Emergency Extra SNAP Payments Have Ended – Latest News and Updates

The USDA has officially announced that SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) emergency allotments, which were implemented as a temporary increase to monthly SNAP benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic have officially ended.

End of SNAP Foot Stamp EA Benefits
End of SNAP EA Benefits

This means for remaining residents in states who received a USDA waiver to participate in the temporary SNAP expansion program (see list below) will see benefit payments to local households return to normal (lower) levels from March 2023.

These SNAP Emergency Allotments (SNAP EA) allowed all eligible households to receive an additional $95 in (food stamp EBT) benefits or an additional benefit valued up to the maximum benefit for their household size, whichever value was greater.

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How Much Will Benefits Drop?

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP households getting the extra boost will receive at least $95 a month less; while some lower income larger households will see reductions of $250 a month or more.

Household sizeAverage SNAP EA Decrease Impact
EA SNAP Decrease Impact by Household (Source : CBPP)

Further, households that received both SNAP and Social Security benefits may experience a significant decrease in their “normal” SNAP benefits due to the recent COLA for Social Security benefits that took effect at the start of this year.

For some seniors this will mean their average monthly benefit will drop to $23 in 2023! See more in the SSA section below.

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Which States are Ending Extra SNAP Benefits in 2023?

While your local SNAP office will have specific details that pertain to your SNAP Emergency allotment (EA) payments, here is a state-by-state summary from the USA news release on upcoming changes.

States ending EA in Feb 2023 – Normal benefits from March 2023Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West, Virginia, Wisconsin
States ending EA in Jan 2023 – Normal benefits from Feb 2023South Carolina
States where SNAP EA Have Already Ended
(already paying normal amounts)
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming
SNAP emergency allotment payments as of Jan-Feb 2023 (USDA)

SNAP benefit amounts will return to normal for all SNAP households by the end of March and your updated allotment, accounting for SS/SSI benefits, will be provided by your local SNAP agency.

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Why Are Extra SNAP Benefits Ending?

The SNAP emergency allotments were always meant to be a temporary strategy authorized by Congress to assist low-income individuals and families in coping with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. They just lasted for longer than expected due to the ongoing COVID funding bills.

However funding for SNAP EA was not part of the 2023 government spending bill and as a result, all household benefits will return to their normal amounts after March 2023, without the added supplement.

Lower SNAP benefits for Social Security Recipients

The Social Security Administration (SSA) annually adjusts the amount of its benefits to account for inflation, a process known as the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). As a result when a household’s income, including Social Security benefits, increases, SNAP benefits may decrease as those are paid based on income.

This year the COLA was the largest in 40 years, which meant many SNAP households that also receive Social Security benefits (around 47%) will or have experienced a decrease in their SNAP benefits due to the significant increase in their Social Security benefits.

However, these households should still see an overall increase in their income, as the increase in Social Security benefits will be greater than the decrease in SNAP benefits.

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63 thoughts on “Emergency Extra SNAP Payments Have Ended – Latest News and Updates”

  1. All of us are suffering, this is true so let’s all go to GOD in prayer. Thank him for what we do have. I am as well in my late 60’s and living on very little so prayer is my solution to this all. If we all get in agreement and pray things will change. Bless us all.

        • Clearly you have zero understanding of economics and finance. You blame the republicans because you heard other people blaming them, and you have no idea what is going on, and I would bet the farm that you can’t give one single legitimate reason to support your accusations. I assure you that the Biden administration is directly the largest cause, by far, of the severe financial situation we are in. Just one example of many, is that Biden is spending $78 billion on an IRS expansion between 3QE 2022 and 1QE 2025 to audit and investigate the middle and lower class, and small businesses below the $2M bracket, all to recover less than $46 billion. This would be like you going to buy a house, the owner wants $150,000, but your bank approved you for up to a $300,0000 mortgage, so you tell the owner you will pay them 300K, double their asking price, simply because the bank approved you for that amount. It’s sheer stupidity in the minds of the brainwashed leftist anti-Trump buffoons.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective. It’s true that many of us are facing various challenges and difficulties in life. Prayer can be a powerful tool for finding comfort and peace during these challenging times.

      It’s important to be grateful for what we do have, even if it may not be much. Gratitude can help shift our focus away from what we lack and towards what we have, which can improve our overall well-being and outlook on life.

      I hope that you find solace in your prayers and that things improve for you. May we all find strength and support in each other during these uncertain times.

  2. I have gone with out power for almost 4 months now because of how high power has spiked and the price of food and gas is crazy people who are on disability check and are on a limited income how are they supposed to get help

    • I can understand, I same here. My husband has heart problems he can’t eat anything , he got to eat healthy we both get SSI and after paying rent , gas, water bill and light bill and
      Medication we will not have money for food.

    • I am in Your vote I get ssi and they cut my stamps to 92 dollar a month I dont know how they expect people to survive we need help.

  3. Brenda
    Feb.22, 2023

    I have been reading everyone’s comments, and I am understanding of each of you. I myself am disabled, can not drive, have to depend on others to purchase my supplies, and take me to appointments. I am also getting $23 a month from food stamps. I know of no where in this country where someone can live on $23 a month. I am eating something small for breakfast, no lunch, and something small for dinner. No treats, no eggs, no extras. If covid becomes crazy again, I will literally starve.
    I hope someone in charge is paying attention, your senior citizens need HELP!

    • You said it to the letter! It’s almost an insult to give out $23. With that I suppose I can buy a dozen eggs, 2 lbs hamburger and butter.
      Price of food goes up and out government cuts out food allotment. Go figure.
      By the way, to our prayer friends: prayer is a great thing but I need something more solid in my stomach.

  4. In Ohio food prices have spiked, benefits are taken especially the elderly and disabled will suffer along with children. Social Security went up and so did rents, food, utilities. So, that “big” raise of $85.00 I got because was taken away and then some. I worked almost 40 years to live in poverty? I had to sell my home because I couldn’t afford to live there. I live in a small apartment and live very sparklingly. No cable, no vacation’s, no eating out. My car is broken down and I am going to have to put it on a credit card because I can’t save any money as there is none to save. Gee, we send billions overseas for a war that is not ours while, the citizens that made this country strong spit on and left out in the wind.

    • Right… just because they’re seeing drops in Covid cases doesn’t mean the affects of Covid are gone. Life cost are so inflated going back to $25.00 monthly for food is a joke. What will that buy now with even bell.peppers costing$4.00. people on disability fall between the cracks in this system with no kids and single…toss in senior..and wham. Thank you Biden. For honoring your commitment to take care of the seniors and reform the Medicare system. And this shouting from the hilltop we got the highest increase ever…my gosh and you and everyone took it all too buy rent increase, electric increase, now snap going away. This is a joke

      • My lot rent increased $100 last year and electric O G& E increased about $40 recently. My auto insurance increased about $20 and I have had a perfect driving record. I thought the price was suppose to go down when you have a perfect driving record for such a long time! Food prices are still crazy high. Everyone is wanting to increase their fees. Now they are cutting off the extra food help. $16 don’t get you much. And with severe anxiety disorder, it is hard to wait in a crowded room full of people in a food pantry. The government has billions to send to other countries but they do not have it to give to the needy here at home. It is like starving your own kids, but feeding your neighbor’s kids. It doesn’t make sense. I like helping others, but we, the U.S. should come first. We are the citizens, the people, in need.

        • I’m in a similar situation an this month they’ve taken my anxiety meds as well… It’s a comfort to know I’m not alone but it’s devastating to see what’s about to unfold.

        • I totally agree with everything you said. I am a senior myself, receive only 600.00 per month, and my lot rent has also increased 100.00. How does this government expect there citizens to live on so little amount.! With everything else increasing so much. I agree that they should take care of the people in the US. First. All that money wasted on a senseless war.
          A lot of seniors are going to starve. Wake up U.S. !!!! Feed your own people first.

        • Agree! Granted we got a fairly decent SS raise (finally), but the gas bill this month for heating my home and the space rent increase on my home are now costing me more than that SS increase!!! So I went backwards!!!!

    • Amen to that. Why send our $ elswhere when it is needed right here in the United States. Watch ìn the end they won’t help us when we need it!!!!

    • Yes ma’am, you took the words right outof my mouth .This administration is got a few loose screws when it comes to looking put for amerixan citizens,they woukd much rather takecare of all illegal migrants,people from other countries,and take care of 3rd world countries,instead of helping our own,we have so many living inpoverty,so many homeless living in the streets,but the ones in washington,dont care about us,and it doesnt bother them at all,becausethey have plenty of money to li eo and they have never gone to bed hungry,or ever wondered where they were gonna sleep at night.The reason Biden sends millions to these other countries is because ,say he sends 400 million to ukraine,well ukraine is sending himback a hundred million or so and thatgoes in his pocket.Thats all he is concerned wuth is getting his kickbacks,its wrong abd its always been giing on in washington,whoever is in charge,thats how they get so filthy ruch,and the Bible tells of greed and where it will get you,so they will not benefit in the end.You reap what you sow.But for now we rhe people are suffering at the hands of the onrs who dont care about us.

  5. The cost of food, gas, electric, rent, everyday needs have gone up, yes, way up! $8.49 for 18 large eggs, yes! But let’s look at why first. Eggs and chicken cost increased because cost to feed and raise them went up and a disease that killed many of them. Cost of gas and electric went up as it ALWAYS has it fluctuates because of many reasons. Rent, it goes up because of landlord GREED but also in some instances there are heat, electric, water and sewer included in your price of rent that have gone up. Cost of gas for your vehicles have went up as that too has ALWAYS done due to supply and demand, due to wars in other countries. This is something that has continually happened throughout the years, be glad we don’t have to do rationing as had to be done in the past. Everyday items hitting a high also. Two years ago it was passed to give emergency allotment food stamps and stimulus packages to MOST people excluding those who already had a huge amount of money. We have all gotten too used to getting this help that was desperately needed and saved us for quite a long time. The stimulus gradually faded out and now the emergency EBT allotment has been doing the same. The government can’t continue to carry us for ever. Being disabled, husband and son disabled and each of us on SSI we have never been able to afford anything, we counted every penny and went without much of the time so all of the help given us these past years was a blessing we are very grateful for. Now it will be time to get back to reality. There are many things in this country that need to change for the well being of the people we just need the Dems and Repubs to work together instead against eachother to get these important things done. They have forgotten the little guys that voted them all in and too busy hating eachother to remember us! Get your #### together govt and update the way things work in favor of the people you represent. This is 2023 not 1700 things are not the same, the world is not the same so do something other than keeping the poor as poor as possible!!!

    • That is so true I’m a senior citizen I did not get one single stimulus check even the one that they promised to the senior citizens the last one did not even get that one it sucks being a senior citizen they don’t care people try to run you over in the streets they try to run you over in the cross locks senior citizens are treated like low life since world anymore Grant food everything else is gone up I can’t even afford to drive a car so I don’t even drive a car anymore everywhere I go is walking and yes you are so right they keep sending money to all these people overseas and in the war but yet they won’t help the American public at all

    • Agree with all my heart. We suffer and the government turns it’s head and puts us back under the rugs like dust mites.i pray for us all.

  6. We all should write the government or whoever every day. Send letters every day. Get as many people as we can and just keep sending letters to them.

  7. The gov’t is a rip off they don’t care about the low income families with kids or seniors, people on SSI/SSA. They gave the extra money and now they want it all back. I stopped buying eggs I saw some for $8/$5 let the eggs rot. The whole system sucks and I noticed that you pay more for food and they give you less and increase the amount. One example is Faygo pop they used to give 12 cans for a couple of bucks now you pay more and they give you 8 cans, go figure.

    • So amTrue. If you look up what government means it says” for the people” we the people make the government. They dont understandmd that “WE THE PEOPLE ” ARE WHY THEY ARE IN THEIR POSITIONS. ” WE THE PEOPLE” vited fir them. So they might wanna think about that. Bc “WE ARE AMERICA “

  8. Where we are, the much of the “cheap” food is up by 4 times over. Example: something that was 99 cents back in July, 2022, is now $4.39. Then we get a notice that we are going to get even less now that the food is more. I wasn’t surprised. I half expected it. The new government as of late has been all about taking away, and this is just another way of doing it. To think all the years I worked, paying into welfare, never filing taxes and claiming 10 just so I never had to feel guilty if I ever needed to rely on assistance, which I ended up on due to disease disability. I didn’t even claim most of the stimulus payments because I was worried about taking too much. It seems that only works on my side. On the other side, I get taken advantage of. I’ve paid in far more to welfare than I have ever used. And it figures now that I actually need something, we’re left this way. I now eat 1-2 meals a day instead of the solid 3 I used to have. And that is all just soup. I basically have to make stuff from cheap, near expired food, else it would be too expensive. Some days I just don’t eat so my kids can, especially at the end of the month.

  9. I had a major heart attack in August 2021…ended up having a triple bypass. I am 67, earn $23 a month on EBT…in WA State. I am supposed to eat a very healthy diet, rich in lots of lean meats, lots of produce….foods high in Omega 3, like Salmon…..etc. Well, great idea. How, please someone tell me, how am I to follow these food guidelines on $23 a month! It’s shameful to begin with that after working for 40 years, I’m reduced to live like this in my country. And, I haven’t yet seen my COLA take what it will. This extra money for food allowed me to eat better, even at $234 a month…guys, that’s still only $58 a week. But felt like a fortune. I could just cry. Who really missed this money in the government? Help us.

    • This is what happens when seniors vote for R’s. Notice all the states that ended the benefits early, 100% of them RED states. If DEMS had total control this benefit would have continued. This in spite of fact saves no money to the RED state and extra money for businesses and their economy, they still pay feds same taxes, they ended a benefits early to ust spite and hurt poor people, the GOP way.

      • Did you not notice that the bill that ended the emergency allotments was signed before the R’s as you put it, took office? This was done by Ds in control of the congress and the white house, get a clue.

        • What we really needed was another Stimulus check which we never got. Snap benefits should have went way go up because of the higher cost of food

    • I know I reduced down to 23 dollars too in Ohio. Same here heart issue, surgeries etc. They tell you to eat salads, fresh fruits etc. Once I pay my bills, I will be collecting aluminum cans and hitting the food pantries. There will be a lot of theft, here Kroger and Walmart put in high tech alarms and gates to stop shoplifters as the clerk told me they know people will be stealing more. Can’t say I blame them. In jail they get 3 hots and a cot.

    • Kathy I hear you!!!! My mother is in the same boat and she’s now realizing that she would have been better off staying home and not working. Health care and food would be free if she opted out of giving this country her blood, sweat and tears for all of those years. It is INEXCUSABLE!!!

  10. This really angers me
    “Let’s EGG em”!
    Oh but wait~~we can’t afford to buy them at $5.00 a dozen
    Ok.. looks like there will be people pocketing eggs in Walmart* oh but wait they are locking food behind glass now. Darn!!
    This isn’t right people…I feel sad.

  11. This govt claims that they are here for the elderly, disabled and veterans. Well they are not. I’m on SSI and hubby is on SSA. So our financial means are extremely limited. Eggs $5 a dozen, forget the of normal staples.
    I do not know how I am supposed to stretch $115 a month with 2 people.
    My diet is very limited. So now what.
    Very ashamed of our govt.

  12. This is wrong . We can’t feed our kids . Us parents do without so our kids will eat . I don’t understand people . This government only cares about themselves. Let them one day in our shoes they would never make it .

    • Yes that is so true. But we need to have them live in our home pay our bills and eat what we eat and get the amount of money we get and nothing else. For at least A month or two.

    • I agree. My husband lost his job, and when I reported it to our local DHHR, they cut our SNAP benefits down to $700 less than what we were getting when we were both working, which makes absolutely no sense. So now, our SNAP has been cut, and we only have one income. We have bills, have to buy gas to get me to work because our town has no jobs, and I have to drive 45 minutes away, 6 days a week, and the price of things have gotten so high, we are barely scraping by. It’s ridiculous. The government doesn’t care about the elderly, the veterans, or the lower class people. I’d like to see one with their hand in their own pocket for once.

  13. How the he__am I suppose to eat with $24 in food stamps and eggs are $5:00.. what is this world coming to ?? Vote for what? They not helping us, they could’nt do it with covid so their going to starve us. SMH

    • They want their electric car and solar future. They don’t care about the (not rich) elderly. Because most youngsters forget about us once we get up there, and most of our friends and family have died, our kids have their own new lives, move away and we are left to hope the government takes care of us. It is a big sham since most of us paid in welfare more than we would ever use, even if food stamps were quadrupled. They are a bunch of lying, stealing, theives. I am entitled to my opinion, and right now it is saying most of the government wants to kill us as legally as possible, _show_ me some proof I’m wrong. We protest with anything more than words… we go to jail. Sounds like a free, fair country to me. *sarcasm* Imagine if they suddenly started doing this exact thing in 1994, there would be riots EVERYWHERE. But because they SLOWLY did it, they get away with it.

  14. We get a raise in our SSI and rent goes up food goes up and food stamps drop down more that not helping us that is disabled and can’t work so how do we make it price is going up on food gas is going up and rent is going up this is not right at all

      • I knew it was coming, but it still makes me angry! They send literal BILLIONS to Ukraine every month or so, while severely decreasing senior food stamps without a thought. Very disheartening…

        • Exactly! I got my raise on my social security but my rent went up, my food stamps went down. The billions they are sending to,Ukraine could be feeding the children the elderly here in the United States I’m sorry for the war over there but we didn’t cause it. Would Ukraine help the starving homeless here? No they would not. I pray for all of us. I don’t think our government cares about us. They go on vacations fancy restaurants. But I wish they would come here to my apartment and look in my cabinets my refrigerator. Then ask themselves how long will the food I have last? They all should be ashamed of themselves. But God is watching.

        • This is not a Biden issue…he was responsible for the extensions on benefits under CoVID Stimulus packages. He also extended the eviction moratorium as long as possible to keep people from being evicted and halt rent increases on low income individuals. But those programs expire in March and were voted that way by the new House of Representatives (McCarthyites). You think democrats would eliminate social programs that help the underprivileged you are sadly mistaken…McCarthy and his mongrels reversed the spending bill as their first order of business and now they are coming for your Medicare, Social Security and Mecicaid. Get $23 a month from SNAP starting March 2023 and on disability for congestive heart failure. Took 5+ years to be approved for disability so my 401K is gone because of taxes and penalties from withdrawing to cover my rent car payments health insurance food utilities and necessities while waiting for SS under tRump’s Administration to process evaluate and deny me 3 times until I got an attorney who took their portion of the money. They took 2 years of back benefits from me because I was under 50 when I applied. Two years of benefits…it’s not DEMOCRATS ITS REPUBLICANS. Get your head out of the hole in the sand!

  15. we seniors never get a raise! when living in govt housing our rent goes up and food stamps go way down so we end up breaking even or in the hole because we have to take money from our raise to make up for food stamps and rent. why give us a raise at all it only kills us financially!

  16. Extra SNAP benefits were tied to the continuing Public Health Emergency because of Covid. PHE isn’t set to end soon. As for Covid there is a new variant more transmitted.

  17. This is a joke,right? Our ssi/ssdi/ssa increase was eaten up by inflation and now they are gonna return our snap back to normal levels when food is at its highest because of inflation. People are gonna starve you numb skull politicians.

  18. I don’t think it is fair to decrease the the snap benefits especially when those that are one SSDI and are on a fixed income and that have a hard time coming up for money for food. I only get 20 in Snap benefits every month and that is a shame for one individual who is on disability and barely getting by.

  19. Inflation and high food prices. Ending EBT extra benefits will have millions of seniors without enough food. Here in California, we’ve seen natural gas bills increase 200 percent in just one month. That wipes out any COLA increase.


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