The End of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Update on 2021 Extensions, Retroactive Back Payments and Claim Payment Issues

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program was put in place primarily for those out-of-work Americans who are not eligible for regular state unemployment benefits and are unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of certain health or economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jobless workers covered under the PUA program were generally self-employed (e.g. independent contractors, freelancers or gig economy workers) who did not contribute taxes towards regular state unemployment (1099 wages).

While the PUA program was federally funded, including the most recent extension until September 6th, via the various stimulus bills passed over the last 18 months, it was administered at the State level under Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines.

The implementation of the program has varied on a state-by-state basis and claimants faced hurdles and delays in getting timely payments. You can jump to the relevant extension section via the links below for further information on each extension, including FAQs around the evolution of the program and dealing with payment isuses.

When Will the PUA Program End and Any Chance of an Extension?

In several states the PUA program has already ended as discussed in the next section. But for over 4 million Americans PUA benefits will officially end on the weekend before Labor Day (September 6, 2021) which would mean the final benefits will be paid for the week ending September 4th or 5th, 2021.

While there were discussions going on to extend pandemic unemployment benefits, especially in the light of the Delta COVID-19 variant and its potential to hamper economic growth, the Biden administration has announced that they will not be pushing for further federally funded extensions and instead want states to use already allocated stimulus funding to expand or extend state unemployment programs.

After the expiry of the PUA program only traditional state unemployment benefits will be available for eligible claimants as discussed in the sections below. Based on current state unemployment rules, many PUA claimants would be excluded unless eligibility rules are adjusted.

Further even claimants with active PUA balances or weeks left to claim after September 6th won’t be paid out as the funding approval for the entire PUA benefits ends after that date. This includes the supplementary $300 weekly boost that was paid under the FPUC program.

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Several States Ending Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Early

Following recent job reports that showed a shortage of workers to fill open positions, many states have ended one or more of the federally funded pandemic unemployment programs; up to 10 weeks earlier than planned in order to incentivize workers to return to work. This includes the PUA program and associated $300 FPUC extra weekly payment.

The argument is that these generous UI benefits deter lower income workers (who make less than $15 p/hour) from returning to work. Opponents argue that the reason people are not going back to work is due to fears around getting COVID and/or child care and schooling restrictions. You can see more on which states are ending the PUA and $300 FPUC here and this recent YouTube video on this topic.

States will still be obligated to pay active unemployment claims up to the early termination date in their state (mid June to mid-July in most states). This includes any missing or retroactive payments. New claims for these federal programs won’t be accepted after this date and instead claimants will have to rely on the pre-pandemic state unemployment programs in place.

While a few states are not specifically ending their participation in the PUA program early (Florida, Ohio etc), the majority are as you can see in the table below. This unfortunately will hit PUA claimants (e.g. freelancers, gig workers) the hardest since they don’t qualify for traditional state unemployment.

There are pushes at a federal level and state lawsuits to try and address this, but unfortunately states are well within their rights to terminate this programs with 30 days notice to the US Department of Labor.

States Ending Unemployment EarlyPrograms EndingTermination Date
Alabama$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Alaska$300 FPUCJune 12th, 2021
Arizona$300 FPUCJuly 10th, 2021
Arkansas$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Florida$300 FPUCJune 26th, 2021
Georgia$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Idaho$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Indiana$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021* (Legal Challenge)
Iowa$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 12th, 2021
Louisiana$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJuly 31st, 2021
Maryland$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJuly 3rd, 2021* (Legal Challenge; Still paying)
Mississippi$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 12th, 2021
Missouri$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 12th, 2021
Montana$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Nebraska$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
New Hampshire$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
North Dakota$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Ohio$300 FPUCJune 26th, 2021
Oklahoma$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
South Carolina$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 30th, 2021
South Dakota$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Tennessee$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJuly 3rd, 2021
Texas$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
Utah$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 26th, 2021
West Virginia$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021
Wyoming$300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUCJune 19th, 2021

Biden Stimulus (American Rescue Plan) PUA Extensions to September 6th, 2021

The PUA program, designed for freelancers, gig workers and independent contractors or those that generally don’t qualify for regular state unemployment has been extended by another 29 weeks (though only covers 25 actual weeks) under the Biden Stimulus Plan (ARP) that has been passed into law.

Under the enhanced unemployment funding extensions the total number of covered weeks in the PUA program will increase to 79. This does not include extra weeks some states provided for residents under this program and would be reduced by any weeks of regular UC and EB that the individual receives during the coverage period. You can see an overview of the federal extensions to date, including PUA, in the diagram below.

The minimum PUA payment is still 50% of a states average weekly benefit amount and limited to the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA). Another change to the earlier PUA extension (discussed below) is that that the 4-week phaseout period for active claimants has been removed. So all benefits will end by September 6th, even if claimants have a claim balance remaining.

Those who had regular/W2 jobs could technically qualify for the PUA program, but would need to first use up their allocation of regular state unemployment, extended benefits and enhanced unemployment benefits under the PEUC program.

2020 to 2021 Enhanced Unemployment Program Extensions – PUA, PEUC and FPUC (click image to expand)

Do I need to reapply or submit a new claim to get the PUA extension?

This will depend on a state by state basis and if you had exhausted your balance prior to the start of the extension coverage period (on or before March 14th in this case). For most active claimants or those with remaining weeks there should be no need to file a new claim. For those with a lapse in benefits who were getting PUA in the past, a new claim or action to reopen your existing claim could be required. But state unemployment agencies are required to notify on actions required once they update their systems for the extended weeks.

PUA Extensions under $900 billion CAA COVID relief stimulus package

The $900 billion COVID relief stimulus package, under the Continued Assistance Act (CAA) included funding for extending pandemic unemployment programs (PUA, PEUC) and providing supplementary FPUC unemployment benefits at $300 per week for millions of unemployed or underemployed Americans. The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued final guidelines for state unemployment agencies on payments and eligibility (as done with the original program) and any delayed payments will be retroactively reimbursed.

For the PUA program specifically, which was due to expire on December 26th, 2020 (originally funded under the CARES act), there is now funding for an extra 11 weeks. This now means that the PUA program would provide a base total of 50 weeks of coverage. Some states have additional weeks on top of this as part of state extended benefit programs (per earlier updates below). For those with remaining weeks, they will continue to be have their balances carried forward until they hit the new 50 week maximum. They will have until the week ending April 10th, 2021 to claim unemployment benefits under the extended PUA program.

How long is the PUA extension for?

After March 14, 2021, new claimants will no longer be permitted to apply for PUA benefits, but eligible individuals who have a PUA claim balance (or remaining weeks) as of March 14th, 2021 will continue to receive benefits until the week beginning April 5, 2021 until their claim balance is exhausted. Weekly certification will be required. Note however that the $300 extra weekly FPUC won’t be payable during the PUA phase out period (March 14th to April 5th). See which states are paying the extra $300 unemployment to PUA recipients.

Do I need to reapply or submit a new claim to get the PUA extension?

This will depend on a state by state basis and if you had exhausted your balance prior to December 27th, 2020 (when the extension coverage period started). State UI agencies are rolling out the extended PUA coverage and need to incorporate new documentation and fraud prevention measures (see section below) to enable people to claim benefits under the the extended PUA program.

PUA recipients with active claims (remaining weeks/balance) as of or after December 27th. These group of claimants who had not used their 39 week balance at the start of the extended coverage period are already are already seeing the 11 week extension reflected in their UI accounts (including the extra $300 payment) and in several states can continue certifying and receive weekly payments.

There may be a one to two week lapse in payments as state UI agency update systems but your account should automatically reflect the 11 week extension to the PUA program. Even if payments have not started, you should continue your weekly of biweekly certification (where possible) if you continue to be fully or partially unemployed. Payments will be retroactively made

New applicants or those whose PUA claims have been exhausted prior to or including the week ending December 26th, 2020 may need to reapply or reactivate their claim if they are unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work after December 27, 2020 because of COVID-19. State UI agencies are all implementing the new PUA program extensions based on DOL guidelines based on how their systems/programs can handle the extension and inclusion of new PUA program requirements.

This has meant ongoing delays and limited transparency in payments for many who fall into this bucket of claimants (and it is the large majority of jobless workers). However state UI agencies are mandated to notify claimants if they qualify for the new PUA extension and instructions on how to reopen or refile their claim to enable them to certify to get their UI payments, including the $300 FPUC weekly payment. Please monitory your email, text messages and online UI portal for next steps and instructions. I will continue to post updates as well.

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New PUA Fraud Prevention and Documentation Requirements

To address the significant fraud associated with the PUA program (due to it’s expansive eligibility and antiquated state UI systems that could not support new program rules) the new stimulus bill included some additional measures to tighten up eligibility and claimant verification. This includes the following provisions that are required to be in place by January 31st, 2020:

  • New applicants will have 21 days to submit documentation substantiating their employment, self-employment, or planned commencement of employment/self-employment. 
  • Individuals already receiving PUA benefits (continuing claimants) must provide documentation within 90 days
  • States must implement procedures to validate the identity of claimants and to ensure timely payments. 
  • Employers will be able to report instances to local state UI agencies in which a former employee refuses to return to work or refuses to accept an offer of suitable work without good cause (which renders the individual ineligible for unemployment benefits).

See this video for a summary on these requirements and why they are the underlying cause of significant delays for people to claim or continue getting PUA benefits under the extended coverage period.

$100 Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation

Another new provision to address gaps with some of the original PUA rules is for those who got a mix of self employment and age income. Individuals who received at least $5,000 a year in self-employment income during 2019 now will receive an additional $100 weekly benefit, in addition to the benefit amounts they otherwise would be entitled to receive from regular state unemployment. 

Previously, such individuals were not eligible for unemployment benefits if they received some regular state unemployment benefits for traditional employment, and regular state law benefits did not consider self-employment in calculating the benefit amounts. The new federally-funded “mixed earner” benefit is in addition to the $300 supplementary FPUC weekly benefit under FPUC.

Backdating of PUA claims – Limitations introduced

Under the COVID relief legislation a new limitation on backdating PUA claims was passed for new applications after December 27th, 2020. Initial or new applications for PUA after December 27, 2020 may not be backdated earlier than December 1, 2020 – which would cover benefits for the week ending December 6th, 2020 in most states. This does not affect existing applications which will be subject to the 2020 CARES act provisions.

The back dating of claims was extended under the Biden ARPA bill which limited had a date of March 14th for back dating of new claims filed after March 11th, 2021.

What if I worked in multiple states, where do I file for PUA?

The DOL has clarified that a self-employed individual must file with the state where he or she was working at the time of becoming unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of an approved COVID-19 related reason. If an individual worked in more than one state at this time, the individual may file in any of those states. So go for the state where you can get the largest weekly benefit (note that the minimum PUA benefit payment is 50% of the states regular UI maximum).

New DOL guidance that expands PUA eligibility to three additional categories of workers:

  • Jobless workers receiving unemployment benefits who had their continued regular unemployment benefits’ claims denied after they refused to work or accept an offer of work at a worksite not in compliance with coronavirus health and safety standards.
  • Workers laid off, or who have had their work hours reduced as a direct result of COVID-19.
  • School employees working without a contract or reasonable assurance of continued employment who face reduced paychecks and no assurance of continued pay when schools are closed due to coronavirus.

Original 2020 PUA program funded under CARES Stimulus Bill

(some items superseded or update by 2021 extensions above)

The PUA program funded under the CARES act provided up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits, which are available retroactively starting with weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020, and ending on or before December 31, 2020. To qualify for PUA benefits, you must not be eligible for regular unemployment benefits and be unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of certain health or economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note – PUA benefits have been extended in some states like New York, California and Georgia by 7 weeks, as part of extensions to state level extended benefit programs. Further those who were getting PUA payments in August and September will have automatically qualified for the now expired $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) unemployment benefits program. Most states have now gotten approval and have paid out the 6 weeks of funding available for this program (see full LWA state tracker), including retroactive payments,

While PUA is open to all unemployed Americans, it was mainly intended as a way to provide unemployment benefits for those who were working and are now out of work and were generally self-employed (e.g. independent contractors or gig economy workers) and did not contribute taxes towards regular unemployment. Those who had regular/W2 jobs are eligible for enhanced unemployment benefits under the PEUC program. Further details on program differences below.

Will My PUA Benefits End in December Even if I Have a Balance or Weeks Left to Claim

Unfortunately yes. The program’s federal funding has a hard stop at the end of the year (December 26th in most states). So even if you have a balance or weeks of benefits left after year end, and millions of unemployed workers will be in this boat, you won’t be getting these payments in 2021 unless Congress extends unemployment benefits. Extended state benefits may however be available in states where unemployment rates are higher than pre-specified thresholds (see below for further details). See this video on some recent PUA updates and back payments.

Delays in PUA program payments: State unemployment agencies and labor departments have experienced many challenges in rolling out the PUA program but all are now processing applications and payments for individuals who are self-employed, seeking part-time employment, or who otherwise would not qualify for regular unemployment compensation prior to new provision in the CARES stimulus bill.

This group of workers however may have a hard time officially proving their wages during the applicable 2019-20 wage based period, in which case their weekly benefit amount will be reduced based on whichever is higher – the record of wages already on file or the minimum PUA weekly benefit amount for the state.

How to Apply for PUA

To apply for unemployment benefits using the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) extension provision approved under the CARES act you need to apply via your regular state’s unemployment agency. Many states have dedicated website links and call numbers when it comes to PUA benefits.

States have mandated that you must first apply for regular UI before becoming eligible for PUA. This is baesd on federal law which only allows PUA to be paid to claimants when benefits are exhausted or if you were deemed not eligible for them – which will be the case for gig and contract workers. While it is a cause of concern for many unemployed Americans making new claims, it is the way their systems are designed to handle the new PUA coverage and provisions.

So even though it may seem like the claim was denied in reality it just means that eligible claimants have been denied for standard unemployment benefits (in place prior to Coronavirus/COVID-19), but will likely qualify for the new PUA benefits. Unfortunately this makes the application process longer and could take a while for you to get your PUA claim approved.

The amount of PUA benefits are calculated based on your previously reported income and capped at the state’s maximum weekly benefit amount (WBA). PUA benefits may not be less than half of the state’s average weekly benefit amount as shown in the table below. Note – There are no minimum wage qualifying criteria for PUA.

Eligible recipients must certify for PUA benefits weekly like regular unemployment. Individuals receiving PUA will also still be eligible for other unemployment supplementary weekly payments (while available). Once they begin certifying for weekly benefits they will not have to take any additional steps, and will receive the weekly $600 payments along with their PUA benefits.

Below are some frequently asked questions and possible answers to common PUA questions I am seeing from readers on this site (see the comments below for more questions and answers).

Will my PUA claim be paid retroactively for back payments (including the $600 FPUC and $300 LWA)?

This varies across states, but generally if you were eligible for PUA in a given week that retroactive UI benefits are payable, you will get the relevant payment for other supplementary enhanced benefit programs. Backdated payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you are deemed eligible for benefits. Note that backdated payments will also include the $600 FPUC payment if you were eligible for PUA during the period the FPUC program was active.

How Long Does PUA Last in 2020?

For those who are eligible for regular benefits, they will get an additional 13 weeks on top of their state unemployment benefits. For those who don’t qualify for state unemployment they can get benefits for between 39 and 46 weeks until the end of 2020. At this stage unless Congress extends the PUA program via a new stimulus package, PUA benefit payments will end at the end of this year.

PUA Unemployment: Moved or worked in multiple states

Generally, you should file your claim in the state where you worked or received income. Or your state of primary residence if income has come from several states as may be common with people who qualify for PUA. If you moved states you will need to reapply in that state for PUA, based on the process they have (varies by state). When you file a claim, you will be asked for certain information, such as addresses/location and dates of your former employment. This will allow them to make a determination of your partial benefit.

Right now state systems are not connected and rely on the wage income you provide so you need to be careful of PUA overpayment, which could mean having to pay or taxes or face repayment and penalties from one or more of the states you are in. The program is for 39 weeks to 46 weeks (depending on state) in total. You are not supposed to double dip across state lines and eventually will be flagged.

Based on some of the comments to this article, if you are having to apply for PUA across multiple states there is a good chance you will be flagged for a fraudulent claim. So be patient and prepared to go through a verification process based on the state UI agency guidelines.

Are PUA benefits taxable?

Yes, like all unemployment benefits PUA is considered taxable income and you may elect to have withholding taxes deducted from your payment (generally around 10%). You will receive Form 1099-G with form your state UI agency to file with your 2020 income taxes in 2021.

Note that the Biden administration, via the ARPA stimulus bill, got approved a $10,2000 unemployment income tax exclusion that is being paid out by the IRS as an additional refund.

Child Support or Dependent Payments Deductions

Child support obligations will be deducted from PUA, as they would with normal state unemployment. You can file an injured spouse form to mitigate this.

Why was my PUA claim denied?

Most PUA claims that do finally get processed by the state unemployment department/agency are being denied or rejected because the claimant is eligible for standard, state-funded unemployment insurance rather than federally funded PUA. Because the PUA application process and/or link is different to the regular state unemployment application process, it is highly recommended you apply for regular state unemployment first. Only if you are denied for regular state UI (and you will be notified that you are) should you then apply for PUA.

Other reasons PUA claims are being denied are due to ongoing “glitches” in unemployment filing systems/websites that have required a lot more updates to support the new PUA provisions.

Fraud checks or additional document verification where many UI applications are being flagged has also been cited as a big reason for PUA delays/rejections. This is not surprising since may gig workers and contractors don’t have standard unemployment documentation and so require extra verification and fraud checks. If you are caught up in a fraud check, please ensure to provide the required information to your state agency (who will contact you) to keep your claim processing moving forward.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefit payment delays

Other than being flagged for Fraud, many readers are reporting PUA application processing and payment delays if you have multiple people using your address for UC, PUA, EB, etc. Or if you moved, bills in other people’s names, etc is causing delays. 

I cannot get ahold of anyone when I call for help.

Despite dedicated phone lines for PUA claims many readers are reporting it is nearly impossible to get a hold of a live person to speak to at their state UI agency regarding their unemployment claim. You can see the comments below for some ideas to try, but generally will take a lot of patience and calling in “off” hours to get through. Because of the pandemic and record high call volumes, you may need to try alternative methods like social media or going via your state congressional leaders to try and expedite your claim.

PUA vs PEUC and State Extended Benefits (EB)

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and State Extended Benefits (EB) programs are different to the PUA program and claimants cannot continue in the PEUC or EB programs if they are deemed eligible for PUA. The PEUC is essentially an extension of regular state unemployment (funded under the CARES act) and allows for up to an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular unemployment benefits. EB are an extension of UI benefits that occurs when a state meets the unemployment rate threshold for a designated period. For most states this provides up to 20 weeks of additional benefits.

Please note, if you had received UC or EB benefits and then apply for PUA, any week of regular UC benefits or any week of state extended benefits (EB) collected since February 2, 2020 will be deducted from the weeks of PUA you are eligible for. 

(Click State For Details)
PUA State Contact NumberPaying Original 39 weeks (CARES)?Paying 11-Week 2021 Extension?
District of ColumbiaYY
New HampshireY
New JerseyNorth Jersey: 201-601-4100
Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340
New MexicoYY
New York1-833-491-0632
1-833-324-0366 (to certify)
North CarolinaYY
North DakotaY
Puerto RicoY
Rhode IslandYY
South CarolinaY
South DakotaY
Virginia1-866-832-2363 YY
West VirginiaY
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  1. I live in washington state i applied in sept but back dated my claim to last day i worked march 28th i was finally approved it says from march till dec 26th says ive claimed 8000 but ive only been paid the last 11 weeks all the rest say pending the amount paid is not close to 8000

    • I also live in washington and due to 1) not knowing about the PUA benefits available until mid june of 2020 although separated from self employment in march 2020 due to coronavirus concerns, and 2) difficulties reaching anyone to ask verification on eligibility requirements, I didnt actually apply amd get approved for benefits until mid august. I back dated my claim to march when I lost employment and was approved for all weeks claimed between march and august. But those payments have not shown up still in 5 months although I’ve been through every hoop they’ve tossed at me and have been told many times from call center, OSI, and OAH that it was just paperwork and to expect payment soon. Well, I checked this weekend and there was monetary amounts assigned to those weeks finally. I checked again monday to see if paid and all of a sudden theh all have changed to disqualified. no explanation and my decisions all still say approved with no issue so there is no way to appeal. I did some digging and under my expired UI claim tab I found the UI determination letter stating denial of those weeks but still nothing under my PUA claim. Seems like they are stalling on this out of nowhere a d I’m not sure what to do. I thought the 2 claims were separate and so I’m confused why one determination has impacted a totally different claim. I agree that I was ineligible for traditional UI claim but see no reason why my PUA was impacted since my benefit year is approved from February 2020 to April 2021, my decisions status still reads “APPROVED WITH NO ISSUE ” for these weeks, and I’ve been paid for weekly claims from august until now. I’ve appealed the UI issue hoping it will fix the PUA issues since they seem intertwined. The reason ones given for the UI issue was that I didnt contact the tele center to ask them to open my claim in a timely fashion and stated rcw’s for backpay of benefits. What I’m seeing in those codes is benefits are payable during your claim year one week after the start date of that claim year. I should be eligible back until february 2nd which is my claim year start date. In addition to this, I wasnt aware of benefits until a dshs worker I reached out to informed me of the pua. Even at that point, it was impossible to talk to anyone about starting a claim for months and It wasnt until a couple months later that i was able to get online and do it through eservices. Anyways, will i get these payments? I dunno what to do. If anyone has any info please share with me so i can figure this out?

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  4. Ok so I messed up on my first 13 weeks and answered one question wrong because I miss understood it. The question was are you able and available to work. I thought it was talking about due to covid19. But it let me go switch my answer from no to yes. This happened In June and I’ve been trying to get the information about how to fix it. I’ve had them flag my case time after time again for nothing literally. I get no calls back. I even went to my local unemployment office for them to tell me they were unable to get into pua system because they are state and pua is federal! Can anyone help. I’m in Arkansas and my babies literally aren’t even getting to have Christmas. All because people can’t get off there butts and so there job.

  5. GA, I was approved back in June for 39 weeks PUA, I received my first State check in October and one every week since, no federal PUA and no way to enter back dates for full 39 weeks! No return calls from multiple voice mails to local DOL or state Representative, state DOL nor congressman has responded to emails. Being evicted and car being repossessed, still out of a job! What do I have to do? I guess I will have to go pitch a tent at the state capital and call channel 2 action news for anyone to hear me!!

    • I also live in washington state i applied in July but back dated my claim to last day i worked march 28th i was approved it says from march till dec…. says ive claimed about 8000 and I haven’t got even half of that. From when I started getting payments back to march it says pending…. MY question is am I still gonna get all the back pay and it is just saying I claimed that much because it’s pending and coming. Or was it their mistake and they think I have gotten that much already and I won’t be receiving it.???? Or will I and how much longer is the wait??

      • I called my state representative 2 x’s and they finally got an answer to reissue my payments that were hung up in their system! Hopefully this fixes everything! Will let you know!!

  6. If I moved states in August but didn’t file for PUA benefits until December in new state can I still collect from my other states PUA state benefits up until December?
    I haven’t done anything with my previous benefits because i was unsure of what the rules were so i have the ability to still claim 14 weeks of PUA benefits but im not sure how it works

    • Generally, you should file your claim with the state where you worked or received income. If you moved states you will need to reapply in that state for PUA, based on the process they have (varies by state). When you file a claim, you will be asked for certain information, such as addresses and dates of your former employment.

      Right now state systems are not connected so you need to be careful of PUA overpayment, which could mean having to pay or taxes or face repayment from one or more of the states you are in. The program is for 39 weeks to 46 weeks (depending on state) in total. You are not supposed to double dip across state lines and eventually will be flagged.

  7. I just applied for retroactive since April. I’ve been self employed for over 30 years and didn’t know about PUA until my friends granddaughter told me. So I applied and immediately got the monetary determination letter and my claim went right to processing. The very next day it went to pending for verification of identity. I sent all the documents in immediately. Does anyone know how long a new claim is taking? Also does anyone know if my claim can go from pending to processing in the middle of the day or does it have to wait for the system to reset the next day? I have court in a week to be evicted and I am praying that I get this before court so I can pay them. I’m waaaylqqqqqqqqqy too old to be homeless. Sometime please help me understand. I’ve never received any ft

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  10. After much hassle having wages in IL and my funds exhausted during the mass 500 calls a day and never getting connected to an agent. That was the week if Monday May 3rd. I finally got a number from a friend to a private agent hired by John Deere who said ur out of money but I have wages in Iowa. Those began June 18. After being through hell and back and finger pointing who was gonna back pay from May 3 to June 15 finally I had a confirmation my$600 plus reg unemployment pint from week of May 3 was accepted and I should get it last Friday or I will get it Monday. Whenever I’ve filed on Sunday it shows up in my Netspend acct at almost on the dot 10 pm. My question is. Will that be the same way if I am to get paid Monday(tomorrow) will it show up in my acct Sunday night at 10pm?( Today)

  11. Does PUA pay you in one lump sum? Just got approved but only received two weeks worth of pay witch was $600.. was wondering if I would get a large lump sum?

  12. I lost my Job in Aug and I’m in IL. Was told not to apply in Aug by a IDES employee because my job had my reporting dates incorrect. They finally got everything straighten out after waiting weeks for a phone call. I finally filed in October and started to receive regular payments. I was told to call and apply for my regular back payment from September – Oct it was a total of 8 weeks. Finally got a call back after a little Over two weeks. The lady stated to send in the email showing i sent my old employer an email stating what the IDES working stated after doing all this she told me i would get my back pay and the amount this was on Nov 27, 2020. She said i will watch you caseload and give you a call back once approved. She called me on 11/30/2020 said i was approved for back pay and she needed me to hole the line while she certify me for each of the 8 weeks. After doing so she said you will get the extra $300 only for or week becomes it ended after your last week. Told me the amount i would get and it will be in my account in two business days! I got a letter on Dec 3 dated Dec1 saying your payment was withheld for the following reason: you have been found ineligible for benefits. Refer to your adjudicator’s determination for the issue and section of Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act, Trade Act if 1974 and its amendments as applicable to your case. If you wish to appeal this decision contact claimant services. I called and left my number now this could take another two weeks or longer due to the holidays!! Has anyone ever heard of this??? Can I apply for PU for my back payments??

    • I’ve been on PUA since July and when congress extended the program another 11 weeks it won’t let me file a claim. When I talked to someone on the phone they said PUA was only for 28 weeks and I had received the 28 weeks. I live in Arkansas. I thought this was a federal program but they told me I have to apply for regular now. I don’t qualify for regular now bc of PUA. Doesn’t the extension apply to anyone on PUA? And when I applied they told me I was approved for the length of the program including any extensions. Anyone have any answers? I’m in full blown panic attacks!!

  13. I applied with kentucky UI in july received letter i was not qualified for regular Kentucky UI it showed on my account with ui to wait and see if i qualify for pua every week i requested my pay as asked and never received any payments whatsoever. The weeks are documented on my account. So after a while i just stop asking for payment. That was in october. Now i re-apply in last week of november i am accepted? What should i do, how do i get the aid that was ignored from the first time? Can someone please point me in the right direction, from july until now, i have the files from everything i have applied for.

  14. Kay. I live in NC. I have not received my PUA funds in three weeks. They tell me to keep doing the weekly certifying. It says, Issues Delaying Payment. I call but I get no answer as to what that means….they just say continue to do what I am doing. I really need this financial help to pay my utility bills and food.

  15. I’m in Ma and have been receiving UI this whole time, I have two weeks left and now my status said paid but then it still says it’s pending. Does anyone have any idea why?

  16. I was approved for the pandemic unemployment when they were getting the extra 600 a week but it stopped right after I was approved am I entitled to my back pay and how would I go about getting it I cant get anyone on the phone?

    • Depends which state. Also with the FPUC program ending you will have to jump through a few hoops to get the 10K of retroactice backpay. But it is worth it.

    • Contact your state representative & tell them your issue you’re having & they will send a email over to Pua.That should help if you’re able to get through to your local state representative.

  17. I live in NC. I have exhausted all of my regular ui, pecu and eb so I filed for pua on November 1st and it has been pending since. I have contacted the NCDES multiple times thru chat and I get a different reason everytime. Reasons include: backlog and allow 20 business days to need proof of unemployment. How are you supposed to get that if the the business is permanently closed. Is starting to get ridiculous.

    • I applied for pua on 11/1 as well and called 2weeks later said there was a new form she filled it out and noted account and still today 12/1 it’s still pending!!

  18. I live in Kentucky I’ve been filing since June I’ve not received unemployment or Pua or any sort of help from the government

  19. I’ve been filing for PUA in Pennsylvania since 7/22 and have not received a cent. I emailed in mid August and still haven’t heard back. Every time I call it just beeps and then hangs up on me. No automated voice or actual ringing at all. This is BS. I never got any type of letter in the mail or any email saying to provide documentation, or to do anything. I’m completely lost right now.

    • bya miracle i somehow qalified for rgular benefits then get a letter saing they messed up and included wages from a job thawast in m base period, and themvalso refusing to include wages from self employment since they used anotger job to dy my payment since they said i was fired. so i waited months like i thought i was instructed to from everything that was online and in the recordings, only to find out my dua claim was never even considered since they had made tgeir own rules to get me approved then denied then approved nut not given payment. Just so i woukd be ineligible for the dua and this is the texas workforce commission thatvtook my claim on the phone doing all of this. and now can’t ever get through. ever

      • Call your house representative! I finally did today after cooking since July and trying every single possible avenue to ferry answers and they were so helpful. After getting all my info sure assured me she would pass it along and ask it to be reviewed asap and will remain in touch with me until I get my payments. Try calling your local rep! Senators didn’t even do that for me. Good luck many prayers n hopes for a blessed holiday for you all…just don’t give up n keep filing!

  20. I am in IL and I have 8 weeks of PUA that I am STILL waiting to receive. There is no phone number to speak with someone, just a “call back” method that has been 2 weeks and still no call. I have contacted state reps who can not get through to them either. I literally have nothing and need that money. I do not know what to do!

  21. I filed my Pua on June 2nd I am self-employed and did not know that you had to turn in your net amount but according to them after I received my monetary determination for Pua saying that I qualified for it for 13 weeks, I never received any. Until the last two weeks of July. And so I was investigating and of course I was supposed to turn in my net amount but when I would file my claim they insisted that I had to use my gross amount and when I contacted my local VEC office they also insisted the same. I was only working 7 hours a week and when I researched it the VEC office said on its website that you have to turn in your net amount well because of this I didn’t get my Pua from March or April all the way through to most of July and when I contacted them and sent them faxes and emails they never replied. I have a neighbor that didn’t even receive but check and that was in April. And he worked a regular job and is not unemployed but they just gave him the runaround.

    • Die anyone know if u are supposed
      To receive a dependency allowance with the PUA program? I have been getting paid 302 a week w no dependency allowance. I love in Illinois. Thank u and God bless!

  22. Is this real I have not talked t anyone recieving the money that has been sent according to documents posted online the states have recieved the money from the federal government. Every where I read it is people saying they have not gotten paid????

    • Nope! Here in Ohio people myself included are still waiting on PUA they claim its being processed and that they are still processing apps from JUNE. Its insane and unfair. I work hard lost my job NO HELP WHATSOEVER All you hear is that everyone who is struggling is receiving unemployment or pua and no thats not true they are more worried about all the fraud than they are proccessing the legit claims from hardworking suffering people. Nobody gives a damn and theres no one to call i have tried local news and 4 stations and the local paper claimed they have tried to call and find out what the delay is and they get as far as we do. People we have to come together Our states received this money and if all these claims are left unproccesed then wth is all the money!!

      • I had to call my Mayor to assist me. After that , I received a call from the unemployment office after not being able to get through to them for 3 months and I finally started receiving emails about the progress and was told it should be 7 days. Please contact your Mayor because he is the only one that I know of communicates with the governorsame and senators ect.

  23. I just applied for mine today because like many others on this page I also thought I couldn’t get it because I was denied regular unemployment but I was approved and I filed my certification as well and my payment type says in progress how long will that take ? Also I have yet to receive my state taxes if anyone has any info on that from west virginia

    • Mine has said in progress since I first filed in July. (I’m from PA.) Can’t get any email answers and can’t get anyone on the phone. My parents told me to just keep filing every week so that when it’s approved and no longer in progress I won’t miss out on anything.

      • Listen to your parents; keep filing weekly. Also, I take a photo of my weekly confirmation with flash turned off. I filed July 31 and they back dated a week to the 19th(Ohio). I asked about my back dating to when I lost my job back in March(I was hospitalized)….still waiting. I sent 3 emails to the address they gave me and many calls. There is an office for soc. sec. #’s based off last 4 digits…..Search online.

  24. I live in NJ and worked in PA. Got let go before pandemic after almost 19 years. Collected UE until December 2019. Looked for work then everything shut down in March. Got PUEC & Extended Benefits. Now all gone. Was denied UC for financial reasons. Applied for PA PUA because I can’t find work! Was told I was financial eligible and now my claim states ‘In Progress’. Been trying to reach someone and can’t get through. A lot of fraud is going on in PA but all my information is in the system! I’m grateful that I haven’t been waiting long but I looked on message boards and found if you have multiple people using your address for UC, PUA, EB, etc that is causing delays. Or if you moved, bills in other people’s names, etc is causing delays. People are using their state senators for help, downloading documents & your ID card, etc and some are getting their claims moving. I’m not sure how many weeks I’ll get but this is the last before I apply for welfare. I don’t know what to do. I have never been able to find work. Ever. Until this happened. Good luck everyone!

    • I’m having the problem of letting others use my address for the azpua claim. I applied June 21 and have received nothing
      ., But I’m not denied, I’ve cAlled and talked with the hotline to and they say wait. Last Friday I verifyed my identity via their request. I am devastated. I’m a self-employed 66 year old is housekeeper and now no one will have me in their homes. I’m devastated. Good luck to you. Hopefully it’s one day closer to good news.

  25. Missouri unemployment is trying to screw me over! They made me renew my claim after being already approved for PUA originally for 7 months then yesterday October 21st they try to change my PUA claim from approved to denied then send me letters saying I have to pay back all the money they originally sent me over the course of 7 months. I am livid and upset

    • In Las Vegas they are not paying out and have been sued, and they still have yet to payout been wait and “approved “ for Benefits for over three months and there is no answering the phones been on hold for over four hours with no answer. Someone needs to fix this about lose my home and can’t find a job

    • FL is trying to screw me! I got a letter stating that I qualify for PUA, but not able to claim my weeks, because over to the side it keeps asking me to Apply for PUA. ( I had applied for PUA three different times and was told don’t apply anymore, but it wouldn’t go away) I called and was on hold for 31/2 hours while the guy needed to check with his Supervisor, he then said to give it a couple of weeks so someone can remove the “Apply for PUA” because as long as that is on there, I won’t be able to apply for my weeks. I waited a couple of weeks, the PUA had not been removed! I called again, once again on hold for 3 hrs, told the same thing, same thing happened a third time!! I have not been paid for a month and a half, still no job!! Anyone having this problem??

      • The same thing is happening to me i applied 2 times and got approved both times but it’s still showing apply to pua when i am already approved. Have you had any luck with this? Its be about month now for me.

      • I’m going thru the same exact thing. From what they told me, all the additional ‘cases’ or applications have to be removed for it to allow you to make a claim. So I said OK and does it happen immediately now that you know the problem? She said no it has to be sent over to tech and then tech have to do it in order of request. So I said can you give me a timeframe? Like tomorrow next week am I? She just said no I can’t you just have to wait. Well, I’m tired of waiting it has been over six weeks and it’s about to be Christmas. I, just like many of you, have kids. I will be damned if I’m not able to buy my kids Christmas because this is not handled. I have had my own successful, small business for over 10 years. Have a nice apartment and a vehicle, that i worked my butt off for, and now I have no work because I cleaned inside peoples houses and I’m about to lose my place AND my car due to this BS. This is ridiculous.

    • We live in Las Vegas, NV.
      Same happened to my wife just recently. She was Approved for PUA benefits, received $ for March-June, continued filing weekly claims from July – present, never received anymore $ since July, claims always said pending, and now she was denied and being told to pay back most of it. She’s still unemployed and taking care of the kids at home just as she was in the beginning when approved. The system is ridiculous, with unqualified people being hired just to help with calls. They don’t know anything and try to get off the phone as fast as possible. That’s if you’re lucky enough to actually speak to someone!!! This is happening to many others in our state

    • I also am Missouri pua self employed and received entitlement letter and payments since April. Then 11-18-20 a correspondence notice of determination pua denial with $16k overpayments

      What’s your plan of action?

  26. I exhausted my regular UI and PEUC. My state is not eligible for EB, meaning I can qualify for PUA. The difference in weekly benefit is $166 greater with PUA. I should receive quite a bit of $$ in back payments, right? I’ve received all LWA and FPUC I am entitled to, so the difference is the $166 / week * 26 weeks. Is this correct?

    • Yes. You can try but any weeks you have gotten PEUC and EB are counted against PUA, so you may not get much there.

      • Since PUA is backdated, if there is a difference in WBA, let’s say it goes from $110 to $275 under PUA, would the regular UI and PEUC weeks be processed with supplemental payments of the $165 / week difference?

      • Applied for pandemic unemployment and been accepted for $149 a week and then reporting for almost two months I have got my card last week and yet I still have not getting paid any money yet what do I need to do?

        • Same problem here in Ga been waiting since June 14 they put 2 payments on my card and nothing else now I can’t get anyone on the phone not to respond emails. I have a 1 year old that has tested positive for Covid-19 3 times now currently is fighting with it now he can barely breath and now that he is sick I am out of work again. Do I need to reapply or what ?

  27. I first filed on September 9th. I was approved going back to March when I lost my job. I began receiving my weekly checks after completing the weekly claim certification. I didnt have any problems until 10/03/20. At first the pay day changed constantly, but then I filed and received for 10/10/20. It then said in progress for 10/03/20. It also now says in progress for 10/17/20. I cant get ahold of anyone when I call for help. It says they are unable to take my call because of high call volumes. I havnt heard anything about back pay as well. I live in AZ. Is this happening to anyone else? Iam so confused why I wouldn’t get a week then get a week then not get the next week.

    • I live in AZ & that is what happened to me as well, I waited weeks and weeks for them to approve me for the PUA. and I am having the same problem as you, I recently filed my claim this past Sunday 10/18 and at the end of the claim it said “your claim is under review” and pay date says “in progress” and I have been filing my PUA’s since the beginning of august with out any prior issues. And I checked my website and my bank today and nothing has changed. & the phones don’t help I wasted days and weeks on the phone trying to speak to a real person who didn’t push me off to the side…it was to the point I had to go in person to one of the offices to try to get help…this system is such a disgrace and failed so many Americans including myself.

      • Did going to the office help? I haven’t received a payment in 9 weeks because of an address unit number. I uploaded documents and wrote. After 39 hours on hold and 250+ calls to adjudication, I got through! Just to be told my claim was under review. I know that. PUA Adjudication didn’t help with the issue. I was told to keep filing, even when she agreed what I knew was the issue. She said she’d note the file I called and explained my unit # and uploaded more info. That was over two weeks ago. Not one thing has changed. Reads my claim is not under review then below that it says claim under review. Ridiculous. What more can I do? No one contacted me or sent an email, nothing. How is this helping the American people?

    • Stephanie,
      I’m going thru the exact same thing, but I haven’t received anything. I’m into my 31st week, tried call constantly busy. I’ve tried emailing to date I’ve sent 7 emails no response. I research online looking for answers still nothing.

      • I’m in GA and it let me claim al 32 weeks but no LWA certificate and no payment received… but it lets me claim and says will be processed next next business day…
        No extra verification needed I have my card but nothing I’m so lost

        My brother got paid September 29 and we did it on the same day

        • Im from GA too and my PUA was accepted but i never get any payment so far.I don’t know what to do ,i call but its always busy….

    • I’m having the same thing happen to me. I have no idea what’s going on buh I havent received my benefit for last week and it looks like I won’t be receiving it this week neither. I’m confused. Has anyone gotten there benefits yet? Or does it say in progress?

    • Same happened to me in MI I was told all pic claims fall in a catEgory where a manager has to review and sign off to get back weeks and ongoing. Call then hit appropriate digits( Michigan is 99111. Keep doing a redial and type appropriate digits yntill they ask for your sock # then you’ll get to a human they want additional info even though they don’t tell you that. Keep calling!! Or nothing will be done

      • I kept calling, in FL, stayed on hold for 31/2 hours, the guy kept checking on me while on hold every 3 minutes, he said he is in line to see his supervisor, I think it was a lie, he was hoping I would get tired and hang up, then he finally told me there is a glitch, because the system is new, and that I would have to just keep checking back! Ridiculous

    • I’m going through something similar. I have recieved no backpay. I have certified for the weeks dated back to when I was approved twice. Its been two weeks since the second time I certified and still no backpay. I’m so afraid I’m not ever going to get this money. Does anyone know how long it takes to recieve backpay after certifying? Has anyone recieved their backpay?!

      • I’ve been filing for 20 weeks, uploaded all necessary documents, called several times, emailed, and also spoke to senators office with no resolution to date. It’s extremely frustrating especially with end dates and Christmas nearing. If something doesn’t come thru soon my 3 children and I will be spending the holidays in a homeless shelter. And to make matters worse my email is now on the blocked list so i can no longer reach out other than thru my dashboard and not one of those emails has even been opened since first filing in July!! Not to mention my backdate is for March.

  28. I have been waiting since the end of August and haven’t hear anything back from them and I live in Ohio.,…it keeps saying pending issues

    • Same here. I’m in ohio but I just filed my 14th week (started July 5th) and they are all sitting in “pending” and there’s noone I can talk to.

      • I know how you feel cuz I started mines July 5th as well and I’m still waiting and I’ve been doing all my weekly claims and still know no progress on my pendant issues I don’t know what’s going on with these people here in Ohio but everybody else is getting theirs and they keep telling me it’s one week behind 10 weeks behind but come to find out they just behind and no telling when are we going to get it I think by time December 26th come I’m still not going to be able to get it

        • Im from ohio too but applied on June 2nd and still am waiting to receive my back pay and I was approved and they tell me just a waiting game. I have been patient and trying to not bother them due to knowing they are swamped but this is just crazy….4 kids about to loose our home and all bills have had extensions and cant put none off any more i have tried!!! Its scary to be in this in the first place and should have got mine months ago. I havent even done the weekly claim on my back weeks either…im just tired and dont no I can be patient any linger. Saying how i was told to be lucky if received before christmas!!

        • Did any of you guys ever get anything done yet? I had a greendot card for a bank and I ended up getting hit with the fraud issues in July, i finally got all of my paperwork turned in for the second time Sept 7 and it’s still saying in adjudication. I’m in Ohio. If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

      • yes I’ve been following since July the 5th and I have no response back but keep saying pending issues I’ve been filing all my weekly claims and still haven’t heard nothing and I live in Columbus Ohio so they are like 10 to 15 weeks behind weeks behind

    • You get anything back from pua. I applied in aug nothing nit pending issues finally verified my ID and ss card now says fact fonding asked for employer info gave that to them 2 weeks ago still nothingdone ?? Just curious if u had any luck from Ohio also.

    • I have been waiting since July 11th still says pending issues I do all my certifications idk couldn’t contact anyone have had several friends already received there’s idk

    • I’ve been Ohio PUA pending since July. I call 2-3 times a week, mailed faxed and emailed all requested information. I’m about to get my car repoed (i drive foster children for a living). If I don’t have a car I can’t work. My child was sent home last week because he was exposed to covid in school. Where is our relief.

  29. I’ve been waiting 5 weeks for my PUA claims to be adjudicated after i provided them with everything they needed for their fraud check.. anyone else still waiting to be adjudicated?? Advice? Frustrated…

    • I’ve been waiting for almost 3 months. I’m from Michigan. Have not received a penny in almost 2 months Don’t know what to do.. Can’t get through to anyone.
      I’m broke and owe everyone. Can’t find a job.

    • Mine is in Ohio and still pending after 14 claims. Whenever I finally speak to someone, they say it’s stuck in adjudication.

      • I’m from Ohio I filed my pua and it said eligible and my card was sent on the 24th so I don’t have to do anything else do i

    • I have been in adjudication since September. I have 2 children under the age of 2 and I am about to lose everything, these people honestly dont care I have been doing everything I am supposed to do and still cant get anywhere.

  30. I m they said my back pay on Indiana. Unemployment and it won’t let me go back and push the one next to it cuz I had more from April and I went from April to all the way August 10th of each individual would and I was wondering if there’s any way that I can go back and get my back redid somehow

  31. if I have messed up an pushed wwrong date for back pay what can I do to go back to get paid if I only got 600 out of 7000 that should have been I have never done this unemployment before an I pushed wrong button

  32. Does anyone in this comment thread know anything about how the state of WV does their review process for determining whether a person is eligible for pandemic unemployment benefits or not? And if so, how long does it usually take before they start receiving their benefits, and/or get their backpay? I filed my initial claim at the beginning of June and have submitted 18 weekly claims since then, but still haven’t received any payments from them. After having submitted all the information that I could think of that they would need in order to make a decision; I received a call a few days ago, where the agent asked me to upload my 2019 Tax Return, which I did immediately. You’d think they would have told me that they needed this information quite awhile ago; since I had asked them several times if I had submitted all the necessary documents and information, and was told that they couldn’t see anything that was lacking. I’m frustrated beyond belief; because my family has suffered irreparable financial harm as a result of this pandemic. Yet it’s like pulling teeth from a lions mouth trying to get someone to answer my questions when I call my local unemployment office, or email the pandemic portal. If anyone in this thread can help me; I’d be most appreciative!

    • Its a waiting game at this point for everyone smh. So sad how the processing of these claims is going and the back log that is taking so long to be cleared. Demand to request to a speak with a supervisor because all employess that answer the phone are trained to tell you to wait or that there isn’t much to do. But many people are also starting to reach out to their state legislators and representatives to put in uia inquiries to get their issues resolved. There should be the same for your state. Go on your state governments website to check. I have myself done so on Tuesday and received an email back stating that uia was contacted on my behalf and to look out for a call soon to resolve this issue. Hopefully by next Tuesday I hear back because if not I will be reaching out again. Good luck to you.

      • Ive contact my lt governor 4 times by email after reading these. I got the standard same reply i contact the office with your claimant id name etc u should be receive call in couple days. That was 4 emails ago. Not 1 call back from anyone at lt governor office. I emailed the governor and lt governor. I did get email back by some guy named Joe and of course no last name. 4th email he tell me he can only ask them look into cause doesnt work for PUA. So needless to say nothing got done after 4 emails to lt governor and governor and made 5 request to have call back from PUA supervisor. Good luck

        • Im hearing that if you put in multiple requests it will put back at the bottom from the last time a rep reached out for you. I have been in contact with mine for about 3 weeks now who has asked if UIA has called yet and have told them no. She told me to give them 2 more weeks and if nothing will reach out to UIA to push to process my claim. Was also told that there is 7000 alone in my district still waiting to get their claims reviewed so I can only imagine how many are in the other ones. I have also spoke to an employee of UIA myself on Oct. 28th that reviewed my claim and said she would send a message to her manager that I haven’t received any payment from March up to now so we’ll see how long that communication turns out. I’ve exhausted all leads that I can in getting my claim processed. Hopefully our time is coming soon. Best of luck to you.

      • It just blows my mind. If I had to guess, I’d say 75 percent of AZ beneficiaries are having the PUA payment status issue, including myself. The adjusticators and fraud investigators have ONE SINGLE JOB, but yet, everyone is starving, and saying they haven’t seen benefits since at least August(like myself). Like seriously, WTF do they do 6 days a week, 10 hrs per day? Obviously not their goddamn jobs…

        • Yeah it amazes me how there are so many people from all over in the same situations as you and I but states are supposedly doing everything to help us. How and like you said its been months. Michigan won’t even open the unemployment offices despite given money to do so. Its very frustrating. Knowing you have money waiting for you and no way to access it.

        • Same here in AZ. Claim is is review for past 6 weeks. No info other than not getting any money ans same excuse of “we will contact you if we need any information”. Sounds like a scam……State is not getting money from the Feds so they just simply DO NOT PAY and use the “claim under review” excuse! Pathetic. Elections are over and all we did is vote for a hung jury. Govt. is stopped dead in the tracks with 4 years of deadlock! While politicians keep their salary.

    • Hey Doug, I feel your pain. I also have been waiting since june. I am from Michigan but im sure our issue is the same. Basically (at least in michigan) due to wide spread fraud attempts, a select few managers have to approve all claims before funds can get released. The fraud attempts are up significantly due to the bakpay eligibility and the 600 extra weekly benifit that was attached. I understand why…… but still frustrating.

      • I am also from Michigan and haven’t received any payments from March til now. Filed almost two months ago. Have you had any update yet.

  33. Under federal and state law, the Extended Benefits program is now available for claimants who have exhausted both their 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits and 13 weeks of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) assistance. The extended benefit period began on May 31, 2020, but was not payable until recently due to the requirement that claimants exhaust PEUC before receiving extended benefits. Upon exhausting regular and PEUC benefits, Labor will issue written notification to all potentially eligible claimants informing them they can apply for the Extended Benefits program in their BEACON portal. If a claimant is determined to be eligible, the weekly benefit amount will be the same as the claimant received under the regular and PEUC programs.

  34. So i filed on June 12 2030 and am receiving weekly i however haven t got any back pay or havent been asked to do my week from april until jus. I did call and request as the state had said to and still havent heard anything since. Why what is the issue? My correspondence keeps changing dates and the pua review correspondence date is changing too but why have i not been able to claim my back weeks and everything help plz im loosing my home and owe on bills and have 4 small minor children and a new born!!!

    • Yeah I filed for my unemployment in May but they knew I was off work since March and even had my eligibility amount right I answer all their questions and I got approved for 7280 dollars but then the only send me 2 week 600 plus 600 then my 280 280 1760 all together so I just thought ok good the rest will be on the way No! A week went by so I called they said I never filed for those weeks yes I did so long story short still waiting on the rest of my money they supposedly filed for the rest around August im ii

      • I called yesterday and they told me its a waiting game ill be lucky to receive it by Christmas. Im from Ohio. She also said it was noted that I had called for back pay back in July. I asked why I havent even certified for my back weeks she cldnt answer. And said its a waiting game no time frame….

  35. Hello to all frustrated fellow Americans! I’m in Massachusetts and I filed on July 2 for PUA benefits and received a monetary decision saying I was eligible, I was then asked to verify my identity, and did not have a valid Id at the time, but was told by a representative that a birth certificate was exceptable in substitution. I went to get a copy of my bc and sent that in along with my ss card, proof of address, and I asked the representative if it would be helpful in my favor to still send in a picture of my expired license and a picture of myself holding the license as well, and she said that would probably help so I did! I then got a letter denying my claim , stating they were unable to verify my identity, and after speaking with another representative was told there was a comment for the decision to deny me which said “ claimant sent picture of expired license “! I immediately filed an appeal on July 14th and realized it would probably be best if I just make an appointment to get a new state ID while I wait to be contacted for my hearing which I did and got my ID at the registry on July 30 th and received my hard copy on August 4th which I literally missed the 5 day window for a link DUA had sent to people with identity verification issues!! I’ve been running around everywhere and jumping through hoops to get all this stuff done and haven’t wasted a single day trying to resolve the issue and I’ve also called over 50 times and even spoke to a tier 2 agent that had nothing to offer for advice other than I had to wait for my hearing date! It is now October 11th and I’ve still heard absolutely nothing as far as a scheduled hearing date goes!!! Has anyone in Massachusetts been through the appeal process with a successful outcome and perhaps had a similar situation they had to appeal for? I don’t foresee myself losing the hearing where I was told they are now conducted in person and I now have a valid ID and plan to also bring my birth certificate, letter with proof of address, and my social security card as well, but my worry is after waiting all this time already and having to attend the hearing, if overturned which I’m positive of , am I again going to have to wait month before my claim is processed and paid our??? My claim dates back to April 1st also Incase that matters….. please help me out if have any helpful information or been through the appeal process recently in Mass. I am so behind in rent I will be evicted soon if this doesn’t pan out in my favor! God Bless all of you out there with this ridiculously unfair abuse of power and lack of empathy from our government!! Such a disgrace when this was set up to help people struggling through the pandemic. My prayers are with you all daily.

    • Hi Craig I am Brandy, I live in Washington. I had the same issue but they haven’t said whether or not on any thing. I feel the frustration. No response from anyone. I have been in adjunction since July.

    • I live in Alabama and applied for PUA back in April and still i have not gotten any PUA benefits. Two appeals and have heard nothing as of yet as to when those will take place. Constantly jumping through hoops to keep myself in the system. Cant get a person on the phone and when I do they cant help me.

  36. Hi, I became eligible for pua in maine on Sept 6 and began receiving payment the beginning of oct. I called ui. office and certified weeks going back until March 15 when I became unemployed due to the pandemic. I just received a non monetary decision saying I was denied benefits from March 15 all the way up until September 28. What I find confusing is that I ALREADY received benefits from September 12 to till now. I’m wondering if that denial letter has to do with the process of getting my back pay or if they are denying me benefits of backpay and benefits I already recieved.. I am confused and exhausted with this:( does anyone know why I received that denial or has anyone gone through the same thing??? And still received benefits.

    • Did you receive a letter or call your unemployment agency to see why you were denied? If its for identity verification I would double check with that as well. I am actually waiting on my payments to be deposited for my back pay from March to September but everything is approved we are just backlogged where I am at.

      • I received a letter stating that weeks filed that proceed the effective date of the claim and the registration for work date are not in accordance with the commission rules. So I am thinking I have to call the office and ask them to change my effective date?? Hopefully that is possible. They should automatically get backdated to the date you became unemployed on the application. Lol so frustrating… thank you so much for your help! Im really counting on this backpay. To re open my businesses.

  37. Use the same address on your unemployment where you used to live and swnd your card to old address and go to post office and put in a change of address it should work out for you because all your mail will be fowarded from post office

  38. My son applied for PUA in PA and received his benefits then he got a job for VERY part time and only got to work 3.5 hours, so he filed his bi weekly claim and they had in progress for 5 weeks and did not pay him out July through August. Then he got a full time job and stopped his bi weekly and the weeks in progress completely disappeared. Still no payout on benefits. He has emailed multiple times, and called dozens of times with no luck getting through. Did get someone to talk to him on Live Chat, but they only handle regular unemployment and would not help him. He has lost out on over $3,000 in benefits. He really needs that money to pay his bills. Very frustrating!!! He followed all the rules and was actively trying to get a job and did but needed his benefits for those 5 weeks.

      • He has sent emails too every PUA and Unemployment site they offer. Plus on his personal dashboard on his personal benefit site. Did get someone on the chat app but they would not help people in PUA employment only people with regular unemployment. The phone line is still busy whenever he calls no matter what time a day. I almost feel like he should reapply again for those missing weeks being that his in progress for those weeks disappeared when he got a full time job and stop filing the biweekly.

  39. Hi my name is Angelica and I filed for reg unemployment and got denied I then filed for PUA now my question is first they sent a letter I was able to see online that I was denied so I forgot about it then they made me certify and j certified and now it’s saying pay date 10/7 nothing in account Also it says payment status weeks denied will I be getting a payment or no
    I’m so confused!

  40. How do you know if you were approved? I applied 3 days ago and got an email saying I was eligible. Does that mean I will receive it ?

  41. I was denied Unemployment, but accepted for PUA, was getting benefits until 2 weeks ago, they needed proof of identity. Have sent in but still nothing. I am going to be homeless again. Yes I know they are not supposed to be able to do that, but I have twice already. I’m at my wit’s end. don’t know what to do.

    • Me too they are doing eligibility temporary suspension it’s been 2 weeks waiting for peanuts after months a fighting for just that how hard is it to see a single page answered signed and push a darn button send ppl money maybe they should employ some ppl so ppl aren’t losing everything twice lose it finally get it fix it then bam gone again.

    • I went through that where I needed to prove my identity. You have to try to get through to someone so they can lift the hold on your payments. That’s what my situation was anyways. No one ever lifted the hold even though I has turned in everything I was supposed to. Good luck. I’m still waiting on my backpay though from March to September..

  42. Can anyone tell me if we can file for an extension after our pua runs out if needed? Mine haven’t run out yet but I am curious since a friend of mine said hers are almost up. I’m not sure if it matters what state I’m in but I live in Pennsylvania. If anyone knows the answer can you please let me know I haven’t been able to find any information about it only information on extensions for regular unemployment and PEUC. Thank you in advance.

  43. Arkansas here. I was determined eligible for PUA because I was ineligible for standard UI. For whatever reason, I was denied 3 weeks, one back in July and 2 more the first 2 weeks of August. I never received a letter detailing the denial. According to the official AR PUA explanation of benefits, I’m only able to file an appeal 20 calendar days after denial. But since I never received a letter of denial, would I be eligible to appeal it?

  44. Hello I was accepted and determined eligible for PUA benefits here in OHIO and I received all of my backpay, and was receiving my weekly payments until about 07/11/2020 when all of a sudden my payments started to not show up. I logged into my PUA account and seen that there were pending issues which were labeled “fraud” …. and it also says “Yes” to holding payment and it has now went from saying pending issues on my weekly certifications status to now saying “hold payment” ….I have changed my direct deposit information from the chime account I was originally receiving payments on, to their State issued reliacard. I also have submitted more documentation to prove myself. I submitted my state ID, my social security card, my birth certificate, proof of residence, proof of ownership to the original direct deposit account, as well as my 2019 complete tax return complete with schedule C and 1040 etc. I figured that I would just have to wait it out and eventually everything would work itself out… but now as of 09/30/2020 there is a second pending issue and is marked “PUA” and it seems to be requesting the same documents that the last issue was requesting….

    Here is what I am confused about… my Fiance went through the EXACT same thing that I am and at the exact same time this happened to me, and as of 09/24/2020, he is now receiving his weekly benefits again and has received every payment that he didn’t get paid since mid July in one lump some. Also, it never said hold payment “yes” for him. If we had the exact same issues , how come I still am not receiving my payments and why does it still say I have pending issues and to yes hold my payment? What can I do to effectively get my benefits started back up like his was? Is there something I may be missing or ? Please if anyone can help I would really appreciate it…I am at risk of losing my home

    • I’m going through the EXACT same thing you are… I called in and they told me it was a glitch, but another person told me an adjudicator put the YES hold payment on my claim. I explained to them that this was the same thing I just went through for 3 months they say be patient. I’m praying we receive those payments we are entitled to!

    • Your money is one the way! I just was approved eligible via email non monetary determination. I’m calling tomorrow to have the payment hold lifted from my account, my prayers are with you.

  45. Michigan here, alot of us on pua with the 600 retroactive back pay as well as the lwa are having wba issues being stuck in processed pending. I’m in a couple groups on reddit. Seen that uia is now asking for proof of income for 2019 and 2020. So I sent in pay stubs through miwam. 3 days later nothing, so I call and talk to someone and ask wats going on wba has nothing to do with back pay. I told her to look my miwam account up she did seen the stubs. And here is way she said well do you have 2019 tax return? I said no I didn’t work much in 2019 so I didn’t file but have a w2 would that work? She just said we just need proof of wages. I was like that’s wat I sent already. It’s not there fault guys she was really nice and was trying but I could tell she was clueless. They can only tell you wat basic info their are told. This sucks for everyone.

    • Im from Michigan and my payments from March to now have not been paid out and have been in processed pending payment and 4 in open non monetary. Have been waiting 5 weeks and just recently contacted the state rep. for my district. I am tired of being told to keep waiting especially when everything on my account has been verified or reviewed. Need a better way of processing the back log here. Hopefully I can get mine resolved soon since I reached out to a legislator. Good luck to you and everyone still waiting.

  46. Michigan here. Pua still in Payment processing. Since June! It is now October. Each time I am able to get through I get a different answer, they update my profile and screws it up! I jave sent over 100 messages! I dont get how taxes were already taken out and it is still processing… Yet workers got into big trouble for stealing unemployment money that was supposed to go towards others. Last mo th in September I received 4 normal payment of $140 after taxes that cant even fully pay for my Monthly necessities like food, Gas to mow the lawn, My menstruation items, Shampoo and the list goes on. After a few payment to it completely stopped once that lady changed my profile and told me something I already did! They need to figure this out were already getting evicted because that PUA is what I was banking on to make rent. Can’t get job here… Been trying to look. Can’t look for another place to live because I have not received any back PUA that I signed up for in June!

    • Hi you sound just like me…..still processing im in a hotel with my 2 disabled children i could just die……cant even pay for my room at all!! Need women needs and using toliet paper to get by!!! If u find any solution please contact me im going insane here Michigan messed up big time!!! What are we supposed to do?????

  47. I left a comment moments ago but forgot to add that when I did get the 2 PUA payments this month, they were only for $158 each of the 2 weeks.

    • I’m in OH and my PUA says I am eligible, but have not received any payments yet, and I filed a few months ago. Although it says I am eligible there’s 2 pending issues both listed at PUA. I called and they said to keep waiting. But I can’t get a job because I would need a day care for my child, but can’t pay with no money and a lot of day cares have a limited amount if kids that can be in the building. And my childs father/my fiance has his own work.

  48. Was receiving weekly PUA benefits until July, then my company had work for me for 6 weeks. During the weeks I was employed again I continued to file but always entered my wages for the week. During that time I didn’t receive any PUA benefits, but I didn’t expect to since I was working. However, work stopped again at the end of August, so when I filed my weekly PUA, I of course entered no work and no wages. Didn’t receive benefits for first week in Sept, but I did get them for the next 2 weeks. Filed again last week but didn’t receive any payment. Am I doing something wrong?


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