of the employment force. And people wonder why there are a lot of crappy people in federal employment. There are some very good people in the federal government, but there are some really crappy people too. I know I work my butt off, but I’ve seen some very lazy ones that give us all a bad name.

    So sure, go ahead and cut federal pay more and more. See how well the government programs function then. If you think things are slow now, just wait. In engineering we don’t have near enough resources to properly manage things now. Cut some more funding and things could really start to fall apart. Imagine a boiler plant at a Veterans hospital blowing up and taking out hundreds of people.

    It’s dangerous to fund programs weakly and with only the dregs of the workforce. Underfunding DoD when the rest of the world hates the US is dangerous too. If anything needs to be cut, its federally funded charity programs and social security.

    The baby boomers and older generations created the circumstances leading to the national debt instead of paying for their retirements. If anyone should be responsible for paying off the national debt it is them. Cutting out social security would put our country back on track. Those of us working our butts off every day could afford to live and save for our own retirements. Instead we’re paying for a generation that screwed us over, and we’ll never get anything out of it.

    • So, if they cut Social Security, should we all get a big fat refund check equal to or somewhat less than what we’ve put into it over the years? I agree about the federally funded charity programs, there’s no way that my tax dollars should be used for that? Charity should be just charity and it should be the people’s (more so the rich people’s) responsibility to help those in need. Wouldn’t it be nice to be that professional sports player whose only worries are where to sign on that $45 million dollar contract because they don’t care that their salary comes off the backs of their dedicated fans, who for the most part can’t even afford to take their family to a game.

  5. Ok I have read most of what everyone is saying, and I just had to put my 2 cents in, i an a federal Civilian employee who is a single mother of a disabled child- who gets a limited check every month due to my income- so let me start by saying I DO NEED A DAM RAISE!!! the reason- rent is getting increased, food cost is going up, healthcare benefits are going up and not only that but gas is increasing as well- I’m not here to play the blame game. I get up monday through Friday and go to the same job and bust my ass for my pay to take care of the Veterans and active Duty personel, so for all of you who say what about the VETS- Well what about the Workers who take care of the VETS and Active Duty Personel? Why do you think that we do not deserve a raise who are you to judge that I am trying to go to school to make a better life for me and my child but at the same time fair is fair I need my raise. Now all I have to say is this country has been messed up for many years and all of you know that it is true- So do me a favor and stop looking at the color of Obama’s skin and realize that he is at least trying- some of you haven’t gotten up off you ass to do anything- have you volunteered or given to charity anything. Any thing to help this ecomony except complained. Until you can do a better job. SHUT UP AND STOP COMPLAINING!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  6. IRS revenue agents are overpaid! They supposedly “work from home”, but do they? I know several IRS revenue agents and they told me that it’s like a part-time job. They know they never get fired, so they simply don’t work much. They go to 2-3 week training in Atlanta and stay at Ritz Carlton hotel! They get general per diem, so they go to nice restaurants. They told me it’s the best job! There goes the taxpayer’s hard-earn money! I work hard in the industry and hate to see my tax feedng those lazy federal emplyees! They deserve a pay cut! Tax freeze is definitely not enough. Or monitor their performance and fire those who don’t work. All IRS revenue agents I know relax at home and get paid $100K! Ridiculous!

    • Wow! Don’t know where you get your information. I’m not sure of the payscale for Revenue Agents, but I also know they actually can put their life on the line. They have guns drawn on them, etc. etc. Don’t be fooled. Most IRS workers, like me, make maybe half of that, all to be cursed at and verbally abused over the phone when you’re trying to help them. What industry do you work soooo hard in, btw? Are you in construction and get paid under the table?? Are you in the service industry and don’t report your tips?? hmmmmm?? I’ve been with the IRS over 32 years and I make $67,000.00 only because I live in expensive NY. I am transferring to N.C. and I’m losing $15,000.00 in locality pay. Do the math. I’m reallllyy overpaid, huh?!

      • The IRS Revenue Agents I know are in Grade 15 making over or near $100K. One girl started about 3 years ago. When I heard she and her coworkers stayed at Ritz Carlton hotel for the training in Atlanta, I was shocked! My company wouldn’t even go that far for our business trips. BTW, I’m in California. I’m not sure if the IRS treats different levels differently, but they sure do treat Grade 15 well! From what I hear, they really don’t work hard at all. They don’t have to. They know they’ll never get fired or have any consequences. A struggling taxpayer like me is paying for their luxury. Yes, they are overpaid if they work 3-4 hours a day and get paid $100K!!

        • Taxpayer,
          How many Revenue Agents do you know? She must have a college degree to be an agent, so she is getting paid for her education, just like most jobs. If she is only working 3-4 hrs. a day, then she is stealing from you and me as taxpayers and she should be ashamed of herself. Don’t assume she will never get caught or fired. She can (and should) be. She is not overpaid, just terribly unethical! Like I said, everyone I know makes half of that and works hard for that money taking alot of abuse. Yes, some employees do travel for training, but it is easier to train a whole bunch of people at one centralized location than to have, lets say, 15 separate classes all over the contry. Get the concept. That’s why that happens. You did not answer…..do you think I’m overpaid??? I will be making $52,000 after 32 years.

        • I don’t know the amount/quality of work you do, so I can’t say whether you’re overpaid or not. I can only speak of people I know. She has a college degree and so do I. Yes, she is unethical (overpaid for her work) because she knows she can get away with it. So are many other federal employees who “work from home.” That seems to be the culture of some federal agencies. They’re giving a bad name for those who do work hard ethically. I hope unethical slackers get caught and fired, but they’re in the union and the union members don’t get fired easily. They have to do something illegal like stealing to get fired. They know slacking off is not going to get them fired in the government. But, in the industry slackers or unehtical/incompetent employees get fired very quickly. Most companies had layoffs and paycuts due to the economy. The government has to lay off the slackers. Tax payers are getting cheated!

        • Sadly the same story goes for the government like any other places. The upper management making lots of money doing nothing and the lower level people working hard making little money. Also, I’m not against the trips for training in one place. My point was “Ritz Carlton” hotel. That is one of the most expensive luxurious hotels! There are decent hotels that are way cheapers. Even Hilton is way cheaper than Ritz Carlton. Government employees staying at the 5 star hotels for the training???!!! For 2-3 weeks? That’s our money they’re wasting!

        • They have agents in every city and the ritz carlton gives them a good rate a conference room. You must work for a super cheap skate employer the government is just cheap.

      • Nope you’re not overpaid an apartment in the slums of NY is 1200 a month or more a very nice apt in NC will cost you 500 a month, so yeah here’s the math the 67,000 you make in NY you could make 40,000 in NC and still be making and earning the same with the cost of living differences.

  7. I am one of the government workers that hasn’t had a pay raise. I wish I could say that my forced sacrifice had actually helped the American economy. As I see it our president is still globetrotting and spending as much as fast as he can, so what good has the pay freeze done. If our leaders would just take some of the foreign aid money we give away and use it wisely in America, we would begin to see some economic growth. Instead lets give our money away to people who hate us. Keep taking from the working man and there will be less spending, with less spending there is less growth, with less growth there is less jobs. How is that philosophy working. When I look around I’d say not to good.

    • Vote for the republican tea party candidate next time, they just might cut your pay and benefits back 15 to 20%, and 5yr freeze on your pay and change the formula for your pension so less is bewtter just ask them.

      • Yes, Ted. I probably will vote for a Republican or Tea Party candidate. What have you got against less government telling us what to do and more responsible spending? Why do people consider that such a terrible concept? Yes, there are some over the top loonies, as with any group, but the basic concept is something I endorse. The Democrats have done such a wonderful job of it, huh? Pres. Obama has increased our debt more than anyone and has gotten higher unemployment and our credit rating in the crapper all in just 3 years! Way to go! And it’s time to quit saying what a terrible economy he inherited. His policies have made it worse. Also, we haven’t had a budget in years! The Dems had the white house, the senate and the house and never passed a budget!? They wasted so much time shoving a socialist health care bill down our throats (Thank you Nancy Pelosi, you fruitcake!) that might very well be deemed unconstitutional and the end of the day, and did nothing about jobs or anything else they’ve been whining about. If they had created an atmosphere for job creation (the feds can;t create jobs, people, just help make the conditions right for businesses) then people would be able to afford health care. I thought he said he was going to deal with medicare corruption? Hasn’t done anything about that either! I admit, he tries hard, but he is just over his head, inexperienced and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

        • Wake up dead person walking. Is that what you called the 8 years of bush conservatism, cutting spending, decreasing the budget? He and his kind caused this mess and practically has brought this country to its knees. The issue with you idiots is that you hide behind idealogy that is tied to seperatism and isolationism. You must first admit the truth, and if anyone calls themselves a conservative, not to mention a so called christain, should be stoned. But folks like you give Bush and his congressional hypocrites a pass in not lowering the debt prior to Obama and not grow it. Take a look at the data and decisions of the republicans when they held the white house, from Reagan to Bush. Oh, I almost forgot about the surplus after Clinton, but I almost forgot the republicans will take credit for that, right. You can’t have it both ways, until that grand old party and its constituents admits its own internal failures and to govern IAW with its own so called high standards, its only a joke and an embarassment as an American to know that after many years it still resembles the good “old boys” club. And for the 297 that signed a petition with this lobbyist name Norquist, should be sentenced for treason against the United States Constitution for allowing themselves to be bushwhacked and hands tide, preventing them from doing what their suppose to be doing which is to provide the welfare and common defense of this country. Want to see waste, go to DC or just watch new then you’ll really see whose being overpaid when thier suppose to be passing laws to keep this nation strong, and not let their personal and party motives keep them from passing laws for the people of this nation, and not become a party of No No No, because you lost the last Presidential election, grow up and stop being the kids that won’t let anyone play with your marbles because you lost.

        • Dead person walking??? I should be stoned for being a conservative Christian?? I’m an idiot?? Why don’t you just give logical, FACTUAL arguments and knock off the name calling! Grow up! Yes, the republicans did spend like drunken sailors (and that’s an insult to drunken sailors!) There was this excess after Clinton, but remember Republicans worked with him (Thanks Newt!) to make it happen. He didn’t do it alone. Lets remember, the stock market was hitting record numbers under that horrible Bush person! You are suppossed to say NO to policies that are not good for the country.

        • @ Tom and Diane:

          I must applaud you two well said. But I still believe both parties (some democrates and some replubicans) are at fault. It would for the greater good of this county for them to come together. I am losing my faith in our country that’s suppose to be great especially in education (other countries are superceding us in almost all major areas).

        • Yes Tori. That’s the problem. Aren’t they suppossed to be working for US?? Neither party ever seems to do that anymore. I agree with the “Throw them ALL out!” sentiment. If you study history, though, this really isn’t a new syndrom. Politics! Gotta love it!

  8. There is no reason for Unemployment, or poverty in the U.S. Other than the corrupt mis- management of natural and financial resources. A.K.A. Washington D.C. (Both Party’s)
    The Solution is simple, Close our borders. Import NOTHING! Put our people back to work.
    And prosecute our Politicians for Treason

    • A little bit strongly worded, but I do agree! Let’s bring our military back, line ’em up at the boarder with AK-47’s and just try to infiltrate our borders!! Both sides screwed this whole thing up, but O’Bama is just making it worse.

  9. @Victoria,
    I’m tired of Obama lovers comparing what is/is not doing with other presidents. If any of the aforementioned presidents had did half the things Obama is doing they would be blasted. I would like for you to find out how many vacations the aforementioned presidents took in the first two years of office compared to Obama.
    And why was he willing-at the threat of a government freeze-not pay the military but pay people on TANF (Temporary Aide to Needy Families). TANF is supposed to be temporary. Not life long.
    And stop talking about the military member’s and federal employees. You don’t have a clue about either. How about you walk in there shoes!!
    @Sgt Campbell, I too am a military veteran. And I am complaining. I signed a contract to receive a certain amount when I got out under Clinton’s military downsizing. But that was offset-stopped actually-because I was found to be 80% disabled. I don’t understand why military veterans retirement is dwindled-offset-stopped-depending on their disability. Does a Congressman that retired from the military pay reduced when they became a representative! What makes them so important that they get benefits in full, but we actualy work-a-bees get the shaft!

    • all presidents are compared you seem to have no issue when the present deficit is compared to the past oh and we had a president who ran roughshod over this country took surplus turned into huge deficit sent pink slips to all the attorney generals that disagreed with his policy ,endangered a spy’s entire family because her husband disagreed with him cast an un American rant at all who opposed the war started a war on false pretense funded it on a promise the bailed big business out not once but twice on our dollars what half are you referring to name one president who sent secret service to your door for sending him a email saying you are not happy with him Mr Obama has fielded your concerns favorable or not

      • Someone listens to some very left wing reporting, huh!? Turned surplus into a deficit, okay, remember we had a little thing called 9/11? Crashed the smoke and mirrors inflated stock market, crippled the air line industry, etc. Attorney’s General serve at the pleasure of the president. They all get rid of those with policy differences, Nothing new there. President Bush did not “out” Valerie Plame. It was a journalist. (btw, every one KNEW she worked for the CIA and she was not covert at the time). The Secret Service always visits anyone who threatens the president, duh!! If you are complaining about President Bush bailing out business, then why is President Obama doing the same thing only at a much more accelerated rate? He was going to close Gitmo because the evil Mr Bush wouldn’t. Back tracked on that, huh? He found out how hard it was to do, and W did try to figure that one out. He realizes now that this must be done by Military Tribunal. Talk about running roughshod over the country, how about ramming a socialist health care program down our throats, redistribution of wealth so hard working successful people are penalized and the slackers are rewarded with government entitlements. Oh, and the war was not waged on false pretense, Just ask Bill Clinton who in 1998 said Sadam must be stopped, but never did it. Oh, he also let Osama slip through our fingers like 10 times. Whew, nuff said!

        • The bush family also could have got Osama, but they wanted all his buisness & money….lololol. Bill Clinton may have said Sadam needed to be stopped but had enough sense to think everything through before starting a war, unlike “DUB-YA”. I am in afghanistan right now, but before i was in Iraq. I still do not see why we even went to that country in the first place. Yes Saddam was acting a fool, but you must remember that was his country, and had been for many years. He did not do nothing the past couple years before we declared war that he hadn’t been doing all his years in presidency. Sometimes i see why some of the iraqis are madd at us.

    • @ oFRANWILL

      That is bs and you know it.. The republicans won’t have had a problem if the previous presidents did what Obama is doing. And I don’t know about TANF so shove it. I am a working citizen, and been working since age 13. From my first hand of understanding from couple of people I know, there are military and veterans receiving TANF or have received TANF. So what do you say to that? Are you sure your not receiving it? How about they walk in state government employees’ shoes? The threat of a pay freeze isn’t so bad…it’s the first in a long time federal. State government had a pay freeze and furloughs for three years. And us employee still haven’t seen a pay raise in the new fiscal year.

    • No but you collected your veterans disability while doing the same job as the person next to you and got paid both.

  10. To those of you that think the military members get paid too much and their benefits are too much…It is apparent that you have never enlisted or served. Let me give you a lesson since your only teacher thus far has been a bunch of tainted members of the media who have most likely never served. Is our pay good? It is adequate if you have a small family or have been in a lot of years. As for benefits, I am entitled to x-rays once a year and a cleaning as well. Every other dental benefit has been taken away (I am a retiree and a dependent of an active duty member. By the way, my spouse just got back from a year away from us while stationed at Korea. She has been back four months and now she is deploying to Kabul (where our fallen soldiers are killed (EVERYDAY in case you forgot). Yes, I see their caskets come back as I work in that area at Dover). So now this over paid family gets to wait 6 months hoping that I do not have to explain to my 10 year old daughter that her mother is leaving us again, and we can only pray that she doesnt come home in one of those coffins. Are our military members overpaid? Hell no. Is the federal government over paid? Hell Yes. By the way, I am a federal employer and money is tossed to the wind by some, while others bust their hump with very little. You van thank your congressmen and women (all parties) for freezing pay for everyone except themselves. This seems very much like a dictatorship. But then that is for another rank. I just hate when misinformed people spout off (I do not blame them, as they still believe what the media feeds them (Both talk radio and TV). Oh, I used to work for a big paper too, the stories are spun as to gather viewers for more money. Crap and lies sell. Anyway, all I want you to get out of this is military members are earning the benefits they went into contract for (those same benefits you could have got), but once promised, the Government reneges on their agreement. Yet if we do, we go to jail. Our country is headed to collapse. Just do your homework.

  11. I just have to say for the people talking about service members making little money you have to stop complaining. First off every single service member for all branches volunteered to serve. No single person in the Military today was made to go. They cant complain about being deployed or their pay they should have thought about that before the rose their right hand. I am a veteran and I loved the military for my time I was in, sure I got out and now am a contractor, but after this year is up going back to the states to make around 12 or 16 bucks on hour yahoo. Anyways military folks get a lot of benefits that most don’t. Hell where I was stationed we had a four day weekend once or twice a month, i got my house paid for, free medical, my base pay was pretty good, but not a lot of time at home was the bad part. I am doing the same job as I did when I was active duty, but it seems I make less because now I have to pay family medical which is around 500 per month, only a two week vacation, daycare bill is double, so you do the math. My wife is also a GS 5, big deal she made more as a contractor at fort campbell doing the same job. We always thought hey GS makes a ton of money, we got the first pay check boy we were wrong. The only good thing is she has TSP now instead of 401K. I dont know what else to say, just be happy we all have jobs and start saving.

  12. You know I see alot of you military and federal folks complaining and I don’t know why. You guys get a good salary. The military folks get free medical, dental (except of braces), VA loan, etc. If anyone should complain should be state and local government employees. Under the guidance of the last several governors, state employees have had to deal with yearly increase in health benefits, reduction of salary and furloughs for three years. I have only heard once of the federal government furlough their folks. But for yearly pays, I am pretty sure you guys get them. So stop the whining. Also, I would like to mentioned to the folks that complained about Obama and his family going on vacation and traveling to different countries, please don’t. I didn’t see anyone complaining when Regan, Bush Sr, and Jr. traveling all over the country (especially to play golf) when they were in office. So what’s the f’ing deal. Get a grip, and get a life. There are some many people out of work, losing their home, minds, and etc. Please be happy you still have a job and is able to suppose your family and/or yourself. Instead of complaining, help find a solution to the problem and not be a problem to the solution. God Bless the World.

    • Okay, Victoria…..I am a federal employee. I’m not complaining about my pay. I thanK God I have a job in this economy. I don’t want to hear about the wonderful pay and benefits our military people get. My son is a Marine and he gets paid very little for putting his life on the line. Medical???? He had student dentists from the navy pull his wisdom teeth and they left a piece in. His face kept swelling up. Yes I am a little upset about the pay freeze for two years. I am hoping to retire soon, and my “high three” is gonna be the same for the last three years of my service. It not only affects what I’m making now, but my retirement benefits for the rest of my life. I don’t want to hear state employees complaining. My husband worked for the county, my sister works for the state, and my other sister worked for the town. All three of them have better benefits than federal employees. They should pay into their health benefits, just like we have to. I also contribute to my own retirement. Why shouldn’t they. I don’t begrudge President O’bama vacationing, but people complained about Bush working from the ranch too. They all deserve down time. I don’t know about air force one to nyc for date night, though. That’s a bit much, doncha think??

      • Thank you Diane. everybody that compares miltary pay with civillian pay or state pay is a foolish. the risk is not the same. or is it???? do you have to dodge bullets @vic? I guess you do since you comparing. Do you live with the fear evryday is your last but you only20 some years old???? Dont get me wrong thats what i signed up for but you are basically saying all the soldiers and marines that died was overpaid…

        • Anon.
          God bless you for what you and all our military do (for peon wages, people!!) Like I said, my son had to worry about getting blown up every day, missed 4 out of 5 Christmases, New Years, Thanksgivings and Birthdays away from home and family. It’s alot to ask of anyone.

        • I am one supporting the fact that the military does not get paid enough. Every one of our service member deserves a whole lot more than he or she is getting.

          However, that being said, I served 4 years in the military, including being a member in Combat Arms for the Invasion of Iraq. I know what dodging bullets are like.

          I am now a Government Civilian, who still has mandatory deployments to Iraq. The nature of my job requires me to travel around the country to different FOB’s quite a bit. So, I’m not saying anyone is overpaid, but someone who says I am over paid, but soldiers are not because they dodge bullets, is sorely mistaken. They don’t realize that the majority of soldiers IN today’s Army are what we used to call Pogues, however I believe they’ve been re-termed “Fobbits.”

          I just wish all who criticize what Government Employees make would stop generalizing and assuming we all do the same white/blue collar job back in the US, going home to our families every night. That is not the case with me or many of my co-workers.

          *Disclaimer: Also, for those of you who are wondering, deployment money for a Federal Employee is not as great as you might think. Contractors are who make the big tax-free dollars. I get the **** taxed out of me every pay check. Also, I work 12 to 18 hour days, which most soldiers who are over here now could never DREAM of doing. They complain when I hold them until 1800 trying to give them some further training!

        • I do not think the military gets paid enough for what they do. You people are something, everyone has a story to tell, everyone made a choice to do what he or she wanted to do. I am ex military. I now work as a dod contractor. I make 140,000 a year. I also work in afghanistan 365days a year vacation every 6months for only 14 days, i work 14 hrs a day. i have been doing this for 6 years, i have missed 4 christmas with my family. I dodge bullest and bombs just like military. I am equivalent to a GS-12 and guess what everyone as a dod contractor is hired making that amount or close to it. People remember most of this pay is “DANGER & HAZARD PAY” I think military should also make the same. People complaining about us making that pay. We hire everyday, stop complaining and put in your resume, but then again who wants to come to afghanistan and dodge bombs, eat MRE’s, LIVE IN TENTS WITH 60 OTHER PEOPLE, WORK 14 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK, MISS TIME WITH FAMILY….that is what i hear everyday from my friends back at home. We put our lives on the line also…..

        • Excellent statement… & you’re RIGHT… few people are willing to make that sacrifice… but they’re SURE willing to run their mouth about the money that comes with it. Human’s are funny.

    • To Diane,

      I am sorry to hear what you are going through. As for state employees, we do pay into our health benefit, and it increases every year. For example, an employee plus 2 more can pay up to $217 a month for healt benefit depending if the have PPO, POS, HMO. That does not include presciption coverage or dental. Like I say, everyone should be happy they have a job or some means of support. Life is too short to always complain. And I still believe Federal and military have better pay the state employees. I should complain too because I have to pay a $25 co-pay for my chemotherapy treatment, and Lord know if I have to pay the same for my radiation treatment when I begin next week. But it is what it is and I have to do what I have to do to survive.

      • Victoria,
        I’m so sorry you’re not well!! BTW I pay over $200.00 A PAY PERIOD for my health insurance just for me and my husband. When he was with the county, we didn’t pay for health insurance. Braces were covered in full as well for the kids. My federal insurance has lousy dental. I still pay a couple of hundred dollars a visit. No braces. I could also use a hearing aid and there is no coverage for that at all. Even though there’s a pay freeze, I do thank God for my job! God bless you and please be well!!

      • Diane,

        Thanks alot! I wish you well with you and yours. I swear if I was a billionaire I would try to help as many people as I could. Peace and blessings to you.

    • The military dos not make a lot of money for the work they put in. Stop complaining and join since you know it better but dont forget that some of us risk their lives every day and come back with a lot of issues. imaging going to a strange country where you get shot at or bombed up everyday for a year and if you dont die your friend battlle buddy gets killed. so victoria they are planing to let women join the infantry you would be a great candidate. and for everybody else the only good thing is you get paid regular which do you really want a furlough so sgt so and so instead of watchin your back has to worry about his family being able to pay the bills. i missed two birth spent 2 years away from my family and going on the 3rd . Did you????? If you dont know what we doing dont judge us military life is not easy at least army or marine life. there are some that make it seem like we have the life. i want you to imaging not being able to come shower kiss your spouse eating MRE`s if you know what that is pre packaged food for the whole year and i put my life on the line for these benefits you got the right to that to. stop complaining and join!!! check i casualties and see how many soldiers and marines died so far this year and you are going to be surpised .

    • To anonym

      I am not complaining..far from that, sir just stating my opinion like everyone else. Perhaps, you need to read what Sgt. Campbell has stated. You made a choice to go in the military so with anything in life we choose to do we have to deal with it. You could have been home to see the birth of your children but you decided in a career otherwise. So don’t get mad a me about my opinion because I am not mad at your opinion. Sound like you need to get out of the military if you are feeling angry about what people say or believe whether you agree or not. That’s why we live in the United States…freedom of speech…like it or not. Perhaps, working harder can earn you the promotion to get better pay..I did. As far as your are concerned… I do appreciate all soldiers who have served or are serving for protecting our country. But still it was a choice individuals made to serve. I wish you the best of lucky in your endeavors.

    • The majority of you that think our Military Men and Women are fairly paid?!?!
      THINK AGAIN!!!
      I work as a Plastic Surgeon for our Soldiers, because OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PAY FOR RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY!
      At least 95% of those ar forced to live on FOODSTAMPS in order to survive!!
      And you wouldn’t know it by looking, as they are TOO ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT!
      I take a huge pay cut just to work with our soldiers, and I love what I do!
      I don’t do it for the money.
      The government pays me less than what a nurse makes in the civilian world.
      But as a military brat I’ve been blessed to be able to experience so many countries and cultures.
      Our Vets and Retirees were stripped of there benefits starting back with her royal highness Hilary Clinton.
      Don’t Blame Bush for Clintons mess!
      Bush only made things worse!
      Do your homework and read up on the subjects as well as do your research before you put your foot in your mouth.
      Its hilarious how many of you rattle your jaws about info anyone can read on the net.
      Try getting it first hand before you throw your weight around, you won’t look so presumptuous.
      Someone that know the system.
      P.S. Check out Jesse Ventura’s book, it has a lot of insight.
      You would be amazed at what your closed minds might truly see.

    • I’m truly trying to figure out how anyone can compare state and local government employees to the actual government employees “Military” who stand a post to give you the very freedom you soak up every single day. Tell me how you feel when your son or daughter gets killed on foreign soil. Just because the media would rather cover topics on celebrities donating money to charities or how they have adopted yet another child from a foreign country. Believe me when I tell you my brothers and sisters are being killed everyday, Just because people refuse to see the reality of war doesn’t mean we’re not in a bad one. Take your blind fold off before the whole in the front off your face opens and insults the people around you that commit alot of selfless acts on your behalf.

  13. This is NOT REALLY A PAY FREEZE. About two-thirds of the 2.2 million federal workers affected will get pay increases each year anyway. Why?

    Most federal employees will still receive automatic seniority-based pay increases, called “step-pay” increases, for satisfactory job performance (most every federal worker gets a passing grade).

    Federal workers will also continue to get promotions in grade, overtime pay, as well as bonuses.

    So a new GS-15 would have started this year at about $124,000. After a year on the job, that government worker’s step-pay increase would lift that salary to about $128,000, even with the President’s pay freeze. And that’s before bonuses and overtime pay.

    So the only thing being frozen is a rise in the GS pay charts for each step….about 1.4% impact. So in reality, this whole thing is just a minor cut and not really saving much.

    • Lessgovnow…I don’t know a single soul that STARTED at a grade 15! I’m not sure I even KNOW any grade 15s!! lol Most people I work with are around the Grade 5-8 level. I have been with the gov’t for 32 years, and I only made it to a Grade 9 last year! I’m making $67,000/yr which is not what most of my co-workers make. And that’s only because I live in expensive NY. Otherwise, I’d make $40,000 or so after 32 years! Oh, and the step you talked about, I won’t get that for three years either because I’m a step 9! When people think government employees, they seem to think we’re all congressman! lol

      • You’re are right. New York is expensive and I swear I do not think Maryland isn’t far behind from being expensive too (especially in certain counties in Maryland). I do make at least $43,000 a year this is my temporarily salary reduction amount. Otherwise, It would be a little over 44,000, and I am a grade 12. I think that’s equivalent to a grade 6 (Federal). I have been trying for years to get into the Federal but it is hard or just did not qualify. I said I would try one more time if not then I will stay with the state to retire. I think you are also right about folks thinking federal employees make what congressmen make. That is funny. You have open my eyes up more. Good luck with everything.

        • Victoria,

          Yes, I just wanted to add my son made about 20,000.00/yr serving in Afghanistan worrying about getting blown up every day. If he did the same job for Blackwater, he would make 100 fold. God bless you and best of luck. It’s been fun conversing!

    • The only part of this post that I agree with is the fact that 1.4% isn’t really saving the Government a whole lot of money. So why do it?

      The people that this freeze effects isn’t those GS-15 employees that you are talking about. Even though everyone that supports this government pay freeze seems to think that ALL Govt. Employees are GS-15….

      This effects the little people MUCH more than you would think. I am a GS-12, and while I do have it better than a WG-8 (Which I was at one time), I can still feel the effect. With no pay increase, even as little as 1.4%, I have seen the amount of money I take home DROP from what I made last year.

      The reason behind this is, while officially our pay hasn’t decreased, our “benefits” HAVE increased, as has the cost of living. So while my pay stayed the same, everything else went up, so the amount I take home is less than it was a year ago. So to me, and I’m sure others as well, this IS a pay cut!

      I have a better idea for the Government trying to save money. How about the Republican out of Colorado and every other Republican pushing for Government Employees to take furloughs or pay cuts, STOPS their Earmarks just for TWO years. THAT will save the Government over 15 BILLION Dollars! Sounds a bit better than the supposed 5 Billion Dollars they will “save” by freezing our pay, doesn’t it?

  14. As a federal employee, I was sickened to learn that President Obama has decided that he’s going to stick it to the little man — regardless! But, congress, judges, and other’s won’t have a pay freeze.

    I’m first loyal to this great country, and the extra-long hours I put in without being compensated and the many nights I took my work home working on work-related projects up until 2am or 5am in the morning show that I’m dedicated to my duty and responsibilities to protect our Nation. I’m willing to sacrifice two years of pay freeze if ALL federal employees decide to do the same. And ALL employees include the President, his staff, Congress, Supreme Court Judges, federal judges — EVERYONE!

    Federal employees make up less than 5% of the federal government budget and I don’t see having a pay freeze would help substantially to reduce the federal government debt or deficit. My concern is that President Obama is using us as a political tool; a showcasing to American that he’s responsible. I’m afraid that this isn’t being responsible, this is politics. So what would be next? Are they going to extend it when 2years have ended? Are they going to find other means to stick it to us coming 2012? It’s isn’t my fault, Mr. President, for not sticking to your guns and to go at pat for the middleclass working Americans when faced with a threat by the Republicans. I think he capitulated too quickly and too soon! But thanks for cowering under the Republican’s demand and adding another tens of billions of dollars to our deficit.

    I don’t doubt our President’s sincere intentions to tackle the deficit, but don’t throw out tens of billions of dollars to banks and companies who really don’t need this degree of government bailout without the serious consequences on how it will be repaid. What hurt me is to observe banks who have received billions of dollars from taxpayers to keep them afloat turned around giving employees big bonuses and others cash incentives while many others were facing economic hardship. What is the fairness in all this?

    I wish I was part of that pool that is making $70,000.00 per year, but I believe that information isn’t accurate compared to the many tens of thousands employees only earning at least $35,000.00 to $45,000.00 starting pay.

  15. As a Federal Employee I hate that members up there in the BIG WHITE HOUSE benifit from our loss. They ride around in big fancy cars, live in nice warm big houses, dress them and their family to a tee in their over priced clothes, and get anything they and members of their famliy, hearts desire. Yet, I sit here trying to figure out how to catch up from trying to give my 2 kids a decent Christmas on a single parent salary. Then you tell us that gas for my vehicle that I drive to go to work, is going to be $4.00 a gallon. Not to mention that my insurance, that I am required to have, has gone up again. I am a GS-9 step one and still live paycheck to paycheck. FREEZE political salaries not WG-GS paygrades. Keep your tail end off that plane that consumes not only high priced fuel but also maintenance that, lets be real, isnt cheap. Obama you need to be a Gonna. Cant wait till your term is up. Heck maybe we should have voted Hillary into office, could she have done any worse?

  16. Thanks Mr. Obama. I’ve worked my butt off for the Dept. of Commerce for 3 years now. I am a single parent depending on my raises since the price of everything else is going up. My 13.89/hr doesn’t go very far. But heck, why should you care?? You’re too busy wasting the money we could be getting as a raise flying all over the world. You were hired to do a job, so why don’t you do it? I loooove how congress gets their raise! Their rase for doing what??

    …And an added note. My grandparents don’t even have enough money to pay their bills now because of your paycuts and an increase in their insurance due to your “great” insurance plan. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  17. I have served my country since I was a kid in the Cub Scouts. I traded my Boy Scout Uniform for U.S. Marine Battle Dress. When that was done I went out on my own. But there was always something missing, turned out it was a sense of purpose. I have now been a civilian employee for 21 years. For me and many like me, it is not about the pay, it has always been about the service. Right now our country is in trouble, the politicians and petty corporate moguls have lead us into a swamp filled with quicksand and snakes. It is a shame that when asked to give up something some of us turn on a person we elected to do a job. It would be nice if the media would report the truth, instead of the crap they put out. It would be nice if everyone stepped up and helped out.

  18. No raise, how sweet! Everyone is right. Michelle can go on vacations. they can have date night in NYC on AirForce One to the cost of HOW much?? and we can’t have our paultry raise. So far, I have disagreed with everything President Obama has done. I voted for McCain, so don’t blame ME folks!

  19. Mr. Obama is just saying “I don’t want to get re-elected”. This is what you call Idiot Politics. Never mind that many Federal workers (myself included) are underpaid. Never mind that Health Insurance companies didn’t freeze their annual increases to oblige Mr. Obama’s freeze. Those that voted for this Idiot deserve what they get!!! I for one have to work twice as hard to make ends meet. I think Mr. Obama likes the economy the way it is — Terrible (it is beyond bad). I hate to say this, because George Bush was no saint. However, compared to Mr. Obama, I would vote for any Bush over him.

  20. John Mclaughlin is an uninformed, uneducated MORON if he thinks that us Government Employees make more than our Private Sector counterparts! People like him are why we are getting this freeze in the first place, because he doesn’t care to learn the facts!

    I am a GS-12, Equipment Specialist for the DOD. I support and work with the troops every single day, and have mandatory 6 month deployments once a year. My sister has the same engineering degree that I have, however she works for the private sector. She is in her 5th year of employment and earns a salary of $105,000 a year. I am in my 3rd year with my federal job and am only making a salary of $67,000, and that’s INCLUDING my locality pay! You can’t tell me that two years time in job makes a $38,000 pay difference can you?

    I hope these people realize that all of those inflated figures that they are using are coming from the Senior Executive Service ranks, and not us Wage Grade or General Schedule Employees.

    If you compare the average pay for Federal workers to Private Sector Workers, OF COURSE our average will be higher, because we don’t have the amount of minimum wage jobs that the Private Sector has. That is because almost EVERY Federal Job requires either a College Education or a Military background!!!

    If those McDonalds workers want to complain about us Federal Employees making too much, I suggest they go to college or join the military, then they will have the same hard earned oppurtunity that WE have!

  21. How about freezing everyone over $100,000 (which is all politicians) this would be bigger than freezing a GS or WG nothings wage. Most people I work with are enlisted veterans and used to sacrifice so I guess we can take it, hate to take away some politicians cocktail party money.

    • “If he cuts?” I beat you voted for him.
      Just to let you know he already cut the pay for us. This is your Christmas gift. The socialist democrat screwing to working man, after promising he was for us.

  22. I like the part that talks about an economic hit in the Washington area. What about the part that says that Congressmen and Congressional staffers won’t be affected? What about the rest of the 2,000,000 or so workers that will be affected? Why is it always about Washington? If we can’t get a straight across raise, what about raising the locallity pay by cost of living increase by location?

    I don’t mind making sacrifices for my country. I have been in the military for nearly 8 years and a federal employee for almost four. During that time I have made sacrifices to my family, friends, career and myself. Including a year deployment to Afghanistan and the loss of many friends.


  23. Hey, we all need to shoulder some of the burdon of the current economic realities but I think it is a load of crap that federal workers are expected to take a cut but congress, staffers, postal workers, and judges are not. What makes them think that those jobs are more important or valuable than the rest of the federal workforce.

  24. I think this is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD!!! I have a bachelor’s degree and working as a GS5 step 1! I have a student loan of 100K, couldn’t make payments, now has a bad credit because of my student loan and living pay check to paycheck. Oh and I live on Hawaii, so basically our annual is 27K! Keep in mind that the cost of living here is a lot higher. A gallon of milk is $8.00! Luckily I don’t have any children!

    I’ve been applying for jobs that pertains to my degree, experiences and they said I don’t qualify for GS 9 and above because of the TIME GRADE requirements LAW! I am struggling to move up. If you are going to freeze the civilian federal employee, you should freeze everyone! “.. does not apply to military personnel, government contractors, postal workers, members of Congress, Congressional staffers, or federal court judges and workers. ” — this makes me want to vomit. I work at a military hospital and I TAKE CARE OF SOLDIERS, other military personell and their spouses… don’t you think we deserve some credits as well?

    Why freeze our pay, if you can cut down the budget for people who are TAKING ADVANTAGE OF the welfare system! I’ve encountered this while working for the state… you visit to these people’s homes and they have nice big flat screen tv, drive nice cars… REALLY and you are on welfare?

    YAY… work hard, the people on welfare are relying on YOU!

  25. I don’t get why the president needs to take all of these trips and we the working people have to figure out how to survive on a day to day basis and generally don’t have the money to take a trip within the states let alone a foreign country. Maybe him and his cabinet of people need to back off from the dinner table and give the rest of the country more than just their scraps which lately have been nothing. Washington quit filling your bellies when the rest of your country is going hungry!!! I just became a GS employee and I was making the same amount on the outside as a DOD Contractor. I have seen NO pay increase for 2 years already!!! What gives, maybe Michelle should auction off some of those fancy clothes she has and give the money to the people who need it.

    • Yeah, EXACTLY! They are living the high life and then they take away from the regular civilian employees. Of course at this point the regular public does not care how the Government gets the money and they are missing the bigger picture. He’s spending it but yet taking away from everyone else. Down with Obama!

  26. This is not right. We pay for every benefit we get and the cost of our benefits are going up. The people that are not affected by this pay freeze get FREE benefits and other perks. How about they do what is best for our country? (Work for free for a year since they get so many free perks from OUR tax dollars that they keep raising)

  27. The examples used in all the tabliods are individuals making $150,000 and more . These executives are not part of the GS schedule. Does anyone know if Executive Schedule along with other schedules will be frozen too? I feel for the majority of civil service workers who make no more than a GS 11. Congress needs to take a look at USAJOBs and see what these people do as GS employees and where they max out.

  28. I’m sorry, but did I just read that this does NOT APPLY TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS?!! Seriously, if you’re expecting all of us to take a pay cut (a pay freeze is a pay cut considering that the cost of my benefits, diaper for my son, food, etc. are still going up) why does it not apply to congress and federal judges and staff?? If you’re going to put a government-wide freeze into effect at least make it fair, it should cover EVERYONE.

    Also, FYI, this will not help our economy. By effectively cutting the pay of millions of federal employees (most of which are in the middle-class range) you are causing us to spend more of our pay on benefits and the like, thereby reducing the amount of money we have left to put back into the economy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I voted for this president and would do so again but I completely disagree with this pay freeze as a way to decrease our deficit. I understand the political games he is forced to participate in, but I think there’s a better way to go about it.

    • I agree, Obama was backed into a corner and freezing wages has a very symbolic effect given the nations views of Washington and current administration’s spending habits. But Congress has regularly given itself pay raises – which is unlikely to change. A tiered freeze system would have been better, but looks like federal workers will have to tighten their belts like the rest of us.

      • He wasn’t backed into a corner. He was trying to save his own sorry butt! He went after all of the people making average to below-average pay. Did he bother with those making $150K or more? Nope. I thought Socialists try to even out the playing field. This guy just is trying to ruin the most people he possibly can, leaving the extremely overpaid alone.

    • You voted for him. Thanks thats why all this BS is happening. Just wait till next year. We know he is not going to be re-elected due to his “outstanding” service to the U.S. and his approval rating going through the floor. His spending is affecting this decision and will only bring our country further into a state of bankruptcy that is inevetable..

      • Are you freaking serious????? Bush created this enitire MESS and now poor Obama is trying to clean it up. People are expecting to economy to fixed overnight but guess what? Its NOT! I am a GS employee and do not agree with this pay freeze but I do see some improvement in the economy since Obama benn in office.

        • I guess it still is bushey’s fault that gas prices are $3.00 a gallon. I don’t hear the media corporations complaining and blaming Pelosi and Obama for it. They control the economy and he owns it now. He has spent more money than 39 presidents did in 200 years. The media are in bed with the government. You need to stop watching tv and get a clue. How many of obummers policies have to fail before it equates that he is a failure?
          Chump…..learn sociology and phonology, because the socialist democratic media is controlling your mind. More poor people than ever in America. You are still dumb and broke and you have the first Mulatto president is a retard with lots of retard followers.

        • congress didn’t freeze their pay. I’m retired and got no cola because cost of living did not go up. Remember that the republicans have stated the desire to rollback your pay and benefits

  29. I have been working for a contractor for 2 years now and I havent got a raise yet, any raise I get is put in to a retirement fund . So it dosent help me to get a raise any way because insted of getting the money now that I desperetly need, It gose in to a 401A that I can’t even use untill I quit or retire. Well My 3 kids need food and shelter now not when I retire..

  30. My wife just got hired as a GS5 step 1. I am a contractor making 12.71 per hour. She is making only 16 per hour which in New York isn’t that much when you think about housing, food, and power. We lived at Fort Campbell for 4 years and at the same pay we barely made it by. Now they are talking of a pay cut and freeze, maybe a freeze but if you cut pay especially for new employees who don’t make enough money to pay bills any ways is BS. I had to take a job in Afghanistan to pay my bills off. I really hate being here and the taxes I pay are crazy. But you take away my pay that is a problem a freeze can be handled. Plus we are both veterans, and currently still serving our country in the reserves. What ever happens is going to happen, but dont count on our vote next time. We voted for a change a better change and didn’t get what we were promised. SGT Campbell.

    • Thank you for serving your country and I’m sorry you are getting the shaft by the people who should be protecting you the most.

      I understand the pain personally since my boyfriend is a veteran is in Kuwait so he can make money to come back here to survive. There is no help for him because Obama is too busy keeping whatever money he is stealing from everyone else and spending it on HIS family!

  31. Federal and State employees need to have both their salaries and benefits CUT to put them back in line with comparable private sector jobs!!!Also all senators and congressmen and their office staff budgets should be reduced as well as all medical and fringe benefits.We as a country cannot afford to pay our Federal and State officials full time salaries for part time duty!!!The government has told SS recipients for the past two years that they don,t get a cost of living adjustment.

    • I am employed as a nurse in a military hospital where I make less than nurses working at local hospitals. My insurance will cost more this year due to Health Care Reform, and the 1.4% would help to offset that. I am serving my country, taking care of active duty, retired military, veterans and dependents, training corpsmen and nurses. A 10% pay cut would force me to find employment elsewhere…or I could work as a “contractor” in the same job and be paid more!! And by the way, as a DOD employee we don’t get any of the perks the military have. I’m sure there are some federal employees who are overpaid….but there are more like me!

      • I hope people keep in mind that not all federal employees are overpaid. I have been working for the federal government for several years now and struggle every day to support my family. While I am extremely thankful for my job, this plan would make it even more difficult to support my family. Think about it, by freezing the cost of living when the cost of living is rising what will that mean for people like me. Will I have to get government assistance to buy grocery and pay medical bills for my family? That’s not an option for me sorry. So what do I do, get a 2nd and 3rd job and not spend any time with my children and let the world raise them? Not gonna happen! Yes, I understand that not all non-government jobs get a cost of living increase but they have other methods of compensating for that by either bonuses or higher salaries. Please, don’t focus on the high paid federal employees and formulate a general opinion because we are not all in the same boat. This plan will hurt the people who are already hurting and nothing else.

        • Bull John! they got no raise because the cost of living was zero . Some of the things you claim once upon a time ago like 40yrs ago. This is your benefits, 13 sick days that carry over each yr. 26 days vacation and pay 300 and more for copay insurance per month, Its not free. Make them pay for the entire health care themselves, cut the vacation let them go on welfare when you cut the bankable sick leave. Lets make it bad job that ought to make demand go up were you work.

    • Not sure where you received your information from but it’s false. I am a federal worker and Veteran who has dedicated over 20 years of service and have sacrificed time spent with my children servicing this country. My tour of duty is 7:00 till 3:30 I’m in at 6:15 and leave at 4:30 daily. The comparable position for private sector pays $37, 245.00 more per year than what I receive from my federal position, so my duty is over time which I have never requested nor have I requested comp. If you are ignorant to the functionality of Federal and State employees maybe you should keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself.

      • Dani Little: “My tour of duty is 7:00 till 3:30 I’m in at 6:15 and leave at 4:30 daily.”

        You’re the one who’s giving up your “free” time every day, not requesting overtime or comp time and *who’s* ignorant? Narrow-minded indeed… tsk.

        Obama must have some really bad financial advisors surrounding him if he thinks this will spur any kind of economic stimulation. Freezing GS-level fed worker pay will only make us hold on to it tighter and shelter it better(at least, that’s what I’ll be doing), not spend it, which is what our economy needs.

    • I am retired Navy and also work as at City Civil Servant; my wife works for the Federal Government and we both lossed our son who was Killed in Action in the War on Terrorism (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Government studies have been done that reflect civil service pay for both federal, state and city employees are below current levels this even includes the military. Research before you strike at our civil service employees who perform outstanding and enjoy serving our tax payers.

  32. So Mrs. Obama can take lavish vacations to Europe using the Prez’s standby plane on our dime but we get a raise that is far less than the rate of inflation? I’m not sure where CPI gets all of their information, but I haven’t seen prices remain the same over the last year on ANYTHING.

    Between the Obama family, if their frivolous spending on unnecessary trips (Indonesia for 10 days?!?) was cut, we could have had the same raise as 2009 at 3.9% (based on the number of civillian government employees related to amount spent on the spain and indonesia trip estimates).

    Nice, Obama. Showing those true colors again…

    • Yep, that’s for damn sure. But no, the regular American public ignore all this and rather see our heads on sticks outside of all the buildings we work in and serve!

  33. Steady increase in the price of merchandise. Fixed income. No COLA. Retired civil servants do not deserve this.

  34. I would not have a problem taking a smaller raise as long as Senators, Congressmen, etc. don’t vote themselves a huge raise in secret as they have in past years. Makes government workers feel less than deserving and makes a person wonder why we should work so hard and only Congressmen and Senators deserve a raise.

  35. As a federal employee for over 35 yrs, I don’t mind doing my part to help our nation in these troubled economic times, but why don’t those who keep raising the prices of necessities (food, gas, health insurance, etc.) also help out, by holding the line on price increases? The same goes for real estate and other taxes, which increase every year at rates well above the rate of inflation. Plus, if the President and the Congress let the Bush tax cuts expire, it will negatively affect many Americans, particularly the dwindling middle class.

    If prices increase while wages remain stagnant or decrease, then it’s really the same thing as a pay cut.


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