2024 Tax Refund Payment Delays, Updates and Helpful Transcript Codes

Many tax filers are anxiously waiting for the IRS to provide updates on their refund release and payment date. Particularly now that the PATH act refund freeze has lifted.

These are mainly folks with a processing dates out 1 to 3 weeks with daily or weekly cycle codes, per their IRS tax transcript as shown in the examples below.

Those who have gotten transcripts updates recently – often before WMR or IRS2Go status changes – are seeing refund direct deposit payment dates in the coming days.

In some cases, the refund payment is coming even sooner than what is shown on their transcript or Where is My Refund tool. See the DDD payment schedule and further details in the sections below.

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Understanding Transcript Codes and Processing Date

Most people will see codes 150, 806, 766 and 768 on their tax transcript (see examples below) during and after the PATH freeze.

These are just standard transcript codes confirming that the IRS has received their return, applied withholdings and processed applicable tax credits like the EITC and A/CTC (where applicable)

You can see your next processing date on your free IRS transcript. In conjunction with your IRS batch/cycle and the various transaction codes you can get further insight into your tax return and refund payment processing.

Upcoming IRS Transcript Processing Dates for PATH Refunds

846 Refund Issued vs Processing Date

You need to realize that the processing date on your transcript is not your refund payment date. That will be signified by code 846 (refund issued) where you will see your personalized date by when the IRS estimates your refund will be issued.

If the IRS completes processing your return by the “processing date” then it may also end up being your refund issued date (on line 846), but this is not always the case.

The processing date will also change if the IRS takes action on your account/tax return and moves it to the next stage. So someone with a 2/13 date on a weekly cycle, will move to a 2/20 processing date once the IRS updates their account.

The date on your refund issued line (846) is the one that really matters in terms of when you will get your direct deposit or paper check refund payment.

You can see a more detailed transcript screenshot below and in this article on how to interpret the amounts, codes and dates.

Also always validate any transcript payment dates with what you see on the official IRS’ WMR and IRS2Go refund trackers.

Leave comment if you have any questions or have additional codes you want help with on your transcript.

Estimated Refund Payment Schedule for PATH refund payments

An estimated WMR and transcript status update and refund payment date table is shown below for the coming weeks.

By Feb 17thFeb 22nd to Feb 24th
By Feb 19thFeb 24th to Feb 27th
By Feb 21stFeb 24th to Feb 28th
By Feb 28thMar 1st to Mar 8th
PATH Refund Payment Days

From March the normal refund processing schedule should resume. You can see more in this video covering the details below.

Early PATH Refund Processing

Several filers are reporting updates on their transcript and WMR, showing a refund payment date – code 846 – which shows the PATH freeze on their refund payment has lifted.

Feb PATH Updates For Weekly Cycle (05)
Feb PATH Updates For Weekly Cycle (05)

These folks were mainly those with 2/13 or 2/20 processing dates. However the key refund date that matters is the one listed against the code 846 line and what you see on WMR or IRS2Go.

The first batch of PATHers cleared are seeing a 02-22-2023 refund payment date on their transcript. This will mainly be for those getting paid via direct deposit.

Feb 22 Direct Deposit Date for First Batch of PATH refunds
PATH Refund Payment Update
PATH Refund Payment Update

This is great news for those seeing this, but there are many including those who filed in late January that are not seeing any movement. This could be because you are in a daily cycle and the IRS has not fully processed your return yet.

Refund Approved for PATH (Feb 27) with 971 (IRS notice)
Refund Approved for PATH (Feb 27) with 971 (IRS notice)

The above examples shows that the taxpayer will get their refund on 2/22 and 2/23 but the IRS also sent a notice (971) for some other information or auto-adjustments made.

See the next section, but updates should be coming for most “Pathers” in the next few days in line with major WMR and transcript update days.

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Should I Be Worried If I don’t see any updates on my transcript (codes 570, 971, 420)

Not that if you don’t see 846 and other codes like 570, 971, 420 or 424 show up on your transcript after the processing date, it could mean that your return is under review and your refund will likely be delayed.

How to read your IRS transcript

There is not much you can do, other than wait to see the IRS notice on what actions you may need to take. Often the IRS will automatically adjust payments based on their records, but if they send you a notice that requires action make sure respond promptly.

In the interim you may see the your return is still processing or beyond the normal timeframe messages on WMR or IRS2Go.

If you see N/A on your IRS account transcript section, it just means that IRS hasn’t started processing on your tax return. Your initial transcript should post between 1 and 3 weeks after e-filing. WMR and IRS2Go update after 24hrs.

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70 thoughts on “2024 Tax Refund Payment Delays, Updates and Helpful Transcript Codes”

  1. Hello,
    Quick question as to why my transcript has not been updated or seen any changes?
    My processing date is given as 05/08/2023 with a cycle code 20231605. No changes in either refund status or transcript (from last Friday and Saturday) even though i am on weekly update schedule. Any insight as to why?? It’s 05/09 10.45 PM EST.
    Also i had filed my taxes back in 04/06/23 and had to amend returns on 04/07 even though there was absolutely no changes made to federal. It was to fix an error in my state returns and turbotax took me through both federal and state returns when there was no need for both (no clue why so). Will this delay refunds as I have 977 and 971 codes on my transcript along with the usual 150, 806 and 766 as of 04/15/23. Any advise please.

  2. I have as of date May 15 what’s does that mean and also processing date May 1st,
    Code 766 and code 768 with date April 15th 2024 Can someone help

  3. I have n/a on transcript and says still processing I have dependents but no path act notice or code what do thqt mean

  4. I have a processing date of 02.27.23 but 846 -refund issued date of 02.23.23, but i didn’t receive my Direct Deposit today.. will it come on the 27th

  5. I have a processing date of 03/06/2023. Why is the date in the future? My return was accepted per HR Block February 12th.

  6. refund advance w/jackson hewitt. path act–yes. (state refund already rec’d but not quite enough to cover fee repayment) refunds are sent to republic bank, then remainder is dd to serve card. have done this for years without incident. rec’d 5071c, confirmed everything and rep said all was okay and return would be processed as if this hadn’t happened, specifically asked about dd which she confirmed would remain in tact. also said it could take up to 9 weeks for refund. a few days later, status shows refund is to be MAILED but more importantly they keyed the address wrong. neighbor thankfully brought 5071c mail across the street! worried about actual check though. they have 1118 but should be 1113 (correct on return!)
    1. can the irs change my refund method, especially without notifying me?
    2. what can I do, before 2/27 mail date in system about their address error?
    3. how do you know if the check amount will be the original refund amount or if it’s the correct amount w/fees taken out?

    thanks y’all-this is something I’ve never been through and with the address error in my irs.gov account now incorrect, along with the bank not receiving/disbursing refund, I’m afraid I’m going to get in trouble.

  7. All my codes are150 with a 2/27/23
    806 4/15/23
    766 4/14/23
    768 4/15/23
    570 2/27/23
    971 3/6/21
    Ive not got anything in the mail or nothing showing up on my irs sign in to notices can anyone help me when i should get my refund these are listed as shown on transcript

  8. Fed 20 (Presidents Day Update) – Deposits are hitting overnight or Wednesday for those who had a DDD for 2/22. Their deposits may be in pending status today as well. Once IRS send those funds your bank (Credit unions and traditional banks) will release it. Ach transfers take a minute to clear. If it’s been pending in your bank since Wednesday or Thursday you most definitely will see it today. Chime and CashApp also hitting. Prepaid cards should’ve been hitting. Sometimes your bank will hold the funds into after the holiday depending on your bank.

  9. My transcript has zeros everywhere and does. Pt show a code of refund date under code explanation it say no tax return filed. But I filed my return and it was excepted on February 2. What does this mean?

  10. The date thats on the transcript thats next to processing date says feb 20 for me but my 846 code says Feb 23 and WMR says I should get my refund BY feb 23. Does this mean the irs is releasing the refund on the 20th and my account should have the refund in it by the 23rd?

    • Don’t worry about processing date. That is internal for IRS. The 23rd on your 846 line matters. So you will get your refund BY then, if not a day or two sooner depending on your financial institution.

    • I don’t have an 846 code on m ok mines. My transcript have 766 codes twice with the date of April 15 2022. I lost my phone and couldn’t log into my email. I now verify my self with the IRS for my 1040 form. What should I do ?

  11. I have a 570 but then after that a 768. What does that mean and does it mean they have continued the process since 768 is after 570 code?

    • Code 768 indicates an earned income credit amount. It doesn’t have much bearing on other times. 570 means under further review. You will likely get a 971 (notice) with possibly some additional action (e.g ID verification) unless IRS can auto resolve, Just have to wait, but processing will happen now that PATH act has lifted.

  12. I have a code of 570 but haven’t got no notices.. I had to do the ID verification in 2020 and i didn’t get my tax return till 5 months later I’m praying this isn’t it and Something else.

    • Could be just further validation by IRS that is causing delays. With PATH lifting, more information should be forthcoming in the coming days.

    • IRS is processing in batches. PATH act has lifted so for those returns verified by the IRS, payments will be coming in a series of batches over the next week. Where there are issues, a notice or adjustment will be made by the IRS. Pay attention to your transcript, WMR and any IRS notices. I’ll also post further updates on this site.

  13. When I go to check my refund the (PATH) message still comes up I just checked it and the PATH message is still there I thought it was lifted so why am I still seeing it?

    • I haven’t received none of my stimulus checks nor my income tax from 2020to 2021.
      I’ve made an appointment with Jackson Hewitt tax
      They say my income tax and stimulus checks are on hold.
      I’m going to finish signing up paper work on Saturday February 18, 2023.

    • I have a new direct deposit routing number and account number I have not received stimulus $816 students $1,400 finish 600 up what should I do


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