When Will The $300 Extra Weekly Unemployment Start Being Paid in My State? News and Updates on Payment With PUA and PEUC Claims


This article was last updated on May 6

The latest (ARPA) stimulus package was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President Biden on March 11th, 2021. It includes further extensions to pandemic unemployment programs (PUA and PEUC) and an extra $300 weekly FPUC supplementary UI payment. The latest supplementary $300 payment will be paid over 25 weeks starting from week of March 15th, 2021 to September 6th, 2021. This is in addition to the previous extension covering 11 weeks from December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. Eligible payments will be made retroactively in cases where state unemployment agencies face delays with rolling out system updates to process these payments.

The $300 weekly unemployment payment will be made above and beyond any regular state or enhanced federal unemployment payment and require eligible claimants to certify regularly according to their state UI agency guidelines. Claimants will need to be eligible for at least $1 of an underlying unemployment benefit to receive the $300 supplemental payment under the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program.

You do not need to take any additional action to receive this supplemental payment. States are slowly rolling out these payments for different groups of claimants starting with those already getting regular UI and state extended benefits (active claimants). Those who have exhausted benefits prior to the extensions being rolled out or new claimants will only be able to get payments once their underlying claim is approved.

I will update dates in the table below as states implement these guidelines and start making making actual payments. Please leave a comment if you find updated or incorrect information reflected in the table and I will review/update accordingly. Details on why this payment could be delayed due to PEUC or PUA roll-outs are discussed in this video.

State unemployment departments and agencies will be responsible for disbursing these benefit payments, similar to the $300 LWA and earlier $600 FPUC supplementary unemployment programs. Given the many challenges and various payment issues across states with earlier supplementary UI benefit programs, I expect this to take some time to be rolled out and require retroactive payments to get claimants caught up. So stay tuned and subscribe to get the latest updates. You can also see this $300 FPUC video for more details on this program.

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Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program – Now Expired

The temporary $300 unemployment benefit under the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program funding has now been paid in all states who participated in the program. The program expiry date was December 27th, 2020 and this means that any new or retroactive payments under this program will NO longer be paid out going forward. This has been replaced by the new $300 FPUC payment discussed above.

This supplementary payment was a temporary, but much needed benefit for unemployed or underemployed workers who lost the supplementary $600 FPUC weekly payment at the end of July. There was a lot of confusion on when the $300 would actually be paid by state UI agencies which led to the creation of the LWA state tracker table below, which shows the payment status and actual or estimated future date claimants can expect their first weekly unemployment payment, if eligible. You can also see the 1000+ comments from readers that share their experiences around the LWA payment, including some very useful tips if you are facing issues getting your $300 LWA payment.

All states that applied and were approved by FEMA were only initially awarded three weeks of funding – covering the weeks of August 1st, 8th and August 15th.  After that, states and territories will need to submit a Lost Wages Additional Week Request one week at a time for funding to pay claims for subsequent weeks. However any additional funding is subject to the $44 billion budget that is available for this program and it is almost certain that funding will run out before the December 27th expiry of this program, unless Congress approves additional funding via a formal UI benefits extension.

In fact, at this stage approved states will only get a maximum of 6 weeks of funding (weeks covering August 1st to September 5th) for the LWA program per recent FEMA guidance to state labor and unemployment agencies that have already made several weeks of payments. Several states which started making the $300 payments earlier than other states have already been notified that their LWA funding allotment has run out and no additional funding beyond will be approved. Note however that some states like Florida will only be applying for and paying 4 weeks of LWA benefits, since they didn’t meet some of the LWA program qualification rules (details here).

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) State Payment Date and Status

StateLWA StatusStart DateMax WeeksWeekly Amount
AlabamaPaidSep 6th6$300
AlaskaPaidNov 6th
(see estimate details)
ArizonaPaidAug 17th6$300
ArkansasPaidSep 12 (up to Oct 2nd)6$300
CaliforniaPaidSep 7th (Phase 1)
Sep 15th (Phase 2)
ColoradoPaidFrom Sep 18th
(in batches)
ConnecticutPaidSep 17th5$300
DelawarePaidSep 18th6$300
District of ColumbiaPaidFrom Sep 28th
(in batches)
FloridaPaidSep 8th4$300
GeorgiaPaidSep 12th6$300
HawaiiPaidSep 23rd
(see schedule)
IdahoPaidSep 12th6$300
IllinoisPaidSep 8th6$300
IndianaPaidWeek of Sep 21st6$300
IowaPaidSep 9th6$300
KansasPaidFrom Oct 6th
(see schedule/details)
KentuckyPaidSep 15th6$400
LouisianaPaidAug 27th6$300
MainePaidSep 12th6$300
MarylandPaidSep 12th (schedule)6$300
MassachusettsPaidSep 7th6$300
MichiganPaidSep 10th6$300
MinnesotaPaidSep 4th6$300
MississippiPaidSep 10th6$300
MissouriPaidAug 23rd6$300
MontanaPaidAug 30th6$400
NebraskaPaidSep 18th (First 3 weeks)
From Sep 20th (remaining payments)
NevadaPaying 5th and 6th weeksFrom Oct 20th (First 3 weeks)
From Nov 11 (Last 3 weeks)
(see DETR updates)
New HampshirePaidSep 12th6$300
New JerseyPaidFrom Oct 22nd
(see more details)
New MexicoPaidSep 10th6$300
New YorkPaidSep 14th6$300
North CarolinaPaidSep 6th (4 weeks)
Sep 16th (2 weeks)
North DakotaPaidSep 17th6$300
OhioPaidFrom Sep 14th (on PUA)
From Sep 20th (others)
OklahomaPaidSep 23rd6$300
OregonPaidOctober 2nd6$300
PennsylvaniaPaidSep 17th (first 3 wk batch)
Sep 24th (second 3wk batch)
Rhode IslandPaidSep 6th6$300
South CarolinaPaidSep 25th
(7 to 14 days processing)
South DakotaNo PaymentDid not enroll6-
TennesseePaidAug 30th6$300
TexasPaidAug 23rd6$300
UtahPaidSep 9th to Sep 23rd
(paying in batches)
VermontPaidWeek of Sep 14th6$300
VirginiaPaidOct 19th
(see payout details)
WashingtonPaidSep 22nd6$300
West VirginiaPaidSep 16th6$400

WisconsinPaidFrom Oct 22nd6$300
WyomingPaidSep 13th6$300

Payment Start date is when the state actually started processing LWA payments OR is the estimated date of the first payment processing based on available information. Note: Due to bank processing delays, it can take 2 to 4 days after the noted dates for benefits to hit your bank account or debit card. Please see links to more information in the table or your state UI website for specific payment status. If you find any mistakes or have updates, please leave a comment below and I will update table to help others.

What if my state has started making payments, but I don’t see my $300?

Claimants in most states do not need to take any action to receive the new benefits available in this program. The additional benefits will be added automatically for all claimants who are eligible and have certified for the relevant week. Their self-certification will ask them to confirm they were unemployed or partially unemployed due to COVID-19. See more FAQs on this here.

However if your state has started making payments and you haven’t received payments you need to first confirm you are eligible. This means you must be receiving at least $100 in weekly unemployment benefit payments (pre tax and before any other deductions). This includes claimants receiving any type of regular unemployment insurance benefits as well as those receiving PUA and PEUC benefits.

If you are eligible and you have not received a payment in several weeks then you will need to contact your state UI agency to ensure the claim has been processed and is not being held up due to fraud, missing/incorrect payment details or due to a weekly or bi-weekly certification issue.

See more in this article on Why Your $300 Unemployment Has Not Been Paid or Delayed.

My state has been approved and the LWA tracker says payments are being made, but when will I get my payment?

The tracker provides an actual or estimated date for the when the LWA payments start being processed by the state. If a start date has been officially published by the state, you will see the status updated to “paying now.” Otherwise it is estimate based on FEMA guidelines or if confirmed by several sources online. However this date (week start date in many cases) may not be the same as the date the actual UI payment will hit your back account or debit card. The actual date you may see the money could be several days after the official state processing start date and tied to your normal UI payment cycle. You will need to confirm via your UI online portal or state agency for the exact payment date.

Also note the payment date is generally the date when payment starts. In many states, due to volume of people being paid, claims are paid out over several days (in batches, based on SSN or First/Last Name). And given processing by banks to disburse these payments via direct deposit or debit cards can take 1 to 2 days, it may take several days after the first payment date for you to receive your payment.

I got my $900 back payment but no payments after that. Why?

The first state LWA grant approved by FEMA was only for three weeks. Hence the $900 payment (3 x $300) is what most people are seeing first, less any taxes or withholding. Subsequent $300 payments are approved and paid on a week by week basis. This includes retroactive payments which will also be staggered. Rest assured if you are eligible for past weeks you will get your payment.

Also the maximum number of weeks that can be paid under the LWA program is 6, which means the maximum payment in most states is $1800 (or $2400 if the state was paying $400 p/week). After the payment of 6 weeks, you will revert to what you were getting under existing unemployment programs.

I am got my first week of payments but not subsequent weeks.

Kristin asked, “My son just got his first payment for the weeks of 08/23 thru 08/29 and 08/30 thru 09/05. He got the extra $300 for the week of 08/23 – 08/29, but did not get the extra $300 for the week of 08/30 thru 09/05. We are in Texas. Do you know why he got it the first week, but not the second week?

Every week is processed separately by the state UI agency subject to FEMA funding. So you may be seeing some variability due to delays in approval, claim processing and eventual bank/debit card payment.

1,378 thoughts on “When Will The $300 Extra Weekly Unemployment Start Being Paid in My State? News and Updates on Payment With PUA and PEUC Claims

  1. Hello Andy they updated ct said payments wil be distributed starting 9/17/2020 FYI just to let everyone know

  2. I am in Mississippi, I got my round in full today, 9/14, I think. The amounts are confusing. For instance, I got two deposits today, totaled together, they are still shy of around $42 of what I have been seeing + the $900. I have tried to contact someone at MDES for help with this. Offered explanations needed :)

    1. John here in MS as well. I also received my full round yesterday for $1500

    2. I’m in Mississippi, I got 3 separate payments; $300, then 2 for $600 (which I got yesterday). My bf just got his $1500 today, in the same 3 payments. His was direct deposit to the bank and he always gets his payments a day later than Me.

  3. Hi Andy, is there a reason that the tracker board still has Wyoming as unknown? They were supposed to start paying out Sept 13. Still nothing. I filed my last claim yesterday, will it be on my pay Wednesday,? I see alot of people saying they check their summary on their unemployment page, I don’t have a summary option? How do I check if a payment has gone out?

  4. Im from south carolina I recive pua 109 a week will i get the 300 dollars an its says sept 20th

  5. Hi Andy…this is Kim from PA.
    It says we will start receiving our $300 payments on Sept.14th.
    There is nothing showing on my account or claim summary.
    I receive pua, which stated I did not have to apply.
    Will I receive it with my regular payment on Wednesday?

    1. In PA, LWA payments are made at the end of each week, meaning you will receive your LWA payments after you are paid benefit payments for one of the qualifying programs. This will result in your regular benefits and your LWA benefits being received approximately 1 week apart. See more on the dedicated PA UI page.

  6. Hey Andy is there updates on Arkansas I qualify for the LWA and it says their going to start paying on Sept 12 I just checked and it’s showing all I’m going to receive this week is my regular amount can anybody help me with this PLEASE

    1. Just saw a recent update from AK – DWS plans to begin issuing payments the second week of September. Payments will begin no later than October 2, 2020. Benefits will be paid retroactively for those determined eligible as long as funding is available. So your payment may just be delayed.

      Also the good news for AK claimaints is that since the minimum weekly benefit amount for PUA is $132, PUA claimants who are otherwise eligible for benefits will automatically receive the $300 LWA benefit.

      Source : https://www.dws.arkansas.gov/src/files/LWA_Press_Release_0908.pdf

  7. I live in Utah, it says they are sending out payments . The date shows for last week and ends tommorow. I get over 100$ so I qualify but it shows I’m only getting my regular payment tomorrow and does not have any extra added ( the 300$ or 900$).. will it only come with your weekly payment or it can come separate ? Has anyone from Utah received any payments yet?

    1. The LWA program in UT is for a total of six weeks and is available to individuals who received unemployment insurance, and meet all other eligibility factors, from the time period of July 26, 2020 through Sept. 5, 2020.

      The LWA benefits will primarily be paid out in two payments. Each payment will take approximately a week to distribute, following the approximate calendar:

      ● LWA Payments for July 26, 2020 through Aug. 15, 2020 – Payments began on Sept. 9, 2020, and will continue through Sept. 15, 2020
      ● LWA Payments for Aug. 16, 2020, through Sept. 5, 2020 – Payments will begin on Sept. 16, 2020, and continue through Sept. 23, 2020

      Source – https://jobs.utah.gov/covid19/lostwagefaq.pdf

    1. well it did say sept 13th earlier and now it says the 21st?? i dont understand this!

      1. Updated based on new information and the fact no one was getting paid this week.

        1. Andy hey this is James from Florida . I see so far that I recieved 3 payments 1st week ($900) , $300 the 2nd week , (All on Monday) and now this week Monday recieved Nothing at all sucks! Cause I see on chart for Florida it’s 4 weeks only and Everyone else is getting 6 weeks so I’m wondering will we get some type of help to getting 2 more or more ‍♂️????? Hopefully!

  8. My question is would the LWA money would it be a check or would it go in my unemployment debit card. I’m from pa hope to hear an answer soon

    1. Nothing from ky yet…I thought beshears said first payment went out Friday . .lies…

  9. I am so upset. I FULLY PRAYED AND EXPECTED to get this money today. I have never needed money more then I do at this moment. Did anyone get their LWA money deposited this morning in Pennsylvania? Like the $&@k!!!’

    1. I’m in the same boat! We went from having full time jobs and a home a couple months ago to sleeping in the car right this moment because we don’t have money for a room! I have been reading up on payments all weekend and just knew North Carolina was going to pay out Monday morning…..but I received $132!!! I will pray for us all!

  10. I checked my UI claim the money is there it was received 9/11 but it hasn’t been deposited on my card when can I expect this from Georgia

  11. Arkansas only paid one week of the 3 weeks fema approved. What is next date to receive the rest of the back payments.

    1. Did you get that today I went on the website and it’s showing me that I’m only getting my regular amount this week

  12. Hi everyone,
    This is so frustrating to me, here we are starting another week and in California and I still haven’t seen not one $300 payment posted to my account. I guess by the time they get to me they will already be out of funds. Well anyway everyone keep your heads up and stay blessed.

    1. Same Here, I am eligible and have yet to receive the extra $300 dollar payments. I have also spoke to many others that have already received all of their LWA payments. I do not understand what is going on.

  13. I’m in CT and on the chart it says sept 13. It’s sept 14th and I looked at what my payout would be and it says my regular benefit. They said mid September it’s mid sept. I’m over it.

    1. These are estimated dates. I’ll move out a week since no one from CT is reporting payments. Here is what the official site says – A total of five weeks of Lost Wages Assistance will be paid in addition to regular unemployment weekly benefits and will be retroactive to the claim week beginning July 26, 2020. It will also be available for claim weeks beginning August 2, 9, 16, and 23, 2020. Claimants will receive the supplemental benefit in several payments upon self-certification. The first payment of $300 is issued mid-September with the remainder of retroactive payments following in two or three separate payments.

  14. I have regular UC. I applied for the lwa certificate on 9/6 @ 730 am. I did it biweekly 9/13 will I get the money this week or not until the 21…in PA

  15. It’s the 13th and Kentuckians still haven’t received their payment. 1st it was the 6th then 13th so what’s really going on ?! Does anyone have any updates?!

  16. I live in ny. It says retroactive Aug 2 9 and 16th. I did not receive any payment today. And it says it starts the 14th. Could it arrive in the next few days??

  17. I’m in N.C. and I only received my $132 this morning (9/14)…. I’m currently living in a hotel (with a couple nights in my car here and there) and I am beyond scared and stressed! Just a couple months ago I had a full time job and a home and now I’m practically homeless and alone. The cheapest hotel room here is almost $53 a night and I might get two nights out of the current amount I receive. I am on extended benefits and I have one week left. I have sent my resume out everywhere and I have heard nothing. I guess I’m going to try to look up local shelters. I really need anything extra I can get right now. I pray that N.C. adds the lwa soon or I’m done.

  18. I am eligible but I do not see the extra $300 payments after they said it’s starts today..

    1. Where are you located? I’m stuck because of this CV CRAP and we we’re supposed to get payments today and I got NOTHINGGG this morning. I’m in PA!

  19. I’m in Michigan and it says that our state is paying now and the date is September 10. How long should it take to get on my bank account. I certified for my 2 weeks September 13 and it said I was getting $157 my usual amount from unemployment does that mean I might not get the extra $300?

  20. Does anyone know whats going on with CA? I meet all the requirements and site says state started paying out as of the 7th. I have not received any info about LWA.

  21. I’m from California, I recieved my $300 but haven’t received the $600. Does anyone know when & why I haven’t recieved it?

    1. The $600 I think you are referring to has already ended as of July 25 from the original CARES ACT. No one will be getting an extra $600/ week anymore unless Congress comes to an agreement.

  22. I have received 4 payments that isn’t on my card and looking for 2 more I’ve filed a weekly certification for this week will MDES pay all 6 payments tomorrow

  23. When is VA going to receive the funds??? This doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s really unfair to the citizens. Our Governor needs to do a better especially when it comes to updating us on when we should receive it.

    1. VA just confirmed on their UI website – The department’s IT team is in the process of programming for LWA. We expect programming to be complete and the agency to be in a positon to make payments September 30. The tracker table in this article has been updated.

      Claimants do not need to file a separate application to receive LWA. They will need to self-certify that they are unemployed/partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by Covid 19. (instructions for certification will follow)

      LWA will be retroactive to week ending August 1, 2020.

      Source – https://www.vec.virginia.gov/html/lwa.html

  24. Hello when is Ohio getting paid the 300 pua back pay? It says pending September 13 2020 is this true? I looked on the system this evening and it’s only showing what I normally get, not reflecting the 300 extra retro…..

    1. I checked Ohio today it says 21st of September pending date I haven’t received a check at all

    1. I just checked mine in Ohio but just regular pay this week it says 160.00. No additions.

    2. No ohio doesn’t start tomorrow they pushed the dared back for a third time 9/13 then to 9/15 now they saying 9/21

      1. Don’t these payments go directly in card account or will it be sent out through the weekly certifications?

  25. Im from ga i have the 900 posted as paid on dol but havent received the funds on my card yet

    1. Same here I got 4 weeks in aug all said paid only 1 of them was on my card though

    2. They (the bank) didn’t release it for me for four days. It was saying paid on the DOL site but the bank said they weren’t allowed to release the funds for four days at the GA DOL request.

  26. Well the Ohio link says end of September.. then the table says the 13th.. today is the 13th and I haven’t heard a thing and it seems that the end of Sept is what I’ve seen more so

    1. This is all so frustrating I’d just like for my job to open back up even though I’m scared as heck because of underlying health issues but,at this point my landlord has got to think I’m a liar. Governor Dewine is not helping us here in ohio with all these different dates. I’ve never been scared of being evicted ever in my life but now iam. Thanks Corona virus and Ohio thanks.

      1. There’s an eviction moratorium out so try again . U can’t be evicted until at the earliest jan 1st 2021 for not paying rent . Big facts google it .

    2. What does everyone who is waiting for the 300 in Ohio expect! As long as DeWine can delay the payment more interest money will be collected by the state. He and his team do not care if the citizens of Ohio are struggling, he only cares about how he looks doing his COVID TV updates, he could keep us updated during these updates on the status, but he chooses to ignore the issue. It is time to vote this November, vote out these elected officials who do not care about us! Senators and Congressmen also are to blame, no one in Ohio politics want to work together to solve the problem. Do not count on seeing anything extra on September 21! They will have an excuse ready to delay the payments.

      1. Awwwwww man..I was feeling hopeful. Now after reading this I believe you and am now disappointed

  27. I’m in Georgia and it says Sept 11th and Sept 13th I’m wondering if anyone has received the payments yet.

    1. I checked my claim summary on the ga pua portal and selected the lwa link and it showed that on Tuesday I will be receiving $900 for the first 3 weeks of August. I also read somewhere that they would be splitting the payments into two lumps sums. The 2nd to be deposited at the end of the same week you get your 1rst payment. I hope this helped, I understand how it is trying to figure this process all out. Idk why they didn’t simply deposit all of the back dated amounts at one time… ……

  28. I filed the regular claim today, this post said the lwa in Wyoming will start paying today, Sept 13. On my unemployment site, it has at top the the lwa will not be paid in lump sum but staggered out. I thought everyone would get the back 3 weeks? And the tracker board for Wyoming has not been updated, it still said unknown. What is going on

  29. John here in Mississippi- on Thursday 9-10 I showed one $300 payment from MDES. Payment but haven’t received any funds yet in my back account. On Friday 9-11 two additional payments show up as a payment for a total of three. And yesterday 9-12 two additional payments were made for a total of 5 – none of which have made it to my bank account – anyone else seeing this?

    1. 3 other people I know and myself are experiencing the exact same problem in Mississippi ….not sure what’s going on but I will call and try to figure this out later on today

  30. I live in SC and do not understand why it takes so long for them to implement this change to their system. I dont see how anyone can make it through these times. It’s so stressful. I see mixed dates for SC do we know that Sept 20 is accurate? Or is it an estimate? They get their funding as soon as they are approved so making people wait 3 weeks is wrong. Other states did not take that long

    1. I’m from Connecticut they gave us a date of September 13. Went online to check and only my regular unemployment went through. Struggling here. This is really unfair. I understand how you feel.

  31. Florida here I qualify , turned my weeks in but I haven’t received the 900.00 . If they started paying out on the 8th when should we see it in our direct deposit ?

    1. Im from WPB,FL my LWA payments was issued on 9/8/2020 for 3 weeks and i recieved my $900 in a check on 9/14/2020 because of the weekend also i have another week i got posted yesterday 9/14/2020 on the same day i got my payment (issued 9/8/2020) so if LWA is paying weekly than that 9/14/2020 check should be here this week but for only $300 on 9/18/2020

  32. Hey My question Is, After Recievinh that first 3 weeks of backpay for LWA will it continue after this? Or at least 2 more from 8/23-9/5?? And does it post on a Monday like the first 3 weeks did? Or after we file for our 2 weeks??

  33. Andy, What happens when my PEUC ends? I’ve done used up my Regular Unemployment and get PEUC but it ends in a few weeks..I’ve been looking for a job here in Arkansas but I’ve had no luck. What do I do next? And I don’t qualify for the extra $300 a week bc I only draw $81 weekly. I don’t know if our Governor is going to add to the weekly amount for ppl like me that don’t get $100 a week.. I don’t know what to do..

        1. Anyone that was self employed with a legitimate business can file for a SBA Disaster loan, but only up to September 30, 2020

    1. I’m in Arkansas and it says that they started paying on Sept 12 but I just checked my account and I am only getting my original amount I wonder if the extra 300 will be on my next week payment can anybody help me out with this

      1. David,
        At least you are getting something bc I’m not!! I get $81 a week after taxes $73..I know everyone is hurting at this time, I’m not trying to downsize that, but a lot of us are hurting worse then others. I’m not saying this directly to you or anyone else in particular, I’m just saying it’s not fair that some ppl get the extra help while others suffer!! To me it’s so unfair!!

  34. In Georgia and lwa says paid on 9/11 but has yet to hit my account. What does this mean

    1. I means you’re impatient just as I’m sure based on your screen name as you are over weight . Simmer down now…

  35. Hi I live in SC it says we are pending payment on the 20 of Sept is there something in need on my end to ensure that I received the 300 payments from LWA..yes i receive weekly benefits of more than 100 dollars..Need to know

  36. my payment was ‘sent out on Sept 10’ when should I expect it in the mail? is it being sent as first class mail?

  37. hello Andy any information would be helpful I live in Ohio and I have seen comments from every state but mine do you have any updates Ohio is doing a terrible job in communicating anything to us thank you

  38. Connecticut: it says mid September. Does that mean I will receive benefits on my debit card this Tuesday along with my regulars unemployment Benefits? I can’t seem to find why information on the news outlets about if it will be this week. It just says mid September.

    1. I’m from ct is wondering the same thing this whole thing is confusing

      1. Woke up today pretty disappointed, it’s not there. They said mid September. Isn’t it mid September? This was my last week filing…. next week I won’t be able to file I ran out of benefits. As of right now it won’t let me apply for extended benefits I don’t know if I have to wait till next week or not. I feel helpless. I know the money will come. By the time it does I’ll be so far behind on my bills it almost won’t matter….

        1. I’m in CT also they said it will start paying out on the 17th of this month so hopefully we will receive it by the end of this WK or it will be with are payment next year!!!!!!!……. I Kno it’s hard I’m going through it just like everyone else but just hv faith it will come God bless

      2. I’m in CT also it says it will b paid on the 17th of this month so hopefully we get it this WK or with our regular payment next wk

  39. I’m from Mississippi and it’s showing 5 payments on mine. Only 1 was on my card. The other 4 have not went through yet

    1. I’m showing 5 as well for Mississippi 3 as paid on the 11th and 2 additional showing paid for the 12th – I get direct deposit to my checking account and haven’t seen any funds yet

  40. Are there any updates on Georgia? GDOL said that there would be 2 separate disbursement batches, and I’ve seen conflicting dates of actual payments

    1. Georgia- My UI Portal says $900 Payment submitted September 11th, since that was on a Friday I’m assuming the Pmts will hit my Card Monday or Tuesday

  41. ANDY,
    I have a question I’m in NC. I received the $900 for the first 3 weeks of august and have been reading that there are 3 additional weeks approved for the state’s getting funding. So can u tell me of NC is one of the states that FEMA has already approved for the extra 3 weeks of pay totalling up to 6 weeks total so far? Theres nothing posted on our unemployment website about payments.

    1. Yes. All states can get up to 6 weeks. NC has to apply for extra weeks and FEMA will approve the additional 3. Just a slow process to make these out and you should see them in the next week or so if you are eligible for those weeks

      1. West Virginia announced Friday FEMA has ended funding for the program. WorkForce will receive enough money to provide those unemployed an additional $300 a week from Aug. 1 to Sept. 5. The first checks are scheduled to go out Monday. So does this mean no one else gets the unemployment. I have no clue how this works. My physician placed me on high risk 2 weeks ago.

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