States Stimulus Checks Going Out Instead of 4th Stimulus Check – One time Payments And Other Return to Work Bonuses for Unemployed Workers

With a slowing economy, persistent inflation, higher than expected tax revenue and massive inflows ($350 billion) from the Biden ARPA stimulus bill, many states are forging ahead with implementing additional COVID relief and economic assistance programs for lower-to-middle income and unemployed workers.

Various state funded assistance ranges from direct stimulus payments – in addition to the three federal stimulus checks paid over the last 15 months – and additional jobless worker benefits to encourage people to go back ahead of the expiry of extended unemployment benefits, which some states are ending early.

Feel free to leave a comment in the forum following this article if you have any updates. I’ll keep updating the table as states announce more stimulus programs for their residents. You can stay connected via the options below.

Latest State Tax Rebate & Stimulus Programs

  • California’s “Middle Class Tax Refund“ 200 to $1,050 paid by Nov 2022, depending on your income, filing status, and dependents. In addition to Golden State Stimulus (GSS) paid last year
  • Colorado Cash Back Bill – Tax rebate of $750 for individual tax filers or $1,500 for joint filers
  • Florida –  $450 one-time family caregiver and assistance checks
  • Georgia –  Inflation support tax refunds $250 to $500
  • Illinois Family Relief Plan – Gas tax relief (many states) + Tax Rebate checks ($50 to $300)
  • Indiana – One time check of $125  (paid) + $225 (proposed)
  • Massachusetts – 7% refund of their 2021 state income tax payment (~ $250 tax refund)
  • New Jersey – ongoing $500 middle class tax rebate, $1500 property tax rebate pending.
  • Virginia – $250 to $500 tax rebates
  • Other states with similar programs – Connecticut ($250 to $750 CTC), Hawaii ($100 to $300 refunds), Idaho ($75 or12% tax rebate), Maine ($850 to $1700 stimulus), New Mexico ($250 – $1,000), South Carolina ($800)

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The table below provides a state-by-state update of recent state stimulus payments including further payment information.

State Return to Work Stimulus Programs (2021 to 2022)

(Click state link for details)
Additional Return to Work Stimulus Payments
Arizona$2,000 payment (after 320 hours of work) and $1,000 to those who obtain part-time employment and work at least 160 hours
CaliforniaGolden State Stimulus payment of $600 or $1200. Expanding to provide another $600 payment to middle-class families that make up to $75,000, will provide $600 direct payments for adults and $500 for dependents. (see more)
Colorado$1,600 payments for unemployed people who transitioned into full-time work in May and $1,200 for those returning in June (contingent on eight weeks of employment)
Connecticut$1,000 payment to the first 10,000 long-term unemployed people who return to work in 2021 for at least eight consecutive weeks
District of Columbia
FloridaUp to $1,000 this month to first responders and educators, including teachers and principals.
GeorgiaTeachers and principals getting a $1,000 stimulus bonus
MarylandEligible Individuals will receive $300 and families will get $500
Massachusetts1,200 "sign-on bonuses," payable in three increments spread out over a full year.
MA $500 stimulus checks for anyone who earned at least $12,750. Max income is $38,280 (single) and up to $78,600 (married)
MichiganAny child-care professional who works full-time is eligible for $1,000.
Montana$1200 return to work bonus with early end of federal unemployment benefits
New HampshireOne-time employment bonus of $1,000
New Jersey
New Mexico
New YorkProposal for $1200 bonus for returning to work.
North Carolina$1200 return to work bonus with early end of federal unemployment benefits. Still in proposal stage
North Dakota
Oklahoma$1200 return to work bonus for up to 20,000 eligible workers who are currently receiving PUA, PEUC, or UI from May 2 through May 15 and when they complete 6 weeks of continued employment of 32 hours of week or more with the same employer
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
TennesseeBoth full- and part-time teachers and educators will benefit from Tennessee’s hazard pay bonuses. Full-timers will see $1,000 and part-timers will get $500. Payments paid from Jan 1st.
West Virginia
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5 thoughts on “States Stimulus Checks Going Out Instead of 4th Stimulus Check – One time Payments And Other Return to Work Bonuses for Unemployed Workers”

  1. What about the people that has been going to work everyday I’m a single mom with four kids and I’ve been trying and trying to get help from child support it take my whole paycheck to buy groceries and pay for gas and pay with bills I can with my check we can’t survive off minimum wage we needs help too

  2. I am currently disabled> I have tried twice now to finish my college degree. The first time is when the pandemic started and had to quit school the person I was set/up cleaning my neighbor’s house then he lost his job and could not afford to pay for my service along with the WI FI needed to do my school work. so I had to leave college. I got WI-FI installed in my home so I tried to return to college only to have to leave again this time my significant other got very ILL he was told on the 26th of August he was living on borrowed time less than a month later he was gone we spent 13 years together we had had our up and downs he stood by my side when a motorcycle accident almost took my life. with his new diagnosis, he needs me more than ever I set and watched him day by day lose more and more of his ability and strength till 11 days after he was released at 4 am I found him unresponsive. With that taking place I could not concentrate on school for a year I was very lost my whole world had been turned inside out I could not even say with certainty if I was coming or going life for me was at a standstill and not even my children understood what I was enduring inside. Since then I have been trying to find some kind of work that I can do at home because my trouble walking to find work would mean that I would not need to go without cleaning supplies and some hygiene items to meet all the bills and utilities,I hope and pray that I can receive more stimulus help to aid me in my survival. I feel like the world has forgotten about the souls who put all they had to make the USA strong and beiutiful.

  3. Are we planning on getting any Fourth stimulus check does the gas prices are going up foods going up cleaning supplies are going up we really need a fourth one
    Some people are having it hard surviving on what we get every month

    • yes. Both full- and part-time teachers and educators will benefit from Tennessee’s hazard pay bonuses. Full-timers will see $1,000 and part-timers will get $500.


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