2024 IRS Cycle Code Chart – Using Your IRS Tax Transcript to Get Refund Processing Updates and Direct Deposit Dates

Every tax season there is a guessing game played by millions of American tax payers on when they will get their refund payment deposited into their bank account.

There is the so-called IRS refund schedule, which has estimated dates for when the agency will make refund deposits to bank accounts or send out mailed checks.

But this is just an estimate and does not account for processing delays, statutory limitations (e.g PATH act) and other reasons refunds could get delayed beyond the normal processing schedule.

So another way, as discussed in this article, is to check your IRS tax transcript (free from your IRS account) that shows what is called a “cycle code.” This is an eight digit number that indicates when your tax return posted to the IRS Master File (IMF).

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The cycle code is updated regularly and when combined with tax transaction codes on your IRS transcript, can provide insight into your tax refund status (including amended returns), processing stages and potential direct deposit date.

What does the transcript cycle code mean?

The tax transcript cycle code means your return has been submitted to the IRS master file (IMF) and generally means that your filed tax return is under processing (code 152) by the IRS.

But remember the cycle code + tax topic code, need to be used together to figure your return or refund status given they change during the IRS processing cycle.

You will need to wait for the 846 code (refund issued) to show on your transcript. This means the IRS has processed your return and your estimated direct deposit date (DDD) has been determined. See section below for more details on this code.

The IRS can and does update cycle codes and dates regularly and are pretty careful about disclosing specific details given issues in past tax years.

However we do know the IRS updates returns in batches/cycles and your IRS cycle code tells you which batch you are in and whether your transcript tax return information is updated on a daily or weekly basis.

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How do I find and interpret my IRS Cycle Code?

You will need to get access to your (free) official IRS transcript. Once you have that look for the cycle date per the image below. It will be a 8 digit number like this 20220602.

The cycle is interpreted as follows: (YEAR)(WEEK OF YEAR)(DAY OF WEEK)

IRS Cycle Code Example and What It Means
IRS Cycle Code and What It Means

2022 [First four digits] – This is the tax processing year. 2022 in this example. It will be 2024 for the current tax season.

06 [Digits 5 and 6] – This is the week of year. So 06 means the 6th calendar week of the year. Months are not a factor here. Get a calendar out and count the weeks to determine this (a week goes Monday to Sunday). So Jan 3rd, 2022 to Jan 9th 2022 is Week 1, January 24th to January 30th is Week 4, February 7th to 13th is Week 6.

02 [Digits 7 and 8] This is the “day of the week” for your IRS Account and when it posts to the IRS master file (IMF). Posting is classified as either being updated weekly or daily. Cycle codes ending in 01, 02, 03, 04 are daily accounts. Cycle codes ending in 05 are generally weekly accounts.

A full table of 2024 cycle codes and calendar dates is shown below. I update this during tax season with any changes and you can subscribe (free) via email to get the latest updates.

Note the IRS weekly processing starts on a Friday, not a Monday. I know strange, but that’s what it is.

There are 4 daily processing days per week (includes transcript and WMR/IRS2Go updates). So 01= Friday, 02=Monday, 03 = Tuesday, 04 = Wednesday and 05 is Thursday is generally reserved for weekly processing.

02 means this is a “daily” posted account and the posting to the IMF (IRS master file) will generally occur on Monday.

So using the example above, 20220602 cycle date is equivalent to a calendar date of Monday, February 7th, 2022. It means your return was successfully filed and you are in a daily batch cycle.

There is also an estimated processing date of Feb 28th, 2022 noted in the transcript example above.

Weekly vs Daily processing cycles

While WMR/IRS2Go and your transcript can update any day, they generally have major updates once a week and aligned to your cycle.

As detailed in this article, major WMR status updates for daily accounts (cycle codes 01 to 04) usually occur on Wednesdays; and major status updates on weekly (05 cycle code) accounts are generally on Saturdays.

Mass transcript updates for those with daily accounts (in the IRS Master File) are usually on Tuesdays; while those with weekly processed accounts generally see major updates on on Fridays. You can see more in this video.

Note that your cycle code can also change during a tax season (e.g. you from from daily to weekly) through resequencing of your tax return in the IRS master file. This will result in your tax return being pushed out one or more cycles (and likely result in a delayed refund).

Refund direct deposit date (with Code 846) via cycle code

When you see the IRS code 846 (refund of overpayment) on your transcript it means a refund has been issued. This is when you can use the cycle code to get an estimated payment date for your refund. It will generally be the day after your “day of the week” cycle code.

So if you are on a Tuesday daily cycle, your refund will likely hit your account on a Wednesday. Paper checks will take 5 to 7 days longer.

I have seen cases, due to processing backlogs, where the actual refund deposit (transaction date) into your bank account or financial card could happen 2 to 3 days after your cycle date. Don’t get too stressed if a couple of days off. This has been happening a lot in the last few years!

IRS Cycle Codes and Calendar Dates Table

The table below shows the 2024 IRS cycle codes with calendar date conversion. Remember your transcript cycle code can update/change through out the tax season as your tax return is processed.

2024 Calendar date to IRS cycle code

Calendar DateCycle Code
Monday, January 1, 202420240102
Tuesday, January 2, 202420240103
Wednesday, January 3, 202420240104
Thursday, January 4, 202420240105
Friday, January 5, 202420240101
Monday, January 8, 202420240202
Tuesday, January 9, 202420240203
Wednesday, January 10, 202420240204
Thursday, January 11, 202420240205
Friday, January 12, 202420240201
Monday, January 15, 202420240302
Tuesday, January 16, 202420240303
Wednesday, January 17, 202420240304
Thursday, January 18, 202420240305
Friday, January 19, 202420240301
Monday, January 22, 202420240402
Tuesday, January 23, 202420240403
Wednesday, January 24, 202420240404
Thursday, January 25, 202420240405
Friday, January 26, 202420240401
Monday, January 29, 202420240502
Tuesday, January 30, 202420240503
Wednesday, January 31, 202420240504
Thursday, February 1, 202420240505
Friday, February 2, 202420240501
Monday, February 5, 202420240602
Tuesday, February 6, 202420240603
Wednesday, February 7, 202420240604
Thursday, February 8, 202420240605
Friday, February 9, 202420240601
Monday, February 12, 202420240702
Tuesday, February 13, 202420240703
Wednesday, February 14, 202420240704
Thursday, February 15, 202420240705
Friday, February 16, 202420240701
Monday, February 19, 202420240802
Tuesday, February 20, 202420240803
Wednesday, February 21, 202420240804
Thursday, February 22, 202420240805
Friday, February 23, 202420240801
Monday, February 26, 202420240902
Tuesday, February 27, 202420240903
Wednesday, February 28, 202420240904
Thursday, February 29, 202420240905
Friday, March 1, 202420240901
Monday, March 4, 202420241002
Tuesday, March 5, 202420241003
Wednesday, March 6, 202420241004
Thursday, March 7, 202420241005
Friday, March 8, 202420241001
Monday, March 11, 202420241102
Tuesday, March 12, 202420241103
Wednesday, March 13, 202420241104
Thursday, March 14, 202420241105
Friday, March 15, 202420241101
Monday, March 18, 202420241202
Tuesday, March 19, 202420241203
Wednesday, March 20, 202420241204
Thursday, March 21, 202420241205
Friday, March 22, 202420241201
Monday, March 25, 202420241302
Tuesday, March 26, 202420241303
Wednesday, March 27, 202420241304
Thursday, March 28, 202420241305
Friday, March 29, 202420241301
Monday, April 1, 202420241402
Tuesday, April 2, 202420241403
Wednesday, April 3, 202420241404
Thursday, April 4, 202420241405
Friday, April 5, 202420241401
Monday, April 8, 202420241502
Tuesday, April 9, 202420241503
Wednesday, April 10, 202420241504
Thursday, April 11, 202420241505
Friday, April 12, 202420241501
Monday, April 15, 202420241602
Tuesday, April 16, 202420241603
Wednesday, April 17, 202420241604
Thursday, April 18, 202420241605
Friday, April 19, 202420241601
Monday, April 22, 202420241702
Tuesday, April 23, 202420241703
Wednesday, April 24, 202420241704
Thursday, April 25, 202420241705
Friday, April 26, 202420241701
Monday, April 29, 202420241802
Tuesday, April 30, 202420241803
Wednesday, May 1, 202420241804
Thursday, May 2, 202420241805
Friday, May 3, 202420241801
Monday, May 6, 202420241902
Tuesday, May 7, 202420241903
Wednesday, May 8, 202420241904
Thursday, May 9, 202420241905
Friday, May 10, 202420241901
Monday, May 13, 202420242002
Tuesday, May 14, 202420242003
Wednesday, May 15, 202420242004
Thursday, May 16, 202420242005
Friday, May 17, 202420242001
Monday, May 20, 202420242102
Tuesday, May 21, 202420242103
Wednesday, May 22, 202420242104
Thursday, May 23, 202420242105
Friday, May 24, 202420242101
Monday, May 27, 202420242202
Tuesday, May 28, 202420242203
Wednesday, May 29, 202420242204
Thursday, May 30, 202420242205
Friday, May 31, 202420242201
Monday, June 3, 202420242302
Tuesday, June 4, 202420242303
Wednesday, June 5, 202420242304
Thursday, June 6, 202420242305
Friday, June 7, 202420242301
Monday, June 10, 202420242402
Tuesday, June 11, 202420242403
Wednesday, June 12, 202420242404
Thursday, June 13, 202420242405
Friday, June 14, 202420242401
Monday, June 17, 202420242502
Tuesday, June 18, 202420242503
Wednesday, June 19, 202420242504
Thursday, June 20, 202420242505
Friday, June 21, 202420242501
Monday, June 24, 202420242602
Tuesday, June 25, 202420242603
Wednesday, June 26, 202420242604
Thursday, June 27, 202420242605
Friday, June 28, 202420242601
Monday, July 1, 202420242702
Tuesday, July 2, 202420242703
Wednesday, July 3, 202420242704
Thursday, July 4, 202420242705
Friday, July 5, 202420242701
Monday, July 8, 202420242802
Tuesday, July 9, 202420242803
Wednesday, July 10, 202420242804
Thursday, July 11, 202420242805
Friday, July 12, 202420242801
Monday, July 15, 202420242902
Tuesday, July 16, 202420242903
Wednesday, July 17, 202420242904
Thursday, July 18, 202420242905
Friday, July 19, 202420242901
Monday, July 22, 202420243002
Tuesday, July 23, 202420243003
Wednesday, July 24, 202420243004
Thursday, July 25, 202420243005
Friday, July 26, 202420243001
Monday, July 29, 202420243102
Tuesday, July 30, 202420243103
Wednesday, July 31, 202420243104
Thursday, August 1, 202420243105
Friday, August 2, 202420243101
Monday, August 5, 202420243202
Tuesday, August 6, 202420243203
Wednesday, August 7, 202420243204
Thursday, August 8, 202420243205
Friday, August 9, 202420243201
Monday, August 12, 202420243302
Tuesday, August 13, 202420243303
Wednesday, August 14, 202420243304
Thursday, August 15, 202420243305
Friday, August 16, 202420243301
Monday, August 19, 202420243402
Tuesday, August 20, 202420243403
Wednesday, August 21, 202420243404
Thursday, August 22, 202420243405
Friday, August 23, 202420243401
Monday, August 26, 202420243502
Tuesday, August 27, 202420243503
Wednesday, August 28, 202420243504
Thursday, August 29, 202420243505
Friday, August 30, 202420243501
Monday, September 2, 202420243602
Tuesday, September 3, 202420243603
Wednesday, September 4, 202420243604
Thursday, September 5, 202420243605
Friday, September 6, 202420243601
Monday, September 9, 202420243702
Tuesday, September 10, 202420243703
Wednesday, September 11, 202420243704
Thursday, September 12, 202420243705
Friday, September 13, 202420243701
Monday, September 16, 202420243802
Tuesday, September 17, 202420243803
Wednesday, September 18, 202420243804
Thursday, September 19, 202420243805
Friday, September 20, 202420243801
Monday, September 23, 202420243902
Tuesday, September 24, 202420243903
Wednesday, September 25, 202420243904
Thursday, September 26, 202420243905
Friday, September 27, 202420243901
Monday, September 30, 202420244002
Tuesday, October 1, 202420244003
Wednesday, October 2, 202420244004
Thursday, October 3, 202420244005
Friday, October 4, 202420244001
Monday, October 7, 202420244102
Tuesday, October 8, 202420244103
Wednesday, October 9, 202420244104
Thursday, October 10, 202420244105
Friday, October 11, 202420244101
Monday, October 14, 202420244202
Tuesday, October 15, 202420244203
Wednesday, October 16, 202420244204
Thursday, October 17, 202420244205
Friday, October 18, 202420244201
Monday, October 21, 202420244302
Tuesday, October 22, 202420244303
Wednesday, October 23, 202420244304
Thursday, October 24, 202420244305
Friday, October 25, 202420244301
Monday, October 28, 202420244402
Tuesday, October 29, 202420244403
Wednesday, October 30, 202420244404
Thursday, October 31, 202420244405
Friday, November 1, 202420244401
Monday, November 4, 202420244502
Tuesday, November 5, 202420244503
Wednesday, November 6, 202420244504
Thursday, November 7, 202420244505
Friday, November 8, 202420244501
Monday, November 11, 202420244602
Tuesday, November 12, 202420244603
Wednesday, November 13, 202420244604
Thursday, November 14, 202420244605
Friday, November 15, 202420244601
Monday, November 18, 202420244702
Tuesday, November 19, 202420244703
Wednesday, November 20, 202420244704
Thursday, November 21, 202420244705
Friday, November 22, 202420244701
Monday, November 25, 202420244802
Tuesday, November 26, 202420244803
Wednesday, November 27, 202420244804
Thursday, November 28, 202420244805
Friday, November 29, 202420244801
Monday, December 2, 202420244902
Tuesday, December 3, 202420244903
Wednesday, December 4, 202420244904
Thursday, December 5, 202420244905
Friday, December 6, 202420244901
Monday, December 9, 202420245002
Tuesday, December 10, 202420245003
Wednesday, December 11, 202420245004
Thursday, December 12, 202420245005
Friday, December 13, 202420245001
Monday, December 16, 202420245102
Tuesday, December 17, 202420245103
Wednesday, December 18, 202420245104
Thursday, December 19, 202420245105
Friday, December 20, 202420245101
Monday, December 23, 202420245202
Tuesday, December 24, 202420245203
Wednesday, December 25, 202420245204
Thursday, December 26, 202420245205
Friday, December 27, 202420245201
Monday, December 30, 202420245302
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218 thoughts on “2024 IRS Cycle Code Chart – Using Your IRS Tax Transcript to Get Refund Processing Updates and Direct Deposit Dates”

  1. Accept 1/25. Processing date 2/28. As of date 3/7. 570 code with date 2/28. 971 code with date 3/7. I received a notice today. But just informing me of the stimulus amount. Does not ask me to do anything else. Can anyone shed light on this situation. Should I have update/ 846 soon.

  2. WMR went from processing to under review. I know I have a debt with the irs and on transcript it shows they are collecting. I have 766 and 768 with a 826. My cycle date is March 7th. Since I claimed EITC and ATC. Had the same issue last year with my return missing a payment for a child and amended.

  3. WMR says, “We apologize, but your return processing has been delayed beyond the normal timeframe.” Transcript says code 846 with date of 03/09/22, is this the date I will receive my deposit? Thanks.

  4. Is the return due date still accurate even with a 570 code?
    My return date is 4/15/22 and my processing date is 3/14/22, but the 570 code is showing up as 3/14/22 which doesn’t make sense to me since this is a future date?

    • 570 is just for pending actions on your account. The date is a system generated future date for expected resolution. The refund date is on line 846. You should generally see updates every week if you are in a weekly cycle, and other dates will change.

  5. I know I’ve seen this but can’t remember where , so I’m asking for my my code is 20220805 I know that means uploaded to their files on February 24

    They adjusted my refund because I accidentally forgot to include one of the rebate amounts honestly forgot but they fixed it I saw in my transcript, I have a code 570 (it has a 0 balance) and 971(the notice issued) it then at the top has -and dollar amount (my updated refund) and says as of March 14,2022 what does that mean? Thank you so much

    • They probably sent you a paper check instead a lot of people have been having that same problem and end up with a check mailed to them .

  6. My account balance on my transcript is less than what my refund is. Code 570 is listed on my transcript with a date 3/14/2022(that is also the “as of” date). Cycle code is 20220805. Does this mean the TC 570 issue was resolved resulting in a lesser amount being sent to me on or before 3/14/2022?

  7. Ok so I filed thru turbotax on 2-5 and was accepted by irs same day. My issue is one that I haven’t seen on any of the threads. I had a baby in June of 2021, and I do know that this baby qualifies for the 1400 and the 3600, however when I did my return, it only had me input info for my 11yr old, and the only thing I am seeing is cycle date 20220805, and my refund is showing 2100 less than when I filed. I also have 971 code and 570 I believe. But I have been checking everyday with still no updates or new information. It has shown the same information for almost 2 weeks now.

  8. I was told by the IRS I do not qualify for EIC. I don’t understand Im filing the same two children and I made less than the minimum to qualify. I now have 766 code and then 570 no 768 code. HELLLPP

  9. There is also an estimated processing date of Feb 28th, 2022 noted in the transcript ..

    Mines the 28th Feb like the picture . What do that mean I’m confused

  10. I still don’t no where my refund or any of my tax statements are from last year I filed 3 yrs last year this time I don’t have my refund amount so I can’t access the irs portal

  11. Hi. My number is 20220805, Date of March 14, 2022. But my code is still 105. So just to clarify, I need to wait on the 846 code but the date is just a estimate?

  12. Hello Andy!

    Question….my batch code is 20221105, but the date next to 846 says 03/02/2022. Which date do I follow?

    Thanks for your help!

    • The 846 date is generally more accurate. The cycle code is your IRS master file processing date and can lag actual payment refund dates by a few days depending on which cycle day you are in.

  13. Hello, my bar on WMR has disappeared, but the topic still shows 152. The cycle code on my transcript starts with 2021 instead of 2022. Also, the “as of” date on my transcript shows December 20, 2021, but the last time I checked it (hours ago), it said March 14, 2022. What does this mean? Can you shed some light on this situation?
    (This is my second time posting this, the first post somehow disappeared)

    • I was supposed to get my refund today and didn’t. I also had my as of date move forward and then back ward to last year. Did you ever get any money ?

    • Topic 152 is just a general automatic message that has happened to me for the pass three years I get one bar then my entire bar vanishes an I get the message that my return has been received and is still being processed with topic 152 if you are seeing this message 9 times out of ten your return was accepted and approved the system is just over exhausted an this message was generated to keep tax payers claim when the where is my refund tool has reached its max with a ton of data. This year I created an account on the IRS.gov portal viewed my transcript yesterday and like in other comments it’s was showing (846) return issued with last year’s date today it updated and my date is 03/09/2022 my batch number is 20220805 (I filed late night 2/4) anyone with direct deposit using Venmo or cash app will receive return two days sooner than predicted going off my batch group normally I would have gotten my return 3/24/2022 but since I got earned income credit it was a bit delayed I hope this can help ease some of your worries an anything you have questions about the IRS website has the answers you just have to dig sometimes

  14. My transcript said as of march 14, 2022 but my cycle is 20220805.. should I expect it today or the 15 of march??

    • By March 15. The cycle is more tied to processing and could take a few days to get to your bank. You also need to see code 846 on your transcript

      • So if my cycle code is 20220705 and my 846 is 02/28/2022 but I am suppose to recieve a paper check when should I expect it by

        • The IRS says paper checks can take 6 to 8 weeks to be sent. However I am hearing 1 to 3 weeks if already processed (see some other comments here)

  15. Not sure why my comment was deleted… Here it is again….

    Has anyone e-filed and requested direct deposit yet your status says “mailed”?

    I e-filed on 1/29, was accepted on 1/30, approved on 2/16, and ever since then it said it will be “mailed” by 2/23. I am seeing code 846 with a date of 2/23/2022 and as of today my status changed to sent but still says it was “mailed” on 2/23. Never had any issue messages. Spoke with my bank twice since yesterday and they confirmed that all info on my 1040 was correct (routing/acct#) and state they still haven’t seen any attempt from the IRS to deposit anything.

    I also called TurboTax and they confirmed that i undoubtedly requested DD and wasn’t missing any signatures, etc. So i have no idea why they would just randomly switch me from DD to paper check. I’ve always done DD and never had this issue. Has anyone had this issue? Did you still get DD or a paper check? and how long after it was sent did you receive it? Im assuming this means i got a check. just have no idea why.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Hmmm..I have heard of this happening before when there was an issue with your bank account details – which I know you said was verified. Turbo says this: “If the IRS is not able to deposit your refund into your bank account for any reason, the IRS will mail you a check instead. Sometimes the routing or bank account number is wrong, invalid, missing one digit, or if the name is not exact as the bank account, this can cause rejection of the deposit. The IRS states a mailed check should take no longer than 3 weeks to arrive.”

      It could also be an IRS system issue that triggered this. While the delay is annoying, at least you will get the refund in a couple of weeks.

      • Thanks Andy! I did read that yesterday!

        So I was actually able to get ahold of someone at the IRS after posting this. He confirmed all my information was correct. Had no idea why they sent it via mail. Aggravating, yes, but happy it’s on it’s way.

        Does it really take that long to get the check in the mail once it’s sent?? I would imagine it would take as long as anything else sent via USPS?

        I feel like i can walk from here (Connecticut) to Utah in less than 3 weeks!

        • Lol. I agree – faster to just pick up. I would imagine it’s faster than 3 weeks, but the whole check issuance process is automated and likely done by another group in the treasury. Lets just hope they get your address right. Please do post here when you get your check – interested to see how long it actually takes.

          BTW the IRS site says 6 weeks (so 3 weeks will be fast!)

          “If you file a complete and accurate paper tax return, your refund should be issued in about six to eight weeks from the date IRS receives your return. If you file your return electronically, your refund should be issued in less than three weeks, even faster when you choose direct deposit.” source: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-news/at-01-48.pdf

      • I don’t have any 846 code I don’t think . Today was the first day I have even had changes occur and not just N/A . I filed on 2/3 and got my state that same week but they are hiding my federal . Ugh I’m so confused and annoyed but this

      • I still have NOT received my 2021 refund. When I enter my info with the IRS App it says “does not match” when before it said “being processed” I don’t want to file my 2022 Taxes until I get my 2021 refund! I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do!! Please, any help/info will be appreciated. Thanks

  16. Also, have not seen any error messages in my status. I e-filed on 1/29, it was accepted on 1/30, approved on 2/16, now says sent – mailed on 2/23. I’ve always done direct deposit, never had this issue.

  17. So called the irs two days in a row yesterday lady told me they owe me 3000 more and I will get my refund in 4 to 6 weeks. Well today I was told that they need more information from me but they arent even going to send my notice until march 7th and she cant do anything to help me. And it’s going to be a long time. It’s because of my child tax credit that they owe me more so what information am I going to have that they dont? And why two different stories on what’s going on? I have code 971 notice issued with a date of march 7 and a 540 with that date as well. That’s why I called them. I need my refund I lost my job and was using that money to move closer to family!!

    • Code 768 is for Earned Income credit. Means IRS has processed that. The date is just a default date for end of tax season. The date you care about is the one one the 846 (refund issued) code on your transcript.

  18. I have a cycle code 20220705 with refund issued 846 code 02/24/2022 (tomorrow). I use Chime, haven’t gotten anything yet. I’m not stressed, just curious if having an offset will delay the deposit? I have a small offset and will get most of my refund back, so I know something is coming.

  19. Hello! On WMR, it says that I have been approved for direct deposit but saying it maybe partially or completely reduced. On my transcript I have the 150 code 2/21/22 date with $146 amount. I scroll to the bottom and see 846 on 2/24/22 with the whole refund amount. 20220505 is my cycle date. Does this mean I am receiving my whole refund amount by 2/24/22? Or will it be sent to the offset department? I have never received an offset letter but I do know I owe state taxes from last years return and this years. I’m hoping they will deposit the whole amount in my account by the 24th since it has the 846 2/24/22 date with whole amount!

    • A few years ago we had our entire tax refund taken by an offset. There was no warning, no letter, and the transcript showed the full amount. I’m also getting offset again this year for unemployment taxes — I have yet to receive a letter (last time it didn’t show up until a few weeks after I didn’t get a deposit for the refund). This time I called the offset hotline and know exactly how much is being offset, but from my understanding the WMR and transcript will show the entire amount until the offset is deducted.

      • I have been in the weekly cycle for the past 3 years. Everything has been almost exact each year. I’ve gotten past returns within 21 days, but this year, I filed on Feb. 1st, accepted same day, have a cycle code of 20220705 with 3/7/22 as the date, and it is still only showing code 150. Everything is accurate. Any idea why I’m not seeing any changes?

    • I have the same exact thing on mine the same information for 37 but how I’m looking at it on the website it may be updated overnight since our batches are weekly by that 202-20705. That’s a weekly batch so that means the year the week we did it and the day which is the 5th day on a Thursday our bachelors are weekly so the system May update tonight so hopefully we should get a response saying that our refund is approved and sent out. But as long as you’re 766 codes and your 768 codes what the earned income credits are posted we should be good and having an approval soon

  20. Code 570, No 971 code. A as of date of 03/07/21. No adjustment made on transcript. Cycle code 0705. Is there something wrong? When will I receive my refund?

  21. I got cycle code of 20220705 date of 3/7/22 but I have code 971-notice issued with a date of 3/7 as well and then it is followed by code 570-additional account action pending a date of 3/7 as well. What exactly does all that mean?

  22. Mine is the same did anyone get a answer I’m getting code 150 cycle number 20220605 and a date 2/28 but don’t see code 846

  23. Hello. I filed January 8th. Accepted January 21st. My transcripts said NA until the 11th, when they showed info with codes 766 and 768. On the 12th WMR updated to Path Act message. When path lifted, it updated to “we have received your refund and it is being processed.” I was excited because everyone got a refund date of 2/22 on their transcripts when it lifted. Nothing for me. No new codes. Was sure I would update Friday the 18th. My friend with the same codes and everything like me. Same time they updated to same message messaged me and said “WE GOT A DATE” I was so excited to look, just to see the only thing that updated was the “as of date” to 3/7. No bad codes. Just the 766 and 768 codes. No notice issued codes. No hold codes. Why wouldn’t have I updated with a date? Did they forget about me?

    • No…it looks like you were moved to a subsequent batch for processing. Maybe one of your EIC, CTC or RRC (which codes 766 and 768 cover) amounts in your filing did not reconcile with what the IRS has on their records. So this moves your return into a later batch, to allow the IRS time to review. If all goes well, you will get your refund around 3/7 based on latest updates

  24. Are the details on the transcript final after the 846 code? Yesterday 2/17 I got a transcript update with DD date of 24th and 846 code showing full amount.

    Today wmr updated to approved but may be offset. And transcript still says 846 with my full balance and that’s the last code I have. What I wanna know is, does this mean I’m not being off set. It said I “may” be off set I’m hoping bc my transcript says 846 with full amount I’m not. Also the 24th date, even if I’m offset does it mean I’m still getting whatever is left on the 24th?

  25. I have cycle code 20220705
    I have a code 846 for 2/16/22 but I haven’t received anything yet
    This amount is not my tax refund and honestly I don’t know what it is for
    Back pay maybe. Why haven’t I received it if it states I have the refund issued?

  26. What if your record of account transcript says N/A for 2021?

    I filed on 1/24 and showed 1 bar on WMR. However that disappeared.

    • Wondering the same! I filed on 2/7/22 and was accepted within hours on the same day. One status bar on where’s my refund, with tax topic 152. Only account transcript and wage transcript show up with 2021 but wage transcript says return not field or soemthing lien that. The account transcript is showing only payments for the child tax payments. What does this mean!? I’ve received no letters or anything.

    • Which tax code is the amount against? You need to see it against TC 846 (see last section the in the article) to know it is the final refund. Transcript can keep updating until refund is issued (846)

  27. I am a 20220605er processed on 2/28/22. I am wondering what the as of date means because it changed to 3/7/2022 from 2/28/22.

  28. I have a cycle code showing 2/17/22, i dont know where it shows the 846 code, i am looking at my old tax transcipts and i dont see one on those either.. can someone explain where exactly to find this code?

  29. So I have a different question. Looking at my transcript today for tax year 2021, I noticed it has two lines with code 766 stating tax relief credit and credit to account (dates of 4/5/21) and then 846 refund issued with a date of 3/24/21. We did not receive the amount in question (our entire refund was applied to past due taxes but was significantly less than the refund showing for 3/24/21) so I am not sure what this is supposed to mean?

    • Each item is a separate transaction and you need to add your credits with your liability to get the NET Refund. Looking at each line alone won’t give you all the information. See this article for more. But just wait for 846 with this years date to get confirmation of your final refund amount and payment date.

  30. My transcript shows 3/07/2021 but 846 refund code with this year’s tax info. I am confused about how do I know when I am getting my refund.

    • Remember your transcript will potentially show several years of tax information. So if you are seeing last year’s that’s normal – particularly as some items were paid in advance last year (CTC and Stimulus) so need to be reconciled this year. See this article and video for more. But just wait for 846 with this years date to get confirmation of your refund payment date.

    • I have code 570 with a passed date of 02/07/2022 I updated today with a DDD of 2/24 code 846..does this mean they released my refund? Also have a 3/7 as of date with a processing date of 3/7. When I go to the “return”filed boxed it says ‘no returned file’ WMR has delayed message as of now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. My transcript has a 846 with my refund amount for 2/28/2022 then it has the code 898 in the amount as 0 but then underneath the 898 code is my refund amount .what does this mean

  32. My cycle code is 20220405 with a processing date of 2/14/2022.
    WMR hasn’t updated. As of today (2/18/22 my transcript updated this morning with code 846 with a date of 2/24/2023)

    • My transcript is showing “no return filed” but I did file.
      I filed on January 21st 2022
      And it was accepted January 24th. Now when I check my “get my refund” all it says is “your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

      Anyone else having the same issue?

  33. My 846 line updated it says refund issued 02-24-2022. My cycle code says 20220705. Does this mean I should get my refund by the 24th before I got the delayed message on Monday I had a estimated date of 2/18 but wasn’t able to see my transcripts till today

  34. I just checked my transcript and it says 846 refund issued 2-24-2022. Does that mean I will have it on 2/24/2022??

    • Yes. It may come a day or two before or after that date. But you are getting it and should be able to see the amount on your transcript. WMR status should also change to refund sent when issued by the IRS (a couple of days before that date)

  35. I’m finally able to view my transcripts it is showing
    Form #1040
    Cycle posted 20220705
    Received date April 15th 2022

    Am I close to getting a refund date?

    I should get it before April 15th correct?

    • You need to see code 846 on your transcript with a 2022 date to know your refund is being issued. Until then, the 04/15/2022 is just a system default date for the end of tax season. See some of the other comments for examples.

      • How do you know the 24th is the date you get it?
        My code is 20220705 and April 15th is my received date. I filed Feb 6th and it was accepted on the 7th. Will mine be the 24th too?

  36. I am curious, since I fall into the weekly pool, are transcripts updated daily? I been trying to log in for days and now that I could today, being in the Thursday pool, Do I waste my time for the next week trying to download a updated version daily of my transcript or just ride it out until the next Thursday? Or does the weekly pool just apply to when the refunds will be issued? I hope that made sense.

    • You should check daily if time permits (or every other day), as there are cases when the IRS does process multiple batches on different days. But if not, you should expect a significant update next week!

  37. Thanks for explaining all of this. Watch his video he linked, it does answer all the questions I have seen.

  38. I just checked my Transcript today and my cycle is 20220605 and a date of 2-28-2022
    846 code says 3-17-2021?
    Can you help me understand this please!

    • You will need code 846 with a 2022 date. Otherwise your return and refund are still under processing. The 2-28-2022 date is just a system date aligned with your cycle date and will update as processing continues. Note that 2-28 may eventually be your refund date if processing is complete in the next couple of days. But at this stage you need to wait for a 846 code with a 2022 date (like you got in 2021). See this recent YT video I made on this: https://youtu.be/BHKh8BkwAJo

  39. When I check my refund status it shows: “We apologize, but your return processing has been delayed beyond the normal timeframe.”
    When I check my Transcript
    I see a processing date of Feb. 28, 2022
    I see a cycle code of: 20220605 Which would seem to indicate that I should have either gotten my return on the February 11th 2022, or today, the 17th
    I also see a code 846 refund issued with a date of 3-24-21
    What does this all mean?

    • The 846 line is the one that matters. It basically saying you should get you refund by March 24th (likely sooner if processing is complete). WMR/IRS2Go should change status to Refund Sent. You may actually see the money pending in your bank account (assuming you chose DDD) before WMR updates. Paper checks will take a bit longer.

      • I now realize that 3-24-21 is when I got my refund last year. That is a few lines down on the transcript. At the top it shows Code: 150 Cycle: 20220605 and Date: 2-28-2022.

    • When did your transcript give you a 846 code because we have the same cycle code and the same wmr message and same February 28th processing date but the only thing is that I don’t have a 846.


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