Contact a Tax Advocate to Help Get Your Refund Released From The IRS

The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization within the IRS that can help people with tax problems they can’t resolve on their own. Every state has at least one local TAS center that is independent of the local IRS office. They are especially helpful for those who cannot afford to see an accountant (or CPA) or tax lawyer to help with issues around their tax return and refund delays. Here is an example from a reader in a recent tax season and how the TAS helped her.

Lisa had the following challenge with getting her refund released, what is she to do?

  • 1/21 filed
  • 1/23 accepted
  • 1/25 1 bar WMR, tax topic 152, no codes, no messages of a letter
  • 2/2 4464c letter sent out, do nothing wait 60 days, I received on 2/8
  • 2/7 we’ve received your return and it’s still processing
  • 2/11 Path Act message indicating issue was related to tax topic 152
  • 2/16 message changed to; we’ve received your return and it’s being processed a refund date will be provided when available, amount returned, no tax topic 152
  • 2/25 still no DDD
  • No other letters have been mailed out, claimed both credits so I know they didn’t start processing until the 15th so I guess I still have time to receive a DDD before I get all worked up!

Here was the suggestion offered to Lisa to help address her missing refund dilemma:

What did the letter indicate they are reviewing? IRS can submit a 911 request on your behalf if you ask them to do so. I would also contact them as well and request them open you a case. IRS request goes directly to a tax advocate since they actually are IRS employees; they have access to the system to pull up your return and review. I used one and once I faxed everything I got my return in 2 weeks.

Possible Cause #1: Did you file with your last check stub or with your actually W-2 form? The issue is that the IRS may be reviewing your W2’s because the amount you reported does not match the W-2 they received from your employer. When they say do nothing; they can fix it themselves by contacting your employer for verification which could delay your return even further.

Second possible causeClaims for tax credits you made on your return. IRS is questioning the legitimacy of the dependents you are claiming and will NOT release your refund until you actually fax them documentation to prove they resided with you at least 7 months last year  (birth certificate, school records, lease, government assistance/w children names on it). Tax Advocate will give you a list of items to fax.

If you want them to release your refund you MUST contact an advocate ASAP, they will tell you exactly what is needed and you fax it to them, IRS has exactly 1 week to accept/reject; if all is good; they will re sequence you back into queue and you will have your refund within 1-2 weeks. NOTE: Unfortunately only the IRS or TAX ADVOCATE can tell you exactly what is going on and how long it might take. Every case is different. The magic word below is (ASK)….to be transferred…and let the advocate determine if your situation meets their criteria.

Your other option will be to contact IRS in the morning and request the following on your behalf. Per the IRS Manual:

If during a taxpayer contact it appears that the taxpayer is experiencing economic harm, seeking help in resolving tax problems that have not been resolved through normal channels, or who believe that an IRS system or procedure is not working as it should, and you can’t resolve the taxpayer’s issue the same day, complete Form 911, Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance (And Application for Taxpayer Assistance order), and refer the taxpayer to Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)


Lisa contacted a tax advocate (see numbers and IRS TAS information) and a few days later WMR was updated and her refund was received on February 3rd. So the Taxpayer Advocate Service does work. See more stories in the comments below and please share your experience (good or bad) with using a tax advocate.

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105 thoughts on “Contact a Tax Advocate to Help Get Your Refund Released From The IRS”

  1. Hi my names Diana aleman I filed my tax return since January 2022 n nothing what im suppose to do I got children to support no help of child support thank you

    • Call 8777774778 that’s the tax advocate number if you get a recording saying they can’t take your call keep calling over and over until your call is put into the order it was received

  2. I’ve been waiting on my tax return March 15 is when I filled my taxes they said 21 days after I filled I should see something and haven’t heard or seen anything yet could you please help me with this situation I’ve been patiently waiting thank you

  3. I filed my taxes on 1/27/2022, I have not received a letter. I keep checking on where’s my refund and it has the same message for 3 weeks now. Saying that it a longer than usual processing in my refund. I can’t get through to irs. I need to pay my light bill.

    • filed 2/2/2022; accepted same day. 2/11/22 message about waiting due to PATH bill, since then crickets. No DDD; got my code about processing on 3/14/2022 no 846 on IRS transcript no letters nothing.

  4. I filled on 1/26/2022 AMD I normally have mines every year around the 23rd of February and I don’t know what it’s taking so long

  5. I did my taxes on February 1,2022 and waiting for my income taxes in 21 days but when I check for when it’s comes. It’s day that I have to pay the irs $101. I pay it. Do you when you gonna receive the refund

  6. TAS has been running me in circles since November 2021, trying to get my 2019 refund. I have logged 30 plus calls to my assigned advocate, the advocate’s manager, and the group manager with no response. The general Advocate number looks at the case, then says “we will transfer you to the intake service – here is your PIN…: Then I go on hold for the rest of the day until the TAS closes. This is happening right now for the 4th time.
    I want to stress that NO IRS rep, TAS or not, has EVER called me back after countless requests and TAS faxes to my advocate and her managers to do so.
    COVID be darned – I am finding the TAS to be worthless.

  7. Shannon, i filed my tax on 2/15/21 since then the refund status says We are processing your refund.

    TA is a waste of time I am wondering if my tax dollar is paying for their service?

    Is there a company anyone know of that I can give a percentage of the return to for them to pursue this process for me. Thanks

    • Ditto – there MUST be a way to escalate beyond TAS. They are not just a waste of time – they are a colossal waste of time.

  8. This while process is a joke. I’m currently homeless , it’s freezing cold outside and if I’m lucky, I get to sleep in an old car. My refund was accepted and being processed since September. I tecieved a letter about identity verification and I did that , even a video call. Checking my refund status it says being processed. What am I to do? Wait on them and freeze to death? Can’t talk to a person when I call. Everyday I hope for a miracle . Hopefully I get my refund before it’s too late and i freeze to death.

  9. Return accepted 2/11/21. Been over 9 months. Received about four 60 day notices (I kid you not)!! Contacted my local congressman office in August. The lady contacted TAS on my behalf (I didn’t know that). No movement. Until just now she emailed me with an update stating the TAS guy just called her and told her my return had income mismatch (look back) I think. And that everything has been resolved. The IRS has been instructed to release my refund. Now I wait again don’t know how long after this new update. Not getting my hopes up.

    • I’ve been waiting since February 18th and I’ve lost my home and car everything I worked hard for and it started with trying to get my refund to catch up on rent please help with any number that can help me get my refund I tried everything

  10. I’ been reaching out to IRS after receiving letter stating more verification is required to release or process return and I’ve called as required for over 30days now with every number given and I’ve recieved the same recorded messages due to high call volume your call can not be completed call back on next business day 30days now no matter how many times I’ve called or what time of day it is the letter states I only have 30days to reply I’m a non filer so I was informed to file for my grandchildren stimulus who hasn’t received any of them what do I do even the appointment and advocates line gives same recorded message please help

  11. I’ve been waiting since2015 to get my taxes i had a identity theft.In 2014.I haven’t gotten my taxes but they were filed.its 2021.

  12. I was assigned a tax advocate 2 weeks ago and I have left several messages for her so I can find out what’s going with my refund.The tax advocate has not sent me any letters of correspondence nor has returned my calls. The IRS advised they can’t assist me because my case is being handled by the tax advocate. What am I supposed to do if the tax advocate is not returning my calls? I have no idea of what’s going on with my refund.

    • Same here. No response from advocate and now the IRS won’t talk to me because I’ve been assigned one. It’s been 3 weeks

        • The tax advocate is a joke. I was assigned to Mr. Tracey in July and here it is October and he does not return calls either and the IRS will not speak to me. It has been 8 months and the IRS has not released my funds or a date. It is unnerving that they are allowed to treat people this way without any consequences. I am planning on contacting a CPA and an attorney.

  13. i really need help. i just got POA for my dad.
    I had to put him in a facility and control his finances. he has been scammed for the past 10 years and i need to use his resources to pay for his living arrangements. I know he owes a lot of money to the IRS but i do not know why as he does not have anything, including the house the IRS is taking now. I want to clear why he owes so much when he hasn’t had any income for 15 years. no one is answering calls or returning calls as the option gives.

    • Contact the IRS taxpayer advocate line. You may have to have power of attorney of his affairs to do so. Explain your situation and they may open a case for you. The number is 1877-777-4778 if it’s says too busy try back later just hang up and keep redialing till you get through. The best time to call is early in the morning and expect to be on hold at least 2 hours total. Good luck

  14. My fed was accepted on 2-27-21 and I have yet to see one change it still says processing,so soon as it’s processed I will be given a date for refund. My adult son is 21 and been disabled since 5 wks old and has always been 100% solely dependent on me and Indiana had stopped his ssi that hw received his whole life due to and ertir and negligence on there part 2 yrs ago and after calling writing sending them appeals they still did not give it back. But we have been evicted went hungry and are currently homeless staying with others because he did not receive either of the first 2 stimulus checks so I had to fill out for them in my return so I’m sure it’s the hold on but we’re have refiled in ky for ssi yr ago and still not received and without my refund were now without place to live food Medicare and now because both of us been having health issues mental and physical my job is in the process of terminating me instead of understanding and helping and I’ve worked thru the pandemic and been am employee for almost 2 yrs. I’ve just never see it so hard for those of us trying to stand on our own but to watch so many that have never did nothing set back living high off unemployment because no one was checking that out and holding it up til it was confirmed legit but yet the taxpayers who paid in can’t get our money and homeless and going hungry because ours will get to us when it does. Not fair so can anyone please help me with info on how to reach out to a tax advocate??? Thank you in advance very much…

    • Gwendolyn,
      I am so very sorry to hear of the ordeal your son and you are going through. My family is having a hatd time as well. My younger son just contacted a Tax Advocate yesterday and is hoping for help soon. We called the. 877-777-4778 number. It was difficult to get through, so keep trying. The hold time doesn’t seem as bad in late afternoon. Explain to them the problems you all are facing. I am sure they csn help you too. Hopefully, we will all get our much needed refund soon.

    • I called TAS and told them I had a similar situation. They opened a case for me my refund has been processing since Feb12, 2021. They had me fax some forms that the IRS was missing that I had faced the IRS directly 2 months prior. There was movement on my account. The number is 1-877-777-4778 if it says to call back later keep calling back to back till you get through. Call early in the morning right after 7 am and expect to be on hold about 2 hours a lot longer the later you wait to call. Good luck

  15. How do I get in touch with a tax advocate? I don’t see a phone number. Filed on March 25, 2021 and was accepted. Still waiting for my refund

    • Join the crowd Bonnie, I filed March 10th, the form was accepted and has been processing ever since. You can’t speak with anyone that can actually look into why or what I should do to get it moving through the system. I am owed money so they will need to apply interest to that amount now that it’s been held for over 45 days.
      I am contacting an advocate to assist me at this point!!! 1-877-777-4778
      Good luck I hope you can get your refund released.

  16. Hi just wanted to give a update and give hope that a tax advocate works
    I filled 2-23-21 accepted 2-25-21
    Had bars until 3-3-21 on 3-5-21
    I received a 4464c letter stating my tax refund was under review And I don’t need to do anything give them 60 days so I waited the 60 days contacted tax advocate on 5-4-21
    Tax advocate contacted me back
    5-5-21 told me the documentation needed I sent it straight in on
    5-6-21 got a call from my tax advocate 5-14-21 Stating my taxes will be in my bank 5-19-21 tax advocates really work this is not my first go round with tax advocates and they have worked for me so
    I filled 3-20-19 taxes was accepted
    3-21-19 has bars until 4-4-19 got a letter 4464c in the mail saying my taxes was under review I contacted tax advocate exactly 60 days from date of letter but this tax advocate said to me it was too many errors irs was not gonna release my taxes so I contacted another advocate which explained it was a few errors now this took a while but I end up getting my taxes released
    3-25-20 the next year I didn’t stop and they came through for me so please don’t give up hope on a advocate they work thanks for reading and I hope everything works out for everyone but my advice would be an advocate

    • We’re they there today? I’m going through the same issue, down the the filing date – its yet to be resolved I had to go to my congressman. Was your refund deposited when they said it would be?

    • If my TA gave me a resolve date of 6/18/21 and said he expects to close his case on 6/25/2021, does that mean i should receive my refund on 6/18/2021?


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