Checking Your IRS Tax Refund Status on WMR or IRS2Go For Delayed Payments or Direct Deposit Date

With tax season underway, lots of taxpayers are keen to get an update on their federal refund processing status’ on the IRS’ Where is My Refund (WMR) website or on the IRS2Go mobile app.

Clearly there is a lot of confusion as people anxiously await their refunds and are unclear of how the IRS is processing their returns and when they can expect their refund check to hit their bank account or debit card.

In fact if you search tax forums one of the most common questions are around differences between the 3 WMR status’ which are Return Received, Refund (Return) Approved and Refund Sent. The tracker is updated daily (~3AM EST) so there is no need to constantly check it.

Checking WMR and IRS2Go Refund Status Updates

You can start using the WMR website or IRS2Go app to start checking on the status of your return 24 hours after the IRS receives your e-filed return or 2 to 3 weeks after you mail a paper return.

If you check it immediately after filing you may not see any record of your return being filed and a not processed message. So give it a day or two after filing and don’t panic. You or your preparer will also get an email confirmation from the IRS of the filing submission if electronically filed.

As the IRS processes your return it will progress through the 3 stages and provide you information (via IRS topic or transaction codes) on your tax refund processing and/or if you need to take actions like providing more information or calling the IRS.

Here are more details on each status and what each one means:

WMR Status Bar 1: Return Received

This status is is the same as “Return Accepted by the IRS.” This means that your tax return has passed initial screens by the IRS covering rudimentary fraud checks, verifying your SSN and ensuring no obvious red flags on your return.  

WMR Status Graphic
Refund Status’ and Tracker (WMR)

Your tax return will remain in this status while the IRS processes it in more detail to ensure it is compliant and the refund amount is accurate.

Your refund can remain in the status for a while if it is complex or the IRS feels further information is needed.  The IRS is however saying it processes most returns in 21 days if your return is not flagged for further review.

There is no need to follow-up with the IRS if the WMR tool shows the status of Return Received. If this status is showing, the IRS is processing your return and further calls or letters won’t speed up the process.

There is also no status of “under review” so sometimes your status may be stuck in this status (or even disappear as discussed below) while the IRS completes its reviews

IRS Refund Processing Delays
IRS Refund Processing Delays (after received)

WMR Status Bar 2: Refund Approved 

This status will appear if your tax return checks out and and your return has been approved for payout by direct deposit or check. A personalized refund date will be provided and the WMR status will now be Refund Approved. If you elected the direct deposit (DD) option for your refund, you will get a date by which it should be credited to your account.

While the IRS does promise that it will process most returns in under 21 days, it could take longer if complications come up. This delay is what frustrates most tax payers as the IRS does at times provide limited information if errors in your return are spotted.

While some information is provided on WMR and IRS2Go, the IRS will generally mail you for further detailed information. You can also check your IRS tax transcript for details. This could add days, weeks and even months if lots of additional information is need. So ensure your tax return is as accurate when filing.

WMR Refund Approved

WMR Status Bar 3: Refund Sent

As the name implies means the IRS has sent your refund to your nominated bank account(s). It will give you a specific date the refund was sent. Direct Deposit payment are generally processed within 5 days. I.e. the money will be in your bank available for withdrawal within 5 days of the refund sent date.

You should only contact your bank or financial institution if you have not received your return after 5 days of the IRS refund sent date.

Note that you may get another message below the refund deposit/credit details saying your refund was reduced or offset (as discussed in the sections below). You will get a tax code notice for why this happened and options to appeal. But the IRS will still send you what they have deemed approved.

If you requested a paper check this means your check has been mailed and could take 10+ days for you to receive this via mail. It could take weeks or months if your mailing address is outside the US.

IRS2Go Refund Sent

When do IRS2Go/WMR & Transcript Get Updated For Tax Return and Refund Processing?

The WMR website and IRS2Go mobile app can update any day of the week. However, major updates on daily accounts are usually Wednesday; and major updates on weekly accounts are usually Saturday.

You can see if your IRS account is daily or weekly in this article. This will generally show which batch or cycle your return and refund (if applicable) is being processed in the IRS master file (IMF). The IRS has older systems and does most of its processing in “batches” or “cycles.”

So knowing which one you are in can given you some guidance on where your return processing and WMR/IRS2Go updates are likely to happen.

WMR and IRS2Go are however down for scheduled system maintenance on Sunday and Monday nights per the screenshot below. However during the peak of tax season it is not uncommon to see longer outages.

Further when too many users are on or attempting to access the refund trackers, the IRS can restrict access to these tools and people sometimes see the message that system cannot verify their identity. They may also see missing status bars because of this, as discussed in the next section below.

IRS batch processing generally takes place 12am to 3am (EST) and refund direct deposit processing takes 3:30am to 6:00am (EST) – most nights, expect Sundays.

Similar to WMR and IRS2Go your free IRS Tax transcript can get update any day of the week. However, major updates on daily account are generally on Tuesdays; and mass updates on weekly accounts are usually on Fridays. This lines up with the cycle codes as discussed in this video.

When do IRS2Go/WMR & Transcript Get Updated For Tax Return and Refund Processing?

How do I check my refund status?

Once your status is available you can go to the IRS refund status site to check your refund status and payment date (once issued).

You will need your SSN, filing status and the exact amount of your expected refund on your filed return to verify your identity and access your refund status. Key fields are shown below.

Where is my IRS Federal Refund

If you cannot use the above method, you can call the IRS.

Help! My WMR status bars have disappeared

Per the IRS, the WMR tracker graphic may disappear or not be shown if your return is still processing (TC 152) or falls under IRS review after it is received (Status Bar 1: Return Received) because additional information is needed for your return.

The IRS still has your return but things are essentially on hold until the IRS gets the additional information from you to continue processing your return .

You will either get directions on WMR or IRS2Go or the IRS will provide contact information. Follow the provided instructions and return any additional information ASAP to get your potential refund and reduce any further delays.

An explanation or instructions (see IRS Tax or error codes) may be provided on your transcript, ahead of WMR/IRS 2Go updating in some instance. This can happen even if you previously checked WMR and it showed the status as “Return Received.” 

However it is not uncommon to also have “N/A” on your transcript and see no or disappearing bars on WMR/IRS2Go. In this case you will just need to wait for IRS to finish their processing.

Talk to your accountant, tax advocate or tax professional if you are not clear on what the IRS is asking for.

How far back does the WMR tool go for checking my refund status?

The IRS recently made enhancements to the Where is My Refund tool (and IRS2Go mobile application) that allows taxpayers to check the status of their refund for the current tax year and two previous years. This is helpful for tax payers still waiting on past year tax returns to be processed.

Originally it was only limited to the refund processing status of the current tax year, with tax transcripts being the source for prior years.

Tax filers will need their SSN or ITIN, filing status and expected refund amount from the original filed tax return
for the tax year they’re checking.

Note that this multi-year status checking enhancement is only for the online WMR tool. Those calling the refund hotline are still limited to inquiring about the current year’s tax return.

Why is my Refund Status Showing a Reduced Refund Message (Code 203 or 570)

One thing many tax payers see during their tax refund processing is a message that that refund has been approved for direct deposit (WMR status = Refund Sent), but that it has been reduced, per the screenshot below.

Refund Reduced Offset Status

This message just means your refund has been garnished or reduced for a government (BFS) determined reason (tax offset). This is generally because you owe money to the federal government because of a delinquent debt – e.g. overpaid unemployment, unpaid past year tax obligations etc.

Your return can also be held up and reduced if you see Tax Code 570 on your transcript. This code means your return is on hold due due to additional verification which may or may not have a monetary impact. No further processing or refund payment can be made until this hold is lifted following additional IRS processing.

You can see more in this article or video, but you would have received a letter advising of you of the reason and you can call or file an appeal (via BFS) to claim back any deducted refund amounts.

Using my IRS Transcript and Cycle code to get more details on refund processing status

The lack of progress or details in the WMR or IRS2Go app has made some tax filers use their IRS tax transcript (free from your IRS account) to get more details on their return/refund processing status. Your transcript which shows various tax processing codes and a “cycle code.”

This is an eight digit number that indicates when your tax return posted to the IRS Master File (IMF). The cycle code is updated regularly and when combined with the tax topic code, can provide insight into your tax refund status, processing stages and potential direct deposit date. You can see a deeper discussion in this article.

WMR, IRS2Go app and transcript cycle code

Reader Feedback on IRS Delays (with some help)

Here a sampling of some comments and responses from readers of this site on this topic and WMR refund status/processing:

(From Dorothy) We wait and wait all year long then bam we file we get a big refund and we are told 10 to 21 days and what do we do. We sit here looking at our refund tracker we log on to WMR site and we check wmr2go we just keep watching and waiting for our Money.

Then just when we are not looking something changes meaning our bars move and we check our accounts and there’s our Money. But here’s what bugs me the most. The IRS is looking at us and sees we owe them and way before we get notice or told what to do next.

They are saying NOW you must pay. What if we made them WAIT. Or when a letter comes we send it back with a response we will get back to you in 5 to 10 days. Wonder what they would think. But here’s for all of us ITS OUR MONEY AND WE WANT IT NOW

(From Brandi on her WMR experience) To those who have been told that your returns are under review I e-filed on Jan 5th last year but of course it wasn’t sent to IRS until Jan 20th (when IRS starts accepting returns). It was accepted the next day.

My bars on WMR disappeared after about about a week and have not reappeared since. I was informed on 2/10 that my return went under review on 2/2 and to expect it in 6-8 weeks. On 2/24 I received a [IRS] letter stating that I needed to verify my identity before my return could be processed further. I called and sat on hold for 1hr 45 min before talking to a person.

I verified my name, social security number, birthdate, address, fathers name, child’s birthdate, child’s social security number and the total amount of my return. By the way, none of my personal info has changed in the last 10 years. I was then told that my return would now be returned to the processing department to be completed and to expect it within 6 weeks from that day.

Yes, 6 more weeks from the date i verified my information. Unless there is some other problem, then i will be contacted by mail to provide whatever else is needed. This was the worse case scenario she said but was preparing me just in case. I doubt it will be 6 more weeks or that they will need anything else but I am so upset that I have been waiting since Jan 20th and it took over one month just to receive a letter to verify info that has not changed in over 10 years.

Now I’m waiting 6 more weeks for my money. I know everyone’s situation is different but if you have been waiting a while or were told yours is under review or you need to do identity verification, this is possibly what you could expect to happen with your return.

Bottom line just don’t depend on the IRS to be fast this year. Some are getting their returns quick and then there are some like myself that will be waiting much longer!

(From Mary Elizabeth) I understand that this is a stressful situation. My own bars had disappeared for six days now while I was accepted on the 21st. I am due a refund according to Turbotax by 2/11.  The number and extension provided below has personally helped me through my own tax problems, as well as my friends and loved ones; while the general or common number gives millions of people the “automated voice” and “runaround”.

If someone to reach a real person in the IRS office, do the following:

1) First, make sure the time is at 7amEST in the morning. (Note: this is the perfect time to reach someone to avoid LONG wait times!)
2) Call 1-800-829-0582 and press extension 633 (Don’t worry, this department is the quickest and will still research your situation to give you a definite answer)
3) Good Luck

Some of these examples are likely what you are facing so hopefully the answers here can help you. Please leave a comment below if you need more feedback or want to share your experience.

Helpful Videos on IRS Refund Processing Delays

Useful IRS numbers for refund questions

Some useful IRS Phone Numbers to Get More Information on Your Return and/or Refund
Talk To a Live Person
(800) 829-0582 Ext. 652

Tax Help Line
(800) 829-1040
for human? press 1 for English, then 0, 0 again

Refund Hotline
(800) 829-1954

(800) 829-4477
Taxpayer Advocate Service Hotline

Turbo Tax Customer Service Line
(877) 908-7228

H&R Block Customer Service Line
(800) 472-5625
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192 thoughts on “Checking Your IRS Tax Refund Status on WMR or IRS2Go For Delayed Payments or Direct Deposit Date”

  1. I got a date for my state but still nothing on my fed refund.. I had a 152 topic now nothing it’s states recived and being processed .. When I called irs they told me I should be reciving a letter in the mail that was on 2/27/17 why is it taking so long.. So I called a week later lady said they send me out a letter I should have recived it I told her no..mi said should I go to its building she said no.. She don’t see that I really have to.. Why is this going on.. Don’t understand.. Status keep saying keep continuing to check for your refund .

  2. I recently filed my tax return by paper and it has been approved and being sent. The problem is they mailed my refund even I requested that it will deposit directly to my bank account, why is this happened, now I’m gonna wait a little bit longer to the mail before I receive my refund

  3. This is Crazy, The tracker stated on 3/24/2017 that my refund would be deposited on 3/29/2016 yet the tracker does not show the Refund was even ever sent. As per their Tracker “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by March 29, 2017. If your refund is not credited to your account by April 3, 2017, check with your bank to see if it has been received.”

    Tracker bar is Lit up for Received and Approved…Sent…nope! What kind of Govt. Joke is this??

    • Last year mine never updated with the last status and they jist sent it. Keep an eye on your account. Its on its way

    • Mine said the exact same dates! They said it was deposited the 29th and expect it by April 3. Now 3 days later it says today that they took all of it to pay off an outstanding debt!!! That means they lied because for 3 days they stated that, plus they even sent me a letter in the mail saying that we are getting it! I’m hoping they made a mistake somewhere, because normally I wouldn’t bank on getting my tax return, but for 3 days they say it was deposited…what else am I supposed to think?

    • I Just got that app today because im having problems getting my return since i filed it in the beginning of mar and it did the same thing to Me and told me it went thru processing and approved and i ll have my money in six days from now and if not around these days. Then July 7 2017 . So i was like okay awesome im getting my money. Then later today at work i go to check it just because and it was back to it still being process like i t didnt get send

  4. Well I did my taxes on the 19th of January got accepted on the 25th and it is now the 24th of march and still haven’t received any information about my federal taxes I still can’t believe they are taking so long I got my state refund on the 14th of February

  5. Everytime I enter my correct information Into irs2go to wmr it tells me that my information is incorrect. Has that happened to anyone else. But when I enter it for my state refund it says that it’s processing.

  6. I check IRS2Go app mines got approved and my ddd was feb 23.17 and I check my account and the money was not there. So the IRS they gave me the runaround about what was going on with my refund so come to find out i had to Vefiy my identity before they can continue to process my refund so I did so and passed the process and a week later my bar is still gone. I called the IRS to see what was going on with my refund and why IRS2Go app says the same. The IRS person said she didn’t know why the app is saying the same thing but she said that it shows in her system that I should receive my refund on mar 30.17 it will be a paper check and if I didn’t get it on that day then call the IRS. I’m confused I really don’t know what to believe I was wondering if she was just saying that.

    • I still have not received my refund yet and it’s saying that they received it and it is processing

  7. I checked the app that’s called where’s my refund not the irs one there’s another one and it says that my refund will be deposited to my bank on March 10 2017 and when I check my refund on another app it say that they cant give me no information on my refund I dont understand this.

    • Where’s My Refund IS the IRS application and is the only application that can offer valid information regarding your return. Where’s My Return is the mobile phone version of the IRS2 button on your laptop or PC.

  8. I’m so frustrated right now. As the only breadwinner in my home I filed and had my taxes received by irs on 26Jan17. My sister filed a few days after and received her refund already. We are both military and in the same situation, yet I’m still here waiting. Each day I check to see if I’m getting what is rightfully mine, but keep seeing that my refund is being processed. What on earth is going on?

    • It’s being processed!! Some returns take longer than other whether it’s “rightfully yours” or not. Just BC your sister fits hers doesn’t mean that you should get yours the same day. A lot of variables go into processing the return like EIC, investments, savings, healthcare, etc. Both being in the military has nothing at all to do with anything regarding refund speed. Maybe she had a simpler return. Maybe yours was more complex. Many factors determine speed of processing like EIC recipients weren’t having their returns even processed til after February 15th regardless of when it was submitted. Be patient and contact the IRS within 21 days of the 15th if you were claiming EIC, otherwise contact them and ask what’s going on.

    • I agree with you all it’s so amazing real tax payers regardless of what you do for a living as long as your a law abiding citizen and pay taxes should not have to go through this when our President who is a billionare do not pay taxes and you are reviewing people who do like mines I was told I have to wait 9 weeks wow when i know people who dont leave out there house all year and do nothing file a tax return and theirs was accepted,approved and sent where do they do that at please tell me this is unbelievable I filed my taxes March 8 and now have to wait until early May this is not the right year to be going through all this aggravation it’s a big headache but don’t make them bigger than what they are its just the Irs God is bigger and bought us all this far although everyone needs their money i understand its going to come right on time God doesn’t forsake when you depend on man you get what man can do when you depend on God you get what he can do everything but fail delay doesn’t mean denial

  9. Haven’t got my Refund either. past 21 days. Spoke to IRS rep. She said my refund didn’t go through, and they will send it back through in two weeks. If all goes well I will get my refund. If all doesn’t go well, they wilet my know what’s next. Do any one know what this means? I questioned the rep but got more confused. PLEASE HELP

  10. Haven’t got my Refund either. past 21 days. Spoke to IRS rep. She said my refund didn’t go through, and they will send it back through in two weeks. If all goes well I will get my refund. If all doesn’t go well, they will gat let my know what’s next. Do any one know what this means? I questioned the rep but got more confused. PLEASE HELP

    • What happened after all was it deposited later that day? I’m on the same boat right now it says I will get it today 3/29 but I doesn’t not show the sent bar yet. My theory is they have a specific time when they sent them. Maybe 8am 12pm etc and maybe I was not in the group that got theirs early in the morning.

    • I am in the same boat. Mine says scheduled to be sent to my bank by 3/29 today but doesn’t say sent on the IRS app.

    • How long after was it sent? I am on the same boat. Supposed to be DDD today, but didn’t get it, but it doesn’t say refund sent either.

  11. Due to all the messthis year with the IRS i decide to file exempt and recieve all my money and file my state return because clearly this is a joke to them. The Rothschild family owns the irs and i clearly dont support them. If you take 10,000.00 out of my taxes why am i getting only 4000.00 or 5000.00 back it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out my hard earned money is going to someone i dont know and giving me half isnt sufficing. I know an ex irs lady who clearly has given the info on the irs and how they play people. Taxes are voluntary they cant make you pay so 2018 I will have no need to wait for anyone to give me anything because i dont have to pay nothing to nobody I work for my money not the other way away around I need all my funds.

    • Mimi, you are sadly mistaken if you believe that you do not HAVE to pay taxes. Just keep holding out and not paying them and watch how fast they come after you. I am only preaching from experience. I was a contract employee for a few years and no taxes were taken out of my check. It was up to me to file and pay what was owed every year. After the first year of filing and ending up owing the govt over $2400, I figured the next year I just wouldn’t file. Well, a few years later that came back to bite me in the butt when they swiped my whole +$4000 refund for a job where I was paying taxes and when asked why they took the whole amount instead of just the $2400 that was owed, they claimed it was back interest.
      FYI, most people who pay taxes do not receive the full amount paid back. If everyone got everything back that they paid in, how would the govt pay for anything that keeps this country running?

  12. I filed Feb. 11, 2017. i was told the 27th. yet, my returns are still being processed. i am not happy with this new “thing” the IRS is doing with EIC. those of us who have EIC and are truly relying on our returns to make ends finally meet, and pay off the debt that some may be in with babysitters/day cares, are now sitting here wanting to rip out their hair and cry (i am 1 of those parents) why is the return STILL being processed when i was told Feb. 27th????????

      • EXACTLY THE SAME BOAT HERE!! If we gave them such shady answers, they’d probably reopen alcatraz just for us!! LOL

    • Did your status bar disappear? Ours was there for several days and then it disappeared…..and it says processing.
      Did you call? Who told you the 27th?

      I am hoping to call tomorrow (its 20 days, but I’m going to play dumb and say it was 21 days so they will talk to me)

      • If the bar disappear is because probably they are checking for any offsets you may have. The IRS usually gives you a date when they have review your return but they have no say on TO when your return will be sent to you because they are waiting for other departments to let them know how much you owe them. Once they get that info back now they can put the bar back and updated with an approve and set date. So the question is do you have something you may owe? If so, that’s what’s happening.

    • The reason for the delay of accepting the returns with EIC until Feb. 18th has to do with the new implementations regarding fraud prevention. Since the prepaid cards have gotten popular, Scammers have stolen so many tax returns over the last couple years and the IRS is taking new measures to stop that from happening. I’ve read that they would start sending out those specific returns the week of the 27th but allow up to an additional week if given that date. Also, WMR will show “refund is sent” the day after its sent due to the overnight updating. Hope this info clears up any questions for you!

  13. How long will i have to wait to hear back from the irs after i sent all the document’s they asked for its been over 10 days since i faxed them what they have asked for. Anyone know how long this can take . any info is appreciated please and thank you.

      • I got another letter saying give them up to 4.29.17 for a call or another letter stating that the problem has been solved or saying we would need to send more stuff in. Anybody else going through this bs.

  14. If i sent the document’s the irs asked for how long do i have to wait to know anything about my refund i faxed it to the irs over 10 days ago.

  15. So my refund have been accepted and approved but the message says it will be mailed, I sent my information for direct deposit though. Anyone else has direct deposit I am interested in the message given on ‘where’s my refund’ site after your approval, did it say that your refund would be directly deposited?

    Thanks for the help!

  16. I filed through turbo tax this year for the first time. I filed on 2/3/17 and was accepted by the IRS. I recently check WMR and it says Tax Topic 151, appeal your rights, additional information needed. I did correct my date of birth 2 weeks before filing at the Social Security office, I also added a new dependent. What does 151 mean?

  17. So my tax return stated recieved then i got a letter stating i needed to file a form bc i had obamacare for a few months. I didn’t realize this at first so i filed am amended return right away. Before 2/15 when irs would start processing returns with earned income credit so i hoping it wouldn’t take too much longer to get my return back. After filing the amended return wmr said refund is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available now it says there is no record of my filing a return. Why is this? Does it mean the website is down or its updating. Idk what to do now

    • I had the same thing happen, didn’t realize I needed to put the info in, as turbotax simply asked if I had insruance all year. Long story short, I got the letter stating I needed to send in my info, and my bar just got updated Friday night or Saturday morn. DD 3/1.

      • When did you send in the 1095a? Did you mail or fax? I mailed mine 2/7. When I called the IRS they say they received it but no DDD yet.

  18. “There is a delay in processing your tax return”, That’s the message I am getting, no code or anything that can tell me what is wrong with my tax return. Did someone get the same message? I’m so confused and sad.

    • Yes.., mine said the same thing. I called and the rep told me to call back after 21 days. I called on the 21st day and was told they sent me a letter and once I receive the letter it will tell me what I need to do. It’s amazing how this is the first time something like this happen when I needed it the most! Try to stay positive and tell your mind God will still provide while you wait. The mind will believe what you tell it. Be blessed!!

      • I’m going through the same thing. I never gotten audit but this year I did maybe bc my last name has changed n plus they wanted to see my sister, my niece n my nephew n my birth certificate to verify that we r related even sent them school records n medica record n my rent lease showing that they stay with me I fax it all in bt I still dnt see any bars it just say they received my refund n it’s being reviewed. Me n my sister really need this money for bills. They say it will never 45days I have to give them time to review it. They r so quick to hold or take ur money but so slow giving ur money to u. I’m just tried. The ppl that is doing right n being honest we get the worst deal.

      • If I’m under review and my date complete is April 27th 2017 could they be done with review before or after the date?

  19. Got our refund approved on wmr and its says it should be sent by the February 23 2017 does that mean we will receive it on the 23rd or is there a chance of receiving it before

  20. Does anyone else have a status of “We have received your request and it’s still processing”. I really can’t wait for the IRS call center to open

  21. Filed 1/27/17, accepted by IRS the same day. I checked wmr daily and up until last week my status bars went missing and now every time I check wmr I am being told that the information I entered is not matching anything in the system. Before it matched, because I had the processing bar. What does this mean?

  22. This article contains false information. No graphic or topic showing has nothing to do with whether or not there is an issue. This myth had been debunked many times over by many different sources.

  23. I feel that those filing efile shouldn’t be charged the extra $500 or so it costs to efile if its being delayed. Efile supposed to be quicker but every year now it’s being later & later delayed.

    • No one is charged to use free while. If you paid $500 to refile then you got ripped off. You can file 100% for free.

  24. Hi I filled on Jan 17 2017 & was approved from H&R BLOCK for the longest until today WMR has changed the message to we are still return processing your return can some one plz let me know when I will receive a DDD

  25. What does this mean? [Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.] Please Help!

  26. I don’t understand why the feedback change. I was following it for information. I am waiting also but I was inform by my tax preparer that there will be a wait. but I didn’t received my State until they updated it yesterday. I use the information here for comfort knowing that i was not alone. Last year, if it wasn’t for the information from these posts, I would never knew they was pushing people and doing investigating. I would never called to do the ID verify on my own. So yes, people can be confusing with their information, but i would like know that I am not alone in this. if there are information that you can pass on allow it so those of us who is can’t voice opinion can get this information Please give us the chance to weave out the different. Don’t change the post cause you don’t like what its saying. Now its just confusing. my situation, I filed 1/24 but I knew there was a hold up but I should of had my State refund by now. and I checked everyday and read everyone respond I was comfort. Good luck to everyone tomorrow we should know something.

  27. Called the IRS on 02/09/17 at 9am and on hold 30 minutes. Rep picked up, asked what I needed, I told her status of refund, to which she said she didn’t handle refunds and would transfer me. Transferred and on hold for 5 minutes when another Rep picked up and explained 21 day timeline starts at 01/23/17 for everyone and not date accepted (for me accepted on 01/17/2017). Status bar disappearing means nothing positive or negative – it just means it’s processing.

    • This is a follow-up to my post above. My status bar was back with noted as refund approved. Scheduled to be sent to my bank by Feb 15. Just like the rep told me on the phone.

      • Michelle, when your status bar went missing did it give you any other codes? My status bar went missing at beginning of February and just says still processing with no codes.

      • Michelle, when your status bar went missing did it give you another code? My bar went missing at beginning of February and just says still processing with no other codes.

  28. I look at my return this morning and the WMR bars gone and tax topic it just say processing and a date will be available with my other info what does that mean

  29. Both my state and federal returns were accepted on 1/17 but still haven’t been approved. I did get EICT this year but that isn’t supposed to affect your state return only federal. Well federal says topic 152 and how people w/ EICT are delayed till 2/15, but state says “your tax return requires additional processing, please give 2-3 mo” Wth is that?

  30. I was told by tax advocate that check was mailed april 6th but the status bar on says my return is still being processed is this possible did be misinform me

  31. Wow….first of all I must say that God is good! After patiently waiting my 21 days, keeping one bar, standard message we have received your return and it is being processed, tax topic 152, my one little bar vanished. So you best believe I’m on the phone on my 21st day calling the irs. Very nice lady asked a bunch of questions, put me on hold to see what was up, got back on the phone and told me my hubby and I needed to verify our identity because of our filing status this year and all the theft problems going on it raised a flag. You’d think that they would have mailed me something and you KNOW it didn’t take 21 days for them to decide this was what needed to be completed in order to fully process or return, but did they?…….Nope sure didn’t the only way I would have known was calling. Anywho so we did the identification process and was told that was all that was needed and once completed our funds would be released. Must admit I kinda freaked cause she said it could be another 6-8 weeks once verified to actually receive our refund and I got spooked by everyone saying things like they been waiting since January. I’m a woman of faith but I am also realistic, so I’m figuring it’s going to be a while. A few days later thought I’d jump back on wmr and what do you know, finally got a change from no bars to approved with a refund date of 3/23/16. So I hope this gives some hope, biggest advice if it’s been 21 days CALL THE IRS !!!
    Filed : 2/22/16
    Accepted: 2/23/16
    Refund deposit date: 3/23/16

  32. WMF showed accepted 3/4 and now I go to check and the bars have disappeared. From researching the internet I guess it means my return is under review. My question is I owe an amount from last year and have been doing installment payments. I know this amount is owed and they will take this from my return this year but could this be the reason for the review? Because the return amount will change? Or would it be under review for something else? What has you alls reason for reviewing been? Has anyone seen it go back to having bars without having to do anything?

    • Just because your bars are gone doesn’t automatically mean review. You may be on a weekly cycle rather than daily which takes longer to process. Many people have had bars disappear then come back a couple days later. If you just filed on the 4th you may still be fine. Try not to stress over the bars just yet :)

    • More than likely means you are under review. They could be looking at your balance owed and just adjusting. A LOT of people have been under review because of Obamacare for 1095A. That’s what mine was. I had to wait for a letter and then fax some papers. I was told another 3-6 weeks. I got a direct deposit date after a month.

      • After you faxed everything in how long did it take for you to hear back from the irs. Or did you just keep checking where my refund.

  33. I filed on 2/1 through TurboTax and included a verification pin as my return was compromised through identity theft last year. This year, my return was “Accepted” immediately by both the IRS and the state, however after a few days the “Accepted” bar transitioned to “Your return is being processed” with no resolution date provided. It remained in that status for nearly a month. Today, I called the 800-829-0582 x633 number and was speaking with a helpful human within 10 mins. She verified several pieces of information and put me on hold for about 5 mins. When she returned, she had a definitive direct deposit date for me. In my case, it was the prior identity theft matter that, not surprisingly I guess, prompted them to hold the return for further review.

  34. On 2/3 I e-filed my return, on 2/5 my tax provider calles me and tells me my return was denied by the IRS, on 2/6 I send IRS a copy of my return,DL, and SSN, on 2/10 I get a letter in the mail stating I need to verify my identity which is done the same day 2/10, I called the 1800 number they provided on the letter, I answer a number of questions and was told the red flag was lifted and he will send information that I verified my identity, and in about a week I can start Useing “where’s my refund” I waited a week and started Useing “where’s my refund” it kept saying that the information I entered was invalid to try again, on 2/25 I call the 1800 number again and got someone and she said that yes that I did prove my idenity on 2/10 and asked me the same questions, she told me that because my identity was stolen that it will take up to 180 days to process maybe longer that is a waiting game. frustrated beyond doubt that this could ever happen I look up “IRS direct number” a new 1800 number, I spoke to a guy and basically said the same thing, but this time got more detailed on the questions he asked, after about thirty minutes asking questions and answering them, he tells me that again my identity was stollen and it’s a long process 180 days some times longer, so I came to the point where I’m just gonna give up the fight and just wait. On 2/26 I go ahead and check “where’s my refund” and it finally went from : your information is invalid please try again, to we receved your return. I sure hope it doesn’t take 180 days, I did everything the IRS needed and did it before the letter was even sent out. Everything is verified and I have always claimed the same dependence every year sense 2006 tax year. Let’s see what happens I guess.

  35. Mine used to say when I got on wmr that it was still processing and that they will let me know when a date is available, now it says they received it and its been processed with a 152 topic and a 9001 code wtf

  36. My status said it was sent on the 10th. I still have gotten it. I went back on the irs website and now it says my refund is $0! How is that possible?

    • Means you dont have a refund due to some obligations you may owe for instance student loans, child support or if you owe any federal agencies they took your refund same thing happened to my mama this year hers was deposited on feb 18 but never got it when she checked it said 0.00 $ due to student loans

  37. Screw this next year im finding an off the books job. Monday is my 21 days my status bar dissapeared and before that didnt move from the first spot. I just wish I knew if I had to verify my I.d. all I want is my little b.s. rwfund. I got my state money 5 days after filing but h&r block took their 250$ fees out right away so I only had 300$ left. I went to h&r block thinking I could get an instant refund like they did years ago wherw u file and the give u a loan on your refund right away. I went they said the dont do that anymore so they said 8-21 days I should have just went with turbo tax or something last year I did mine with turbo tax and itbwas like either 9 or 19$ and I got my funds in 8 days…..

  38. So I had a ddd date on WMR for 2/10/2016. Its 2/12/2016 and I never got it. I called the irs yesterday and said it was sent today I called says I’m under review. Is that possible?

    • tiffany same with me, i had a DDD for 2/18 never got my money, woke up 2/19 with 3 bars no money, i call treasury they said no refund was send out till today, so im confised

  39. Obama care has alot to do with it too It’s part of the reason its slow.I won’t get my refund for atleast another 4 to 6 wks.

    • Yes I called they said was the 1095A form for I obamacare ! I had my tax preparer send that to a fax number and yesterday all my bars went missing . No error code because when I called i verified everything and they said no issue other than the form . Tuesday will make 21?days so I’ll call to make sure everything else is ok .. Just need to get caught up on somethings :(

      • I had the same problem. I got a letter, had to fax in more information with the 1095A and then had to wait another month before I got a ddd date and my bars reappeared on wmr

  40. So I filed on jan11 and was accept Jan12. My 21 days was up on the 8 of feb. my bars have been missing on where’s my refund snice the 25 of Jan. I called yesterday and was told my refund is being process and that’s all the information they could give me. Called to say got the same person on the phone and he said didn’t I speak with you yesterday and ask you to call back in a week if refund wasn’t receive. Nothing has change. Then got off the phone. I did not feel comfortable with his answer so I call the irs again and was able to speak to another person that told me she doesn’t know what’s going on with my refund, because she see no information on it. She can’t even see if it was in review it was like it’s in limbo. That I should call back in a few days to see if the status has change cause she has no information for me and that she was sorry. Not liking that answer I call back and spoke to some one else now this person told me my refund was under review and to wait 30 days for letter In the mail and follow instructions. And that’s all she gave me. So of course I call back and calling back after 3pm you get to talk to someone way faster. This person told my that my refund was selected for review and will take a another 2 weeks to process. That they haven’t even began to process it. And I should have my money in 2 weeks if they don’t find nothing wrong with it…. Very disappointing I wonder is it going to take the whole two weeks

    • Did u receive yet? I’m the same. I got this stupid letter that took a week to get here from an address down the street from me. It doesn’t even tell me to do any thing else…

    • From other commenters I have seen it disappear from 2 days to 2 weeks. It just depends on the level of internal processing the IRS has to do on your return.

    • Mine disappeared for about a month. Only after I faxed the obamacare papers and they processed it. Finally have a dd date. Yah.

  41. When you don’t have any bars on the WMR it usually doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Sometimes when you check your tax refund status and the bars are missing, they reappear as soon as the next day so you can relax. As you will see with a lot of the comments here there are lots of others who have no bars. Give it a few days, even a week, before you throw yourself into a frenzy — because your WMR bars might reappear quickly and mean nothing. Just a few users see a change in the way their tax return is being processed and often the Where’s My Refund Status will update with other instructions if you need to do anything.

    • Andy,

      Could the return go under review because my refund amount will change because I owe the IRS from last year that I have been doing installment payments on. Or would it be for something else?


      • Could do under review for a variety of reasons. The IRS should send you a letter with the reason code for the extended review. For this year the main reason I am hearing for further reviews are additional ID checks and missing healthcare forms processing

  42. I just called because I filed on the 27th through tax act and I heard they had their systems hacked. So I figured that’s issue with mine taking so long. But she said it just looks like the system hasn’t got to it yet. And I did have a new address from the one they have so that could have put it in the delay stack as well. I was told all I can do is wait. ugh!

  43. Okay I am Back Really CONFUSED That My head feels like a War…. I (We File) Jan 19th 2016 Everything Was Accepted Now I always Use Turbo Tax I kept Looking at Refund Tracker Nothing Was there My My Account information where to send Our Refund DD… Well Monday Feb 1 2016 Theres a Note Stating Refund Was Sent To National Penn Bank…

    So I call SBBTPG They Said what ever was said By Turbo Tax Is Correct now you’ll Just have to wait Check WMR and Give it No Later the FEB 9th I Call Our bank they said They won’t see anything till close to Date Posted…. Okay I got so Excited I made myself Tired…. Now I checked SBBTPG Nothing Yet I checked My Account Nothing Just Yet and Turbo Tax Said In Refund Tracker More about Refund Was Sent….


    Just Venting I suppose…

    Like Mom always said, ” Make it like you were Not expecting anything anyway ”

    I Just Checked WMR Still Processing What would be a Good time That Information May Change

    11PM or In The Morning???!!!!!

    Thanks I should Have it By Friday fingers and Toes Crossed along with Nose hair!!!!

    • I tried to check IRS refund tool about 4:15 this morning and it was unavailable. I suppose they were updating the sight but still nothing on my end. I filed on Jan 15, 2016 and was accepted that same day. I know they didn’t start looking at my return until Jan 19. As of today,. I have been waiting for 10 business days for the bar to move. My fiance’s is doing the same thing and he filed on the 20th and was accepted on the 20th but nothing has progressed with him either. I also know that if you check the status more than 3 times in a day, your bar will disappear and you will get the standard refund page instead of the progression WMR bar.

      • Good info thanks. Every return is analyzed separately and so will be treated differently. Maybe something was different in your return that the IRS automated checking systems picked up. And the IRS technology is old, so not as efficient as Amazon, Facebook and other modern tech companies.

        • Just to let everyone know something useful, when your status changes from its “being processed and a refund date will be avalible soon”, right before you get your money it will say instead only “your tax return is being processed” that means you will have a ddd date any day after.

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