How Long to Get My Tax Refund & Why Is It Taking So Long? IRS Updates and News

When it comes to tax season I receive a lot of reader questions, many tinged with a hint of desperation, around why IRS tax refunds are taking so long to be processed and what can be done to get their money sooner rather than later.

This was no different in the latest tax season where a number of folks have commented on the extended delays they are seeing with the processing of their tax returns and payment of long overdue refunds. Despite PATH limitations now having lifted, many filers are still stuck in IRS refund processing limbo.

In fact the IRS had already announced that there will likely be longer than usual tax refund payment delays due to processing/validation of past year and amended returns, staffing/budget constraints and the ongoing payment and reconciliation of past stimulus payments and tax credits.

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Those who filed paper based or amended returns, will likely face even longer delays in getting any refunds and will likely see the “Return Processing Has Been Delayed Beyond The Normal Timeframe” WMR message for extended periods and ongoing notices from the IRS around additional 60 day review periods.

For returns that require special handling or manual processing the IRS has said that due to staffing shortages it is taking up to 120 days to complete processing and notify taxpayers of adjustments or adjudications.

Reasons why your IRS refund may be delayed

  • Additional identity or random security checks – especially if fraudulent activities were associated with your filing in the past that means your return gets flagged for further reviews
  • Amended returns require additional, and manual processing, which can see refunds delayed for up to 20 weeks
  • Missing or incomplete documentation or information in your return. This is why you should e-file with leading tax software as most online tax filing software checks for this, which is why manually filed returns are more at risk
  • Incorrect bank details or account numbers provided in your return (see below for how to address)
  • If you are using a pre-paid card for the first time and were using a middleman bank (SBBT, Republic, Bofi, etc), some people have had their refund not deposited because the middleman bank does not test deposits to ensure the account is active and correct
  • Refund claims with an application for an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) attached (see Topic 857 for more information on this)
  • Refund offset (Tax Topic 203) which reduces your payment due to other federal or state obligations. See section below for more on this.
  • If you requested a refund of tax withheld on a Form 1042-S (PDF) by filing a Form 1040NR (PDF), allow up to 6 months from the original due date of the 1040NR return or the date you actually filed the 1040NR, whichever is later, to receive any refund due (see more details in tax topic 152)
  • PATH act delays because you claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). This constraint was/is normally lifted in mid-February,
  • Manual reviews or corrections are needed to the earned-income tax credit and the pandemic-related stimulus payments (refundable tax credits) claimed in your tax return. You will see this as code 570/971 on your tax transcript.

As always keeping checking the IRS’ Where is My Refund Apps (WMR and IRS2GO) for exact dates on your refund payment.

You can start checking on the status of your refund within 24 hours after the IRS receives your e-filed return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return.

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The WMR apps displays your tax return processing through three stages: Return Received; Refund Approved; Refund Sent. You can see more on refunds and delayed payments in these videos covering this topic

So what can you do if your tax refund is taking much longer to get than expected?

There are two main categories that cause your tax refund processing to taking longer than expected. Either something is wrong with your tax return filing, e.g. missing information, additional identity fraud/verification, incorrect social security numbers etc; or income information from related sources (employer, ex-partner, IRS notices) do not add up.

For example same dependent claimed in multiple tax returns. So here are a few things you can do to try and figure out why your tax refund is so taking so long to get to you.

  • Check the IRS tax tool, where’s my refund (WMR) or IRS2Go mobile app, to get the official status of your refund (see estimated IRS refund schedule). It is updated daily (overnight) and provides the latest processing status of your tax refund.

    The IRS has announced that it expects to issue more than 90% of refunds to taxpayers in less than 21 days (not business days). So even if you have submitted all your documents you probably need to wait for at least 21 days before taking on more drastic actions.

    And if you paper filed, you may need to wait more than 6 weeks before hearing back from the IRS.

IRS bars offical - Where is My Refund (WMR) Return Received, Refund Approved and Refund Sent
Tax Status and Refund Delays
  • Why is my e-filed tax return in “Pending” status and the IRS has no record of my tax return? TurboTax experts say that after e-filing, your federal return may sit in “Pending” status 24-48 hours before its processing status changes.

    If you contact the IRS or try to look up your return or refund status on their site while your return is in “Pending” status, don’t be alarmed if they tell you they have no record of your return.

    This is normal; once the IRS acknowledges your return, they will update your status to via WMR to Return Received, Refund Approved and Refund Sent. See this article for more details on what the WMR refund status’ mean.

  • What do these IRS refund status’ mean? Return Received means the IRS has your tax return and is processing/reviewing it. Your estimated refund date will be available as soon as the IRS finishes processing your return and confirm that your refund has been approved. Generally it takes just a few days for the status to shift from Return Received to Refund Approved if all is in order.

    But any issues with processing your return will delay things and a refund date will not be provided until your refund has been approved.

    In some cases the refund tracker graphic (shown here) will not be shown if your return is being reviewed prior to step two: “Refund Approved,” and instead an explanation or instructions will be provided by the IRS depending on the situation.

    This can happen even if you previously checked Where’s My Refund? and it showed the status as “Return Received” along with the tracker. If the IRS needs more information specific to your return, they will contact you by mail (be aware of IRS imitation scams). You should follow the instructions in the IRS letter as soon as possible to prevent further delays with receiving your return.

  • Review your tax return and make sure there no obvious mistakes like missing names/SSN or forgetting to sign your tax return. According to the IRS, one of the main things causing people to experience delays in getting their refunds is returns that are not accurately completed. So to ensure you get your refund ensure your return is as accurate as possible.

    You can resubmit an amended tax return entering the changes and explaining why you need to amend your original tax return. You don’t have to redo your entire return, either. Just show the necessary changes and adjust your tax liability accordingly.

    You usually do not need to file an amended return because you forgot to include tax forms such as W-2s or 1099 forms. The IRS normally will send a separate request asking for those documents.

  • Get online help from various articles on people seeing delays with their refunds. On one of my articles covering the IRS refund schedule I got 6000+ comments, with the following useful real life tips you won’t find elsewhere:

  • If you claim certain credits like the Earned Income Credit or Education credits in your tax return, the IRS announced that refunds these returns generate may take longer (under PATH act). So expect your refund to take longer in this case – possibly into April, even if you filed early.

  • Hire an accountant or tax services firm to follow up this issue on your behalf particularly if you have a tax obligation to the IRS. But be warned, these are not the cheapest options and if you refund is less than $1,000 it may not be worth the cost.

  • Calling the IRS is an option, though getting through to someone is a challenge. You can go the IRS resources page to get the latest contact IRS numbers/locations. Here is a way to get a real IRS person:
    • Dial 800-829-1040 – if they say they have high volume calls hang up, you’re wasting your time, call again until it doesn’t say high volume.
    • Then dial 1- for English or 2 for Spanish.
    • Then listen to the options and dial 2 then 1 then 4, then 2 again, until it finally asks for your social… they will try to trick you after that, but don’t dial anything it will take you to an operator. it’s a process but you’ll get to someone as long as you DO NOT say you have questions about your refund, cause then it will tell you to go online. make sure your cell is charge when you call cause you can wait up till an hour. Good luck people, and hope we all get our refund. Heck, we worked for it!!! =)

  • Check with the middleman bank (SBBT, Republic, Bofi, etc) that they received your refund and sent it to your personal account. If filed jointly make sure both names are on your bank account/pre-paid card as this can sometimes cause your refund to be held or rejected.

2022 IRS tax season statistics

The National tax payer advocate services (TAS) released some interesting statistics that confirm the ongoing challenges the IRS is facing in processing returns and paying refunds on time. Especially for paper filed returns. As you can see from the official statistics below, lots of folks are impacting by IRS processing delays.

  • More than 90% of individual income taxpayers e-file their returns (recommended), yet last year, about 17 million taxpayers – about the population of New York – filed their returns on paper because of access or limitations with filing electronically. 
  • It took the IRS on average 251 days (or more than 8 months) to make and respond to proposed adjustments across 5 million affected returns. This is three times pre-pandemic levels.
  • Over 336,000 taxpayers could not file their returns or receive their refunds because identity thieves had already filed a return using their identifying information. It is taking the IRS over 1 year to resolve identity theft cases.
  • While the IRS had reduced the number of suspended returns (those that require manual IRS reviews) to 5.4 million from 15.8 million earlier in the year, it is still taking up to 10 months for manual reviews of paper filed returns.
  • During the 2022 filing season, the IRS received about 73 million telephone calls. However only one out of 10 calls reached a live IRS agent. This is half as much as the prior tax year, despite a lower overall volume. The time the average taxpayer spent waiting on hold rose from 20 minutes to 29 minutes this tax season.

IRS Operations Page

To get the latest update on IRS tax refund processing delays, you can see the IRS operations page which provides information on key functions and causes behind some of the delays when it comes to phone support, paper filed returns and ongoing reviews.

Tax Payer Identify Verification Delaying IRS Tax Refund Processing and Direct Deposit Payments

In a lot of recent cases, it appears that the IRS is delaying refund processing because they are having to spend a lot more time validating tax payer identities given the rise in online tax related fraud over the last few years. In most cases the IRS will notify selected tax filers via WMR or mail (they will never call you) to contact a IRS number to verify their identity. After verification it could take up to 9 weeks for you to get a refund. See more in this article.

Refund Offset – Why Your Refund May be less than expected

Another area of confusion for those expecting a refund is that when they get a refund it is actually less than the amount they were expecting or provided by their tax software provider.

The reason for this is that the federal government has “offset” or deducted monies from your tax refund to cover debts you owe other federal agencies. Under the law, federal payments such as tax refunds can be collected against by approved agencies (e.g the IRS) before being paid to you. 

You will get  a letter from the IRS explaining this offset to your federal refund and why it differs from what was estimated in your filed return. You will generally see a tax topic 203 message or code 898 on your transcript when you have an offset applied to your IRS refund.

They will give you an opportunity to dispute this collection, but you will have to prove you had no federal obligations. If you have questions regarding the offset of your refund you can call the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) on 800-304-3107.

When will I get my paper check if my Direct Deposit is delayed or rejected?

At times people will change their bank accounts after their return is filed or provide incorrect account numbers. In these instances the IRS will issue a paper check when they cannot send by direct deposit.

This will delay your refund, but the actually IRS processing time for a paper check  is only 2 extra days more than direct deposit.

Usually paper checks are mailed on Friday’s and you usually get within 1 week; the following Friday or sooner. The US Postal usually don’t deliver refund checks until Saturday morning to prevent someone watching your mail and stealing the check.

If I can order my IRS tax transcript does it mean I am getting my refund direct deposited soon?

This question used to come up a lot, but is not very relevant since you can request a tax transcript online via your IRS account. The transcript is free and does show processing tax codes related to progress and status of past and current tax returns.

That being said, there is a correlation in reviewing your transcript for current year IRS processing transaction codes. If you see transaction codes (like 846), it means the IRS is or has processed your tax return, and refund where applicable.

But the IRS is very clear that reviewing your transcript does not mean you will imminently be getting a refund and is among the common myths and misconceptions repeated in social media. They still say that checking the WMR website or IRS2Go app is the best and official way to check your refund status.

Tax Topic 151 vs 152 notice

When you log on to the WMR website or IRS2Go mobile app, you may be presented with a message to refer to IRS Tax topic 151 or 152 in relation to your refund. But what do these mean? Tax Topic 151 simply means that you’re getting a tax adjustment due to an offset or IRS proposed adjustment.

You will get an official IRS letter or notice explaining the actual offset and adjustments to your tax return, and details on how to appeal this action – but likely it will delay you getting your refund. While not great news, the silver lining here is that the IRS has processed your return and your adjusted refund (where applicable) should be on its way.

Tax Topic 152 on the other hand means means you’re getting a tax refund in line with IRS processing guidelines (generally within 21 days) and this notice confirm the methods for payment (direct deposit, check).

I know it can be really frustrating to see ongoing delays in getting your tax refund. My answer is be patient, look into the above steps and contact a tax advocate or tax professional if you get nowhere with the IRS.

WMR and IRS2GO Refund Status Error Codes

When you see an error on the WMR and IRS2Go tool you will get an error code and a short description. Sometimes these can tell you the cause (e.g 1161 –  Refund delayed, bankruptcy on account ).

But in many cases this provides no help and in that case you should reference the IRS Refund Error Code list to get more details. You can also see the comments below for more errors people are facing.

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  1. I filed mine on the 28 of January n I been waiting 5 months total for mine n still don’t have anything ??????

  2. I did my taxes January 5th and on the 28th they accept it. I have not got mines at all and I been get notes saying 30 days 60 day now 16 weeks. I’m a mother of three kids twins and a son and it’s so hard that when you work hard for your money you do t get it. And right now I can use it for my household. We don’t get food stamps we are not on government 8 we spend money by working hard for it. Man this is the first time this have ever happened to me and my family. I pray God fix the USA BECAUSE WE NEED IT

  3. It’s may 12 and I still haven’t got my refund. I filed a paper return, I’ve checked the where’s my refund through the irs website which states my refund is still processing. Ive called irs and they told me they couldn’t verify my identity. I haven’t received any letter in the mail. I don’t know what else to do?

  4. Filed 3/22 and it’s 5/4. I’m over Trump Administration. This is the longest since federal refunds have been delayed for us.

  5. My entire$10,500 return (i was in the Marines last year and only person with income and 2 kids) was garnished by the IRS for my wife student loan debts. I took my loss like man and filed an injured spouse claim. My injured spouse claim was accepeted mar 9th (i live in texas) they said they had 45 days to issue my new return. (Which from what i have been told on other boards because i live in texas and personal income is still yours i should get all of it.) They did not meet that deadline and now i have to wait an additional 30 days. Even though i had an injured spouse claim, is the IRS still held to their rule of interest of 3% everyday after 45 days? They havent even updated it online. Ive been patient but some of that was the money i was using to get a house so me and my wife and kids can be together again and i cant mantain my current situation any longer and its putting alot of stress not only on the realtionship with my wofe but ky kids as well. (When i got out the Marines my wife had to live with her grandma because she had enough space for her and the kids, i live elsewhere because of the job i got that pays really well and its hard to see them) Ive called multiple times and they cant even tell me how much they are going to give me, when should i tentatively expect it, or even how they will send it to me. Almost like they havent even started it yet, and it has discouraged me from continuing to call to check. I dont feel anybody owes me anything and i know all to well about how we are all just numbers. But this isnt right to do to people. If anyone Has any tips or advice let me know.

    • I amnin the same boat as you are I am also from texas san Antonio to be exact and I haven’t heard a peep just wondering if anything has changed on your end?

  6. I filed on March 16th. Got my state refund, slashed from 650 to 140. its 4/27 and says my federal refund is still processing. wtf?

  7. I efiled Feb 21 it was accepted the 22 and was approved on March 18 I called the IRS and was told it will take an additional 6 to 8 weeks for me to get my return which would be between apr 29 to may 13 and even tho it was approved in March the wmr tool still says processing best thing to do is call IRS or just be patient it the new laws that went into effect this year and the IRS is on a new system this year

  8. I have the confirmation email from my tax preparer that states my federal return was accepted on the 7th of February. I checked the WMR IRS2GO app on the 3rd of April and it still shows my refund is being processed. I’ve been searching the internet for some sort of explanation as to why it is being delayed for so long. Only have my wife and myself claimed on the return. No letters in the mail from the IRS to explain anything either. Any suggestions on where to go from here?

  9. Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    Been on “Still Processing” for over a month. I called and was told I’m under a 45 day review startibg March 18th. No letter and he said no action needed, that it was random. Anyone been through this and got a refund? Or have and answers?

    • Similar boat. I filed 1/28 and it was accepted same day. It has been over 8 weeks. No errors, no additional information needed, nothing mailed to me. I called the IRS and they just told me the next step is to send in a “referral” to another department and that would take up to 30 additional days. I asked what is the next step after that if I am forced to wait these additional 30 days. The next step is for them to submit yet another “referral” to another department and that would take up to 5 additional days. UNREAL.

    • Same, filed Jan 30th, received confirmation via text Jan 31st taxes excepted, waited waited waited finally March 15th I had to have my tax preparer call to find out my file was “selected for review” starting March 11th.
      Ok, so first off why didn’t they send me a notice?
      Second why did it take them from Jan 31st until March 11th to put into review? What were they doing between those dates with my refund? Still fighting them this week to be told my review ends next Thursday with no updated info, not even an expected date? Hhhmmmmm ok well if I owed them money would they think twice about garnishing my wages if I didn’t contact them? I really hope I have some answers come Thursday otherwise I’m contacting the local news dept about this because this is the first time ever had an issue with my refund! And I pray it’s the last time…makes me not want to file next year.

  10. I filed my taxes February 4th and both my federal and state was accepted the next day it has now been over a month and a half and I have received no money at all and anytime I go to look on the IRS2GO app or their website it says that the information I entered was wrong even though it isn’t.

  11. I efiled on feb20th I had a bar saying received, but when I check back its saying processing will give you date when available, do I need to call irs

  12. I filed electronically Jan 22nd. My brother in law filed Jan 27. He claims 2 people, no kids. I claim my wife, no kids. He got both his state and federal back in a week. It’s been over a month and I’m still waiting for mine. It hasn’t changed status at all. I need my money. I hate this so much. Legit crying. This government is a piece of shit.

    • I read if you call 877-777-4778 and tell them you have a hardship they call file an emergency request on your behalf to get this resolved.

  13. My mother claimed me as a dependent for 2017 when she shouldn’t have. I had to mail in my tax returns and it said it would take 6 weeks. IRS received them 2/23/18. I didn’t receive results until 7 weeks on the IRS website and it’s been nearly 9 weeks now and it still says that my return is processing. Nothing online to help, I’ve been checking almost daily sometimes several times a day and there’s no update. What the hell is going on, there’s no literature on this anywhere either.

    • I am in your boat. Except I was not claimed as a dependent. I complted my taxes on March 13 and it still says Processing Topic 152

  14. I filed and was accepted 1/29/18 got very small part of my refund minus eic it is 3/ 19/18 Still no DDD. They requested verification of my dependant and marital status which was accepted on 2/21/18 Still no change. IRS not very helpful accept to say they don’t need any other documents and it’s being processed. This is horrible especially this year.

    • That is my problem and I need that money. I cant talk to anyone and you cant just go to the office without waiting so long and no help. I never had to wait this long.

  15. Received this Account Disabled when I tried to get a transcript, Im at 21 days not filed on Jan 31 got a message 501 on the Were is my Refund page.. So I guess I won’t be getting mine any time soon.. Just do not under stand the Account Disabled thing…

  16. I spoke with the Irs Friday and got a transcript. The lady told me that my return was processed but there is no DDD as of yet. Everybody i know got their DDD, the transcript confirms what I’m getting back, i have no offsets or n e thing what can be the hold up? Of course the 19th is my 21 days which is a holiday sooooooo I’m waiting an extra day to find out what n the hell is going on with my funds!

  17. Ever since Obama went there messing with the IRS and our returns…hasn’t been right since. We had a smooth way before and government took it upon themselves to change something that worked good. Now every year we have all these BS reasons to take forever processing our returns. We work all year just to be hassled at the end as to if the government thinks we are entitled to our returns!! Its bullcrap!!!

      • Please stop. your an idiot “Obama” this is Tax year for 2017 and as far as history is concerned, even though your a low I.Q. voter your king and savior was the one still in charge at that time so we play by his rules.. please educate yourself before you come here spewing left wing hate….

      • No, actually this began last year before Trump was even elected. This year it has gotten worse. In reality, the problem is the people who lie, cheat and steal; they are the reason we have to wait.

    • YOU NEED TO FACT CHECK BEFORE YOU BLAME PRES. OBAMA!!! EVEN WITH OBAMACARE THE REFUNDS WENT OUT SMOOTHER AND MUCH FASTER THAN THIS YEAR!! trump gets in office and all of a sudden the spike in fraud damn near triples?!!! That’s mighty damn suspect!

    • Hope that was Donald Trump. He’s the reason people are waiting. It has to do with tax credits, child care etc….honey, when Obama was in office everyone taxes came on time and smoothly. Can’t blame this on Obama. Trump created this problem darling.

  18. I filled my taxes on 1/13/18 they got accepted on the 22. It is now the the 2nd of Feb and the WMR is only saying we aren’t issuing till mid February. I need my money. This is some serious BS why would you keep my money from me. I worked for it.

  19. I filed late on May 26th 2017 it accepted June 2nd 207 and WMF still says processing what’s going on I need answers I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place me and kids need a place to live I need my money ASAP

  20. Does anyone know if this will affect getting Obama care if it’s still not prosseced by Sept
    I filled with an accountant but she didn’t send the form 1095 and some other form
    I sent everything about 6 weeks ago and it still says being processed this is driving me nuts what else is there to do

  21. I filed electronically, with an accountant, April 13. Today is June 23 and I still do not have my federal refund. Every time I check the status it says, “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

    This is so frustrating. I only claim one exemption. I am in the highest tax bracket as well.

    • Was kind of wondering if I was the only one. I filed my taxes electronically on February 19 – it’s June 29 and I get the same, “Your tax return is still being processed…” Bull!

      Where is my interest for the loan I gave them this year?!

      • Yes, I filed April 21, and still it says ” We received you tax return, and its being processed”. I am also in high tax bracket. For the 25K+ I paid in federal taxes, you would think me only getting 1/8 of that back, the government could help a brother out.

  22. My return was accepted on March 23rd and now it is June 19th and I am still waiting for my refund. I called the IRS and was told it a guestimation date of July 2nd to when it might be processed. This is ridiculous. I claimed head of household and they need a lease agreement, a doctor’s note indicating a disability, births certificate, and a utility bill. These are personal items. I should not have to send my personal items just to get what’s due to me. I have been filing taxes for years and have never been through such drastic measures before. I just want what is due to me. This is stupid and unfair.

  23. I electronically filed my refund 1/23/17 and chose DD. Single, no kids, no itemized deductions, SIMPLE. It is now 5/16/17 and wmr just says “processing”, no status bar at all. Wtf? I normally wait about 3 weeks longer than everybody else any other year, but I have never had my refund take longer than the first week of March to arrive. I kinda need my money cuz I just lost my job. I just wanna know what the hold up is since nobody at the irs can give me an answer. Frustrated and annoyed…and soon to be broke as a joke

    • Jared,
      Literally the same situation. Every time I check IRS website or TurboTax they both say they are “being processed.” I have never had to wait this long. I also lost my job so I’m struggles right now and kind of need to pay off some student loans. I hate our system!

    • I am right there with you. Filed in mid-March, single, no dependents, very simple return. Still says processing 2 months later.

    • In the same boat. Filed in March and its now June 7th, and its been in “processing” mode since I filed. This is the most frustrating thing ever. We have a deadline every year to give them THEIR money, but they cant give us the same consideration.

  24. I sent my return in by mail because I couldn’t get my ipn online so I had to send it in snail mail. I did this April 17th 2017 and I’ve seen my returned is processing but no status bar or even accepted date. I see all my information on the left side and I’m just starting to worry. I’ve got an economic hardship as I’m homeless and I’m counting on this money to get myself and my family into a home soon because I’m running out of patience where I am and I’m going to end up sleeping in my car again. I’m frustrated as this has never happened but because I had to move before the mail came with my new PIN number I didn’t get to file electronically for the first time in my entire life.

    • I’m in the same boat. It’s been over 5 weeks since I mailed mine and spoke with someone a couple days ago and they said my ddd is mid May!

  25. We were notified by the IRS in February that someone had fraudulently tried to claim our refund. As per IRS direction we spent about an hour on the phone with an IRS employee verifying that we were really us and then when our return was finished (the false claim was filed before we even received our W-2s!) we sent it off certified mail. Our accountant was unable to e-file due to the fraud attempt. It was received by the IRS on March 17th. We did not claim any child or income credits, but today is May 9th and the IRS web site still says “Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

  26. We filed on February 9th and are still waiting for our refund. All the site says is it received our returns and it’s being processed.

    • Same here. We filed mid-January and as of 2 minutes ago – “…being processed”. My CPA says California refunds are ‘DELAYED’ but has no further information. State refund showed u in bank account within 10 days of filing. This is ridiculous…

  27. I went through this exact problem last year. It took us nearly 10 weeks to get our refund. Already it is held up this year for a $209.00 refund. I’m single now, no kids, no EIC, simple return…should go right thru…but NOoooo….just like last year it gets held up over the 1095 form for those of us on Obamacare. My ex-husband got his refund 9 days after filing, single, simple return, no kids, no EIC…but he is not on Obamacare. Everyone I know has gotten their refund, as long as their 1095 form is not from the Marketplace. So frustrating. Guess it will be July again before I get my money!

  28. I filed online 01/24/17 I have no kids and no income credit. My bar has only moved to say they are still reviewing them it’s been 3 months. How long must they review them

  29. After it says approved an you have the date how long does it take for the tax preparer to receive it an how would you know if she’s a snob? She acts like she gets mad when i ask questions about it… She don’t understand how bad i need it right now.

  30. I filed in January and took in consideration because I do have children that it would be after the 15th February before I heard anything about my return. Here it is April and still no refund. The transmission in my car has died. I’m so frustrated and stressed. I have to work and with car I cant work.

  31. It seems to be the IRS is playing games. I sent my return in electronically as well on 3/2 and I’m still in processing. I called and waited 10 minutes while the service representative went over my file. She said everything looked great and there were no problems. However she had no clue what was talking so long.

    • I filed on Feb 24th – and I am still waiting on any updates. I start to get worried but on the other hand I hope they just don’t have enough staff or some really strange reason why nothing is moving along

  32. I did my taxes on the 13th of Feb. single, no kids. I still have yet received my state. My 2 daughters filed 3 days before me. 1 by mail with 2 kids and 1 rifle 2 kids. 1 married 1 not. The one who paper mailed and not married had both of hers in her bank in less then 7 days. My other daughter had hers in less then 14 days. I thought the ones with kids were taking longer?? It seems the ones without kids is taking FOREVER! Why?? The news was posting it all the time “ones with kids will take longer!!” “REALLY”!! If you owe the IRS and don’t pay by a certain time you get penalized. Why doesn’t the IRS get penalized for LYING????

    • So if you filed single and no kids but you are stating you have 2 daughters that would be considered tax fraud you would think?

  33. I did my taxes this month on the 11th and i just got them in the received area does anyone know how long it will take til in gets approved by IRS? Please let me know thanks!

  34. OK I filled and I filled the child tax credit and EIC in Jan and it was accepted Jan 17 well when they started doing them they have been saying your taxes are being processed well we called the IRS to find out why n started to give them the info then they asked our address we filled I gave it to them and they tell me no that’s not what’s in there system.I then tell them well I’m looking at my copy of my sent return and that’s the address and my address that was filled she then says again well it’s not what they have..She then tells me I have to call a different number to confirm my identity so I call that number tell the woman what the other lady told me and what I needed to do and so That’s why I was calling she then says did you get a letter I said no how can I get anything if you or the IRS has the wrong address in there system she then tells me she can’t help me unless I have a letter…Like really I can’t get no info no help nothing and I still don’t know what the heck is going on with my money…This is getting to be really a big pain and a headache..Anyone else have this problem or similar to it..

  35. OK, I kinda understand that some people has used IRS for EIC, but the rest of us are getting kinda desperate,like we got loans that need to be paid and now we are being penalized for it interests are being added to the loan, maybe the government should be the ones that get fined for being so late,we have worked hard for this and as Americans have the right to speak up and say you pay the interest off my loan and a fine!! Isn’t it that what the IRS would do to us? I had my taxes done around the first of February then I get a 1095-A form almost a week later, then find out I could be waiting for another 6 to 8 weeks!!!??? Oh come the #$&@ on!!!

  36. Eight common reasons per IRS, why your refund may be held up

    1. Missing or Inaccurate Social Security Numbers. Be sure to enter each SSN on a tax return exactly as printed on the Social Security card.

    2. Misspelled Names. Spell all names listed on a tax return exactly as listed on that individual’s Social Security card.

    3. Filing Status Errors. Some people claim the wrong filing status, such as Head of Household instead of Single. The Interactive Tax Assistant on can help taxpayers choose the correct status. E-file software also helps prevent mistakes.

    4. Math Mistakes. Math errors are common. They range from simple addition and subtraction to more complex items. Transactions like figuring the taxable portion of a pension, IRA distribution or Social Security benefits are more difficult and result in more errors. Taxpayers should always double check their math. Better yet, tax preparation software does it automatically, so file electronically.

    5. Errors in Figuring Tax Credits or Deductions. Filers can make mistakes figuring their Earned Income Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit, the standard deduction and other items. Taxpayers need to follow the instructions carefully. For example, if a taxpayer is age 65 or older, or blind, they should be sure to claim the correct, higher standard deduction. The IRS Interactive Tax Assistant can help determine if a taxpayer is eligible for tax credits or deductions.

    6. Incorrect Bank Account Numbers. The IRS strongly urges all taxpayers who have a refund due to choose direct deposit. It’s easy and convenient. Be careful to use the right routing and account numbers on the tax return. The fastest and safest way to get a refund is to combine e-file with direct deposit.

    7. Forms Not Signed. An unsigned tax return is like an unsigned check – it’s not valid. Both spouses must sign a joint return. Taxpayers can avoid this error by filing their return electronically. Sign an e-filed tax return digitally before sending it to the IRS.

    8. Electronic Filing PIN Errors. When e-filing, the taxpayer signs and validates the tax return electronically with a prior-year Self-Select Personal Identification Number. If they do not have or know their PIN, they should enter the Adjusted Gross Income from their 2015 tax return originally filed with the IRS. Taxpayers should keep a copy of their tax return.

  37. I reviewed my federal on Feb 15. Why haven’t I received my state? Does anyone know a number I can call to speak to someone directly for the state? The number on their site is an automated service. I’m in California.

  38. My taxes have a date it says by 2/23/2017 and it was not sent? I do have credits for school and people for school who are dependent is that why it hasn’t been sent?

  39. One more question if there is a code telling you something about your tax return where will you see it on the where’s my refund site.

  40. Can you please tell me how long does it usually take between your refund being accepted and approved and then between being approved and sent.

  41. Hello this is my timeline , maybe it will help
    Jan 26th filed turbo tax and accepted by IRS
    Feb 11th refund approved by IRS
    Feb 15th will be sent to bank
    Did not claim EIC or ACTC
    Have one dependent
    Itemized a few things.
    Did have the Topic 152 message
    I was very nervous as well I thought I wouldn’t receive it but I guess they are backed up and actually may take the 21 days as you can see it took 16-17 days for mine. Hope this helps. I would say it’s coming just be patient if possible

      • I’m having the same issues. No balls only a message saying your return is being processed nothing else no codes of any kind and for me today March 2nd makes 30 days

        • I to am waiting and when call keep being told it is still being processed,
          I filed Feb. 18th we are now into 8 weeks It was electronically done by a Tax service i need this money and feel no one is giving the time to help, mine is cut and dry, only one job for wages, one child no extras why is it taking so long

      • Filed on Jan 23, IRS accepted return… Still says “it’s being processed”. This is ridiculous. It’s been over a month.

    • I filed M-sep– on Feb 7 with 3 dep. mine is still processing. We filed my spouse on Feb 20 M-sep with 1 dep and a property and are sched to receive it this week.. What is the hold up??!! I tried to call and keep getting disconnected no mater what prompt I hit.

  42. Where’s my refund I’d saying your taxes have been received and being processed , but the place I got my taxes done is saying congratulations the irs has accepted your return and it is complete and a direct deposit date will be able shortly why the difference

  43. I read that my taxes won’t be released until after the 15 due to the earned credit income. Does that stand for both state and Federal or just Federal?

      • I called IRS and they said I was randomly selected for a 45 day review. The lady said it would be no later than April 2nd, but might not take that long. She said there were not any notations of issues at this time, if there is, I will get a letter. I have not received any letters, today is less a week away. My question, has anyone received a 45 review and received your refund (DIRECT DEPOSIT) within or by the 45th day?


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