New Jersey (NJ DOL) Unemployment Updates And Latest News – Missing Pandemic Payments and Retroactive Claim Processing Delays Continue

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJ DOL) via the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) manages the state’s unemployment insurance program. New Jersey’s unemployment remains higher than the United States as a whole, which is reflective of how hard the state has been hit by the pandemic compared to other parts of the nation.

See further details below on the pandemic enhanced benefits currently available including dealing with eligibility issues, various payment delays and changing certification requirements. And per the NJ DOL website, they are aware of the ongoing issues people are experiencing when filing claims and receiving payments on a timely manner. Keep reading for more information.

Can I Still File a Claim for Back Dated Benefit Payments?

If you believe your claim should be backdated, you’ll need to contact the NJ DOL who will then schedule a fact-finding interview to determine if your claim can be backdated. You will still be able to receive benefits for weeks prior to September 4, if you are found eligible for a claim filed before September 4, 2021

If you are currently in an appeal or adjudication process, or have an appointment scheduled after the Sept. 4 program expiry, you should continue to certify weekly, follow NJ DOL instructions and monitor your email.

Claimants with pending decisions may still be paid retroactively for weeks before September 4th, 2021, if they are later deemed eligible.

Note that funds that appear as remaining in your unemployment account related to the federal enhanced unemployment programs will not be available for certification or payment for weeks of unemployment ending after September 4, 2021.

Federal Enhanced Benefits Have Ended in New Jersey

The NJ DOL has confirmed that claimants on the PEUC, PUA, MEUC and FPUC programs will file/certify for benefits for the last time covering the week ending September 4, 2021.

Any active claims, with or without remaining balances, will expire after this date and any weeks after Sep 5th will NOT be paid. The only exception are retroactive payments for validated claims after a successful determination or appeal.

While there has been a lot of discussion around extending pandemic unemployment benefits, the Biden administration has confirmed (see video) that states will have to use already allocated stimulus funding to expand or extend traditional state unemployment programs.

The NJ DOL has not indicated that is planning to do so at this stage and Governor Murphy recent stated the following in recent remarks confirming this position:

The proper way to extend federal UI benefits is through federal action, not a patchwork of state ones. It should be noted here that no state is extending this benefit beyond September 4th. The reality is that continuing the $300 per week benefit through state resources would be cost prohibitive. It would cost at current at least $314 million per week and perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars more.

In other words, we’re talking about well more than $1 billion per month to maintain this benefit at its current level. Overall, the Department has put $33.7 billion directly into the accounts of nearly 1.6 million New Jerseyans since the start of the pandemic, of which $25 billion had been federal dollars. We have some of the most generous unemployment benefits in the country and God knows we needed them.

We recognize the impact that this will have one some families facing unemployment issues. To support New Jerseyans living through the economic impacts of the pandemic, we have invested in rent assistance, food assistance, childcare assistance, healthcare affordably – affordability assistance and other support programs. We have set up programs which are funded through billions of dollars of federal coronavirus relief funds.

Gov. Murphy

Some claimants may be eligible for State Extended Benefits (SEB), but after September 4th all claimants must have a regular UI claim to continue receiving benefits.

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$300 Weekly Payment Delay Updates and News

Every few weeks there have been reports of payment glitches/delays in claimants getting the $300 supplementary benefit, which is in addition to their regular or enhanced unemployment payments. This is generally due to the following reasons:

  • Timing issues between the NJ DOL systems and their UI benefits payment processor (Bank of America). These “glitches” have been been getting resolved in 2 to 3 days in most cases.
  • Staggered certification schedule, which is impacted by system outages and upgrades that the NJ DOL is frequently doing. If this delays certification, then inevitable payment delays will follow.
  • Missing payments being caught up a week later due to the above issues. This results in some claimants seeing a double payment following a week of a missed payment
  • Pending Claims mean a 4 week delay. For claims whose status is showing as “Pending” means your claim has not filed yet and likely needs a NJ DOL agent to perform some kind of manual review. Keep checking daily until it changes to “Filed.” Claims that require agent intervention could take up to four weeks or longer due to the unprecedented volume of filings. NJDOL is currently processing agent intervention claims that were filed about one month ago – so this is why you are seeing a delay in payments.
  • Certification or Eligibility issues. If you see a message to call a regional center (via your portal or a mailed letter) it means no further processing can happen unless you call the NJ DOL at the specified number. This is likely to a certification or eligibility issue.

You can see recent examples and further feedback in the active comments forum below this article. I will post further updates as they come to light and you can stay connected via the options below.

Will New Jersey (NJ) Pandemic Unemployment Benefits be Extended Again in 2021 or End Early?

With several states ending federally funded unemployment benefits earlier than planned (see full list) to encourage workers to return to work, there is a strong concern this action could spread nationwide. But the good news for unemployed workers in New Jersey is that most of the states cancelling unemployment benefits are Republican controlled. So it is highly likely that claimants in NJ will keep ALL pandemic unemployment benefits, including the extra $300 weekly payment, until the current program end date which would be the week ending September 4th, 2021.

However it should be noted that work search requirements are being more rigorously enforced by NJ DOL and there will be a lot more scrutiny of job rejections if not for pandemic or health related reasons.

Please also see the many comments at the end of the article where people have shared their stories, tips and struggles around getting paid under one or more of these enhanced benefit programs.

2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under Biden ARPA Stimulus Package

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion federal coronavirus relief package, known as the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), enhanced unemployment benefits will be extended until September 6th. This would be the week ending September 4th, 2021 in New Jersey. This includes the following extensions:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – The PUA program, designed for freelancers, gig workers and independent contractors or those that generally don’t qualify for regular state unemployment, has been extended to September 6th, 2021 (~25 weeks). This brings the total number of weeks in the program to 79. The minimum PUA payment is still 50% of a states average weekly benefit amount and limited to the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA).

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – The new stimulus bill funds another 25 weeks of weekly supplementary/extra unemployment at the current $300 level. Payments for the $300 weekly payment will continue until early September for a total of 25 weeks and eligible claimants – those getting at least $1 from state and federal unemployment programs – can get a maximum of $7,500 if they qualify for all weeks covered in this new extension. The other $100 supplementary payment for Mixed Earners (MEUC) was also extended by 25 weeks.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) – The PEUC program, which extends coverage for those who have exhausted regular and extended state unemployment, has also been extended until the week ending September 4th, 2021.

There also provisions in the Biden Stimulus package for Unemployment tax breaks on the first $10,200 of benefits.

NJ workers currently claiming federal benefits will receive an additional 25 weeks. Anyone currently receiving unemployment in any amount will also receive the $300 weekly supplemental benefit. We do not anticipate delays in providing these benefits to most claimants.

NJ DOL update

New Jersey NJ DOL Payment Status of 25-week Extensions – Latest News and Status on PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC

The NJ DOL has implemented the 25 week extension of benefits to the PEUC and PUA programs. Anyone currently collecting unemployment in any amount will also receive the $300 FPUC supplemental benefit. There have however been some issues noted which you can also see discussed in the comments forum below this article. This includes:

  • There have been some delays in getting the $300 weekly payment. This has been due to technical glitches in many cases and payments hit account 1 to 2 days later.
  • Its still hard to get through to someone a live agent. Keep trying as in some instances you will need a live representative to manually progress your claim or to provide additional information to verify your claim.
  • Many are reporting scam emails to potential claimants asking for personal and private data. Do not share this online or to people you don’t know. Only go to the NJ DOL site to load documents and provide required certifications.
  • While the PUA and PEUC extensions are now available till Sep 4th, many people are reporting a lapse in benefits, which is mainly due to the need to provide additional documentation (PUA claimants) or not filing a new claim after you have reached your benefit year end (see below on what happens).
  • Some people who returned to work and stopped claiming benefits, but are now unemployed again are having a tough time reinstating claim due to manual checks the NJ DOL has to do, which is taking more time than expected. Retroactive payments will be made for eligible weeks but this is a known issue.

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Benefit Year End Reviews

All unemployment claims are required to be reviewed after one year per law. Claimants approaching the end of their benefit year should take no additional action. If your UI claim has been open more than one year then you need to be aware of the following actions:

  • DO NOT attempt to open a new claim.
  • DO continue to certify for weekly benefits according to the schedule.

The review of your claim will occur automatically; the NJ DOL will contact you only if more information is needed. If you recently reached the end of your benefit year, a review of your claim has been completed or is underway. When the review is complete, you will receive confirmation your weekly certification for benefits was successful.

NJ DOL Benefits Year End Renewal Process

2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under COVID Relief Bill

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, which among several other pandemic relief measures extends and provides additional federal funding for enhanced unemployment benefits. This includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and a reinstatement, but halving of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) Program which provides a $300 supplemental weekly unemployment payment. I have also posted this video discussing the frustrations around the current $300 payment!

These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks (on top of any state funded extensions), covering the weeks of December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. To receive FPUC benefits, you must be receiving regular UI, PEUC, EB, or PUA.

NJ DOL 2021 11-week Extension Payment Details and Updates on $300 FPUC, PUA and PEUC

Update Feb 9th, 2021: NJDOL has (finally) successfully completed programming for the 11-week benefit extension for the over 75,000 expired PUA and PEUC claims. Claimants who had been waiting and are eligible to claim these 11-weeks should have been notified by email and can certify during their regular schedule once the extended weeks are added to their claim balance. If you have not received your notification AND cannot certify (online or via phone) in the next few days your claim is likely held up due to additional manual processing/verification or you were deemed ineligible. Some examples are further discussed in the comments below.

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Update Feb 3rd, 2021: Unemployed workers in NJ who have exhausted their PUA and PEUC benefits on or after Dec. 26, 2020 continue to face extended delays while the NJ DOL reprogram their antiquated and disparate UI systems to add the 11-week extension. These workers are also missing out on their $300 FPUC weekly payment and will have to wait for an official notification from NJ DOL to resume their weekly certification. Calling and trying to get this pushed through will not help, even if you can get through to someone.

There is no official target date for when NJ DOL will have this done, but I am expecting system updates to be in place by mid-February based on previous program rollouts and NJ DOL sources. Thousands are affected by this and I will continue to post updates across various platforms. I have also discussed more on this YouTube video covering the 2021 UI extension or the PUA extension delay reasons.

Missing 4th week $300 Payment for many (with active benefits): Many readers are reporting that they have not received their 4th week payment. NJ DOL on their social media is only confirming they have made 3 payments – so I suspect the system updates they are having to do for the PUA and PEUC programs have caused these delays. If payments don’t come this week, I imagine NJ DOL will make a double payment next week.

Update January 29th, 2021: NJ DOL has confirmed that they have made three weeks of the $300 FPUC payment to eligible claimants, with the fourth payment coming next week. However this is only for those who can certify and are currently getting state or federal benefits. Those who were getting federal benefits like PUA or PEUC but have now exhausted those benefits (zero claim balance) on or after Dec. 26, 2020 will see a gap in payments while the NJ DOL reprograms their systems to add the 11-week extension approved under the latest COVID relief bill.

DJ posted the following update on Jan 25th: DOL only deposited this week $300 for the week ending the 16th. Then the week ending Jan 23 we get next Monday. We wouldn’t ever get the week ending the 23rds payment today . Because they pay it only when they know you didn’t work. So the only way you get paid the week of the 23rd is if you file by Saturday the 30th . And for the people saying it’s biweekly it’s not. $300 each week per official NJ DOL update below (some people are getting $600 because it included retroactive payments for missed weeks). I just talked to someone on the phone at NJ DOL and the way it worked so far was for the weeks ending:
Jan 2nd $300
Jan 9th $300 (PAID $600 for 2 weeks On jan19th )
Jan 16th ( paid today the 25th )
Jan 23rd ( paid on feb1st)

Jan 21 : NJ DOL update on $300 payment

Official NJ DOL update: NJDOL announced it had successfully processed two weeks worth of benefits – $600 total – in direct deposit accounts or on debit cards as soon as Tuesday [Jan 19th, 2021]. Some may see it a day or two later depending on their bank. The first week of eligibility for the $300 payments was the week ending Jan. 2, 2021. If eligible for both weeks, claimants received two $300 payments, for a total of $600, in addition to their regular unemployment payments.

The $300 payments will continue to be made weekly, in single-week installments, for eligible weeks through the week ending March 13. They will be made automatically to anyone receiving jobless benefits in any amount.

Those who have exhausted their initial PUA, PEUC or Extended Benefits will experience a lapse in payments (ongoing delays) while NJDOL updates their systems. The Department has communicated with this group of claimants and they will be notified when they can resume certifying for weekly benefits.


Jan 19 update – $300 Payments coming through for active claimants! Based on reader comments here and on my social media it looks like the $300 weekly payments are coming through. Jackie wrote, “Got 600 deposited this morning a little before 6am. Was never a pending deposit. Just came thru outta nowhere. 1/19/21.” This was confirmed by subsequent comments. So looks like NJ DOL is making weekly payments for FPUC as well but was paying retroactively for the past 2 weeks it missed paying (due to program rollout delays) and so that’s why $600 was the maximum amount received for those who qualified for the 2 weeks.

Al posted the following on Jan 20th, Yes… there’s been much confusion on when the weeks would start or which date the payments would be retroactive. However, it’s basically like this. They’re paying (biweekly) from the week of January 2nd to the week of March 13th. That’s 11 weeks. This is why only a $600 payment/deposit was made to most claimants in NJ. So in respect to retroactive payments, the state was only behind 1 week. The week they tried to issue benefits (January 2, 2021) and the week that benefits started to be issued to claimants (January 9th). The next payable week will be January 16th 2021, payment should be received on Mondays, just like the CARES ACT Supplement Payments were issued. You will NOT receive both your Normal Unemployment Compensation Benefits and the new $300 on the same day. (Unless you’re one of those recipients that would normally receive your regular unemployment benefits on a Monday.) The only eleven payable weeks in 2021 are as follows (week ending): January 2nd, January 9th, January 16th, January 23rd, January 30th, February 6th, February 13th, February 20th, February 27th, March 6th, and week ending March 13th

Delays in payments were attributed to processing the new $300 FPUC while simultaneously running retroactive processing (as required by federal law) for the old $600 FPUC program. Under the new stimulus act, 460,000 claimants currently collecting PUA and PEUC, while 80,000 claimants are collecting Extended Benefits (EB). These groups of claimants are all eligible for an 11-week extension, and should be seeing no interruption in regular benefits. They should continue certifying for weekly benefits and will get the $300 FPUC payment and any eligible retroactive payments.

I realize that not everyone is seeing their payments yet (likely those who had exhausted benefits prior to week of 12/27/20 to 1/2/21) but at least there is some progress. The NJ DOL site is still saying they are “testing” and hard to get a hold of anyone at the NJ DOL, but it is at least good to hear that some people are receiving their payments. Please continue to leave comments at the end of this article with any updates or payment confirmations.

Jan 14 update from NJ DOL : NJDOL hopes to process the newly available federal $300 supplemental benefit over the weekend. An unforeseen complication delayed running the new Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program last week as planned. No one will miss any weeks of eligibility

Given that 1/18 is a public holiday and updates are happening over the weekend, I estimate that NJ DOL won’t get payments out before 1/19, given delays to date. Please leave a comment below the article if you receive your payment.

January 14th 2020 update

“Though there are still a lot of details needed from the USDOL to begin the work of implementing these new programs….we see from the sheer volume of new unemployment claims that this pandemic continues to affect significant numbers of workers, many who are unemployed for the first time in their lives.”

[Update Jan 13th] The NJ DOL has recently posted on their website (it’s a pop-up when you log on their website for the first time) that NJ residents currently claiming federal benefits (PUA or PEUC) will receive the new benefits without delay, and should continue to certify weekly (remaining weeks will roll-over into extension period). It is expected that these active claimants will see their $300 FPUC payment from mid-January (retroactive to December 27th, 2020).

Note – per several comments and responses, no one in NJ has yet seen the $300 payment! However a reader posted this “Just got off the phone with DOL they stated to me that payments will be processed into accounts at the end of today. Now I don’t know if that means into our accounts and will be there right away or then it has to process with ur bank.” So this likely means payments will start hitting accounts by the end of the week (factoring in processing time). Please leave a comment below the article if you receive your payment.

However anyone who has exhausted UI benefits on or after Dec. 26, 2020 will see a gap in payments while the NJ DOL program their UI systems to add the 11-week extension. These claimants should wait for notification from NJDOL before resuming weekly certification. NJDOL. No date provided for this, but expected towards the end of January.

I have noticed several comments on the mixed messages people are seeing from NJ DOL saying that they were the first to roll out the $300 payment, but yet people won’t get this payment for several weeks. The challenge is that to get the $300 FPUC payment (which is easy to implement since $600 FPUC was there before and only the amount has changed) you need to get the extended PUA or PEUC. So the issue is that the PUA and PEUC programs have had some new changes and criteria under the new law (e.g. additional documentation, you need to use PEUC before PUA), so this has meant claimants who exhausted PUA or PEUC benefits before Dec 27th, cannot file/certify for the weeks which extended coverage is available because NJ DOL is facing delays updating their systems for those programs. And as a result don’t get the $300 either because it cannot be paid because you need to have $1 of UI under PUA or PEUC to get the $300!

Final guidelines on these programs and final eligibility including additional document verification procedures to combat Fraud have been issued by the Department of Labor and then have to be implemented by the state UI agency in their systems and programs. So this could delay the actual date of payments.

UI claimants with existing or expired claim balances should be aware of the following:

  • PUA and PEUC, FPUC will be automatically added to the claimants’ benefits if they are eligible for the weeks outlined in the new legislation.
  • Claimants with weeks remaining in UI should continue to file weekly claims
  • Claimants who will have additional weeks in UI and PUA or PEUC due to state provisions (where applicable) should watch their state agency UI portal or website for updates that will allow additional weeks to be filed.
  • Claimants will receive retroactive payments for all weeks they are eligible.
  • Claimants currently receiving benefits through the Extended Benefits program must finish all weeks of EB before receiving additional weeks of PEUC.

I will post additional details as they are released in coming days. So stay tuned for updates.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program

NJ has made all final payments under the LWA program, which provided supplemental payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who were unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. Roughly 800,000 workers in New Jersey were eligible for up to $1,800 (or 6 weeks) in LWA benefits.

The NJ Labor Department (NJDOL) has confirmed that LWA payments have been successfully processed on October 21st and disbursed for payment. It could take 1 to 3 business days from this date to actually receive payments in your financial account or debit card due to processing times across financial intuitions,. As such, I expect payments should start appearing in accounts and cards from October 22nd to October 26th. This off course is for the first (main) batch of payments. People who verified late (after Sep 30th) or have had their account flagged (e.g for further processing or fraud) may see payments a few days or weeks later.

Latest Update – It appears that the majority of New Jerseyans are now seeing LWA payments in their bank accounts or debit cards. Check your pending transactions online as well, because that means your payment will be there shortly (within 1 business day generally). If you haven’t got your payment yet, don’t panic as they are still being processed in batches and could take till Monday or Tuesday to get to your account. Calling the NJ DOL/DUI is not going to help at this stage (impossible to get someone). See comments on this article for reader confirmations of the LWA payment across various banks.

From the article comments, many are still waiting on their LWA payment and I will continue to post new information and answer questions (along with the helpful community of readers) as if becomes available.

Why payments were late – Here is the latest quote from Labor Department spokesperson Angela Delli Santi on the delays, “Processing these [LWA] payments required new programming that had not previously been tested, and it is taking longer than anticipated for these payments to go through. People who miss their weekly certification window can certify during any of the make-up times. Early on 10/21, New Jersey “intentionally took down” the state’s unemployment certifying application to [fix issues] and consolidate resources into making the $300 payments.

How LWA payments get made by the NJ DOL: The LWA payment file is transmitted to Bank of America, NJ’s processing bank, then BOA disperses the payments to the direct deposit accounts and debit cards of claimants. This whole process can take 1 to 3 business days.

If your payment is not received by the end of October or is less than you expect you will need to contact someone at the NJ DOL/DUI to look into your claim and eligibility.

The delay in payments has been a source of frustration for many NJ claimants based on the comments on this post and this official update will be a relief to many. Delays were mainly due to the volume of erigibile claimants and the work on the system/application updates necessary for this program, which resulted in NJ being one of the last states to make this payment. More than 800,000 unemployed New Jersyans are eligible for LWA payments. Payments will be made as a lump sum and retroactive to August 1st for up to a maximum of 6 weeks (or $1800) of the approved FEMA funding.

Late LWA payments despite Gov. Murphy saying would be there early this week (Oct 19th)

You will need to complete a one time certification/attestation (via your UI portal) that your unemployment was due to COVID related disruptions to receive the LWA payment. However those who are receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or regular unemployment (UI) who previously attested to this do not have to certify and will automatically get LWA payments after October 19th, the same way they currently get unemployment benefits. See more details on the NJ LWA page.

The new LWA payment is in addition to Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) payments currently available to unemployed workers.

NJ LWA Payment Details

COVID 19 Enhanced Benefits under CARES Act in New Jersey

Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance now available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for individuals who are typically ineligible for
Unemployment benefits, for example independent contractors, and self-employed and “gig” workers.
• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): provides an additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all recipients of Unemployment Insurance; retroactive to the week ending April 4, 2020. [Now Expired]
• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to all recipients.

Double-digit unemployment amid COVID-19 has also triggered 20 weeks of extended benefits the state is permitted by federal law to offer to those who have exhausted all other state and federal unemployment aid without returning to work permanently

Web and/or phone issues with accessing the NJ Unemployment system
NJ’s Unemployment Insurance system is experiencing record levels of demand due to coronavirus and all in-person services statewide are currently closed due to COVID-19. Some people cannot get through online or on the phone. NJ DUI understands your anxiety and frustration, and we apologize. They are working diligently to serve all our customers and ask for your patience. Please keep trying.

Existing Claimants: receiving Unemployment due to the coronavirus emergency do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. The additional $600/week compensation will be issued beginning April 14, for the week of March 30. It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. Claimants that are eligible for extended benefits will be notified on how to claim these benefits. The 13-week extension will be automatically available to you after your current balance is exhausted.

The NJ DOL recently tweeted the following top two reasons your weekly benefits may suddenly stop (claim not payable):

1) you no longer qualify under federal law

2) you answer incorrectly on our mandated questionnaire

33,000 people did the second last week alone!

See more FAQs and details on NJ unemployment rules for the new enhanced benefits provisions.

Filing a Claim

New users can file a claim online (recommended) here by creating a new account. Existing claimants can file here. You can check the status of your claim here.

To receive your unemployment insurance benefits, you must certify for benefits each week which you wish to receive benefits. You can only certify for benefits after the week has passed. Unemployment Insurance weeks begin on a Sunday and end at midnight on Saturday. You will certify for benefits according to the most recent schedule, based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). In order for NJ DOL to process your weekly payment without delay, please follow the below guidelines when certifying for your benefits – to get your money – each week

woman working on a computer

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid, or if you have been denied benefits and are appealing the determination, you must still certify for and claim your benefits. You will receive “credit” for the weeks which you have claimed. If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits at a later date. If you have not claimed benefits and you win your appeal, you will not be paid for these weeks.

To try and speak to a live representative around your claim you can try the following numbers (but expect long hold times)
• North Jersey: 201-601-4100
• Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
• Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340

In order to apply online for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have:

  • Worked only in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked in New Jersey and any other state(s) in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked for the federal government and in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Served in the military in the last 18 months and be physically present in New Jersey.

You can also apply by phone.

You will need the following information to apply:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US citizen).
  • Pension information (if you are receiving any pension or 401k).
  • Amount and duration of any separation pay you may be receiving.
  • Recall date (if you expect to be recalled to your job).
  • Union hiring hall information, including local number and address (if you get work through a union).
  • Military Form DD-214 (if you were in the military in the last 18 months).
  • Form SF-8 or SF-50 (if you were a federal employee).

NEW CERTIFIERS: If you received notification that your claim is payable, check the NJ DOL schedule page before you certify. Each week, the day and times to certify are staggered by Social Security number (SSN). The day and time assigned to your SSN may change, so check the schedule page each week.

If you miss your assigned time, there is a second window of time that is open to your SSN later on your assigned day.

Additionally, Friday and Saturday are open to certify for any Social Security number. If you miss these time slots, you may use the following week’s assigned time to certify for both the current and past week.

Tyler N posted on May 20th – To everyone including, I just wanted to let you know as of Monday May 11th it seems as if “JerseyLady” was correct in her comment. The $600 retroactive and weekly payments for claimants on PUA Benefits in the State of NJ come to you a week after you get your regular weekly benefit payment. As of this morning (exactly one week after I got my retroactive unemployment) I got a deposit for $3,000 which is all my retroactive FPUC money along with last weeks $600 FPUC payment. I’m just hoping they keep coming as this whole process has been nothing short of a nightmare. And I will be wishing the best for everyone else on here as well.

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        • I definitely will keep you in mind Don. Maybe when these chaotic times finally settle down, the State gets back on track with the Unemployment benefits and start to reopen these Diner’s and Restraunts, I would Love to Meet up for a cup of coffee. I’m truly blessed with your generosity.
          Thank you 1000 times over.

  2. So I exhausted my benefits december 26th. I received the email from NJDOL stating that they are reprogramming the system for the 11 additional weeks of benefits and that I won’t be able to certify “for a few weeks” and that they would notify me when I can certify again. I’ve been completely SCREWED because of this. No heads up or anything. And my boyfriend who didn’t exhaust his benefits, received an email from NJDOL yesterday (Saturday Jan 30th) stating that the 11 additional weeks were added to his account. He checked online and sure enough the 11 weeks were added. So why haven’t all of us who have exhausted our benefits and have been told that the system is being reprogrammed gotten anything yet? A month straight with nothing?? Meanwhile the people who DIDNT exhaust their benefits received the additional 11 weeks already as of yesterday???? Clearly the system is done being reprogrammed if my boyfriend received it already!!!!! If I had known this was going to be this long I would have tried to figure something out to prepare. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Alexis, welcome to the Shitshow that all of us here have been so Irate about. Most everyone here has not had any payment in now going on 6weeks . Not a Penny, while others have gotten a $600 and subsequently $300 Last Monday, and most likely $300 tomorrow, and there regular unemployment benefit on the regular day of deposit for them. Department of Labor UI, can’t even give a solid answer as to when the rest of us will start seeing benefits. Me personally, I’ve exhausted all of my savings that I had, and am living day to day with my 11 Y/O to the point where I have no gas, and am literally eating Ramen noodles, and some pasta I had in my cabinet. This is totally unacceptable for the State to treat us like this. It’s very, very Sad!!!! Good Luck, I hope you get some type of news soon. Please keep everyone posted on here if you do hear anything, and of course I will as well.

  3. Andy ,

    Can you please help me or any one else. I’m confused. I believe in one of my comments I stated that NJ still owes me $20,000 if I recall now when I just checked My NJ Unemployment says $30,282 with all my call ins it keeps sayin that i will be credited for the weeks.
    Note that they stopped paying me last year in July 2020. since then I says as I mentioned above that I will be credited for the weeks. that was from last year to current. Does this mean I will get all that money that’s owed to me. which as I look at it that they owe me. I can really use it for bills and other stuff.
    Thank You ,

    • Walt, can I have some? LOL. IMm thinking from what you are saying, then yes that’s what they owe you, and you should get it in two deposits. One will be from the State on your regular Deposit day, and the other will be from the Federal Government on a Monday or a Tuesday. Good Luck Walt.

      • Andy, sure lol I just got this email from NJ stating that. You are currently receiving unemployment benefits available through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program.
        We are writing to inform you that the weeks of unemployment benefits available to you have increased from 46 weeks total to 57 weeks total. The number of weeks of PUA benefits available in New Jersey increased in accordance with federal regulations related to the Continued Assistance for Unemployed Worker’s Act of 2020 (Continued Assistance Act).
        You will see an increase in the “Claim Balance” amount in your unemployment claim status overview. There is nothing you need to do; this increase will happen automatically.
        The PUA benefits available through the Continued Assistance Act expire March 13, 2021. Four additional weeks of benefits (through the week ending April 10th) will be available to some claimants. These additional four weeks are available only to those who receive unemployment benefits for the week ending March 13th.
        I guess I’m getting everything that i was owed. but who knows. hopefully it will come this week. I will let you know when and if I get it

        • Thanks Walt. That’s a massive pending amount, surprised they haven’t sent it yet (despite how slow NJ DOL is). I would seriously consider talking to an unemployment lawyer if you don’t that money in the next few weeks. You are right that you are owed, but they need to pay you. What’s worse you could get a 1099-G for that amount meaning you have taxes due on it. Keep pushing hard to get it.

  4. Looks like many of us, whom exhausted benefits in Dec. 2020,got a letter in the mail stating approved for the 11 week extension with the instructions to wait.
    How long do we wait for? Do we wait till the next scheduled system update for the “testing” to be finished? Do we wait on hold to the office,with limited hours,to get vague answers? How long do people and families need to wait. The bill collectors don’t wait,basic needs can’t wait. But we are told to wait and be patient while we ‘test’ the system.
    These poor exhausted over used piss poor excuses. ‘Our system is.. Or waiting on federal guidance,ect’ Needs to stop and someone needs to step up.
    Lack of action by officials speak loudly. It screams to the people,’ We,government officials, don’t give a rat’s behind about your personal situations. Complain all you want. We will give the same exact excuse we give everyone.’fixing it’.
    Heck, if anyone else was to drag feet on the job we get fired,fast. What makes these officials any different? Oh yeah forgot they have the gold so they made the rules.
    Shame how officials think so little of us. By giving lame excuses and then get annoyed when we demand answers. Its their job to look after the welfare of the people. From where we are all standing looks like the only ones the look after is themselves.

    • A new federal relief package provides additional unemployment benefits to workers. NJ workers currently claiming federal benefits (PUA or PEUC) will receive the new benefits without delay, and should continue to certify weekly. Anyone who exhausts those benefits on or after Dec. 26, 2020 will see a gap in payments while we reprogram our systems to add the 11-week extension. These claimants should wait for notification from NJDOL before RNJDOL has reprogrammed its systems and is administering the new $300 FPUC weekly benefit.

      Can someone please tell me what the last sentence mean wasnt worded like that before

      • Debo, I just got this email saying. does this mean I will get it. if so its a waiting game until i get my money.
        You are currently receiving unemployment benefits available through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program.
        We are writing to inform you that the weeks of unemployment benefits available to you have increased from 46 weeks total to 57 weeks total. The number of weeks of PUA benefits available in New Jersey increased in accordance with federal regulations related to the Continued Assistance for Unemployed Worker’s Act of 2020 (Continued Assistance Act).
        You will see an increase in the “Claim Balance” amount in your unemployment claim status overview. There is nothing you need to do; this increase will happen automatically.
        The PUA benefits available through the Continued Assistance Act expire March 13, 2021. Four additional weeks of benefits (through the week ending April 10th) will be available to some claimants. These additional four weeks are available only to those who receive unemployment benefits for the week ending March 13th.

        • I got the same email. This email is only an increase in your regular benefits thats all so whatever benefits you had left or didn’t have any its an increase to where u can continue to claim more weeks thats all so check the unemployment site and click check claim status you see your regular claim was increase in more weeks

        • He should b good tho the last part says he not required to do anything n hell b able to file soon w.e weeks u been claiming for will b accounted for

        • From my best experience yes that’s what that mean they should b ready to start paying u ….everytime I’ve recieved a message of that nature…everything that was entitled to me was sent with no delay….fact

        • Yes I did.
          As usual it says not payable at this time but I’ll get credit for all the weeks that that I filed from last year when it ran out in July

        • But that was the first time recieving that message …if so yes they bout to open that bag for u…make sure u start a business …..

        • Yes it is the 1st time. As far as a business no LOL . Need to pay bills and rent and food. I just hope they pay me soon. It’s a lot of money it’s up to $30,000 . Thank god I have taxes taken out.

        • First time I got a message like that and was able to fie my claim I recieved a estimate of 10,000…you’ll b ok once u can claim

        • Nice . Hope so. I’m assuming since the email and what I mentioned. I will be getting it soon I hope. That’s the only email I got from them. No letter in the mail. I got the 1099G. So which is weird because they sent me that letter and it still says not payable at this time I’ll get credit for the week so filed. So I guess like you said it’ll be coming. Unless that is my confirmation letter I have no clue

        • Yes that’s for u… but that’s also for us all… being that your balance is what it is tells me ya work situation and how long u been out I know you and me are very similar…because even at the beginning of this I never filed a claim …I was one month from exhausting..(already exhausted) a previous claim and everything was done on my behalf without me doing a thing, besides filing every week ..and I recieved it all ..only thing that I do prefer is that u call and get thru to a rep ..for no reason besides making sure nothing is gonna hold back ya money once they tell us all to file ..unless u spoke to one recently …I’ve learned patience is the best…and with the state of nj u have to have alot …….

        • Sorry I was on a fire call. That makes sense. I will try calling again after the storm. Hopefully I will reach some one

    I’m in the same boat as many. My benefit year expired on 12/26/20. I was last able to certify for week ending 12/19/20 and was receiving approved state EB at that time. I had about 8 more weeks of EB to go but after 12/26 the system would say “Your certification cannot be processed.” A rep (contractor not agent) advised there is nothing I can do and that an agent must change year in the system. Is this true or should I try to reopen claim/file new one online? I should be getting my EB plus $300/ week as of 1/2/21. Its been over a month but sadly so many have been waiting much longer:(

    • Stephanie, no don’t do anything. I’m in the same boat. What it is, is that the state EB of 20weeks takes a back seat to the Federal Assistance. So basically, the state is saying that yes, you are entitled to the 20 weeks, but if a Federal extension occurs,which has happened, the state EB takes a back seat. It makes no sense to me, because either way they have to pay, but I’m assuming that if they don’t have to give it to you, there not until they have to. There betting that some people will gain re -employment and the State doesn’t have to pay then. Meanwhile, there screwing with our lives, and “EVERYBODY UNDERSTANDS”, and there so sorry, but there’s nothing anyone can do. YADA,YADA,YADA!!!!!!!
      I hope it all works out for us sooner than later.

  6. Andy, I’m sorry to use your site to vent, at least the people in hear can relate. Well I definitely don’t want to hear about the “LUCK OF THE IRISH”. As Murphy’s Law says, what can go wrong will. I now have an infection on my upper right side of my mouth. It’s excruciating to have any contact with anything (Tounge,Cheek). Now Im really screwed, no money, no Health insurance, no car(gas), and it’s a Friday evening. God please, Please, take me.

  7. I exhausted all my benefits on 12/27/2020 and received notice by mail that I was approved for 11 weeks extension I still have not received any money not even the 300.00 weekly. Please help ASAP. I have been waiting for a email as to what I need to do. Please inform thanking you in advance!

    • They’re trying to screw people over in New Jersey from the governor down they’re trying to hold out on paying us our money it’s a whole bunch of us went to Media I personally was interviewed by Channel 7 today this is absolutely ridiculous or losing everything and the governor nor anybody working for the state cares about us at all I’m currently homeless right now and haven’t been paid since December 26th and I receive the same letter as you so Channel 12 people are talkin to channel two people are talking to channel 4 people are talkin to Fox 5 people are talkin Channel 7 they’re interviewing tons of people now about what New Jersey’s doing to us with this 11 week extension

      • Ryan, I can only hope that this is the Break we needed. To be honest with you guys, we should sue( Class Action) for interest were loosing over the past 7 weeks. If there are any Attorneys here, I would love to hear from you on your thoughts. Even if we were to not get anything, the State DOL Might think twice next time, because you know that there is going to be a next time unfortunately.

  8. This is getting a little out of hand for the people that have exhausted the benefits on 12/26 . Me being one we haven’t got a penny in over a month now? The bills are still there.. why is No one reaching out to let us know when you’re going to get the reprogramming figured out. It’s been way too long and this is unprofessional

    • Updated article. PUA and PEUC are missing out for sure (around 35K people affected). I expect this to be resolved by mid-Feb hopefully! Hang in there.

      • Andy, do you know by any chance if they changed the PUA benefits rates? Mine was changed in December from $231 down to $230and I haven’t been able to claim since. Isn’t $231 the pua minimum and $ 230 the regular UI??? I’m trying to understand if there was a mistake, thanks!

      • What about those who were receiving EB (20 weeks) at the end of 2020 and still had claim balances but benefit year expired mid-way through 20 weeks? Any insight is much appreciated!

  9. The last time I was able to claim NJ benefits was week ending Oct 17, 2020. They sent me an email stating that I was being underpaid and deposited the payment direct deposit. Since then, my claim is at zero and every time I call they say “keep trying to claim because our system is backed up”. I have never received an email nor anything in the mail. I haven’t gotten the previous extension in 2020 nor I have gotten the present one. NJ DOL can never give me a straight answer except that someone has to go in and change my dollar amount. Hello that doesn’t seem to hard and why has it taken 3 months already to do so. Anyone else having this problem?

  10. How can 3 different Reps in 1 week, have 3 totally different answers for the same problem. This just shows that NOBODY At the DOL knows what is going on, or how to possible assist with any problem or Delay that anyone is having. So anybody who says they know what is going on, is lieing to you. Weather your going to get 300a week, or 600 every other week. When the 11week Federal extension will be fully implemented, or if you are going to get the 20week nj extended benefits if you have not started collecting on that 20 weeks. This is a total shitshow of the highest, and NOBODY, Weather your the Moderator here, or a Senator or Congressman, NOBODY can give you a definite answer. So for all of the people who keep trying to say what’s directly on the States website, I can totally Debunk everything that was previously posted, and it’s like saying “THAT ON THE 3RD TUESDAY IN MARCH IT WILL BE SUNNY OUTSIDE IN NJ” . Nobody can 100% say that, and anybody that does, is spreading FAKE NEWS because it’s not true.
    I Can’t believe that NJ HAS NO TIMEFRAME for people who happened to be rolled into the EB’S, Either 20week state, or 11week Federal, to start seeing a benefit payment. I AM Getting more, and more bitter each and every day, because I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do anything, I literally made soup yesterday, because I now have .11cents to my name and can’t afford food for my son and I. I can’t get to the store, no gas for the car, called different state agencies, and no one can do anything, Because technically I’m getting Unemployment and don’t qualify for snap, GA, Medicaid, ect. So no heath ins. All of this is really, really getting to be to much, and DARK,DARK Thoughts are coming into view. I’m scared, and need help!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey, no payment is received for the 11 week extension. I don’t know, because if you always fill all of the unemployment to date.. and I call and call and say they can’t receive a call anymore

  12. Hello to all and hope are all safe. My PUA expired on 12/26/2020 and each week that I go in to try to certify it states my request cannot be processed. It gives me a re-employment number to call of which I did and was told I was approved for the additional 11 weeks for the $300 by a customer service rep. It is now 1/27/2021 and I have not received a penny. Very frustrated and was wondering if anyone in the community could shed some light on this and thanks very much

  13. Ive been collecting unemployment in nj and i havent gotten any of the extra 300 dollar payments yet and its january 25th

    • I’ve been claiming unemployment benefits in NJ as well, and as soon as they tried implementing the federal assistance benefits I haven’t gotten any payments at all. 4 weeks now and nothing. I’m Totally done with this State. I will remember this, when re-election Time comes for these Knuckleheads as Murphy put it.

    • Hi there, did anyone who have been claiming PUA since March/ April got their weekly benefits rate changed from $231 to $230 all of a sudden?

  14. I know how everyone feels.
    Very frustrating and time consuming.
    Keep at it and do what I did.
    As many calls a day until you get someone on the phone.
    That combined with help from the senators office in your district and things will come to fruition.
    Be patient and keep the faith.
    You’ll get every penny your entitled to.

  15. Just got off the phone with a Diana S. Who was extremely uninformative. Told me there was no 20 week extension, and that the 11 week extension was still being worked on. No timeline on any further payments. So, if you thought you were getting a payment today, No such luck. I asked for a Supervisor or Manager, and was told that none were available. She gave no timeline for future payments for EVERYONE, no just those whos Benefits expired on 12/26/20.
    This State is a joke. I guess I’m going to jail for not being able to pay my child support. How can they play with people’s lives in this way I have no idea. ” I THINK IM GOING TO LOOK FOR A JOB AT A POST OFFICE”

    • I got my payment today at 8:03

      And I got last Tuesday at the same time $600

      I talked to a supervisor because I made my council person contact them , and I had some dude call me at 8:30 am told me this will be the first week of single 300 payments for week of jan 16
      last week was double because of jan 2nd and the 9th

      And the week ending the 23 will go in next Monday depending on my bank , he said the same as it did today .

  16. I was unemployed due to covid starting 11/12/20 but did not realize I qualified for PUA benefits until December, when I filed. I was able to certify for 2 weeks of benefits and was under the impression the previous 5 weeks would automatically be paid. As of 1/25/21, I still havent received back payment and cannot get thru on the phone.
    Any suggestions?

    • Once approved you are supposed to keep hitting the certify for benefits button until it no longer shows up. Then they are supposed to pay it out. If your approval date doesn’t show the correct date that’s what’s messing you up and unfortunately all you can do at this time is keep calling or trying to contact them in some way to see what’s going on. I applied over the summer when I realized and I found a email form on their site but when they reply it’s from the same return email (noreply.dol) I stumbled on it through a series of searches for nj dol contact and missing payments. But I do know it’s somewhere on the official site. Hope this helps.

  17. As of today, 01/25, I received the $600 last Tuesday because Monday was a bank holiday along with my regular benefits and this morning I received $300 supplemental payment and tomorrow I will receive my regular benefits. From my understanding, the $300 will be on the same schedule as the $600 supplement that we were receiving. Which is every Monday. Also, with that benefit we were always a week behind that’s why we received the last $600 payment the week after the program ended. FYI: I have a regular BOA account.

    • I’ve been getting PUA since October. Haven’t exhausted benefits and been able to claim every Monday but yet no FPUC as of yet. If I’m obviously eligible, than what’s going on?? This is stupid and confusing…

  18. Welp.. no 300 payment today. Called the unemployment office. I basically have to wait because the “system is backed up”. It’s not that much backed. I have no issues with my claim so it just seems like it’s random..

  19. Update. I received $600 for weeks ending 01/02 and 01/09. This still leaves the week ending 01/16. I did not have any lapse in payment and it was my understanding that this was going to be biweekly payments but today I received another $300 not $600 so there is still a week missing. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • The $300 that you received today was for the week ending the 16th and that’s because last week you certified that you were still unemployed the week ending XVI and this week we are going to certify that we are still unemployed for the week ending the 23rd and then we’ll receive our regular unemployment and then on next Monday we will receive that $300 for the week ending the 23rd they don’t issue the $300 payment until they pay out your regular unemployment for that week and when you certify this week it’s going to be certifying for the week of the 17th through the 23rd. Many people are confused on this but I assure you that they’re not going to pay us does extra $300 for the week before we certify for that week you have to certify for them to know that we’re still unemployed and for them to pay us the payment for that week and once we certify and get the payment they release the extra $300 it was the same exact way they had it set up for when we received the $600 I hope this helps you understand it’s confusing I know but I assure you it makes perfect sense it sucks that we don’t get the $300 with our regular benefit amount every week but for whatever reasons they have it set up that they don’t issue out that extra $300 until after they issue your regular unemployment payment

        • No, if you certified you should have received your money. Did you miss your regular day and time to certify?

    • The week of the 16th you got paid for today . As did I

      Last Tuesday we got paid for 2nd and the 9th

      It’s always a week behind .

      Say if you didn’t file yet this week , how would they pay you for the week ending the 23 . Payments get deposited to our accounts for processing Saturdays .
      Saturday was the 23 .

      So Sunday the 24th to Saturday the 30th we file for week ending the 23rd . They only pay $300 for the weeks that you file for .

      So if you file yestarday – Saturday the 30th they you will receive a payment on Monday of $300 for week ending the 23rd .

      Some people didn’t understand it , I was one of them . But I get what they told me today. You only get 300 for the week if you claim your reg /pua unemployment claim .

      So it’s actually all on track . We should have received 3 payments of $300
      12/27 – got pushed to the end .
      1/2 $300 ( processed 1/16 dep 1/19)
      1/9 $300 ( same as above )
      1/16 $300( processed 1/23 dep 1/25)
      TOTAL $900

      Next payment NOT PAID YET IS
      1/23 $300( processed 1/30 pd 2/1)

      Hope this helps people wanting to know about payments , because I was confused with too until today . But I received
      600 last Tuesday (1/2-1/9)holiday mon
      300 today Monday( 1/16)

      Many people were puting payments are biweekly which is not a fact .

    • Today’s $300 was for week ending 1/16

      The week ending the 23rd gets process on Saturday . They won’t pay you for a week ending the 23rd because you don’t file until Sunday the 24- Saturday the 30th of jan.

      They stick payments to our accounts on Saturdays ; so Saturday the 23rd , none of use filed for that week yet . You only get paid for that week if you file .
      So when you file Sunday (1/24) to Sat (1/30) it will be for the week of 23rd and they will put it into our accounts on Saturday the 30th and we will see it mondays in our account of $300

      Just like we seen $300 today for the week of the 16th

      It’s always a week behind cause they need to check if we filed and didn’t work.

  20. This State is keeping us guessing at this point, I thought we would get 600.00 today but somehow I only received 300.00 at 6am, I was supposed to get back payments from April -August and I spoke to a Rep on the Phone 6 times and Every time they put in to escalate it and I would get an email, its been 4 Months later and nothing.

  21. Idk why people are saying we get paid by weekly. Where did that come from. Obviously last week it took two weeks because the first week they were gonna pay us $300 but there was an issue thats the only reason it took two weeks. Nj dol website itself specifically says “receive $300 in weekly installments” Jan 25th we should be paid but pretty sure only $300. Yes I know techinically we are owed more but NJ is always behind and we’ll just get paid a week later then everyone else just like the $600

    • And the answer that makes the most sense goes to. I’m sure other comments have as well but I keep seeing a lot of explanations that just seem like people trying to force a circle to fit into a square. Them holding a week makes sense especially since that’s what happened with the $600. But telling us that it’s 2 week payments or that we aren’t owed a week followed by a long equation that still doesn’t add up has made no sense to me. Thank you for your answer and anyone else with the same.

  22. Have anybody who exhausted their claim before 12-26-2020 started to begin to be able to claim and recieve their money ..somehow I’m one of the fortunate ones who since the beginning of the cares act I havent had one problem receiving a dollar of my money..word of advice to some because I read a few comments, if you experience any problem please figure out what mistake u made first .that might help ya claim …but does anyone one when we can claim again…

    • Nope!! I received a text saying:

      You can’t certify for now. We’re updating our system to add 11 weeks of new federal benefits to your account. No action is required of you currently. In a few weeks, we will notify you that you can complete your current and all past weekly unemployment certifications.

      This was in 1/5/21. STILL waiting to hear when I will be able to claim.. haven’t received anything all month and I’m really stressing out.

        • 2 weeks for what? The 11 week extension that were all been waiting since December 26th? Supposed to happen next week the first week of February hopefully as long as their programs goes smooth what still makes no sense. All these other states only show of one week in a gap and they had it New York what’s 4 days and they had the 11 week extension running

  23. Benefit Year Glitch question: I initially filed for unemployment on 1/26/20 and have been granted all extensions for a total of 59 weeks before the most recent bill passed. I have been claiming every week with no problems but I have read that others had an issue when they hit the 1 Year mark so I went online to check my claim status today and it says I have a $0 balance when I know I had 8 weeks worth of money left. My normal claim time is tomorrow night and I was wondering if other people had issues when they got to the one year mark and what they did to fix it.

    • My one year mark I only had to call n speak to a rep…once they verified everything with me my money can in again unquestionably….basically they need to recalculate ya earnings for the year then set a new amount ….you’ll be good as long as you do everything according to their instructions….dbo

  24. This is like the games Murphy played with the LWA program, holding onto the money for months before payment. I’m done with excuses, covid has been around for a year, and they’ve had enough time to straighten things out. The State owes it’s unemployed workers at least $900 dollars as of this past week. I have luckily received all of my UI payments without lapse, so I do not understand the holdup on the FPUC payments. Hopefully tomorrow NJ gets its act together and pays everyone what they’re owed.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, especially after Murphy said the DOL Had a 50 million dollar upgrade in August, to bring the outdated system up to handle today’s claimants numbers. On December 28th Murphy also said” No one receiving benefits would see a Gap or LAG in payments”. I Truly hope everyone remembers this when he’s up for re-election. I personally have not received any payment from the Federal Assistance or my regular state benefits since 12/26/20. Not a red cent. I’m being optimistic about maybe something Tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on this site.
      Thank you everyone for your information large or small, it really does relieve some of the anxiety associated with the NJDOL!!!?

  25. Well in all do respect nj should be getting another $600 because we are still behind one week. All the other states that started sending out the money, have already received 4 payments and NJ only received 2 payments.

  26. I received my regular weekly payment, but did not receive the retro $600 on the Jan.19th. I understand that a lot of people received it, but I’m nervous while wondering why I didn’t receive it yet ..

  27. I’m glad some people are getting their money in NJ. I’m still waiting for mine. I guess they are paying Alphabetically or something. I hope I get something soon.

    • I too am glad that some people have received it. Still nothing here. Same thing happened with the Lost Wages Assistance. I received mine about a week after NJ started distributing it. So I remain hopeful. Anyone else not receive anything yet?

      • I haven’t gotten anything yet either. My Benefits expired on 12/26. I can’t certify or have not received any payment. Going on 4 weeks now. However, they said that I’m eligible as of 12/27 for the 20week extension in NJ, and the 11week Federal extension with the extra 300$. But as of now nothing.

      • Same here, I’m always the ” It” kid…. Hopefully we will get it Monday 1/25. Based off reading the comments, I’m hopeful we will get it Monday totaling $1200 retro

        • George, I’m in the same boat with you. My Benefits expired on 12/26. Got a notice from DOL saying I was eligible for the 20wk EB in NJ. and the 11wk Federal extension with the extra 300.00. but have not received or heard anything since I was supposed to roll over into the extension, and no benefits since, and No word from anyone there, I can’t get through, and no email responses. I’m Hopeful for Monday, but I’m not getting to excited anyone. It’s just Shameful and Unacceptable after a supposed 50 million dollar upgrade to Unemployment in August.

  28. I exhausted my 13 week extension on 12/26/2020. On 1/1/2021 I received a letter from NJDOL stating I was approved for the NJ DOL 20 week extension and the 11 week federal extension but I have yet to see any income. In haven’t had income since 1/1/2021.

    • The exact same thing is happening to me too. I was all good, then 12/26/20, my benefits expired, got a notice less than a week later, and nothing. I can’t claim my weeks, I can’t get through to anyone on the phone, I haven’t gotten any emails back, I called my Senator, Congressman, ect. I do have to say, my congressman (Chris Smith) did get back to me, gave me a form to fill out explaining my situation with unemployment, and they said they have an unemployment liaison who would contact them on my behalf. That was last Tuesday, so I will see if anything changes this week. It’s extremely frustrating, after Murphy was going around Touting They upgraded the outdated Unemployment system for 50 million dollars back in August, and then on December 28th, he said, and I quote” Nobody that is currently on Unemployment will see a ( GAP OR LAG) in Benefits. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
      I do know for sure that I won’t let him or Anybody else forget this debockele when the “KNUCKLEHEAD” runs for re-election!!!!!
      That I can say for certain. I hope you see some kind of benefit this week. Please keep me posted, and I’ll do the same.

    • Me either. I received the same eligibility form via USPS and I am unable to certify as I try twice a week. When I call, I can NEVER get through just a lame voice message that I must call back on the next business day as they are at their call limit. I have been trying multiple times since the beginning of January. I honestly think that they have my number flagged purposely to go directly to that voice message! The frustration level is through the roof. If they need a couple of good computer engineers or programmers for a system overhaul, I can give them names!

  29. I got my $600 last week for the previous two weeks. However, I did not get my $300 for the week of the 16th in today’s deposit. Can anyone help with this?

        • Yea depending on ya bank etc but the payments start as of this Monday 600$ for weeks of the 16th and 23rd

        • No we will be receiving it weekly. The reason why they gave it to us two weeks for the first payment is because they owed us two weeks. this week they send us 300 for last week ending the 16th and then next week you’ll receive what you are owed for the 23rd. They don’t give the payments out until you certify for that week we haven’t even certified for the week of the 23rd yet. I certify on Wednesdays some people may certify on Mondays, tuesdays, etc but you don’t get the $300 for the week until you certify. everybody thinks that were owed another week right now but we’re not…when I certify this Wednesday I will be certifying for the week ending 23rd I’ll get my regular unemployment payment on Friday and then the $300 for that week will come on next Monday. We didn’t certify for the week of the 16th until the last week and once you certify you will get your regular unemployment payment and then a few days later you get to 300 extra for that week. They did it the same way when we were getting $600 a week. when you go to certify this week look at the date for that your certifying for you will see that it’s for the week ending the 23rd . They’re not going to prepay us the $300 before we certify because some people may find work or get called back to work so once you certify for that week you’ll first get your regular unemployment payment and then within a few days you get the $300We are not behind a week

        • I read your comment make sense but we are a week behind even says it on the sites..its many sites to this because other sites update there’s faster then other ones but still all the same thing. I just got the extra today yes this is the week i claim and if you read it on the site they started off wrong well owed us basically because the first 600$ was for weeks ending in the 2nd and the 9th not the 9th and 16th thats where everyone getting confused our first weeks for the 600$ is the week of the 2nd and 9th go look at the calendar now we were to 600$ today but they update the site to say they be a week behind and if you think about it im sure others can agree when we got the 600$ payments every week they were a week behind because when they were to stop it everyone received an extra payments after it supposed had ended now this week payment that hit today as i said look on the calendar it for the week of the 16th which we were to received both so they dont be a week behind but it is a week behind because if only 300$ then the 23rd just passed what happened to that 300$ so in reality yes we are a week behind so which means in total they only gave us the first 600$ and now 300$ you add it its total of 900$ right so if you count the weeks how they calculated on Saturdays as the ending dates 2nd..9th…16th..which just passed..and 23rd just pass thats a total of 1200$ correct so we only received 900$ correct so yes we are a week behind

        • they’re not going to pay us for the week ending on the 23rd until we certify for that week. I don’t know what day of the week you would certify but my day to certify is Wednesdays so this Wednesday I’ll certify that I was still unemployed on the week ending the 23rd and then they’ll send me the payment for that week on Friday and then the issue the $300 payment after they issue the regular unemployment payment. They’re not going 2 pay you for any week until you certify that you were still unemployed. If they would have paid us for the 16th and the week ending 23rd today that wouldn’t make any sense because no one even certified for week of 23rd yet. it depends on your social security number for what day and time you certify & when we certify this week we are certifying for the week ending 23rd . That is exactly how they did it with the $600 payment I would certify Wednesday I got my regular unemployment on Friday and then I would get my $600 the following Monday

        • I got the 300$ already so yea mine different just how I received the 600$ it coming the same way as that for me but yea I’m before yours I guess why

        • I received the $300 this morning as well. That $300 payment was the $300 we are owed for the week ending 16th because we certified for the week ending 16th last week and when we certify this week we’re going to be certifying that we were still unemployed for the week ending the 23rd and then once they send us our unemployment payment for the week ending of the 23rd then the issue the extra $300 we won’t get that until next Monday it’s complicated I know but I hope this helps you understand we’re not old the money until we certify for that week that we were still unemployed when you certify this week pay attention to the date that your certifying for it’s going to ask you for the week between the 17th and the 23rd were you still actively seeking work and were you still unemployed for that week because when we certify this week it’s going to be for the week ending 23rd they don’t pay it in advance they pay it to us after we certify that we’re still unemployed

        • Ok I understand I just look at my screenshots I always screenshot every time I certified because NJ be playing games so yea they ask me that week so yea I see it now so next Monday on the 1st but yea I call in on Sundays

        • Yes it’s very important to keep records because New Jersey can get very sneaky very quickly. I make sure I keep records of everything and it seems as though they try to make everything so difficult probably in the hopes that after a while he’ll just give up fighting them. They still owe me $5,000 in back payments it’s crazy they keep telling me in 2 to 4 weeks I’ll have a resolution and I’ve been hearing this since June.

      • They only deposited this week $300 for the week ending the 16th at 8:03am( they deposited to our accounts this past Saturday .

        Then the week ending jan 23 we get next Monday . $300 ( they deposit to our accounts on Saturday nights)

        We wouldn’t ever get the week ending the 23rds payment today . Because they pay it only when they know you didn’t work . So the only way you get paid the week of the 23rd is if you file by Saturday the 30th . And for the people saying it’s biweekly it’s not
        This week snd on its weekly . $300 each week

        I jus talked to someone on the phone
        The way it worked was
        Jan 2nd $300
        Jan 9th $300
        ( PAID $600 On jan19th )

        Jan 16th ( paid today the 25th )
        Jan 23rd ( paid on feb1st)

        As for the ones saying dec27th the cut that week out snd added it at the end of march

        So first starting payable week was jan2nd

        Only reason I’m posting is because I was just told this on the phone by nj supervisor that my state department had call me back .’

        • Yes your correct they just updated the system we will get the week of the 23rd next Monday reasons why we a week behind

    • To answer your question, the extra $300 should of went into your account in Tuesday. It will never go in with your regular benefit money on Friday’s. I get my regular benefits on Friday’s and the additional 300 went in in Tuesday morning. Hope all went well with you.

  30. Yes on jan 19th 600.00 was deposited.
    But if benefits started in the week of dec 27th and we will get paid every two weeks, i am still missing one week.
    Jan2 jan 9 and jan 16 …….. 900.00
    I got only 600.00 on the 19th
    They will then deposit next payment on monday feb01st ? By then week of jan 16 jan 23 and jan 30th will be due. If they deposit 600.00 again we are still off 300.00 ????

    • They doing it every two weeks so the 1st payments were the 2nd and 9th for the 19th which was 600$ the next payments are 16th and 23rd for another 600$ then the 30th and 6th be another 600$ and so on

      • On the nj dol website it specifically says we supposed to get $300 in weekly payments nothing about this two weeks thing.

        • Correct, the first $600 included 2 weeks of payments because of the detail in getting the FPUC program back up. So was a week behind and NJ DOL made retroactive payments. This will happen again for those are seeing delays reopening their PUA and PEUC claims.

    • Same, I have PNC and still nothing yet. I certify for normal UE benefits every Sunday and receive that on Tuesdays. But have not yet gotten this extra payment.


    • I Exhausted my ON 1/10/21…Where are you located? I’m NJ in still I haven’t been able to claim my benefits. This will be my third week still noting.

  32. Has anyone else only gotten one $300 deposit, but not the second half for the two backdated weeks? I can’t seem to find any info on this and want to k ow if I’m some weird special case.

      • Weird, I found a few others in these comments with the same issue. Hopefully it resolves itself, it’s not like they answer phone calls

    • Yes I Only received $300.00 Not the Second Half from the previous week backdated i.e. $600.00 – Can’t seem to find info on this either and am searching as well, at long last I am not the only one.. :(

      • The first lady I spoke to had it wrong the lady I spoke to today said that the first payments were for the first two weeks and now the payments will only be 300 and they will be on a seperate day from your regular unemployment payments this is just all messed up I tell you its not right at all

    • My last 300$payment was on 1/25 for only 300.
      It’s now 2/21 and I haven’t received anything!! They are behind 4 weeks on my payments…does anyone know what is going on?? My electric bill is 600$ and it’s going to be shut off.
      If anyone knows something, please let me know! Good luck to all!

      • This is an update…..I just received the 4 300$ payments this morning if this helps anyone…I was able to certify yesterday for the previous week and that should come in tomorrow… anyone else receive the 300$ you’re owed?

  33. what about our 11 week extension we are 3 weeks now with no income whatsoever in all New Jersey Department of Labor says you’ll see a gap of a few weeks well it’s been almost a month now and still nothing and there’s no word nothing you can’t get through to anybody and we’re going with no money at all we don’t get the $300 because we’re not collecting we’re waiting for the 11 week extension 33000 of us in New Jersey or suffering and not one person can tell us how much longer we have to wait to start collecting when is it’s 11 week extension going start si we can get out money

    • Did you received the $600? If so do I have to certify for it? because I tried to certify for my weekly benefits and it wouldn’t let me.

  34. I filed for unemployment in March and got an email to start cleaning my benefits in March but the system wouldn’t let it go through I tried for months and could not get ahold of not a soul so finally I reapplied in June and finally starting getting benefits but the problem is the damn thing dated me only to June 7th so I did not get my normal amount I should have received nore my retro pay I have been emailing back and forth for months with the fifth legislative group and no luck and forget unemployment getting back to you to fix things they don’t care I’m a single mother of five and had my 4 year old nephew dropped in my home October 1st his parents never came back and I’m literally drowning here with no where to turn no one gets back to me not even the damn courts

  35. I still have time left to collect my UI and today I needed to certify and di ,I got an Error message and told me I had no UI left ? I called and called of course got nowhere. However, I did get 2 weeks deposited for the $300.00 Federal extension ? What do we do if no one is answering the phones.

    • Keep calling i got through and the extra 300 i found out they are paying out biweekly so we aren’t getting paid weekly from it like they said so don’t expect the extra 300 every week it will be every other week so I was told by unemployment

  36. Got mine 9pm on 1/18/21 only $600 thought it was retroactive from December 27th 2020 shouldn’t we get $1200 then it said Jan 2nd that means $900 we only got two weeks $600 that isn’t retro so will we get the other $900 owed cuz come next Monday that will be $1500 total from DEC 27th we only got $600 we are owed either 2 more weeks or 3 so $900 extra or $600 anyone answer this?

    • It’s every 2 weeks they gave us the payments for the 2nd and 9th this payment coming Monday is for the 16th and 23rd so it be 600$ again…then another two weeks and so on

  37. I have no idea what to do…I exhausted my PEUC claim last week. I was unable to certify today ( my regular day) as my claim stated “no Unemployment benefits available to you at this time” am I not eligible for the new 11 week extension? Detail Information is so hard to come anyone experiencing the same message?

    • Robert yes , I certify today 1/19 and got the same message. I got the 300.00 Cares but would not let me claim my weekly. I called and called the number for my area and could not talk to anyone. Kept telling me call tomorrow. I am not sure but I have not exhausted my UI yet. So I did send an email via the site. Also, I did read if this issues and take up to 4 weeks to resolve ,I guess I will have to keep calling.

    • The same thing happened to me. I can’t get anyone on the phone, and all the responses through the online system are automated, and the information is incorrect. If anyone has any updates that would be super helpful.

      • I got through at 2 00pm yesterday (Wednesday 1/20) . New prompts required me to enter my phone number and wait 24 to 48 hours for a call back. Hope that helps.

  38. Okay question….I exhausted my NJ UI balance after 12/27/20 – the remaining balance is $0. I still have a WBR balance, filed status. If I’m reading all of the topic stuff right, PUA and PUAC ended in December….being eligible for the FPUC $300. I have not received any notification from NJ DOL. Do I need to do anything to receive the $300 weekly FPUC (Federal)? Is it automatice for 11 weeks? Do I need to certify weekly, etc.? Still trying to contact/ask someone at NJDOL….Thanks.

    • I’m in the same boat..just tried to certify on my regular day and was told that my benefits are exhausted.. I don’t know what to do..

    • J.
      I’m in the same boat. Mine stopped in July 2020 I believe that was the last . my remaining balance is $23,484. I still have a WBR balance, filed status. like I said before. they owe me that money. it says that i will be credited for the weeks. very con fusing. I read Andy’s information everyday. since you cant even get a email response back from NJ

      • Why would they send the email saying I’m elegable to receive the $600 pua I never received in the summer and that I will receive retroactive payment in January after the date listed as dec 27

        • Sorry,
          What I meant was that I send GOD knows how many Emails to them. They could at least sent one back to let me know what’s going on, because you know the phone system is crazy. thank GOD i saved all my emails that I sent to them. because knowing them they would say they never got anything from me.

        • You should contact your Senator and or Congressman. I don’t know if you will get anywhere, but after no response from Unemployment (Emails, calls,ect,) numerous times with no response I sent emails to my Reps, and they said they would look into it for me. I provided my Claimant ID, and last 4 of my SS#. If more people do this, they will have no choice but to respond.
          Good Luck.

        • Thank you yes I might just have to do that and see how that goes. And hopefully it goes quicker I will let you know.

  39. I’m very confused about this whole situation, which is I had an open unemployment claim before the pandemic and I began to collect and after 5 weeks my former employer appealed my claim and won on a technicality so therefore I could claim my benefits every week but not be paid and I was now in debt to the state for the 5 weeks I was paid out which I now owed, my claim was from aug 2019 to nov 2020. I received no money from any programs listed here and I was then eligible to open a new claim after nov. now I am eligible to claim the 230 amount since I opened the claim in mid December, I had the money I was supposed to pay back automatically paid by taking my entire weekly amount for 5 weeks and this week I finally am free. I received the 600 today and here’s the reason I’m confused. I received an email 2 weeks ago from njdol that I was now eligible to receive the $600 pua benefit and it would be paid out after Jan 6 and to just continue to claim regularly every week and I would receive that amount on top of my 230. I received 600 today but I’m not sure if that was from the current $300 supplement or is it the first payment retroactive from the pua. Also on my claim menu under pension collection question has pua listed 2 times. Can someone tell me in a short answer is that email I received false or a mistake or true? I would appreciate it and I would call njdol but impossible to get through on phone so before I. Do that I’d like some first hand input thanks

    • That was just the 300$ from today but they still owe u as you said the 600 when we first received it but I wrote to the mayor of Newark I actually know him he was actually a friend of the family and my high school principal actually

  40. Still haven’t received fpuc payments although today was supposed to be the day. I don’t know what’s going on but I give up. Now I see why NJ is looked so down upon.

    • Can anyone help? I haven’t received anything yet from the $300 weekly extra. I got paid for my regular weekly claim from last week but I forgot to claim yesterday (don’t ask- kids off from school etc) and so I have to wait until Friday….shouldn’t I still have received the $600 from the past 2 weeks or do I need to wait until I certify for this week first?

  41. I’m glad some of you are getting payments. But my payments that the state of New Jersey still owes me over 23 grand that was from one back in July 2020. I yet have seen a payment in my bank account. All I know is that my information on the site says filed and they owe me 23 grand from the last time. Which hopefully they will pay me the money that is owed to me. I am still allowed to file my unemployment but however it just says I will be credit for the weeks I have claimed, which is going back to July 2020 so I hope they get off their asses and start paying me the money that they owe me. Anyone please tell me if I am going to get all that money back that they owe me. Because all I keep saying is that they are going to start paying from December and retroactive. Which is not fair I haven’t got paid since July 2020 like I said and now they’re going to retroactive payments from this bill that just came out which I think is bullshit. Because like everyone else I am behind on bills and I hope to see this money soon

    • Well you definitely entitled to all your back pay but my wife was in the same boat and it got to the point she had to start a new claim cause they took her out the system at least we thought that because for some reason she had to do another claim but keep all your information everything the same because one day out of no where she received the 15,000 they owe her and still had the new claim even tho like I said they like took her out the system well we didnt see the first claim so by her doing that she received the back pay we just happened to check the account but I must say prior to that we did contact governor office tho so it could been them who fix the problem but the back pay was given

      • I feel your pain. what gets me is that when I logged in before. at the bottom of the page is check this box only once . I forgot what it said . I believe it said something for your benefits. to certify. I just wish I would here something . I mean that I am still able to certify every week. no email to re certify. but who knows

      • That’s what happened to me I had a claim for the entire time from before March and ending in November that was not payable at the time so I had to open a new claim so basically you just looked one day and the entire 15000 balance was there ? Was that a recent thing ? I

    • Your Robles is sililar to mine did you receive an email from njdol saying your eligible to recieve back pay from the pua 600

    • I have almost exact same problem. Eligible since March 2020 but couldn’t file online with THEIR computers so my date of claim was effective July 2020. I’m interested where you see online that they owe you all that back pay. I would assume that means ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is CERTIFY for all those weeks!! After you certify weekly, look for another option for certifying for past weeks. I called on 1/20 2pm, got prompts instructing me to enter mg call back no. Hope they call back today. I NEED back BENEFITS I am entitled to. I saved screenshots from when I TRIED file in March. Please tell where you see the owe you $23K so i can check mine. Could that be your weekly benefit rate, (WBR) multiplied by number of weeks remaining?. Good luck,

  42. Today, 1/19/21 I received the extra $300 UI benefit in NJ. I thought it was supossed to be retroactive to week ending dec 27th? Shouldnt I have a couple $300 payments??!

    • They retroactive by the weeks ending on Saturdays so if the week of the 27th then that Saturday is the week of the 2nd so I’m other words they only actually owe us another 300$ which we were supposed to get 900$ in the account today not 600$ but because NJ is NJ we only got 600 so they are a week behind so therefore the week of the 16th which is another Saturday and the week of the 23rd another Saturday we should be getting another 600$ that’s if they play catch-up if not we only get 300$ and be a week behind you understand?

      • Are you certain with that intel? I have seen nothing about them breaking up the payments owed to us in multiple back payments. I also only received $600, but nowhere in any article or website have I read that New Jersey was planning on paying us the backdated $300 in multiple increments.

        • Yes I’m certain do the math yourself we get for 11weeks right it started on the week of the 27th not the day of the 27th my guy so if you add the 11 weeks it ends March 13th so if you check the days my guy it’s a Saturday that’s clearly shows you they going by the week ending not day of and u you must read all articles not one because most the time one article is updated faster then the other articles I mean it not science to what they doing it’s for us to pay attention and catch to their bs my guy

        • From NJ DOL –

          The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) announced it had successfully processed more than a half-million supplemental unemployment payments, and eligible claimants would begin seeing two weeks worth of benefits – $600 total – in direct deposit accounts or on debit cards as soon as Tuesday, depending on their bank.

          The weekly payments are available through a new COVID-19 stimulus package – the Continued Assistance to Unemployed Workers Act of 2020, signed into law on Dec. 27 – and are in addition to regular unemployment benefits. The supplemental payments are available automatically to anyone currently receiving unemployment in any amount through March 13. The first week of eligibility was the week ending Jan. 2.

          “Claimants are receiving payments for their first two weeks of eligibility,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo. “These critical funds will continue to be available weekly without claimants having to take any action.”

          The Department successfully processed 533,000 payments over the weekend worth a total of $296 million, after hitting an unforeseen snag the prior week, delaying payment. The complication arose running the new Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program while simultaneously running the prior program, which had different payout amounts, but must be kept active under federal law.

          The Department also processed 3,700 payments from the prior FPUC program.

          Under the new stimulus act, 460,000 claimants currently collecting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), plus 80,000 claimants collecting Extended Benefits (EB), are eligible for an 11-week extension, and are seeing no interruption in benefits. They should continue certifying for weekly benefits.

          Approximately 33,000 claimants have exhausted their initial PUA, PEUC or Extended Benefits. They will experience a lapse in payments while NJDOL awaits guidance from the US Labor Department on how it is allowed to distribute these benefits. The Department has communicated with this group of claimants and they will be notified when they can resume certifying for weekly benefits.

        • Yo MY GUY, that was a headache to read, please go back and put in some punctuation so people can follow along with the rambling. Thank you for the article, Andy.


      • At least you got some. Still waiting for mine. This will be the 4th week I believe. Unless they Are going to wait till it ends and then give me at all once. But who knows with the state of New Jersey

        • Did u exhausted your benefits if so you should see it either this week coming starting Monday or first week in February but it be a lump sum of what you missed and everyone have received already so by then it be like 1200 because we about to see another 600 this week

        • Yes , mine was done in July of 2020. They still owe me$23,000 . my claim still says filed and I call in every week. keeps saying I’m not eligible but I will be credited for the weeks I filed for.

        • I’m in Same situation. My benefits expired on 12/26, I received a notice in the mail that said that I’m eligible for EB, NJ 20 week and The new Federal 11week, with the extra $300 a week. As of Today, 1/23/21 there’s nothing, and I still can’t certify for any of those weeks.
          This is just totally Unacceptable, after the Gov said back in August they were putting in a brand new state of the art Unemployment system costing 50Million Dollars, and even in Late December, Murphy said there would be “NO GAP OR LAG” in any payments to claimants on unemployment. It is totally Frustrating and an I’ll Managed system, that I will not let anybody forget when he runs for re-election, if he has the Hall to do so.

        • Yea this is for the ones that benefits exhaust basically for you because anyone on or before the 26th of December you all won’t see the 300$ until the middle of January which is like now or the beginning of February well first week and for the 300$ weekly benefits which it’s really not weekly because we see it every two weeks but you get backdated automatically reason being is because the ones exhausted there benefits they have to reprogrammed for y’all only. This just reprogrammed the system of the 300$ but did not have the ones in place who exhausted there benefits so for that they basically have to put you all in like manually

        • Thank you, we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if or when I hear or see something.

        • You welcome and yea let me know but you will receive it NJ just so messed up how they do things but when they reprogrammed the system they never added the ones who exhausted there benefits which is crazy so when they realize sort to say they forgot that’s when they know they have to do it manually for you all but I mean it’s not rocket science for them because in general the program is already in place it’s just adding the ones who actually exhausted there benefits which should not take long doing that that’s why they gave the average of the middle of January to the first week in February since again the program is there and we already started to receive the benefits but good thing for you all is y’all get the lump sum no break up 300 here and there it be where we at now which be 1200 after we receive this next 600 for the ones who already receive the 600 because they want everyone to be caught up the same because the extension is only too March 13th unless your a gig worker etc then it continue to April 5th

      • Yes depending on your bank but the payments starts Monday morning again for the weeks ending the 16th and 23rd

        • I did not get the 600 for the week 1/2, 1/9 and now im waiting for the week 1/16 so they owe me total 3 with 900

        • Well I hope I get mine tomorrow because they owe me like I said before when I exhaust on my benefits back in July 2020 and from 1/22/21 . Now you’re saying it’ll be sometime in February. We all need our money now to pay her bills and get food and etc. I hope it comes tomorrow. Because I just filed 15 minutes ago. And it still says it’s not payable at this time but I will get credit for the weeks I filed. This state of New Jersey is unbelievable. The governor hast to go.

        • I still have not received any of my $300 benefit. I finished the first 26 weeks of unemployment at the end of December and now I am on the 13 week PEUC. It was automatic. I just continued to claim and it was added.
          But no 300 at all yet. I am Wondering what is going on. I had an issue getting my unemployment where o waited about 4 months from the date originally filed then I had to call about all the back pay and pandemic pay that was missing. I wonder when I am going to get this?

        • I just got my extra three hundred yesterday 2/8 and last week 2/2. I received no back pay for January. I have no idea what they are doing.

        • Angelina did your claim balance reflect all that you are owed, or does it say $0? I’m just curious, because as usual there is no communication from the DOL. Thank you.

        • My claim balance says $0 but when I call in to claim it gives me the amount. I have not received the back pay for the 300 but I have received 300 every week for the past 3 weeks on Mondays.

  43. Any word for people that claim exhausted before the December 26 date I still been waiting on when I’m going to get something from unemployment about the 11 weeks extension or the extra 300

    • I just spoke to an agent at 8:01 a.m. he said that the system is so old that they’re rebuilding the system as we speak to add the 11 week federal extension in and there is no date of when we will be able to claim as of yet I exhausted my benefits like everybody else December 27th I received the letter that I am on the 11 week extension and that I have to wait for an email to start claiming and that it would be a few weeks a month now and still no pay she said all she could tell me is that Trenton is 3 weeks behind as of today

      • Ryan, I understand your pain, and frustration. I received the same notice, but mine said that they are working on adding my 20week state extension that Murphy signed into law over the summer. Also please be aware that in August when they had all of the problems the State (Murphy in Particular) Said the delays were to to a new!!!!!!!! 50 MILLION DOLLAR UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To replace the old and outdated system the State was using and the programers who they contracted from Amazon are working Day and Night, and Weekends to get the new system up and running. Someone, Somewhere has to be held accountable for for this abomination they call “THE STATE GOVERNMENT”. This is totally Unacceptable!!!! .
        Another Thing that was said by Murphy on December 28th” THERE WILL BE NO GAP OR LAG IN PAYMENT TO UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMANTS” They should not say anything about it, if it’s not the Truth. THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!
        Someday, Someone is not going to be as nice as I’m being right now. No Email response from anyone, can’t get through on the phone at all and we are supposed to just sit here and be Quiet. Well not this IRISHMAN. IM Totally Savoring the time that re-election is here. Someone is going to answer where all of our State tax money went, if it wasn’t for the Unemployment System Update/Upgrade.

      • Ryan – When did you get a letter in the mail saying you’re eligible for the new Federal 11 week extension? I exhausted my benefits on 12/26/2020 too but haven’t received a letter from NJ about being eligible for the 11 week extension. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t be eligible for this. From the pop-up box on the NJ Unemployment web site,I thought the claimants that exhausted their benefits on 12/26/2020 were going to be notified by Email when we should start certifying again. Since I didn’t get a letter, I’m wondering if I somehow got dropped from thei system. Thanks

        • I exhausted my benefits on December 26th 2020 January 14th I received the email that I’ve been accepted for an 11 week extension and that it will take a few weeks for me to start claiming my benefits again I called njdol yesterday and spoke to a lady and she said all she can tell me is that they are implementing the 11 week extension as we speak into the system and it could be anywhere from one to two more weeks they’re hoping so that would mean the beginning of February but I know plenty of people that they haven’t gotten a letter out to that doesn’t mean you’re not accepted that just means that they didn’t get around to sending them to everybody but you’re definitely going to be available to get it if you were on regular unemployment or if you were on a 13 week extension like I was or 20 week extension and you exhausted it you’re available for the 11 week extension automatically so don’t worry not everybody got the email they only sent them out to about 20,000 people out of the 33000

        • Ryan — Thank you so much for replying to my question. The details you provided were really helpful. The other day I went on the NJUE site and looked at the FAQ section to see if there was any info about the 11 week extension since I hadn’t received any communication from them about it. I was stunned to see that this section was last updated in May 2020. I know that NJUE is overwhelmed with claims but it’s hard to understand how they haven’t been able to update this section over the last 8 months.
          Andy — Thanks for the info you provide about this topic and via the Emails we receive and on your web site.

        • They are not overwhelmed. They are incompetent. People in management positions who have no clue what the hell they are doing. It is coming up on a year now and they have yet to figure out some kind of process to make this efficient. The hiring of telephone reps to merely answer phones, provide you with inaccurate/false information and escalate the claim to some alleged claims rep or supervisor is assinine. It is alleged they spent $50 million on some kind of improvement which obviously is not working. There are people here including myself who are owed backpay since April 2020. My claims have been escalated a few billion times now with promises of hearing from them blah blah blah. You never really here from them. Just a bunch of nothing and nonsense. You are better off watching for Andy’s updates and NYSDOL Twitter for information on anything related to Federal funding. NYS is on the ball. They constantly communicate with their residents via Twitter/NYSDOL website with close to daily updates and answer questions directly on Twitter. NJDOL will never do that because they have their heads so far up their ass, they don’t know whether they are coming or going. It hasn’t dawned on them that you will significantly reduce the number of incoming phone calls by constantly communicating to NJ residents via Twitter or their website just like NYSDOL. Unfortunately, Murphy will most likely lose his job over this. Such a shame. I like Murphy, but he has not adequately handled this and not place the proper pressure on these people (NJDOL) to think outside the box and come up with solutions. In my humble opinion, this is the only thing that stands in the way of his reelection. My mom use to say growing up “You can’t get chicken salad out of chicken sh*t”……lol. It appears NYDOL much smarter and better than NJDOL and we are not that far behind NYS in tax liability. Come on Murphy, make an offer to Roberta Reardon, NYS DOL Commissioner to come to NJ and help us.

        • Are you sure we are not related? Everything you have said, is everything I’ve been saying. If people would look at everything that the DOL doesn’t do, they might realize how backwards the Department really is. It is a lie, after a lie, after a lie. It is a total discrase and insult to us workers, who would rather be working, but can’t because of the Murphy egomaniac Authority to close the Bars, Restraunts, reception Halls, ect. Then to add insult to injury he can’t get his DOL UI department operating efficiently at all. Totally a slap in the face to everyone on Unemployment at this time.
          Thank you for your Comment.
          Andy, thank you for the website to Give some News to us, that we can trust.

        • rofl…yea, I’ve been at this for a long time my friend. Since June 2020 with my blistering commentary. Everybody here is frustrated including myself. I’m not blaming Murphy for the Pandemic. The rollout disaster of vaccines in NJ is strictly the Feds fault, not his. Murphy is responsible for the NJDOL and what they do with these allocated funds once received from Washington. If there is any proof or truth to this rumor that they intentionally withheld funds and using the excuse that they are experiencing technical difficulties or need time to develop new programs from starving/suffering NJ residents just so they could skim interest off the billions received from the Feds, uh oh. Not looking good. I know the DOL is very fond of reporting all these billions with their sexy power point pie and bar charts. All it takes is a simple request from Republicans to the GAO to audit these numbers. I hope those numbers are accurate. Definitely, enough disgruntled NJ voters to sink his chances of reelection. I was reading on NJDOL Twitter where someone wrote they think NJDOL will outsource telephone support to India to have them answer phones. Whether it is true or not, I really don’t know. If it is, dumb as a box of rocks. All they are doing is continuing to slam the door shut for Murphy’s reelection. Would suggest you hire unemployed NJ residents vs outsourcing labor. Again, I don’t know if it is true. I get why the Feds are hesitant about giving more money to states. States puck stuff up all the time. You need to mentally prepare yourself that you may not see any money. Good Luck!!! :)

        • I Just can’t comprehend how, back in May/June After the Avolanche of new unemployment claims, Murphy blamed the outdated and overworked system. So He was so proud to tell all of us how he’s spending 50 Million dollars of our tax money to upgrade/Reprogram/redo the failing Unemployment system.
          Back in August when Trump signed the 6 week Federal Assistance extension, it Took NJ Until Late October to Issue the $1800.00. Now, Because Federal extensions take priority over state extensions Claimants like myself and you,bare left not seeing a Penny, until the state can figure out how to redo the Unemployment System to Accommodate this. I know that I would have been fired from any job, if I made even a partial mistake or misquote, that is happening to us. If there is one thing that I will do, it’s I WILL NEVER LET MURPHY OR RESIDENTS of NJ Forget what is Happening now when his Re-election Time comes around. That I will make as a Promise. Total Lack of Information from anybody at DOL UI can very easily cause someone to commit Suicide. I Take Suicide very seriously, and it is something that is a sad , sad mental harm, that hurts Everyone around that person. I Literally Have .11cents to my name. I can’t get Health insurance, Snap benefits, General Assistance from the state, Because I’m on Unemployment they say. I can’t pay for Gas, Food, My Medicine, Child Support, ect. I really don’t think they realize what they are doing. I can’t Sleep, I have no answers for my son, who has plenty of questions, I can’t pay my auto insurance, I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I Have nobody here, I’m all Alone. I wish I could bring a law suit against the State. If this continues for much longer(I’m talking about Days, not Weeks) I will have no options but yo Leave a well written note Explaining why I did what I did, and I’m Really Scared. If I hear How Murphy says I “Understand” one more time, I’m going to Loose it. I can’t wait to Get out of this Garbage State as soon as I can, to a Well Run Red State!!! I’m not using any pen names, trying to hide behind internet, I am who I am. Look me up and come say “HI” .

        • I have .11cents to my name. I can’t get Health insurance, Snap, or General Assistance, in NJ, because I’m on Unemployment and I’m making about the financial cut off. After Child Support, I’m left with 232.00. my 11year old Son lives with me, however, My daughter from a previous marriage does not, hence Child Support. I can’t get Gas, Food, anything. I have nobody here as far as Family. I can’t get my Medication as of Last week, I’m really, really scared. If this continues for any longer, (I’m talking about Days not Weeks) Someone is going to find me with a well written note, trying to explain my actions. This is such a GARBAGE STATE!!!! I am leaving this armpit of America As soon as I can, and getting to a WELL Run RED STATE.

        • Hey man you should still be able to get dnap at least. One the lowered the redtrictions again recently due to covid and im on unemployment as well and pay child support. After paying my child support i get $240 a week and I applied and got SNAP real quickly. I would try actually calling them and see they are supposed to go by your income after deducting child support on it. Also if you got denied awhile ago I would try again cause they made it easier to get and worst thing can happen is they deny you again but at least you tried.

          Also if anyone reading this does have SNAP you can apply for a free mobile phone service through Lifeline or Safelink. They gave me a free half decent android smart phone and they give you 1000 mins for calls unlimited texts and I think 3 or 4 gigs for data but hey it’s free also they do allow for some phones to be used that you already have it depends on what company you pick. I know some of us got to be having trouble paying bills and to eliminate my cell phone bill for now was a life saver. I still have my old phone that with Wi-Fi I can do a million things and then I have a free phone for actual calls and texts. All you have to do is collect SNAP to qualify.

        • Sorry Kevin I meant SNAP not dnap lol it was so hard to type damn pop up ads kept blocking my view.

        • Daniel, thank you for the information. I did speak to a Rep this morning, and she told me that I do qualify for $16.80 a month, because of my unemployment benefits amount. However, she said that it could take several weeks to get a card in the mail, once the application has been officially approved. If I can get that, then I can get the phone, and reduce one of my bills hopefully. Thank you Again.

        • Hang tough Kevin. Also make sure you have filed your 2019/2020 taxes even if you have no income. Biden’s 1.9T plan will most likely push through and you may receive more funds based on your tax return. What we really need is that $600 FPUC we had last year per week for the next 6-12 months that will help many Americans get back on their feet again. Sick of these politicians. I consider myself a Centrist and have no allegiance to either party. Quite frankly, they both can kiss my ass for what they have done to us. They hurt us pretty bad years ago with Sub Prime. Now again with the mishandling of this Pandemic which is 10x worse than Sub Prime.

        • I completely agree. I didn’t file taxes in 2019, and the first stimulus check for $1200.00, went to Child Support that I owe. I have no problems paying the Child support at all. However an unforseen employment Layoff, with no way to continue my payments, I fell into arrears. Again, unfortunately I’m in the same situation with the Unemployment. I have not seen a dime in any stimulus checks also. Just another blow to my ego, and financial assurance. I know that only time will tell the outcome of everything. I am looking at different areas of the Country to move to, Once I can finacially afford to. Right now, I’m looking at Maine, Montana,Idaho, or Alaska. For my own sanity, I MUST move out of this cesspool.

        • I just finished a zoom meeting with Nina panina from Channel 7 in your corner She interviewed me and several others about New Jersey unemployment and that and what we’re going through waiting for this 11 week extension so hopefully something good comes out of this going to be blasted all over the news three were going to contact the governor’s office

        • Ryan, Awesome, Great job, and Thank you. Hopefully if someone notices what’s going on, and the sheer number of people affected, I Would think some Politician would love to jump on this. Its totally Discusting what the State is doing to us residents, at this point in our country with all that is going on. Right, Left, Republican, Democrat, I don’t care. It truly is about the treatment of it’s citizens at this very fragile time in our Country.
          Thank you Again for stepping up.

    • I’m on the same boat. I exhausted my benefits on the 12/26/2020. A week later received an email saying I’m eligible for the 11 weeks, but would have to wait a couple of weeks. It’s been a month now. And haven’t heard a word. I live in NY, but worked out I n l I need for 5 yes. Tried to ca numerous times for nothing. They just leave you hanging like a piece if crap…. jobs are quick to take money for unemployment. But damn, this is just BS…..


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