New Jersey (NJ DOL) Unemployment Benefits and State Stimulus Programs – Updates And Latest News on Missing Pandemic Payments and Retroactive Claim Processing

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJ DOL) via the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) manages the state’s unemployment insurance program. This includes retroactive payments for the now expired pandemic unemployment programs.

New Jersey ANCHOR property tax rebates

Like many states, New Jersey is rolling out a tax rebate program for it’s residents. One such program is the ANCHOR program which expands eligibility via property tax rebates for those who owned or rented their principal residence (main home) as of October 1, 2019. The following are qualifying income limits.

  • Homeowners with income of $150,000 or less will receive $1,500.
  • Homeowners with income of more than $150,000 and up to $250,000 will receive $1,000.
  • Renters with income of $150,000 or less will receive $450.

You will need to apply by filing your ANCHOR benefit application by January 31, 2023, with direct deposit or rebates to be made by Spring of 2023.

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How Much Unemployment Can I Currently Get in New Jersey?

With the expiry the pandemic unemployment programs, only traditional/regular state unemployment is available for full or partial unemployment claims. The table below provides key details on the latest unemployment benefits and qualifying wage requirements.

You will need to submit a claim or certify your application via the state’s unemployment website (see section below on filing a claim) to get your actual weekly benefit amount.

Note that to qualify for unemployment, your job or hours worked loss will generally need to be involuntary. I.e. through no fault of your own or via directly quitting. Your job and wages must also have been paid/covered by an employer or source that deducted unemployment insurance taxes per state law (see your paycheck).

Further if you are being paid severance via a layoff or able to use sick leave or paid vacation, you cannot claim unemployment.

You will also need to certify for benefits at regular intervals (weekly or bi-weekly), demonstrate ongoing work availability and evidence of job search requirements to keep getting weekly unemployment benefits.

Weekly Unemployment Available with Dependents (Min – Max)$240 – $830
Dependency Benefits: 7% of WBA for first dependent, and 4% for each of the next two dependents (up to max amount)
Max number of Weeks covered in Benefit Year26
Minimum Qualifying Income over Base PeriodQualifying Gross Weekly Wage: At least $260 per week during 20 or more weeks in base period
Part-Time Income or Workers – UI benefits impactEarnings over 20% of a claimant’s WBA will reduce the amount of benefits paid dollar for dollar. You cannot work more than 80% of hours normally worked.
NJ Unemployment Benefits Summary (NJ DOL)

Why is my weekly benefit payment lower than the maximum amount?

Your actual weekly benefit amount or rate (WBA) is the amount of money your state agency has determined you and your dependents may receive for regular unemployment insurance after filing a claim. This can change weekly based on your certification or claim for benefits.

Your actual WBA is based on the amount that you earned over the states pre-defined base or alternate wage period, which are generally based on four out of the last five completed calendar quarters spanning 12 to 18 months.

The higher your earnings, the higher your approved WBA will be, up to the maximum amount allowed in the state. All earnings must be subject to UI tax (covered employment) to be eligible for factoring into your benefit determination.

Any part time or temporary earnings from employment or other activities during eligible weeks you are claiming and certifying for benefits, will potentially reduce the amount of benefits you may get.

Also note that that your state UI agency may deduct overpayments and court-ordered child support from your weekly payment. This will reduce your WBA.

What if I worked or lived in another state?

If you worked or lived in another state during the base year, you should file your unemployment benefits claim in the state you worked in and where your wages were reported. Not where you reside at the time of claim. You can file a claim in multiple states.

Your claim will be paid and governed by laws of that state in which you applied for. You will need to report this on your state and federal income taxes per form 1099-G issued by the state’s UI agency.

Claimants will also need to apply or reapply for UI benefits when they reach the end of their benefit year.

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Can I Still File a Claim for Back Dated Benefit Payments?

If you believe your claim should be backdated, you’ll need to contact the NJ DOL who will then schedule a fact-finding interview to determine if your claim can be backdated. You will still be able to receive benefits for weeks prior to September 4, if you are found eligible for a claim filed before September 4, 2021

If you are currently in an appeal or adjudication process, or have an appointment scheduled after the Sept. 4 program expiry, you should continue to certify weekly, follow NJ DOL instructions and monitor your email.

Claimants with pending decisions may still be paid retroactively for weeks before September 4th, 2021, if they are later deemed eligible.

Note that funds that appear as remaining in your unemployment account related to the federal enhanced unemployment programs will not be available for certification or payment for weeks of unemployment ending after September 4, 2021.

Federal Enhanced Benefits Have Ended in New Jersey

The NJ DOL has confirmed that claimants on the PEUC, PUA, MEUC and FPUC programs will file/certify for benefits for the last time covering the week ending September 4, 2021.

Any active claims, with or without remaining balances, will expire after this date and any weeks after Sep 5th will NOT be paid. The only exception are retroactive payments for validated claims after a successful determination or appeal.

While there has been a lot of discussion around extending pandemic unemployment benefits, the Biden administration has confirmed (see video) that states will have to use already allocated stimulus funding to expand or extend traditional state unemployment programs.

The NJ DOL has not indicated that is planning to do so at this stage and Governor Murphy recent stated the following in recent remarks confirming this position:

The proper way to extend federal UI benefits is through federal action, not a patchwork of state ones. It should be noted here that no state is extending this benefit beyond September 4th. The reality is that continuing the $300 per week benefit through state resources would be cost prohibitive. It would cost at current at least $314 million per week and perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars more.

In other words, we’re talking about well more than $1 billion per month to maintain this benefit at its current level. Overall, the Department has put $33.7 billion directly into the accounts of nearly 1.6 million New Jerseyans since the start of the pandemic, of which $25 billion had been federal dollars. We have some of the most generous unemployment benefits in the country and God knows we needed them.

We recognize the impact that this will have one some families facing unemployment issues. To support New Jerseyans living through the economic impacts of the pandemic, we have invested in rent assistance, food assistance, childcare assistance, healthcare affordably – affordability assistance and other support programs. We have set up programs which are funded through billions of dollars of federal coronavirus relief funds.

Gov. Murphy

Some claimants may be eligible for State Extended Benefits (SEB), but after September 4th all claimants must have a regular UI claim to continue receiving benefits.

$300 Weekly Payment Delay Updates and News

Every few weeks there have been reports of payment glitches/delays in claimants getting the $300 supplementary benefit, which is in addition to their regular or enhanced unemployment payments. This is generally due to the following reasons:

  • Timing issues between the NJ DOL systems and their UI benefits payment processor (Bank of America). These “glitches” have been been getting resolved in 2 to 3 days in most cases.
  • Staggered certification schedule, which is impacted by system outages and upgrades that the NJ DOL is frequently doing. If this delays certification, then inevitable payment delays will follow.
  • Missing payments being caught up a week later due to the above issues. This results in some claimants seeing a double payment following a week of a missed payment
  • Pending Claims mean a 4 week delay. For claims whose status is showing as “Pending” means your claim has not filed yet and likely needs a NJ DOL agent to perform some kind of manual review. Keep checking daily until it changes to “Filed.” Claims that require agent intervention could take up to four weeks or longer due to the unprecedented volume of filings. NJDOL is currently processing agent intervention claims that were filed about one month ago – so this is why you are seeing a delay in payments.
  • Certification or Eligibility issues. If you see a message to call a regional center (via your portal or a mailed letter) it means no further processing can happen unless you call the NJ DOL at the specified number. This is likely to a certification or eligibility issue.

You can see recent examples and further feedback in the active comments forum below this article. I will post further updates as they come to light and you can stay connected via the options below.

Will New Jersey (NJ) Pandemic Unemployment Benefits be Extended Again in 2021 or End Early?

With several states ending federally funded unemployment benefits earlier than planned (see full list) to encourage workers to return to work, there is a strong concern this action could spread nationwide. But the good news for unemployed workers in New Jersey is that most of the states cancelling unemployment benefits are Republican controlled.

So it is highly likely that claimants in NJ will keep ALL pandemic unemployment benefits, including the extra $300 weekly payment, until the current program end date which would be the week ending September 4th, 2021.

However it should be noted that work search requirements are being more rigorously enforced by NJ DOL and there will be a lot more scrutiny of job rejections if not for pandemic or health related reasons.

Please also see the many comments at the end of the article where people have shared their stories, tips and struggles around getting paid under one or more of these enhanced benefit programs.

2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under Biden ARPA Stimulus Package

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion federal coronavirus relief package, known as the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), enhanced unemployment benefits will be extended until September 6th. This would be the week ending September 4th, 2021 in New Jersey. This includes the following extensions:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – The PUA program, designed for freelancers, gig workers and independent contractors or those that generally don’t qualify for regular state unemployment, has been extended to September 6th, 2021 (~25 weeks). This brings the total number of weeks in the program to 79. The minimum PUA payment is still 50% of a states average weekly benefit amount and limited to the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA).

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) – The new stimulus bill funds another 25 weeks of weekly supplementary/extra unemployment at the current $300 level. Payments for the $300 weekly payment will continue until early September for a total of 25 weeks and eligible claimants – those getting at least $1 from state and federal unemployment programs – can get a maximum of $7,500 if they qualify for all weeks covered in this new extension. The other $100 supplementary payment for Mixed Earners (MEUC) was also extended by 25 weeks.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) – The PEUC program, which extends coverage for those who have exhausted regular and extended state unemployment, has also been extended until the week ending September 4th, 2021.

There also provisions in the Biden Stimulus package for Unemployment tax breaks on the first $10,200 of benefits.

NJ workers currently claiming federal benefits will receive an additional 25 weeks. Anyone currently receiving unemployment in any amount will also receive the $300 weekly supplemental benefit. We do not anticipate delays in providing these benefits to most claimants.

NJ DOL update

New Jersey NJ DOL Payment Status of 25-week Extensions – Latest News and Status on PUA, PEUC and $300 FPUC

The NJ DOL has implemented the 25 week extension of benefits to the PEUC and PUA programs. Anyone currently collecting unemployment in any amount will also receive the $300 FPUC supplemental benefit. There have however been some issues noted which you can also see discussed in the comments forum below this article. This includes:

  • There have been some delays in getting the $300 weekly payment. This has been due to technical glitches in many cases and payments hit account 1 to 2 days later.
  • Its still hard to get through to someone a live agent. Keep trying as in some instances you will need a live representative to manually progress your claim or to provide additional information to verify your claim.
  • Many are reporting scam emails to potential claimants asking for personal and private data. Do not share this online or to people you don’t know. Only go to the NJ DOL site to load documents and provide required certifications.
  • While the PUA and PEUC extensions are now available till Sep 4th, many people are reporting a lapse in benefits, which is mainly due to the need to provide additional documentation (PUA claimants) or not filing a new claim after you have reached your benefit year end (see below on what happens).
  • Some people who returned to work and stopped claiming benefits, but are now unemployed again are having a tough time reinstating claim due to manual checks the NJ DOL has to do, which is taking more time than expected. Retroactive payments will be made for eligible weeks but this is a known issue.

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Benefit Year End Reviews

All unemployment claims are required to be reviewed after one year per law. Claimants approaching the end of their benefit year should take no additional action. If your UI claim has been open more than one year then you need to be aware of the following actions:

  • DO NOT attempt to open a new claim.
  • DO continue to certify for weekly benefits according to the schedule.

The review of your claim will occur automatically; the NJ DOL will contact you only if more information is needed. If you recently reached the end of your benefit year, a review of your claim has been completed or is underway. When the review is complete, you will receive confirmation your weekly certification for benefits was successful.

NJ DOL Benefits Year End Renewal Process

2021 Unemployment Program Extensions Under COVID Relief Bill

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, which among several other pandemic relief measures extends and provides additional federal funding for enhanced unemployment benefits. This includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and a reinstatement, but halving of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) Program which provides a $300 supplemental weekly unemployment payment. I have also posted this video discussing the frustrations around the current $300 payment!

These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks (on top of any state funded extensions), covering the weeks of December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. To receive FPUC benefits, you must be receiving regular UI, PEUC, EB, or PUA.

NJ DOL 2021 11-week Extension Payment Details and Updates on $300 FPUC, PUA and PEUC

Update Feb 9th, 2021: NJDOL has (finally) successfully completed programming for the 11-week benefit extension for the over 75,000 expired PUA and PEUC claims. Claimants who had been waiting and are eligible to claim these 11-weeks should have been notified by email and can certify during their regular schedule once the extended weeks are added to their claim balance. If you have not received your notification AND cannot certify (online or via phone) in the next few days your claim is likely held up due to additional manual processing/verification or you were deemed ineligible. Some examples are further discussed in the comments below.

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Update Feb 3rd, 2021: Unemployed workers in NJ who have exhausted their PUA and PEUC benefits on or after Dec. 26, 2020 continue to face extended delays while the NJ DOL reprogram their antiquated and disparate UI systems to add the 11-week extension. These workers are also missing out on their $300 FPUC weekly payment and will have to wait for an official notification from NJ DOL to resume their weekly certification. Calling and trying to get this pushed through will not help, even if you can get through to someone.

There is no official target date for when NJ DOL will have this done, but I am expecting system updates to be in place by mid-February based on previous program rollouts and NJ DOL sources. Thousands are affected by this and I will continue to post updates across various platforms. I have also discussed more on this YouTube video covering the 2021 UI extension or the PUA extension delay reasons.

Missing 4th week $300 Payment for many (with active benefits): Many readers are reporting that they have not received their 4th week payment. NJ DOL on their social media is only confirming they have made 3 payments – so I suspect the system updates they are having to do for the PUA and PEUC programs have caused these delays. If payments don’t come this week, I imagine NJ DOL will make a double payment next week.

Update January 29th, 2021: NJ DOL has confirmed that they have made three weeks of the $300 FPUC payment to eligible claimants, with the fourth payment coming next week. However this is only for those who can certify and are currently getting state or federal benefits. Those who were getting federal benefits like PUA or PEUC but have now exhausted those benefits (zero claim balance) on or after Dec. 26, 2020 will see a gap in payments while the NJ DOL reprograms their systems to add the 11-week extension approved under the latest COVID relief bill.

DJ posted the following update on Jan 25th: DOL only deposited this week $300 for the week ending the 16th. Then the week ending Jan 23 we get next Monday. We wouldn’t ever get the week ending the 23rds payment today . Because they pay it only when they know you didn’t work.

So the only way you get paid the week of the 23rd is if you file by Saturday the 30th . And for the people saying it’s biweekly it’s not. $300 each week per official NJ DOL update below (some people are getting $600 because it included retroactive payments for missed weeks).

I just talked to someone on the phone at NJ DOL and the way it worked so far was for the weeks ending:
Jan 2nd $300
Jan 9th $300 (PAID $600 for 2 weeks On jan19th )
Jan 16th ( paid today the 25th )
Jan 23rd ( paid on feb1st)

Jan 19 update – $300 Payments coming through for active claimants! Based on reader comments here and on my social media it looks like the $300 weekly payments are coming through. Jackie wrote, “Got 600 deposited this morning a little before 6am. Was never a pending deposit. Just came thru outta nowhere. 1/19/21.” This was confirmed by subsequent comments. So looks like NJ DOL is making weekly payments for FPUC as well but was paying retroactively for the past 2 weeks it missed paying (due to program rollout delays) and so that’s why $600 was the maximum amount received for those who qualified for the 2 weeks.

Al posted the following on Jan 20th, Yes… there’s been much confusion on when the weeks would start or which date the payments would be retroactive. However, it’s basically like this. They’re paying (biweekly) from the week of January 2nd to the week of March 13th. That’s 11 weeks. This is why only a $600 payment/deposit was made to most claimants in NJ. So in respect to retroactive payments, the state was only behind 1 week. The week they tried to issue benefits (January 2, 2021) and the week that benefits started to be issued to claimants (January 9th). The next payable week will be January 16th 2021, payment should be received on Mondays, just like the CARES ACT Supplement Payments were issued. You will NOT receive both your Normal Unemployment Compensation Benefits and the new $300 on the same day. (Unless you’re one of those recipients that would normally receive your regular unemployment benefits on a Monday.) The only eleven payable weeks in 2021 are as follows (week ending): January 2nd, January 9th, January 16th, January 23rd, January 30th, February 6th, February 13th, February 20th, February 27th, March 6th, and week ending March 13th

Delays in payments were attributed to processing the new $300 FPUC while simultaneously running retroactive processing (as required by federal law) for the old $600 FPUC program. Under the new stimulus act, 460,000 claimants currently collecting PUA and PEUC, while 80,000 claimants are collecting Extended Benefits (EB). These groups of claimants are all eligible for an 11-week extension, and should be seeing no interruption in regular benefits. They should continue certifying for weekly benefits and will get the $300 FPUC payment and any eligible retroactive payments.

I realize that not everyone is seeing their payments yet (likely those who had exhausted benefits prior to week of 12/27/20 to 1/2/21) but at least there is some progress. The NJ DOL site is still saying they are “testing” and hard to get a hold of anyone at the NJ DOL, but it is at least good to hear that some people are receiving their payments. Please continue to leave comments at the end of this article with any updates or payment confirmations.

Jan 14 update from NJ DOL : NJDOL hopes to process the newly available federal $300 supplemental benefit over the weekend. An unforeseen complication delayed running the new Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program last week as planned. No one will miss any weeks of eligibility

Given that 1/18 is a public holiday and updates are happening over the weekend, I estimate that NJ DOL won’t get payments out before 1/19, given delays to date. Please leave a comment below the article if you receive your payment.

January 14th 2020 update

“Though there are still a lot of details needed from the USDOL to begin the work of implementing these new programs….we see from the sheer volume of new unemployment claims that this pandemic continues to affect significant numbers of workers, many who are unemployed for the first time in their lives.”

[Update Jan 13th] The NJ DOL has recently posted on their website (it’s a pop-up when you log on their website for the first time) that NJ residents currently claiming federal benefits (PUA or PEUC) will receive the new benefits without delay, and should continue to certify weekly (remaining weeks will roll-over into extension period). It is expected that these active claimants will see their $300 FPUC payment from mid-January (retroactive to December 27th, 2020).

Note – per several comments and responses, no one in NJ has yet seen the $300 payment! However a reader posted this “Just got off the phone with DOL they stated to me that payments will be processed into accounts at the end of today. Now I don’t know if that means into our accounts and will be there right away or then it has to process with ur bank.” So this likely means payments will start hitting accounts by the end of the week (factoring in processing time). Please leave a comment below the article if you receive your payment.

However anyone who has exhausted UI benefits on or after Dec. 26, 2020 will see a gap in payments while the NJ DOL program their UI systems to add the 11-week extension. These claimants should wait for notification from NJDOL before resuming weekly certification. NJDOL. No date provided for this, but expected towards the end of January.

I have noticed several comments on the mixed messages people are seeing from NJ DOL saying that they were the first to roll out the $300 payment, but yet people won’t get this payment for several weeks. The challenge is that to get the $300 FPUC payment (which is easy to implement since $600 FPUC was there before and only the amount has changed) you need to get the extended PUA or PEUC. So the issue is that the PUA and PEUC programs have had some new changes and criteria under the new law (e.g. additional documentation, you need to use PEUC before PUA), so this has meant claimants who exhausted PUA or PEUC benefits before Dec 27th, cannot file/certify for the weeks which extended coverage is available because NJ DOL is facing delays updating their systems for those programs. And as a result don’t get the $300 either because it cannot be paid because you need to have $1 of UI under PUA or PEUC to get the $300!

Final guidelines on these programs and final eligibility including additional document verification procedures to combat Fraud have been issued by the Department of Labor and then have to be implemented by the state UI agency in their systems and programs. So this could delay the actual date of payments.

UI claimants with existing or expired claim balances should be aware of the following:

  • PUA and PEUC, FPUC will be automatically added to the claimants’ benefits if they are eligible for the weeks outlined in the new legislation.
  • Claimants with weeks remaining in UI should continue to file weekly claims
  • Claimants who will have additional weeks in UI and PUA or PEUC due to state provisions (where applicable) should watch their state agency UI portal or website for updates that will allow additional weeks to be filed.
  • Claimants will receive retroactive payments for all weeks they are eligible.
  • Claimants currently receiving benefits through the Extended Benefits program must finish all weeks of EB before receiving additional weeks of PEUC.

I will post additional details as they are released in coming days. So stay tuned for updates.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program

NJ has made all final payments under the LWA program, which provided supplemental payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who were unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. Roughly 800,000 workers in New Jersey were eligible for up to $1,800 (or 6 weeks) in LWA benefits.

The NJ Labor Department (NJDOL) has confirmed that LWA payments have been successfully processed on October 21st and disbursed for payment. It could take 1 to 3 business days from this date to actually receive payments in your financial account or debit card due to processing times across financial intuitions,. As such, I expect payments should start appearing in accounts and cards from October 22nd to October 26th. This off course is for the first (main) batch of payments. People who verified late (after Sep 30th) or have had their account flagged (e.g for further processing or fraud) may see payments a few days or weeks later.

Latest Update – It appears that the majority of New Jerseyans are now seeing LWA payments in their bank accounts or debit cards. Check your pending transactions online as well, because that means your payment will be there shortly (within 1 business day generally). If you haven’t got your payment yet, don’t panic as they are still being processed in batches and could take till Monday or Tuesday to get to your account. Calling the NJ DOL/DUI is not going to help at this stage (impossible to get someone). See comments on this article for reader confirmations of the LWA payment across various banks.

From the article comments, many are still waiting on their LWA payment and I will continue to post new information and answer questions (along with the helpful community of readers) as if becomes available.

Why payments were late – Here is the latest quote from Labor Department spokesperson Angela Delli Santi on the delays, “Processing these [LWA] payments required new programming that had not previously been tested, and it is taking longer than anticipated for these payments to go through. People who miss their weekly certification window can certify during any of the make-up times. Early on 10/21, New Jersey “intentionally took down” the state’s unemployment certifying application to [fix issues] and consolidate resources into making the $300 payments.

How LWA payments get made by the NJ DOL: The LWA payment file is transmitted to Bank of America, NJ’s processing bank, then BOA disperses the payments to the direct deposit accounts and debit cards of claimants. This whole process can take 1 to 3 business days.

If your payment is not received by the end of October or is less than you expect you will need to contact someone at the NJ DOL/DUI to look into your claim and eligibility.

The delay in payments has been a source of frustration for many NJ claimants based on the comments on this post and this official update will be a relief to many. Delays were mainly due to the volume of erigibile claimants and the work on the system/application updates necessary for this program, which resulted in NJ being one of the last states to make this payment. More than 800,000 unemployed New Jersyans are eligible for LWA payments. Payments will be made as a lump sum and retroactive to August 1st for up to a maximum of 6 weeks (or $1800) of the approved FEMA funding.

Late LWA payments despite Gov. Murphy saying would be there early this week (Oct 19th)

You will need to complete a one time certification/attestation (via your UI portal) that your unemployment was due to COVID related disruptions to receive the LWA payment. However those who are receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or regular unemployment (UI) who previously attested to this do not have to certify and will automatically get LWA payments after October 19th, the same way they currently get unemployment benefits. See more details on the NJ LWA page.

The new LWA payment is in addition to Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) payments currently available to unemployed workers.

NJ LWA Payment Details

COVID 19 Enhanced Benefits under CARES Act in New Jersey

Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance now available:

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): expands eligibility for individuals who are typically ineligible for
Unemployment benefits, for example independent contractors, and self-employed and “gig” workers.
• Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): provides an additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all recipients of Unemployment Insurance; retroactive to the week ending April 4, 2020. [Now Expired]
• Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to all recipients.

Double-digit unemployment amid COVID-19 has also triggered 20 weeks of extended benefits the state is permitted by federal law to offer to those who have exhausted all other state and federal unemployment aid without returning to work permanently

Web and/or phone issues with accessing the NJ Unemployment system
NJ’s Unemployment Insurance system is experiencing record levels of demand due to coronavirus and all in-person services statewide are currently closed due to COVID-19. Some people cannot get through online or on the phone. NJ DUI understands your anxiety and frustration, and we apologize. They are working diligently to serve all our customers and ask for your patience. Please keep trying.

Existing Claimants: receiving Unemployment due to the coronavirus emergency do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. The additional $600/week compensation will be issued beginning April 14, for the week of March 30. It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. Claimants that are eligible for extended benefits will be notified on how to claim these benefits. The 13-week extension will be automatically available to you after your current balance is exhausted.

The NJ DOL recently tweeted the following top two reasons your weekly benefits may suddenly stop (claim not payable):

1) you no longer qualify under federal law

2) you answer incorrectly on our mandated questionnaire

33,000 people did the second last week alone!

Filing a Claim

New users can file a claim online (recommended) here by creating a new account. Existing claimants can file here. You can check the status of your claim here.

To receive your unemployment insurance benefits, you must certify for benefits each week which you wish to receive benefits. You can only certify for benefits after the week has passed. Unemployment Insurance weeks begin on a Sunday and end at midnight on Saturday.

You will certify for benefits according to the most recent schedule, based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). In order for NJ DOL to process your weekly payment without delay, please follow the below guidelines when certifying for your benefits – to get your money – each week

woman working on a computer

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid, or if you have been denied benefits and are appealing the determination, you must still certify for and claim your benefits. You will receive “credit” for the weeks which you have claimed.

If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits at a later date. If you have not claimed benefits and you win your appeal, you will not be paid for these weeks.

To try and speak to a live representative around your claim you can try the following numbers (but expect long hold times)
• North Jersey: 201-601-4100
• Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
• Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340

In order to apply online for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have:

  • Worked only in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked in New Jersey and any other state(s) in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked for the federal government and in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Served in the military in the last 18 months and be physically present in New Jersey.

You can also apply by phone.

You will need the following information to apply:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US citizen).
  • Pension information (if you are receiving any pension or 401k).
  • Amount and duration of any separation pay you may be receiving.
  • Recall date (if you expect to be recalled to your job).
  • Union hiring hall information, including local number and address (if you get work through a union).
  • Military Form DD-214 (if you were in the military in the last 18 months).
  • Form SF-8 or SF-50 (if you were a federal employee).

NEW CERTIFIERS: If you received notification that your claim is payable, check the NJ DOL schedule page before you certify. Each week, the day and times to certify are staggered by Social Security number (SSN). The day and time assigned to your SSN may change, so check the schedule page each week.

If you miss your assigned time, there is a second window of time that is open to your SSN later on your assigned day.

Additionally, Friday and Saturday are open to certify for any Social Security number. If you miss these time slots, you may use the following week’s assigned time to certify for both the current and past week.

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  1. Has anyone had any luck getting the MEUC…. I received an email and clicked the box, the link says that they will send an email out within the week for me to attach the supporting documentation needed. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything I had to reclick the box and I am still waiting…. I would greatly appreciate any helpful information.

  2. So it seems I just got my back pay from before sep 4th. I don’t see the extra $300 FPUC payments though. Is that not included or something? All the weeks in my back pay were certified for BEFORE Sep 4th so I am a little confused. Any insight? Thanks.

    • Wow you got your back pay I’ve been waiting also haven t gotten it yet last time I was able to certify was last week of January 2021! How long have you been waiting Beofre you where able to claim ?

      • Hey Angela so per my situation I submitted the adjudication form too late back in late August so I wasn’t receiving any payments all of August and first few weeks of Sep but was still able to certify up to I believe first 2 weeks of Sep. Njdol just accepted that form and paid out all those weeks at my normal weekly rate today. Took them close to 7 months. After reading a few articles online it seems like I should also be getting that extra FPUC $300 a week lump sum back pay for those weeks as well in the coming weeks I hope.

        • Also to note that all these weeks of back pay were certified before FPUC ended on Sep 4th so I am hopeful I’ll get those extra $300 payments too soon! I’ll post once it/if that payment comes.

      • Forgot to post an update. Yea I got it yesterday and it took about a week after the original pua back pay came in. Thanks guys

  3. I had my year end review for my benefits way back in Feb, 2021 and I was deemed to be eligible for benefits. It’s been 8 months and I have yet to be paid. I keep being told that my claim has to be work on by an administrator and I have had my claim “expedited” 5 times already and I still haven’t gotten paid. I keep asking if there is something that I have to do and every time I am told that this issue is as simple as an administrator accessing my account to unlock it. This is BEYOND ridiculous. Not to mention you can barely get anyone on the phone to help you….. NJDOL needs to do WAY better…..

    • Hi guys all in struggle election was a wake up call now is the time to expose the nj government for there crap the race was tight for multiple reason one of the man one was the governor not doing anything about about back to people in nj for regular UI and PUA claims from the beginning of the pandemic all the way up to sept 4 they are quick to always say what they already paid out but they won’t say how much they owe which is close to a billion or dollars guarantee and everybody stuck in limbo claim can be fixed in ten mins or less and if you did ID me and sent in a copy of your last check before the pandemic then there no reason for the delay and for the people they just stop paying with no email or excuse after did ID me your claim was fixed and they no it they don’t so yeah the governor of New Jersey the people of of all race and color put you and your all staff on notice we pay attention you won’t just using us now you see so how about getting on top of your unemployment people and pay people or start having people fired that work in your unemployment office because as we can see what are they really doing nothing

    • I’ve been waiting since May 2021 for UI payment and it is now November and still nothing! Each week I certify I receive an error message “Your certification can not be processed” below would be 3 numbers to contact the reemployment center. First I was told the reason for non payment is my claim year end date. My claim was put into escalation for a “specialist” to review.. I was told to monitor my claim status and continue to certify weekly & I would hear from a “specialist” in 6-8 weeks due the high amount of claims. The full 8 weeks had passed and still no communication via phone or email from NJDOL nor a “specialist”. After the full 8 weeks of waiting, hoping an praying to hear from njdol my claim was send to escalations In August 2021 for the second time. I would call 3 times a week; in the beginning of the week, the middle and again on Friday. Each time I called I would get a different response from the phone representative which alway contradicted the previous representative response (never any consistency). Week 8 of my second escalation my benefit year end date was updated as well as my claim balance and weekly payment amount. But when I attempt to certify the same error message “Your certification can not be processed” still pops up”! 6 weeks into my second escalation the weekly payment amount and the claim balanced zeroed out although I never received any payments since May 202!! 8 weeks into my second escalation no communication via phone or email from NJDOL nor a “specialist”. I am now on the fourth week of my 3rd escalation and still no payments! My prayers go out to all of those who are in the same unfortunate situation as I am! They want us to die off so that the government reaps all the benefits for their own political gain! Although these are trying and depressing times, keep hope alive, this too shall pass! NJDOL HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO PAY US WHAT THEY OWE! Keep fighting and pushing forward, if you give up they win!

      • I haven’t been paid since March 2021and honestly I don’t have to explain the rest because your story is the exact same as mine is to a T!!! Everything in your story is exactly what happened to me! I’m a single mom and I have mold in my apartment and my vents but my landlord won’t do anything either will welfare to help me! I have called the governor and senator countless number of times for help and nobody will help me or my son! Im now extremely sick due to moldtotoxicity as well as my son and I lost everything due to unemployment I lost my car my fiance my apartment is slightly me for not being able to pay we can’t use the heat in this 15 degree wather because of the mold in our vents and it all stems from unemployment the government doesn’t care about anybody but themselves and money!

    • Same for me…..I bet there family isnt waiting …..there on beach laughing …no words for it… 8 months and it’s still in review…do I look like a Asshole ….bet pelosi has her hair done …pissed off person

    • I have been waiting since april and i still have yet to be paid even after approved and being told to wait 8 weeks five different times. I was just told by a representative that the the agents aren’t even halfway through with 2020 escalating so it most likely wont be until The middle of 2022 until my escalation maybe addressed and worked on to be paid out. I have been struggling and can really use my money owed. After all its not free money its money we worked for.

    • Hello Lisa, did you ever get this resolved? Is there a trick to get in touch with a live person who can actually help instead of prolonging the issue??

        • Why did we receive 2 more weeks of payment after 9/4 I thought 9/4 was when it ended but I received my last payment of the extra 300 on 9/20

      • Hell I have a long stressful story I was working for a company in Edison nj for about a year 7/5/2021 my son was born 7/6/2021 he past away due to a virus I told text called all supervisor ect and was terminated on July 7 2021 so I’ve been try to file a claim but didn’t kno how I keep sending emails to unemployment finally sep 26 2021 I put in a claim received accepted notice but still nothing I have no wat to contact ui noone reach out to me My FRD was 10/13/2021 I said call reemployment center but still nothing can someone help me I’m new to this

  4. Did anyone else get an error message when claiming there puec benefits in NJ Sept.8 for week ending 09/04/21(last week of federal benefits)?

    • yes when i tried to certify online. but for shits and giggles i said what the heck try calling in…. and it worked. only thing missing was the additional $300 boost. i’m thinking i will get it the following week OR I WILL RAISE HOLY HELL!!!!

      • I dno what happen to my filler amount I got regular unployment insurance now and I certifed last week np and got letter in my mail from unployment insurance to keep certifying and now I check my claim it says no doller amount says receiveng regular unployment insurance maximum 24 weeks but next payable week and last week gone and doller amount why would go away when just got letter to keep certifying was eligible for regular unployment insurance I. Am confused I usually certify on Sundays now I can’t cause it changed it can any one help no emails of mine ending but just don’t understand what ahppen

    • i was told today 9/22 that i no longer can get extension iamin the travel business and still my company has not called me back meanwhile my collages got another 13 weeks extension do you know anything about this?

  5. Has anybody didn’t think they could file and filed late (ex-I filed June 2020 because when I first called NJ I was told previously self-employed people couldn’t get benefits which was I correct ), received back payments? I have been denied but I’ve submitted an appraisal because the devil says I was denied because I didn’t certify for those weeks. How could I certify if I hadn’t filed yet?

  6. Thank you for making me feel like I was the only one that noticed this for NJ unemployment. They’ve been two weeks behind ever since this started in January. We were going into the fourth week of January ending the 23rd. Then the next week that ended on the 30th, we only received 300 and not another double of 600. Tuesday the 7th will be for the week ending the 28th and Monday the 13th will be for the last week ending the 4th. Again, thank you for noticing this as well. I thought I was going nuts lol.

  7. So from what I’m reading on the NJ site- regular NJ State unemployment goes thru the end of December – but the extra $300 ends on the 4th, is that correct?

    If you look at the 2nd paragraph of the below from the site it says NJ extends 13 weeks beyond Sept 4th.

    Your thoughts please?

    Below from NJ site:

    Those who meet the requirements for traditional unemployment insurance may receive benefits for up to 26 weeks during a one-year period. The CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020, extended unemployment benefits per eligible claim for an additional 13 weeks, through a program called Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). The Continued Assistance Act, signed into law on December 27, 2020, extended PEUC another 11 weeks, and the American Rescue Plan Act extended PEUC another 25 weeks. This brings the total number of weeks of regular unemployment benefits to 75 weeks per eligible claim. Regardless of when your claim started and how many weeks of PEUC you claimed, PEUC benefits are currently set to expire September 4, 2021.

    Additionally, on July 1, 2020 New Jersey’s high unemployment rate triggered extended benefits for NJ workers who have exhausted unemployment benefits, if they meet the minimum earnings requirement and the date of their initial UI claim is May 12, 2019 or later. Per federal regulations, on April 17, 2021, NJ state extended unemployment benefits were reduced from 20 weeks to 13 weeks because New Jersey’s unemployment rate went down. The state’s unemployment rates are reviewed monthly to determine if state extended unemployment benefits remain in place.

    Claimants currently on state extended unemployment benefits who exhaust them will transition to Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which expires September 4, 2021. Claimants that have not collected state extended benefits yet and are eligible for them will transition to state extended unemployment benefits once PEUC ends on September 4, 2021, while state extended unemployment benefits remain in place. If you are on state extended unemployment benefits, your claim status will say “Extended Unemployment Benefits.”

    • Correct. The $300 payment is part of the FPUC program originally approved under CARES Act.

      Extended Benefits (EB), which are tied to the unemployment rate in the state (HUP), allow the state to draw down on federal funds to extend state unemployment benefits. So what NJ, and many other states are doing, is do move PEUC claimants (who are eligible for state UI) to the EB program.

      • So 88 weeks in total?

        I’m happy to say I go back to work Sept 15th – part time for 90 days – then transitioning to full time again finally.

        I started 3/15/20 and was hoping it would last beyond Sept 4th even though mine will only be partial payments. It still helps s hopefully more normalcy.

      • Well the to everybody on pua puec and other programs the governor is supposed to announce today that he won’t extend any of the programs for New Jersey so this week will be the last week to claim but the weird thing about all this is you have all these people in your state that have been getting taxes taken from there check for years and claims are either held up for whatever reason or just froze out the clear blue a couple of week ago for what nobody had gotten and answer to but if you new your where not going to extend any of the programs than why wouldn’t you lite a fire under unemployment department to get everybody money out to the and stop freezing people money for the dumbest reason every so that will be 500k people that will no king receive unemployment so now watch what New Jersey rate drop too it’s in the top 5 highest right now watch after everybody get booted out next week

    • What if you already were on EB, and used them up. and then got extended by peuc again? I have a remaining balance from peuc, but I got a letter saying it all ends on sept 4, si dont think id go back to EB i got those already, but i was hoping i could at least claim remaining weeks of balance, doesnt look like it.

      • Unemployment already ending next week, Gov Murphy said, I have not received my benefits since march… this is illegal and unfair i have been calling so many times and no one resolve my issues besides my claim and not do anything about sometimes customer service told you can claim with specific dates this week.. when i certify nothing

        • Today is Labor Day and the banks are not open on holidays like today, you should have it in your account tomorrow without a doubt. And when you certify this week for last week then that will be your last payment but we never got the 300 on a holiday

  8. Denied Back-Due Payments starting February 2020. Has anyone else been sent a back-due denial letter? I was self-employed (business went bankrupt, thank you COVID) and I was at first told on the phone by the NJ Unemployment that I could not file for unemployment because I was slef-employed. I found out in June 2020 that I could file though. I started receiving benefits as of June 14, 2020. But never received any back-due money from the start of COVID. Even though I had no money coming in as of February 2020.
    Now, after calling for the past year about back-due benefits and being put off and told to wait to hear/they’re backed up/not getting to the back due yet, I finally received a determination letter stating I was denied because I failed to certify during those weeks… could I have certified if I had no case on record yet?!
    I have submitted an appeal but I feel completely powerless, like they are just going to turn around and say it’s my fault, I didn’t file in time.
    Has anyone else dealt with this situation and if so, what happened? I do have a legislative aid involved but she basically is telling me she’ll help if I don’t receive an appeal notice within 8 weeks??? So she’s not really advocating for me at this point. I don’t know how involved she will get if I am denied after my appeal.

    • Hey Alyse!
      I have no idea if you’re going to receive this reply, but I knew that I would not be eligible for unemployment because back then I was out of work for a year about 4 years ago and they said I didn’t show enough income, so I just didn’t bother. A while later, my sister told me that there’s all different programs, I do not watch Network TV, so I’m pretty much under a rock and had no idea about any of that. My sister wound up helping me with my application because I couldn’t do it on my phone and I did not have a computer and couldn’t get through on the phone. She did my claim on July 5th 2020 when I was out of work since February 20th 2020 I obviously got denied for regular unemployment and was absolutely beside myself because I didn’t know what to do, and then I found out about the pua program which I was then enrolled in. When that $600 extra a week started, I was like wow that is going to help me so much because I had no income, at all, like many people. Since it ended on July 5th(?) I only got like two or three payments of the additional $600 of the PEUC I think it’s called?
      So many people got retroactive payments, so I just figured I had to be patient.. and then come to find out when I was talking with my sister, she told me that when she was doing the original application that when it asked how long you’ve been unemployed for, you could not put a date on the drop-down calendar that was in the past. The very only option you had was to put the date that you were applying. Now that is absolutely ridiculous I’ve been calling since then most times I don’t get through what when I do it seems like I’m just being pacified by the person on the other end and being told to wait. But now it says that those programs have ended except for people who have applied previously before whatever date or whatever the heck. But I don’t know if they just don’t care which is probably the case, or if they just don’t know the answers to my questions. But I thought that those programs have just completely ended. It makes me absolutely insane that I have worked my fingers to the Bone and got nothing as far as that amazing $600 extra a week and people who are completely undeserving did get it. My nephew in high school worked in a restaurant as a busboy for 2 weeks and then the pandemic hit, and guess what he’s driving a brand new freaking car right now…
      I’m so sorry for such a long reply, but you have insight on this situation? I really don’t know what to do. It was a mistake on their behalf for having the drop-down calendar have one option, to say that you’ve been out of work since that day. and I shouldn’t have to suffer for it, I wish I could just get a clear answer, but I just feel as though, what’s new.. nothing’s ever Fair and I am going to get screwed because I do the right thing, or try to anyway. My closing thought is any info be so appreciated, because I just had a baby lesson 2 months ago and I’m running out of money and I don’t know what to do. You have drug dealers and drug addicts and criminals, and some people never worked and honest in their life, who got all that money and then here I am like a dummy not knowing what the heck to do. Since I didn’t show enough income I don’t think I could even apply for the other programs like the family leave or anything…. Holy crap I can’t believe how long this was. I’m so sorry. I did not proofread this, and I’m pretty upset and it’s late so I hope you understand the gist of what I’m trying to convey.
      Erin P.

  9. I’ typically takes 15 days to update at NJDOL
    My was completed on June 16th and has not yet updated, today is August 18th

    I was told on eight different phone calls that there was either an escalation or a supervisor would update payment status
    It seems to me stealing infants and terrorizing the public seem to be priority over economic recovery

    In addition laughter that two infants were beat to death

    • These people are simply holding up income in order to promote starvation, homelessness, infantile murder

    • What is this I keep reading about,? I haven’t received a payment since March, my payments just stop for unknown reasons and I have been calling each week for updates after escalations… no one has mentioned

      • If I where you I would do it cause most likely that’s what’s holding up your claim check your email link they may have sent you the link and you missed but if they didn’t I would do it any way google it will come up and get you started you just use the email you use for your UI account and follow the steps and it will create it for you and more than likely this will unlock your funds to start being paid

        • The majority of claim issues has nothing to do with ID ME!!! NJ’s unemployment system was a disaster before the pandemic. When the federal funding was entered into the system, it created a DATE OF CLAIM issue! And instead of letting the public know that THEY were to blame, WE were told it was our fault for numerous reasons. We were all of a sudden answering the questions wrong!? And the 12 month mandatory review that has always been there!? Lol…there was NEVER a 12 month review!! It was always a 6 month review. And if approved, you’d get an additional 6 months. AND THAT WAS IT! The NJDOL never approved unemployment benefits after 12 months. But people who haven’t collected before don’t know these things. It’s not there fault. And this ID ME thing? Not needed. It’s just another strategy. I was told I needed to do this. AFTER I was told that 8 little numbers on my claim were incorrect. Please don’t think I’m trying to tell you you’re wrong. I’m only stating what I know yo be true. If you or anyone else needs help, stop escalating! When calling, follow the directions for “FILE A NEW CLAIM”. DO NOT enter your zip code when prompted. And you’ll be directed to an agent that had the ability to make changes and fix the problems. It may take you a few hours, but I promise….YOU WILL GET THE HELP YOU NEED. Good luck

    • Teowa, calling the NJDOL and speaking to a live rep does absolutely NOTHING! They don’t have the authority or the ability to change or look deeper into any of the significant problems we are having. My neighbor has a friend at the NJDOL. She said every time an issue is escalated, it is put at the back of the line. This is a strategy that the NJDOL has been using throughout this entire pandemic! My benefits were delayed over 7 MONTHS!! 7 months without any of the federal benefits NJ received. This woman told me how to speak with an agent that can ACTUALLY help! It took less then 3 minutes to fix my claim. 3 MINUTES!!!! I didn’t even explain the situation to the agent, she asked for my social security number and other things to verify it was me. 3 minutes later I was told to continue certifying weekly AND claim all the weeks they missed. When people don’t know how to do something they read what’s on the website. And there is NOTHING on NJDOL’s website that tells you the truth when it comes to FIXING an issue related to missed payments! This isn’t a secret trick or anything illegal and I urge you and everyone else to this immediately. And get your life and family fixed! WHEN CALLING ANY OF THE THREE NUMBERS FOR THE NJDOL, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR “FILING A NEW CLAIM”. That will put you on the correct path to speak to an ACTIVE agent that can help. Now here’s the important part! The system will ask you to enter your ZIP CODE. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING!! You’ll be asked to enter your ZIP CODE three times in total. You will THEN be connected with an active agent. It took me an hour and a half to get thru, but it was well worth it. If you’re given the choice to have someone call you back, you did it wrong. The only way to speak to someone who can help is thru the “FILE A NEW CLAIM” option!!! Not entering your ZIP CODE tells the computer that you need assistance. The phones open at 8 am. Be patient and YOU WILL GET THE HELP YOU NEED!! Good luck

      • Did you receive your benefits? Thank you for this information. I haven’t been able to certify since the first week in May; I get error messages.

        • Hey Guys. Wishing you all well here as I update. Just got a notice in the mail saying I am approved for an extension. Don’t know why or how but surely feel blessed. But I received a notice from state of NJ where you tear all the perforations off and it had two check marks stating where I was approved or not approved for Benefits. It checked off Approved and it stated how much I was approved for. When I did the math and homework, it appears as I was approved for a 13 week extension based on the amount they showed me approved for based on what was still appearing in my account. Now I have been collecting since June of 2020 and I realize the extra $300 benefit is over but it appears I’ll still get an extension of my $391 per week for 13 weeks and from my homework, it appears to be because the state of NJ still has too high of an unemployment rate. This is the only reason I can determine I would still receive benefits. I’m hoping and praying a lot of you got these notifications showing you would still receive at least your standard unemployment rate for additional 13 weeks.

    • I haven’t received my $300 either. Lately it seems like my payment been skipping a week then double paying the following week.

      • Per NJ DOL delays were confirmed due to system certification issues – “Today’s certification schedule will now only be open to claimants whose regular certification day is Thursday (SSNs 8000-9999). We apologize for the frequent changes to the schedule this week following the power outage and migration of our applications.

    • I have not as well, I keep looking for any news from njdol as to when it will be paid or an acknowledgement that they are aware of the problem. I was hoping for a deposit today 8/11/21 but so far nothing

    • today is august 11 and i still have not received my $300 from NJ , it usually get deposit on mondays, but since the delay on august 5th , i thought i would get it by today the 11th, but still nothing…does anyone have any idea when it might get deposit or will they make us wait till the 16th and double pay us…

    • Not only that, but also, all of a sudden my claim (I for sure did not make any mistakes filing the questionnaire because I always double check) results as “not payable at this time” for no reason, and even after the claim status confirms that I am receiving the PUA benefits and there is still money in the account. I honestly have started to think that the DOL does this on purpose to cope with all the applicants and buy some time to figure out stuff. It’s the most annoying thing, and it’s been going on forever. Plus, if you call (ALL OF TEH NUMBERS), no one seems to be working and even the recording hangs up on you (I’ll take that job and show that I really care about our tax payers! Where do I apply?!?).

      • Hi Frana,

        A similar situation happened to me back in March 2021 and I was unable to claim for 18 weeks before it got resolved. I kept being told that they had to escalate my claim and that I had to wait. I finally received all the money from the past 18 weeks this week. I know this is not something that you want to hear because the waiting time is extremely long but I know how important it was for me to hear that other people were going through the same thing as me and it did eventually get resolved. Hopefully yours doesn’t take as long as mine did.

        • Hi I haven’t Received my u employment since end of January and finally got to do the ID Me June 14 and I guess they never got it so here I am still waiting and they keep escalating it ! Did this ever happen to anyone ?

        • Everyone please read! If you have been delayed and are receiving nothing at this time DO NOT CALL AND HAVE IT ESCALATED AGAIN!!! The agents you speak to can not do anything to help. Alls they do is put your claim to the back of the pile again! When you call any of the numbers listed for the NJDOL, navigate to the “open/file new claim” portal. And when asked to enter your zip code, do one of two things. Either enter nothing and wait for the computer to ask you three times and then you’ll be directed to an agent that can actually help!!! Or enter your zip code with 3 extra digits, 08028 would be 08028888. Doing that will direct your call to an agent that can make changes. You’re not opening or filing a new claim. This is just a method to get someone on the phone to help. Start calling about 5 minutes before the lines open. Keep trying!!!! I got thru on my second attempt. I was without benefits for 6 MONTHS!!! When I got thru, the agent asked me 3 questions about my identity and fixed my problem. I never even told her why I was calling. Good luck and GET YOUR MONEY!!!!

        • Thank you for your reply! Glad you were finally able to receive your money! How were you able to get in touch with someone so that they may escalate it? I have tried calling all of the numbers at all different times of day and the answering machine hangs up after the message. I even contacted our congressman and no one is replying to them either. The way NJ handles unemployment is disgusting!

        • So question I certified my last time on Sunday august 30th so it says next payable week semptember 4th do we have one more week or that’s it’s over we got our last three hundred Monday it’s over. Or do we have one more week left next Monday will be the last time to recieve it

        • Good afternoon, I’m in the same situation..I certified yesterday 9/5 as usual, but I’m not sure if I made it to the finish line.
          The extra 300$ always comes on Mondays, but since today is a holiday I don’t know if ill still be eligible since it ended on the 4th. Could someone please shed some light on this matter please
          I appreciate your help everyone.

      • I had this happen to me on Wednesday I been did I’d me so it that but am assuming there switching everybody over to a new program to continue to receive benefits if you read on the nj website it has and article with 5 states that offer extended benefits and where one of those states we have a high unemployment rate still because there is now way in there world there trying to upset or fix a claim with on 3 week left before they run out sept the 6 I don’t no how long it will take but as you seen when you claim it gave you credit for the week

      • They absolutely do this on purpose. Do not escalate your claim. When you call, navigate to the “file/open new claim” portal and do nothing when asked 3 times to enter your zip. You’ll be directed to an agent that can actually DO SOMETHING!! Be patient and keep trying. 6 months without benefits fixed in 3 minutes!!! Good luck

      • The same exact thing happened to me. For two weeks in a row I would go to fill out my unemployment and it would say I needed to talk to an agent. I called and they said they needed to send me a PUA form to fill out through email. I still have a balance left on my claim so I should still be receiving regular unemployment plus the extras $300 and I haven’t received either the last two weeks now. Ridiculous.

        • did they even send you the email for you to fill out whatever you had to fill out for pua from what am hearing and seeing nobody getting paid right now just did my weekly claim again and got the same message as last week and I haven’t received no email to do anything

        • Yeah carli it’s really sad because they won’t say anything and am sure you are a mother with kids that are about to start school and most school want kids in uniforms which aren’t cheap so now they make you try to decide to pay your bills or get school close very sad hope it changes for you sooner the later am in the same boat went to claim early it went through got my credit but it says the same thing not payable at this time for week number 2

        • Same thing with me for the past two weeks. Claim not payable. Then I received an email that I will get benefits until September 4th? I still have money on my claim. I’m so confused.

        • That’s because Pandemic relief funds expire on 9/4. The extension we are all receiving now are being funded by Pandemic relief. So even though the system automatically generated an extension of 11 wks (my personal case) based on the previous extension received, if the federal govt doesn’t extend fundings that’s it. The email did however mention that each case would be reviewed individually for determination of state extended benefits. This is my first time ever claiming unemployment and I have worked for 15 years. From what I was told pre pandemic once you exhaust your initial 26wks of benefits your claim would be reviewed to see if you qualify for extended benefits. We are only NOW being reviewed for extended state benefits because Pandemic benefits kicked in automatically after our initial 26 wks were up. So Pandemic relief extension was a blanket to help us claim longer without having to be denied or granted extended state. Again this is my first time dealing with this but this is my interpretation of the email we received yesterday! Hoping everyone gets state extended even if for a few months longer.

        • Does anyone know will there be backpay for the 3 weeks of miss payment if my claim close of no fault of my own ?

        • I am honest to God ready to lose it! I’ve been dealing with not getting paid since June and I’ve now had two different agents hang up the phone on me when I question them and try to explain my situation. I cannot get anywhere with these people.

      • You still didn’t here anything about why no payments have been made for the last couple of weeks of reg UI and the extra 300 there has been nuffing on the NJ DOL about

        • Wondering if someone could catch me up – the email string on here is messy. I just had my senators office “unlock” my partial benefits on Thursday last week making me think I would have money in my account on this past Monday. I hadn’t received anything since 2nd week of June because I clicked the wrong box (7A instead of 7B for self employed). But no money on Monday. Is there a bigger issue going on? Is it only the $300, if so?
          Thank you for any help.

    • I have received not last week nor the week before and still waiting on 7 weeks of back pay of the 300 and regular unemployment.
      Unclear what they are doing over there.

    • I still haven’t received the additional $300. Was hoping it would be deposited today, but still nothing. Now today’s schedule for claiming has been modified due to updates.

    • Haven’t received it either. Hoping it doubles this week. Would be nice if someone could update as to when this will be resolved!

      • Can anyone help my claim sow cannot process I don’t understand I miss my certification 3 weeks now because I had to leave my apartment due to a CO leak and was in the hospital someone please help

        • Was you able to certify this week or they closed your claim up if so when you get it open again you may have to do and appeal I haven’t had a payment in 3 weeks they just stop paying people a couple of weeks ago it ain’t I’d me been did that so I don’t no what’s going on

        • Was claim payable or not though I have been certified for 3 weeks and they said that it was not payable

        • It was payable the agent told
          Me to reopen and I did and I was able to certify for this week but no additional button was up they owe me 3 weeks

        • Hey vee glad to see they fixed your claim and you haven’t been having any problems they still haven’t sent me anything so I don’t no what the hold up pua ended anyway they just been giving me credit for the last 4 weeks just hoping to get back this week finally

    • Yes havent hsd any issues with thst so far. I hope ur issue got resolved. Cause this state is nothing but a bunch of CLOWNS!!!!

  10. It is still an issue when claiming benefits.
    It has not been resolved yet.
    The Benefit last date of claim did not advance.
    ( I.E. If someone claimed for May 1 2021, the next claim date would be 5/8/2021.
    The system is stuck on May 1, not allowing the claimant to claim benefits).
    NJUE, (if lucky enough to get through) tells me that it is with an escalation team and if I ask if an email can be sent to the escalation team the message is that it can delay things another 2 to 3 weeks.
    No path to resolution and I have not been able to receive benefits since the system update.
    The claims are showing filed, the amount and claim dates are visible. The date has still not been corrected.



    • I was having the same problem, mine said January and after weeks of struggling and not getting anywhere i went in and filled out the form from the last payable date and claimed the hours i worked did that all the way to May before I was kicked out of the system, when I was able to get back in, it was surprisingly at the right date…. still haven’t received any money yet though and can not get through to a person not for lack of trying. It says filed and give me my amount but still no money yet and it has been 7 weeks. Reached out to my legislators for help hopefully it comes soon. Good Luck!

  11. I am having a problem claiming my weekly benefit. I am claiming for the 1st time. I am getting the message that I need to speak to an agent.
    And they have the automated message on their phone saying all agents are busy they can not take calls. Call back again tomorrow. I have been trying for the last 4 days with no luck talking to an agent. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • From my experience the first claim has to be done over the phone through the automated service. That’s what I did.

    • I had trouble as well, and when I finally did get through, I was told that I did not go the “ID Me” – check your email for that.

      • I completed this ID me step and they did not pay me my 300 nor any back pay from June 12th…they ended my previous claim with one payment left and never paid me that last payment.
        Now I received only one payment for this past claim week but I have not received any of the back pay from June 12 on. It took forever with the ID me.
        There were issues with processing my ID through the phone…I had to wait forever for an appointment with the MVC to even get ID because my passport expired and it is an 18 week wait for renewed passports.
        There was issue on top of issue to verify my ID that they had already verified on the first claim.
        Did anyone experience waiting for back pay? How long did it take?

        • It took me a year, but I filed in may of 2020, they owed me for March & April 2020 & I finally got the back pay May of 2021, I am PUA though, & they didn’t know how to handle that whole mess I guess, it was an awful long process!!

        • Honestly, I did everything they told me to, the escalation forms & sit back & wait but I called my local senators office (Sweeney) & they rallied for me, without them I’d prolly still be waiting, call your local senators office!!!

    • I had a problem getting a person too I started calling like 30 mins before they open and just would hang up and call back immediately and got lucky finally and got a person there is no easy way to get in touch with them you just have to be lucky and hope when u call someone just gets off a call

  12. what time does the 300$ usually hit in the morningi called my bank of America and it said as of the 19th of july (today) it hadnt hit. does that mean it wont be hitting at all today or is there still a chance itll come today. anyone else having the same issue with not being paid??

      • Did you ever get your $300? I am hoping mine comes tomorrow with this upcoming weeks. I have been getting it consistently every Monday. The 19th it never came so I am worried I won’t get it tomorrow for the 26th either

        • Hi. I didn’t receive mine on 19th either. I received the 26th and it was only one payment so now I’m confused. It seems like they just felt like skipping the one 300 payment.

  13. My wife started getting unemployment in April of 2021. It looks like her office won’t open again until 2022. Will she get an extension beyond the 26 weeks in NJ since she is only getting partial because she works from home 10 hours a week. Thank you

  14. Going on 12 weeks without a check please help keep getting error message when certifying left my phone number several times no reply

  15. Hello. My scheduled claim time for today was changed yesterday and unlike in the past, there is not a makeup time this evening, instead I have to wait till Friday.

    Unfortunately I will be on the road at that time and am not sure if I’ll be able to access the site, does anyone know what happens if you miss a week and file the next instead. Do you lose your PUA benefits for that week?

    Thanks so much, this is stressing me out a bit and am now considering changing my travel plans to see family.

        • Would I get the 300 I missed of the week 5/10/2021 because I just got a email that my payment been processed from 5/01/2021 the specialist finally submitted the payment july 15 yesterday from accidentally answering a question wrong from claiming my reg benefits. So would I get the pua benefits as well

      • I don’t know, for 2 reasons… first I couldn’t certify yesterday because there were computer problems, and since today is a holiday, I doubt it will come in because I didn’t get mine. Does anyone know why certain people couldn’t certify Sunday morning??

    • Miss a week u can do it next time and make up the week i would.make sure you did it on your regular time..should be a button says certify more weeks

  16. I got that email yesterday too. It’s just a reminder to actively look for a job and report any earnings to keep receiving UI. We’re lucky we don’t have to submit weekly proof of job search like some states; such as acknowledgement email from companies we apply to.

      • Did anyone else have trouble certifying at their correct time, because I got an error sign telling me they had computer problems. Any assistance will be appreciated!

      • So yesterday I went to claim and it went through I got the green check at the end like i normally do and than it said I will receive credit for this week but it not payable at this time I don’t have no email for anything and I been did I’d me with no excuse at the end of are claims now we more problems but they no school is coming around and wall families with kids must get uniforms this and that so what is this new thing now anybody else have that problem yesterday claiming

        • I had the same thing happen today with two other people I know for an unexplained reason I have no clue I might guess that it’s the e Adjucation thing in March I never got again I’d guess that’s it

        • The e-judificatuon or however its spelled. Sorry but a friend of mine whom I claim benefits for every week never sent in 2019/2020 Was and or a letter of job offer that you wete supposed to start before the pandemic and couldn’t do so due to businesses shutting down or not needing as many employee’s as they thought. So unemployment wanted. A letter from the employer stating u had a job offer with start date which would be before the pandemic started OR W2s for the 2019/20 they sent a email with plenty of time to respond and same even got extensions for when this information was due and if this info is not sent back by the date your claim will no longer ne payable. So best thing to do is try to gettin thru because u can no longer send in the forms they there its NO option to do so. I wish luck to everyone having this issue god bless

        • I got the same exact thing for 2 weeks in a row. “You will receive credit” etc but not payable at this time.. Did you find out what this us about? Bc I haven’t been able to get in touch with them

        • Keith- I am having same issue as you for second week in row now. Last week after trying all day I did get through and a gentleman said its a glitch not my fault and to just wait and keep certifying. I called back again after a few days and a lady said they sent me an email they needed a W2. I never got the email and she said well then I don’t know. I am confused with 2 different answers. I have been collecting a few months now and suddenly I get NOT PAYABLE. I have been trying to get through to find out why since last Thursday with no Luck. So also if you don’t collect that week I am finding i am not eligible either for the $300 so I am 0 income so far this month and no replies for a job even though supposedly their is so much work available. Did you ever resolve your issue?
          Did you get through and get any answers?

        • I’m experiencing the same thing. However I think it has to do with us not submitting our e junction what do u think?

        • It’s sad they no you don’t have a w-2 because they don’t send one out it shows up in your claim section and you open it up so they have it on file for you first it was ID me you had to do now it’s this but it’s only a couple of weeks left so it’s like which one is it I do 20 applications a day I did serval interviews over the phone haven’t landed anything but that is no reason for them to just stop paying people when they no school is right around the corner now the the funds are depleted there saying in the unemployment account for New Jersey so if that’s the problem then say that but to ask for documentation with 3 weeks does that make since to anybody

        • Yes. Same problem. Why are they doing this to us?? Knowing we have school clothes to buy. And provide food and pay bills

  17. I just received an email today from the NJ DOL “Reminder of Requirement to Report Earnings and Accept Work”. The email reminder was directed to “everyone”. Has anyone else received this email? It seems like a mass email but I’m not sure if for some unknown reason, it was sent to me specifically. Thank you in advance!

      • Thanks for the reply Andy. I totally understand work search requirements are being enforced now, but I’m trying to determine whether the email was specific to me and my claim or whether all/most claimants are receiving the email/letter. Also, the email (full text below) did not ask for any personal information or reply. This is the text:

        “This letter reminds everyone receiving unemployment benefits of their responsibilities for accepting suitable work and reporting of earnings. Forgoing these responsibilities can lead to a determination of ineligibility for benefits and mandatory repayment of benefits received.

        In order to receive benefits each week, you must:

        Be able to work
        Be available for work, and
        Not refuse an offer of suitable work

        The weekly certification questions ask if you meet all three conditions for the week. Requesting unemployment benefits when you do not meet all three conditions may cause NJDOL to require you to return benefits.

        For more information on continuing unemployment benefit eligibility see: Benefit Eligibility.

        Limited exceptions are made during the COVID-19 pandemic for those who are unemployed and meet all federal PUA requirements.

        To support your search for employment, NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development offers a suite of virtual career services. Find out more at and New Jersey’s jobs portal here:      

        NJDOL understands that your former employer or a new employer might only be able to offer you part-time work currently. As long as you are working less than 80% of the hours you were working before you became unemployed, and you are accepting all of the work offered to you, you may still be eligible for partial unemployment benefits as well as the $300 weekly federal pandemic unemployment compensation (FPUC) available through September 4, 2021. More information on partial benefits is available at How NJDOL Calculates Unemployment Benefits.

        Reporting income earned through wages or self-employment, even if payment is in cash, is mandatory. Employers send wage records to NJDOL and federal law requires you to repay any benefits received if earnings are not correctly reported. For tips on reporting all earnings correctly, see A Step-by-Step Guide to Certifying for Weekly Benefits or watch this VIDEO: Weekly Certification Tutorial (Certification Question #7 @11:48).

      • Andy – Would you have any written info from NJ about when they will be reinstating the job search requirement? Some of the info on their website seems to be standard pre-Covid statements. I’ve been unable to find anything regarding a date this becomes effective again or about the job search waiver being discontinued. The last time I certified, the option of delaying your job search until the health emergency subsides or ends was still there. I would assume this will be removed once the waiver ends.
        Zip Recruiter provides a list that says it’s up-to-date as of 6/18/21 and there is no job search reinstatement date for NJ yet. They’ve been adding info for different states that are discontinuing federal benefits and reinstating job searches. I’m looking for work but am trying to determine if we need to automatically submit job search info each week once this is reinstated in NJ. ( I did receive an Email from the DOL today too but it said you can’t refuse work but didn’t include anything about the job search requirement.)

      • I got verified I had to use a different email address but I don’t know how that will go with NJDOL .I’m so stress

        • @vee did you try to claim benefits, I never was told to wait for the date to show under next date to claim and it went threw . Now I didn’t get the payment yet but the weekly benefit went threw successfully.

        • I tried I think my email has to match my unemployment profile it’s google access it’s not working I had to create new ID to verify myself

        • Maybe go under ur unemployment account and change your email under your unemployment account to match and see if that helps.

  18. Not sure if this link at the bottom will work. If not, it’s on Just search:
    “One man’s 121-day saga to get unemployment benefits in N.J.”

    This proves (to me anyway) that all the delays, the busy phones, the wrong date on claims, multiple weeks escalated, 4-6 weeks, be patient crap has been goin on for a long time. This is not a NEW problem, it’s an old tactic that the NJDOL has been using way too long. They’re running out of excuses. First it was this bogus “12 month review….it’s not a glitch”. Then came the “date of your is claim wrong”. Which of course turned into the old “escalated 4-8 weeks” gig. The gentleman in the article got the last two, plus ones I’ve yet to experience. Wake up guys! This has been goin on for years. Money in NJ’s Santandar Savings Account is much more valuable than you think. Some of the others states, only because I have family there, DID NOT SEE ANY DELAYS AT ALL!!! This state got caught with its pants down!!! The arts also mentions “Labor Department’s handling of the crisis could be investigated under a bill in the state senate.” I’m telling y’all right now! NJ will have to answer for this. Not because we want money handed to us while we sit home. But because our children are the ones who are getting kicked in the face! How many families had to got thru their savings? A College fund? 401k? Im one who did! Every resource that “I”, “myself”had to dip into? That WAS NEVER my money. It was my children’s money! I stopped working for me 19 years ago when my first born daughter entered this world. This unemployment is for my kids!! My family!! Anyone from the DOL reading this, cause we know you see this as well as the emails that are supposed to be private, should know this! Stop reading the scripted excuses and talk to us like humans. Telling a father that he’s no one special and has to wait like everyone else, when you already know how long he’s been waiting and how many times his claim was escalated….is a job for a special kind of person. One who lacks the ability to to care about anyone other than themselves! They say they’re understaffed? It’s because only a small percentage of people are born that way!! I know I couldn’t do that for a living!

    • I stop counting the days, but I do know – everything you wrote, they have told me the same things. My biggest question now, is: Is it LEGAL, what New Jersey is doing??? The 8 weeks 10 weeks, mines going on 11 weeks … “NJDOL has 8 weeks to process my weekly benefits” … Is this Legal??? Our money is sitting in a bank collecting interest for days?? Georgia state is suing their government.

      • I have yet to hear anything from NJ since April 2020! I was claiming from PA because I worked 3 out 4 quaters of the year there and the last in NJ, but they stopped 3/4th of the way and said they could no longer continue unless I show them a letter denying benefits in NJ. Apparently a claim was filed with NJ in April 2020, but I received no notice, and I’m unable to claim online or over the phone without the help of an agent. The times I have actually got a human on the line they say the case has been escalated to speak with a specialist agent which could take up to 8 weeks to hear from (this was in FEBRUARY). Sitting idle and waiting for something to happen can’t be the only solution to this, but without getting anyone useful on the phone what choice is there? I just wish they were more transparent about the specific issues going on so there’s at least some reassurance it’s being looked into.

  19. Has the job search requirement in NJ to get unemployment benefits been reinstated yet? If yes, do we need to submit our work search info to unemployment each week/at certain intervals or do we wait to see if we’re asked to give this to them?
    ANDY- thanks for the info you provide us as well as the forum for our comments specifically related to NJ. Anyone with SS# 0000 -1001 didn’t have a time slot at all yesterday, Sunday 6/13/2021. It’s helpful to see when other people are having similar problems as you because that usually indicates there’s a problem with the web site in general, not you.

    • As far as the job search requirement I’m clueless what that even is. Never been on unemployment pre pandemic.
      As far as if that didn’t have time slots for 6/13/21 we have to certify on Friday based on SS# on that schedule. And yes definitely always a good sign when multiple people are having the same issues although we would rather have no issues at all.

        • Yes I am I did mines the same day as somebody I no and his account loaded back up in 3 days smh I been waiting going on 3 weeks now so far

        • Yes me too I had to use a separate email
          Because I use google access with the same email that’s tie to ui text me Keith 929-355-4193

        • This is the first time I’m hearing about the ID thing… something new being added to further complicate matters? What is this ID thing supposed to go into affect? Thank you for your input!

        • It already started its to verify yourself using ID me upload any form of ID that not expired you can use your passport and basically do a video where you meet an agent and show them proof that’s you by showing document with your name on it like a SS card health insurance card birth certificate a bill

        • So 3 weeks ago I randomly was selected to verify my Id and of course my ID had expired so I had to wait two weeks to get an appointment at DMV and then wait another week for my ID to come through the mail. I just certified for the three weeks that I had missed but I see a lot of people saying that they haven’t received their $300 payments in back pay while they were waiting to verify their ID. does anyone have info on this or experience? Do I have to call and let an unemployment agent know that I haven’t received my 300 payments due to not being able to certify because of waiting for my id to be verified?

        • All I did was call on the make up date to claim which was today (Friday) and it worked . It never showed next payable date on my account when I signed in but it let me claim and I just vefified my Id last night at 8pm Thursday night. I received an email after I called to claim my benefits for the past 3 weeks I missed saying it was successful. But I never had a date come up in the next payable date or anything from unemployment I just took a chance and it worked . Who told you to wait for that to show a date or why did you not just call and try to claim your benefits? We’re you told not to?

        • I use my google to access ID me never created it with my emails address the one that I use for my unemployment but when I did it it kept asking for step 3 so I use my other email and it worked I have been working with a ID me rep 3 days now he’s trying his best to help me I have to use my same email Address as my unemployment profile .I don’t know I have 3 kids to look after we all caught the virus I got fed up and decided to do NOtary singing which I worked my butt off to pass exam background check I’m so overwhelmed

        • I was going to let you know make sure you call to
          See where the status of your account is maybe they escalate it .

        • I Put my number because it’s a miracle to get through and I seem to be lucky sometimes
          I put the call on so you can at least talk to
          A rep of you haven’t spoken to anyone yet

        • Hey what’s the number you had to call to check the status they just are making the whole id like you said a big thing when I can’t be I have seen people get cleared in 3 to 4 days clearly using the same forms of Id I did

        • Call center never gets through me never I tryed them already when I first got locked out I even got a passport I got all my forms if Id that they have in the list I used the email I had for my ui claim and my new one the thing is they say it takes 15 days you understand that but you can’t say that then in 3 or 4 days a bunch of people that do the id me the same day you do there claim is right back up so to me it’s like your doing raffle and just picking claims to load back up and lock out when you want to we where supposed to do this back in Jan to be honest and they no that the just put out a message they was updating the system I don’t see anything done different to the something yet like I said all you can do is keep your head up and wait I guess

        • Yeah I read and seen you did yours on the 7th of June I did mines the first I will let you no if mines change all you really can do is keep checking your claim to see the next payable date go back up when it does your good to go that what happened with the people I no that did it so far I just no it don’t really take 15 days people are getting it way sooner than that email or not your on the phone live with a person that verify everything you got in front of them which are legal documents and they won’t clear you if there not we all no that so if your getting pua I don’t get why it would take so long what else would they need

        • I verified my I’d yesterday with a live video person and I went on my claim and it did not have my next date to claim , but my chance I tried to claim my weekly benefits today ( Friday) and it went threw and then it had a button at the bottom that said claim continued benefits and that came up three times after I answered the normal claim questions to catch up to this week. And it went threw so I would just try and claim your benefits and see what happens it worked for me

        • I read somebody else did the id thing and yes everybody am hearing that did that so far that started there claim back up didn’t receive there 300 so I don’t no what’s going on or why are claims having started back up yet all they say is wait to see if your date changes on your claim so I don’t no how long it will take am going on a month waiting

        • OMG, I uploaded my documents June 9, 2021 and I’m still waiting for my claim to be process. It’s been 11 weeks.

        • I had mine done the same day but I clicked the part to have mine with a virtual assistant, and they did it the next day , I never received anything saying that it was approved but I just went and tried to claim and when I claimed my weekly benefits online it went threw. And it let me claim the past weeks (that I missed while getting a new id) ***** try claiming your benefits ***** I never received an approved email like they said I would.

        • I have been waiting I’m
          On my 11 th business day I hoping it goes through this week they said 15 business days

        • Did you try to claim benefits on your normal date online or over the phone anyway? I did the next day and it worked . I still never got an approval email

      • There is a question asked each week when claiming your benefits

        Were you able and available for work? Yes

    • No, NJ doesn’t require us to submit evidence of job search. Murphy said NJ will use the honor system, lucky us.

  20. It would be great if people were grateful to get anything at all and stop blaming and depreciating NJ and
    Governor Murphy. If you don’t like getting one of the highest unemployment rates in the US and fairly quickly, (IF claim went through) then please, go ahead, LEAVE!! Go to Florida! They are stopping theirs, and they barley get $200 bucks anyway!! Not to mention price of living is comparable to ours. (By the way your
    Governor that you are so mad at, at least enforced and extended the utilities shut offs and evictions that so many other states DO NOT have an option. so they get little to no money, and they WILL get shut off if they dont pay!!!) I am sick of hearing people complain. Stop crying and throwing tantrums because you are spoiled rotten and feel entitled! If you ended up commenting on this page, you probably did a search about why you didn’t receive your supplemental $300 this week yet… and i say yet, cz yes, you will get it, it will come probably later today or tomorrow as it has before. But when you googled, did you take the time to glance over the results! That 25, yes 25 other states, (more than HALF!) some fairly close to NJ in proximity, are NOT GETTING THEIR $300 at all anymore even though this was promised to them federally? Are you that ignorant? Those states decided to just completely cut it early, barley a warning… Not to mention so many New Jersians who have STILL not received their regular unemployment at all since the pandemic shut down began!
    Be GREATFUL! and i do thank whomever started this forum to be able to at least know that you are not alone in there being a delay with the $300. As long as you are not the only one, then you know that there was a technical issue. Use common sense people. Be patient! It looks better on you!

    • Kristy

      I’m not sure if I should agree with this or be angry. Lol. Who are these spoiled people? The ones complaining and throwing tantrums? Are you referring to all the…“I have to wait 24 hours for my $300”…complaints?
      If so?…I agree with you.
      If that was the issue for me?
      It wouldn’t be a BE AN ISSUE?
      Believe me, I understand their frustration. But I don’t understand the need to complain about it. If it’s a question? Asking why, or if something happened, I get. But to bitch about it in a forum, when they already know it’s gonna be a day late? Absolute ignorance. There are 1,000’s of people reading this who haven’t seen ONE RED CENT!

      As for defending our “Governor”? I would agree with you on that as well. But I cannot! Because I’m one of the 1,000’s of people who’s life has been completely flipped upside down. I’ve emailed him at least 2 dozen times. Now I’m on his mailing list, which is the ONLY answer I’ve received! The DOL in NJ disgusting!! This soon to be 6 months delay? Its no secret! It’s not getting over looked. It’s getting ignored! And the governor HAD to do something about the utilities! Utilities who will get their money ANYWAY! So no! I can’t praise him for that. He hasn’t done a thing about this delay! I haven’t heard anything from him or the commissioner! To let this linger without some clarification? Is atrocious!

      I’ve collected unemployment in the past, and I’ve had issues like this before. This isn’t something new, it’s just on a bigger scale!

      And those other states who opted OUT of the PUA? Every state had that option from the beginning. Once the funds were distributed to each state? They became in charge of how and if anything was distributed! Remember, this was an unemployment extension. Not a relief check! Each state had the option to decline the PRESIDENTS $10,000 tax credit as well. I read somewhere NJ was not going to allow the credit! But I don’t know if they did in fact decline. And those states? Nowhere NEAR the numbers NJ has! Not even close!! Matter of FACT! NJ has more unemployed people than the ENTIRE COUNTRY combined! NJ opting out was and still is never gonna happen!! Someone yesterday or the day before said NJ might even have to extend unemployment AGAIN!! Because of this delay.

      This should be priority ONE for the governor! But it is NOT! On NJ’s official Twitter page, there was a tweet that was pinned for a while. It said something like “NJ is leading the way with their innovative unemployment system”! Hahahahaha. Really? This delay IS NOT A SECRET!! Newspapers have been flooded with calls! Governor’s office has been flooded with calls! And I haven’t read one thing about it! The only thing I saw, pertaining to the delays, was an article by NOBODY back in late March! I say “nobody” because it wasn’t an interview or a journalist writing a story! It was a statement, from the NJDOL, hidden in a fake article. And the DOL blamed the me and others for the delays. Because we All answered the questions wrong during certification! Lol. A month later? The reason changed. Now it was due to the STANDARD 12 month review! Which, by the way, was never the standard in NJ. It was always a 6 month review. Then a possible 6 month extension.

      I can’t take credit for that, I got that from someone on here with the same problem, NO MONEY! He, who is in his late 50’s with 2 children in college, was mocked and laughed at by the same people who complain about their 24 hour delay! SMH! He said something about leaving NJ because of this. They said the same thing you did! GET OUT!

      Now I don’t believe you meant that in the way they did. I’m pretty sure you’re upset with the “24 hours?” people. I also believe you’re one of us Kristy? If so?………
      Good luck!!!

    • Kristy…. you are 100% right, and I commend you on speaking your mind and setting others who don’t appreciate the help they get straight. I understand some have it harder than others, but overall, I think Murphy has done a good job during one of our hardest times ever. Thank you for being so forthcoming.

    • First let me clarify how predetermining an entire group of people based on 1 common attribute is a stereotype, then announcing personal judgement based on bias classification system via a public forum- is completely unacceptable as it is a form of bullying which attacks basic right of dignity. If you truly want to make a public announcement, gather all of the information, compare and contrast cited facts with supporting statistics to form an opion free from bias. Its very easy to make an assumption that assigns a monetary denomination as a gift.. but try to understand where the funding for these programs comes from. How is the funding distrubuted- to include costs of operations and salary variations within this state/ federally funded program. What percent is paid into operations, media statements, outsourced contracted customer service reps, full time staff, and how much is distributed including the time funding received versus released. Research what the mean income is in NJ snd compare that to the available funds offered to unemployed persons. How does that $300 compare to the median lost wages. How do these programs benefit the fiancial economy that maintains NJ ability sustain the economy (via taxes in many variations to maintain multiple government agencies) what would happen if this system was not available and why was this department initially established. Then give an informed opinion, with substantial facts. To assume that $300 a week is an irrelevant amount without real data, you miss a big factor- there are many people that $300 plus weekly benefit does not afford basic standards of living that can be defined into a single group of people. I think there is a big factor many americans lack fundamental knowledge that goverment funding is paif for by taxpayer contributions- every speech is paid for by taxpayers, state and federal government is supported by taxes. $300 dollars could be a car payment or grocery bill.. no matter what the recepient determines is a necessity- any money that is used to redistribute into the economy gets taxed (thats 2 taxes on every dollar distrubted) these monies also provide a means to contribute to businesses which creates income that can maintain finanancial necessity to maintain staff which supports stable work… its really much deeper than accusing someone of greed. I would love to get back to work, unemployment with $300 additional still leaves me at a loss which dominos all the way to the cost of stocks- just to name one area affected

      • I think your missing the point by a MILE!!! Nice speech! You’re an educated person! But you’re lacking a certain emotion they can’t teach in school! I can’t speak for anyone else on here, only me! And MY OPINION? (because that’s all this really is) People, who are currently receiving their standard UI, are going bat shit crazy about $300 not being in their accounts at the same time every week!! There’s absolute NO reason to panic! Does an extra $300 help? Absolutely!!! No one has implied that it doesn’t help. It helps at the end of the month when bills are due. Not on a week to week schedule!!?? I’d be ecstatic if I was receiving the $300. Even if it was a day or two late. But I do not receive the $300. Matter of fact? I don’t receive anything at all. I’ve kept my words to myself, while reading this forum, for a long time now. And reading your clever jargon really pissed me off! If that statement is in fact the real you? Your life must be a dark, monotonous, thrill ride. Statistics mean NOTHING when it comes to a topic about right and wrong! It’s about FEELING the pain of another human, and knowing that your pain isn’t so bad. Some people have taken it to far but I understand their FEELINGS! You do not! I’ve been reading these over and over, same thing every day. Same question everyday. Same answer they get every day. And it’s turned into the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever read! Because there is no argument. There are people receiving their UI, but getting the $300 hours or days late. Then there are the people who haven’t received either of the two. I’m one of the people who hasn’t received anything. And it’s the most stressful thing a man can go thru. Especially with kids in college, and parents I care for. It’s an absolutely horrendous FEELING. When I first started reading the complaints? They were only asking what happened. But it slowly turned into a “do or die” situation for them. And I can honestly tell YOU right now, without STATISTICS because I’m currently FEELING IT, that they have NO IDEA what a do or die situation is. If they had? Like myself, till just now, hey wouldn’t have posted on this forum. I’ve been on both sides of different things. And I know for a FACT! If that $300 was REALLY gonna make me late with a payment? I’d simply call and explain. It’s literally that simple. Others don’t have the ability to do that….for 6 months straight anyway. You understanding the point now? Are you actually FEELING the pain of both sides? Because there is pain from both sides, I’ve been on both! I feel for both sides! But in know way, shape, or form are the two comparable.
        As I stated earlier? I haven’t received any benefits whatsoever this year. Like you, I would love to go back to work. I liked my 6 figures. But that’s not possible for me at this time. I’ve been silent because I’m not one to argue over troubled times and who had it worse! But you? The statistics, taxes we pay into for UI, and whatever else I skipped over. Does not come into play here. The human heart does. People’s lives are being changed forever!! And they, WE, don’t know why. No one from the DOL has explained anything to us! The ones having to wait 24 hours? They received their explanation, quickly too! Now I’m not calling anyone out on anything right now. I’m simply explaining how emotions work to a robot.
        You will most definitely reply to this, you NEED the last word. I’ve met YOU many times before. And always walked away. I don’t need the last word….when I already know I’m right!….

        • Yes just check your account I am supposed to get notification of when it gos into my account and today I didnt it was just there so just check your account it may just be there

        • No I have not . I usually get it Mondays , but maybe because of the holiday? I did get the other one though.. you?

  21. Anyone have trouble calling and claiming continued unemployment benefits . I pushed 3 like it said and it just keeps repeating the automated message about 1099 info and I have hung up and tried to recall multiple times.

      • There were no certifications allowed as of 1:15pm today with no further information available. I could not certify like I was supposed to.

    • In response to your comment about having difficulty with certifications today, I tried logging in at my correct time and there was a message in red stating that there were no certifications on Sunday as of 1:15pm today, with no further information available. Does anyone know what is going on.
      .thank for having this forum and all your help

      • Nope. Just have to keep checking online. I wonder if we can certainly on Friday the make up day? Guess just wait on a schedule for us or further instructions.

        • Did you get the same thing that said we have to check back every day to see if there are any updates? Very aggravated!

        • Schedule is up and based on your ss# some of us have to certify today and others FRIDAY! It’s annoying because I usually get paid on Tuesday so now idk because of their stupid system issues. I too am annoyed like why not give everyone a chance to certify on their regular day

        • Who knows with this crappy state. No 300 again
          Couldn’t claim yesterday. Wtf is going on
          Over 1 year later and all these problems. This I’s all.murphys fault
          Let me know if you get the 300

        • If you couldn’t claim yesterday like I couldn’t I don’t think we will see the $300 today. Usually it comes around this time but so many times it has been super late. I figured since we were able to certify the system won’t know to send us the $300 until after we do it Friday. Not sure this is my first time on unemployment ever

        • I was able to claim yesterday it was the same schedule from last week boss I did mine at 530 pm but didn’t get the three hundred dismorning lol as usual why jersey always have prbelm like the system always has an issue lmk if anybody gets the three hundred today

        • Couldn’t claim yesterday I called today just to see and it said system error so not letting ppl claim today either and no 309 either.

        • Two weeks ago I claimed but because I worked more hours I got 0$ back, so I knew I wasn’t getting the 300. But this past Friday I claimed because my hours were cut way short and I did get my unemployment but did not get the 300 today … I don’t get it! Why??

        • No 300 today and i claimed yesterday.. still havent recieved an email that my payment is being processed.. but today technically supposly is considered a holiday

        • I was one of the many unlucky ones that have to wait until FRIDAY to certify instead of yesterday because of their system update. However usually if it isn’t there early by the late afternoon it’s there. Give it some time.

        • I claimed on my regular day which was Thursday and I received my regular unemployment benefits this morning but no $300 yet…Does anyone else have this issue today? …or know what might possibly be going on? I’d appreciate any info! :) thanks guys!…
          Monday June 14, 2021.

        • Did they say what was going on tho? & do you happen to remember where or who you heard that from? …or if it did say whether or not it is coming and/or when?

  22. Anyone have trouble calling and claiming continued unemployment benefits . I pushed 3 like it said and it just keeps repeating the automated message about 1099 info

      • The schedule for today has changed. Veers start at 2pm like last week. This is why you can’t get through. Please go online and check your time.

        • Thank you for posting the update on number isn’t up there so I’m assuming I have to wait until Friday to certify as per the statement made by DOL. I know this will back everything up to next week.

        • Your welcome. Glad I could help someone smh yes this sucks but the error is on their part not us.

        • This entire process which we’ve been going through has caused many people to suffer needlessly, but one good thing did come out of this.. it’s united us Jerseyans in good times and bad.. thanks to all the people who post positive information and thereby getting us through.

    • We’re you able to claim today? The schedule isn’t available before 2pm when we were supposed to start for today. I didn’t get an email from NJDOL. Hbu?

      • There are no certifications allowed on Sunday@1:15. effective date and time. I could not certify at my 3:30 time frame.

      • I still couldn’t claim after 2 it now says it’s closed wth last 3 weeks it’s been messed up every Sunday!!!!! Then it won’t let me claim on Monday

        • Check your claim status and see your next payable week and also check your email
          Maybe ID me need to be verified I’m not sure I’m still waiting I have 3 weeks and currently training for a new job/career

        • New schedule is up for those of us who usually claim on Sunday. The start time is 5pm until 8pm. If your ss# was scheduled for anytime for 5pm today’s based on the new schedule, you (we) have to certify for benefits on Friday which sucks because I usually get paid on Tuesday. I really hopes this doesn’t mess up next week.

  23. Since dec 27 to present i git only 2 weeks everytime i certify i call the njdol customer service always telling wait to 4 to 8 weeks but 8 almost done then i certify my slots cannot process again then called again the customer service always same statement just to wait 4 weeks again i dont where gonna start to count the weeks like yesterday june 9 i certify same again cannot processed i called the customer service just to wait in 4 weeks again huhu

    • D! Welcome to my world! Same issue as you, and my claim was already reviewed and I have the FIRST 11 weeks of this year’s benefits already deposited and sitting in my UI account. Waited 6 weeks and received an email from NJDOL telling me I’m good to go. Was only able to claim one week and that was it. I’ve spoken to them 3 times about this. Because my claim has been “escalated” to the proper department 3 times. And every 6 weeks I’m told the same thing. WAIT! I’ve even been told I’m no one special, my claim was never reviewed, should’ve called earlier to have my claim reviewed and it’s my fault, everybody has to wait 6-8 weeks, file a new claim, reopen my existing claim, the date is wrong, blah blah blah! Since December 27th I’ve lost my 3 bedroom loft, BMW, all of my savings, and I’m currently living in a friends garage. Ive been in the same career for 35 years and I can’t find a job ANYWHERE!! Either they’re not hiring because it’s very slow or the position has been filled by someone who can’t speak a word of English, is living in this country illegally, and is working for half of what I used to make. The career I’ve dedicated my life to is ruined beyond repair! The end of this month will be 6 MONTHS without benefits! Benefits that have been given to this state by the President himself. On the front page of NJDOL’s website it states “it’s not a glitch…all claims need to be reviewed after 12 months”! Anyone who’s ever collecting UI in NJ knows YOU COULD NEVER COLLECT FOR MORE THAN 12 MONTHS!! EVER!! You get 6 months, then a REVIEW, and then a 6 month extension IF you’re approved. This 12 month review is BS! I understand that people are taking advantage of this, BUT!!?? Anyone who received a W2 and filed the last 3 years before this pandemic? SHOULD NOT be held up by some “NEW 12 MONTH REVIEW”. I have NOTHING against GIG WORKERS, and it’s not their fault. But why is it all the GIG workers that could never collect UI before, because they never made enough on paper, haven’t been delayed at all!? And people who’ve always been able to collect HAVE TO WAIT? My daughter was a part time waitress while going to college. She’d never be able to collect UI before this pandemic. NJ changed the laws so others like her, who pay taxes but don’t make enough to qualify for UI, can now qualify. Again! This isn’t against these workers. I applaud them. They make less than minimum wage and rely on tips to survive. My problem is this state deciding that because of what they make, they don’t have to wait! Not only did my daughter not have to wait, she received an email 2 months before her “12 MONTH REVIEW” telling her to fill out the form attached so there wouldn’t be any delays in her UI. Where the hell was my email? This pandemic has cost me EVERYTHING! And NJ is solely responsible!! This is my story. I’m sure there are 1,000’s of others with the same problem. But the one thing that really proves NJ’s inadequacies towards the people who live here isn’t the 6-8 weeks we have to wait…(It been 24 week for me)…it’s the fact that the money HAS ALREADY BEEN DEPOSITED!! So it’s common practice in NJ to deposit 11 weeks of benefits into someone’s account before they’re reviewed? I’ve been ridiculed on here for wanting OUT of New Jersey! I’ve actually been told to stop complaining and get out! Lol. I plan on it! Just give me my 8 months worth benefits AND the $300 per week on top. And I’ll be gone. With a smile on my face. Hang in there D! Hang in there!!!!!

    • Could anyone help me with info about once you do your i.d me and get clear i didn’t receive my 2weeks back pay for the 300……but i received my back pay for the 2weeks of my unemployment……so im tryna see if their gonna reimburse me with the 2weeks of the 300..thanks in advance!!!

        • Mine might take longer I try to use my google account to access it and it’s stuck on step 3 so I had to use a different email and it worked and it said it went through I also called for them to make note that I try using my same email
          And it wouldn’t log in so I use another one so I told them to take the email address I used because it was stuck on the step 3 processing . My suggestion to everyone DONT use google to access ID Me .The rep also told me that it would match my SS so it shouldn’t be a problem but we will see

        • Why they say 15 days if it only took them 4 days for yours ? The rep told me to keep checking my claim status and when I see a date it’s clear to certify

    • I’m having the same exact problem. Same. I call and it was supposed to be fixed. It let me certify 2 weeks. But they held the money. And now they have to send forth a nother escalation. And tI have to give that 8 weeks before they can do anything. My patience is running thin. I haven’t received a dime in almost 5 months. I am a single mom with 2 kids to feed. I’m all out of resources. I don’t know what to do.this is crazy.

    • Dolors?? I found a way in to an agent THAT CAN ACTUALLY FIX ISSUES!! I’m like you, nothing for almost 6 months.

      Press #1 then #3 when the female voice asks if you’d like to continue in English. The #1 is to answer her question and the #3 is to answer the following question which puts you at FILE A CLAIM option. Pressing the #3 immediately after the #1 gets you there quicker.

      After a few informative recordings a male computerized voice will ask you the same question about CONTINUING IN ENGLISH. Press #1 to answer.

      Wait for HIM to ask you for your ZIP CODE. Enter your ZIP CODE FOLLOWED BY THE LAST NUMBER IN THAT ZIP CODE! THREE TIMES IN A ROW. For example: YOUR ZIP- 09039 WHAT YOU NEED TO ENTER- 09039999. Do it fairly quickly. I was put on hold for a live agent. Got this method off of the web!! Good luck to anyone who tries it. If this post actually stays on here.

    • No, I had problems all day, couldn’t certify during my regular scheduled time or the secondary “missed” time slot. Kept getting one or the other below Error messages after I entered my SS# and the webpage was spooling for an elongated period of time (over 30-45 seconds or longer)

      ERROR: The Unemployment Insurance Web application for claiming Weekly benefits is not available at this time. Please exit and try again later. For further assistance, please call the Reemployment Call Center during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the following numbers:

      (201) 601-4100
      (732) 761-2020
      (856) 507-2340

      -OR- Sorry, the server made an error. Please try again later.

      This leaves us with 2 options, Call one of those phone numbers tomorrow morning @ 8:30am and hopefully get some help or just try again on Friday during our specific certify time makeup slots, the second option is probably what a rep at the UE office will tell us to do. I’m just worried if same scenario happens on Friday we may find ourselves caught up in the waiting for answers and not getting any limbo nightmare that many have found themselves in during this unfortunate mess, some people are still trying to get thier monies from the beginning of the pandemic. I’m beginning to stress a bit on this one.

    • I received an email from Nj unemployment stating now that it’s been one year since my claim, I should continue to certify weekly but after their annual review, I am not eligible for a new claim cause i did not make enough in the last 4 quarters. Does anyone know whether I am no longer eligible or if I’m still good till Sept 4th? My last claim shows I have a claim balance of $6,815. But this annual review has me thrown off. Just wondering if I should expect issues moving forward or if I’m okay through the Sept 4th extension which I assume will be the end of my benefits. Thanks to anyone who might know.

      • Mine went through with no problem. What they do is include the quarter when you lost your job and recalculate. I logged in at my usual time bracing for that zero balance, but the rest of the extension popped up in my account. Hope all goes well for you also.

        • Thank you for the response and peace of mind. I thought I’d be okay since my claim balance still shows $6,800 but the recalculation after one year had me a little worried. I guess what they’re saying is I’m okay till the Sept 4th extension runs out and after that, its time to really focus on getting back to some kind of work. Thanks again Max.

  24. Had to go through the process finally started getting pui again including back pay from weeks missed until my ID was verified. But the extra 300.00 never came for any of the weeks. Anyone else?

    • How long did the process take I’m in the same boat my ID take up to 20 calendar day to get here still waiting

    • I also had to ID Me My first deposit included the $300
      Last 2 payment NO $300 spent mornin trying to call did not get through

    • I have not received my 300 either and I have been collecting since March. I called they told me they had to submit a ticket because I was eligible and it would take of to 8 weeks. That was a month ago. So I have a month more to wait.

  25. Hello everyone,
    So today I claimed my normal benefits, but I had a difference in my pay rate. With that being said once I filed my claim it says due to deductions I did not get any unemployment pay. Would I still get the extra 300$ or is that over now too? Apparently I was over my unemployment rate by a few dollars and after the deductions it’s giving me nothing. Normally I would 10$ back but now due to the pay rate I get 0$.. do you still get an extra 300 or is everything done?? Just so I don’t keep filing.

      • Can someone please help me I’m locked out I have to verify myself but my passport is expired and I was lucky enough to get an appointment at dmv this past say but they changed the same day ID and now I have to wait up to 20 days .

        • I’m in the same situation I received an email stating my account has been locked out and in order to fix it I needed to ID myself but I have an expired ID and DMV only takes appointments I can’t get in till next week and it won’t let me claim for my benefits in the meanwhile I don’t even know how I got locked out because I never tried to log in my account to get locked out

        • Try and check because I got the closest appointment 6/10 day I was doing my loan signing training then decided to check and see if there is a closer appointment because I still need an ID regardless due to my work so I double check and what do you know an appointment open up 30 min from where I live on the same day I had to rush to take a quick shower makeup in the cab the sad part is that they change the same day policy now I have to wait up to 20 calendar days im a mom of 3 I have wrote ID me just so depressing right now

        • Did you receive your 300$ back payments when you weren’t able to certify waiting for the id to be verified? Yesterday I was finally verified with my ID and claimed the weeks that I had missed and the $300 payments were not in there I just got a hold of someone today Saturday at 12:19 PM and she said that the $300 payments are a week behind so I should receive those next week does anyone know if this is true or will I be calling them back next week again with the same problem?

        • I did receive my back payment for 3 weeks of the 300 and also my back pay of my regular payments last night( Sunday 9pm) I also spoke to someone about making sure my back payments were coming threw. She said the 300 is a week behind so it may have taken up to next week to get but it did not. I also got a person to answer with only a five minute wait time at (732) 761-2020

    • Question….i was told I would get my compensation from last year under the pua from my email It was to be deposited in my account in may 26 …is there anyone who was eligible for compensation ..did u get it and how long it took

      • I’m waiting on mines they told me to wait for a specialist 8 weeks from may 4 soo I’m waiting still but then an agent said it could of came June 1 it didnt so I have to wait 4 more weeks smh to get my pua and reg benefits but I been getting mines with no problem I only missed a week because I answred question wrong smh

        • Ok thanks guess I will see what happens in. Some weeks been trying to call and cant get to speak to any agent. What number u call

        • Did anyone else have to wait for their to continue benefits.?? many weeks of back pay? Mine has been since February

  26. May 31 2021. The thing that makes no sense with New Jersey is how is people claims good with no problems then they wake up and the computer boots them out and it takes months to fix why are you not putting claims that are up and running on a don’t take bases because there not the problem the problem is for the people you guys aren’t getting to so why put more claims back in the system if you haven’t cleared the old back log yet makes no sense with no answer for nj dol they told people a month ago you don’t have to do anything you will be automatically switched over and what happened more people having problems now than before but they want us to vote smh keep you head up in New Jersey it’s rough

    • I know that’s right. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I think it’s time to open reemployment centers again….considering almost all restrictions have been lifted……

  27. I received my initial regular UI benefits then the extension kicked in and I got 5 weeks on the 6th week it suddenly I couldn’t certify it would said error contact UI office blah blah blah. that was on 6/2020 so its been almost 11 months since iv received payment from UI. I would call every week and every time I was told either its in process of being fixed or a manager has to override it ( they could never tell me what it is) . finally yesterday when I called I got a different answer with is im in line to be called within 2 weeks and once I speak to whoever ill be able to receive benefits .

      • Morning. I doubt we get it today because it’s a Holiday and banks are closed. We most likely will get the $300 tomorrow and then add an extra day for processing for your regular benefits like the email mentions. I don’t expect any payment until tomorrow and Wednesday. Hope this helps.

        • Just asking I got certify 2 weeks ago for pua ..but they also said I was eligible for compensation back pay from last year.. They said I would have receive that money may 26 which I still have not …did anyone got pua compensation and how long did it take

      • No, as many mentioned already. Its a holiday and the 300 won’t hit until tomorrow Tuesday. I think that it might become available after midnight, but I’m just assuming that timeframe

        • The system was giving me issue by phone yesterday it better and should come late tonight it’s been coming early for me like 1am two week before and last week it came at 11pm Sunday yet this holiday idk hope it comes tonight I was able to certify by phone earlier today

      • No that’s what I’m tryna figure out like tf going on even yesterday when I tried to certify by phone it was saying it was an issue with the system smh

  28. My benefits stopped getting paid 10/18/2020 I was told to provide pay stubs, and continue certifying, as I had 13,600.00 left in my account. Sent requested documents, after 7 months it now shows I have been placed on extension and now account shows 8,000.00. As of 5/14/2021 I was told I would have to wait another 4-8 weeks from 4/15/2021 when my extension was approved. Why do I have to wait another
    4-8 weeks? By the time this is done it will be 10+ months without a payment all the while certifying. No explanation as to why I have to wait I was told it’s just the way it is. My payments should have never stopped worked in Nj for years, made plenty of money to get the max benefit amount and I keep reading how everything is going smoothly and with out delay. This scenario has resulted in me now living in a tent with about 3 weeks of savings left before I am completely out of money. No explanation as to why I have to wait from representative on the phone or if I will receive all of this back pay. At wits end .

    • Thats really messed up on how things unraveled for you. I’m sorry and sad about what you’re going through. I’ll tell you one thing that no really understands the in depth meaning of, and yet still remains coming out of people’s mouth… “Everything happens for a reason”… May you recognize the immense capacity of God wisdom behind what is occurring in your life. God is The Giver and The Taker. Karma is real. Just don’t confuse their different purposes they possess in your life and the lessons alongside with it.

    • im in the same boat the last time I received my weekly UI$ was 6/6/20 prior to this iv never collected UI iv been working 20+ years paying into UI I got the max amount allowed but iv gone through all my saving had to move in with my dad couldn’t pay rent credit cards ect.. 37yrs old with multiple credit aggensezes after me for multiple credit cards past due among other thing so my credit went from 700+ to below 500 not a penny to my name and back living on couch in dads living room and not a single person can tell me why all my benefits stopped

  29. Sound like “jersey sucks” needs a chill pill of sorts. Honestly go ahead and leave. I doubt anyone from these comments will miss you lol. Newflash even if you could of got through to njdol
    On the phone, it wouldn’t of helped you anyway assclown. Lmao

    • Yo don’t be an ass. I commented on his post before seein yours. There r ppl gettin unemployment benies + 300.
      There r others like yours truly who gets a paycheck + partial benies + 300
      Then there’s ppl getting nothin. I have friends goin thru it as well. I think the dudes scared for his family. I posted a comment about not getting it as all of us did. We may all be in this together. But on much different levels. I apologized for my comment. When ya’s already have money comin in? That 300 shouldn’t be the death of you. What I got from his anger was him bein pissed at njdol but wishin he had our probs. And you man? I don’t get what goes thru your head when sayin the things you do? You talk like you own the state and your insulted. I’m not tryna pick any fights. But he was right about the ppl here. You proved his point and made yourself look exactly like the ppl he was talkin bout. Ppl that live in Jersey were born here. Nobody be migrating here. Even tho I’m only 28 I feel his fear. 80 percent of us don’t give a rats ass about anyone but ourselves. I learned a lesson from this guy. Why is he 55? When your 55 buddy? I doubt that hate comin out your mouth now will be there. As I said below. Mom told me to always put Muslim the shoes of other s before opening my stupid mouth. You clearly did not. And you sound like a person o wouldn’t wanna live with. Whoever you are dude! I got ya. I’ll be the one percent of nj that cares about others. And you? Mr mean pants. if that 300 needs to be in your account on Monday or your screwed? You’re doing some wrong financially. Go buy a book and learn how to balance your shit when there’s a crisis. C’mon nj? Don’t let me be the only one who understands the difference with his sit!!!

    • One other thing you said that I’m glad he hasn’t seen. You made fun of a dude tryna keep his family alive by calling every day then sayin it wouldn’t help anyway? You need some manners. What is he supposed to do. Every time I read your comment? I find something worse. Evil like. And why say even if he got tru? as if he’s lyin. I get a call back every time man. Aren’t we all supposed to stop the hate an negativity? If you really are that much of waste and feel the way you do? Why say anything? Yo
      My man? If you come back on here? Don’t feed the nutty peeps on here. Ppl got issues. And you called his out before he touched his keyboard. I apologize and hope nothings turn for you bud. Facts!

    • I went to certify and it stated that I no longer qualify for regular unemployment but I still qualify for the $300. I go in at my scheduled time and it says not payable at this time but I still qualify for PUA payments. It is a viscious circle because I cant get to the next screen.

  30. May 10 2021, just like two weeks ago, the $300 weekly unemployment benefits was not direct deposited into my account this morning. My claim is still current, nothing changed in my job situation. But yet it seems that ever two weeks they withhold our money with no explanation given. Is anyone else having the same issue this week? Thanks!

  31. 1:36 and still no 300 . This happened before but the 300 was on later that day . Hope this works out the same way

    • Per the NJ DOL twitter feed –

      “Thank you for your patience. There was a delay for those receiving FPUC. We like to remind our claimants that deposits can sometimes take 2-3 business days.

      We’re working with Bank of America and NJOIT and deposits that haven’t yet come through will post to accounts tomorrow.

      • Hi Andy so I have 2 more weeks on unemployment left then it will be a 0 balance do u know if after that my extension will kick in intill September???? Thanks

    • Smh. You do know that there are thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of ppl in NJ who haven’t gotten ANYTHING? And are weeks away from being homeless? And they read these messages to see if the REAL PROBLEMS are getting fixed. I’ve posted on here so many times I can’t even remember! And not one of you ever commented or gave a damn about OUR ISSUE! This is my last post on here. My phone should be shut off sometime tonight. So I’ll say thanks on behalf of the others in my position. Thanks for calling the NJDOL every single time your $300 is a day late. And jamming all the phones up. At least all of the people getting thrown out of their apartments today know why they couldn’t get thru. If I’m still breathing when I get my benefits? I’m leaving this ridiculous state. Not only are the employees at the DOL Insensitive, most of the people living in Jersey are as well! I will never come back to this crooked dump. I was born and raised in Jersey! Have 35 years of taxes PAID to Jersey. On time too, because they yanked it right out of my check! And now? When it’s do or DIE for families with children? The NJDOL and whoever else’s time you’ve all wasted, can’t fix the real problems. They had to take calls from adults whining about their $300 not being deposited at the time they want it deposited! Oh you bet I’ll be outta here if I make it thru. It won’t be because of the NJDOL anymore, it’ll be because of you people!! I’m ashamed! For the first time in my 50 years of living here! I’m ashamed of all of you! And I Know someone will reply to this with “we need that $300 just like you do”. But that’s not true, and ya all know it! So make your excuses and pretend that you didn’t use the money to pay for your yoga class. I don’t care. And i won’t even have a device to read it! Lucky me!! You all suck!

      • I would like to help you if I could, We all in this together and I know you not looking for handouts but let us all know what we could help you with? Maybe we all should start sending a dollar each to the people that didn’t get anything yet from them crooks at NJDOL, 200 People could Cashapp or Zelle a dollar each, I’m all for helping each other.

      • Then leave the state. Stop acting like you are the only one that’s having problems and blaming other people who are in the same boat as you. How the hell do you know what other people are going through? You want to be mad at the state fine but what the hell gives you the right to assume other people aren’t going through the same thing you are and their problems aren’t as important?

        • Thank you. Appreciated your comment. I left the state last May, but am still battling NJ bureaucracy. We are all trying to cope. I paid into NJUI for 30 years, am 13 months away from full retirement, never claimed before. HaHa… they wouldn’t even accept my tax return online, after filing since the darn thing was enacted in ‘76. So I sent in paper, good luck, right? We are all hurting, and please, remember all of this next time you vote.

        • Here’s the reason right here! Thanks for proving my point. If you READ what I said? You’d have SEEN THAT I CLEARLY STATED THAT IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! It’s insensitive people like you, in this garbage state, that make it worse. You have no idea what problems people are having right now. IN NEW JERSEY!! Complaining about a $300 check being delayed 24 hours and complaining about 35 years of paying into unemployment and then receiving NOTHING BUT LIES WHEN MY FAMILY REALLY NEEDS IT, ISN’T EVEN AN ARGUMENT!! Nothing but a young ignorant punk who’s probably had everything handed to him in life. You sound like someone who grew up in the friggan 60’s. Me? I worked for everything I had. And because of New Jersey’s negligence? It’s all gone. I want this posted so I won’t call you what you really are. I’ll just say what I said before. I’m ashamed of this state and people like YOU, who’ve been sheltered their entire life. One day life is gonna punch you right in your ignorant face!! When it does? You think of me!! Big tough guy with a keyboard. You’re a disgrace!!! And whoever gave birth to you? Messed up badly! Trust me on that one!! I know first hand what stupid parents can do to their children!! God I wish you saw who your talkin too right now! You’d piss your pants like the sissy you were raised to be!!

      • You can’t get mad at the people – be mad at the bureaucracy and gov not us, who are in the same boat as you it’s hard for everyone and even those that worried about that $300 – that’s still going towards bills and living expenses .. no one is above or beneath anyone during this time of on unemployment- I’ve had my share of fits – wrote everyone and fussed and now at the tail end of i no longer care ‍♀️ Haven’t received a cent and was eligible too but you be any be upset at anyone but njdol not any of us

        • Hello All, some of you may relate to my situation and this may ease some quell. I was up for my yearly review as my benefit year ended in Feb. I went through the same as yall…I received a portion of the 11 week extension LATE, but it went until April..then everything stopped. I went to certify and received the same error message as you all, stating we would have to contact NjDOL by phone to get payments resumed. (That was the first week of April)..I immediately called and they “escalated” it up. After about 3 weeks I then saw movement as it no longer showed a zero balance, but the actual PEUC balance….Well TODAY after six weeks, I just received a email stating funds have been deposited…which let’s me know I will be able to certify here on out. (It might be a coincidence, and yes I called atleast 1 every week, during that 6 week period, but yesterday I went onto the NJDOL page and for the first time, I sent a email to the person they have on the site that deals with “unemployment services” or whatever the vernacular. Of course i received a generic response..but like I said, 12:32am I received that email with the benefit deposit. Good luck all.

        • If your talkin bout the dude that wants out of Jersey? I think he’s referring to the peeps like me. I work and still get it. So it doesn’t kill me if it’s late. I feel him! We are all up in this together. But imagine getting nothin? While I’m complainin bout havin to wait 24 hrs. My mom always said to put my ass in the shoes of others before I opened my stupid mouth. She was right. I have a few buddies in his sit, and they’re scared. Just tryna help him explain what he was tryna get across. Cut the dude slack. There two different peeps collecting two different things. He’s on the ass end of it. So dude? I apologize for my words. Hang in!!!

        • I don’t know about that girl. One of the guys makes a good point. If someone is depending on a certain amount of money not being in their account at the right time every week? They are doing something wrong. I can understand if this was a once a month payment. I’d understand completely. When there’s a situation that’s only hurting one state. And it’s the state you live in. You can’t only depend on unemployment. You have to call all the people you pay every month and move some things around. We as Americans have the right to have are due dates changed. I’ve done it. And I’m fine if my benefits are a day late. Living week to week says a lot about a person. This Jersey sucks gentlemen is in a predicament where changing due dates won’t help.

      • Wow and good for you I have to admit u have totally changed my way of thinking shame on me for worrying about the 309 I had no idea how bad it really is thank u for ur honesty again shame on me but praise God for u

        • Yeah I know my family is homeless we have no home anything money to help family togwt food and all nwceesitwiss such bullshit this state alot of people missing pya
          Aymwnts evehthing it’s not right n sucks

        • I read your message I know I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I know what homeless feels like especially with a child too but I’m willing to you I don’t have much not rich but I remember the days I didn’t get help so me being me I’m willing to send money if you need food or anything I mean as a community even with the pandemic weather you black white or any race we all still family in my opinion my heart we need to come together and I’m willing to help again I don’t know you or your name but I’m willing to help by the way my name is shay

        • Rob I am homeless man I don’t have home I wanted to pay my phone bill atleast help me try find a shelther or something man I understand I am one of them did any one get 300 today at all

    • I usually get my $300 at 5am like clockwork. It’s now noon and nothing showed up. I still have a month of benefits left so it’s not like I have a zero balance. I just keep reading its a delay or glitch. Anyone got the same info?

        • Per the NJ DOL twitter feed –

          “Thank you for your patience. There was a delay for those receiving FPUC. We like to remind our claimants that deposits can sometimes take 2-3 business days.

          We’re working with Bank of America and NJOIT and deposits that haven’t yet come through will post to accounts tomorrow.

        • Didn’t get three hundred yet why there’s Always problem in new jersey like wtf is good with this why can’t any one just get crap right

        • Hello All. My $300 hit around 2:30pm today, June 14th, so seems like the glitch is somewhat fixed and the deposits are starting to hit. Hopefully everyone gets theirs today. Hope this helps and best of luck.

        • Got the 300$ around 4lm, but still couldn’t certify yesterday at my regular time not after wards. I still can’t certify for weekly benefits because I don’t have a date/, time to do so. Anyone else having certification issues? Good luck to all.

        • Yes I had issues but anyone who was supposed to certify for 5pm thru 8pm had a schedule available. The rest of us have to look at Friday schedule and claim then. It’s the make up day. That’s what the instructions mentioned.

        • Hello friend, thank you for always answering my questions so quickly. K finally got a date and time to certify for the benefits.. Friday just like you said or Sunday is back up and running.. stay healthy and well!

        • No problem. I totally understand the frustration of being in the not knowing stage. Try to help as much as I can.
          So we have to certify this Friday for Sunday we missed and then on Sunday resume our regular certification unless otherwise instructed. That’s what I am interpreting from all of this.

        • Has anyone had trouble claiming there unemployment today that they couldn’t claim on Sunday I’m getting a message saying we’re having a system error.

      • Its a glitch. Same thing happened a month ago. Money was loaded on around 215pm on Monday.
        They are saying it may take a day or 2 this time. Be patient. It will come.

      • Hey quick question I have 2 weeks left of benefits so after that does the extension kick in intill September please let me know and thank u. Still no 300 today only regular unemployment

      • No worries folks. It was a glitch from updates over the weekend. They’re releasing the funds now and overnight the ticker will keep sending the money. I usually get mine around 5;30 and it happened to come in at 4:18pm. So about a 23 hour delay. But have no fear, it’s coming tonight or overnight for sure.

        • Al, I appreciate your help.does this pertain to people like me who couldn’t certify Sunday morning as well? Thank you for your insight

        • No I had trouble claiming my benefits on Sunday also and just called yesterday for me and today for my husband and it went threw. You just can’t claim online because it’s not the correct day for u to claim

      • Hello Al, I usually get the 300$ like clockwork as well every Monday morning about 6am, but didn’t get it today and I also couldn’t certify yesterday at my time frame because the system was down and I still don’t have a date or time to certify.
        Can you or anyone else help?

        • The schedule for us who couldn’t claim yesterday due to the maintenance says claim on Friday.

        • Always check in the afternoon. If it is not there in the morning, it often shows up later in the day, as it did today.

        • So I just claimed my last week of benefits and have a zero balance. Do I continue to claim until they review my case or do I start a new claim? I only be on for 6 months and this is my first time EVER claiming.

        • I got my $300 last night at 6 p.m.. some people’s banks take longer to post the deposit but it’s definitely coming

        • I collect partial unemployment. So I get money here and there. The 300? It’s something to ease the burden. But every body seems to depend on that. I know it’s comin so I don’t freak. Plus I pay bills at the end of the month. I can’t see a reason to be scared if you gettin other benefits. My opinion.

        • Well my ID verification tools weeks. I still have not received my back pay for the past claimed 7 weeks nor the 300. They just paid me out last week’s claim which I do on Sunday days.
          How long did it take to get your back pay?

    • Yes had the same issue the 300$ hasn’t come through for the second time.. and today was suppose to get my regular 600$ Unemployment and for the first time it hasn’t come through I have no idea why or what I should do to fix this. It’s may 12 10:22am and nothing have rent and bills to pay ofcourse can’t get through on any phone number just get hung up on

      • We will all get our $300 tomorrow since today was a holiday and we all have one more week or unemployment. We are paid one weeks in arrears so when we file this week during our usual day, it will be for the week ending Sept 4th. So for example I certify on Wednesday, the 8th which is for the week of Aug 29th – Sept 4th. So I’ll get my normal $291 on Friday the 10th and my last $300 will come on Monday, Sept 13th. After that, the honeymoon is over. But we all have one more week to certify and get one more normal UIC and one last $300 bonus other than what comes tomorrow. So for me, I have $891 left coming to me. $300 tomorrow, $291 on Friday and last $300 on Sept 13th for the last week which ended on Sept 4th. Hope this helps. I think most people this this is the last week and their done. Truth is, we’ll all get one more round of monies next week. But after that, it’s all over with. I would suggest Uber if anyone has car capabilities. Due to Covid, there are so few drivers out there and because of that, he’s making $30+ an hour. I swear. He drove 38 hours last week and made $1,235 and drove only 28 hours this week and made $954. He drove Uber tonight, only drove 4 hours and completed 5 trips and made $158!! Do the match and it’s nearly $35 an hour. Beats working in a warehouse unless benefits are beyond vital. Just need a car that is 6-8 years new I believe so can’t drive a junker but don’t need a new car either. You make your own hours and just drive people around while chilling to the radio. This is what I plan on doing for sure. And this is in Southern Jersey / Philly area.

        • Thank you for making me feel like I was the only one that noticed this for NJ unemployment. They’ve been two weeks behind ever since this started in January. We were going into the fourth week of January ending the 23rd. Then the next week that ended on the 30th, we only received 300 and not another double of 600. Tuesday the 7th will be for the week ending the 28th and Monday the 13th will be for the last week ending the 4th. Again, thank you for noticing this as well. I thought I was going nuts lol.

        • Good afternoon Al, I just read your most recent entry, and I’m confused about 1 issue…I certified on my usual day of Sunday 9/5, and just received my regular unemployment and the 300$…was the week of 9/5 the last time that the 300$ will be issued.. good luck to all of you in the next coming weeks and stay well.

        • Thanks for the detailed explanation and update Al. Appreciate the comments and career guidance as well.

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