2023 PATH IRS Refund Release and Payment Dates For Tax Returns With EIC and ACTC Payments – Latest News And Updates

It looks like we may have repeat of past years with tax refund payment delays impacting millions of American’s once again. While most of these delays are due to IRS processing backlogs from prior years the one that affects most people early in the tax season and who have already filed a return, is related to the PATH act.

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2023 IRS PATH (w/EIC) Refund Direct Deposit Schedule

The IRS recently announced they will start releasing refunds for approved and processed filings held up due to the PATH act from February 28th, 2023. WMR and IRS2Go should update with refund payment status’ after February 18th.

Initial payments will be for taxpayers who have filed electronically and selected a direct deposit payment method for their refund. Once processing is complete and the refund is approved, these early E-filers can expect to get their refund by within a few days per the table below.

Refunds will be processed in batches – see cycle code in your transcript to get an idea of your release date – so early filers will see their payments first.

Estimated direct deposit dates are shown below. Paper checks generally take 5 to 7 days longer than direct deposit for IRS approved refunds. I will update thought out tax season and you can subscribe to get the latest updates.

PATH Tax Return Approved for Refund ByExpected Direct Deposit date range
Feb 24Feb 28 to March 4
March 3March 6 to March 11
March 10March 13 to March 24
Will follow estimated IRS scheduleEvery week till end of April

Because everyone has a unique circumstance and various processing adjustments, some people are seeing updates early and have already received direct deposit payments ahead of schedule.

Also remember to try and get your refund payment via Direct Deposit, which the IRS’s recommends as the fastest and most secure method. You can sign-up for free online banking services like Chime to get a bank account, where you can get your IRS refund directly deposited into as soon as the day it is approved.

You are lucky if early, but don’t be shocked if takes several days after the estimated dates to get your refund. See more in this recent YT video update.

IRS Path Refund Processing Issues

Even after the PATH act lifts, many folks will still see the “IRS is processing your return” message and no additional updates on their transcript. This is normal based on past year experiences. The IRS is continuing to deal with massive tax filing backlogs so PATH is only one reason things are delayed.

Further, just because the PATH act has lifted, don’t assume your return and refund was approved. There could be other processing issues (e.g. your claimed credits didn’t reconcile with IRS records) which may further delay your refund check or direct deposit.

You will see this generally reflected via Tax Code 570 (Return Reconciliation) or TC 203/898 (BFS offset) in transcript.

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PATH ACT updates (2022)

The initial PATH refund release date also assumes a direct deposit payment method and the overall return is approved (I.e no issues preventing refund release). You can see more in this video.

What does the PATH error message on IRS2Go or WMR mean?

The following error messages are what tax filers impacted by PATH delays would generally see on their IRS2Go app or Where is My Refund (WMR) App.

PATH Act Delays (IRS2Go)

What is the PATH act?

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) was enacted by Congress a few years ago and specifies that the IRS must hold the entire refund — even the portion not associated with the the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) — until at least three weeks after the IRS starts processing returns (after Feb 15th).

The additional time is to allow the IRS to perform fraud checks and limit refunds from being issued to identity thieves or stop fraudulent claims with fabricated wages, dependents and withholdings.

Because these are fully refundable credits, in that no tax liability is needed to get to get these credits, additional checks are required to ensure they are being paid correctly and for eligible dependents.

Unfortunately due to the backlog of returns and expansion of these credits during the pandemic, the delay in paying PATH impacted refunds has been longer than three weeks.

Past PATH Freeze End and Refund Payment Dates

While the PATH act says returns claiming the EITC or CTC should be held for up to 3 weeks after the start of the tax season (when IRS accepts returns), IRS backlogs and other complications have meant that the actual release of approved refund has been longer than that.

The table below shows the expected vs actual dates the PATH act freeze was lifted in past seasons. These are the dates WMR and IRS2Go update with your refund status or payment date (also referred to as PATH Act returns). So expect a similar, albeit improving trend in 2023.

Start of Tax SeasonExpected PATH End DateActual PATH End DateRefund Payment Starts From
January 23, 2023February 18, 2023February 20th, 2023 (est)February 28, 2023
January 24, 2022February 15, 2022February 19, 2022March 1, 2022
February 12, 2021March 1, 2021March 4, 2021March 15, 2021
January 27, 2020February 16, 2020February 16, 2020February 27, 2020
PATH Act Refund Dates

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Does the PATH ACT Mean my Refund is Approved?

The PATH message does not mean your tax return is done and your tax refund is approved.

It simply means the IRS systems have identified you are claiming the (EITC) or the (ACTC) on your tax return, and so further processing and payments related to your refund are held up for the statutory hold period.

The WMR or IRS2Go app uses the PATH Message as a placeholder for all tax returns that have claimed these credits until freeze is lifted by the IRS. You can see more around the 152 notice here.

Once the PATH LAW lifts your personalized refund status will be shown on the Where’s My Refund? IRS tool. This will be around February 18th this year.

Anybody that files an early tax return, claiming the EITC or ACTC tax credits will be processed as soon as you file them. However any refund that would be due for those returns claiming one or both of these credits will be delayed.

So if your return was processed successfully (return approved status) your payment will be send shortly on or after Feb 16th. Otherwise the IRS will process the return in normal order.

It also does not mean your refund is approved and your refund could be held for other reasons based on IRS reviews.

See this video for more around the PATH act induced delays this year.

Does the PATH act affect my state tax refund?

Technically no, since this is a federal act directed at the IRS. However given how intertwined your state and federal tax return is when it comes to income, exemptions, deductions and dependents it is rare to see them filed separately.

It is however common that if both your state and federal are filed accurately, your state refund could be approved and paid well before your federal refund from the IRS.

If there are discrepancies in the future with your federal return, your state tax agency will send you a notice seeking further explanation and likely recoup any underpayments in subsequent years. If they owe you more, you’ll get a check back for the additional refund.

State agencies may have different rules and guidance so I recommend checking their websites for official guidance.

Were there PATH Delays for Childless Workers claiming EIC?

Under the ARPA bill the Earned Income tax credit was tripled for childless workers. This was to offset the fact they would not benefit from the expanded child tax credit. This means a lot of workers with no children are now claiming the EIC.

However, a few forums and Facebook pages have said the PATH act delay does not apply to them, which is not congruent with the IRS page guidance which indicates all returns with these credits get held up (for 3 weeks)

So after some research the consensus is that those who are seeing a refund payment before the PATH act was lifted were in fact just getting an advance refund loan from their tax software provider (e.g. TurboTax or H&R Block). This advance refund payment is not the IRS refund.

It is just a service (free or sometimes charged) by these tax software providers who are confident you will get you refund. They will reconcile the refund you actually get from the IRS and adjust payment accordingly. Should your tax refund be lower than expected and lower than the refund loan you will be obligated to pay back the difference.

PATH Act provision per IRS
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21 thoughts on “2023 PATH IRS Refund Release and Payment Dates For Tax Returns With EIC and ACTC Payments – Latest News And Updates”

  1. I filed 01/25, no EIC, just dependents, it showed accepted, approved and even refunded to bank by 05/06. Now site says take action and call. My transcript shows codes that it was refunded and rejected by bank. I called IRS today, she said those codes mean nothing on my transcript, that my account is frozen because of the PATH act, I filed to early. How in the world did they send my refund, it shows on 05/03, refund sent, 05/06 refund cancelled. So they sent it, realized they shouldn’t have, then cancelled it, and now it’s on hold?? Isn’t that their fault for sending it early? Not mine for filing? I have always been told you can file but it won’t be accepted until a certain date. So IRS told me you aren’t suppose to file till after 02/15 or they can freeze it.. told me it may be months now… and why.. cause they made an error and sent it early? Unbelievable!

  2. I had to mail my taxes this year because it would not accept my AGI, I went through turbo tax, Mailed on January 29 2022, shows nothing, got my state in record time. Calling the phone number to talk to a human is a joke, how do I know they even recieved it??

  3. I filed on 1/27/22, IRS accepted on 1/27…Got a notice on wmr telling me to reference number 1121 when I called… took 3 weeks to get a human only to tell me I wasn’t even in my timeframe and that the reason I couldn’t get an update was because I checked wmr too much!?? Then I got a letter last week saying they had adjusted my refund due to the recovery rebate but it didn’t change the amount WHATSOEVER! There wasn’t anything to correct or adjust but now they say another 4 to 6 weeks before I’ll receive my refund! So sick of them holding my money! Kept me strung along ALL year last year waiting for my 3rd stimulus and now this!! Can anybody suggest a way to get my $$$$ before June??

  4. I EFILED on January 26th and was accepted on January 27,2022,I do have direct deposit and the EITC,mine has been on still proscessing for 3 weeks, march 1st came and went, still being proscessed, with tt 152 at the bottom,I have received no letters,no messages requesting more information, nothing, no bars,heading for homelessness,I don’t think they really care what we are going through, I don’t have a clue as far as transcrips go,I am very computer illiterate,,the tax place I efiled with has no phone number, makes you pay for even messages for help, I am at my wits end,55,and very desperate and I’ll woman here.

  5. Filed 2/3 on turbotax, return received and accepted per turbo tax same day, stated I would receive my refund on 2/24. Filed both EIC and CTC, never have had issues in the past but I do know that IRS is backed up I just assumed I would have at-least received it by 3/1. I received my state refund on 2/15, WMR just states the “we apologize your refund as been delayed past normal timeframe, continue to check back for more information, we understand your refund is important to you, etc. etc.” message and give the general tax info 152 code. I don’t understand if there isn’t any issues why mine is taking so long for DD. I seen a lot of schedules stating that another PATH batch is being sent out tomorrow 3/4 and i’m crossing my fingers mine is in my bank account tomorrow but still confused as to why it is taking so long when people have already received theres.

    • Girll yes. Same. Filed on 2/3 with TurboTax. And I claimed the EITC. And nothing yet. I’m irritated. So hopefully tomorrow. And the next batch is
      March 11th.

  6. I filed on 01/28/22. Return was accepted, but then the bars on WMR disappeared. WMR only states that my return is processing and a refund date will be provided when available. No tax topic codes. I also have N/A on my 2021 IRS transcripts. I did claim the EITC/ACTC. I also had twins in 2021. Could they be the reason my refund is being delayed? Any information would be extremely helpful!!!

  7. I’m extremely frustrated.. I filed on 2/4 thru H&R Block.. IRS received it same day.. I have N/A by my 2021 transcript and now I have no bars on wmr just a message apologizing stating its taking longer than the 21 day time frame to process my refund?!! What does this mean?? Can’t get anyone on phone with IRS.. plz help!!

  8. I submitted my returns on 2/7 and they were recieved the next day. Since then, the bars on WMR have disappeared, and it states my refund is still being processed. On my transcript my cycle number is 20220805, with a processing date of March 14, 2022. On my transcript if you scroll down, I have a code 766 with a dollar amount, a code 768 with a dollar amount, both with dates 4-15-2022. Then I have codes 971 and 570 with a 0 dollar amount with date 3-14-2022, which is the same as my processing date. We get the Child Tax Credit and EITC, but all of these future dates are so confusing. Does anyone have any idea what it means?

  9. So I filed on the 24th and my transcript shows 570 2/3/2022.
    I was reading comments online and only people who filed before the 24th have reported DDs.
    I’m confused though is code 570 standard for all EIC filer’s until they have a DD date?

  10. I filed my taxes for child tax credit on January 29 2022 and I checked it today on WMR tool and it’s saying they can’t provide any information can you tell me what’s going on?

    • Just ongoing processing delays as they reconcile amounts and try and get through manual verification for EIC/CTC items that don’t reconcile with payments made last year. Will likely take some time to clear. See a couple of recent articles I wrote on this (just go to the home page).

  11. 3:54PM CST. The IRS just sent out a press release. The IRS Where’s My Refund tool will not update for those that still have the PATH act message. It will begin updating WMR on March 16th through March 18th for the vast majority of EITC/ACTC taxpayers.


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