IRS Codes 570 & 971: 2024 Tax Refund Delayed or Reduced?

Transaction codes and tax topics are used across IRS refund status applications – WMR or IRS2Go – and account transcripts to provide information for individual and business filers into what is happening with their tax return processing, reasons for potential delays, when a refund will be paid or why it was lower than expected.

You will generally see Transaction Code 570 (TC 570) on your tax transcript (under the Explanation of Transactions section) once your return has been through initial system processing by the IRS.

This transcript transaction code indicates additional reviews, often requiring manual intervention, are being done and your return processing (and refund payment) is frozen until further resolution.

This transcript code generally corresponds with the Tax Topic 152 WMR/IRS2Go message that your return is under processing or review.

It can take several days or weeks for TC 570 related issues to be resolved, given the wide variety of issues this message covers. I have provided a few examples in the subsequent sections below.

Unfortunately, you cannot do much until the IRS provides an update and/or reconciles the issue internally. They will provide an update or notice (denote as TC 971 on your transcript) when the issue is resolved or if additional information is needed from you.

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What Does code 570 on your Tax Transcript mean?

According to the IRS guidelines, TC 570 on your tax transcript means your return is on hold due to a pending additional liability review. No further processing or refund payment can be made until this hold is lifted.

TC 570 on your IRS Account Transcript
TC 570 on your IRS Account Transcript

Code 570 on your transcript may be due to many factors, such as a mismatch with employer reported wage income, injured spouse claims, ID verification or reconciling tax credits (like the EITC, RRC or CTC) claimed in your tax return versus what the IRS has on record.

Because the IRS tax systems cannot automatically reconcile these issues, they are sent for additional manual review and verification. This results in TC 570 showing up on your tax transcript.

You will normally see code 971, right after the 570 one. TC 971 is the generic code for an IRS notice or letter that will provide more details on the issue or advise you of further IRS delays (e.g additional 60 day review) to review your situation.

Can I resolve TC 570 via TC 971 IRS Notice?

Following additional reviews the IRS may be able to automatically resolve TC 570 errors on their own and no further action would be needed from the tax filer and your return will be released for further processing, including payment of refunds.

An internal or automatic resolution by the IRS would generally only delay your refund by one to three weeks. You will get a notice of the resolution and an opportunity to appeal the IRS adjustment. But the refund processing and payment will resume in the interim.

If more information is needed to resolve the issue the IRS will send a letter to the tax filer requesting additional documents or details.

They will send a formal notice (also reflected as TC 971 on your transcript) to the tax filer on the discrepancy and potential refund reduction, and your options on next steps.

What do the amounts Against code 570 mean?

It may have a $0 amount against the code 570 line if the IRS is still processing/reviewing your return and/or the issue is non-monetary. The amount may change to a liability (positive number) if the IRS adjusts your return.

Unfortunately this will delay any potential refund payment, and given recent IRS backlogs, could take several days or weeks beyond standard timeframes.

What do the dates next to 570 and 971 transcript lines mean?

What do dates on 570 IRS transcripts mean?

In addition to amounts on your transcript lines, you need to also review the dates. Because you may see transaction lines spanning several tax years, ensure you are looking at the ones for the current year. E.g 2022 dates for the 2022 tax season.

Note that if you see TC 971 then TC 570 on your transcript with the same dates it generally means the IRS has auto adjusted your refund amount and sent you a notice of resolution.

You should then get paid within 3 to 6 weeks, assuming no other issues and you see lines 846 and 571 or 572 (see next section) on your transcript.

If you see TC 570 then TC 971 with different dates and your refund amount did not change, it means a hold and may not update as quickly because the IRS is still processing and will likely take more than the normal refund processing timeline.

You will need to ensure you follow the provided instructions in the IRS notice mailed to you and promptly respond to requests for more information or verification (where applicable) to reduce how long your refund payment is delayed.

When will I know my 570 issue is resolved (Code 571, 572 and 846)?

You will know your TC570 is resolved when it progresses to Tax Code 571 (freeze resolved) or 572 (Resolved Additional Account Action). Or your liability balance goes to $0 due to resolution of the issue. A final notice (971) will be issued for the resolution.

If no further issues are found with your return, a refund (TC 846) will then be released for payment, if applicable.

Tax Code 570 to TC 971 to TC 571 to TC 846 - Additional actions, Notice issue, Resolved issues and Refund issued
Tax Code 570 to TC 971 to TC 571 to TC 846

How long will this delay my refund?

The IRS generally says additional reviews will take 45 to 60 days. However in recent tax seasons, due to processing delays and backlogs, this has been taking 90 to 120 days.

For the current tax season, delays are much shorter.

If the issue is minor or a common trend the IRS is seeing (e.g advance Child tax credit payment mismatches or recovery rebate credit overpayments) affecting a large number of tax payers, they tend to implement auto resolutions/adjustments pretty quickly which only ends up delaying refund payments for a week or two.

You may also see extended delays and code 570/971 on your tax transcript if you refund was held up due to PATH act delays.

Help! What if my IRS adjustment is wrong?

Tax filers will have an opportunity to appeal any IRS adjustment, but will still get the adjusted refund ahead of this. If they win the appeal, the IRS will make the additional refund payment at a later stage.

You can also contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) to help resolve or claim hardship resolution in certain cases. However given the long queue of people in this situation TAS support may take a while and is prioritized for true hardship cases (e.g. imminent eviction or medical reasons).

Video: Understanding Code 570 on your IRS tax transcript

See more on transcript code 570 and 971 in the video below where I walk through some examples.

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139 thoughts on “IRS Codes 570 & 971: 2024 Tax Refund Delayed or Reduced?”

    • Means you return is on hold undergoing further processing. Just need to wait or the IRS to finish and provided updated information. They will mail you a letter if they cannot auto reconcile the issue or need to undertake further identity verification.

  1. I know it’s super early.
    accepted- 2/6
    wmr-2/11 updated one bar ” still being processed” TTC 152
    transcript not updated.
    Is it to early to freak out never had that message prior years.

    • No. Its only been a week and with PATH things are held up. You should get an update later this week – but nothing alarming from the dates and codes so far.

  2. Hello Andy ,
    On 9-19-22 I amended my return on 12-02-22 I have code 810 and on 12-30 I checked where’s my amended page and I went to amended adjusted , I have the following codes under the dates
    977 on 9-19
    766 code with date 4-15-22
    290 /766 date 1-9-23
    I received my notice on 1-9-23 stating I will receive a refund with 2-3 weeks , I’m confused

  3. I need clarification please
    I filed amended on 9-19-22 on 12-2-22 I got code 810 next it updated to code 290 date 1-9-23 and code 971 also date 1-9-23 on transcript

    On where’s my amended refund app I have it was adjusted on 12-30-22 .
    I have also received letter on 1-9 -23 stating I am due a refund and I should receive in 2-3 weeks .

  4. Hi Andy I have code 571 resolved additional acct action dated 11-14-22

    It’s been almost a month no notice and no update

    What can I expect next?

    • That’s the big question. 571 means your return is held up by IRS processing, and could be due to several reasons. At this stage it is taking up to 120 days to resolve issues. You will likely sees a 60-day notice if the IRS expects to take longer to process your return. Sorry, not good news, but just seeing long delays. See this recent video covering this.

      • This is currently how it looks right now .. does this seem like a good sign or bad ?

        570 Additional account action pending 10-10-2022 $0.00

        971 Notice issued 10-17-2022 $0.00

        571 Resolved additional account action 11-14-2022 $0.00

        • This is a good sign as resolved action. What did your notice say? You may get another one soon, but your refund (if applicable) should be paid in 4 to 6 weeks.

      • So I still haven’t received any notice regarding the resolved. I’ve been waiting to receive something and have not so hopefully it will update soon to 846 but it’s been stuck at 571 Additional account action pending with the 11-14-22 date.

  5. Hello Andy

    I have code 810 & 971
    Processing date Oct 24.22
    Refund freeze 9-15-22
    Notice issued Oct 24.22

    • IRS Code 810 means a freeze has been placed on your refund or a freeze on your earned income credit. The notice you should get or have gotten will explain the reason you may have been deemed ineligible.

      • So I filed on Feb 4 the 810 it says 0.00 was on 2-16-23 will I get a refund? My refund says it still being processed

  6. Hey Andy quick question so I have 570 code date 09/05/22 and code 971 also dated 09/05/22 check transcript today and have another 971 dated 09/12/22 what does this mean cycle code 05

    • Hey Joe Joe,

      Did you ever find out what it was? Because on my transcript it has the same dates Code: 570 for 06/05/2022 and 971 for 09/12/2022

      • Wells my first 971 code was to inform me that I’m eligible for earned income credit but still have not received my second notice

  7. I am still having this issue and mine we filed and accepted in mid January… I have recieved several notices saying they require nothing more from me amd to just keep waiting patiently. Each claiming they need another 30 or 60 days to finish processing… Got the first notice on March 8th asking for 30 days, then another on April 15th asking for 60 days. Then another on June 15th asking for another 60 days. And I’ve still not even been told why it is they need more time. And now I can’t even get through to anyone on the phone… It’s been beyond frustrating… If you have any idea what could be happening I’d be eternally grateful…

    • I too am baffled. My electronic filing was accepted on 2/25/22. I was stuck with no info for the longest time. 07/25/22 I had a code 810/811 on the same date. 08/01/22 I have a 570. I can’t get a live person, been calling for months. Isn’t a 570 another freeze, as with 810? Why al the freeze? I was reading up on this 570 code, and I understand it could take another 4 months?

      Thank you

      • Ty. Tax advocates are not accepting new cases and that’s if you can get someone one the line at all, to tell you, to gth. Unkind

  8. There is just code 570 but no code 970 on my transcript. What does that mean? And this is from 7/12/2021. I am still awaiting response for a year now.

  9. Mine updated 07/15 to 971/570 for 08/01/22 & they reduced my refund by $1400 because I forgot that I had got the 3rd stimulus. I should be getting the remainder within the next week or two right?

      • Okay will update once it hits but it updated this morning to 571 08/08/22. 846 07/27/22. ( btw I filed 06/25/22) :)

      • I’ll let you know when it officially hits. It updated this morning to 571- 08/08/22. 846 07/27/22. (Btw I filed 06/25/22) :)

  10. Andy,

    Would really appreciate your insight into this as I’ve had no luck talking to anyone from the IRS.
    I am seeing this on my transcript for my 2020 return. (I filed for an extension, and filed in November ’21):

    570 – Additional Account Action pending – 11-8-2021 – $0.00
    971 – Notice Issued – 11-15-2021 – $0.00

    and… it’s now July 2022 and that’s all I have – no refund, no updates, no way to find out anything more.

    I vaguely recall seeing a letter from the IRS (made me nervous) but it said something like that maybe they were concerned about identity fraud and needed extra time to review my return, but I also recall it said NOTHING WAS REQUIRED of me.

    When I log into my IRS account now, there are no notices to view. So if they did want or need something, I have no idea what it was or is.

    Do you have any suggestions for this case? Is this just a problem of Covid backlog or what? Is there anything I can do to help them, or to just get some answers, and maybe get this moving along again?

  11. Code 570 issued 2-28-22 = $0.00
    Code 971 issued 03-07-22 = $0.00
    Cycle code 22020506, Date 02-28-2022
    What does this mean when will I receive my refund

  12. i show this and it hasn’t changed.

    570 additional account action pending 3/07 $0.00
    971 Notice Issued 3/07 $0.00

    i received a letter telling me it was adjusted but no refund date yet, should i be worried??

    • Same with me I filed feb6 and got the letter saying I should verify my identity after I created it was updated and I saw 570 and 971 on 05/16 with same date then I later saw 971 with a different date 05/23
      I need help to understand all this

  13. I have code 570 with a date of 04-25-2022
    I know have code 971 with date of 05-02-2022
    Can you please help me

  14. Hi Andy I have codes 971 an 570 both with the same date an both with 0.00 my cycle code 1405 my 766 an 768 code has same date with -my amount next to it with date 4/15/2022 an the other 2 codes date is 4/25/2022 can you please tell me when you think I should receive my refund I’ve been waiting since Feb 13 is when I filed

    • You will need to see the 846 code (refund issued) to know for sure you get paid. But looks like you should get your refund by end of April (based on 4/25 date).

  15. Hi Andy,
    I filed 1/30 and was accepted 1/31. 2nd week of Feb WMR went from saying processing to saying ” we apologize but it is taking longer than normal to process your return……” Since Feb my transcript showed the cycle code 20220705 and a 159 code dated of 3/7. As of 3/7 Transcript shows 570 code dated 3/7 and 971 code dated 3/14. The notice I received dated 3/14 was the CP05 telling me that I need to do nothing and I was under the 60 day review. I already had an IRS account set up with login info. When I logged in last week it had the message about setting up an IDme login which I’ve done. I’ve verified all my numbers on my return, including the credits, with what I received from the IRS and my employer. What does this all mean? Is there something else I need to do? I have never had an issue with my returns or filing so this is kind of freaking me out ‍♀️. I have a health issue going on and I’m draining my account with copays so I could really use my refund right now. Thank you in advance for any advice!

  16. Hi Andy , Can I get some help i filed on 3/05
    My cycle code 20221205

    My refund has not been adjusted as of yet

    But I have codes of 570 w/ $0 4/11
    And a 970 w/ $0 4/18 …

    I also ID verified on 4/05 … should I be concerned?

    • Looks like no actions on your end. You just need to see what the 971 letter says, but I expect you should get your refund before then if no remaining issues.

  17. Andy, thank you for all of your help with so many questions. I’ve received no correspondence in the mail and have had 570 for the 2020 tax year since July 12, 2021. There is nothing else on my ts.

    I’ve already received my 2021 taxes in less than a week.

    Any help is appreciated.

  18. Cycle number 20221305 filed 3/6/2022. Accepted 3/7/22


    Credit to your account 04-15-2022 -$7,200.00
    971 Notice issued 04-18-2022 $0.00
    570 Additional account action pending 04-18-2022 $0.0

    What does this mean? When will we get our return?

  19. Hey Andy I file my tax return feb 4 and I had called the IRS March 7 and was told they needed additional information and resolve the issue on March 2 and to wait 9 weeks for refund. I finally check my transcript I see I have
    Code 570 4-11-2022 $0.00
    Code 971 4-18-2022 $0.00

    What does this mean????

  20. Hi Andy, I read a few comments of you helping others like me. I would so very much appreciate your thoughts on my tax transcript.. I’ve called the irs the whole deal but always get a run around it seems not really firm answers.

    I filed 3/18 however the transcript reads it was filed on 3/28th, no biggie.

    I see codes 766 and 768 dated 4/15 credits to my account and earned income.

    That’s great right.. ! But then, I get code 570 dated for 3/28 $0.00.

    And below code 971 dated for 4/4 $0.00.

    Assuming no other issues what can I expect? (My taxes are flawless and accurate, can I do anything to speed this review up?)

    Thank you for any comments you may leave!

  21. Received the 570 and 971 dated 4/11/22 on 3/25/22.
    Received the 571 dated 4/18 and 846 (refund issued) dated 4/6 on 4/1/22

  22. I have a 971 notice issued and got something in the mail wanting to make sure I was the one that opened the ID me account said if so so further action needed. WANTS THIS MEAN, am I still getting my refund

  23. Andy can you help please

    I filed & accepted 2/2
    570 3/14 $0
    972 3/14 $0

    Received a letter in mail dated 3/14 saying they adjusted my refund & it increased it. Is this good news?

    • That is good news. Did the letter say why? Or check your transcript. But people are normally seeing a refund payment 2 to 4 weeks after letter (since you have a week to appeal it)

      • Hey Andy I’m a bit confused and need your help my transcript says:
        Code 150
        Cycle 20221205
        766 credit
        768 credit
        570 additional account action pending 4-11-2022
        971 Notice issued 4-18-2022
        But I called the irs first week of March 2022 and was told they resolved the issue March 02

        • Hello India love , I have the exact same issue … did you get any updates ? Also , how can you tell me how you got in contact with irs I’ve been trying but can never get through

        • Please let me know how you got this resolved cause I’m in the exact same situation here

        • So it looks like you may several issues on your return. They may have resolved one on March 02, but maybe an identity issue came up later. What did the 4-18 notice say? That will be key to close this. During tax season you can get several notices as your refund is processed.

  24. Hello,

    Mine has been processing for weeks. I have two “deposit amounts” codes are 766 and 768. These are dated 4/15 though. I checked this morning and it now shows 570 on 3/28 and the 971 on 4/04 but both balances are $0. I’m assuming I just have to wait until I receive the notice in the mail. What does this mean? I have tried to contact the IRS and have had no luck. Thank you!!

    • Correect, the 4/4 date is an estimated system date on when the notice will be issued. Generally takes 2 to 4 weeks after that (assuming you don’t appeal adjustment) for refund to be paid.

      The 766 and 768 (refundable credit) dates are meaningless.

      You will eventually want to see the 846 (refund issued) code on your transcript to get confirmation the IRS is paying your refund.

  25. I have 570 and 971 codes with the same date. They both say $0 but my 150 code has an amount on it and my refund amount is reflecting the difference of it. Is this just an adjustment thing that’ll update on its own? My notice date isn’t until 4/11

  26. Hey Andy. I read all comments. Your great at this stuff lol. So I should just wait til Friday to check my transcript again?

    570 : 3-21-2022 $0.00
    971 : 3-28-2022 $0.00

    Also amount I am expecting is at the top of the transcript form.

    • Check for the IRS notice…should be with you by now (or check in your IRS account). Refund payment 2 to 4 weeks after the letter is sent and no appeal is lodged.

      • Hello again. So yes I still have not received anything from IRS at all. A few ppl are in same boat. Says I got a notice issued and date said 3/28.. but nothing . Same delay msg and same codes 570 & 971.

        Been waiting since 2/9…

  27. Hi i filed and it was accepted 2/20. Then got another message it was 3/22 that it was accepted again. The transcript has code 766 & 768 with 4/15. 570 with 3/28. Then 971 with 4/4 date. I haven’t received anything in the mail to respond. Is it just delayed?

  28. Hi
    I know you have so many questions, but I need help! I have had n/a since I filed Jan. 28th, no bars. Now I have transcript updated too:
    4/15 code 766-credit to account -$5,100
    4/15 768 code earned income credit -$4,370
    4/11 code 570- additional account action pending 0.00

    So no 971 code at all. Help please

  29. I filed 2/14/22 and on 3/11/22 had the 570 code with date 3/21/22.
    I rechecked again on 3/16/22 and noticed the 971 code with 3/28/22 as the date and both had $0 balance. It’s now 3/25/22 and I have not received anything or seen any movement.
    What should I suspect is going on? My code also shows weekly updating.

    • I expect you will get an update this week and refund early next week if no further issues. Check that you didn’t get an IRS notice (mail or in your account). But both codes having the same 3/28 date, is a positive sign

  30. @Andy hey, hate to hit you with more questions see you’ve already helped alot of people understand thier transcript codes but I’ve got 766 and 768 dated 4/14 followed by 570 04/04…..i.d verified the 14th of february and had NA until this past friday cycle cod 20221105

  31. Hey I have a question ? So I received a letter for 60 day review on Feb 2nd and then the 570 code on transcripts 2/11 , My as of date has change twice and has been stuck at 3/7 for the past three weeks today i called for an advocate but can not get one because it’s just being reviewed and to allow 120 days but she did say she see a reversal but didn’t explain what that was or a date of the reversal can you please give me some insight on what’s going on maybe ?

  32. Hi,
    I am so confused. Filled with anticipated refund of $6305. transcript reads as follows:
    766 credit to your account -$9600
    971 notice issued 3/21/2022 $0
    570 addition account action pending 3/21/2022 $0
    571 resolved additional account action 3/28/2022 $0
    846 refund issued 3/16/2022 $1805.00

    What does all this mean. Is that it for my redund? Thank you

      • That date is not very relevant. Just end of tax season system default. The date on your 846 line is the one that matters.

    • Basically it means your refund ($1805) has been issued on 3/16. You should have it now in your bank account or up to a week later by check. However your refund was garnished (going from 9600 to 1805) due to an automatic IRS adjustment. Likely if you claimed the RRC (stimulus check) or advCTC incorrectly. You will need to see the IRS notice on details around your adjustment (you should also be able to access the IRS notice on your account)

  33. Hello, I’ve had these codes for the past 4 weeks
    766 for 4/15
    768 for 4/15
    570 for 3/14
    971 for 3/14
    I’m being told so many reasons at once for my codes being this way, I tried to call the IRS & haven’t had any luck. I have yet to see a letter & I’m already verified. Never had this issue before, I did however have a baby in 2021 which I’ve claimed. When I go to check my refund it gives me the same delayed error. I have yet to update and I’m in cycle code 0805. My transcript has yet to move & I’m wondering what does it mean to have 570 then 971 with the same dates? Thank you.

    • Hello Anesta, I also have the same codes with the same dates my last update was 2/25 and I filed 2/2. I received a letter on 3/14 saying it was adjusted but haven’t had any luck getting through with the irs either. Im so confused on when I will receive my refund.

  34. So Andy I wanted to ask something I see you know a lot about taxes. You mention 570 is issued then 971 is issued after means they are still verifying your return. My main question is if I see a 766 and 768 with a date of 4-15-22 does that mean by that time they will give me an answer of those credits or deposit into my account?

    • No Maria. 766 and 768 are credits to you (will be negative amounts). But the IRS can and does adjust this. You will need to see code 846 (refund issued) to see the final amount. See some earlier comments for other examples. The 4-15-22 date is just the system default for end of tax season. You will need to see the date on the TC 846 line (when on your transcript) to see when you will get your final/adjusted refund. The 570 code refers to the adjustment or additional liability review, with 971 the notice issuance reference.

  35. I have had TC 570 $0.00 for over 3 weeks now with as of date 03/07/2022 with no change.
    Filed 1/27/22
    Accepted 1/28/2022
    only thing that have change dis as of date until recently
    cycle 20220705
    identity been verified back in Aug 2021
    WMR shows no bars with delay message since the first week after I filed.
    Please help!

    • Have you claimed the advCTC or RRC (Stimulus checks) in your return? If so and your return is flagged for review, seeing delays of 6 to 8 week for updates and refund payments. Can happen sooner, but this is the main reason folks are seeing delays (other than identity validation, which you have already done).

  36. I feel like you are the only one on the internet that actually knows anything, anyway my cycle date is 20220705
    I have a 570. $0.00 3/7/22
    And a 971 $0.00 3/14/22
    No other codes though, and my above return has not changed.. I did have a baby in April changeing my return from the dependants previously on file with the irs… is this good news or just more irs limbo?

    • A little bit of IRS limbo. But it looks like your notice/action (971) was issued, which is progress. Hopefully reflects an IRS adjustment and your refund is released. CTC payments causing lots of review this year, so your refund may be lower than expected, but you can appeal and eventually file an amended return if the IRS guides as such.

  37. Mine has 190 then 570 same date 3/28 my last to batch num 05 I had this since last Saturday how long before I get a ddd

    • I have the same thing on mine 150,570 and a 971 with a date of 03/28 and all three has $0 .does any one know what’s up

    • means processing is completed (first round) and you should have a notice. If minor updates and IRS has auto adjusted you should soon see an 846 (refund issued) code and get your DDD.

      • Hi I filed my 2021 refund 01/27/2022 in the or on my transcript is has 570 then 971 same date 03/07/2022 same amounts $0.00 what does that mean it been almost 2 months I’m scared my cycle code is 20220705 help please I don’t understand someone at the irs said it has something to do with line 30 on my 1040 form

        • Hey did you ever update im in the same exact situation same dates also I did get a letter alreadyb

  38. I’ve been dealing with an amended 2020 return for a year now can you help my newest codes are
    977 7/26/2021 $0
    764 4/15/2021$-6,450(refund due 2 me)
    290 (cycle code 20220405) 2/14/2022 $0
    470 1/11/2022 $0
    810 2/14/2022 $0
    420 1/28/2022 $0
    And it’s now 3/14/2022

  39. Filed 2/10 & accepted 2/11
    Went from zero movement. N/A on my transcript to 971/570 codes last Friday. Today I updated to DDD of 3/16.

    If you woke up with those codes (that exact order!!) & the SAME dates next to those codes. You will more than likely have a DDD next Friday. All it means is that they adjusted your refund & they give you a week to try to fight it or accept it. By you not doing anything about it, they take it as you accepting it so it’ll update to 571 code & right under you’ll have the 846 code with your DDD!

  40. Do the irs really take the whole 60 days to process your taxes after you received the letter stating not to call until after day 60?

  41. Hello is the amount on top of the transcript the amount iam getting because my tax lady had said I was getting 8339 and now it says 5403 it’s it because it was wrong 570 and 971 have the date 03/21/22 . Just want to know if iam getting the 5403 instead of 8339

    • You are likely seeing a lower amount because if was adjusted by the IRS (code 570). You will need to see code 846 (refund issued) to see final amount after all IRS processing is done. IRS record is the one you care about, your tax lady is only giving you an estimate based on what was submitted.

      • Hey Filed 1/13, Received 1/20 accepted 1/24. HAD BARS UNTIL 2/17. DELAYED MESSAGE.
        3/11/22 no update. Help me.

        • 971 means a notice issued? check your mail or IRS account for notice to see what action and/or adjustments were made. Some notices could also be for ID verification. If action is required on your end, you’ll need to respond to get your refund released.

  42. if an error occurred on refund due to the tax credit for no dependants will it delay it nd add it or send seperate

  43. if someone did my taxes and then irs sees an error such as me getting the tax credit with no dependants will that too delay it or automatically if any pay the difference or seperatly

  44. Hi! I checked my IRS transcript and the account balance is a higher amount than I expected my refund to be. At the bottom it shows a 766 code credit to my account with a date of 4-15-2022. Under that is code 971 notice issued with a date of 3-14-2022 and then code 570 additional account action pending with both of those codes having $0 next to them. What does this mean and when will I get my refund?

    • 971 then 570 with same dates means adjustment (your refund amount changed) and should update

      570 then 971 with different dates (your refund amount did not change) means a hold and may not update as quickly.

      766 is just the credit amount

  45. How do I know if I’m getting a refund cause I file in 2021 and they said I would receive a refund but I waited and never received anything and they sent me a letter and everything

  46. Note: If your 570 has a $0 amount next to it, it means it is being held up for a non monetary reason. This means the IRS is verifying your information further.

    • I have the 970 Notice issed with $0 and then the 570 Additional account action pending $0. I do know that they are taking off for the $2800 tax credit but should that be the reasons for my delay?


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