States Being Sued For Ending Federal Unemployment Benefits Early (Including $300 Weekly Payment) – Lawsuits Update and Latest News on Reinstatement of Payments

Many of the states that ended federally funded unemployment benefits early (see full list) are now facing several legal challenges (lawsuits) that has meant a reconsideration of the early termination and in some cases a continuation of benefits past the state Governor’s prescribed early end date.

The general argument’s being put forward are due to physical impairments (e.g. a respiratory issues or weakened immune systems) due to COVID-19 or that the state has overreached its bounds by not paying out approved federal funding for local constituents. Further because of the fast spreading Delta variant spreading many in low vaccination states they are even more vulnerable now to getting deathly sick.

State Legal Actions and Lawsuits – Status and Updates

In Maryland, the DUI will continue paying ALL federally funded unemployment benefits for the next 2 weeks to over 300,000 unemployed residents after the state lost several court battles to end the programs early on July 3rd. Unemployed residents successfully filed class action lawsuits against Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, and won a short-term reprieve to keep benefits going till mid-July.

In Indiana, where benefits ended early, a state judge’s ruling had supported unemployed workers legal claims it was unlawful for the state to end benefit payments early for roughly 230,000 Hoosiers. However the judge did not reinstate benefit payments pass the Governor’s directive date (June 19th).

Unemployed Texans and Floridians have also filed law suits in multiple Jurisdictions, but given the heavily Republican judiciary in these states, it is unlikely to get much traction in the courts.

State Governors like DeSantis and Abbot have repeatedly argued the extended unemployment benefits (especially the $300 weekly boost) were incentivizing people not to work amid complaints from business leaders that they were struggling to hire workers.

Ohio and Oklaoma unemployed groups have also filed cases recently and are pending rulings. In Ohio, $300 payments are still being held back as County Judge, Michael Holbrook, is reviewing other factors and will issue a new decision in coming weeks. If the lawsuit is successful retroactive benefits will be paid.

Iowa has also seen lawyers file class-action lawsuits claiming that Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ decision to end enhanced unemployment benefits for tens of thousands of residents violated state law and to reinstate and retroactively pay unemployment benefits.

Tennessee also has a 2000 strong claimant/advocate group (Tennesseans Against Ending Benefits) that have filed a lawsuit against Governor Lee, claiming that unemployed workers want to work, but have physical impairments or weakened immune systems that keep them from doing so.

Retroactive Benefits?

Favorable rulings to date are only temporary, but do show some of these challenges could have legal merit and keep extended unemployment benefits in place till the official September 4th extension. Further, if the lawsuits are even successful after the early expiry/termination dates, retroactive benefits will have to be paid.

However it is unlikely that there will be a broad overturning across other states ending benefits early as the White House and the US Secretary of Labor have already indicated that governors can legally discontinue enhanced unemployment benefits.

Leave a comment or more information if you know of other lawsuits taking place against the early end of federal unemployment programs.

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  1. Well here’s my update on my Pua claim that has been filed from the very beginning of March of 2020 and it is now August 2021 not paid one dime have had my monetary and non-monetary claims approved from the very beginning been 4 months later still pending on payments Faithfully filing my weekly claim I get a denial letter for monetary and non-monetary claims that I was living in another country filing false claims suspicious activity on my account. I filed an appeal on each denial pending my appeals would be read determined within 7 to 10 days it is now August of 2021 and my latest appeal was October of 2020 neither Appeals have been but reviewed through the tribal council. My appeals had been reviewed by the First Council they both had been redetermination that I was qualified to receive monetary and non-monetary. I thought my appeal process would be over but it is not just because you were reviewed by the First Council and found innocent of false accusations against myself Ron Dieter so that it would be over I would start being able to collect my weekly income but nothing’s been paid everything still showing disqualified I’m up to 76 weeks of filing I’ve called Dieter I told them I need the help I am living homeless now. Do not have enough income coming in to even try to rent another affordable place for me do they ban yes I’m irritated with Nevada I’m irritated with how they run things they do not care about their own people they do not care about anyting but upgrading and improving two main areas in Las Vegas Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street a lot of money goes down there the schools get ignored the people who work their asses off check ignore the outskirts of beautification on homes and areas get ignored when are the Pua claims going to be paid when are the appeals process going to end after proven had passed me I have passed everything you’ve ever asked a Giving You Everything documentation everything you’ve ever asked for I have proven who I am and you still keep me in a box with the lid closed I feel like I’m an afterthought for you guys for Dieter the courts informed you he will be held in contempt of court if you do not start paying the Pua I don’t know about all few a claimant it shows on paper in my account online when I file my weekly claims it shows it paid me $1,200 where’s that $1,200 cuz I never received it show that to the court showing they paid Pua claimant sounds like something fishy to me feeding the courts what they want to see but not following through just to keep your butts out of contempt again it would be it would be nice do you have all these Appeals tossed in the garbage and every one of them approved for benefits and start paying benefits to the people that are been waiting and waiting for almost 2 years now to receive a check yes it is discouraging people down the street get a $20,000 check for $15,000 check they’re happy they got their money what about the ones that have been waiting for 2 years the afterthoughts come on Dieter get your crap together it’s wrong how you’re treating people who bust their asses in his City and who voted you in office where’s the support for us you know the little guys down here I think it’s time we take your paychecks away and make you sit with nothing for almost 2 years that’s what needs to happen you guys need to lose your paycheck sisolak yeah I supported you but you need to lose your paycheck for 2 years because you’re sure not putting the pressure down on Dieter to get these unemployment claims pay do concentrate on the Frog issues after you had paid all legitimate people they’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and have proven proven and proven their identity get something done because I’m tired of waiting this is ridiculous I’m tired of living in my truck yeah in the back of my truck that’s where I’ve been living almost 2 years now

    • The 600$ payments were promised. If you qualified for pua benefits, you should of been retro damaged to your cities forced stay at home order. And I’m sure federal cares act paid this in that way because the cares act unemployment assistance began because of the forced stay at home order. If you were out of work. It was because of this order. And you were not a essential worker. We should have never been put into appeals to fight for something that was promised on the cares act to be retro active and even on uenteracts sign in page. As I waited in appeals for over a year. A lawyer they had answering the phone in appeals, told me my back date was approved. Then appeals denied my claim. Hello people. They are stealing our money. I argued my denied appeal. Called the unemployment office direct and got half from appeals approved. Today they still owe me over 3000$.

  2. Please someone help me! I have not been able to file my weekly claim for benefits since early July! The system is saying I don’t have any benefit weeks left. This isn’t true as I should be able to file claims through September 4th when benefits end for everyone. I absolutely did not do anything wrong. I have looked for work and I was filing my benefits correctly each week. I have not even received a letter from VEC letting me know I was suspended from filing! I have called all of the numbers and I cannot ever get through to speak to someone! I have emailed local vec offices and no one responded to me! What do I do? I cannot pay my bills and VEC owes me over $1,500.00 and I have NO way to get in touch with them! I cry everyday about this! Please help me! The system won’t even let me make an appointment for phone call. What do I do?


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