Why Did My $600 Unemployment Stop This Week Even Though I am Eligible for PUA, PEUC and Extended State Unemployment


This article was last updated on August 12

There has been a lot of news around people getting one or more of the extra $600 weekly unemployment checks, part of the CARES enhanced unemployment provisions, but then seeing an extended delay or sudden stoppage of these checks without any notice. This has created a lot of angst and anger for millions of unemployed Americans who needed the extra unemployment stimulus to make ends meet. So why did this happen and what can be done? Read on.

Based on various state labor and unemployment websites and official channels here are some reasons why the $600 payment may have been interrupted.

The $600 FPUC program officially ended at the end of July

Unless you are expecting retroactive or back payments for the period the initial FPUC program was in effect (week of April 4th to July 26th in most states) you will no longer be getting this check, even if you recently lost your job or a big part of your income. While Congress is looking to extend the payment to year end, it is highly likely the payment will be cut significantly and its not clear yet when they would restart. This will only leave claimants with access to regular state unemployment under the PUA, PEUC and ESB unemployment benefit programs.

You didn’t certify

While you only need to qualify for the minimum amount of regular state unemployment to get the $600, you do need to certify that you qualify every week or bi-weekly (dependent on state). So if you don’t certify or your employment situation changes such that you no longer qualify for state unemployment, then you won’t get the extra $600 FPUC payment either. That’s why some people are complaining that getting standard and enhanced unemployment checks could be more beneficial than what they may earn working!

Your State Has Technical Issues Making Payments

Many states like Florida, Ohio and Kentucky have reported that their systems are struggling to cope with the amount of new claims and as a result are struggling to certify and keep payments on schedule for current claimants. They have advised of delays in payment and at times incorrect details being displayed when checking payment status’.

The main problem with UI and payment issues across the country is the antiquated systems being used across several state agencies that administer claim filings and payments. States are literally on the fly revamping their systems as some of them caved from the unprecedented amount of claims filed. In NY the DOL added hundreds of workers to assist with the enormous amount of claims and there are Reps working from home that are now assisting the claims process. In early April it was a jumbled/hot mess but it is actually starting to function now the way it is supposed to. Hang in there and keep bugging your politicians to get off their butts via phone calls and email. Good Luck! (Jim)

Fraud Prevention

Some states like New York, had initially paid out the $600 with few checks on claimants. But as systems were upgraded for the new unemployment provisions and due to the massive increase in fraudulent claims many subsequent $600 payments were held back to ensure identity and qualification checks were more rigorous. The appears to also be the case in other states. As a results payments are being delayed and getting to genuine claimants at much later dates.

The Federal Government is not paying states

There is a rumor that the delay in payments is due to the state not receiving funds for the federally funded $600 FPUC payment. This is not true as the payment of these claims is being done by states who can get reimbursed by the federal government. As long as the individual state agree to Department of Labor rules for the extra pandemic unemployment provisions (and all did) they will be covers by the federal government and should not be a reason the $600 payments are delayed to eligible recipients.

Payment Frequency of the $600 is different to regular state UI

The $600 FPUC payments in many states are paid on different schedules to the regular UI (but paid via the same method). Some states due to processing delays and because the $600 is accounted for differently (since federally funded) have staggered this payment which has resulted in some delays. This seems to be especially notable after memorial day.

What to do now?

For those who have gone more than two weeks since receiving their original FPUC payment, the first step is to confirm your job/eligibility situation has not changed (i.e. continue certifying) and to contact your local state unemployment agency (see links by state here). It can be hard to get a live agent to talk with so I also suggest you check the social media channel for these state UI agencies. That seems to be eliciting a faster reply in many cases. Here is a good news case from a recent comment I got.

Hi all. I’m currently a gig worker in Florida that’s unemployed due to COVID, obviously. Thought I could being y’all some hope if you haven’t received your money already. I was deemed eligible for PUA after two times of being deemed ineligible for regular UA. I received back pay a few days after applying for PUA, and started receiving my state and fed payments regularly. I would receive my federal money Monday night/Tuesday morning for two weeks straight. After Memorial Day, on the 19th of May, the payments stopped coming. Around 4am this morning, June 4th, I received a deposit of $1,080. Here’s what I heard was happening from someone who got a hold of someone at the DEO said & I can now confirm this is true: They are now offering the state and federal payments bi-weekly. We all have missed out on being paid because they were reworking the system. On top of being paid bi-weekly, instead of receiving our fed money weekly like we were, they are taxing the $600 wether you’re opted in or not. So you will be paid $1,080 every two weeks. So if you haven’t received a payment since May 19th, like myself, expect to receive a payment for that much either tonight or Monday to make up for the last two weeks. Then you will be receiving another one next week, and from then on out, you will be receiving it every two weeks when you go ahead and claim your weeks. Frustrating, yes – but at least we will be receiving our money. I hope I helped ease some of your anxiety about your payments, can I definitely woke up everyday with major anxiety not seeing that federal payment in my account!

While it is stressful for many to have the interruptions to their $600 payments, states by law have to pay you what is owed and are retroactively catching up on payments. In fact many comments on this site across the articles on enhanced unemployment benefits indicate claimants are eventually receiving large backdated unemployment payments covering several weeks.

“I live in Georgia and I’ve been receiving unemployment along with the $600. Since memorial day however I haven’t received anything. What do I need to do?” (Angela, PA)

“I received my unemployment and extra 600 for last three weeks, but on the 4th week I just received my (regular state) unemployment and didn’t receive the extra $600 any no one has any idea about this.” (Matt, NJ)

Wanted to know who can help in regards to the $600 extra UI we used to get every week. I have not gotten it since 5-19. Now I claimed my weeks for 5-27 now in week of June 5th and still no $600. Some one please help. The unemployment people can’t help because they don’t know about it. (Rachel)

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  1. I tried to file a claim last year in nevada. The only thing I was told
    Was that I was not eligible. I finally received assistance from an outside source. I’ve been without work for over a year now. They said I was approved and would recueve first payment when the debit card arrived.
    When I finally received card I was told my account went back for review
    I still haven’t received anything from any of the unemployment programs.
    I get no answers to any questions.
    Each time I call and get through they try telling me I hadn’t provide something. I point out to them that I’ve already sent the information and pull up my page proving it. But still get No answers.

  2. Hi. I live in Oregon. There was an issue with my direct deposit back in May and I didn’t receive four weeks in a row of the $600 Federal deposits. It eventually started back up four weeks later and I received my normal back UI checks but not the federal. On the claim website it is marked as “cancelled”. Has this happened to anyone else? Will this be corrected and will I receive back pay for these four weeks?

  3. I’ve been filing I received the 1040 once but I opened my claim in April so should I receive another 1040 or 1020 payment

  4. I received 2 checks in the beginning of this. I had never had any UC & didn’t know what was what. So after reading about all the fraud & etc. I sent the checks back to Harrisburg With a signed return card. They got them & I did include a note with the checks & asking if they really were for me that they send them back. So now I realize that they were for me, but I never got them back & I don’t know what to do… Anyone know what I should do???

  5. Do anybody in AZ. know if I still file for the FPUC. I didn’t find out about it til a month ago. So when I went to the website and applied,It didn’t give an option to file back to March. Is there something I extra I need to do or did I just miss out..

    1. yes, you can still apply. also no, it won’t give you the option to certify prior weeks to your filing. the application asks when your last day of work was so they will go off that. i believe you will either just get it automatically in one lump sum a week or two after first payment or they will reach out/you will have to contact them to certify all previous weeks before you applied (only exception is the non-covid ui – no retroactive payments unfortunately.) i waited months and called about it multiple times to find out you must appeal uncertified past weeks and wait seven more weeks without any payments, and it’s usually denied supposedly… again, i /think/ only for ui, not pua or fpuc.
      also here’s a tip for az people: when you call the unemployment office, immediately dial “3-2” and hang up until it actually rings. if you hear “we’re sorry…” hang up and call back!

  6. I am still waiting for backdated unemployment. but online it shows the wrong date. i have called and been in contact with agent and they keep reassuring me that it is backdated in their system for 3/4 and to just wait. it has been weeks and still not corrected and still no payment. then they say it could take weeks and it doesn’t do any good to call and that it is just a waiting game. very frustrated. what should i do? is there a time frame that i have to make sure errors are corrected?

  7. please someone help me. I have not received any pandemic money for the last 3 weeks and I don’t know what to do. I live in Pennsylvania and was getting the money until 3 weeks ago. Can’t talk to anyone cause the phone numbers don’t work. I am a below the knee amputee and can’t work but has been filing every week on Sunday. Please i have a child in school and needs this money. PLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME.

    1. The best way to get someone on the phone is to use 3-4 phones at the same time like i did.

    2. I’ve been filing weekly claims in PA since august and have received those payments pretty consistently. However the backpay, is another story. You have to email a request for backpay, nothing too long needed, then wait. I have no idea why they didn’t say that from the start, or why one would even have to do that. But it’s been almost 3 months.

  8. I’m in Kentucky just trying to receive my back pay from Apr.1st . Does anybody know how i can file for it?
    Good Luck to everybody filing for unemployment and God Bless. us all. Thank You

    1. I need that info as well! I started my first UI claim in October (10/17/2020) I had been unemployed due to COVID-19, since March 10,2020 which I instructed in all claims and files that I have submitted via the KENTUCKY UI CLAIM PORTAL. WAS DENIED REG UI. THEN APPROVED FOR PUA- it stayed at $0 balance up until 2 weeks ago(beginning of December practically ) and showed my Max benefit amount & so on.. with $$,I finally got a payment filed that I received A ACTUAL PAYMENT OF $352)With a BYE DATE 12/6/2020–12/26/2020! So I want to backdate my claim ? Am I eligible to do so? If so HOW DO I DO IT? Contact number ? Email? Etc etc

      But now do I continue to request payment regardless if my bye date has ended , it says to request 1/3/2021 Payment.

      But it says there’s no current claim in file, listed below is most recent claim

  9. i live in jackson ms my claim ended on 0801 but i did not get the 600.00 but my family members did

  10. Its been over 30 days since I have received ANY payment from Kansas Unemployment. KDOL has absolutely NO answers and has NO clue why people stopped receiving funds. This is absolutely ridiculous, CANT get a job, CANT get unemployment because the ‘system is broken’ per customer service….what?!?!?! IM GOING TO LOOSE MY HOUSE, MY UTILITIES ARE GETTING SHUT OFF, I HAVE ALMOST NO FOOD!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON USA?????? WHERE THE HELL IS THE HELP FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY KEPT THIS POS COUNTRY AFLOAT??? Im disgusted with this entire govt and its negligence to help HUMANS.

    1. Hi, I feel your pain and struggles. Seems everyone across the Unites States is going thru this same thing, in every State. Government don’t care about The People, it’s about how well they can make it for their self and the hell with us. I am sick of this whole entire Country, Wishing I could leave, but where to go? It seems that this is happening everywhere in the US. This is the piss poorest ran Country I have ever seen in my life. Not to mention this raggedy ass, wrinkled up, yellow faced mental case we have in the White House pretending to be running this Country and he is’nt running NOTHING! VOTE PEOPLE VOTE THESE OUT!!!

    2. I suggest you contact your state representative. That’s what I did in NJ b/c my emails and phone calls to the unemployment office went unanswered. My state representative contacted the unemployment office on my behalf to let them know I needed to file for back payment for the weeks I was unemployed prior to filing for unemployment. While it took several months and a number of emails to my state representative and then emails from my representative to unemployment, yesterday I did finally receive approval for my back weeks. Today I certified for those weeks. Now my last hurdle is to get the back-dated $600 federally funded weekly checks for those weeks. Hopefully they will automatically be processed, but if not, I’ll follow-up with my state representative’s office. Best of luck to you!

  11. Check the IRS website for your stimulus payment. If you google IRS stimulus payment it will bring up a link to the IRS website and there you can check the status of your stimulus payment. It may be a case of you just updating your address or payment information.

  12. yes i have been reciving the weekly payments about 3 weeks now filed back payments got approved the pay date keeps changing almost daily and getting ahold of anyone from uI is impossible it now says 8/3 and it said 7/27 it changed after i made a weekly claim im wondering should i skip a week and let that payment roll through everythign seems good status says nothing bad all looks good no messages or anything im confused

      1. Just like filing your weekly claim but change the date to march or whenever you need to claim. I know some people received theirs right away while others took months and still others had to answer questions that apparently weren’t answered properly. But, since you’ve obviously been approved, you will most likely get them quickly.

  13. Writing from Illinois looking for back pay:
    Last day of work March 31st APPLIED FOR UNEMPLOYMENT 3 TIMES FINIAL first day of certification JUNE 2
    How do I RECEIVE the weeks in between April & May I filled out a form 3 weeks ago with information and haven’t heard a word. Fill

    Plus no stimulus check taxes file taxes every year and still havent received stimulus check…..somebody please help,

  14. I live in Texas. Was getting my weekly $600 every other week. This past check did not include the $600. My hours are still the same at work. Limited to 2 to 3 days a week. My work status hasn’t changed. Why did these weekly $600 benefits stop?

    1. Hi,
      Here in Florida as soon as you go back to work all of the benefits stop. You may want to check with your State to see if that’s what happened as well. Good luck to you, I hope they help you.

    2. Mine was also short the last 2 weeks as well.
      Good luck getting through on the phone as the website does not offer a working place to send them an email to inquire about it.

  15. Weird because I I live in Pennsylvania and ever since the end of May I been receiving my regular unemployment plus the 540 because I never got the full 600 because of the tax . But I didn’t receive my extra 540 this Tuesday like I usually been the past few weeks . I’m hoping that they’re just gonna combine the last two payments into one . Since I can’t never get on the phone with anyone .

    1. Hey Jada – have you gotten any more information on the extra money? I didn’t get mine either this week?? One of the sites I was on said I didn’t certify but not sure what that means
      Also got a notice that says even though I’m eligible for a year my benefits will run out in 4 weeks

  16. I live in AZ – I have not received my weekly $600 unemployment benefits or pandemic amount since these past 2 weeks of my weekly claim filing. The past 2 weekly claims says: STILL PROCESSING for 6/28/20 and 7/5/20. The money had been DD every Tuesday without ever having any past issues and all of a sudden it says: STILL PROCESSING. Is anyone else having the same problems in AZ all of a sudden these past couple weeks ?

    1. I am in Florida but seems all states are working the same way with Federal 600.00 payments and regular unemployment. I was sent an email yesterday stating that it is the end of the quarter and this is slowing things down again because when you get that email, they want you to answer some questions to make sure we are still eligible to get assistance the next time you have to claim weeks. Which to me is just another excuse to throw a wrench into the mix and not pay us on time so the states can collect millions of dollars off of the interest and we suffer from their greediness!

    2. yes. I am having the same problem. still says “in progress” undern benefit paydate. also im showing a open issues: 2 active and a unresolved issues: yes
      but no where do I have outstanding issues and my claim says its currently not under review.

      Ive been in this status since 7/4 with no payments!

    3. My husband and I both have not recieved any unemployment in 5 weeks now after claiming it for the past 12 weeks with no problems, Includding the additional pandemic pay. Both of our claim summaries say “still processing” for all 5 weeks and we live in arizona too.

      1. Im in Kansas and EXACLTY 5 weeks ago mine stopped as well. No reason, no email or mail saying any reason why. UI customer service has absolutely NO idea what is going on at any point in time. If nothing is done, the majority of renters in the USA will be evicted by the end of August. No one cares, thats the only thing thats apparent.

      2. Yes. I live in AZ. and my last four weekly filings are still “in progress.” There does not seem to be much progress Jane

    4. Same thing here. No payment since 6-20-20. Will not respond back to me. Went through ALL chains of command. Getting no response, cricketts!!!!!!

    5. Yes. I live in AZ. and my last four weekly filings are still “in progress.” There does not seem to be much progress Jane

  17. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I guess I’m blessed or lucky or maybe both. I applied for PUA benefits on June 5th & received PUA benefits retroactive to March 10 (which was the last day I worked) on June 9th! The extra $600 was included for the months of March, April & May. I file weekly on Sundays & have been receiving payments on Tuesdays (including the extra $600). So sorry to hear that things aren’t working out for other folks.

    1. everything was going fine for me too until today when i checked i didnt get the extra $600 did you have issues with filing this week for july 19

        1. I haven’t had any problems with getting the extra $600 since I filed March 26 and I’ve been getting it all every time that I done my questions every other Sunday. This week on 7/28 which is Tuesday and I should been getting the extra $600 judging that probably would be the last since the CARES ACT says that the extra would be given to you by the end of July 31. Since unemployment pays from Sunday to Saturday, I should get one more extra $600 for both weeks from 7/12 to 7/18 and the next week of 7/19 to 7/25 as I don’t expect in getting anymore until they pass another bill for it. I have gotten it every single time plus my regular that is given on every Monday of the Sunday that I made my claim. So 7/27, I got my regular UI benefits just fine but not the extra $600 that was usually given to me on the next day of Tuesday which is 7/28. Reason that I don’t expect it the next week is because the July 31 ends on a Friday and not Saturday, so I don’t expect it as it expires on or by July 31. I live in Kentucky and I have bills that is worrying the hell out of me as I take care of my mother who has medical issues already, so I go out and run the errands so that she doesn’t have to as to keep her safe from the virus at all cost. I just don’t understand it as I have gotten it every single time since March. I would be very glad when or if my job calls me back to work as this is shitty as people are out of work and now possibly can’t trust unemployment for not doing their jobs as it must be very nice to be working. I called my job yesterday to ask them if anything has changed yet and of course they haven’t changed. I could really use that extra cash as my car is breaking down and what use will it be if I can’t even make around to see if I can find another job or not or even worse, my recent job calls and tells me to come back to work as I would love to have my job back and would go in a heartbeat as I love to work and I don’t really care about drawing unemployment. So I did use my regular UI to fix my car which is complete truth as I have to have a way back and forth in either searching for a job. I only receive an estimate of $300 more than I made at my job but I could care less about that extra estimate $300 as I brought home $480 per week every week with a 40 hour check. I’m not like other people who is taking advantage of this extra benefits. I also have other bills and I’ve never ever been late on my cable bill, electric bill, TV payment which I was planning to go ahead and pay it off with this last extra $600 per week ordeal. I got the TV right when I got my recent job and never been late and I’m so very worried that I’ll lose something that I’ve literally spent a lot of money on before this big layoff event. This event isn’t my fault to say the least and I would go back to work if they call regardless of this extra money as having a job is a certain paycheck versus a uncertain pay. What is going on with this shit as it makes me so very sad plus at the same time very upset as well as depressed as I basically in tears right now as I can’t pay my cable bill and my tv payment as I had to use my regular UI to fix my car so that I could have a way back and forth to work as I had to get a mass air sensor that costed me $150 plus EGR valve that added $50 more, and fuel tank filter which costed me $125. I only get after taxes deducted a whopping $378 which left me with $30 and my TV payment costs me $65 every two weeks which my early pay off is going to cost me $300 and that is done and over with. I mean hell, what is someone suppose to do as I get depressed minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. I lose anything over something I had no fault over, I will hurt my own damn self when the depression starts setting in. I would love to see how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot and they were in my position and me doing and issuing them these checks for them and then all of sudden just stop without contacting you or anything. They didn’t lose their job but I sure the hell did lose mine and problem is that they just don’t give a damn or how much a person can lose out on. So if any unemployment agency is within this page, hear us and do something right for a change. If something is wrong, contact us as you can do at least something to let us understand what the hell is going on. Put your shoes into ours and see how you would feel if we were you in these agents shoes. Sorry bout every one on here and God bless every one on here trying to understand what is the hold up and so forth as our bill collectors won’t hold up or anything. Don’t withheld our funds as it could mean that we lose every thing over unemployment hold ups. Again, how would you feel if you were done this way with your paycheck.

    2. Then why are you here?????? These people are without money and dont want to hear about the thousands of dollars that you received and are still receiving. I had 2 full time jobs making almost 1k after taxes a week….Unemployment was giving me $122 a week….. And an extra 600 from fed….not even close to what i made. So im gathering you are getting MORE than what you actually made weekly beforehand. Oh and not to mention that 600$….ya you still owe taxes on it next year for taxes!!! Have fun with that chunk of money when everyone is REALLY gonna be broke.

    3. Sounds a little braggish if you ask me. Most people are requesting information “how to get benefits/backpay” and your bragging about getting yours. Gtfo!!


    1. Hi, seems no one can get straight answers here. My federal payments were coming in, only got one $600 after claiming my weeks last Monday 6/22/2020. Have not seen anymore. Gov. DeSantis is dodging news reporters, he won’t answer questions about this. I did read where Gov. DeSantis is holdong the money and releasing it little by little after he collects the interest off of it, then we get ours. Only God knows what this corrupt State is doing to us poor folks that need help and it’s clear they don’t care! Good luck to you and us all!

    2. Hi, that’s another thing, there is no way to check our $600 fed payments. Cant speak to anyone I been on hold for hours today, phone battery going dead lol! I read where Gov. DeSantis is holding the payments and releasing the money little by little after he receives the interest off of it, then we get ours. Only God knows what they are doing in this corrupt State of Florida, and it shows clearly none of our officials cares about us folks struggling to make it every day! Gov. DeSantis is dodging questions from reporters as well so he don’t have to explain where our money is. Seen emails from one reporter that has been trying to reach him for days, they send Gov. DeSantis schedule to them at 9:00pm at night after his day has ended so no reporters can catch him, that is just sad and cowardly. I have not seen any fed payments since I claimed on 6/22/2020, got one $600 payment. no more since. Good luck!

      1. They are behind on ours as well. They owe my husband 5 weeks worth at the current time. I called representative Brady’s office and they are contacting the DEO since we can’t get a live person at all since April. He also hasn’t received his stimulus check or his tax return! Who can we contact?

        1. Hi, so sorry to hear seems many of us are going through this in Florida. For the tax return and stimulas you need to call the IRS. They are pretty easy to get ahold of. As far as our Federal payments, only God knows. Gov. Desantis has made it this way for us Floridians, the system is designed for us to fail an not get paid and they got it so we can not speak to anyone that’s knows anything. We all are just sitting ducks… waiting. Vote all of these bastards out is what I say!

  19. my job started my claim but now doesn’t because im working 32 hours and im not receiving the extra 600 what can I do to get it started back up

    1. If you are in Florida and you go back to work full time or part time you are immediately cut off. As soon as you make your first check, bam! they got you down as working because it is sent to them! You will have to reapply again and go thru the process all over again. Been there done that! Good luck. Your job can not start your claim, that is something You have to do, I am confused there.

    2. In the state of Kentucky, you will be considered part time anything below 32 hours of work, so you have to work at least 20 hours per week to be eligible for unemployment. But this is the state of Kentucky requirements.

  20. hello, I received one payment May 14th but haven’t received anything since then.. I need help I cant talk to anyone and I sent 3 emails since may . no one contacted me

    1. Call the 7327612021 number, keep trying. I got through today around 3 pm. Good luck!!

  21. I live in NC and have been receiving unemployment plus $600 per week since 5/27. Every Monday I certify and then I get DD on Tuesdays. This week I logged in to certify and that option is gone. It’s replaced with a link to “File for emergency pandemic unemployment”. My regular unemployment amount is exhausted but I should still qualify for the $600.

    1. If your regular unemployment has run out you no longer qualify for the 600$. You must recieve at least 1$ in regular unemployment to qualify for the 600$. With that said, they extended unemployment an extra 13 weeks for those whose regular benefits have run out. I know in arizona at least there is another type of unemployment you apply for in that case called PEUC- pandemic emergency unemployment compensation.

  22. So I live in Fl and I have not received the extra $600 since 5/19 but im still receiving the regular UI. Today (6/13/2020) I received a random amount of $741. I am missing 3 payments of $600 so how did they come up with this random amount?

    1. They are automatically deducting taxes and any child support payments – so this may be a reason. But Florida is a mess. See the dedicated page for Floridians (on menu from home page)

    2. I’m from Ohio i got mine last week but didn’t receive my 600 this week whats going on

      1. I live in Syracuse NY. I’ve had no problem receiving the data $600 since it started. My reg. Amount went in, but the $600 did not. I heard there was an issue with the system, not sure if that is what’s going on because I can’t reach a human at the Unemployment Office. It tells me it was processed but no deposit. Anyone else in NY having issues?

    3. I live in Largo, FL. Same here, regular unemployment okay but this week on 6/23/2020 only received one $600 payment. They were sending when I claimed weeks, 2 weeks of $600 the next day but now this time it’s only one payment. What in the world is DeSantis doing? Hording the interest again for his own gain and not releasing our funds? Good Lord this is awful, makes me want to move to Canada.

  23. I am in Florida. Today is June 12th. Like everyone else the $600 stopped as of 5/19. On June 2nd I had to certify for my 2 weeks; the week of 5/17 and the week of 5/24. On Thursday, June 4th I received the two weeks that I certified for $494. On Friday, June 5th I received one payment of $540 ($600 less taxes). Now this week no additional $540. I don’t understand I thought they were going biweekly but I’m not even getting it weekly. Now I’m suppose to certify for my 2 weeks on Tuesday 6/16. I was thinking instead of certifying for both weeks together I will certify for one week and see if I get $540 and then the following week certify for the other week. This is ridiculous.

    1. same here so frustrating to live in FL right now finally got things going right and they messed it up again ughhhhhhhhhhhh

  24. HI I live in NJ i got my unemployement check due to the covid $231 but I didn’t get the $600, it says i’m elgible for it but doesnt say where to apply for it.

    1. I’m in NJ as well and I received my normal unemployment but not my $600 as well. My daughter received her $600 so I’m not sure whats going on. I tried emailing the state with no success and calling is a recorder number to call back tomorrow. If you find a number or email address let me know and I will do the same

    2. As a follow up. I received 1200 this week to make up for the missed one last week. Seems they had a computer problem.

    3. Hi! I have the same situation – I received my $231 for this week on 6/23 (this is the first payment I’ve received in two months) and I was told I’d get the extra $600 as well but it’s now Friday and it never came….I’m very concerned as a lot of us are relying on this extra deposit!

  25. I was getting the $600 stimulus check every Monday but I did not receive it this week.
    I usually get it on Monday. Did something happen that these checks stopped ?

    1. I live in NJ and the same thing happened to me this week, unable to reach an agent by phone, so frustrating.

      1. That an no one responds to emails! It’s so frustrating. Seems like NJ had an issue this week with processing the FPUC $600 payments. I was supposed to get mine Wednesday. I got an email confirming it and my eligibility….but nothing has been deposited yet.

        1. Issues is integrations with their eligibility checking systems and payments. Seems to be various technical issues

    2. It happened to me as well. I Only got one $600 payment on 6/24/2020. This is just awful, makes me want to move out of Florida. Nothing but crooks running our State.

  26. How long does it take to get paid during the pandemic if I just claimed for 5/26/2020-06/02/2020 today. How long, basically does your claim take to process even though my account had been denied in June 3, for insufficient funds but redid it on the 06/05/2020 was deemed not registered until I went back and fixed the PUA questions and was automatically granted funds after I claimed my week which was for the last week in May. So back my question which is how long should they take to deposit my money if I claimed 06/08/20 for 5/26-06/02.

  27. I have been receiving the extra 600 dollars PUA EVERY Monday which is also the day I claim for my state unemployment which would reach my account that Wednesday. Today I didn’t get my 600. This has never happened to me before. Is there a number to call about the federal 600 payment?

  28. In Arizona and this is the message I got – “AZ DES is aware that there are claimants who filed weekly certifications recently that did not receive the additional $600 weekly Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation payment benefit. We sincerely apologize and are working to correct this as quickly as possible. We will provide an update as soon as we have an estimated date of payment for these claims.”

    So looks like same old IT issues with all the old systems the states have. By the time they fix this the extra $600 program will end.

  29. I’m in FL also and I haven’t gotten my $600 federal unemployment since week of Memorial Day also. When I am able to get through and speak to someone they assure me it’ll come soon and its just being delayed and told me to expect it last Tuesday. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks and still nothing. They tell me they don’t have anything to do with the federal money and since I’m still getting my state unemployment (ONLY $125 week!) I will still get the federal money. I’m doing everything and if it doesn’t start coming soon I’m gonna be homeless! HELP!!

    1. This is from someone else. I couldn’t figure out why my $600 a week stopped either and its 3 weeks.
      I’m currently a gig worker in Florida that’s unemployed due to COVID, obviously. Thought I could being y’all some hope if you haven’t received your money already. I was deemed eligible for PUA after two times of being deemed ineligible for regular UA. I received back pay a few days after applying for PUA, and started receiving my state and fed payments regularly. I would receive my federal money Monday night/Tuesday morning for two weeks straight. After Memorial Day, on the 19th of May, the payments stopped coming. Around 4am this morning, June 4th, I received a deposit of $1,080. Here’s what I heard was happening from someone who got a hold of someone at the DEO said & I can now confirm this is true: They are now offering the state and federal payments bi-weekly. We all have missed out on being paid because they were reworking the system. On top of being paid bi-weekly, instead of receiving our fed money weekly like we were, they are taxing the $600 wether you’re opted in or not. So you will be paid $1,080 every two weeks. So if you haven’t received a payment since May 19th, like myself, expect to receive a payment for that much either tonight or Monday to make up for the last two weeks. Then you will be receiving another one next week, and from then on out, you will be receiving it every two weeks when you go ahead and claim your weeks. Frustrating, yes – but at least we will be receiving our money. I hope I helped ease some of your anxiety about your payments, can I definitely woke up everyday with major anxiety not seeing that federal payment in my account!

  30. I live in Georgia and stillhave not rec any any unemployment yet me or my son and we have been approved since 3/8/2020 and him 4/19/2020 so were is the money and when is it going to drop

  31. My employer is offering for me to come back 2 days a week. I worked a 40 hour a week position before COVID 19 hit. If I go back, will I lose the unemployment plus the $600.00 or will I get an adjustment to my unemployment and continue to get the $600.00?

    1. You will likely lose some of your state UI. But if you do qualify for even $1 of state UI (or the state maximum) you will get the $600.

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