Why Is It Taking So Long To Get My Tax Refund? IRS Processing Causing Delays in Child Tax Credit and Stimulus Payments

When it comes to tax season I receive a lot of reader questions, many tinged with a hint of desperation, around why IRS tax refunds are taking so long and what can be done to get refunds sooner rather than later. This is no different in the current tax season where a number of folks have commented on the extended delays they are seeing with the processing of their 2020 returns and payment of refunds in 2021.

In fact for the latest tax season which ended on May 17th, the IRS has already announced that there will likely be longer than usual tax refund payment delays due to the payment and processing of new stimulus payments and tax credits over the new year and existing tax code changes to combat the COVID pandemic fallout.

In particular for those claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) refunds may not be processed and paid until late April in order to perform further identity verification checks and update systems that allows claimants to use 2019 tax year information to qualify for these credits due to a job or income loss in 2020. 

Monthly Child Tax Credit (CTC) Payment Delays

As a result of delayed processing of 2019 and 2020 tax returns by the IRS, due to the massive backlog, several readers are reporting that their monthly child tax credit payments are still showing as “pending eligibility” in the IRS’s CTC portal, which means they are not getting paid.

On our CTC Youtube video, Karly confirmed this when she called the IRS and they said she is not eligible at this time because they are still processing her 2020 tax return! I imagine several taxpayers are in this boat and will need the IRS to finish processing their return so that their eligibility for the CTC payment is confirmed.

Other reasons your refund may be delayed per the IRS

  • Additional or random security checks – especially if fraudulent activities were associated with your filing in the past
  • Amended returns require additional, and manual processing, which can see refunds delayed for up to 16 weeks
  • Missing or incomplete documentation or information in your return (most online tax filing software checks for this, but manually filed returns are more at risk)
  • Incorrect bank details or account numbers provided in your return (see below for how to address)
  • If you are using a pre-paid card for the first time and were using a middleman bank (SBBT, Republic, Bofi, etc), some people have had their refund not deposited because the middleman bank does not test deposits to ensure the account is active and correct
  • You filed an injured spouse claim
  • Refund claims with an application for an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) attached (see Topic 857 for more information on this)
  • Refund offset which reduces your payment due to other federal or state obligations. See section below on this for more
  • If you requested a refund of tax withheld on a Form 1042-S (PDF) by filing a Form 1040NR (PDF), allow up to 6 months from the original due date of the 1040NR return or the date you actually filed the 1040NR, whichever is later, to receive any refund due (see more details in tax topic 152)

As always keeping checking the IRS’ Where is My Refund Apps (WMR and IRS2GO) for exact dates on your refund payment. You can start checking on the status of your refund within 24 hours after the IRS receives your e-filed return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return. The WMR apps displays your tax return processing through three stages: Return Received; Refund Approved; Refund Sent. You can see more on refunds in these 2 videos covering this topic

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So what can you do if your tax refund is taking much longer to get than expected?

There are two main categories that cause your tax refund processing to taking longer than expected. Either something is wrong with your tax return filing, e.g. missing information, additional Identity fraud/verification (details below),  incorrect social security numbers etc; or information from related sources (employer, ex-partner) do not add up. For example same dependent claimed in multiple tax returns. So here are a few things you can do to try and figure out why your tax refund is so taking so long to get to you.

  • Check the IRS tax tool, where’s my refund (WMR) or IRS2Go mobile app, to get the official status of your refund (see estimated IRS refund schedule). It is updated daily (overnight) and provides the latest processing status of your tax refund. The IRS has announced that it expects to issue more than 90% of refunds to taxpayers in less than 21 days (not business days). So even if you have submitted all your documents you probably need to wait for at least 21 days before taking on more drastic actions. And if you paper filed, you may need to wait more than 6 weeks before hearing back from the IRS.

IRS bars offical - Where is My Refund (WMR) Return Received, Refund Approved and Refund Sent
Tax Status and Refund Delays
  • Why is my e-filed tax return in “Pending” status and the IRS has no record of my tax return? TurboTax experts say that after e-filing, your federal return may sit in “Pending” status 24-48 hours before its processing status changes. If you contact the IRS or try to look up your return or refund status on their site while your return is in “Pending” status, don’t be alarmed if they tell you they have no record of your return. This is normal; once the IRS acknowledges your return, they will update your status to via WMR to Return Received, Refund Approved and Refund Sent. See this article for more details on what the WMR refund status’ mean.

  • What do these IRS refund status’ mean? Return Received means the IRS has your tax return and is processing/reviewing it. Your estimated refund date will be available as soon as the IRS finishes processing your return and confirm that your refund has been approved. Generally it takes just a few days for the status to shift from Return Received to Refund Approved if all is in order. But any issues with processing your return will delay things and a refund date will not be provided until your refund has been approved.In some cases the refund tracker graphic (shown here) will not be shown if your return is being reviewed prior to step two: “Refund Approved,” and instead an explanation or instructions will be provided by the IRS depending on the situation. This can happen even if you previously checked Where’s My Refund? and it showed the status as “Return Received” along with the tracker. If the IRS needs more information specific to your return, they will contact you by mail (be aware of IRS imitation scams). You should follow the instructions in the IRS letter as soon as possible to prevent further delays with receiving your return.

  • Review your tax return and make sure there no obvious mistakes like missing names/SSN or forgetting to sign your tax return. According to the IRS, one of the main things causing people to experience delays in getting their refunds is returns that are not accurately completed. So to ensure you get your refund ensure your return is as accurate as possible. You can resubmit an amended tax return entering the changes and explaining why you need to amend your original tax return. You don’t have to redo your entire return, either. Just show the necessary changes and adjust your tax liability accordingly. You usually do not need to file an amended return because you forgot to include tax forms such as W-2s or 1099 forms. The IRS normally will send a separate request asking for those documents.

  • Get online help from various articles on people seeing delays with their refunds. On one of my articles covering the IRS refund schedule I got 6000+ comments, with the following useful real life tips you won’t find elsewhere:

  • If you claim certain credits like the Earned Income Credit or Education credits in your tax return, the IRS announced that refunds these returns generate may take longer (under PATH act). So expect your refund to take longer in this case – possibly into April, even if you filed early.

  • Hire an accountant or tax services firm to follow up this issue on your behalf particularly if you have a tax obligation to the IRS. But be warned, these are not the cheapest options and if you refund is less than $1,000 it may not be worth the cost.

  • Calling the IRS is an option, though getting through to someone is a challenge. You can go the IRS resources page to get the latest contact IRS numbers/locations. Here is a way to get a real IRS person:
    • Dial 800-829-1040 – if they say they have high volume calls hang up, you’re wasting your time, call again until it doesn’t say high volume.
    • Then dial 1- for English or 2 for Spanish.
    • Then listen to the options and dial 2 then 1 then 4, then 2 again, until it finally asks for your social… they will try to trick you after that, but don’t dial anything it will take you to an operator. it’s a process but you’ll get to someone as long as you DO NOT say you have questions about your refund, cause then it will tell you to go online. make sure your cell is charge when you call cause you can wait up till an hour. Good luck people, and hope we all get our refund. Heck, we worked for it!!! =)

  • Check with the middleman bank (SBBT, Republic, Bofi, etc) that they received your refund and sent it to your personal account. If filed jointly make sure both names are on your bank account/pre-paid card as this can sometimes cause your refund to be held or rejected.

Tax Payer Identify Verification Delaying IRS Tax Refund Processing and Direct Deposit Payments

In a lot of recent cases, it appears that the IRS is delaying refund processing because they are having to spend a lot more time validating tax payer identities given the rise in online tax related fraud over the last few years. In most cases the IRS will notify selected tax filers via WMR or mail (they will never call you) to contact a IRS number to verify their identity. After verification it could take up to 9 weeks for you to get a refund. See more in this article.

Refund Offset – Why Your Refund May be less than expected

Another area of confusion for those expecting a refund is that when they get a refund it is actually less than the amount they were expecting or provided by their e-filing tool. The reason for this is that the federal government has “offset” or deducted monies from your tax refund to cover debts you owe other federal agencies. Under the law, federal payments such as tax refunds can be collected against by approved agencies (e.g the IRS) before being paid to you. You will get  a letter from the IRS explaining this offset to your federal refund and why it differs from what was estimated in your filed return. They will give you an opportunity to dispute this collection, but you will have to prove you had no federal obligations. If you have questions regarding the offset of your refund you can call the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) on 800-304-3107.

When will I get my paper check if my Direct Deposit is delayed or rejected?

At times people will change their bank accounts after their return is filed or provide incorrect account numbers. In these instances the IRS will issue a paper check when they cannot send by direct deposit. This will delay your refund, but the actually IRS processing time for a paper check  is only 2 extra days more than direct deposit. Usually paper checks are mailed on Friday’s and you usually get within 1 week; the following Friday or sooner. The US Postal usually don’t deliver refund checks until Saturday morning to prevent someone watching your mail and stealing the check.

If I can order my IRS tax transcript does it mean I am getting my refund direct deposited soon?

This question comes up a lot and I have seen a few comments on this as shown below.

Tracie – If you can get your tax return transcript then you will have your DD within two days I hope this helps someone GOD BLESS AND I HOPE WE ALL GET OURS IN A TIMELY MANNER SINCE THE FIX IN THE SYSTEM

Ashley – Filed and accepted on the 19th. Still can’t order transcripts online or over the phone. No info available in WMR. Says still processing. I seen on another forum that the IRS does bulk approvals on Sundays and Wednesdays, so I’m PRAYING I am part of that chaos so I can get my money this week! Never had to wait this long.

jessew – I have talked to the IRS and they finally moved my bar from 1 bar to 2 approved this morning. Go to the home page and request for a transcript if it goes through they have processed ur taxes that is what the irs lady tolled me. good luck everyone

Estella – I ordered my transcripts yesterday and was able to. If you are able to do so then you’re taxes have approved. Transcript have to be accurate because they are used for loan purposes. I filed on the 23 and was accepted same day. This morning I was approved with a DDD of 02/10.

Yes there is a correlation because to get a transcript the IRS generally has to have processed your tax return (and refund where applicable) and are an official IRS document. But the IRS is very clear that being able to request a transcript does not mean you will imminently be getting a refund and is among the common myths and misconceptions repeated in social media. They still say that checking the WMR tool is the best and official way to check your refund status.

However I have been seeing a lot of comments from people saying that when the WMR site provides limited information on the refund, requesting a free IRS transcript seems to be another way of checking the status of the refund. Generally if you can request a transcript, it means the refund is on the way and the IRS has completed processing of your tax return. But this is all anecdotal evidence.

Tax Topic 151 vs 152 notice

When you log on to the WMR website or IRS2Go mobile app, you may be presented with a message to refer to IRS Tax topic 151 or 152 in relation to your refund. But what do these mean? Tax Topic 151 simply means that you’re getting a tax offset (see above) which may result in your refund being less than you expected. You will get an official IRS letter/report explaining the actual offset and adjustments to your tax return, and details on how to appeal this action – but likely it will delay you getting your refund. While not great news, the silver lining here is that the IRS has processed your return and your adjusted refund (where applicable) should be on its way.

Tax Topic 152 on the other hand means means you’re getting a tax refund in line with IRS processing guidelines (generally within 21 days) and this notice confirm the methods for payment (direct deposit, check).

I know it can be really frustrating to see ongoing delays in getting your tax refund. My answer is be patient, look into the above steps and contact a tax advocate or tax professional if you get nowhere with the IRS.

WMR and IRS2GO Refund Status Error Codes

When you see an error on the WMR and IRS2Go tool you will get an error code and a short description. Sometimes these can tell you the cause (e.g 1161 –  Refund delayed, bankruptcy on account ). But in many cases this provides no help and in that case you should reference the IRS Refund Error Code list to get more details. You can also see the comments below for more errors people are facing.

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699 thoughts on “Why Is It Taking So Long To Get My Tax Refund? IRS Processing Causing Delays in Child Tax Credit and Stimulus Payments”

  1. I did hear from my Tax Advocate a few days ahead of the scheduled date of 9/11/15. She again reviewed my file and couldn’t see any reason for the delay except that the refund hadn’t been coded for release. She was going to request a release of the payment which could be made within 2-weeks if no additional information is required from me or my tax preparer, but another IRS employee said it could take 7-weeks from the release date so who knows. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I do have her name, ID # and direct phone number so I feel I’ve progressed somewhat and have contact information for follow-up. I’ll continue to update.

  2. Well here it is Sept 2 and we haven’t received our income tax refund either. We also filed in Feb. Had to refile in March. Have talked to someone numerous times. They said they have it (been saying that for several months. Said we should receive in 6 weeks after talking to them 7 weeks ago. Still haven’t received it. So tired of this malarkey. Guess we will have to call again. It isn’t a large refund but I would like to have it in my bank colleting interest instead of the IRS collecting interest on it. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  3. I filed my taxes in Feb, received a standard letter of review in March, quiet until I called in July. When I called in July I actually reached a human being which I was grateful for. That person reviewed my file and initially said there was an income verification issue but quickly retracted that while thumbing through my file and said “nope, it’s all here so not sure what the hold up is”. Then I received another letter a few weeks later saying they need more time to review. Here we are, August 19th…..and nothing. I overpaid my taxes a bit last year for reasons that made sense at the time. Given this is how the IRS is handling me I will never, ever do that again. Meanwhile, they are holding my refund hostage and I have NO IDEA why other than it’s a large refund. My return was a simple 1040 with the most common deductions. No business return, nothing complicated. This…..is…..unreal……..Is anyone out there still waiting for a refund like we are?????

    • Yes I am too this is just crazy sending letters saying it’s being reviewed they accepted my return in January now I’m so stressed!

      • I, too, am still waiting after filing in mid-February, and I had to go to the official IRS website to “verify my identity” a month or two later. I called the tax center on July 31, they said “not sure what the hold up is,” they put in a referral saying that they’d either send me what they owe me or send me a request for additional information, and I have received nothing yet as of August 25.

    • Yes, I think we’re all in the same boat as I filed at the end of March, received the identify theft letter and then a follow-up letter saying they were doing a thorough review of my filing (the standard letters I believe) and if the refund was not received within 60-days to call the number that is now impossible to get through on (this is now 8/23/15). I haven’t received any further communication from the IRS so I don’t know if my refund was stolen or if I was one of the thousands they attempted to hack. From what I’ve read, they are only contacting people whose refunds were taken so who knows what our status is. Either way, we’re caught-up in this nightmare without the ability to find out what is really going and speak to a representative.

    • Hi Dan,
      The same thing is happening in my household. Got the review letter now here it is Sept. 2, 2015 and still waiting. I can not get a real human on the IRS hotline. This is really sad now. I needed that money for a house and now that is out the window because the renter’s don’t understand that I am still waiting on my check.

    • Dan – I finally called the Tax Advocacy # (877-777-4778) and claimed ‘financial hardship’ in order to get some assistance and waited for approx. 1-hr. to reach someone.

      The rep. reviewed my file and could confirm my refund was not sent to someone else (good news) and then attempted to give me the # that we can’t get through on (800-829-1040) for follow-up. I refused to take the # and she assigned me a Transfer Pin # and transferred me to another area. The rep. again reviewed my file and indicated that they had requested additional information (I never received the request) so I’m not sure I believe her. She pressed for additional information regarding ‘financial hardship’ and finally assigned me a Case #, Tax Advocate and a date when I can expect to hear from him/her. She said that if the refund is released it could take up to an additional 7 weeks for payment to be made. I filed 3/31/15. This is now 9/3 and if you add in the additional 7-weeks…we’re now talking about the end of October (7 months) and this is without fraud involved. Yikes…

      I hope this might help you or anyone else who reads this. We’re all stuck in this IRS mess and it’s absolutely outrageous. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Yes. I filed in January and here it is September 10 and still nothing. I have only received 1 letter and that one was in February. It stated they could not honor direct deposit and if I had not received check in 4 weeks to call. At that time I was told another letter had been mailed. But I never saw that one. The lady told me this letter requested we mail a paper copy of our return. Finally found out that we had to wait 16 weeks from April 15 for processing of a duplicate return. I called in August and lady said she was sending a referral and to give it 30 days. Called yesterday and this lady says she got the freeze lifted and we should see the check in 3 to 4 weeks. I am hoping, but not going to hold my breath. At this point I will believe it when I see it. Our refund is a lot bigger than normal. So that is the only reason I can see for this ridiculously long delay.

  4. 8 months wait and keep counting… It is a lost cause. And the payers tax advocate is just a way to make ppl believe someone is actually doing something for you. I filled in Jan 27, was accepted on the 29. It is August 12 and 8 haven’t received my refund. I have a tax advocate alledgdly working to help me get my refund since May 27. I sent her all the paper work she ask for. All she does is call me every 3 or 4 weeks and say don’t worry everything is going great and gives me another another date withing 3 to 4 weeks to supposedly let me know when the irs will release my refund. Today 8/12 she called me for the 3rd time and did the same as the past 2 times. Just in case you all dont know it, this advocates are irs employed so… Dont expect much from them. They are just playing games with us, same as the irs.

    • I agree totally. There are a lot of people in the same boat as us. The IRS is collecting interest on our money when we should have it in our bank collecting interest. I am past being mad. I am furious. The IRS is crooked in my book.

  5. So like many I got swept up in the ID theft headache. I had to file paper (4/14) with the attached affidavits. I watched for weeks while the website said it was being processed. On 8/3 suddenly the website started to tell me “You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.” and nothing you enter would give you anymore information.Twice I tried calling the 1-800 number, was on hold for over half an hour both times only to have some phone weary voice chant his ID number to me and then claim he couldn’t hear me and told me he was going to disconnect. Both times the phone then rang back but there was nobody on the line. I know these things can take six months, and I know they are busy, but at this point I was worried that the return was lost in the system. I took today off and went down to the IRS office to inquire. I was told that the message “You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.” usually indicates that the return has changed status. There was another form being filed (I didn’t catch the number, but it was 29xx something) and they the IRS was making the corrections to get me my return and I should see it in about six weeks. I’ll update if it doesn’t but I thought I would share for people looking for other’s experiences.

  6. I filled at the end of January…with A lawyers office…..An As of August 6 Still Nothing….Says Being Processed….Heck I Could Have come there an did it myself faster…..GEEZZZZZ

  7. I’ve been waiting 6 months they said now maybe they get to it by sept I was being reviewed I sent everything they needed and still waiting I’m so stressed cause I’m not working car is broke and kids fixing to start school HELP

  8. I filed on feb 21st and im still waiting for my return (7/14) i had received a letter asking me to verify my information by calling a number and being asked a bunch of questions wich i did every time i called before that and after they kept telling me to wait 6 to 8 weeks wich im sick and tired of hearing i recently lost my job in april and im depending on this money to get back on my feet since i have a 3 yr old son and im also pregnant, i called back about 2 weeks ago and they said that there had been an error and thats why its being delayed and that i should hear something by 7/28, again something that i have heard before lets just hope this time is real.

    • they are seriously sick .. i just got a baby and I had so many plans for him with that returns. I am getting sick of these wait time when I call them.

  9. Same here frustrated filed 2/25 accepted 2/26 called written faxed called written kept calling few times got no where I got hung up on in error ( sure) disconnected call was timed out on hold, transferred to non working extensions , transferred to unhelpful reps to be transferred back to be told my return was not able to be found then I had requested an advocate that was a joke no one got back to me I called once a day until June 30 to be informed an error was made and my return needed to be reprocessed it was their error so now I wait again

  10. Filed jan 29th and still don’t have it.(7/10 today) Single with income from one job… About as straightforward as it could be. Everything says ‘still processing’. When i finally got through on the phone (5th attempt and hours of waiting) they had no other info for me.

  11. I’m a conservative writer by profession, now in my early 60s. My wife and I have been married more than 30 years and have filed our taxes jointly all that time. We’re always meticulously careful and pay what we owe. In 2013, we were audited for the first time in our lives, for tax the year 2011. It was a complete exam, meaning we were put through an unimaginable grind by the IRS that cost us thousands of dollars and more than a month of full time tax work, consequently necessitating that same amount of time lost from our jobs. On July 4, 2014 (no mistake, it was a NON POSTAL delivery day), curiously, we received an “all clear letter” on the 2011 audit in our PO box from the IRS (again, it was delivered on a NON POSTAL federal holiday.) Since that time, like so many others who’ve been affected by some catastrophe or tragedy, I’ve begun to “pay particular attention” to topics concerning the IRS, a factor which led me to this specific site. Through back channels over the past year, I’ve learned many disturbing things about the IRS, most of which cannot be published anywhere, since they’re difficult or altogether impossible to effectively substantiate. Suffice to say though, I’m certain the IRS is not what it appears to be, what like most citizens, I thought it was. Simply put: Currently, the IRS is being used as a dangerous political tool. I use the word dangerous, not in a political sense but in a literal one. Sadly, there’s much more to this story which will likely never see the light of day but the superficial elements of their corruption are just now coming to light. For instance: On one hand they’ve been proven to have intimidated charitable organizations whose missions their employees didn’t agree with, and on the other, they’re about to be accused of doing something much more sinister; intimidating individual taxpayers whose politics they didn’t agree with either. This is why the IRS is dancing and dodging congress over Lerner’s emails. Which brings me to another point. It’s the game they’re playing with most of the posters here on this site. Unlike my wife and me, it’s pretty unlikely anyone posting here were the IRS’s political targets but in a way they were their victims too. It’s going to come into mainstream commentary during the election cycle in a few months but a select few can read it here first. First: Yes, the IRS is currently playing a political game. Their talking point is all about a “budget shortfall” and being unable to do “their jobs,” and thus, the delays many here are experiencing…blah, blah, blah. Truth is that the IRS is intentionally exaggerating the duration of these delays for emphasis, among other wrongdoing. Still, the extent of their corruption is about much more than foot dragging. Their illusion of a culture of incompetence and bureaucracy is just that, an illusion, smoke and mirrors. It’s really about maintaining a culture of internal secrecy which guards criminal culpability under the laws of our nation. Corruption in this agency goes much deeper than ordinary citizens can imagine and it really isn’t about any group of individual IRS employees but instead, is about agency mission subversion. I cannot be more specific on this point but I think many here can infer from the latter statement what I mean. Meantime, if you care and/or are wondering what you can do about it, there is something every single taxpayer can do. Many think, “I’m just an ordinary person with my own problems and cannot really change anything,” a mindset the IRS and other corrupt governing bodies gleefully embrace. Contact your state’s two senators BY PHONE (not email) and call for the abolition of the IRS agency, to be replaced by a more sensible alternative for tax collection. Ask for a fair taxation system, one that offers the option to pay as we do at all POS (points of service), and let’s be done with the collect and refund system. If the IRS must continue to exist, let it do so only for purposes of corporate taxation, not for individual workers and small businesses. Be blunt and make no qualms that if your senators won’t do the job of finding a solution to taxation reform, you’ll find some other state politician whose platform it is to abolish the IRS, and vote for him or her next election cycle. If enough citizens demand tax system reform, it will happen. Meantime, if you’re willing to just roll with whatever, like sheep, you deserve exactly what you have now. I wish luck to all those who’ve posted here awaiting their money be returned to them but remember that for the most part, it’s your choice to give the IRS an interest free loan of a portion of your wages each year. If you over-withhold solely to get a refund, especially if you’ve posted here about your problems, you might want to rethink your W-4 elections and immediately change them at work…..GLTYA

  12. Refund was accepted on feb.11 dd was dated for feb.19. It came got rejected by my institution (for what ever reason)and i was told 1st i would recieve a letter regards to the matter. I did. Nxt call I was told it would take up to 21 days b4 a paper chck would be mailed. Its jun.28 and WMR is showing the same thing and I still haven’t recieved my refund. What should I do?

  13. I’m waiting for my child’s fathers tax return and if can’t get any info. How do I find out anything? Anyone still waiting for child support tax returns??

  14. Filed 02\19 accepted 02/23 id verified 03/16 got 2 letters 06/0 stating i owe from years ’12 n 13 unreported income…….OK I get all that YOU IRS FKIN CRIMINALS!!!!!! Just process my damb return take whats owed and send the rest all ready…….I feel sorry for anyone who’ s only source of income was their refund,glad to have a good job!!! I cant even get through anymore to talk to a rep..hints anyone???

  15. This is my situation I filled mones on Feb 24 after 24hrs were acpted nothing happens after 21 days i call irs and found out that i have to do a IDVrf i did it wait 6 weeks like they told me call bk and they told me that wasnt process comp she send a referral told me to wait 8 weeks i did but nothing happens so call bk and she told me the referral was check on April 23 and have to wait till June 26 that suppouse to be done by then but i check today and os still on we receove uour tax return and is being process i never receive any letter from the.IRS I dont know what else to do this is getting me frustrated of any one can.help me please

    • I never receive any letter from IRS, nor any phone calls about my refund. I found out after 4 wks, my refund was on hold. I verified it, they processed it but when done they just put my refund on the side. It just say being processed. My tax advocate told me, after being verified they put them on processed file. Like its just sitting there. After 9 wks of waiting, i called tax advocate, i received my refund in two wks. U should call tax advocate. They can find out whats the hold, whats the cause of the dalayed. .if youre in hardships, they can process your refund much quickly. The tax advocate are the ones who helped get my refund faster. If i never called them, i would be waiting for nothing. Not knowing my refund is just sitting around.

  16. I filed my taxes in jan n still havent got my refund i went down to the irs in spokane n they told me that my job didnt send the irs the papers they needed so i call the main offlce n they are confused about it so what do i do it making me up set i worked hard for my money the irs is quick to take ur money but slow as hell to give it back

    • I as well filed in jan, I ended up getting audited… long story short I sent in everything litterally everything and had to get a tax advocate involved well they told her the employer failed to send in forms to irs on their end so they was hilding refund until they recieved that. So I contacted the employer the finally did filed papers with irs. And now I have faxed in proof of that and waiting longer to see whatelse they can come up with on why they wont release my return. This has caused so much hardship on my family. I need my money months ago and need it so much right now. I pray I get it soon or I dont know what im going to do. I filed jan 16th accpeted jan 20th here it is the 25th of june and ive still not recieved anything. So I know how u feel

    • I filed feb 22. Waited 4 weeks and still nothing. Called pril 6 and i was told my refund was on hold due to verifications needs to be done. So the day i did my verifications is actually the day i filed. Told to exoect it in 6 weeks. 7 weeks came, still nothing. So i called irs again and said its being processed and they dont know why verification deot still not releasing it. Its gonna be another 4 days. 8 weeks came, many told me to call tax advocate cause they can help. I ignored at first. 9 weeks came i decided to go for tax advocate, they called me june 8 and told me to give them 2 weeks, june 19 i got another call from tax advocate and told my refund should be in by june 24. And today the 25th finally got our refund.

      They said Irs are short staff so after doing the verification they just process your refund and put it aside. Sucks that hubby and i waited for nothing in the beginning. If i didnt make calls esp with tax advocate, i wouldnt know that are refund is just sitting in a pile.

  17. UPDATE: finally my refund has been approved and is scheduled to be direct deposited on June 24th!!! I had the identify theft problem. I filed on the febuary 2nd. On May 12 I contacted the tax advocate office. The tax advocate office got my referral done. After the 30 days passed on the referral they contacted me Jun 17th. On that day they told me that my refund was released by the IRS and is pending. So it was good news but I didn’t get my hopes up. I checked today on Jun 21st out of curiosity and WMR was updated for me!! The Tax advocates will call back on July 7th to confirm that I recieved my refund. Plus I got a few dollars more in interest!!

  18. I filed with H&R Block they are just helpless for any question and this is the last time I use them. I have been waiting since March 2015. Called 5 times each takes around an hour waiting time and supposed to be in my account already 3 times but still doesn’t come. State refund same story, asked me to send around 10 files about my business I did and called them they said all fine and will be in your account, yesterday (after 7weeks of my call) got a letter asking me more files… Are they lying or what, at the same time MA state charging me total $190 not paying my excise tax in time. Already spend over $700 for charges being late this and that as IRS gov page first said your tax file received and your refund in your account in such time like a week with a exact date window. H&R Block will get its 300, bank will get 35, and excise tax plus late charges nothing will be left anyway if it ever arrives.. I gave checks etc than fees started falling and chained more fees all my very hard working money is going away because of IRS holding my money and my refund still didn’t arrive. I am trying to effort a life for myself and my daughter just turned 4 and no way I can live a normal person with this such stress, working crazy anytime I can and not being able to catch, almost to loose my job there are times couldn’t get gas to my car, internet shut off 2 times (I have to have for the work I do), water was to be shut off.. Anyway my pocket so my nerves drained with IRS this year, probably I will spend my very limited time to reach them again and wait an hour and hear the same answers and wait 6 weeks more and same will go on..

  19. Filed and accepted Jan 26th.. Its June 9th and I am still waiting!!
    At first I looked forward to hearing from my advocate… NOW, it’s like “Whatever” because she always says the same thing… ” Hi this is so n so calling from the irs tax advocates… Looks like your refund is still being processed and hopefully I will know more about your refund soon. So I’ll call you in 2 weeks to let you know the status”. SAME WORDS EVERYTIME! Actually, this last week she told me she would call in ONE week instead of TWO! That’s got to mean something??? Haha, NOT!!
    Feeling everyone’s pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I myself as well have been waiting 5 month im beyond pissed over this. Like I said before u file they cause u headaches and hardships u dont file u can get in trouble. Im sick of irs and the stupid ass tax advocates

  21. I filed 1/16, accepted 1/20, here it is june 7th and still nothing. Have a tax advocate but still feel shes not helping im so annoyed with irs. I need my money

    • Did u try calling tax advocate? They’re the ones who can help u. Once the irs do the verification, they don’t do anything they just put it aside. They’re short staff. This is what tax advocate told me. The tax advocate people can speed up the processing/releasing your refunds.

  22. Filed on 3/5 and website still says being processed. I call the 1 800 829 1040 but its not working. What’s the problem American?!

  23. I filed mine feb 11 got a letter in the mail saying they were reveiwing it, been calling and calling on march 18 they sent a referral in its now june 5 no letter yet so hopefully I will know something by june 18

  24. Tax Advocate office is little help.. You need to physically go to the office, check on net for closest office in your area… Vote for Ted Cruz !!! He will abolish the IRS and send all 90,000 most of them thieves, home.. The IRS is a joke, customer service is the worse you can imagine and that’s even if you can get through to them…. tedcruz.org

  25. It’s been 8 weeks since filing, received my state refund in my bank account in 3 days, this nonsense the
    IRS is giving about it being your fault that it’s slow is horse pucky, my return has nothing different than any
    other year, it has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. At 45 days, the day the federal government has to
    start paying interest on any return not paid that had nothing wrong with it, the 45-day deadline is always counted
    from the filing deadline, April 15 for most individual taxpayers. I finally contacted a REAL person at the IRS line.
    They were surprisingly extremely helpful; to a point. They looked over the return and said they saw nothing wrong
    with it either, they told me that at 35 days from acceptance date, a review had been completed and closed, but he didn’t
    know if that meant everything was okay or if something was wrong.
    He only knew that he felt everything was fine and said wait 4 to 6 weeks more, which wasn’t what I wanted to hear.
    I use tax act but that doesn’t matter, the company that owns it owns turbo-tax and just about every other online tax
    filing company except H&R block, this is the reason for the hold up, this parent company of turbo-tax and tax-act are
    so greedy and they didn’t spend the money like they should have for security and their system was hacked, they were
    even accused of allowing fraudulent filings of returns, just for the profit. So refunds on over 100,000 fraudulent filings
    were issued by the IRS, but they don’t look fraudulent because they had all the information they hacked from turbo-tax
    that had all the people’s information they needed for filing taxes and they looked just like legitimate filings.
    This is why everyone is waiting so long, the IRS has to scrutinize just about every online tax return and they have less people
    to do this because their funding has continually been slashed by congress.
    Just remember you get interest from the IRS if your return is issued longer than 45 days (from April 15th) and it had nothing
    wrong with the filing.
    Of course here’s the rube, the Interest paid by the IRS is considered income and must be reported on Schedule B. :)
    The rate of interest paid varies with market interest rates, at this point around 5%, any interest the IRS pays you is considered
    taxable income.
    You will receive a 1099 reporting that income and you must include it on the tax return for the year in which you receive it.

  26. I filed my tax return on February 1s electronically. On March 9th I received a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that I have been randomly selected to verify my identification and to log on to their website to verify which I did successfully. I then called and after waiting an hour, spoke to someone who said that it was successful and that I would receive my refund within 9 weeks. 9 weeks!!!! After 9 weeks, still nothing. I called and was on the phone with a representative for 2 hours and 22 minutes while they investigated. They said that the return went through fine, all the numbers and information matched and everything was correct. In fact, the file has been closed and is ready to release my refund but for some reason they have a hold on it. They referred me to a Taxpayer Advocate who contacted me three days later. He filed paperwork for them to expedite and release my refund. That was three weeks ago. Last week he called me and said that he spoke to the IRS and they put in the “code” to release my refund and that process will take about 2-3 weeks but they can’t give me a specific date until June 4th. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?? I paid extra to have my return e-filed and here we are, four months later and the IRS won’t release my money that is rightfully mine. I have a call into the ACLU (America Civil Liberties Union) to see if there is some kind of legal action I can take. No one I know has ever experienced anything like this before. I am so frustrated I could pull my hair out. Does anyone have any advice???

    • It is a lost cause. And the payers tax advocate is just a way to make ppl believe someone is actually doing something for you. I filled in Jan 27, was accepted on the 29. It is August 12 and 8 haven’t received my refund. I have a tax advocate alledgdly working to help me get my refund since May 27. I sent her all the paper work she ask for. All she does is call me every 3 or 4 weeks and say don’t worry everything is going great and gives me another another date withing 3 to 4 weeks to supposedly let me know when the irs will release my refund. Today she called me for the 3rd time and did the same as the past 2 times. Just in case you all dont know it, this advocates are irs employed so… Dont expect much from them. They are just playing games with us, same as the irs.

  27. Hey guys I field on 1/28 status bar went away 4days after an was saying your refund is being processed blah blah.. on the 21st day I went to the IRS an was told I my return was flagged for identity theft I provided all that was needed to prove who I was an had to wait up to 60days on the 60th day I went back cause wmr still said being processed the worker said wait till after memorial day to check wmr if nothing contact my local tax advocate. I couldn’t wait that long so I contacted the advocate she sent an told her I was having hardship she sent me a identity theft form to fill out I did. you will need to knw the last tax return you filed (address only) an faxed it on 5/26 checked Wmr 5/27 an saw that status bar an it said my refund will be posted to my bank account by 5/28 ..wish me luck and don’t wait call your local tax advocate…hardship meaning lights going off eviction a notice…hope this helps I know what this waiting game feels like..

    • I got a tax advocate and she has do nothing for me. She has told me that my fiance will not get the e.I.c for my older children because we r not married. & today told me they might not give the e.I.c for our child together because shes a baby and I didnt send proof that she lives here. Hello im not trying to scam the irs I just want my money intitled to me. I feel she is not helping. Im getting really annoyed with her. Its been 5 months. Ive sent in everything they ask for and they come back with they need more time or they need more Info what more do they want a story of my life. Its getting ridiculous. . If u don’t file u can get introuble if u do file its a headache ontop of hardship trying to recieve your money. im so pissed. I dont know whatelse to do

  28. Same issue here reduced income due to disability as on 3/14/14. New phone menus stops me from being able to get a person at IRS. Call to Tax Advocate after receiving form CP05 on 5/23 dated 6/1, was a waste of time and the individual had a very defensive attitude vs. one of advocacy. She Stated that reduction in force has caused a huge backlog. She stated that the IRS has removed their ability to check on anything for anyone unless the circumstances are extreme; however, she could not define extreme to me. She also said if it takes six months more, I just have to accept that. It does not matter that I filed on Jan 20. I’m glad I wrote her name and ID number for writing to my congressman. That’s really all I have left to do.

  29. I filed my taxes April 3 and still haven’t received my refund.What is going on???? I NEED MY MONEY!!!

  30. I filed mine Feb 6th and it is now may21 I still have not received my refund and no real reason why I can’t get ahold of a real person to figure things out why is it that we have to keep in with there rules and dates but they can do whatever they want to don’t they work for us

    • Mines was amended mailed march 4th 2015 and I still haven’t heard anything and when I check it says they have no records.

    • You wont get a real person every state has a local IRS building go there an talk to a live person have your filed tax return,dependent info ID an social an know the info on the last return u filed..o an don’t wait on a letter cause thru my 4month wait I have yet to receive one

  31. It’s been nine weeks and still, not one word from the IRS. Nobody seems to know what’s going on and if you call the IRS then that’s a joke. They hare holding people money that’s due to them and there is absolutely NO excuse for this crap!!!

  32. Do exactly as instructed, do not press any other keys when prompted by the automated system, and it will take you directly to a rep!! Of course their is a long waiting time.

  33. I filled mine on April 14 along with my sister in laws they got their money that same week I’m still waiting for my return but the irs don’t care about it it’s been more than the 21 days and Ive got nothing in the mail either at least send a letter telling me what’s going on.

    • That’s NOTHING. … I filed at the end of JANUARY. And still, NOTHING!!!
      No letter. No NOTHING!
      Website says “Still Processing”.
      No offense to you… but…
      you don’t know the meaning “wait”, unless you’ve been in MY shoes.

      • I understand.
        Same issue here reduced income due to disability as on 3/14/14. New phone menus stops me from being able to get a person at IRS. Call to Tax Advocate after receiving form CP05 on 5/23 dated 6/1, was a waste of time and the individual had a very defensive attitude vs. one of advocacy. She Stated that reduction in force has caused a huge backlog. She stated that the IRS has removed their ability to check on anything for anyone unless the circumstances are extreme; however, she could not define extreme to me. She also said if it takes six months more, I just have to accept that. It does not matter that I filed on Jan 20. I’m glad I wrote her name and ID number for writing to my congressman. That’s really all I have left to do.

      • Ummmm… please…. I still have yet to receive my refund from 2012. $4,000 was just forgotten and no one can tell me why or when. So THAT is waiting… lol

        • Hi, if you call 800-829-1040 and follow prompts to check on forms submitted, enter SS then your self-selected pin, you may choose year 2012 then choose detailed history. You will receive automated credits/debits, and at least know if your 2012 year return is in a status. Hope this helps.

    • I filed mine on the 1st day you could since i had all the information…. its now 05.19.2015 im still waiting on mine . They sent me a letter saying something was wrong on it and that they will be looking into it.. called them and they said ok its been long enough they will send it over to either review within the next 30day or release the funds….so will see when it hits 06/12

    • My husband and I filed our paper tax refund on April 7 2015, and we haven’t received any response from IRS after two months, where is my refund website says still processing.

  34. I filed on Feb 16th. It’s mag 11th and wmr still says processing. We never recieved anything in the mail. About 7 weeks ago we did the identity over the phone with a rep. He said it would be 6-8 weeks from the date we filed. It’s been almost 12 weeks and nothing. I’m getting so frustrated with this. My husband was laid off frim the oilfield. We’re behind on bills and our car is sitting bc we can’t fix it! Called a tax advocate and they just said “it’s gonna take awhile” and didn’t act interested in helping. So we’re gonna be homeless with 2 children, pushing our car around, since it doesn’t run, living out of it before to long. But the irs doesn’t care, do they? Nope.

    • with your story sounds like you qualify for “economic hardships” and they should’ve rush this process for you once you provide information of eviction or behind on a mortgage bill. but some reps just don’t care?

    • Call again. Don’t stop calling until you get someone who does care. I called one time and the first person I spoke to told me to wait and I said my wait time was up. I didn’t leave any time for her to say anything before I told her about our bills and child support being late. She put me on hold and then gave me some information. She transferred me to someone else who assigned an advocate to me. These people are there to help. Don’t let one person with a sour attitude atop you from trying. Keep trying! Let us know how the second call goes for you

    • Hi Amber, did you get yours yet? I haven’t. I did get my state a couple months ago. Still waiting for federal. My car needs a speed sensor put in and is overdue on inspection because of it. My check engine light is on and NYS LAW, it won’t pass. This is a crock of sh..! And so are these laws in NY! Now I’m driving around illegal because I don’t have the money to pay a mechanic. So I feel for you. I know what you’re feeling. Have a nice day :)

  35. Update! So I filed Jan.22… Received a letter on Jan. 30th stating that I was under review and that I didn’t need anything but to call after 60 days… So after the 60 days were up (March 30th) I called back…. IRS rep stated that nothing was really done to my account but she could see that my employer did send in documentation of my earnings. So she placed me on hold and told me that she was about to put in a referral because she could not see a reason for me to be on hold because everything was correct.. So she told me the referral dept has 30 days to give me feedback and request additional info or to continue the process to release my check.. After the 30 days were up (April 30th) I called again (sigh) and the IRS rep congratulated me and said that the hold was closed and that I should see an update this week! Well I did, my wording changed Thursday and I just checked at 4:00 this Saturday morning and my bars have reappeared with a DDD of May 13th!! I’m happy the wait is over!!! Good luck to the rest of you!!


      • After my 30 days were up I called back and they released my funds! My wording changed on the following week and I received my refund Yesterday! So after the 30 days of the referral you should get it within 2 wks! Good luck!

  36. Update! Filed mine on Taxslayer on Feb 14th, my website said it was accepted on the 16th, and May 6th I heard NOTHING back. No letters no nothing. SO I called the number in the comments with the same extension they listed. The hours they list are 7am-7pm but I kept calling between 7-8am and I got the message they were closed. Called back at 8:20am, was told it would be a 15-30 minute wait, was actually a 50 minute wait and a nice lady asked a bunch of questions and in the end she told me that on april 28th they mailed me the 5071C (cant remember exactly) letter saying I had to go online to their website and verify my information. (: I called, got everything straightened out and bam! So make that first call and find out why!

  37. My tax return was significantly different for 2014 than previous years, so, I’m not surprised that it’s being “reviewed”. And, I was overly conservative in doing my taxes last year and paid more than I should just to make sure I didn’t mess up and have to owe a large amount come tax day. But that approach is now biting us in the butt. I did our taxes in mid Feb and here we are in May and nothing. WMR tells me still processing. The letter we received simply stated that our return was going to be reviewed – nothing specific, no info, no requests, just a notice of review. I’m very meticulous with our finances and our return isn’t in error – it wasn’t that complicated. But to take this long in review should be criminal. Who else but the IRS can do as they please without any accountability? No timeframes? That is, no timeframes that are required by law to meet? Seems criminal to me to hold our money hostage. I will never, ever do another tax return where I don’t owe money rather than looking to balance out at zero or just a bit of a return coming back. No more! They wan’t to play these games they can do it when I owe them a check and not when they are holding OUR money hostage. I take this as a personal assault on our financial lives. I say – continue reducing their funding. Lets get it to the point where the IRS basically fades away. This is criminal.

    • I am in the exact same situation Dan! I filed Jan 23rd and still nothing. They told me it was being reviewed bc my marital status, income, etc… Had changed and that I had too much withheld. I mean, heaven forbid I don’t want to pay again! Ugh…. Now I’m in the waiting again pattern until June 19th. I have no faith at all that I will get my money back anytime soon. What’s worse is that there is seemingly nothing I can do.

  38. Call the tax payer advocate number and explain your situation. They will assign someone to you that can find out what is taking so long and try to expedite the return. Explain that you are facing economical hardship because of the delay. I called and explained my situation and now my husband has to go to court since he couldn’t pay his rent where he is. I reviewed a call 3 days later and faxed the a copy of w2 forms and she went to the IRS yesterday to tell them that we didn’t do anything wrong. I’m scheduled to hear back in about a week. It’s just nice knowing what’s going on with my taxes. The taxpayer advocate # is an 877 number

  39. i did mine since jan 19 its may 4 nothing i call and all it says stil in process ….no real person to talk to

  40. Filed my taxes on 2/2 got excepted the same day, on March twelve received a letter from IRS stating they can’t make a direct deposit in my account so I should receive a check in Three to four weeks, if not received to call the number provided, today is 5/1 never received my refund have been calling that number for two weeks straight and can’t get through to talk to anyone to see what is going on, check my status everyday and it still says being processed. I am so frustrated and don’t know what to do, I need my money like how they would need mines if I owed them and let me tell you they wouldn’t wait this long cause they would take action to collect it. Does anyone know how to get answers

  41. My husband and I filed through H&R Block on February 17th. We still haven’t received state taxes return or fed tax return. March 3rd, we received a letter saying to wait an extra 60 days. Sunday will be May 3rd. I have no idea why we haven’t gotten ANYTHING. It has really screwed us financially.

  42. I filed on 2/6, I couldn’t file before that as I was waiting on form 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. After 10 weeks of failing to get through to a live person at the IRS I went down to my local IRS office, they said after seeing I had a form 1095-A that it has caused a glitch in the system and many returns have been delayed because of it. Because the person was able to enter my information it would now clear the return and I should expect a return in 6 weeks. A week later the “where’s my refund” site has notified me I should expect my refund deposited in next 4 days, so if your in a similar situation I would recommend going to your local IRS office.

  43. I filed my taxes on Jan. 22. I received a letter from the irs on Jan. 30th stating that they were thoroughly reviewing my taxes and they didn’t need anything from me and that I should call after 60 days from the date of the letter. On March 30th I called and they stated that everything was correct and that they would send a referral and that could take up to 30 days. I called back April 15 and they stated that the referral dept acknowledged the referral on April 9th and it will be another 6-8 weeks to process the referral! I’m getting very frustrated because it’s been over 90 days for me!!! They said everything is correct so what is taking them so long to send me my money!!!

      • So after my 30 days were up from the date she sent my referral I called back (my 30 days were up April 30th) she stated once again that all of my info was correct and that From what it looks like on the computer, I should be receiving my refund by next week!! Now I want to be excited but its been well over 90 days so I can’t afford to give my hopes up messing around with the IRS!! So I’ll keep you all updated!

  44. To reach a reprensentive presa 1 then 2 then 1 then 2 turno 4 wait dont put tour social and then press 2 call at 7 am

    • Uggghh this phone to reach a reprensitive press one for english then 2 then 1 again 2 then 4 dont put your social and wait a sec then put 2 its best to call at 7 am

  45. Filed 1/20 accepted 1/21. Finally calling this week as I have received no notices of any kind. Wmr States still being processed. Following all prompts to get to a person but consistently hear message that I should call back at another time and a polite voice says thank you before hanging up in my face. :(
    My FIRST refund in 9 years due to drastic decrease in income. What a bummer!

    • Same for me. I never had a problem before. I cant wait until 2-11 because that will make 21 days and I can finally call and find out whats going on.


    • I am having the same problem my 10 weeks is on the 11 of May. What have you found out about yours?

  47. Why is this issue- “of millions of hard-working Americans NOT getting their tax refunds… and NOT getting any explanation” … NOT in the news??????
    Somone needs to get this issue, out to the MEDIA!!!!
    I don’t know, how to do it. Otherwise, I WOULD.
    Someone needs to notify Hilliary Clinton… I highly doubt, any politician is aware, that this is going on.
    If Hilliary Clinton brought this to the immediate attention, of the public… … and if she promised, to make it her goal, to: start making if a LAW, that the I.R.S. MUST return tax payers refunds, by a REASONABLE amount of time… she would win the election.
    This issue, is HIDDEN. Only those of us, who have sought out, a site like this… know about this. OTHERS, think they are ALONE in not getting their hard-earned money, back!
    Please! SOMEone… let’s get together, and somewhow bring this issue, to the forefront. Where is belongs!
    . … Let’s start writing EACHOTHER, People! Let’s start doing something ABOUT this. … Before, the “income tax refund waiting game”, turns from: waiting 6 months for your return… to waiting over a YEAR. (That’s where I see this is going.) I truly believe, the government doesn’t HAVE our money. That’s what I believe.
    I believe it is SPENT UP… BY THEM! And, that they are WAITING for the tax payers that OWE, in order to pay us, our money.
    And, the bulk of the people who OWE… are millionaires, that never PAY taxes!
    It’s a mess. A complete & total mess.

    • Oh, give me a break!
      Whether or not politicians know about this has nothing to do with anything. Fact is: THEY DON”T CARE!!!! If they act like they do, it’s only to get votes. And yeah, Hilary will solve everything, haha.

  48. WHERE’S MY REFUND!! I filed on FEB 2nd, got accepted on Feb 5th. Waited 21 days until i contacted the IRS. I didn’t receive a letter or a code on wheres my refund. Had to verify my identity by giving them a million answers to questions about my life. The Rep informs me that the issue has been resolved and that they would release my funds. However, they told me to allow 6 weeks for the information to process. I call back 6 weeks later disappointed, this rep is telling me that i have to wait 6-9 weeks for my Tax refund and allow the time to expire for them to send a referral to release my money. Im sure on April 29th when i call back they going to take another 6-9 weeks to actually do their job. All of this is ridiculous almost 3 months and i still don’t have my 8000. ITS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!!!

    • Anthony!
      Let’s keep in touch.
      You and I, have the identical situation.
      Get in touch with me, please.

      • Update: After waiting on the phone for 1 hour 45 minutes!! The agent tells me that i should allow the IRS more time to complete the process!!! Stating that because of a high volume of identity theft cases they are taking all precautions before releasing funds. Average wait time can take up to 180 days from when the issue was resolved. I felt the agent i had was new and was talking complete bs, like she wanted to get off the phone. She didn’t even want to send my referral! She took my phone number and said if nothing happens in the coming weeks to call again. THE IRS IS SHADY!!

        • I had my taxes filed fraudulently in 2011 took 18 months to get my return! No problems filing 2012-2013 now they are holding my refund for 2014 “under review to ensure no identity theft” lady told me 9 weeks..im not holding my breath.

  49. Filed my taxes on 1/26/15 got accepted on 2/9 and still waiting for my refund. Called Irs and got nothing but run arounds and automated system robots. Checked status of refund and still says processing. These guys are just sitting around doing nothing and we’re all suffering for it!!!!!!

  50. I filed my refund on 01/27/15. Two weeks later I received the identity letter and had to go to the IRS office (got there at 4am and left at 12:45pm), the lady told me I had to wait 6 weeks for my refund. Six weeks will be done on Wednesday and I’m super stressed out!! What do I do if I don’t receive them by that time? What number do I call? THIS SUCKS!!


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