Will I Automatically Get The New Unemployment Benefits Extension for PEUC and PUA and Extra $300 Weekly Stimulus Payment With a Remaining or Exhausted Claim Balance


This article was last updated on April 25

The short answer to the title of this article is Maybe. But like the earlier extensions there are some constraints to be aware of under the September 2021 unemployment extensions funded under $1.9 trillion Biden Stimulus package. The final bill funded another 25 weeks of unemployment benefit extensions for millions of jobless Americans via the main enhanced unemployment programs with key dates shown in the table below.

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Will I need to reapply for these benefits or are they automatically applied?

Like earlier extensions this will vary on state-by-state basis and on your claim status. Those who have an active claim or weeks remaining in their UI balance as of March 14th, 2021 should be able to keep certifying and have the extended weeks automatically added to their account. Those who had exhausted their benefits or had a lapse in their benefits (e.g. returned to work temporarily) will likely have to wait for notification from their state to confirm if extensions will be applied automatically or if they will require some sort of action to reactivate or reopen their claim. In either situation claimants will need to wait for their state to update their UI systems to program for the latest extension, which could be a slow process. Any missed payments due to state rollout delays will be retroactively caught up.

Once claimants start getting paid under an existing state or federally funded enhanced UI program, they also then get the $300 weekly supplementary payment (FPUC program). You can see this article for specific situations as to whether a claimant needs to take action or not to get the extended benefits.

Key Dates for PEUC, PUA and FPUC 2021 Extensions

Enhanced Unemployment ProgramMax Weeks Available in ProgramProgram Effective Start Date (limited to maximum weeks available under program)Program End Date (no new claims after this)
PUA Program79 (39 + 11 + 29*)January 27, 2020Sep 6th, 2021
PEUC Program49 (13 + 11 + 29*) March 28, 2020Sep 6th, 2021
$300 FPUC25March 14, 2021Sep 6th, 2021
$100 Mixed Earner Payment (Optional)25March 14, 2021Sep 6th, 2021
*Note - While the ARP bill noted that 29 weeks were included in the latest extension, in reality only 25 weeks are available in the coverage period that spans the week ending March 20th to September 4th.

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$900 billion COVID stimulus bill funding extensions

There are some constraints to be aware of in the recently approved $900 billion stimulus bill unemployment benefits extension as discussed below. Just to recap the legislation passed under the new stimulus bill includes the following unemployment benefits: Eleven more weeks of benefits under the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. It also includes a $300 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) per week supplemental payment to anyone receiving unemployment benefits from any other unemployment program during the coverage period.

Under the PEUC program states can now pay up to 24 weeks of additional unemployment benefits to individuals who have qualified for, but exhausted regular state unemployment compensation (UC). They must also be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking work assuming no Coronavirus/COVID-19 restrictions. An individual is deemed to have exhausted benefits (per DOL guidance) when no further UC payments can be made under any federal or state law because the individual has received all available regular UC based on employment or wages during such individual’s base period; or the individual’s right to such regular UC has been terminated by reason of the expiration.

PUA provides UI benefits to gig workers and others not traditionally eligible for them. Under the law, the end of the period of applicability for the PUA program extends to those weeks of unemployment ending on or before March 14, 2021. For individuals on PUA who have not exhausted their benefit eligibility of up to 50 weeks, the program also provides for continuing benefits for eligible individuals for weeks of unemployment through April 5, 2021.

PUA and PEUC was initially only payable up to the week of unemployment ending before December 31, 2020 (so the last week would be week ending Dec 26th or Dec 27th), but has now been extended under the recent COVID relief bill to March 14th, 2021. Existing claimants will have until the week beginning April 5th, 2021 to exhaust any remaining balances.

You can also see this recent Video update on if Extensions are automatic or a new/reactivated claim is needed

Will I Need to Reapply for these benefits or are they automatically applied?

This will depend on state by state basis, but those who have an active claim or have exhausted their benefits will be eligible for the enhanced unemployment benefits discussed above. State UI agencies are responsible for reaching out but given the massive spike in claims this is likely to be a slow process. Some states are automatically extending benefits (even without ongoing certification) for those whose claims have a remaining balance or claims that have recently expired due to delays in passing the stimulus legislation. For those who have not claimed UI or had a claim expire several months ago, then you will likely have to file a new claim or reactivate your existing claim (will vary on a state by state basis). You can see this article for specific situations as to whether a claimant needs to take action or not to get the extended benefits. The table below shows key dates for the extended programs.

States have now also received detailed federal guidance (via the Department of Labor) on the implementation of the stimulus-law extensions for existing UI beneficiaries. Most states like New York, Florida and California have told people who are already collecting unemployment benefits and qualify for the PEUC or PUA extension that they don’t need to reapply to receive the additional $300 FPUC payment.

Key Dates for PEUC, PUA and FPUC Programs

Enhanced Unemployment ProgramMax Weeks Available in ProgramProgram Effective Start Date (limited to maximum weeks available under program)Program End Date (no new claims after this)Payment End Date for Remaining Weeks
PUA Claims filed on or before Dec 27, 2020 (e.g. Active Claimant, getting UI benefits) 50 (39 + 11)If active agreement in place, January 27, 2020March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
PUA Claims filed after Dec 27, 2020 (e.g. New Claimants)14 (3 + 11)If agreement in place, December 1,2020 (claim effective December 6, 2020)March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
PEUC24 (13 + 11) Date of agreement - effective March 28, 2020March 14, 2021April 10, 2021
$300 FPUC11December 27th, 2020March 14, 2021N/A
$100 Mixed Earner Payment (Optional)11December 27th, 2020March 14, 2021N/A

Notes to table:
1. Table does not include extended state benefits which could mean additional weeks of PUA in certain states (e.g California which includes up to 57 weeks)
2. You can only get PUA if you don't qualify for regular UI or PEUC, so those weeks need to be excluded from maximum weeks.
3. New Claimants or those who had exhausted benefits have to apply and get their claim approved for back dating to December 1st. Otherwise they only get the new 11 week maximum under the extension funding from December 27th, 2020

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Note – Under current rules if you stop certifying for continued unemployment benefits, even for one week, your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim becomes inactive. You must reopen your claim to request benefit payments. You can generally reopen your claim if it was filed within the last 52 weeks. If your benefit year has ended, you must file a new claim.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Extended State Benefits

Independent contractors, freelancers and gig workers who wouldn’t have qualified for claims before will be able to get the same UI benefits as those who qualify for the PEUC program. This act has loosened rules and eligibility considerably and includes:

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – Provides at least 50 weeks of benefits for freelance, gig and contract workers who would normally NOT have been eligible for state unemployment programs. Workers who get PUA are not concurrently eligible for PEUC or Extended State Unemployment benefits. Unemployment claims for PUA will be backdated and paid retroactively to the first week during the PUA period in which an employee was unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable and unavailable to work due to COVID-19
  • Extended State Unemployment Benefits (EB)— Provides an additional 13 additional weeks of benefits when a state is experiencing high unemployment. Some states have also enacted a voluntary program to pay up to 7 additional weeks (for a total of 20 weeks maximum) during periods of extremely high unemployment. Note that extended state benefits are only available after people have collected all regular Unemployment Insurance benefits as well as any PEUC benefits they were eligible for. But if the unemployment rates drops below high unemployment thresholds in a state, the EB benefit coverage weeks may drop or cease. See the current levels of EB benefits available by state.

Many applicants with exhausted claims are getting rejected when applying for additional UIC. In this situation state agencies are asking claimants to be patient and re-apply when their systems are updated. States are also obligated to reach out to applicants eligible under the new programs, but per the information above they are so far backlogged that this may take several weeks. For those already on unemployment benefits but close to exhausting their claim period, you will just have to wait and hope your state updates is systems to automatically extend your unemployment benefit coverage.

747 thoughts on “Will I Automatically Get The New Unemployment Benefits Extension for PEUC and PUA and Extra $300 Weekly Stimulus Payment With a Remaining or Exhausted Claim Balance

  1. My claim expired feb16 2021 but I still have a few weeks of fed ed extension left however my latest certification is stuck on pending, is that because my benefit year ended ? So now do I file new claim ??

    1. Will I get retro pay I’ve exhausted my 50weeks from pua and had weeks left

  2. Hi I’m in ga my pua benefits exhausted at the end of nov I recieved all 39 weeks. Am I eligible for the extension? What do I do I havent heard anything or seen any update on my claim. Please help

  3. I’m in VA, was receiving UI benefits under the 1099/Gig/self employed cares act. Benefits exhausted Mid December and although I’ve been able to claim for the 11 week extension on gov2go I have not received any payment, nor have I received any notification from the VEC for verification of self employment or anything for that matter. Ive been given no direction to whether or not I should reapply other than a message stating the VEC is aware that some PUA payments although claimed have not been paid and they will update in a few days…still waiting…past a few days. Can’t get through when I call, haven’t been able going on the 2nd month in a row now. The calls get dropped, waiting on hold isn’t even an option. I just really need to know if there’s anything in my end that I have to do that would help towards even an answer. I’m a single mother guiding my kindergartner through school remotely five days a week. I was self employed/gig and now…. the struggle is more than real as most of the people here know. And I can’t be diligently on the phone redialing all day, if I could I assure that I would. Any guidance towards my next move…if any would be more than greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!

    1. I too live in VA, the number is working now 1-866-832-2363. Press 1 and 1 again. You will be able to speak with a live person. They will take a new application for PUA and certify your weekly claims. You MUST call in to certify any cares act relief program (PEUC, PUA, LWA or EB).

    2. I am having the same issue I called in certified my week then I never received payment and then I called in it was saying file press one but it was for the same week I just filed but online is giving me an application

    3. Same exact issue. The phone system is awful. I HAVE called all day for over a week straight and still can’t get through. Either redirected or disconnected all together. I have no clue what to do and I have a 3 month year old son with bills past due.

  4. I exhausted my 50 weeks in AZ of my PUA benefits. It states I can reapply if I’m still unemployed on 3/13/2021. For some reason I thought I could still rec the $300 insurance if my UI benefit payments were over. I’m still filing weekly certifications even though I have 0.00 benefits. Hoping that once President Biden’s Coronvirus Bill is signed I will be automatically eligible to receive the PUA (UI 240 + 400 insurance) starting when I’m eligible to file again on 03/31/2021. Apparently the bill Biden is hoping to pass will run through the end of September which would be about 29 weeks of extended benefits. Would I be eligible for all of those extended benefits? I realize the bill has not passed yet and you might not know but I would just wondering. Please send me an email response. I look forward to hearing back. Thank You!

    1. I’m in same situation in AZ. I’ve been filing the weekly even though my benefits were exhausted. I called unemployment yesterday and they said to file for PEUC. Not sure what to do.

      1. I’m confused because I live nevada and thought was same if u qualified for reg unployment u wouldn’t get pua pua is for only those that don’t quilfy for reg unployment . If u want info just put only orig its 39 weeks with then 1 time extension 7 weeks . Then now with passage of law another 11 weeks or March 27 what ever comes 1st .. but if u only now exsusted ur orig pua were it says file weekly . Above it u file new claim .but ur info is thir already half way done its asks reason why u state for extension as law passed

  5. My new benefits runs out next week will they give me and extension again please email me I’m in pa

  6. im from nj im approching 0 balance for all unemployment, then will have to see how eb will work automatically or what? im currently collecting the 300 payments will that be delayed when the balance hits zero and or if my eb gets added.

    1. I just hit $0 on my account. I get $150 weekly, but only had $125 left in my account. Extended benefits did not kick in for me, and I am only getting the $125 this week. I was thinking the extension would kick in and I’d get my normal amount. I’m worried this means I wont be getting EB. Did this happen to anyone else?

  7. Hello needed help on what my options are , I started my pua in month of feb 2020,my claim ended 12/19/20 I’m not sure if I’m able to get any more ext ?!!!!! I believe I used up all 52 or 57 weeks that was given , not sure if I need to reply ??

  8. As of last week I am at my year end date 01/23/2020 as I am a seasonal restaurant worker for 6 months a year. I was only able to work a little due to covid this summer with all the restrictions and tighter staff amounts not allowing me to have much income “earned income” for 2020. I had 5 weeks of EB left when my claim expired and then the peuc 2 11 weeks .However, it asked me to reapply and I did. It says not enough income for the claim yet if I go over to PUA and apply it says you have and active UE claim. There is no where for me to put in a claim this week as UE doesn’t give the option to file when your claim is not running. I do not know what steps to take next….please help

  9. I’m from NJ in 3 weeks my 52 week benefits will be exhausted I’m a freelance worker is there more extension after this does anyone know? My business like many others has closed due to covid and haven’t been able to get any new work. Any info will be helpful.

  10. Hi! I’m from N.J. its says I have been approved for 11 week I got the first 600.00 2 weeks ago now nothing its says I have to wait for a email how long do I have to wait my wife very sick with stomach cancer. We are the richest country and most powerful country and yet we wait if another country needed help the United States would give rite away.

    1. I’m in CA here we didn’t have to reapply it was suppose to be done for us. I’m still waiting for mine to be added. The info I found out about it online said everything was suppose to be done by the 22nd of Jan. It was good news for some but others of us r still waiting for our. I decided to find out n spent 4 days trying to get throu to unemployment. I finally got throu today the lady on the phone didn’t argue or say anything like u will have to wait. She just asked for all my info to expitite it for me. It made me believe they weren’t worried about the people who haven’t got there’s n unless u called in u probably wouldn’t receive it. The sad but true fact is we spend more money on other country’s or help them out more then we do r own. Before the election the demo were making sure we the people knew they were doing all kinds of stuff to make sure we got our money in record the but since the election u haven’t heard a peep from them about helping us.

  11. Hey I’m in California,
    I was receiving regular unemployment benefits even though I lost my job due to covid-19. I have exhausted all my regular unemployment benefits, but am still within my current benefit year. I received my last payment on 01/07 and last week to certify for was 1/02/2021. Therefore will i automatically get the extension added to my account? Or do i need to file a new claim? Regardless i don’t have the option to reopen or file a new claim on my existing account. Also its been more than 10 days since my last payment and changes to my account yet have not received anything via email or mail.

    1. Hi, I am in California also. I ran out of unemployment on 1/23/21, a week later I received a message on my unemployment site saying I may qualify for an extension and if I do they will automatically enroll me. No other action is needed on my part. Well, here is my problem, I have had to use my own savings to survive. I’m so upset, I don’t think it’s fair I should have to use my own money. How do these people expect us to pay our rent!!!

  12. Michigan.My PUA, Benefit yr.began March 22,2020 and benefit ended DEC 26,2020,My claim closed DEC 26th. my 39 weeks were up. i looked under alerts their is none I went under i want to and it has Provide additional PUA income verification.. it has Proof of income is not required to establish a PUA claim,you can provide documentation in a chance it might increase weeklypay.If u dont provide proof u will get paid the minimum 160.00 a week which i was receiving so my question is i ncant get off that page because its reqquired that u answer proof of income.. was paid cash no documentation so i tried put ting 0 dollars because i cant provide documention and it wont take it. so am i suppose to be on this part or am i suppose to do?

  13. My PUA says exhausted today and not letting me certify but my determination still says active when will the additional weeks be added? I live In Illinois

    1. I too would like to know should I wait or refile or reopen. I’m in alabama

    2. I live in Illinois also same situation. Exhausted benefits no balance but with the new law we should get the additional weeks. I have certified 8 weeks now waiting. I got a call from call cemetery finally no answers she just said ya you exhausted your fund period. So I called my state rep in my district. He got hold them and ides will be reaching out to me any day. They need to reopen / reapply nee claim to get you going. It’s a complete disaster But call your local state rep. Their office will help you

  14. .I live in Ohio and I get Pua on December 15, 2020 I received my last payment. It allowed me to do a weekly claim for 12:19 and 12:26 showed that it was going to be paid on the 22nd and the 29th but never appeared in my account. Then when the system went down and came back up and let me go in Gail three back payment tell me I was approved and that I would get my payment two of them on the 18th and one of them on the 19th of January no money still has hit my account this has me completely clueless

  15. Hello I’m from charleston sc.my benefits exhausted on late december.but I’m not receiving the extra 300 and I’m certify every week like ususall.will I still get my payments and those back pay also?

      1. I was reviewing puec benefit exhausted septber after that I had a ui claim open from a part time job that I was discharged from the reason for seperation states general reasons I have not received any pmts said for general reasons but my cla is still opened and puec is ecasted and push is pending will I get anything I can’t see to get bamybamsertd

        1. You only get the extension for payment if it states layoff due to covid.

      2. My new benefits runs out next week will they give me and extension again please email me

  16. Hi Andy. Im sure your getting the same questions on here but I just need some reinsurance please. Im in OH and exhausted my PEUC dec 26. Ive been filling every week like they said and I’ve been denied the last 2 weeks. Just filed the third wk and im sure it will be pending and then denied like the others. Which is very disheartening. Im not sure what to do from here. I call and get the same answers just wait… How do they expect people to “just wait” for any kind of income since Christmas…?

    1. Covered this a bit in the OH resource page. But short answer is yes you will get paid once they update their UI systems to make payments. This is what there site says for folks in your situation, “However, the additional 11 weeks will require system programming. Individuals may file claims for those weeks, but the system cannot yet pay them. Once the programming is complete, individuals will receive all payments they are eligible for.”

      See the OH UI page for more and comments like your yours – https://savingtoinvest.com/ohio-oh-department-of-job-and-family-services-odjfs-fpuc-peuc-pua-and-eb-unemployment-benefit-payments/

  17. Hi I’m Ca, well my claim said it ended 12/26/20 and when I look at it now it says 9/20/ thru 4/10/21 and I still have a balance of almost 12,000, but they said I had to reapply for the pua, that’s what I had to do to get into the certification window, but still I am unable to fill one out.

  18. Alright Im from California, My benefit year ends 01/30/2021, Im on FED ED and already collected 13 weeks of PEUC, Am I able to collect the extra 11 weeks of PEUC or do I need to file an new claim cause of benefit year expectation, and if I file a new claim do I still receive the extra $300 a week when new claim benefits continue ?

    1. Great question. I am exactly in your situation. Did you ever get a response from anyone?

      1. Me 3! BYE date 1/26/21 no pmt after still have $3000 in account still certifying since then but no pmt. So stressful. My fiancé and I have same BYE date but he’s getting his $450 week +$300 expiring 4/10. I can’t get through to EDD by phone…. My certifications say pending / $0. I’m so stressed out. Got a notice in mail to reapply. I’m also just waiting and praying. Anyone have insight on what to do?

    2. Yes, if you are unable to collect benefits usually you will be put onto either peuc or eb20 I have exhausted all peuc 1 and 2 and now I am on the extension 25 week program, also your 300 will be given to you and should be retrod.

  19. I opened my claim 05/29/2020 receive all 26 weeks ending 11/28/2020 receive 13 week ext peuc i telecerted the 1st & 2nd week on 12/06/2020 receive payment . next telecert 3thd & 4th weeks done with comp #
    week ending 12/26/2020 its ben pending for 2 weeks now. On 01/09/2021 receive ID verification note i competed it and receive a receipt # On 01/10/2021 i tryed to telecert for the 5th & 6th weeks ending 01/09/2021 and it was block cant get thu to eed . its now 6 days 01/16/2021

  20. I dont know what Illinois doing I ran out of EB on the 28th of DEC I certified again on the 11th of January it allowed me and went through but a day later I checked on teleserve and it started my certification weeks was suspended I’m not understanding why is that. My claim is still active though so I dont need to reopen a claim ….everyone that calls the ides the phone reps telling everyone that exhaust benefits they are not eligible for the 11 week extension which is false and Illinois has not given anyone no updates on when they will implement the peuc extension for the people that exhausted benefits

  21. I am in virginia and have exhausted my regular unemployment and exhausted my extended unemployment in December. My balance is zero. It wouldn’t let me file for a week or two but I was able to file the last two weeks hoping to get the 300 weekly. When I check status of claims it says details unavailable on claim. Do I even qualify to get the 300 a week unemployment extension being I exausted my regular and extended benefits. Please let me know it’s impossible to get anyone on the phone

    1. I am in Virginia also and have the same situation as you balance zero. The new release states that if we haven able to file weekly then we should see our back pay 2/11…

    2. You will get the money and calling them frequently for about 8 hours a day will get them on the phone and help with what is needed(:.

  22. I was receiving the fed Ed extension. I have a balance of 3,173 but it says I’ve received all benefits payable to me. At one point it said my benefit year had expired . Now it doesn’t say anything at all when I log in. Will I automatically get the extension from the new bill? Thanks
    CA edd

  23. I live in Ohio, my UI expired 12/26. I filed claimes the last 2 weeks so that I can receive the extension but, they both say “denied” Do I need to reapply for the UI extension or will I automatically get it once Ohio figures out the system? Of course can’t get through to anyone.

    1. The same thing is going on for me I talked to a lady from unemployment and she said regular unemployment page is not updated yet but keep claiming and when it updates I should receive payments owed to me automatically but if you have any other information that is helpful on this situation that you have found out please let me know I would like to know if you have found any other information out about this situation thank you!!!

  24. Hello my name is amber and I live in ks. I was receiving my peuc but it exausted on 12/19/2020 it is impossible to get anyone to take my calls I just get a recording that said all lines r experiencing high volume of calls and call back later then it hangs up on u. I call all day long over and over and get nothing .. all I need to know is do I still get the extension on my benefits if I’m exhausted and if so do I need to reapply or what do I apply for I’m confused to this whole this ..the business I worked for closed permanently due to financial hardships of covid-19 and I live a a really small town with hardly any job open due to everything being closed I have no car and closed towns r both over fifteen miles away I’m stuck between a rock and hard place have had no power since 11/30/2020 or water now I’m getting evicted from my home and have no money to get a place to live or eat we have no shelters here and it’s freezing …. Can anyone please help me on what to apply for on my extension if I even qualify.i would desperately appricate it thank u so much in advance

    1. You will likely be required to reopen your claim (by reapplying) to begin receiving benefits. KS is still updating their systems to allow those who exhausted their benefits prior to to 12/26 to do this so unfortunately just a waiting game and a really tough spot for you. Please seek a local shelter or church for help. Also google on line for options to help you.

      This is the official line form KS DOL “Existing programs and payments will not be impacted. While the agency waits for that guidance, it is diligently working to build additional capacity within its legacy computer systems to process the revised federal benefits and bring much-needed relief to eligible claimants.

    2. Hello Amber, I just read your post & I’m curious if you have found any resources or if your. PUA claim was replenished? I’m confused regarding your eviction as well as your water being shut off. I was under the impression it was against the law to evict during the panademic. And that’s anywhere in the U.S. Also, Utilities necessary for living wasn’t allowed to be shut off. And water would fall under that category without a doubt. I think you need to contact your governor. If you contact the police, they will tell you it’s a civil matter. If you don’t mind, I would like to find out what resources are available for you and I would like to research the eviction law during the panademic. If not, you should contract your governor which isn’t hard to do. Whatever you decide I just want you to know that I will pray for you and your family. I feel that your situation is not right and it must be truly terrifying not knowing if you will have a home or food to eat. I hope things get addressed properly & promptly. If you need my assistance let me know. I will be more than happy to research things . Take care and always remember Jesus loves you and he can resolve anything ; you just need to ask. God bless you!
      Mary Hoskins

    3. U need to keep calling, and also find a emergency shelter or a tent, and other than that if u are making less than 75k per year you are more than qualified and should be getting those worst case scenario in a couple of weeks or a month..

  25. I am in nc my unemployment ran out at the last week of November. I applied for PUA but got denied I was told that I can’t get anymore benefits especially from peuc I am confused. First of nc unemployment is horrible. I have filed every week since the last week of November. I am getting so many answers online some say I will get peuc some say I won’t. I am just trying to get see help I am still unemployed with no money coming in at all.

    1. See this page for NC UI – https://savingtoinvest.com/north-carolina-nc-des-unemployment-benefits-under-regular-state-ui-lwa-pua-and-peuc-updates-and-news/

      Short answer you should be able to get PEUC, but you first need to confirm you don’t get regular UI (e.g because a new claim year has started) as required by new extension rules. NC have to update their systems to allow you reopen or submit a new claim to do this and they are still behind there. Not the greatest UI agency as you said. Once you apply and are approved, you can get retroactive payments to Dec 27th (start of extension period).

      1. ***UPDATE FROM NC***
        I exhausted benefits on December 20th.
        I had to have my employer call the employer line to let them know I am still out of work due to covid. I had to certify as an independent contractor because I never recieved a W2 from them. They had to reopen my claim from the employer side. I have 1400.00 available bal on my claim now. They take your weekly amount and multiply by 11 and add it to your balance. I did not get paid for 12/30 just from 1/2. I got my first payment today with the extra 300 and will be getting my 2nd tomorrow for this past Sunday. It has already been paid out waiting for it to hit my bank acct. Anymore questions let me know and I’ll try to answer! Good Bless yall.

  26. I have a 0 remaining balance, but i’m still in my benifit year under regular unemployment insurance. I haven’t been able to file in January. Im wondering will i get my benifits extended once my state updates

  27. Im in PA. I was on PUA benefits. I just used my last payment on the day PUA ran out 12/26. Do I need to refile or will ot auto update when the extension takes effect. Right now it says I have no active claim

  28. I’m from Mississippi I got the$300 and $106 from the State 1/4/21 but not it says I have a zero balnce why does it say that now?

  29. Hi, I’m from Georgia. My benefits exhausted back in November… I reapplied for PUA, will that affect me from getting the extension

  30. at first I had a monetary balance of $0 because my benefits was exhausted in December but now it says that my status is inactive and when I look for my portal today it says that I received money for my monetary balance starting today but when I went to check my balance on my debit card it says $0 so am I going to receive the funds or is that just a mistake on their end?

  31. Hi Andy, thanks in advance for any advice or insight you can share:

    My unemployment started in March, once Regular UI ended in September, I got PEUC 1.0 until the end of December then I was approved for Extended Benefits before the $900B bill passed (so now I get the added $300 for 10 weeks hopefully). I’m so confused as to when the actual end date of my Extended Benefits are though, as it says I have 18 more weeks of potential benefits to collect, but I’m reading all different potential end dates:

    First is my “Benefit Year End Date of 3/20/2021”
    Second is “Extended Benefits Effective End Date of 1/30/2021” (which doesn’t line up with 18 weeks, that’s more like 4 weeks).
    Third is reading on Massachusetts Gov websites saying it’s sometime in either end of March or April.

    I can’t tell what’s what, if I have been approved for these remaining benefits (of 18 more weeks), am I able to claim them all regardless of when these various programs say they “end”?

    1. I live in wisconsin. I had a benefit year that ended in may of 2020, it actually caused a delay in getting paid the remainder of the inital 13 weeks of peuc. I didnt qualify for extended benefits due to not making enough money in my most recent benefit year….which i thought was ridiculous. My question is based on tne new rules with the extension will i qualify for tje additional 11 weeks once wi is done programming which they said will be done by march 6th. Some people say yes, some no. From somelne who has read the guodelines, what do u say? Dl i qualify for tne 11 week extension of peuc. Thanks

      1. You can only get PEUC if you have exhausted your regular UI or Exetended benefits. Wisconsin won’t be done with PEUC system updates till March 6th! But you may also qualify for PUA if unable to find a job due to COVID related reasons.

        See PEUC rules here – https://savingtoinvest.com/pandemic-emergency-unemployment-compensation-peuc-2021-extension-back-payments-and-retroactive-coverage/

        See Wisconsin UI resource page as well -https://savingtoinvest.com/wisconsin-unemployment-insurance-benefits-help-and-enhanced-ui-programs-pua-peuc-fpuc-status-and-information/

  32. Sorry for typos….. new jersey simply does not answer phones and while they beg congress for help, they don’t pay it out

  33. Hello I am from Virginia and I would like to know I was receiving my UI unemployment then I was receiving p e u c and now they got me down for Pua but I still have not received no payments for that in a couple weeks and when I go on the web to file it will not let me why?
    Second question do I have to refile all over again for unemployment or would it activate on its own automatic and will I receive the $300 we could he also like everybody else is the $300 weekly for everybody please somebody help me out I live in Virginia and I would like to know if I have to reapply for unemployment again or is it going to automatic come back on the first week of January 2021

  34. I’m from California. I still have a balance and my 52 week claim should not expire until march. I was able to claim the week ending Dec.26 but when i tried to certify for the week ending Jan.2nd it says my claim is expired and I must start a new claim. When I tried to start a new claim it tells me that the legislation has been signed and EDD is working on implementing the new law and I dont need to file a new claim.. I’m confused. It also says that to check back for when I can certify the new week. What do I do?

    1. Are u on reg unployment uc 32 weeks or euc 13 extention weeks which were u still ion end of dec if u have exhausted both of these when u open. Ur claim wee u go to file weekly u will see a pop up message automatically says br if u dont see msg just continue ur weekly turn ins check above were it has amounts the word expired might now say active

    2. I’m in the same predicament as you John. There is very little to no answers for us but this article helped settle my nerves a bit it talks about how edd has to recalculate some stuff and then they will get in touch with us on our online inbox and get us our payment. You can read it here its from FOX40. Hope this helps and hopefully this weekend we will be in a better spot.


    3. Hey John dont know if they allowed my last post because of the link but I just spoke to EDD gasp yes the nice lady told me that because the bill was sent in late thanks to politics that all PUA and PUEC accounts are on hold and that we have to wait till they have all the info from the DOL and then they will let us know by email text on online in our accounts what to do next. I don’t know how badly you need the money but if you can be patience and calm your nerves I sure did have to we should have results soon. She didn’t give me a timeline. But I wish you the best.

  35. I’m from Mississippi. My claim is active and I have a zero balance as of today. Do I need to refile or will I be eligible to get the 300 supplement when I get filing my weekly certification

    1. Just want to let you know that I’m from Mississippi as well Gulfport area and I collected my 300 it automatically happened on monday. I was worried about the same thing and I got my 106 from the state plus 300 from the government. So just to let you know I did nothing it just I guess they automatically did it so I wouldn’t worry too much about it you probably already know this because you got your money Monday as well and this comment was made sunday. Anyway God bless well

      1. I also received mine Monday but now it says my balance is 0.00 why would I get the first payment now it say that?

        1. Same for me. I’m gonna wait to see if I get it I guess

        2. Mississippi here . I did my weekly certification but account still saying the same thing . Has anyone account rolled over yet ?

    2. I’m from Mississippi and now the unemployment office is saying extended benefits expired dec 16 , 2020 . Will we still get the 300 FPUA without the state unemployment

      1. No. You need to get at least $1 of regular or enhanced (eg pua) to get the $300 extra. But note you may qualify for PuA extension, which if you get will mean you get the $300.

  36. My claim is still active but I have a zero balance will I still be eligible for the 300 supplement

  37. I be from Mississippi and benefits exhausted before 12.24.2020. MDES says they have to study the rules to make it beneficial to them because I believe they took 3 weeks of compensation I was supposed to have received anyway. They want people to patiently wait while Congress drug their rear ends on the ground for 2 weeks and I guarantee they did not go without compensation any of the whole time they waste America’s taxpayer’s money! I be just like anyone else unemployed, I paid in way more than 25 years and I get treated worse than immigrants coming into our country! I be a US citizen from conception so I come first!

    So do I only get 11 weeks more or the promised 26 extra weeks? I know, if VP was elected president, he will see that we are given even more but at what future price?

    1. I feel you. MS here. They didn’t even let us know EB ran out until 2 weeks later. I feel that we will eventually get our benefits, such as they are, but they could have communicated with recipients WAY better. I already feel like we will be cut off soon even though covid and pandemic have worsened. I’ve been in the hospitality/food and beverage industry for 35 years. None of this is our fault. SMH. God bless us all.

  38. I’m from North Carolina. I applied for regular benefits but was denied due to not having enough income this year. I was approved for PUA in March. I ran out of benefits December 20th. My claim did have an end date of December 26th but now says March xx, 2021 but it still shows I have a “zero” balance available. And it says that I have exhausted all funds for this claim. What should I do? File a new claim or what?

      1. I reapplied in November, its now January, no response.
        The answer is not to really. Somebody has to help you, which in Jew jersey us not happening.

        1. Typos….. Reapplying does not work, new jersey simply does not answer phones and while they beg congress for help, they don’t pay it oit

    1. im from nevada and i was stillsuppose to recive 2 more weeks but it ended dec 27th ,20 and never renewed but saying march 2021, so i tryed to fileweely and it would not allow me to on jan 3rd,2021 so all i did was go to section were it says file weekly claim above it says file new claim i click that but it already had most infomation in but i had to add in few questions what im reading were entiled to 3plus 11 weeks more but no idea were is place or form to fill out i was under assumtion program extension is called peuc same as pua but both diffrent from reg unployment let me know if u find out as well thank u

    2. Hi,
      I am in the boat your in and don’t have a clue what to do and I hadnt heard anything about it either. Wish we knew something.

    3. no, do not reapply. i am in nc also and i exhausted my PUA benefits on 12/13 (26 weeks regular plus 13 extended)
      i have researched every possible site and as long as you are still able to do your weekly erifications, make sure you do, then you will automatically start receiving the state benefits plus the 300 federal…it may take another week or two…..read the NC DESC website…

      1. This last person to answer ur question from n.c. was getting peuc thats diffrent from pua which has max weeks even now with extension is 50 weeks this is what ur on as well I am on in nevada I used 39 weeks reapply somewhat during reapply it u type extension they know to give u 7 weeks more which brings u to 46 weeks .im like u mine ended same date dec 26th 2 weeks still had. So I apply again had to fill out some answers as orig . But now I think it will give u ur 2 weeks u ha and 2 weeks more but mine says expire now march 21. But for some reason I can’t fill out weekly claim even though it says active open.get pop up messge says u must wait 2 weeks in-between file and weekly .. hope u understand diffrence peuc and pua gig worker those not quilfy reg ua.

  39. My question is and I can’t get in touch with my unemployment agency. I’m from maryland and on the pua program since late april 2020. My monetary balance Is saying I only have enough ti claim for 3 more weeks. But with the 11 weeks extension on the pua program. How does that work would they add 11 weeks worth of funds to my monetary balance or once the balance runs out would I need to reapply? Its very confusing.

  40. Do I reapply for benefits? . I was told I would automatically get extended benefits for 2021 but my benefits expire today and I still have a claim balance. I don’t see any future certifications either. Don’t know if system is just slow to update . Don’t want to do the wrong thing and reapply or not reapply in time since I am given the option to . Help anyone??

  41. what if it doesnt give you the option to recertify but your account is active and it says youve exausted your benifits?

  42. my benifits were exausted in Dec 6th and i was wondering if i was going to get the new benifits for NEW MEXICO will they be retro active since it was before the 26th of this month. the 7th was the last day i recieved any benifits. I am just trying to figure out what is going on my rent is due in 2 days and I am still unable to work due to covid and the work field i am in. Thank you

  43. So according to this article anyone on PUA benefits will not be eligible for the 11 week extension has anybody heard any different but this seems like what is going on now

    1. Hey Donald! Were r u from? I was reading something today that made it seem that way to. Witch contradicts what the EDD web page says when u can find it. There web page also contradicts the dates on when things r gonna be done. I did try to go on line today n get updated information everything on there web sight is from Jan 10th or before. I came acrooss n article from a news sight that made it seem like if u exahasted your PUA claim by Dec 26th u didnt qualify for the 11 week extention so now I’m worried that someone else seen n thinks that to.

      1. I live nevada on dec 26th,2020 on my pua I had 2 weeks left around 1st week January I tried to file and said not edible to file for 2 weeks once u reopen or file new claim I tried following Sunday as well but this time said file weekly benifits I not only get my weekly pus I get the 300$ federal also im on week 50 of 56 total allowed till this liberal guy puts extension on yo 11 weeks . I herd it might happen for pua

      2. I’m on PUA and I am getting the 11 weeks. I’m from NC. PUA is illegible. They had to reopen my claim and hear from my employer update the system and boom. I got a lump sum of 2 weeks and been getting it since.

  44. Andy. ….I exhausted my eb thanksgiving week. Although I had three weeks left and the benefit year glitch ended it all, and can’t get anyone on the phone to fix it. That said, will I get extended benefits from federal, even if my eb is done? I thought you had to qualify for regular state first,? By now benefit year glitch o r not I’m at zero balance. I’m in new jersey

    1. hi mike i am in nj also my unemployment started in july2019 ended jan2020 my (26weeks).i received 13 week ext. from april to july 4.(total 39 wks)i had to have nj reset my year end date then my nj extension of 20 weeks started.its actually not 20 weeks though its when you are run down to zero balance.mine ended in november as well at just 17weeks.giving me total of (56wks)im pretty sure we will recieve the 11 weeks just as we did the 13 federal weeks.may not be retroactive(you may see nothing ever for december.but hopefully we will get 11-14 weeks.it is a new calender year so the 59weeks max on claim in nj could reset.the 600 extr per week was april- july.the 300 extra was 6 weeks aug thru sept 15.you would think the 300 addition per week would be for 11 weeks for sept 15thru dec.9th(est.) but because of delay in addit6week 1800$ was paid out mid nov.putting us to end of year & giving stimulus 600$ makes up. hoping nj makes it retro for those sept-dec elegibility.

      1. Thanks Chrys seems we are both identical, yeah my balance was less than 20 weeks to. But they still haven’t fixed it and nodule not get them on phone. If we get 11 weeks how will I get it if I can’t get the clutch fixed?

      2. Sorry for typos….Thanks Chrys seems we are both identical, yeah my balance was less than 20 weeks to. But they still haven’t fixed it and can not get them on phone. If we get 11 weeks how will I get it if I can’t get the glitch fixed?

  45. Hi all, Andy. ….I exhausted my eb thanksgiving week. Although I had three weeks left and the benefit year glitch ended it all, and can’t get anyone on the phone to fix it. That said, will I get extended benefits from federal, even if my eb is done? I thought you had to qualify for regular state first,? By now benefit year glitch o r not I’m at zero balance

  46. I’m dealing with the same thing
    My PEUC expired Dec 15. No EB in Virginia. Do I reapply? I went to the Gov2Go website it says I have no weeks to claim. But my account is still active.

      1. Andy I am in Georgia & receive regular UI benefits which will expire next year. Will I receive the $300 enhanced automatically under the PEUC which I received prior or have to apply?

        1. Yes. Should be automatically added if you are eligible for a given week (receiving some form of unemployment) and certify as required by GDOL.

  47. Do I have to do anything I got my last week in unemployment to get the extensio

    1. Keep certifying and wait for your state to send out more instructions (pending DOL updates). But the extensions should be automatically applied once your state UI agency updates their systems for the program extensions.

      1. Hi all, Andy. ….I exhausted my eb thanksgiving week. Although I had three weeks left and the benefit year glitch ended it all, and can’t get anyone on the phone to fix it. That said, will I get extended benefits from federal, even if my eb is done? I thought you had to qualify for regular state first,? By now benefit year glitch o r not I’m at zero balance

  48. My benefits expired 12/26/20 – it states my claim is now expired FLORIDA….so does anyone know do I need to reapply for Florida PUA benefits (under the CARES Act) even though the new stimulus bill was just passed; there is NO details or explanations anywhere; and I’ve tried calling Florida Reemployment for assistance but just get automated system with NO CORRECT detailed instructions. I’m scared to death as I know so many of my fellow americans are as well. WHY does this have to be so difficult…just to survive.

    1. Mine expired Dec 17 I was on pua from NC they had to reopen my claim and fix the issue which was verify that I am still out of work from my employer and literally that day it showed open and active with a balance. It was done. The next day it showed that a payment had been posted and I got paid the next day. Don’t lose hope!!

  49. Hello there I am from Virginia and I’m also going through the same problem I just received a week ago on December 17 that I need to file for my Pua on my Gov2go app
    but I’ve been doing that for the last couple weeks now because at first it did not let me do it but now it’s letting me file for my Pua but when I call every Monday and speak to an operator they told me to file for my p e u c unemployment through but the problem is I have not been receiving no payments and when I called to check my balance it tells me that it cannot give me no information on my benefits what do that means?
    Now a lady when I spoke to the operator to do my weekly claim on Monday she told me that’s I’m going to receive a one lump sum pause back payments but I’m still waiting and have not received nothing and again when I call to check my balance on the 1 800 operator it tells me that they cannot give me no information on my benefits so do you think I’m going to receive a one lump sum payment with back paste like what is going on really? Can anybody please help me out let me know if I’m going to receive a back payment or what’s going on because I put my claim and every week I just need some help from someone it’s a really mean a lot to me thank you in advance.

    1. I’m not in the same state, but I’ve called in several times in regards to my exhausted benefits in Missouri. I exhausted my regular benefits as of 1/3/21 and had a zero balance. Now when I check the website it automatically gave me a balance of Peuc. Nevertheless o have not received any funds as of it. I just called in today and from my understanding their systems need updating and I don’t have to do anything and once it’s updated it will pay for all the week s I’ve filed since 1/3/21. So keep filing and once the system is update you should automatically get a lump sum. As to when the system will be updated. I have no idea. We’ll just have to wait it out.

    2. I’m from CA n we didn’t have to re file it was suppose to be done for us. I don’t know about were u r from but here there is no up dated info on when we can expect anything n that just pisses me off u see here some people got there money the weekend of the 22nd n tgevrestbof us on the same program have not it doesn’t make any sense. When u call they don’t realy answer your questions but if u have noticed ever since the election nobody in office is trying to make sure things get done or even talk about i they don’t care to pretend anymore they won. So ask Andy that’s what people seem to do on this site even know his answers r the run around answers to. Still at least unemployment could do is put n up to date update on line to keep us informed but tjeybdont realkybcarebif people r starving or can’t pay there rent they have jobs y care about us

  50. Hi all. So I live in SC and I was wondering if my PEUC was exhausted 11/15/20 and I was found ineligible for PUA (applied 12/13), will my exhausted PEUC from November be extended with the new CARES act that is being voted and passed on today in Congress, into 2021? I’ve already exhausted my regular UI that started in April. Then of course, the PEUC exhausted in November. Lastly, the extended benefits from the PEUC was stopped 12/12 by the state of South Carolina. Kind of confused if CARES Act II will help with my already exhausted benefits since I didn’t technically “make it” to 12/26.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. My husband is dealing with the exact same thing. He’s been out of work since March.

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